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  1. King with no Ring on

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. The Rangers will need Lundqvist to be immaculate to capture four straight games, but the Bruins are too skilled, experienced, and deep to lose four straight games.

  2. I just want to be able to take my daughters to a Finals game at MSG, just once while they’re still young and before I’m wearing “Oops I Crapped My Pants”

  3. If anyone can have a 240 minute playoff shutout streak, it’s Hank…but that doesn’t mean we’d win game 7

  4. Jon Paul G. on

    Fat Guy –
    You will get that opportunity one day. They were two games from the Finals last year. Hope springs eternal.

  5. Just so everyone here is clear: Boston was eliminated in the first round last year, a year after winning it all. They changed nothing. The team we are playing, is that same team. That “fourth line” has been playing together for 3 years. One thing Boston very clearly has, that the Rangers do not, is a certain level of cohesiveness, familiarity with one another, and chemistry. The Rangers do not need a new identity. They need to play together for longer than six weeks to be able to beat a team that has won a Cup together and played together for 3 years.

    They need to go practice together, including the power play, so that when they get out there it is all muscle memory and instinct. That half-second-to-one-second that every guy on this team has to take when they get the puck in the offensive zone? It’s the exact amount of time the Bruins need to read the play and adjust and after that it is all over. Guys need to know what they’re going to do before they do it, they need to know where their teammates are going to be.

    What the team does not need is more turnover and more new faces. They need to establish a system that includes an actual offensive plan and a PP plan. Everyone needs to learn it instinctively. And then when guys like Kreider and Miller are introduced into that system (presumably having already played it in Hartford) there is some stability there and room to grow.

    I mean we can talk about how Boston actually plays versus the Rangers’ dump and chase and sending nobody to the net ever, but that is a separate topic.

  6. First Wayne’s World SNL sketch is 25 years young…should honor that by signign Wayne Campbell to run the pp tomorrow night. And Al Bundy to take on Thornton

  7. Stranger Nation on

    With all the talk of how missing camp was a key reason for the team’s play this year, next season’s camp is going to be one HELL of a camp. May need to film it for posterity’s sake.

    assuming Richards is not there, of course.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    We can talk until we are blue in the face or our fingers are bleeding about Gabby trade, but one thing is for sure; Torts did not want him here.

    Gabby did not want to play behind the goal, he knew scoring from there is very difficult. Almost impossible unless your name is Gretzky.

    With Boston, when we get trapped down low, they take advantage of it by sending a Dman with the rush.

  9. Last night, even before the Bruins tied it, I truly accepted the team’s mediocrity and was at peace with them being ousted from the playoffs. The question is whether you want to prolong the agony of seeing them play in Boston in game 5. I would not be surprised with a win tomorrow, but there is zero chance in game 5. I don’t care if Lundqvist makes 50 saves. The offensive production will never be there.

    Despite moments of brilliance the last couple of games, I am extremely disappointed in Nash in these playoffs. I was convinced he was hurt but with Carp confirming that he is not, his performance is really perplexing to me.

  10. Jon Paul G. on

    Every player deals with injuries during a hockey season and playoffs. His wrist is no excuse for his disappearance.

  11. _If anyone can have a 240 minute playoff shutout streak, it’s Hank…but that doesn’t mean we’d win game 7_

    Could mean our offense is sputtering through the longest Game 4 in history.

  12. _Every player deals with injuries during a hockey season and playoffs. His wrist is no excuse for his disappearance._

    Totally. In the playoffs, willpower trumps modern medicine.

  13. Thank you Rangers fans for spending millions of dollars on tickets, cable TV and merchandise. I did buy a half year susbscription to an illegal hockey site.

    I just want to watch another victory this year. San Jose is a team I can root for. Gomez is stilll a hero up here in Alaska.

    Ottowa wins, one more game………that will get interesting.

  14. Jon Paul G. on

    Mister D –
    Totally. Bergeron has been tremendous since his return from his fourth sustained concussion less than two months ago. Modern medicine says that each sustained concussion makes the symptoms for future concussions more severe.

  15. Cross Check Charlie on

    Sorry Peter, but I disagree. I don’t think a forward goes 48 games with 0 points and all he needs is to get more familiar with his teammates. The same goes for the guys that got 1 and 2 goals during the season.

    That’s ineptitude, not an unfamiliarity with your teammates. I could get a point in 48 games by accident.

  16. I just wish Staal and Clowe had Bergeron’s playoff toughness. Shake it off!

  17. I think an interesting thing to consider, since we’ve really run the gamut with Torts and the PP, etc., is the difference between a skilled player and an EFFECTIVE player.

    There are players who are skilled like an Alexei Kovalev. But he’s not necessarily an effective player. He could be at times.

    There are effective players like Brandon Prust. He obviously does not have the talent that many NHLers do, but he has a profound impact on the game, his teammates, etc. He’s not a fluke. He proved it this year with the Habs.

    The Bruins have players that are effective. They’re not all particularly ‘gifted’, but they do get the job done. That’s what counts. That’s what the Rangers are missing.

    Callahan is an effective player, for example.

    Del Zotto is an effective player. He has a negative effect.

    In this offseason the Rangers need to bring in some people who are impactful. Guys who can get it done. They might not shine incredibly bright during the regular season but when playoff time comes, you’ll really see how much value they add.

  18. Well, not for nothing, Stahl shook off that E.Stahl hit two seasons ago, and played through it, and it cost him pretty big the following season.

    Depressing! If Stahl was back, I don’t want to say the series would be totally different, but it would be a huuuge help.

  19. We can blame Tortorella all we want, this roster with the injuries, cannot win a Stanley Cup.

    LiIsten to other teams troubles, fans, woes. this team needs only minor changes.

  20. Jon Paul G. on

    Mister D-
    That is harsh. Modern medicine says that concussions produce different reactions in different people. There is not much a player can do if he does not have his full vision. Neither Clowe nor Staal being scratched has anything to do with toughness.

  21. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stralman out, bring in Bickel or mcilrath damnit!

    I know, Bickel is hurt

  22. _We can blame Tortorella all we want, this roster with the injuries, cannot win a Stanley Cup._

    To take it one step further, we could just be reasonable and realize that only 1/30 teams wins the Stanley Cup each season and top 4 and top 8 aren’t bad (especially given where this franchise started from a decade ago). I’ve never understood why continued irrationality is seeming necessity in most sports fans.

  23. This series is precisely why I wanted my second favorite team, the Caps, to advance past the first round. Barring a miracle comeback, I will not have either team in the playoffs. My aunt that is stricken with breast cancer is a Blackhawks fan, so the Blackhawks will be my third favorite team if the Rangers are eliminated.

  24. John Paul G. – I was dabbling in sarcasm. The Nash complaints amaze me coming from a fanbase that destroyed Gaborik last year only to find out he was playing with a shoulder so f’ed up it required surgery and a half year recovery. But some people don’t want to learn lessons, perhaps.

  25. MD
    The proper question is whether we think that another available coach can do a better job. Top 4 or top 8 is insignificant. These organizations do not strive for top 4 or top 8. They strive for the top.

  26. My only question for all of you is whether or not you think Tortorella is using his players to their talents or if he’s simply insisting on a system that actually detracts from them, and ultimately the team’s success.


  27. Man some of you just drink the coolaid right up. You know how many injuries teams have when they win a cup. More than any other team.

    Yea just eat up those excuses and see where it gets this team. What others and I have been saying is comming to peoples senses now. Or at least people living in reality. Tort’s is doing a terrible job coaching. That is the root. The root of the teams problems. Have fun trusting in hypotheticals(belief) for this team to win, because it’s just a false hope ignoring reality.

    This team is the farthest thing from structure I have ever seen in a playoff team. Worst PP ever. It’s disguisting, and you know who we should definetely blame. Hagelin lol.

  28. Oh excuse me. 2nd worst PP ever lol.

    Stats are a joke anyway. Besides goals for and against. It is simply not a good indication of who will win. More hits, shots, faceoff wins do not equal a win, and the way they score stats doesn’t help. Shot from center ice counts as a sog. Big hits and small bumps may equal a hit. Faceoffs can be won but the other team quickly gets control.

  29. Cross Check Charlie on

    Tony F – I think Torts gets too much blame, but he is not without blame. I think he’s trying to do what he can with the talent that he has.

    The real culprit is Sather for putting together this mish-mash of a team. That, and their supposed first line center had to go eat the fruit from the sucking tree.

  30. Cross Check Charlie on

    Where Torts is to blame is for instilling a system or a mind set, whichever you want to call it, that on defense all you do is dump the puck out of the zone. I swear that I don’t see one other team that is content to just dump the puck out to center and thereby giving up possession.

    I blame Torts for the power play. It’s terrible.

    I blame Torts for having three and even sometimes 4 players behind the opponents goal line. Since the team does it with regularity it can reasonably be assumed that is what they are told to do.

    What I don’t blame Torts for is the average or worse players that this team puts out for its third and fourth lines.

  31. Congratulations mothman!!! You have discovered one of the many terrible choices made by management, and although Slats can be just as much to blame for this incredible signing. You know Torts was salivating when he would be reunited with the player that he rode to a cup…9 years ago.

  32. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Yea guess who wanted Richards. Can anyone guess?”

    Nobody was saying it was a bad signing last season. It’s not Torts fault that the guy went from good player to garbage overnight.

  33. Hasn’t Bickel been shaping surfboards on the North Shore for the last 3 months? He smells like stale Corona and has permanent pain in his loins fromo all his native conquests, and we think he’ll be able to hop a flight to NYC for one night, just to jump in front of Chara point shots?

  34. Blog’s awfully musky today.haven’t been able to get on. Stop whining about the coach he isnt going to get fired regardless of how on point you think your opinions are.

    If you want a realistic outline for discussion how about the need for some dmen that could handle the physicality of the playoffs, the need to buy out Richards and find some offense? maybe how they need an assistant who can be a special teams specialist? at least a debate about whether or not its smart to sign Clowe back post concussions

  35. Thank you Getreal. I have to thank my family. I would not be where I am today without them. My parents have always been a driving force for me. My daughter with leukemia, she has given me the strength to carry on. I thank my agents and my costars, the writers and producers, and the director for placing his trust in me. ;-)

  36. Lol Moth,

    CCC, Are you sure about that. I remember plenty of people saying it was a terrible signing in the long run, and it turned out to be even worse. Just one year of good production.

  37. @NYR1225 “@TheWrage: I wish NYR had a Johnny Boychuk. May not be the best defensman but he can fire the puck and get it on net.” DZ: synonym for wide


    Manny Fried ?@Spikesup @NYR1225 @TheWrage Is this a joke? Boychuk: 19:43 TOI, 15 points at $3.8M, Age 29. Del Zaster: 20:55TOI, 40PTS, $2.5M, Age 22.

  38. It’s only one flush too, ilb. Since everyone is the same nuisance.

    Canucks’ fired Vigneault. Speculate on how he takes over for Torts in 3…..2……..1…..

    NHL on TSN ?@NHLonTSN 1m

    BREAKING: The Vancouver Canucks have fired head coach Alain Vigneault and associate coaches Newell Brown and Rick Bowness. #TSN

  39. I would rather take Lindy Ruff. That guy had his team on point most of the time until he got canned. Great passing, good defense, and when he had talent he was close to the cup finals.

  40. Mcllrath, Miller, Kreider should all have normal roles with this team next season. Not sure how much that improves the team. As I’ve said they kind of ran in place this year. still have to make room for growing pains if they get younger which is surely going to happen

  41. DZ is not successful offensively, defensively, or on the power play. What value does he have, and what team would want him?

  42. What has Lindy Ruff won in this league? The regulars on this board would be smack talking him and wanting him fired after 2-3 years without a Cup. Don’t believe me? Go look at the love Torts got 2-3 years ago.

  43. Why is everyone down on Lindy Ruff. The guy isn’t a character but a solid coach. Can you bring some good argument to the table rather then. No, and I don’t want?

  44. Oh well Clearly we need Vignealt here. He’s been so successful with Vancouver. Look at how well they’ve done. They score goals and have a PP that works and……well Fire Torts anyhow!

  45. King with no Ring on

    Tortorella has no respect for the media, officiating, or his players. His pompous behavior makes him completely different from Ruff.

  46. I just did Getreal. He. Has. Won. Nothing. He’s not a character? You think fans that aren’t against Tortorella getting the Ax want him here because he’s chippy with the media? Somehow Ruff is a better coach because he’s a classy guy who doesn’t use profanity in his interviews? Show me some arguments about how hes a BETTER COACH. Has he won a championship? No. Oh but Buffalo players passed well and played solid D the years he was coach. What’d it get them? good-mediocre regular season records. Well…The current coach has had those since he came here. Not really satisfying the critics is it?

  47. And I’ll be first to say JT is responsible for the inept PP and decision making that surrounds it. But let’s call a spade a spade. All coaches have a philosophy and a style and a system. There are certain NHL players and NHL stars that fit into each one. On every team. So cut this crap about Torts is trying to get players that only play his system so we need to get rid of him because they’ll flourish in a different one.

    And what happens when certain guys struggle under that coach? Trade the players? funny, they did that with Gabby this year and everyone freaked out. Fire the coach again? yeah that would make sense. I mean hell, someone has to be held accountable. just go out and find some unsuccessful ex head coach. Hell, Ruff, Sacco, Dale Hunter. Plenty of them to choose from.

  48. Cross Check Charlie on

    James G – It’s a common explanation for sports fans – a simple solution to a complex problem. Just fire the coach or just trade this guy or just play that guy and it fixes everything. It doesn’t work that way.

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