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  1. I loved this tweet, James:

    NOT SportsCenter NHL ?@NOTSCNHL #Canucks fire HC Alain Vigneault. Sources confirm the team is reaching out to the Canadian national diving team coach to fill vacancy.


    Mothballs…that opinion on Del Zaster is not even worth responding to.

  2. I may actually be changing my tune on Del Zaster. After reviewing his stats. If he can develop a bit more as a defenseman and play meaner…he has a lot of potential.

  3. King with no Ring on

    Tortorella has no respect for the media, officiating, or his players. His pompous behavior makes him completely different from Ruff.

  4. So yea Ruff has class unlike Torts. What has he done. Well he has got buffalo into the playoffs many times when they had no business. Was the longest tenured coach in the NHL, and when Buffalo had talent he got them to the conference finals.

    Alain Vigneault did well when Vancouver was loaded, but now that they have slighty above average depth. He sucked this year if you ask me, and Vancouver has more talent that the Rangers imo.

  5. We make a formidable duo, ORR.

    Carp can we get rid of these fake jackwagons please?

  6. That is part of the DZ problem. He is not mean and does not play defensively. He played mean against Chris Neil in the 2012 playoffs. That is it.

  7. Anyone here know the score of Game 5 of last year’s Eastern Conference finals heading into the third period?

  8. Instead of one wilfully antagonistic coach, the Rangers should hire three and rotate them incessantly throughout the season.

  9. I can’t find fault with that thought process. A coach with a modicum of respect for others would be appreciated.

  10. What’s funny (to me, at least) is that the dislike and outright hate of Del Zotto has nothing to do with his hockey skills, or lack thereof. It is a just a personal bias against a 22 year old still learning the game.

  11. It’s funny, Manny. I was THERE, but for some reason, I seem to remember NYR being up 3-2..

  12. Why would you assume there is a personal bias? I do not know DZ personally. I would not be astonished to learn that he is a terrific kid. He is not a good hockey player. Torrey Krug is already better than DZ.

  13. I think DZ has some decent offensive skills, but he’s such a liability on defense. I see it all game, and teams know this. He’s always running out of position and getting outplayed. Maybe if he puts on a good 15-20 pounds and starts competing at this level people will stop complaining about him.

  14. That is reasonable Getreal. He has decent offensive skills, but his terrible defense outweighs his mild offensive skills. It is possible that he could develop into a better player…

  15. Forget Vigneault or Rupp…Torts isn’t going anywhere. He will be given the oppty to run a full training camp and infuse some of the younger guys into the lineup. Last year’s team that we all loved was tough to play against and outworked the other team, which it had to do in order to win.

    This year’s team from the start did not have that work ethic.
    Next year will be a hot seat year for Torts especially if the team continues to be outworked. If he keeps Richards around and continues his stubborn ways of wearing out so many guys because of overuse and not allowing younger players to learn and not fear every little mistake…he won’t make it through the season. The organization has great resources in Messier, Leetch, Graves, etc. that should be held up as examples of success as a pro. Hank is one of the few that show any emotion and truly hates losing. You can’t win without emotion in this league. Sullivan is also a problem since he supposedly coaches the power play and runs the defense. If you saw the timeout last night, both Sullivan and Torts looked like they were lost…the didn’t draw up any play, barely talked to the players…..a problem.

  16. Cookie Monster had a better chance of coaching this team than do they have of winning the series.

  17. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t had the mad bomber at all and I don’t think he is a terrible player, he just has his moments.

    I think this team needs two physical d men. Hopefully mcilrath fills one spot next season and you have to look at obyrne or Murray perhaps as a free agent add.

    If that is the case, OPG, mcdonut, and a healthy Staal makes 5 d men.

    That leaves Moore or the mad bomber and I think Moore has more upside so the mad bomber is the odd man out IMHO.

  18. FlaRanger yea that is most likely what will happen. Even though history will repeat itself over and over again. Rangers will make it to the playoffs and get ousted 1st or 2nd round for every year we have Hank.

  19. accellerated compliance buyout….

    thank you Glen Sather.

    oops We did it again.

  20. (Chris Drury:5 yr- $32.5M; Scott Gomez: 7yr-$51.5 M; Wade Redden: 5yr-$32.5M; Brad Richards 5 yr-$39M)

  21. Richards is the worst signing in recent Rangers history, worse than Gomez, Drury, and Redden.

  22. You know Matteau I couln’t agree more, but I’m starting to think its the Garden ice conditions as well. All these renovations but they can’t improve the ice conditions. Thats not to say the Rangers still need to learn to look where, when, and how to make and recieve passes.

  23. Norm Merton on

    Question: How have the Rangers played since Tortorella decided, all in good fun, to let the team know ten times that “Hagelin stinks”. Carp has said that the media made too much of that, and I’m inclined to agree with him, that the Bruins are more responsible than the coach for the tilted ice since then, but that’s one reason why you don’t mouth off on your players, no matter how you do it. If the team soils the bed after you act like a wing-nut in a presser, you look even more like an idiot and your team notices. It can’t help, and it can hurt. Why give the guys who buy ink by the barrel an opportunity to dub this round the Hags Stinks Series?

  24. Carp well yes skill but there are different kinds of skills. Goal scoring, sniping, finding open space, speed, corner work, those are all skills as well and the team does have guys who can do that. I’m referring specifically to puck possession and distribution guys. What Richy is supposed to be. 1-2 fwds and one Dman with these skills would make a big diff on PP and overall.

  25. Get real good point about MSG ice but Rangers had a good record at home this year, not good on road.

  26. I am agreeing with you, Matteau.

    I think their skill level is such, and has been all year, that their fourth-line guys typically play third line, and so on, and that they really don’t have a first line … especially so since it was, at the start, Gaborik-Richards-Nash. Kaput.

  27. Yeah. Attention everyone. When Boston sweeps us, it’ll be because Torts called out Hagelin and gave the whole team a complex. fire this CLOWN.

  28. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Slats calls Alain Vigneault at Tire World to offer him a position with the Rangers

    Slats: How would you like to coach the Rangers next year?

    Vigneault: Gee, I don’t know…

    Slats: What do you mean, you don’t know? This is your chance to coach in the big apple.

    Vigneault: Let me get back to you, will ya, Slats? I got a guy on the other line asking about some white walls.

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