John Tortorella press conference video


Here is John Tortorella’s post-practice press conference, in which he spoke about reaching a new level of effort, about the loss of Anton Stralman, about how the series has gone so far, etc.

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  1. Norm Merton on

    Repost — more topical to the new item.

    Question: How have the Rangers played since Tortorella decided, all in good fun, to let the team know ten times that “Hagelin stinks”. Carp has said that the media made too much of that, and I’m inclined to agree with him, that the Bruins are more responsible than the coach for the tilted ice since then, but that’s one reason why you don’t mouth off on your players, no matter how you do it. If the team soils the bed after you act like a wing-nut in a presser, you look even more like an idiot and your team notices. It can’t help, and it can hurt. Why give the guys who buy ink by the barrel an opportunity to dub this round the Hags Stinks Series?

  2. Carped for the 2nd time in my career! repost:

    Yeah. Attention everyone. When Boston sweeps us, it’ll be because Torts called out Hagelin and gave the whole team a complex. fire this CLOWN.(S)

  3. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Slats calls Alain Vigneault at Tire World to offer him a position with the Rangers

    Slats: How would you like to coach the Rangers next year?

    Vigneault: Gee, I don’t know…

    Slats: What do you mean, you don’t know? This is your chance to coach in the big apple.

    Vigneault: Let me get back to you, will ya, Slats? I got a guy on the other line asking about some white walls.

  4. Why am I even still discussing this Torts speculation? It’s like I’m sitting at walters listening to 400 people on line demanding cheeseburgers.

    as a wise man once said “it’s like you’re talking gorganzola cheese when it’s clearly BRIE time baby!”

  5. Why 2013 team different from 2012:

    -lost top center (Rich)
    -lost top defenseman (Staal)
    -lost balls (Prust)

    Not much more you need to know.

  6. Hey, mothman! When you weren’t around toward the end of the Caps series, I figured that the one month lifespan Mother Nature allotted you had expired! Guess I forgot to include the “man” in my calculations!

  7. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Battles…hard on the puck… desperate…

    add your cliche here

  8. Jeff in South Dakota on

    You can act like a gentleman and go out in style or you can go out in a Wagnerian apocalypse. I choose Wagnerian every time.

  9. AGREED Manny. I want NO Jack Wagons. Yo Quiero no Carro del gato!! por favor!

  10. Like Jim Morrison once said “when the Muskyyy’s overrrr turn out the light. turn out the light”

  11. Llatona—-
    I was traveling between New York and Washington for the games, busy making accommodations for the family. I was disappointed that the Capitals lost and had to console my daughter who was in tears.

  12. Stupid moth men you’re all so Byfuglien pompous…none of you have got any juevos!

  13. Ok Norm I’ll talk! In third grade I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade I stole my uncle Maxes toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog.

  14. the Rangers got their ass handed to them in the last game……………

    middling team, Torts has this team to work with.

    I dislike a lot of things, silk purse….sow’s ear, yada yada yada

  15. Norm Merton on

    Thank you, James. I hope you feel unburdened and that you are relieved to have avoided being poked with the soft cushions.

    Back to business, though. If Carp ends up being — shudder — wrong about Torts’ job safety, I nominate as the new coach: Cardinal Biggles.

  16. I like how some Rangers fans (on Twitter) are all mad that the Rangers didn’t draft Krug. You know, the 5’9″ Defenseman that went undrafted despite being a Hobey Baker finalist.

    Stupid Sather!

  17. Typical Rangers fan crap. Boychuk is better than Del Zaster and the Rangers should have drafted Krug in that year when he went undrafted.

  18. You want a critique of the Tortorella/Sullivan system. Here’s a long one.

    Let’s start with the defensive zone.

    First, they have all three forwards collapse below the face-off dots and then instead of playing positionally, they play man to man. What does this accomplish. It leaves the opposing points wide open, how many times have we seen the puck back to the point, the wing racing out to try to cover the point, the puck to the opposite point, the first wing racing back below the dots and the other wing racing out to the point. Surprise, they
    never get there to make a play. It’s Three Stooges comedy on a hockey rink. The puck goes behind the net, one defenseman follows and believe it or not, the other defenseman plays parallel to the net, facing the back of the net, to accomplish what? To prevent a wraparound? When you have one of the best goalies in the world? When a wraparound is a very low percentage play? When the most dangerous play from behind the net is a pass out to an OPEN player in the slot because the defenseman who should be covering him is facing the WRONG WAY.

    Second, because they’re actually playing man to man instead of positionally, players go flying every which way whenever the puck gets moved, all you need is one breakdown in coverage and you have an open man. Which is what happens all too often as we can all attest by watching this season. No one plays this kind of hockey, it’s insane.

    Third, the ‘breakout’ or let’s more accurately call it, the let’sdoeverythingwecantomakesuretheotherteamkeepsthepuckinourzoneout. Up the boards, up the boards and if that isn’t available, up the boards. Let’s call it the ‘creationist hockey system’ because it denies the existence of physics. As JD used to drum into our heads night after night, the puck is the fastest player in the game, if you shoot the puck up the boards and the forward you expect to get it is playing below the dots, what are the odds that the defenseman has a quicker avenue to the puck than your forward. Tort’s answer to that dilemma seems to be that they need to play ‘harder’, my answer is that he needs to understand physics.

    Fourth, when they do contest for it along the boards, they usually try to force it out by putting it through the opposing players because middle ice is where Sauron rules or something. That works so well. Then, if they do get it out, they more often than not simply give it away because they’re not actually making a play to an open player, they’re simply clearing the zone and hoping. This breaks Herb Brooks cardinal rule, if you possess the puck you don’t give it up, you make them take it from you. But of course, the Torts/Sully system isn’t really about winning, it’s about not losing. So clearing the zone becomes the object and not a step in an offensive attack.

    Now, let’s look at offensive play and god is it offensive.

    Contrary to most opinions, the Rangers actually have two plays to gain the o-zone. Of course, neither work. The first one was the long, diagonal pass to the flying left wing but since every coach in the division has seen this play, they’ve made adjustments to take it away and now the Rangers can’t use it anymore because it’s a giveaway waiting to happen. (Btw, that word adjustments is actually English, we just never use it in regard to the Rangers).

    The second is that godawful tip play where the puck is shot from icing territory at a forward who then tips it into the zone. This, of course, breaks the Herb Brooks rule again, but hey, now the other team has to skate all the way back up ice. Who knows what can happen. Not-to-lose syndrome.

    Once in the zone, they have no set plays. Sure, maybe a few face-off plays but since we win so few face-offs, macht nichts. More on faceoffs, later.

    Now since everyone is free wheeling it, no one knows where their linemates are going to be, so guess what, everyone ends up on the boards, behind the net, cycling without an objective. How many times have we seen Rangers try wraparounds, this is because they have no other option as no one frees themselves up. I think they’re still playing defensive hockey in the offensive zone as I swear that I’ve seen wingers guard opposing players when there’s a scrum rather than getting to an open spot to provide an outlet off the boards. They can’t make passing plays in the offensive zone because no
    one knows where anyone else is supposed to be, blind passes and luck is the offensive system for the most part.

    The power play is more of the same, everyone has set plays on the power play, not the Rangers. As Maguire said, it’s all freelance and this is Tortorella’s philosophy, he’s stated it himself, he’s not an x and o guy because that’s too smothering of the players natural ability. Of course, when no one has a clue what anyone else is doing, and the powerplay units get changed from game to game, what am I talking about, shift to shift, no one knows anyone’s tendencies, no one is assigned to be net presence, except Boyle, it’s a miracle it even gets shots off, not to mention a score now and then.


    Where to begin, sure we have guys that are not the best at the job, but the (lack of) coaching makes it infinitely worse. How many times have we seen the center win the faceoff, but not cleanly or stalemate on the faceoff and have the other team take the puck. The center gets absolutely NO support, if he doesn’t win it clean, it’s going to be a loss. This is not rocket science, it’s basic hockey 101. Instead of supporting the center and pushing for the puck, the wingers are already in defense mode, trying to tie up sticks because I’m sure that’s the best way to gain control of the puck. Again, it’s playing not to lose, not playing to win.

    No one is insane enough or stubborn enough to keep playing this brand of ‘hockey’ when all the evidence points to it’s flaws. No one except Tortorella
    and that one guy he can consistently out coach in Philadelphia. How many times have we heard Tortorella say that he doesn’t care what other teams do, only what his players do. He doesn’t game plan to exploit other teams weaknesses, he doesn’t make adjustments, that word again, what he does is constantly switch lines up and expect chemistry to magically blossom. We all know that last year’s Rangers were consistently the hardest team to play against, but Tortorella’s Rangers have also been consistently the easiest team to coach against, especially since last year’s playoff’s put a how to beat
    the Rangers stamp on the team. Other coaches learn and adapt. I’m sure that Tortorella is a great motivator, I’m sure his players would still be willing to skate through walls for him, that’s not hockey. If Tortorella didn’t have Lundqvist, we’d be looking at Muckler/Low like results. The team and the fans deserve better. The rub is that if they do fire Tortorella, Sather would just hire another version of the guy. What this team needs to have is another Herb Brooks, someone who can actually visualize the game as a whole, a college guy or a European, not another retread.

  19. aneirin —- That is the best analysis I have ever read on this blog. Would you care to share game reviews with us?

  20. Game reviews, once upon a time I used to do that when Muckler was coaching, on the old ESPN board (May it rest in peace). Making fun of Muckler and that team was fun, doing reviews of this team with all it’s promises would just be depressing.

    Also I was working then and so had a lot of free time, now that I’m retired I have better things to do than just kill time.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anerin – brilliant analysis – spot on. Thank you for sharing. Please post more.

  22. Carp,

    It’s not a miracle, it’s a goalie.

    Any coach who has a elite goalie will win games, no matter the flaws. If the Rangers had someone like Holtby, you’d be looking at lottery picks year after year.
    It’s not a coincidence that when Lundqvist was merely mortal, the Rangers were not in playoff position.

  23. Aneiren, you left out the neutral zone defense or perhaps better described mistral zone-free pass.

    Our Dmen back in and concede the blue line because our forwards are either caught deep in the ozone, slow to get back or confused on their coverage assignment. No one challenges the puck carrier or on the rare occasion when they do, the weak side is left wide open for the cross ice pass. Too much gap. Not enough challenge. Boston, who I would argue has average team speed, no more, no less, has been flying through the neutral zone this entire series.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It will a miracle if they win again this season. That icing tip play started last season and only works if its Haglin or Kreider chasing down the puck – otherwise it’s here other team – take the puck. The rangers play like the puck will burn their stick clean off if they hold it more than 3 seconds… The exceptions are Brassard and Nash. Absolutely no patience – all give it away, give it away, give it away now.

  25. Aneiren, thanks for that post. Pretty dead on. Teams watched last years playoffs and the success the devils had forechecking us. The word is out. Pinch your d when you don’t have the puck and take away the wall. When you have the puck, use your points because they are always open.

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Anerin , good job!

    Torts sat out Avery that one year he was screening Broduer and making life HELL for the Devils. I was SO UPSET he took out Avery ( taking a bad penalty) BUT it was hockey and as bad as Avery was …he was helping us win. Tort desided to teach him a lesson during the same series saying ..bla blah blah about a lesson…a Lession? You DONT teach lession during MY PLAYOFF RUN TY. I know I whinned about it then and I still hold Torts RESPONSIBLE for that series loss. Like Anerin says Torts wasn’t looking at the whole picture and seeing Avery was dirupting THEM. Sometime you do have to worry about them . Tort is too blind to disipline. The way he yelled at Gaborik on the bench was nasty. Tom Renny was too soft and Torts is too vulger . Something has to give . I can’t watch my team being treated like that.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given realignment, I’m not convinced the rangers make the playoffs next year or any year until change in management occurs.

  28. There once was a coach so disdained
    That the fans in the stands all complained
    He pulled a no-brainer,
    Became a horse trainer
    “It’s easier here,” he explained.

    Torts didn’t get mad
    He just saddled up Brad
    Who scored at six furlongs when reined.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Greg – I still don’t understand the Avery hate. On another note, Torts insistence on playing Richards reeks the same odor as that when EC was trotted out game after game.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    noway Llatona , Torts pulled Avery out .There must be arcives or something somewhere . Renny would never ever do that . He was too soft.

  31. Papa Bear

    Yeah, I tried to think of everything to put into one long post because all this stuff has just been festering inside me this season. That consistently giving up the blue line is also a sore point with me, I think it has as much to do with the defensemen absolutely drilled in not taking chances as anything else, so what happens, every team gets a get into the zone free card against the Rangers.

  32. Jimmy Dolan,

    Get a maid and clean the byfuglin house. Start at the top floor and work your way down. Make sure they clean the basement (Hartford) too.

    Papa Bear

  33. Renney was the coach during the series against the Devils, Greg. Of that I’m certain. Torts wasn’t hired until midway through the next campaign.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Eddie , I liked what he brought. Avery was good . Jagr was good enough to resign too. Look at him in the last game..still good. Back to Avery …I liked him ,speed ,gritt and he could score too . He was a bad ass and noone wanted his distraction. His problem was he spoke english..Esa Tikkanen was probally worse but no one could ever understand him.

  35. Torts’ fixing the power play

    It’s not working with Richards on the point, put someone else there and have Richards play up front.

    It’s not working without Richards on the point. Better put him back.

    It’s not working with Richards on the point, put someone else there and have Richards play up front.

    It’s not working without Richards on the point. Better put him back.

    It’s not working with Richards on the point, put someone else there and have Richards play up front.

    It’s not working without Richards on the point. Better put him back.

  36. Carp

    The goalie winning games on his own is of course a big part of hockey.

    The goalie winning games on his own in spite of the coaching shouldn’t be a big part of hockey.

  37. It’s funny how many here are already talking about signing this guy, trading for that guy, bringing up this guy…….

    Before we cripple the team for the next 5 years, there are two guys who need to go first. And we all know who they are.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But carp – hank shouldn’t be asked to win every game. When the rangers were up 1-0, the bruins didnt seem all concerned. When the score was tied, the rangers went into “just dont make a mistake shell” while the bruins kept coming. These are not happy days to be a ranger fan. I sensed the worst after Clowe got hurt and I hope he doesn’t try coming back – he needs to rest up and come back next season.

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Latona , Avery was scratched during a playoff series and It was Torts who did it.

  40. 4 starters I was thinking Torts and Sather, Coos. Richie and Delzots can follow.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts’ first playoff series he was up 3-1 against the caps and lost in 7. I think Avery was benched/scratched during that series.

  42. seems to me the NYR scored four, four and five in three of their four wins in the Washington series. But I could be wrong.

  43. Greg Avery was scratched against the Caps in the same series when Torts got suspended 1 game for throwing water on a fan.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t Del Zotto will reach his potential under this coach. He is young and has talent but his governor doesn’t allow him to play at max effectiveness.

  45. Look, I’m not anti-Tortorella, I’m sure he’s a great guy, I’m sure his players love him, I’m sure his style was great in a different era. But he’s ultimately culpable. His ‘system’, which in fact seems to be Sullivan’s, just doesn’t work. If he wants to focus on player development and player motivation and thinks that’s the main job of the head coach, more power to him. But if he wants to do that, than he needs to have assistant(s) that are better than Sullivan or have more flexibility to make changes. He’s not an x and o guy, great but you’re not winning in today’s world without someone who can mark up an all zone system and make adjustments to it as needed.

    Look at the Czech mates. One fairly talented player in Nedved and two journeymen in Dvorak and Hlavac but could they make that puck dance for them. Why, because they were all taught the same hockey in the Czech Republic, they used a ‘system’, it wasn’t rigid but they knew where to go and what to expect of each other in situations. It’s the way hockey has evolved. If Emile Francis tried to use the same coaching techniques today that he used in his heyday, he would not succeed. The game has changed. Coaching has changed.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – game 7 – Holtby sucked – the cally goal I would have saved.

  47. Yes, he was, Greg. Just clarifying that it wasn’t the series you mentioned.

  48. Delzotto is the most overvalued asset since the Enron.

    He is not that talented. Has sporadic fits of success. Skates like he played his developmental years at the roller rink on Ft. Hamilton Parkway

  49. Norm Merton on

    Aneiren, thanks for that great post. I would quibble only with your view of the Torts’-Richards PP problem. I believe Richards could still be a useful piece of an actual [designed] power play, one in which players actually know what they are doing in their movement, forcefully letting the puck do the work and breaking down the 5×4 to a 2×1 that guarantees a useful shot on goal. It’s the risk-free PP design that stinks more than the poor execution, IMHO.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I didnt bring Avery up but responded to Greg’s post. But now that we are discussing Avery, Why did torts play EC and WW over him anyway?

  51. see, I don’t want to defend the coach. I really don’t. He’s not a great guy, aneirin. I don’t want to defend him because if he’s out my job is better and easier. That said, the bottom line is there probably hasn’t been a two-year period since Emile Francis where this team has worked hard night after night, and thus I’ve said this is the best coach I’ve covered here, and I still think that. He has plenty of faults, though, for sure.

    But when there’s so much stupid stuff said about him and his system, I just want to try to talk some sense. please remember, I could not care less if this team wins or loses … and in fact, for traffic, it’s almost better when they lose.

    but the system kind of worked last season. it kind of worked down the stretch this season. it kind of worked against washington. Boston plays almost the same system, and it seems to be working OK.

    but people who want the coach out will pretty much say anything, people whom I respect, too, like e3 … He’s holding Del Zotto back? How?

    plus, pretty much everybody here thinks Del Zotto sucks and has no value. So he’s holding back a guy who sucks and has no value. OK.

    and now I’m out and you guys can go back to your discussion.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – Richards is horrid on the PP. He does one of two things with the puck – panic under pressure and pass it to a Bruin or dump it into the corner for Chara to retrieve. Neither very good.

  53. because, Eddie, he hated Avery just like most of his teammates wherever he went, and like 29 other coaches and 29 other GMs.

  54. Norm

    I wasn’t actually trying to comment on Richards usefulness or lack thereof but on Torts unimaginative response to the fact of the power play fail.

    Changing personnel when you spend half of the power play time just trying to enter the zone and the other half throwing the puck away is looking at the wrong problem.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I think MDZ plays scared. Like he doesn’t want to make a mistake.

  56. If Torts remains we are going to overpay for marginal free agents who have no other options. Everything else being equal, Who would want to play here?

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There are students that I cannot stand – lazy, miss class, don’t study as much as they should…. But I keep trying to get them to buy what I’m selling….

    Mind you – I am out of my mind with sadness and frustration the way this series has gone :(

  58. I don’t think Tortorella’s “system” works any longer either.

    who do you expect Sather and Messier to hire as a replacement? somebody in the system? there has to be unity in the system already.

    you don’t fire yourself.

  59. that’s why I’m staying out of it, e3. Because I learned last year — and tried to re-learn many times this year — that a fan might sometimes go overboard because of frustration and annoyance with his or her team. And since I’m not annoyed or frustrated whatsoever, I kinda see things maybe a bit differently.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – you see the games live and are in tune with the team – I sit on my couch – i respect and appreciate your insight – its the best by far in all of the NY media.

    I do think Anercin made some good points :)

  61. eddie —- That is likely the case, with the way he treats certain players upon making mistakes, it is a wonder that not every player plays afraid.

  62. Norm Merton on

    Eddie, Richards is done. He may have one last day in the sun, but it won’t be here. That said, if you watch the PP without Scapegoat Glasses on — no easy task — he might be the best zone-gainer and puck-mover out there, which is an indictment of the thing, no doubt. He makes mistakes with the puck, sure, but fewer than anyone else as far as I can tell. When it’s time for the final shot or pass, though, he freezes, either because he stinks or because the PP stinks. I favor the latter theory, and I winced when he got that shot through two Bruins and to the net in Game 3. He was out of options, and while it was to his credit or good fortune he got the shot through, it was never going to go in, and it was a lousy PP option.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I watched the sharks down 2-0 and come roaring back to tie it up 2-2.

    I see the sens down 2-0 and they have a chance to tie it up 2-2.

    I saw the rangers down 2-0 and hoped beyond hope they would win yesterday and was just flat out saddened but what I saw ….

  64. I really don’t expect a coaching change. we are a lot closer to being a great than some people think.

    After a short winning streak, the some people will pronounce us Stanley Cup favorites. After a two-game losing streak, the same people will say, “off with their heads!”

    I like this team, ther are a few people that I think should be replaced. Tortorella? he can win with a little different team, but somone needs to kick his dog. well…. not his dog, but something that gets his attention. He needs to adapt.

  65. those teams have tons more skill. tons. The Rangers have one player who could play on the first line on either of those teams, and he has one goal in 10 games.

  66. Carp —- You have covered hockey for 46 years, yes? Hockey is an unpredictable sport with regard to coach hirings and firings.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I still have a sliver of hope that we have home ice against the Sens in the ECF. Call me crazy.

  68. Carp

    Yes, the Bruins play a similarly defensive first system but to say thay play a similar system is in my mind oversimplifying. Julien has his team passing the puck up ice and passing the puck into the zone and once they’re into the zone they use set plays continually, that play that resulted in two goals where on a two on two, the puck carrier takes his defender wide and the other player goes to the net for the pass is not a coincidence, it’s a set play and a very smart one, you get both defenders separated and it makes for a much easier pass. I’m sure they practice it constantly. If the Rangers come in two on two you can bet the play will end up with the puck carrier losing the puck or a scrum behind the net.

    And like I’ve said, the system worked for the majority of last year and parts of this year because Henrik played out of his mind, so in spite of the system. You want to see what Henrik can do when he’s got a really first rate defensive system in front of him. Take a gander at his playoff stats from the trophy winning seasons in the SEL. He was a youngster and had a below 1 GAA playing in the playoffs against teams that had NHL stars on them in the lockout (penultimate) year.

  69. i am kind of saving this for my post mortem, but next season is going to be an interesting transition year, minus Richards and Gaborik, and with no big names coming in. Then in 2014 they’ll be shopping again, either at the deadline or free agency. They might even be better than this year if some of the kids Tortorella hates — :) — make the jump. Or they might struggle.

    but the core is there for this team to be good for a while, and maybe very good in a year or two. Definitely needs a skill upgrade, again, still, as always, since they haven’t drafted a first-line player in forever.

  70. and the point, moth?

    anerin, see, where I can’t buy the premise is that they only win because of the goalie (even though they sometimes, miracle upon miracles) win when Biron is in goal. Or when Lundqvist isn’t great (see most of this season). Coming down the homestretch they scored goals. In the Washington series they scored goals.

  71. Carp —- 26 years, that is. The point is that Tortorella could be fired. It is not an impossibility.

  72. another reason I can’t take a lot of these arguments seriously is that some asshats only show up when things go badly. so I put almost zero credence in their theories. If the hat fits …

  73. moth, do you speak English? Do you understand when I say “Not happening.” Or did you miss those several hundred references?

  74. My last post tonight, already killed too much of my retirement time.

    As long as they employ the Tortorella/Sullivan system, the Rangers will always lack ‘skill’ because this system refuses to make best use of it.

  75. Norm Merton on

    When the Rangers scored big against the Caps, that was Holtby in there, not Rask. He let in some bad, bad goals. At 2-2 in Game 2, and even at 2-3, Rask was huge during the brief Rangers surge. Not many Rangers threats since then.

  76. Carp —- You must have a reliable source within the organization that has assured you of Tortorella’s job safety.

  77. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    They score goals the way a blind squirrel gets a nut. It’ll eventually happen.

  78. Norm Merton on

    aneirin, thanks so much for infusing some real hockey analysis into this stream.

  79. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    There are the Positive Pete’s and the Negative Nancies , both want a winning team

  80. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Years ago lots of folks wanted Brad Richards well they got him and ?
    Then came Gaborik and the rant to get him out,
    then the We need Nash, now Nash is too soft , slow and doesn’t score.

  81. If the Rangers had gotten lucky, they would be up two games to one with a home game Thursday and the band would be playing. If.

  82. Norm Merton on

    If the Rangers had gotten lucky, the Bruins would have had to win the games later than they did. That team knows how to turn it on when they have to, kind of their signature this year, most dramatically late in game 7 vs. the Leaves.

  83. You are Sather. You have a 48 game season, no camp, your defensive corps has been riddled with injury, you re-vamp the team half way into the short season, one major link has been twice concussed, your $60 million dollar “star” becomes toast on ice, you’re in the second round, the building is full and you’ve just had cancer surgery. You fire the coach?

  84. Carp, you say you don’t care one way or another if the Rangers are successful. Do you think it benefits a beat writer to have no emotional interest in a team?

    Do you think you’d do a worse job if you cared? A better job?

  85. Carp, you might have noticed that the round went unmentioned. And for good reason. 91, and with an unusually granted mulligan which made it a real 93.
    Instead of considering the senior tour, I think I might take a part-time job at Golf Warehouse for Top Flite discounts. :)

  86. Aneirin Thanks so very much for this needed burst of fresh air to this stale, stodgy (Torts has been our best coach) blog site. Your out of the box hockey analysis as it pertains to the Rangers is very refreshing. It’s amazing how you upset certain people with your spot on evaluation of this team. Please keep on posting. Your views are desperately needed. Look forward to hearing more

  87. I thought maybe it had to do with the NHL network feed when the crowd sounded so quiet during the anthem, and then pretty subdued during the game. Geez it’s the 2nd round of the playoffs! Give me the crowds from back in the 80’s when a Rangers/Flyers game in February brought more emotion from the crowd.
    And how can the coaching staff watch this powerplay every other night for 4 weeks… and it’s the exact same struggle every game. How about going back to the basics and line up some slap shots from the blueline, this is an NHL roster surely someone must have a slapper that can generate some opportunities. Remember when we had Jagr on the powerplay and he’d set up at the top of the circle and fire one timers? I just don’t get how these pro players and coaches can have an extra skater on the ice and not generate much of anything. And it’s not some powerplay system that is going to break thru any game now. Terrible choices, weak wrist shots from along the boards, snap shots from the blueline.

    This is like a funeral, another year of my rooting for the Rangers is about to pass away. Even with miracle CPR and a 4 game comeback then it is death 2 weeks from now as the Penguins run them into the ground.

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