The end of a bad, Brad contract: Richards scratched, on way to buyout


Brad Richards, who less than two years ago signed a nine-year, $60 million free agent contract to become a Ranger, will now be an ex-Ranger.

Richards was informed by his long-time ally and coach John Tortorella this morning that he will be a healthy scratch for Game 4 against Boston tonight, after being demoted to the fourth line, and then having his minutes limited to fewer than nine in Game 3.

The next step is then obvious. The Rangers will use their one remaining compliance buyout within the new CBA to end Richards’ relationship with the team this summer. Richards, who rceived $12 million in 2011-12 and most of his $12 million for the lockout 2013 season, will get a $24 million going-away present this summer (spread out over twice the remaining seven years), removing his contract from the books and his salary from the decreasing salary cap.

Richards will then be an unrestricted free agent, able to strike a deal with any of the other 29 teams, but not with the Rangers. And he surely will resurface after a summer of conditioning, and sign somewhere at a much smaller salary.

Richards told reporters after this morning’s skate that he was “surprised” and “disappointed” about being scratched and that he would work hard to make sure this never happens again. If it does happen again, it will be elsewhere.

With Richards’ exit, that means that two-thirds of the Rangers’ first line from the start of this season will be gone, including Marian Gaborik (and his $7.5 million salary). The remaining first-line player, Rick Nash ($7.8 million) has one goal in 10 playoff games.

There had been speculation that Richards would be given one more year to try to work himself into shape this summer and see if he could resurrect his skating and overall game before being bought out next summer. But that would be too risky — and the Rangers know it — because he could be injured next season and then ineligible for the buyout, which would have to be done next summer or not at all.


Carp, July 1, 2011: “This has “Drury 2.0” written all over it.”


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  1. Long overdue.

    Why wait until you are down 3-0 to nail him to the bench?

    Don’t question the move, I question why this wasn’t done WAY EARLIER when the guy was not producing.

  2. Stranger Nation on

    If you watched Haley this season, at no point did he resort to the type of play that is being suggested. some of us did not understand whey he was not playing more or even sent down.
    The guy skated hard, charged the net and took the body when ever possible. In fact, he only had a couple of scraps
    Now he are going to denigrate the guy because he doesn’t hold up the ‘blue’ class and tradition.
    Enough of that carcillo.
    Its about time he is up there.

  3. Long overdue, yes. But why now? disagree with this move. Let the guy get bought out, but don’t embarrass him like this.

  4. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    oh NO second again.

    Another Jackass move , I agree with the previous Mattlear,
    Is this move a move to instill fear into the troops or a weak attempt to inspire or throwing in the towel ? If Brad Richards was Torts idea in the first place shame on the rangers for keeping torts

  5. Is Kreider hurt from the high stick, or does Torts just want a 4th line that is going to bang?

    One worry I have is that the being inserted into a elimination game when you haven’t played ALL PLAYOFFS is asking a bit much of them, especially in terms of speed/feel. Practice ain’t the same thing as game speed.

  6. Stranger: If you mean not watching him in the AHL, you’re totally right. He may have been clean all year for all I know. But at the NHL level, where his “aggressive play” is even more of a necessity to stick, less than a full game of ice time isn’t enough to write off his past.

    (And I don’t dislike the kid at all, he’s actually more talented than I expected coming in, but throwing his type into an elimination game worries me. Frankly, so does Newbury. He’ll take some wild charges around the ice too, and both will be looking to get noticed.)

  7. Papa Bear
    Regarding the lineup changes for tonight, reminds me of the the 91 season.

    April 14, 1991.. Elimination game against the Caps. Rangers lost series 4-2. Last game of series, Roger Neilson made significant changes to his veteran lineup by inserting 4 rookies who were recalled from the minors and hadn’t yet played in the series.

    “Coach Roger Neilson used four rookie skaters—Steven Rice, Tony Amonte, Corey Millen and Doug Weight. Another rookie, goalie Mike Richter, made the start but was on the bench after Washington scored on three of its first four shots.”. Joe Lapointe, of the NY Times

    At least back then, the rookies where all pretty good prospects and not journeymen minor leaguers like tonight’s additions. The future looked brighter back then – not so much now. Where are our significant prospects????

    May 23rd, 2013 at 12:00 PM

  8. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Is Dolan related to the Wilpon’s?

    I think this move kills any spirit the rangers might have had

  9. When MSG brass does their exit interviews, think they might tell Torts “no more of your buddies from a decade ago.”

    Shocking plummet for Richards, though. Signed to be a first line center and ends up on the fourth line and scratched.

    Torts needed to do this long ago.

    Horrible thought? We push it to a Game 7 and Torts puts Richards back in. He proceeds to fumble the puck at the point on the PP and costs a shorthanded goal late in the third.

  10. am I the only who things the benching might mean no buyout as odd as that may seem?

  11. _If Brad Richards was Torts idea in the first place shame on the rangers for keeping torts_

    Actually, it would be shame on the GM for listening to Torts. But really, its alot more no-harm, no-foul to us than people are going to admit. He’s a bad two year free agent who, maybe if you reeeeeeeally stretch it, cost us a chance at Parise. The harm is all to Dolan’s wallet, and that’s sort of ok with me.

  12. Brad Richards on

    I just want all you fans to know I’m not gonna let this benching ruin my Memorial Day.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Mister D – I am going by what I saw this season when he was up here and I was pleasantly surprised at his play and thought he could be a solid 4th line contributor.

    I would keep clowe out of this game and play Kreider (if not injured) on the 4th line and give them more minutes. Seem to have some chemistry down in Hartford.

  14. Boston Bonehead on

    The drop off from his playoff performance last year to this season isnt it?

    Also, Dan Shaughnessy is a jackwagon

  15. Fortunately, though, they got the compliance buyout to remove the contract from the books. If no lockout this year, they’d be stuck with the cap hit for seven more seasons.

  16. I understand protecting Richie from injury for buyout sake but I think Torts may be doing it to save Richie from the shame of being booed into embarrassment if he went over the boards tonight. Maybe.

  17. Well there’s the silver lining for the lockout. We are able to dump not one but two horrible signings.

  18. homeless window washer on 7th Avenue who cleaned Slats windshield this mornings it’s tweeted:

    #slats still undecided on summer amnesty buyout. May be either #horseteeth or #MisterSoftie(Nash)….. #staytuned.

  19. Stranger: I think we mostly agree, especially about Kreider vs Clowe, but Haley has shaped a lot of people’s minds on his own, not because of some bias. He may come with energy and toughness and do exactly what he should tonight, or he may lose control and take a run. I’d like the former, but I’m atleast cognizant of the chance of the later.

  20. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Mister D ,Bad is bad.. shame on the rangers , the UFA signings that backfire seem to be prevelant around the league, buyer beware

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He earns money by not playing.

    His teeth can be seen from the moon.

    His fastest speed is reverse.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  22. What is the 4th line going to look like tonight? Is it Newbury, Kreider, and Haley? I know Newbury played well with Kreider in the AHL, but I’m guessing there job is going to be defend/give the other guys on the bench a breather when they are out there.

  23. Ranger free agent player evaluation and scouting prior to to offering a contract consist of perusing the back of the player’s hockey card.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given the refs don’t call penalties on our boys at home…. This is a very smart move albeit too late.

    We can still win this. One game at a time.

  25. TheRealMikeyNJ on


    I’m def not as convinced as u are that they buy him out.

    I still think they give him next year ad this summer to prove himself.

    We shall see

  26. Talk about waiting until the very end to make a decision. I’m sure this is happening now for two reasons

    1> As a desperate motivation tactic and

    2> It’s probably not the coach’s call. Sather most likely was involved in this decision.

    Either way this team will be better now. Probably not for this series but for the future. Unless you want to discuss the “come back player of the year” award. (tongue in cheek comment)

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – any word on the lineup? I love Clowe but don’t want him playing if there is any possibility that he isn’t completely healed….

  28. I think it’s safe to assume Clowe isn’t healed. I really would rather he just play it safe and recover for next season.

  29. Feel sorry for the Ranger faithful who have been patient and reasonably kind to Richards through the season. They now miss the opportunity to give him the send-off he earned and deserves.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have to think Glen called torts and said Scratch # 19, or else, scratch this….

  31. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I wonder how many NHL gm’s are laughing at the rangers and sather

  32. Re-post

    Rob in Beantown, as a long time fan, believe me, this team (ownership, management, coaches and players) isn’t worth a trip to the ledge. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing at least half of them escorted to the ledge, blindfolded.

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “it happens to every player. You wake up one morning and you aren’t asleep”

  34. Further credence to my theory that Glen Sather’s tenure as GM has just been a very long, very successful troll. He’s mad about the Rangers driving up prices back in the day, and has made it his mission to exact revenge.

    Well done, Glen! Well done!

  35. Papa I don’t necessarily disagree with your point about Richards. In the end, trying to be loyal to him caused them to have to be pretty harsh with him.

    Again, I don’t think this was completely Torts’ call. Regardless, Campbell’s job just got tougher for at least one game.

  36. How bout we scratch Torts and Sather can go behind the bench……bring back some of that Oiler Magic.

  37. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Fodder for Milbury and co. tonight, ,lets see how many ranger analysts drink the kool aid

  38. I’m torn on this decision to bench Richards. On one hand he’s been totally anemic out there. And by his ice time in the last game you have to ask yourself, “Why is he even in the lineup?”.

    Then there’s the embarrassment of it all. This isn’t some kid who has everything ahead of himself. I mean, for all intents and purposes he’s still relatively young. He’s always been a class act. I do feel kind of bad for him. It’s like getting kicked out the door before the door has been opened for you. Does he deserve that? I dunno.

    I guess when push comes to shove it IS a business. A business predicated on winning. He’s not helping that cause right now. Still, I’ve always thought of the Rangers organization as a classy one who wouldn’t treat a veteran player this way.

    It is what it is, I guess.

  39. Manny add that line up know what you get? about 6-8 penalty minutes. and a whole lotta nasty.

  40. We all knew the contract was bad from a length standpoint, but nobody in their worst nightmares could have thought he would fall this far by Year 2. I despise Sather, but I can’t kill him on this one.

  41. Carp, pregunta: What happens from here if/when they buy out Richards? Not too many options out there for a #1 center (call it #1A if you’re going to try to sell me on Stepan)

  42. I told you James. MAXIM LAPIERRE. Stepan #1, Brassard #2, LaPierre #3, Boyle #4. Miller to LW.

  43. I dont think he’s been acceptable / serviceable this year. But I also would like to see, with that type of investment, an opportunity for him to have a full season. He’s not THAT old and I’d imagine he’ll be twice as hungry… My largest fear? Paying 70% of his salary while he gets clutch for Filthy.

  44. They have nothing to lose by injecting some guys in the lineup that have nothing to lose and everything to prove.

    They are injury ridden -down 2 top 4 d-men, and a Lucic equivalent in Clowe, and their defensive center in Powe.

    I don’t think they think they can win now with mr dejection in the lineup. Ballsy move, but have fun storming the castle…

    Now they need to trade richards and delZotto for Artie, Dubinky and Tyoots. Bring back the homegrown. Kidding.

    I think I might fire torts if I was sather. Just to change things up.

  45. A players feelings shouldnt be part of the decision process – team first. Watching him skate Tuesday night, he had the same jump an injured Stralman had – which is to say he was noticeably “fighting it” even when going to the bench.

  46. Manny, if you have such a problem with Brassard diving, why the hell do you want Lapierre? Last I saw him he was standing in for Bugs in “High Diving Hare.”

  47. Richards scratched? I’ll only believe it when the Rangers get their first PP and I don’t see Richards playing the point…

  48. You have to worry about any guy named, Maxim, Llatona. But you know, I like Maxim LaPierre.

    We can teach both of them to stop diving.

  49. Button must be drinking grain alcohol. Or Sather gave him $50k to find Sully a job, get him out of town.

  50. Actually, shouldn’t the total inefficiency of our PP make players refrain from diving?

  51. King with no Ring on

    Richards should have been scratched a lot sooner, if Torts’ intent was to help the team win hockey games.

    The healthy scratch tonight is a classic diversionary tactic being employed by Torts. It takes the attention away from the terrible coaching job he’s been responsible for in this series. It puts the focus on Richards’ bad play, bad contract and potential buyout. This move is not to help the team win. Torts is acknowledging that this series is over, either in 4 or 5 games. Richards is his lamb to the slaughter.

  52. actually, King, though playing him may have been the wrong decision, scratching him is exactly the right decision … A) you’re desperate so you try anything, B) the fourth line was getting its brains beat in and C) you can’t risk him getting hurt and voiding the buyout possibility.

  53. Why now? Makes no sense. If anything its an insult to the player, an insult to us fans over the course of watching this year and an insult to the players over a lack of accountability. So help me if Kaleta’s hit gave him a concussion but he’ll be ‘ready’ for next season.

  54. as I said yesterday, James, tipping off some of my already-written post-mortem, next year is going to be a transition year for sure. Not going to be any first-line types available unless Sather (aka Gorton) can pull off a miracle trade. Not likely. Get under the cap, get some kids in the lineup, sign your RFAs, and then make a move in 2014. That’s what the Gaborik/Richards moves will have been all about.

  55. Is there another team in sports that consistently over the last 15 years has gotten so little out of its free agent signings? You would think that by pure luck one of these guys would work out for at least the majority of the contract. I guess Gaborik did to a certain extent

  56. I agree with the move, just wish it was done waaaay earlier. Manny- that line would make any team in the league keep their eyes open and heads up.

  57. LLANT!!

    Manny, LaPierre I can go either way on. I thin Brassard is destine to become next year’s whipping boy. “a high first round draft pick who had a stellar playoffs for New York..” that’s how the critical “hes a bust” article will start..

    Wait, you guys were serious about Hamrlik playing tonight?

  58. There can be no “diversionary tactic” with this team or with Torts’ coaching.

    Healthy scratch or not, Richards’ ineffectiveness is merely a symptom among many of the team’s ineptitude.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hamr is better suited on the crappy garden ice given the way he flops and swims in his own end.

  60. Carp, A & B, ok. But C ? That’s pretty silly considering they’ve been willing to assume that risk all along even though the decision was “already made” to buy him out.

  61. King with no Ring is right – Tort is KGB and thinks we’re dumb enough to fall for his diversions! Gotta wake up alot earlier than that to fool us, Tort! Now go call Avery on your shoe phone

  62. Totally agree James. Brassard is an issue. I believe he will become a problem in the doldrums of the season.

  63. King with no Ring on

    If Torts was desperate, why is he employing Hamrlik and not recalling either JT Miller to replace Richards or Dylan McIlrath for defense?

    Torts risked Richards getting hurt each of the first 58 games of this season. How are the first 58 games any different from Game 59?

    This is a diversionary tactic designed to take the focus off of Torts and place the focus onto Richards. John Tortorella: He will sell anyone out to deflect the blame. “That dumb Hagelin.”

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    Does Nash get Richards’ ‘A’ tonight or would that be too mean?

  65. Torts to Richards during the meeting this morning: “No worries, we’ll take our talents to Vancouver next year.”

  66. Carp, would you call this season transition year 1 and next season transition year 2? or maybe the two seasons together a “2 year transition period”?

  67. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    So which is it ? A bad signing by sather too much money for too many years .

    diminished hockey skills at a rapid pace

    or the inability to play under Tortorella’s system

    Reminds me of Gaborik in many ways

  68. I guess the obviously choices are Nash or Stepan? I might slap it on Nash’s chest and tell him to live up to it. TRY HARD NICK RASH!

  69. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I hated the Richie signing and agreed back when Carp called it Drury 2.0 but Torts giving Richie the news over the phone and not face to face settles it once and for all that Torts is a jackwagon!

  70. ray charles on

    Carp time and time again this season you defended Richards in your post game reviews. now you choose to write articles guaranteeing a buyout? Sometimes I just don’t know with you. Did it really take you until the last 3 games of the season to see how bad he was? Then you should probably re-asses how buying out Richards this off season would be a terrible move.

  71. Stop blaming Torts, guys. Torts gave Horse Teeth every opportunity to succeed. And, now, he has no choice. Richards played his last game as a Ranger.

  72. I actually feel kind of bad for Richards. Unlike some others, I’ve never gotten the impression that he doesn’t care. I think he’s honestly trying and still failing, which is only exacerbating the fall. Not that playing him is any better, the guy has embarrassed himself by playing the way he has. But I think he’s probably really upset, feel bad for the dude.

  73. Carp, 12:59, just curious. when you wrote the word “sadly”, were you wearing a Ranger Cap during that post? :)

  74. He’s not only a jackwagon, he’s a coward. Why is Asham scratched? Would not surprise me if Asham spoke up about something in the room and Torts didnt like it and that is the “off-ice issue” referenced to last week.

  75. Good afternoon all! Sure hope we avoid the broom tonight…Wow. Maybe we have a chance on the PP now?

  76. Love the move, get over the embarrass part. How about Hank being embarrassed or the fans that spend yr after yr. Good riddance. I do believe the front office may have contributed. Carp was on the kick for months he wasn’t get bought out this yr.

  77. _but Torts giving Richie the news over the phone and not face to face settles it once and for all that Torts is a jackwagon!_

    Or, it was out of respect for Richards so he didn’t have to learn while in front of 25 other dudes.

  78. All Carp does all year is defend Richards, talk about Corsi stats, rave about the shootout and express his admiration for Pitbull.

    What changed?

  79. Joe in DE, probably, but I also think people tend to project athlete’s feelings based on goofy stuff like body language. I’m sure Gomez gave a huge S when he was on that scoreless streak but because he smiles, people think he doesn’t.

  80. Jeff @ 1:27….

    I thought the same thing about doing it on the phone. Unless it was leaked to the press already and Torts didn’t want Richie to hear it from the media. But over the phone to your Stanely Cup Blood Brother? Major leadership malfunction on Torts part, probably not lost on the rest of the team.

    Going back to the possibility a leak to the media before Richie came to the rink,, if that truly wasTorts concern in notifying Richards by phone, it seems to me the decision to scratch Richie may have been decided above Torts (Sather and Gorton) and not by Torts.

  81. Wow, kind of feel bad for the guy. Wasn’t for the lack of effort, he tried. Nobody could anticipate he would deteriorate that fast. Right move, you can’t have a 4th line center who doesn’t defend well, isn’t physical, and doesn’t create any offense. Probably, at least partially, also to preserve him from inevitable booing tonight.

  82. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Mr D. That’s why Torts has an office not a cubicle…for private meetings.

  83. Carp, are any other lineup changes confirmed? Do not like the idea of Clowe playing at all. Unless his second injury wasn’t concussion, it could be detrimental to his health.

  84. LMGO. We’re upset about the way in which Tort delivered the news to Bucky Beaver? I wonder how Sather will deliver the massive check that represents his buyout? I wonder how the Capitals will approach contact negotiations with him…

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    Torts probably just wanted him to know sooner rather than later so it wouldn’t be a shock when he got to the rink. It doesn’t strike me as cowardly.

  86. Okay. I am not going to freak out about the move or anything because the chances of us coming back down 0-3 are, um, 0%.


    First, if Brad Richards has *ONE* good period. Or *ONE* lucky bounce. It’s worth more than 60 minutes of Newbury. The ceiling with Richards is quite high.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    I have to respectfully disagree, Manny. Richards is a liability in every zone. Teams may as well have a 5-4 power play when Richards is on the ice in the defensive zone. Too many of the horrible clusterbucks in front of Lundqvist happen when Richards is on the ice. I don’t know if Newbury is better, but I think losing Richards will be addition by subtraction.

  88. Clowe playing with two concussions, Powe playing with 2 concussions in a span of 3 months, Staal though doubtful can maybe play with blurry vision, Haley who hasnt played in weeks and Newbury who has 1 playoff game experience. What can possibly go wrong?

  89. Thought Kreider was playing better and more physically, but the cut he got seemed to be small and well above and between the eyes. He went to the room three minutes into the third and I didn’t see him return to the bench. Don’t necessarily blame him, but Torts might.

  90. czechthemout!!! on

    So Kreider plays well. Takes tge body on every shift. Pkays two real giid shifts with Nash. Then gets the stick in his face. If he is not hurt than once again Kreider gets scratched after a good game. That is how you build confidence.

    ” the right way “

  91. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    I think letting him know ASAP was the best thing to do. Better that he have time to think about it before getting to the rink and facing the press than to find out before the morning skate and have absolutely no chance to prepare to answer questions about it.

  92. Let’s face it, if Richie were 26 yrs. old, making a million two, his play would have had him sent to Hartford long, long ago.

  93. Nice to have some free money under the cap next off season…….oh wait never mind ….awkward

  94. agree with ilb
    in regards to Clowe
    i like the guy and we could use him
    i hope he’s not getting into the lineup
    too early
    especially if he had a concussion.

  95. Could the phone call have been face to face anyway? Haven’t Tort and Richie got one of these new tangled portable telephones with video calling?

  96. czechthemout!!! on

    Two concussed guys and a journeyman scrub. Yup this gives me hope for tonight. Oh, almost forgot, and a pylon named Hammerlik. Your 2010 first round pick who you drafted for his toughness is sent home because I guess they did not have the money to feed him here.

    ” the right way “

  97. as far as Richards, other than Carp,
    a lot of people are sure showing 20/20 vision
    on his signing
    signing long term is about the only way
    you’re gonna get a much-coveted UFA
    and he was the One at that time

    i don’t think ANYONE could see
    such a downfall in play
    and actually feel bad for the guy

    i’m sure that, like others the Rangers have let go,
    Richards will go elsewhere and find his game
    at the level that we had hoped he’d have here
    it’s not with one of the Blueshirts rivals
    (but it wouldn’t surprise if it was….just that kinda luck)

  98. Boo Hoo. Waah Waah. Cry Cry.

    Get over it, guys. We lost a series. Last year we lost in the Conf. Finals. This year in the Conf. Semi’s. That’s pretty good for this franchise.

    “The Right Way”

  99. Irony is that if the tentative Richards played as all-out as Torts wanted him to, he would surely have been injured along the way and the Cap could very easily been an albatross for eons.

  100. Agree, jpg. Needed a Center. Bid for, and got, the best one on the market. That was the price. Oops!

  101. King with no Ring on

    If Torts has not lost the room by now, he will never lose it. He tramples on people like doormats.

    Having been in the army, I prefer a drill sergeant to Torts.

  102. czechthemout!!! on

    That’s right guys! Except mediocrity. It is good to take a major step back when your all world over worked goalie is not getting any younger. Its a good thing!

    “The Right Way”

  103. Remember when the Rangers got into the playoffs and people were like, “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN”

    Well ANTYHING happened.

  104. Norm Merton on

    As the lone Richards supporter in this pack, while it is true he has hit the wall, and suddenly, he is by no means the worst forward out there, and this looks like Torts caving and giving the boo-birds what they want. I have no idea where Richards’ captaincy came from or what goes on between the players in the locker room, but you have just yanked one of your captains from the line-up in an elimination game. Certainly makes for a good story line, though. I just hope it’s not followed up by a bunch of Neanderthal action tonight — if nothing else, the Rangers have been disciplined on the ice this year with no reliable PK to fall back on. Who goes in? Powe, with his 4-game comeback pedigree and genuine 4th-line credentials?

  105. What FA get better leaving us Holik Gomer Dreaden…. Good riddance never wanted him still don’t.

  106. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Much too little, much too late.

    Go to hell, Tortorella, and take your power play with you.

  107. Ralph from N.M. on

    Tort’s has a pre conceived like & dislike of certain players . I said it before & now again . Krieder needs to be traded away from Tort’s for his hockey career to blossom . And he will be a good one

  108. The frightening thing about Richards is the collapse of his hockey sense along with his legs. Lots of guys have lost a step and still managed to produce at a reasonable if diminished clip. But in every single zone he now looks like he has never seen a rink before, much less a hockey game.

    He can’t read the play, can’t receive or give a pass without a hiccup, can’t skate at even an ECHL level. Sad. It’s kind of like Duval and Baker-Finch in golf —– going from a +3 to a 10 handicap almost overnight.

  109. It was really funny how, last night, when Michalek scored short handed for the #PeskySens Twitter exploded with people exclaiming “I wish the Rangers had this much Heart!!!”

    Then the Sens got spanked 7-2.

  110. i don’t know where people get all the Torts losing the room ideas.
    players LOVE him because he’s doesn’t bull-carcillo them.
    apparently there are other coaches who must be
    two-faced about TOI, roles, etc.
    and while the bluntness may sting for some
    it’s better than not knowing what is real and what isn’t

    i have tried for potential jobs and felt better to be told
    “No” and/or given a reason why it was “No” rather than have to guess what the reason was.

    as far as Richards, EVERYONE knew he was a FAVORITE of Torts. they went through it together in Tampa and the coach/player relationship obviously worked quite well.
    had hoped it would here but it didn’t

  111. Is This Real? on

    Torts is a stubborn fool. Wait until the end of the regular season to cut 19’s minutes, wait until elimination night to scratch 19. maybe once NYR gets knocked out he will start to cater to his players strengths as opposed to stifling any hope of offense with his oppressive system that makes for the world’s most boring hockey. I know Carp says he wont get fired but I am starting to believe more and more that he will. Vancouver fired their coach after “successful” runs.

    Dave Tippett is out there and probably the best coach who has done more with less than anyone out there. Look at Phoenix, its a budget team, low dollar, and Tip has brought them to WConf Finals last year, playoffs the previous two years, and nearly made it in this year too. The west is tough conference, id say deeper than the east, but Tip has them competing.

  112. Is This Real? on

    Sorry for the long rant. I am in New Orleans visiting friends so maybe we can put together a funeral march after the game

  113. Man, a lot of true “fans” coming out of the woodwork today. Interesting how they all feel similarly about Musky…

  114. btw
    it’s funny how those who gripe about how Torts treats
    ignore the fact that he twisted himself into a pretzel
    trying to get Richards going because
    if something finally worked then
    it would not only be good for the team
    but a player that he cared about

    because of Richards’ slip in play and
    the tenuous position in the playoffs
    he had little choice but to move him down
    and cut his TOI

    i just wish from a coaching perspective
    he had moved Richards to a forward position rather
    than at the point on the pp because he showed much
    more there with his shots and playmaking last year
    at that spot. don’t know why he that didn’t change.

  115. LOLOL! Ye it’s “good” for this franchise. Much like it is “good” for the Canucks to continuously win the President Trophy. Anything to excuse the almighty. Was finally done with him when he treated Sam Rosen like dirt. I mean it’s absolutely fantastic when you have a coach that calls his players names and tells them it’s none of their business if their fellow players are hurt or not. It’s great when you have a coach that hasnt figured out a powerplay in 4 years. Great when the media has to worry what side of the bed the coach woke up on that day to know if he will allow them to do their jobs. But hey glad everyone got a chance to laugh at Stan Fischler for asking why Tortorella used one of his “good” timeouts. For this franchise it must be “good” enough and worth it.

  116. czechthemout!!! on


    I am disgusted after reading your post about what they do next year. I also think next year is a major transition year and that it will spell the end of Hanks time with us. Especially if we don’t make the playoffs as I now fear will be the case next season. What bugs me more is that Hank can stay in NY by signing to play in Brooklyn because that team is one solud MCD type dman and a goalie like Hank away from being a Cup contender. That really bugs me.

  117. I also cannot wait for the column after the loss saying Tortorella did take the Rangers to the 2nd round. Just like everyone’s Jack Adams award winner Paul Maclean. Now THAT will be comedy gold.

  118. Is This Real? on

    It’s your teeth, Brad Richards I don’t know whether to smile or kick a field goal

  119. Is This Real? on

    Look at Richies’s gums and teeth. It looks like his mother had an affair with Mr. Ed.

  120. Richards was “forced” on Sappy by the coach?

    Yup, just like every FA over the 13 years…………..which of course is why the Sappy one is the most beloved GM in the NHL by both agents and FA’s!

  121. Hagelin being a little jitterbug with loads of dumbness is just part of the process as he likes to say.

  122. This team will be 20 years without a cup. I think that these last two seasons have to be viewed as a success. ESPECIALLY with all the turnover between last season and this season. Next season we need to make some more noise in the playoffs. I would like that. Keep building. But honestly, ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs. Bruins were 2 goals short of advancing with :90 Seconds to play.

  123. What disgusts you, czech? The comment by me or the idea that it will be a transition year?

    I dont believe Lundqvist leaves.

  124. czechthemout!!! on

    Tonight should be very telling about what this team thinks of its coach. If they lay down like they did on Tuesday, I predict Torts gets canned by Sunday morning. I know Carp does not think so because of sources but people can change their mind. If it does happen, I hope Sather is gone as well. I don’t want him picking our next coach.

    And a big hell no to Dave Tippet. I have had enough of watching paint dry these last 8 years.

  125. Is it to be open season on Richard’s dental work now?

    The fact he was signed at a foolish amount of money and has not performed to expectations does not warrant personal attacks.

    Then again with all those millions while the blog experts babble on, I wonder if he really cares!

  126. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    News just in:

    Brad Richards has just invested $48M in Invisalign, LLC.

  127. Torts *not* being fired. If Torts had *any* chance of being fired they *do not* trade Gaborik.

  128. czechthemout!!! on


    The idea that next year is going to be a trasition year. Going back two seasons ago, many people including probably you tought that 2014 would be THE year. Now, I don’t believe even 2015 wil be their year. It is just very disheartning Carp.

  129. I’m too emotionally drained to comment today. Too many shortsighted comments to even start. Hopefully it’s caused by a possibility of losing the season tonight, driven by negative emotions. And do not get me started on trolls.

  130. Boston Bonehead on

    Isn’t this move exactly what people wanted? Accountability for not playing well? This was a hockey move that needed to be done. He wasn’t producing and needed to be scratched.

  131. Is This Real? on

    Game 1 was the series pretty much. Sad stuff. And yes, it is open season on horse-teeth. now and forever

  132. I agree czech, but what’s the alternative when 2 of your 1st line forwards tank & Mr. Jacobs cuts the salary cap? & when there are no legit UFAs out there?

  133. Is This Real? on

    Yes but I only lament it didn’t happen weeks, if not months ago Boston Bonehead

  134. I think the best time to talk about next year is when this year is over, Manny. Anyone want to meet up at FP before the game? Be there at 5 with my son. Eric is coming too. Anyone?

  135. czechthemout!!! on

    One first line player who has disapointed so far in the playoffs.

    No offensive defenseman capable of running the PP.

    No offense to support the bestvgoalie in the world.

    Too many soft players and scrubs in key rolls.

    And if things don’t change, poor coaching.

    = No shot next year.

  136. I’m just responding to Czech saying 2014 isn’t going to be THE year for us. I just want to know WHY? Why wouldn’t it be?

  137. Boston Bonehead on

    Is this real-

    I completely agree. I hope this move isnt too little too late. Everything I read about this make me think people haven’t been watching Richards all season, let alone the playoffs. I may be in the minority, but I say give him the summer and camp to work his way back into shape.

  138. Either way this is probably my last game of the year. Flying to Israel tomorrow and then starting a month long cycling trip across the Baltics.

  139. Richards absolutely has to be bought out, but any way you look at it, this isn’t really something to be happy about. This is another huge signing that was supposed to be a final piece to a championship that failed. It keeps happening. Drury, Gomez, Redden, you can throw Gaborik in there because of the way that ended. And now Richards. I guess Nash is next? They’re going to be in for a transition year. In a year that they were allegedly supposed to be defending Cup champions. Will it ever end? Dale’

  140. So, Lev. You gave up on this team long ago when you planned this frivolous trip!


  141. Coos- ” if he was 26 years old and making 1.2 million”……that sounds like CARP !!!!

  142. dc62 – Aha. So that’s the reason he challenged me to a $1500 Nassau! :)

  143. jpg's sister on

    just read briere being bought out by the flyers, think NYR try for him?

    btw I hate my lsptop, keeps freezing

  144. we’ll all wake up tomorrow and realize it’s still January 2, and that this whole season has been a bad dream sequence

  145. Avid reader of your blog, Carp. And I truly enjoy what everyone adds to the conversation. What I cannot get my head around is why nobody thinks Lundqvist will leave. Why wouldn’t he? He, more often than most, states how important it is to win the cup. Yes, all players want to win. But there is a level of passion and will in Lundqvist that most players don’t express. Is this not a career for him? Does he not have an ultimate goal before he retires? Why the hell would he, or any of us, continue on a team that spins it’s wheels year after year. And I am a diehard, guys. Going back to the early 80s. Don’t tell me it’s about $$$$. He already has that… I’m not bashing anyone who thinks he stays.

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with ILB, effort was never an issue with brich, rapidly deteriorating skill was. Good luck to him.

    Nannu…FOV’!! Love to sign lapierre and miller on wing is a good one.

    I wonder which 1st/2nd line forward the rangers are going to get for the mad bomber and kreider in the off season??? Bobby Ryan? (Sorry carp, just trying to incite some traffic)

    Does the hobbit get re-signed?

  147. jpg's sister on

    i know too soon

    richards issue is sad still hoped he could turn it around

    Give Nash a chance

  148. Jpg’s sis, hope not. Guy’s old & brittle & a concussion waiting to happen … & they laughed at me years ago when i suggested they claim him off waivers from Phienix.

  149. It’s never too soon, jpg’s Sister. We talk about the off season moves constantly. No reason we can’t bring it up on what could be the final day of the season. Especially since it’s confirmed that Richards Cap Hit will be off the books.

    Wick – I don’t know anymore about Zucc. Guy can pass. Really well. I think he could be a real bonus on the PP. But…in the end…who knows. Need size.

  150. Thanks, Tim. I just dont believe Lundqvist thinks this team is that far off … He loves the organization, the city, and they will pay him.

    I could be wrong.

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    And I respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks the fishies are anything close to a good team.

    They have one very good player and a bunch of 3rd liners.

    And moulson.

    They were a bettman’d season fluke this year and if was 82 games long the jets would have made it, not them.

  152. Carp, rumor flying that TOrts walked out of a management meeting with Sather & others? COuld he have been told to bench RIchards?

  153. Buying out Richards now may have something to do with having a $20M cap flexibility next season as much as with being afraid he gets injured.

  154. Thank you, Carp. Been planning this for a long time. Dream is to do a cross world kind of trip. In that fantasy money and time are endless and the Rangers win a cup.

  155. Carp – Can this new 4th line stop the bleeding?

    Boston’s 4th line was killing the Rangers. Let’s hope the new guys can play the right way. Win a battle along the boards, and hit someone.

  156. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would love to see ulfie or bueke as an assistant on the rangers bench next season

  157. Leetch, Beuke or James Patrick can all occupy that vacant Asst. Coach position. The guy currently holding it has been a GHOST all season.

  158. LMFAO @ B-Rich scratching! 30+ games too late. Torts desperately is trying to save face in what could be the last game of the season and quite possibly his last game as a NYR coach. Bravo!

  159. I do believe that the decision to flat out bench Richards was not Torts’ decision alone and that he was indeed pushed to that conclusion from brass. It is his bench, and I truly believe that this is probably the first time in his tenure that he didn’t have complete control over it.

  160. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Well, our 4th line may have more ‘toughness’ than it had. Can they keep up with Boston’s more TALENTED fourth? Not so sure.

    The good news is these guys sure are rested. Like, Haley, he’s been sleeping till noon, cashing his paycheck every other Friday,……, “uh…oh…WHO ME???? You want ME to play….NOW?????’

  161. Rob in Beantown on

    I think Nash gets the A by default. Stepan is just 22 and will have plenty of time over his career to wear a letter

  162. At Evrock Bottom on

    Ding dong the Rich is dead, which old Rich, the lame-ass Rich, ding dong the lame-ass Rich is dead….

  163. HAHA, Manny. Yup. Brassard marched in to the office, slammed his stick down and told Torts, “Listen her Fonz, if teeth suits up again, I am not playing.”

  164. As a fan of the state of NY, NYC and the NY Rangers, I’m sorry (though not surprised) at what our “fandom” has become.

    Admittedly, my impression of being a good fan isn’t being blind to poor play, slow coaching changes, etc. That being said, everyone’s decided we’ve lost the series.

    When we were playing the Caps, I doubt anyone saw us steam-rolling game 7 – Moral of the story? This team IS capable of big things although their ability to capitalize on potential has left a little to be desired.

    I do see us winning tonight. I’m hopeful we can make the series competitive again… the stats for MAKING it to a Game 7 at this juncture are a lot more friendly than the popular stat around winning the game 7.

    Hank needs to be a freak like he was Tuesday – Forwards need to park in front of cage – WHY dont we do that anymore? If it works for Pyatt, maybe it would work for a body like Boyle? EVERY second on the ice needs to be 100% – no more coasting for ANY reason.

    I believe in the Rangers – LETS GO RANGERS!

  165. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    I would be in the camp that Torts had his arm twisted on this one. He waited all year and now, the potential last game in series 2? He already had two elimination games and it was obvious that Richards wasn’t helping the team then (and 25 games prior). He could have benched him then, too. It doesn’t make sense it was his idea.

    I’d say he was told or a very strong suggestion came from the ‘GM’ or some of the other people.

    The benching is logical (it WAS logical games ago) because:

    1. Richards doesnt continue to kill morale by lousy play
    2. Torts could substitute someone with, at least, some energy and toughness, SOMETHING to jump start the team
    3. The PP can function better
    4. He doesn’t get hurt because they intend to buy him out.

    But for Torts to do it on his own would be awful painful given his friendship with Richards. Must be a really tough day in Ranger land.

  166. Boyle likes to lean on the boards so he doesn’t fall down. Preferably behind the net so noone sneaks up behind him.

  167. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Tomb :)

    Right on!! Missed one…probably a few!!

  168. The only use for an ‘A’ right now, one that comes from management, is for someone intelligent who can legally discuss rule interpretation with the officials. It won’t be anyone on Cally’s line or who pairs with Girardi. The ‘A’ is (generally) not given to motivate a player, but rather to congratulate him. But, knowing Torts, anything could happen.

  169. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Ilb, I am going but getting there late. Hope you and your son have a good time!! You, too, Eric.

    Man, I took my daughter (15) Tuesday night. I think she’s still shell shocked. Awful. Just awful.

  170. Matty – Coach benched in game 3, I don’t think they got 2 shifts the whole 3rd period, after giving up the goal.

    It needed to be done. His play has fallen off so much, and with the Cap coming down, it has to happen.

    Miller will get a real chance to center the 3rd line next year. Let’s hope he is healthy, and up for the task.

    With $24 Million dollar hand shake, He can play golf for a long time.

  171. Anyone who is afraid to go in front of the net should definitely go there if DelZ or Girardi is firing away. It’s the safest place on the ice.

  172. At least it’s a 7PM start tonight. That way I can be miserable post-game, have quiet reflection time and still get to sleep by Midnight.

  173. Unbelievable. Yet again he’s escaping accountability. This time it’s some hidden power above that forced him to bench his favorite player in the most important game of the year.

  174. Be at the puck at 5 with ilb. As for richy like I said earlier today our luck he would blow out a knee Tonite and not be able to
    Be bought out then him helping tonight.

    Fine by me.

    3 hours to the funeral. The end is near.

  175. Torts will start the season behind NYR bench! And you can take THAT to the bank!

  176. Dorsett was correct in going after Nicky Nasal. That he had no interest in uselessly gooning it up with the bigger Thornton for no reason does not diminish him in my eyes.

  177. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp, don’t forget to wear your cup…always protect yer parts!

  178. Saying that Torts’ hand was twisted and it wasn’t Torts’ idea to finally scratch Richards does not make Torts look any better LOL

    get it?

  179. Torts emphasizes center zone board play. Boston counters by going up the middle.

  180. Micheletti and FranCheesa discussing Richards situation in detail without ever mentioning the Cap. Can excuse FranCheesa as he knows nothing. Mich is a tool.

  181. What are the lines tonight? Will we finally attack and expose this kiddie back line?

  182. Keeping him out tonight has to be a business decision and it is the right one. They know they are going to buy him out anyway and they know they aren’t coming back from 3-0, so why take even the slightest chance on him getting hurt and crippling this franchise for the next 10 years. If you think the chances of such bad luck are remote then you haven’t been following this organization long enough.

  183. I was 100% not going to watch this game…but with Richards out, it might get interesting.

  184. since his office is right next to Sather’s at MSG and at the training center, they probably meet several times every day … and I know that neither side would make/suggest a move of this magnitude without discussing it with the other.

  185. Sather and Torts hoped against hope for Richards to revert to valuable form. Not from love, but from justifying their decision, and having tens of millions invested in him. They were wrong, continued to be wrong and have cut the cord.

  186. It’s hard to say these moves are desperation but face saving works!

    None the less it’s not so unusual to grasp at straws when you are in an elimination game.

    If Sappy dares to throw Torts under the bus he will solidify his rep as the NHL’s all time phony.

    Get that sandblaster ready to remove his name from the HOF!

  187. Carp, in sports, the term transition is simple management spin for rebuilding, status quo or going backwards. Teams moving forward don’t transition, they improve and compete for a larger piece of the pie.

    Call it what you want. With very few exceptions, this team and organization took a step backward this year. What’s most striking though, is the way they lost their team desire and grit to compete with maximun effort each and every game. To me, the dispirited, non-competive personality of the team is more an indictment on the failure of the coaching staff and team leadership than any weakness in X’s and O’s or lack off skill.

    Wow, they made the playoffs. Big effing deal.

  188. CTBlueshirt on

    So a team who’s offense was based on:

    1) sniper returning from a severe injury
    2) 32 year old center that had already showed a sign of decline
    3) a guy who had been trending more as a 30 goal/60 pt player turning into a 40 goal/80 pt player that he’d only been once before in his career
    4) a talented and raw rookie who had some good and some bad games in the playoffs and was not impressive in 30+ games in the AHL
    5) a revamped bottom 6 forward corps that were slow and limited offensively

    So when only 1 of those 5 go in your favor you better pray to the hockey gods that your Vezina class goalie and upper tier defense play as well as they have to even have a chance of competing let alone contending.

  189. Papa, that step back, as I’ve said all along, was due to the top line deteriorating so badly … can’t have a second line, two thirds and a fourth and expect more than you got this season, can you?

  190. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – Me things its style over substance or vice-versa. The Bees are a bad match up for us as they play the torts’ Wall-Ball system better than we do.

    Need to open it up – nothing to lose. remember the first day after the Gabby trade when they blew out Pissburg as Torts did not have time to coach them.

    Imagine that for a whole season…

  191. Nash works, has been unlucky, wouldn’t be surprised if he netted three tonight.

  192. CTBlueshirt on

    On a pro-rated basis Nash outperformed how his previous 3 seasons had trended. Interesting and potentially useless caveat to his production this season is that 15 of his goals were against non-playoff teams.

  193. CT, I agree with you assessment, but you already know that since we talk about it for over an hour this morning, ha.

  194. Better fire torts right now and hire Mess as ours. I am sure he can pull some strings and have Gretz come coach our PP. We will definitely win the cup.

  195. Hey CCCP, where did you get the tshirt you are wearing in the beard contest thing?

  196. Yeah Carp, maybe if the Avs are getting blown out in a game, he will hop the boards, take out the goalie, suit up, and then stick handle the puck past center ice. I was at that game.

  197. CTBlueshirt on

    What type of odds is Janet Jones giving on Wayne becoming the PP coach? Better payoff than the exacta at Belmont?

  198. CTBlueshirt on

    Maybe if they blown out in a game he can go tell himself that he’s never coaching another game again.

  199. CCCP, yeah man, that is a great shirt. If I can find it, I am definitely picking it up.

    CT, haha.

  200. Stranger Nation on

    Re Nash goal scoring – sort of like Gabby Ice Mets success?

    Nash to show up tonight. Has played better, but still too much Rupp like movement for my liking.

  201. CTBlueshirt on

    Pee-air is on WFAN now, didn’t realize he lives in CT, gotta put the house on the market soon.

  202. Is This Real? on

    Didn’t Roy send out his son to beat the snot out of a kid in juniors or something?

  203. YouveGotGold on

    Stranded at the O’Hare airport (flight cancelled). Anyone interested in 1 ticket, section 227 row 5 seat 21 (aisle) email me, or call (518) 542-4716. Looking to get my cost back, $130 face value. Ticket will be left at will-call once I have a buyer. Payment via paypal. Thanks and LGR!

  204. Is This Real? on

    Love it CCCP. These guys are bunch of soft little school children. Richards in timeout.

  205. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Clutchmobile burning up the freeway down to MSG to collect Richie — capt. pizza’s new delivery boy.

  206. Is This Real? on

    “Clutchmobile burning up the freeway down to MSG to collect Richie—capt. pizza’s new delivery boy.”


  207. Carp, the “transition” for this team started against the Devils in the ECF last year when our collapsing d zone system was outed as very vulnerable to an aggressive smothering forecheck. We spent too much time, effort and energy battling to get the puck up the boards and out of out the zone. It completely zapped our energy and ultimately made wore us down and made us less effective in the Devils end of the ice.

    When the DZone philosophy changes, or until we get bigger, stronger wall-type players, we will always exert more useless effort and energy in the DZone than is necessary. Our average size Dmen and smallish wingers will, as they have in this series, get pounded into submission., especially during the latter stages of the game.

  208. CTBlueshirt on

    How many times is Pee-ar going to mention he was part of the 1992 Penguins org?

  209. King with no Ring on

    Lundqvist is crying about lucky bounces going in the Bruins favor. He should try to follow the leadership of Brian Boyle.

  210. How about Brett Hull (could be dumber than Roenick) tweeting that Richards is a game-changer and this is a mistake.

  211. Well, it is a young man’s game, and not that he is OLD, but Richie is, I can’t help myself, a little long in the tooth :/

  212. CTBlueshirt on

    Brett Hull funded Avery’s retirement so he’s got that going for him.

  213. Strange. I’m with you on Nash. I don’t want just an acceptable effort from a player who prefers to dance around on the perimeter. I want a leader, a guy who turns to his teammates and says, get on my back or follow me. I’m gonna take you to the promised land. I want Hank’s compete level in Nash’s heart. Am I asking to much from a top 5 paid player in the league?

  214. Tom Foolery on

    Brett Hull is one of those “experts” that probably watched 2 Ranger games this year

  215. Brett Hull has put a puck or two in the net and has changed the outcome of a couple of games. Certainly doesnt have the looks of an Einstein but his comments are probably more than just in defense of a former teammate.

  216. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “benching Richards is a good and bad move. You win with what you go with”

  217. Stranger Nation on

    “Richards is a mistake and a game changer”

    couldn’t agree more…

    Is it true Boston Coach (Humpty-Dumpty) asked Torts’ to leave Richards in the line-up?

  218. It’s sad, because Richards was a really good, clutch player for a long time and now ….. pffft.

    McLean and Hull are dead wrong.

    It’s sad, because Richards was a really good, clutch player for a long time and now ….. pffft. I know it kills him, but I think he might’ve made some
    sort of comment that he understands the decision. His play in every zone
    has been putrid.

  219. CTBlueshirt on

    I’d think Pee-air wants him in so he can drool about the Bruins 4th line dominating them a little more.

  220. I stopped reading after MacLean’s title. He deserved better from Torts? Really?

    This is a segment I like to call “REALLY??!!” with Seth Meyers and Yergs.

    Really, MacLean? He deserved better? Why, exactly? I’m not going to read your stupid little article about a player who I’m sure you spent less time watching this season than Don Cherry’s words. But I mean, come on. Torts gave him more opportunities than what is probably legally allowed in the U.S. Really?

    And really, Richards? You are SURPRISED by this decision? Your lack of conditioning and terrible play has hurt the very team you are supposed to lead. Lead by example, take the blame, and move on. Really. How did you not see this coming? I guess it must be difficult to keep track of reality when your coach’s head is so far up your… “Cooke hangout”… that he can taste your brain, which by the way is probably so wrapped with money that you don’t even know what day it is.


  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Richards has been adismal, but irregardless it is adominable to bench him”

  222. Just sent it Carp.

    I hope the prize is the shoe Milbury used to beat up a fan.

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “carp — I understand that you don’t think I’m brilliant – but I know things – “

  224. Might have been better to bench him before possibly the last game of the year. Then maybe he could of had a wake up call.

    It’s the reason originally I liked Torts. The accountability he practiced. Today that idea is totally messed up. He just targets one player to speak publicly about and thats it.

    Benching Richards was the right thing to do a long time ago, but Idk about right now.

  225. Gotta head to Penn Station now, do you think Richards is out there now in the rain, holding a cardboard sign that reads “Need money 4 beer.”

  226. Yergs,

    It was dumb of me to read an article by MacLean.

    Everyone is now dumber for reading it…there’s a Billy Madison quote in there somewhere.

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just got off a plane and sitting 2 rows ahead of me was Hank. He told me he is resigning with the rangers.

  228. Hagerstown Md Rangers fan on

    Last season in the playoffs Richards was money. Suddenly no more. It seems suddenly he has aged in dog years instead of human years.

  229. Richards sucks, but that Game 5 goal was an awesome moment, one I’ll certainly never forget. And since the tab’s on Dolan, it’s all good!

  230. Carp, stop defending Richards! ; )

    Manny, Enough with defending Torts too! I hear that scallywag had the audacity to phone Richards about the scratching. And what’s more he ate fried eggs for breakfast. How can we win with a coach who has a blatant disregard for his cholesterol level. Obviously he doesn’t care about the team. I mean…if he has a heart attack we wont have a coach. Cant risk it. We need to strike now while the irons hot. I hear Ruff only eats egg whites. And will trade Boyle.

  231. At Evrock Bottom on

    My favorite part of McLean’s article is the subtitle: “Rangers coach should consider benched star’s body of work”. Umm, isn’t that exactly what torts has been doing this entire season and playoffs? Dummkopf.

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