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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone else think rask looks like ray liotta?

    I’m sure at some point during the game matteau was quick to point out all the bruins pissing themselves avoiding fighting some of the rangers!!

  2. Yes Weinman. Just felt like saying the name again. Blog is better than ever now.

    That said Torts can kiss my behind. His team won a game which is great but that does not erase all of his bad decisions these playoffs. He has no problem saying other players game sucks. Why not Richards.

  3. Sam Weinman built this thing to where it is today. I just turn on the lights, mop up some spills, and then turn out the lights.

    He was THE BEST.

  4. King with no Ring on

    I retract my earlier comments with respect to the Richards benching.

    In the postgame press conference, by acting like the tactless person he is, he attempted to take the focus off of Richards and put hit back on himself. He clearly stated that very positive things about Richards while acknowledging his poor play.

    He made the moderately difficult decision to bench Richards before their playoffs reached a conclusion. Late, but perhaps not too late.

  5. At Evrock Bottom on

    Is it safe to come out and comment yet? Any more posts coming in the next few minutes? j/k Carp

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