Game 3: Rangers-Bruins in review


Save your breath some of you, and stop praying that Darren Dreger’s speculation on the radio might be true. John Tortorella is not getting fired in a 48-game season when two of his three best skaters played like garbage and the team won a playoff round and sure hasn’t quit; not after what it did the season before. Not happening.


1) So, some 0-3 stats: Only three teams in history have come back from 0-3 to win a series – the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs (against Detroit), the ’75 Islanders (against Pittsburgh), and the 2010 Flyers (against Boston). In 1939, the Rangers trailed the Bruins 0-3 and came back to force a Game 7, which the Rangers lost in triple overtime.

2) If you want something on which you can hang your hat, a lot of these Bruins were on that 2010 team that coughed it up to the Philadelphia team that wasn’t very good, the one that beat the Rangers for the final playoff spot in the Olli Jokinen Memorial Shootout Game 82. I know, that’s like George Costanza hoping for a plane crash to get him out of his engagement. It’s not much, but “it’s something. It’s hope.”

3) The guy you really have to feel for is Henrik Lundqvist, who won the first-round series, and had a great bounce-back game in Game 3 … and probably deserved better. He stopped those two early breakaways and then two open hacks by Jaromir Jagr, or it could have been a Boston runaway. And then he faced Boston’s territorial dominance in the second and third. I thought the Johnny Boychuk goal glanced off John Moore and in. The winning goal was just a firedrill and a lot of bad, or good (depending on your view) luck.

4) Taylor Pyatt went to the front of the net and scored a  goal. It’s not that complicated.

5) Another guy I felt for was Chris Kreider, who deserved to move up off the overmatched fourth line, and was getting second-line minutes when that inadvertent stick caught him around the eye. Hope the kid’s OK.Boston Bruins Vs. New York Rangers At Madison Square Garden

6) Fortunately for the Rangers no power play resulted from that high stick. Once again, the story of this series, more than the goaltending, the forecheck or lack thereof, the depth or lack thereof, zone time, defensive mistakes or whatever, is ultimately the failure of the Rangers’ power play. And yet, first power play, there was buyout-bound Brad Richards at the point. Second power play, half a minute in, there was Richards out there again. And this time the Garden crowd let him have it.

7) The Anton Stralman injury was really felt as the Rangers, who normally go with four defensemen when things get tight late, had to rotate five and bust up their pairs doing so. That meant more minutes for John Moore, and more for Steve Eminger, who was unlucky on the game-winner, but also didn’t take the man. No idea what the Stralman injury is (he got rubbed out hard by Milan Lucic, didn’t he?), but the Rangers are really in even more trouble without one of their top four.

8) I thought the Derek Stepan, Ryan Callahan, Carl Hagelin line had a pretty good, tough game down low and caused some problems for the Bruins. I thought Rick Nash was mostly good again, and so was Kreider, and at times Derick Brassard. That’s not enough against the Bruins’ four lines.

9) Brian Boyle really beat himself up over his 4 of 21 faceoff night, really took the blame for the team’s inability to keep the puck in Boston’s zone. Say what you want, but there sure could be more guys self-accountable like that some nights.

Boston Bruins Vs. New York Rangers At Madison Square Garden10) Was there enough blood in that game? Holy shishkebob.

11) The arena looked pretty cool pre-game with all the blue T-shirts draped over the all the seats. Too bad they didn’t put in actual jersey-colored seats throughout the Garden during the renovation..

12) OK, I get it. Geico is in Washington, so they pick a Capitals player to force-feed to the nation in its commercials. But … why Nick Backstrom? No personality, no acting ability whatsoever, not even a little bit funny.

13) Always great to see TGO in the house (photo above).

My Three Rangers Stars:Boston Bruins Vs. New York Rangers At Madison Square Garden
1. Taylor Pyatt.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King.
2. Empty.
3. Empty.
Insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Hey Torts … you benched Richards too late!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (24.39%).
2. Ryan McDonagh (19.51%).
3. Derek Dorsett (14.63%).

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  1. Long day of work meetings ahead. Will be in the air most of day so won’t be around but after getting dome talking with carp after 1st intermission he may me feel
    Better telling me that atbkeSt the management team led by sather gorton realize how flawed they are. Buy out brad can’t come soon enough. The staal injury brings out the zero depth on blueline. The 3rd and 4th lines don’t provide the depth you need to win multiple rounds.

    Losing last year is 10x harder to accept then this team.

    Boston is bigger faster deeper better coached and has a championship pedigree.

    Round 2 is as far as this team could go. Thanks Hank.

    Anyone want to come to the funeral with me on Thursday. May have extra ticket.

  2. way to go Carp. this team needs a little help.

    It sounds like you have thrown in the towel too.

  3. McGuire really gave it to Torts over the powerplay…we heard non-stop about the Rangers inability to handle the 4th line….and we heard these same comments for 3 games. Not one adjustment was made to the lineup to at least try to change…would Newbury have played worse thsn Richards (who I imagine must be dreading game 4 at MSG)? I know the options were limited by injury…but still….something needed to be done by game 3. Kudos to the Bs…

  4. So we’re pretty sure Torts is going to get somewhat of a free pass for the lockout shortened season, but Richards is heading for Buyoutsville with Master of the Universe Bryzgalov and Rick Glass-Groins DiPietro?

  5. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Rangers looked a step slow last night, from the drop of the puck to the final buzzer.

    Probably one of the poorest showings I’ve seen by a team down 0-2 ever. AND a team down 0-2 AT HOME!

    The fans at MSG last night were lulled to sleep. Except for a few spurts in the 2nd period, the game was awful to watch.

    It’s hard to imagine any team from the East will beat a Western Conference team. Wow. Wings-Hawks series is probably 2x faster, 2x more intense. Much better hockey — faster decisions, smart passing. Bruins-Rangers series is hard to watch.

    Don’t get me wrong. Last year’s Rangers team was fun to watch. Nasty, grinding and intense. This year’s team is soft, slow and tight.

  6. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    SO.. the fans are in for another year of mediocre hockey next season.
    Same coach, same players for the most part, same shot blocking mentality , D first offense second , bail em’ out Hank.

  7. Norm Merton on

    Hard not to think back to the beginning of the year when everyone was picking the Rangers to go at least to the conference final again, only this time with some skill to save them from the perpetual grind. The first-week problem of being careful not to overbalance with the Big Three line. The talented, young, improving blue line. The emergence of Stepan and/or Hagelin (who had changed the team’s tempo the previous season). Mr. Third Period, Rick Nash. The all-world goalie.

    Well, there’s still the all-world goalie (who last night characteristically kept his team in it, spectacularly, right up until he uncharacteristically tried to do too much with the puck, twice, in the sequence leading up to the tying goal. Not his game.)

    The rest of it is in disarray, and the Gaborik trade begins to look more like a panic move as the three new Rangers display some of the mediocrity that got them traded to begin with. Time will tell, of course, on that, but barring the unlikely, NY is looking at a 4-win playoff haul with the signature moment for the year being: Tortorella bounces a slumping Gaborik out of town. Will Davidson or Sather be laughing next fall? I hope both. Rangers-Jackets games should be fun for the first time ever.

  8. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think giving Tortorella a free pass on a 48 game season is ridiculous. I don’t care if he had 82 or a 182 games

    If he couldn’t inspire the troops in 48 games what makes one think that he was at a disadvantage ?

    There will be a Cup winner in this 48 game season , how should that coach be viewed ?

  9. Any hope in Staal or Clowe coming back next game? I have not heard anything about them. They are greatly needed.

  10. Not sure why it has to be viewed as a “free pass” for the coach if he keeps his job.

    If he had a 1% chance of being fired before the season and that chance has increased to 50% or whatever number you put on it, then this season has put his job more on the line than it was. That’s not the same as saying “never mind, nobody cares at all about how you did”.

    (Not ruling out Dolan and Sather actually feeling like that, just making a pedantic point about there being some middle ground between Free Pass and Fire His Asham Now.)

  11. RangerSwedgian on

    I’m not a guy who wants Torts out of town, but some questions need to be asked after watching this series:

    1. Breakout play – It’s not only skill, it’s patterns and adapting to the opponent
    2. Faceoffs – Yes, skill in the faceoff itself, but what you saw last night was Bruins winning pucks when we won face-offs on set plays, and (interfering) keeping all of their face-off wins. Such an important detail and part of the game that gives you possession and ultimatly goals.
    3. PP – You don’t need a heck of a lot of skill to dump it in, get it to the blueline and shoot at the net. If you got skill it’s better. But putting pucks and bodies to the net isn’t rocket science….
    4. Playing D – The Bruins come into our zone with speed. Then we collapse to the net and let them play around us for 2 minutes while blasting the big slappers (and soft wristers) from the blue line. We’re forced to dump it in and are only given time on the puck below the goal line, you don’t score as much from behind the goal line as you do from the blue line…. obviously….

    Even though the season isn’t officially over…. I for one would like to keep Torts, if he can correct some of the above and/or hire an assistant (or two) who knows how to coach the details, the PP, defense, and offense….

  12. Don’t say I didn’t predict this epic-disaster the first day of the season.

  13. While it’s holding any player to an impossible standard to criticise the loss of any single faceoff (as it is to expect a goalie to “outplay” his All-Star calibre counterpart every single game), TSN did note that Shawn Thornton, who won the draw before the GWG, had only taken 17 faceoffs all year.

  14. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Oh well I guess time for reality to check in. It’s good night Irene. How could things have been different if the Rangers had a respectable PP? The PP has been a disgrace and someone has to answer for it one of these days. It has awful way too long.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Center of the Ice: The most open place on the sheet. The place where break outs start. The place where you draw defenders in the O zone and create space outside.

    Torts coaches them NOT to use the Center of the Ice. As a result we cannot make hockey plays. In the D and O zone we shuffle the puck along the boards and constantly redirect it along the boards or place 3 men behind the net…along the boards with no one in front.

    If you like watching your team be pinned along the boards and not having any semblance of skill, not make any hockey plays and have your goalie bail you out when your undersized players lose those battles…this is your team!!

  16. Heave-Ho four in a row? yeah right…

    Torts doesn’t adjust to his players…he makes his players adjust to him.

  17. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Meant to say it has been awful. I’m going to have to hire an editor.

  18. Unfortunately this team just isnt good enough to compete with the B’s. Everyone just seems a step slow/behind. The B’s are deeper and have taken away the Rangers strength along the boards.
    I like Torts overall and have been a supporter but his inability to adjust to the B’s going thru the middle to break out has hurt the team, which NBC poited out repeatedly.
    The PP is an obvious pain point. As much as I agree that its and X and O thing, right now, I also think these guys are so deep in their own heads that they cant get out of their own way.

    Someone mentioned the Gaborik trade being a panic move. I dont agree. I like the depth the trade provided even if it didnt work out at this point. John Moore looks like he has a lot of potential and I like Dorsetts snarl. Brassard could be the enigma, we shall see.

    I am going Thursday and am hoping for at least one win and not to get swept but I will have my black suit ready regardless. The game last night certainly didnt inspire confidence.

  19. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    The Rangers may not have Top shelf talent but they don’t have a crap roster.
    You can squeeze an orange gently to get the most juice from it with the seeds and pulp or you can crush it to get a nasty mix of pulp seeds and skin.
    Tortorella chooses to Crush

  20. Some people just find ways to blame everything else but Torts. Amazing! This guy is untouchable no matter what! LOL

    when will Sather be fired?

  21. great post RangerSwedgian, that’s how I’ve been looking at it. The team is flawed, and to me the one area that you can blame Torts for is the PP. There’s just no plan there, and I don’t know if he just gave up trying or what. Richards has no business being there, especially on the point being the QB. His passes are slow and he fumbles the puck, he doesn’t move and look for an opening. And then, NOBODY gets to the front of the net.

    I hate to pin it on missing players, especially since Boston is missing THREE on the blueline, but I do think it’s a different series with Clowe and Staal in there. Staal is the one guy who could move the puck in the transition game. Nobody else has that skill on a consistant basis, and Clowe on the boards can set the tone. You could see it those few games he played the first round.

    I felt bad for Hank, after being SO great, losing on a fluke goal like that. But you could see it coming as the Rangers couldn’t clear out of the zone. Still, you manage to get into OT and all bets are off.

    At least it’s pretty clear what we need in the offseason. I’m not ready to say the Gabby trade was bad, because, I’m not really sure how effective he would have been in this series. We need another top 4 d-man, a big, tough, clear the net type. And we need more rugged board play. Should be interesting.

    As for Torts, to me, he comes back, but ONLY if he gets rid of Sullivan (hopefully the rumors are true and he’s up for a head coaching position, and he OWNS fixing the PP. To me that means finding an assistant who can coach the PP, come up with schemes that work and work with Moore, Staal and MDZ on how to QB the PP. No more Richards.

    My wife, who occassionally watches with me, came home with the Rangers winning 1-0 and was wondering why the crowd was so quiet? I’m not really sure, in this day and age of overpriced tickets that the crowds are the same. Average die-hard fan cannot afford to go to a playoff game anymore. The corporate types who go, just aren’t as vocal as them. The arena is a lot quieter than I can remember years ago.

  22. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Dave Maloney repeatedly stated that the Rangers don’t have the depth to compete with the Bruins. That became painfully obvious as the games entered period 2. It seems from that point on The Bruins begane to dominate each game. The miracle is that they were still in 2 of these games right to the end. Of course the miracle was provided by Henrik. Without Henrik this team would not even have made the playoffs. They are going to have to start printing the cash to keep him. I wonder if he stays or bolts when he hits free agency. They have to buy out Richards. He looks like he’s aged 10 years since last season. How could that happen like that? The Rangers are going to need more nasty next season. And a fresh approach to the power play. They need a new coach for the power play. Brian Leetch could sure help there but seeing that that makes sense it probably won’t happen

  23. Admiral Akbar on


    I agree – the Garden crowd was very quiet and passive, at least over my television set. Just changing over to the Kings vs Sharks, the Shark Tank was rocking loud with “die-hard” Sharks fans.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see these Garden “fans” drowning out John Amirante’s national anthem like we saw in Game 7 1994 SC Finals.

    The Garden has become nearly as depressing as the “new” Yankee Stadium (despite being home to a team thats overachieved into 1st place)

    Madison Square Garden – a place for corporate perks and foreign tourists!

  24. It’s obvious, even to the most blindly loyal fan, the Bruins have more depth, more heart, more hustle than our boys. For 2 periods, we stay with them; barely. 3rd period comes, they get dominated and only stay close because of Hank. Torts not adjusting or taking any responsibility for the lackluster power play is embarrassing, esp. when he calls out a player. What coach does that? I’m sure he comes back next season because Slats doesn’t have the nerve to fire him, 48-game season be damned. The Ranger style of play has shown it doesn’t have the staying power to get them to the Finals. Frustrating, sad, and angry; we want our boys to be there, to be less mediocre but the fact is, we are!!!

  25. Getting to the second round of the playoffs is a successful season. And it happened with almost a completely new roster.

    Once again, a fourth line is destroying us. Thems the breaks.

    Carp said “rubbed out hard.”

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Tortorella system is called Lundquist. Torts has no clue about offense, the PP or even defense. This team that supposedly prides itself on defense first, gives up a tremendous amount of high quality chances. Torts either never makes or is incapable of making adjustments during games. Other than that , he is a great coach.

  27. Admiral Akbar on

    It’s kinda strange seeing the rangers out worked, out-muscled, isn’t it?

    Good work by the B’s.

    Rangers have some work to do this offseason.

    Lets show some balls and not get swept on Thursday!

  28. people keep talking about our lack of depth and yet we stayed right there with Boston in the first two games which could have went either way. I don’t know… i think new coach and mentality is needed.

  29. Say what you will, speculate all you want Eric states it best….”Boston is bigger faster deeper better coached and has a championship pedigree”….it could not have been spelled out more clearly than it was last night. Bright side: its easier to lose when you deserve to lose.

  30. Czechthemout!!! on

    Next season will be Hank’s last season in New York. I firmly believe he has had enough. The kid deserves better. If we had a good goalie and the great one that we have, I bet we don’t win more than 20-25 games with this ” great coach ” leading the way. But to some people he is teflon John . It is never his fault. It is depth, injuries, blah blah blah.

  31. Seems like a lot of folks are confusing *sadness* and *depression* with *anger* and *denial*

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Look at the Leafs. They are not a better team than we are on Paper. They are not bigger or more skilled. Yet they should have and almost did beat the Bruins. Why? Because they are better coached. It is that simple.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Enuf with the Boston has more depth BS

    If you think Campbell, Paille, Thorton, Kelly, Peverly are good and better than our bottom 6, then you do not understand the game of hockey.

    Those players are muckers who love to play the board game because they don’t have skill so when we throw the puck around the boards in our D zone and not using the middle of the ice, these players are more than happy to play the grind game because they are grinders.

    Our players are *instructed* to play it safe up the boards

    they are *coached* to possess the puck in the O zone by cycling along boards and not having men in front.

    They are *directed* to slink back into zone and allow the opposing rush to establish possession in the O zone.

    The PP personnel is *decided* by the coach; Richards, Del Zaster, Girardi, Boyle

    Good night nurse, turn out the lights, the party (HAH!) is over

  34. this team can’t pass the puck!! i mean…holy-mozzarella!! THIS IS THE NHL!! AND YOUR PLAYERS CAN’T PASS THE PUCK?!

    M’KAY!! Not Torts’ fault…its the hockey stick’s fault!

  35. Good morning all! Well, maybe not. Yeesh, this place is *depressing* me today.

  36. Examples:

    *Sadness* : Rangers lose Game 3 at home to the Bruins

    *Anger* : Pierre mentions that he “coached in the league for years”

  37. CCCP is right. Not Torts fault.

    And you morons saying Hank is leaving. Ridiculous.

  38. We lost to a 4th line for the second season in a row. Deal with it. It’s the playoffs. ANYTHING can happen.

  39. No pressure. No support. No consistency. No will. No way. No heart. No creativity. No clean shots. No goals. No wins. #TheRightWay

  40. Lundqvist is not going anywhere….where else would he be considered the “King” and have his name chanted every game? Say what you will about him, how competitive and hard working he is, but you have to admit he has a bit of an ego – and that’s an essential element to being a top flight athlete, so it’s not a knock – and likes the glamour and attention that NYC brings.

  41. _The Rangers may not have Top shelf talent but they don’t have a crap roster._

    Sounds like a team that we should probably expect to lose somewhere about the second round then.

  42. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Torts has no clue about offense”

    Torts said that he doesn’t coach offense. What? Nobody believed him?

  43. _Lundqvist is not going anywhere….where else would he be considered the “King” and have his name chanted every game?_

    uummm…on any of the 29 other teams?

  44. And that’s not a flat out “defence” of the coach or a celebration of the “achievement” of possibly being swept in the second round by any means. But I have a hard time convincing myself that this team, flawed as it is, has performed a million miles below expectations, whatever pre-season media prognostications were telling us.

  45. Carp, I would love to see you write a blog post (perhaps one day during the summer) about why Tortorella should stay vs why he should be fired. Seriously, I’d be interested to hear your point of view explained for both sides of the argument. My opinion? Keep him one more year and see what happens with one more full season (kinda like the Richards rule right now). However, I WOULD like him to stop being so stubborn and bring some sort of power play specialist in.

    My candidates for NYR PP Specialist 2013-2014: Brian Leech, Sergei Zubov, Adam Graves (to tell the players to just stay in front of the net, sheesh!! it’s not rocket science, and look what happens!), Phil Jackson (former Lakers/Bulls coach), Jay Wright (Villanova Basketball coach), Bobby Valentine, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Snoopy, My Cousin Vinny, Batman, Bozo the Clown, Pierre McGuire, Bob Sacamano, Jimmy Two Times, Big Bird, Bob Dole, Buzz Lightyear, and John Muckler

  46. Stranger Nation on

    The question becomes:

    Is it lack of player skill or is it the wrong coach or system?

    Little bit of both IMHO

  47. I don’t think its just this year with Torts… i think its his overall performance. Sure he built an identity (blocking shots is sooo much cooler rather than playing actual defense) but under Torts they barely get in every year! Must count on another team to beat another team for our team to get in…or everything comes down to the last or next to last games of the season… time for a change.

  48. Yea, CCCP, except that time when they were 1st and won their division and were mere points away from the President’s Trophy.

  49. oh that time when hank won Vezina? oh i do remember… but i also remember the time when we didn’t even make the postseason or three other times when we barely got in got kicked out in the first round

  50. why can’t Pierre get hit in the mouth with a puck and that little shine top sleeps with Boston 4th line

  51. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on


    There’s a reason why the garden was so quiet. The first minute showed who either the better or more prepared team was. We were hemmed in for at least 60. It didn’t get much better from there. Two breakaways, two other odd man rushes. Hank was HUGE. The rest of our team lost face offs, got hemmed in and couldn’t break out. Our early PP was pathetic.

    In this day and age, the ‘New MSG’ the team has to give the fans a reason to get excited. There were very few all game.

    The fans knew what was coming when we were ahead 1-0, yet getting shellacked. You could see it. You could feel it. We were overmatched.

  52. I think he would be PERFECT, Yergs. And I’m sick of hearing how he hates Glen Sather. Leetch would be perfect for coaching our D-Corps and championing the PP.

  53. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Atta boy, Carpy!! Great review!!! You are 8-0 in the post season!!!

    (sorry, I am not so sure you will be able go much more than 9-0)

  54. Tom Foolery on

    I don’t know how much power (if any) Messier has in the organization but it must be painful for him to watch the Rangers play this type of game. This is a guy who got Roger Neilson canned less than a year after Neilson won the President’s Trophy.
    I know Torts won’t be fired but he should be on a very short leash next year.

  55. The good news is that the Garden will be available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs starting this weekend. Which of you goons are gonna try to get me up on the chair?

  56. Tom Foolery on

    As I’ve said before, the Rangers supposedly play a conservative defensive style yet they give up tons of glorious scoring opportunities almost every night and have to be bailed out by the goaltender. Something doesn’t add up.

  57. Was Philadelphia involved, CCCP? Because if that’s what you’re referring to, NO. I don’t remember that! I had it medically wiped out of my brain. (_See_ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Boston played a great road game. They were tigers for 60 minutes. They had the minds of a champion. They didn’t back off.

    They also hooked, held, interfered, high sticked, and cross checked (Chara on Boyle with a minute to go was a HUGE hit and somehow ‘missed’) and smartly did whatever they could to get our guys frustrated and feeling they had very little space.

    They keyed on Nash and Nash only. That tells Slather we are thoroughly void of true balance and have only 1 player other teams fear offensively.

    I said 4 weeks ago that any team that wanted to play us smart goes after our ‘thin’ defense. Lucic accomplished that goal. And he wanted to. The Craps tried but we were resilient.

    We now have 3 of 6 guys left (missing Staal, Stralman, Sauer). And one of them is lost 80% of the time, MDZ. With an almost non-existent group of D-men to pull from. The void stems from some great drafting (S).

    Everyone talks of our ‘vaunted defense’. Again, I am not willing to say they’re so great. There is a good core but they must be complemented with other talent. These needs have been blaring for years. You have heard others say them repeatedly. Point man with a big, accurate shot. Crease clearing big bodies with some minor speed and offensive ability.

    Game, set, match.

  59. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Fat Guy, I’ve seen 300 pounders up there. You bigger than that?????

  60. heck, forget coaching, throw mess, leetch, graves out there. zubov kovalev busy? could NOT be worse.

  61. If I’m the Rangers I take a serious look at the Boston Defense. That Krug kid is a beast. He’s terrific. But I look at their Defensive positioning and try to spread our guys out to the circles in the future. It’s such a better position to spring into offense from. Sure beats laying in front of your goaltender, for example.

  62. Rangers looked really tight last night too. While Boston’s defense consistently and successfully joined their offensive play, the Rangers consistently held back. Something isn’t right. Seemed like they were too afraid to make a mistake.

  63. Sorry, CCCP….it’s just that I read this one book and now I think I’m a genius!

  64. Tyler Bozak is a UFA….what’s he worth? Right handed shot. Great at face offs. And possible one of the best two-way Centers on the market…

  65. Morning, ‘heads!

    Ledge full?

    If I remember correctly, somewhere in the middle/end of this season most on this forum were into *IF* they get in, they’ll be “one and done”. What happened to increased expectations?

    Do not agree with lack of effort. The Boston is a better team. And they are playing exceptionally well, using their strength. All I can ask for is for them to win one game. I’ll be there Thursday. And we will talk plans for next year in the offseason.

  66. if I was lundqvist, I wouldn’t want to resign with the rangers knowing there isn’t allot of time left at the top of your game and wanting to win a stanely cup. I would want to sign with a team that has good chance of winning a cup that needs a #1 goaltender.

  67. Carp, I said it here very early in the year and was called out on it by you and others. *The Rangers are not a fast team.* While they may have some players who skate fast, they are not a team that can play well in a fast game.

    And to anyone who would like to continue to argue that Michael DelZotto is a good skater, look at the tape of this series.

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    I have no idea obviously, but I think the Rangers will pay Lundqvist what he wants, and I can’t see him wanting to live in Winnipeg or Denver or wherever. He loves NYC by all accounts.

  69. Cross Check Charlie on

    I didn’t participate in the irrational exuberance after the first round win over the Caps. I picked the Bruins in 5. This team just isn’t good enough. If it wasn’t for Lundqvist they would have been blown out all 3 games.

  70. Philly throws gold bars at Henrik, and he takes those cheesesteaks through an undefeated season and Cup run

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Plus its not like the Rangers aren’t trying (futilely) to win a Cup. They’re trying. Can’t see the King pulling a Lebron and taking his talents to Anaheim or Minnesota or something

  72. Manny – nobody would love to see Leetch coach the powerplay more than me…but no way in hell will he put up with Torts. Not his personality.

  73. I think Hank stays for many reasons. The main one is his off ice stuff. He is very connected to the NYC area.

  74. Hard to win a series or develop a good power play when top paid player is the worst one on the ice ….has to be bought out …can’t wait afford to wait to see if he comes out of it….he won’t ….his legs and strength are gone

  75. bull dog line on

    if they fire Torts, who is it you would want to be the coach? Torts had had a crappy season behind the bench, but I am not sure there is anyone out there that I would want to coach instead of him. please don’t tell me Lindy Ruff.

  76. People can hate Pierre all they want, but he ripped apart the Rangers PP and it was awesome and hilarious. The rant he went on about no structure and it being free-lanced garbage was the best thing I’ve heard all year.

    Glad that this group of clowns was finally exposed as being what they are, a bunch of crap players that make up a mediocre team. Last years team would’ve never let this happen, but last years team is never coming back, so no point in talking about them.

    If I were Henke, I’d sign somewhere else as an FA because he’s running out of a years and our beloved Rangers aren’t even coming close to winning another cup any time in the next 10 years.

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    It feels like the season is over and the Rangers are eliminated. I keep on forgetting there is a game tomorrow night.

  78. But Pierre’s rant was stupid. He kept screaming about Puck Support. Definitely not our problem. The main issue on the PP is that the puck carrier is failing to get in deep and set up in the corner.

  79. The best part was when Pierre said, “I coached in this league for Years.” HAHA

  80. Lundqvist going nowhere. Agree with Manny…he loves New York and there is no bigger stage than Madison Square Garden. No snarl on this team. Nobody made Lucic pay for that hit on Stralman. It is painful to watch how this year’s team gets pushed around. When Renney was the coach and the Rangers had Orr, very few teams would take liberties with the Ranger skill players. Fedoryk of the Flyers went after Jagr and the next game was carried off on a stretcher. Even that Ranger team went to the 2nd round against a very good Buffalo team and would have won if not for the late Drury goal to tie Game 5.

  81. Yea, JD. The lack of physical presence against 42 year old -Wolverine- Jagr was maddening.

  82. Cross Check Charlie on

    You can rip Pierre, but he was dead on about the Bruins breakout and the Rangers inability to even slow it down.

  83. Snuff McGruff on

    Wow…11 straight power plays at MSG. No call on Callahan gutting Chara, and what idiot thought Kryder deserved a high stick call on a shot follow through, and they missed Emingers high stick..

    Refs have been in our pocket all playoffs….unreal how pissed we would be going the other way.

  84. Carp where is your rallying cry?? Fire this CLOWN.

    There are the obvious faults which have come to the forefront this playoffs – the lack of in game adjustment, the lack of any type of ability to coach a PP. But even just looking at the big picture, we haven’t been good enough to give this coaching staff another season.

    Outside of the first 2/3 of last year, we’re basically an average NHL team during his tenure. Last year was great and a run to the conference finals is an achievement, but we’re now 18-24 in the playoffs with Torts as coach. As nice as last spring was, we were 10-10. As far as the regular season, again as nice as last year was, the other 3 season haven’t been good enough.

    Win % under Torts – .665, .583, .567, .530, .619 (21 games)
    Win % under Renney – .610, .591, .573, .566 (61 games)

    Playoffs under Torts – 18-24
    Playoffs under Renney – 11-13

    With maybe the best goalie of his generation in his prime and a team that spends at or near the cap every year, it’s not good enough. If it wasn’t good enough under Renney, than it hasn’t been good enough under Torts.

  85. Yergs, I had that blog post written in my head when they stumbled and looked like they might not make the playoffs, knowing even then that he will not be fired this season. I will write it after the season (Friday?).

    Good morning, Sally!

    Miami, you did predict this. But you also guaranteed 0-48.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny / puck support is a problem on the PP. After the game, Liam, Milbury and JR ran about 7 clips of game 3 PP’s and in each – there was one ranger with the puck and 3 bruins surrounding him – with not a single ranger even in the TV screen.

  87. Lundqvist, I believe, goes nowhere for two reasons: One, he loves NYC and the organization. Two, and most important, the Rangers will pay him more than anybody else and all athletes go for the very last nickel.

  88. Snuff McGruff on

    How many teams that missed the playoffs would be better then us if we traded goalies? I would say all of them.

  89. Manny, he was right though. The Rangers don’t want to dump it in on the PP. Hell, every time they dump it in, the “experts” here yell at them and wonder why they don’t skate it in. They don’t have puck support when they initially setup in the zone. The puck carrier needs options until they get setup. It was embarrassing to watch that they couldn’t figure that out and that idiot Pierre saw it with no problem.

    And for the record, I’m cool with Torts being fired (he’s not), but who is going to come in and do a better job with this team? From top to bottom, it’s crap personnel. That’s on Sather and he’s never being fired. Oh and the cap goes down next year, and we don’t have a 1st round pick, and … the list goes on. This team is screwed for at least a decade.

  90. Snuff McGruff on

    Ovechkin for Lundqvist…2 guys who will never win a cup swap places and never win a cup…..touching story…

  91. Stranger Nation on

    I heard a rumor the Ice Mets like to sign goalies to big $$ contracts…

  92. They don’t have to dump it in, the puck carrier can head to the corner, drawing the defenders low and then throw it high to set up. The PP has had success when set up in the corner with off side wingers.

  93. Chris, so if you don’t count all the wins, all you have is losses, right? But what if you don’t count all the losses?

    Bottom line, two seasons, a first and a six seed, five rounds of playoffs (mucho dinero for the owner), final four last year, final eight this year. So with all their mediocrity, and there is plenty of that, they are among the better teams in the league performance-wise.

  94. What did I say the last game about adjustments to make?

    I said take away shots from the point. Boychuk scored, and their point shots gave us fits all night.

    I said skate right at their defense. When we did, we actually had good chances.

    I said they struggle with net-front presence, but we didn’t really have a guy for that. Well, Pyatt went in front of the net and what do you know!? He scored.

    Torts is simply failing to adjust the team’s strategy to the opponent. We are trying to play grind it out hockey against a team that’s bigger and better suited for that style of play.

    Also, for all of Lundqvist’s brilliance during that game, what the hell was he thinking with how he was playing the puck. Sheesh. You figure Biron could take him to the side after practice during the last couple of years and show him how to actually play with the puck.

  95. bull dog line on

    there will be changes coming. Boyle will be an ex Ranger this off season. the Rangers will think long and hard at trading MDZ. Richards will be gone. some new young faces will be here. maybe MZA for a full season.

  96. Ive been saying it on here for 2 years now. You got rid of Renney now its time to FINALLY get rid of Tortorella. 5 years of him is enough. Tired of his act. You want a good young Coach who is knowledgable on the power play system, hire Doug Weight as our coach. Tortorella must go !!! We have the best Goalie in the world, open up the style and go for it for crying out loud.

  97. good idea, MGB. Open it right up with a team with no first-line skill, no offensive defenseman, no offensive depth whatsoever.

    Anyway, it’s not happening. Somehow I’m starting to enjoy saying that to those who don’t believe me.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Chris – only three constants under the last two coaches:
    Owner: James ‘JD’ Dolan – not going anywhere
    GM: Glen ‘Slats’ Sather – Lord, hear our prayer
    Trainer: Jim ‘Rammer’ Ramsey

    It’s obvious, we must get rid of Ramsey

  99. bull dog line on

    I said Anisimov was going to be traded, he was. I said Gabby was going to trade, he was. you can see writing on the wall with some players. the writing is on the wall with Boyle, and it is almost there with MDZ.

  100. I agree Manny, but if a guy is going 1 on 4 like last night, how is he going to get there? Nash and Zucc tried that and since they had no help around them, Boston just collapsed on both of them. Boston is standing up at the blue line because they know one guy is trying to carry it in by himself.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if Lundqvist heads to the Devils after his contract is up. He wants to win a cup. If he doesn’t think it’s happening with the Rangers, he’ll gladly head elsewhere. And based on the Devils track record and the young players they have coming up (along with a true superstar in Kovalchuk), he has plenty of reasons to go there.

  101. bull dog: also right in hindsight.

    I think lots of people have been saying all those things, bull dog. I don’t think you can replace Boyle with a better Boyle so I wouldn’t trade him.

    But I understand why you think he will be gone, I just think Boyle gets another season on the 4th line because the return just isn’t worth it.

    Tyler Bozak anyone?

  102. Manny, IMO, getting the puck into the corner is certainly not the main failure on our PP. It goes much deeper. Our failure lies in our general inability to execute whether in the zone or not.

    How is this for starters. Propensity to play and pass the puck along the perimeter, lack of a slot presence and willingness to go to the scoring areas, inability to put the puck on net, players tend to remain stationary, failure to move the puck quickly to the open man, lack of vision, inability to shoot the puck off the pass (one-timers), lack of a legitimate point quarterback/shooter, failure to win critical o-zone face-offs

    IMO, Pierre stated the problem pretty accurately. As far as affixing responsibility, his target appeared to be squarely on the coaching staff, and rightfully so.

  103. I don;t care what changes are coming – without Staal and Sauer returning at a high level, this cycle of Rangers will not win anything. Those two guys have been a big part of the vision and it’s hard to replace them now that we are doing 35 on the entry ramp to I-95. Get off at the next exit (after some playoff misses and lottery picks), get gas, check fluids, take a squirt, futilely hit on the check out girl without your wife seeing, and then get back on the highway like Clark Griswold.

  104. I guess my main point is, Jonny, that puck support results in drop passes and when the rest of the boys are flying in deep the team will just get trapped in at the line and forced to regroup and attempt to gain the zone yet again. If they are standing up you need to get in behind them. You have to make the defenseman move their feet.

    Nash actually took all four on by himself and got past them pretty easily. Speed and size.

    Overall though, this PP has ZERO point ZERO (see what I did Doodie?) confidence and it isn’t going to just magically get that confidence. They need an offseason and preseason to pick a style and STAY WITH IT over and over and over until it starts clicking.

  105. bull dog line on

    but he doesn’t play the 4th line, he plays the 3rd line. they need to upgrade the 3rd line center spot, or the 2nd line center spot dropping Brassard to 3rd line.

  106. “There’s a reason why the garden was so quiet. The first minute showed who either the better or more prepared team was. We were hemmed in for at least 60. It didn’t get much better from there. Two breakaways, two other odd man rushes. Hank was HUGE. The rest of our team lost face offs, got hemmed in and couldn’t break out. Our early PP was pathetic.

    In this day and age, the ‘New MSG’ the team has to give the fans a reason to get excited. There were very few all game.

    The fans knew what was coming when we were ahead 1-0, yet getting shellacked. You could see it. You could feel it. We were overmatched.”

    I agree, but, the crowd does NOTHING to get this team going. You have the LEAD. You’re team is doing it’s best to give the lead up, and all you do is sit on your hands? no Let’s Go Rangers? Not even a Potvin Sucks! We sound like a crowd in Dallas or TB or any other place where hockey is not popular. We shouldn’t need a goal to get riled up. I agree, it’s the same in the new YS too. I scream more at my TV than the crowd did the whole game. We no longer have a home crowd advantage.

    As for our D, I think it’s been exposed. I think Girardi has had an awful series. He’s been out of position more times than I can ever remember. I don’t know if he’s just tired and can’t compete anymore or he’s hurt. But he looks slow and out of it half the time. To me the only D that have played up to expectations has been McD who’s been a monster and Stralman, who has played like he has all year, steady. The others have been mediocre at best. Look at Boston’s D. They have no fear. Even the kids. One thing that maybe is Tort’s fault is that his style of coaching can make players a little tentative to make mistakes. I see that with MDZ all the time. He plays the best when he’s just winging it. Moore could be that same type of player, but he also looks a lot more tentative than he did in the last series, and certainly more than the stretch run of the season.

    It’s funny about Torts. Did he just lose his ability to coach? He’s won a cup. Does NY do that to you? Remember, we were screaming we needed a Torts type of coach when we had Renney, now we have Torts, do we need a Renney type coach now?

  107. At least dress the Undertaker (McIlrath) for Game 4. And if one Bruin goes after Nash or Hags get after him. Set a tone. Get the crowd involved. Bodies in front, pucks to the net. Have some fun and stop with the tight-sphincter, no fun, vanilla crap. Dorsett and McIlrath can add some meaness to this team.
    I know that a lot of guys on this board did not like Avery, but I sure as h*ll did! He wore the sweater proudly and was willing to do the dirty work. Was not too bad on the PP if I remember correctly. LGR!!!

  108. Not that we haven’t been wrecked this series, but its been so winnable. Their 2-5 scorers in the regular season (Seguin, Horton, Krejci, Bergeron) have been shut out. No way anyone would guess down 3-0 if that were the only stat you were told through 3 games. Just brutal what the D and stupid 4th line has done.

  109. People are worried about not getting swept- I’d just like to see the guys SHOW UP tomorrow night. Its truly remarkable that this team only has lost three games in regulation out of ten playoff games in which they only outplayed their opposition clearly once. Rangers had two choices in this series it seemed- “rope a dope and hope”- or be overagressive on the forecheck which led to multiple odd man rushes (which they tried unsuccessfully
    early in games two and three)- I’m actually impressed that they tried two different approaches. Are Bruins playing better than us? Yes. But folks, they’re not that good- I watched them struggle mightily to defeat a deeply flawed Toronto team- we just don’t have the skills to take advantage of their weaknesses. Torts isn’t getting fired after a toss-out 48 game season- but if he doesn’t own a house here I wouldn’t buy one now- if you know what I mean.

  110. I dont mean for tomorrow night Carp. Next season when changes have to be made. Bring in a coach who can coach the power play and kiss Tortorella goodbye. You have the best Goalie in the world here, he’s all we need. We dont need 5 goalies and nobody playing up and down the ice in a SYSTEM that doesnt score. IF the Islanders had Lundqvist they would still be playing as much as it kills me to say it. Tortorella had his chance, he needs to go.

  111. bull dog line on

    and I agree that for the most part, Boyle has been good in the playoffs. that does not make up for the fact he has been awful in the regular season for 2 seasons.

  112. Going into this series I had limited expectations against this Bruin team and continue to laugh at the posters who were saying they’re not better than us.

  113. _Torts is simply failing to adjust the team’s strategy to the opponent. We are trying to play grind it out hockey against a team that’s bigger and better suited for that style of play._

    Yup. How many times have we given the puck up along the boards because their 2nd man in beat our 2nd and dug it out almost instantly?

  114. bull dog line on

    they sent McIlrath home a few days ago. it will be Gilroy, or Hamer if Stralman can’t go.

  115. Boyle, at his best is a 3rd line player, and at his average, SHOULD be on the 4th line.

  116. Really, considering Torts’ style and the offense we run, is there any set of forwards in the league that would fit better than Boston’s? They negate our style because they’re perfectly suited to play our style.

  117. JD – I like where you’re going with Mcllrath. I would love to see that kid out there. Sadly, he’s at home.

  118. bull dog line on

    how much are you willing to pay a player who should be on the 4th line?

  119. And that is why our team will continue to be laughed at Carp. WE are becoming the Jets of the NHL. We wont win anything with this guy at the helm.

  120. Number 1 need for this team is to increase puck possession/distribution skill level. Need to add 1-2 of those players at F and at least 1 on D.

  121. Boyle, and his $1.7M, are fine. He is perfectly suited to his role on this team. Why trade him? What do you expect to get in return aside from “No Boyle” and a gaping hole in our lineup.

  122. bull dog line on

    it would not be a gaping hole. does he have 1 more season at 1.7, or is he an RFA? either way he is going to be looking for more than that when his contract is up. he will be gone.

  123. Carp

    Anybody put a mic in front of Richards last night post-game? I feel for the guy as much as I am appalled by his disintegration.

  124. Even ignoring the quality of the return on the Gaborik trade, I don’t think there is really any denying that it has made our team slower. And being slower plays into the hands of the Bruins, who are a very slow team.

  125. So we buyout Richards and everyone rejoices including Richards, who gets a chance to start over fresh somewhere (maybe Europe?) while pocketing $48M for a 1 ok and 1 horrific shortened season in NY. Not bad

    So, Who’s Next? (Great album, great band, scary question to ask when considering the Rangers personnel plans.) Who will be the is next Brad Richard’s, Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, Bobby Holik, Mike Keane, Valery Kamensky to come our way?

    Oh sorry. I forgot. We don’t do that anymore. We build through the draft now. Well, does anyone know where all those wonderful prospects we’ve scouted and drafted during the last 5 years are hiding out?

  126. Most depressing memories from last night:

    1-MSG, heard the entire national anthem. Never in my 40 years of gong to the games has this happened during the playoffs. There was a time where we used to rate the Garden on a particular night by how many words after “oh say can you see” you were able to hear.

    2-Dorsett did not do himself or the sweater proud last night. He chases 4’3″ Marchand around the ice, then Thornton comes out and challenges him and Dorsett just peed his pants. Embarrassing. Entire Bruin bench laughed at him, and Thornton skated by him after his goal and had a few words for him with a full grin on his face. Do not minimize this kind of thing and what it means to both benches. Even Dave Maloney pointed it out in the post game.

    3-Thornton beating Brassard on the faceoff before the goal.

  127. stevek – the crowd doesn’t get the team going, it’s the other way around. Despite what most fans want to think, the fans have little impact on the game. They can yell and holler all they want, but these guys on the ice are professionals and tune all of that out when they are on the ice.

    And if the team steps up and performs well, then the crowd starts cheering. So it’s all about what the team does, not the fans.

  128. bull dog line on

    the Bruins are just flat out better. they are deeper, and trust each other more than the Rangers do. there big players (Lucic) play big, and the Rangers big players (Nash), don’t.

  129. And Boyle isn’t the problem on this team. The guy competes and tries hard every game. He takes ownership for his mistakes and wants to fix them and get better. Those are guys I want on my team.

  130. bull dog line on

    did not say Boyle is the problem. I said he is going to be an ex Ranger. and Boyle is certainly not the solution.

  131. Boyle has been fine and with the exception of last night, he has been solid on faceoffs. Carp has been correct in pointing out how the loss of grinders like Duby, Prust, etc hurt the Rangers this year and changed the identity of the team. It would be counter-productive to trade Boyle.
    I am not one who blames coaches or calls for them to be fired. But this team is NOT a bad team and certainly has the talent to compete with a team like the Bruins. The difference is that Julien trusts all 4 lines while Torts runs the top 2 lines into the ground. Maloney made that point very eloquently but firmly last night.

    But to watch Stralman, Hags and Krieder run off the ice like that and to watch as they hack, shove and harass your top players and to do NOTHING about it is more than I can take. What happened to the team that dropped the gloves with the Devils at the opening faceoff last year?

  132. “Early morning Eric”, could have stopped all analysis of Ranger fortunes or lack thereof with that post.

    Accurate, fair and with excellent solutions offered!

    Good job as I’m sure Carp would agree, one hopes the same candor is expressed in the end of season column, say Friday?

  133. Notice that this is essentially the same Bruins team from 2010. They blew the series against the Flyers and instead of panicking and blowing up the team like Sather would do, they kept what they had and just added/subtracted a few complimentary pieces. They even kept together their 4th liners like Thornton, Paille, and Campbell (he was added in 2011) together.

    That is how you run a franchise. When you have something good as a foundation, you keep it together and build on it, not blow it up for some hot new toy that happens to be available. The Rangers and Bruins were essentially mirror images of each other the last two seasons and they finally got that experience they needed to make deep playoff runs. Until Sather blew it all up after last year.

  134. JohnnyD if the crowd is not a factor then how come every player and coach always says they can’t wait to go back and play in front of their home crowd? Why does the visiting team always talk about taking the crowd out of the game? I agree pro athletes have skills to tune out but it is just wrong to say fans are not a factor.

  135. Why Manny, Tortorella would be fired if he had our jobs. This team is no closer to winning since he arrived here. its a joke if you think this guy can leads us to a Stanley Cup.

  136. _Well, does anyone know where all those wonderful prospects we’ve scouted and drafted during the last 5 years are hiding out?_

    1st line, 2nd line, 4th line, 2nd pair?

  137. Based on the posts do we have unanimous consent to create a fan petition to fire Sather et al?

    Carp, perhaps you would consent to creating and chairing this effort?

    Do not expect to be invited to Charles Dolan’s for the July 4 fireworks party, but I suspect the only loud noise you might be interested in is………….the door slamming after Sappy’s departure!

  138. _what the heck has Tyler Bozak ever done?_

    Reached unrestricted free agency. That’s like 75% of the battle.

  139. _Why Manny, Tortorella would be fired if he had our jobs._

    C’mon, you know this is dumb. They finished top 4 last year, top 8 this year. What kind of job fires everyone but the top 2 or 3 performers every year?

  140. This Ranger team does not need to be blown up. Considering the salary cap it’s not in a terrible place by any means. They need to add a couple of puck possession type players and a more flexible system of play. By the way for all those who think Torts only knows one way, he always talks about wanting more puck possession. This team just doesn’t have the skill level.

  141. Tyler Bozak won the 3rd most draws in the NHL this year: 559/504 for a 52.6% average. It’s no Toews but it’s not bad.

  142. Stemmer it was really bad. I recall a guy we let walk over a couple of hundred grand who would never have allowed that to happen.

  143. MGB9, gee fellow fan I believe that was the same complaint when Sappy threw Renney under the bus.

    For the last time, , what coach should be brought in if the management stays the same?

    And FYI do we again need to name coaches who have lost in one place only to go to an organization with better “product” and won?.

    Organizations are a team effort, if you are so keen on firing the coach then fire the entire front office!

    Of course this would require a certain Junior edition owner to actually use some common sense, but I guess he’ll have his hands full with the Knicks…………..and the monies he rakes in from the deluded fan base!

  144. “12) OK, I get it. Geico is in Washington, so they pick a Capitals player to force-feed to the nation in its commercials. But … why Nick Backstrom? No personality, no acting ability whatsoever, not even a little bit funny.”


    Thank you. He’s an extremely dislikable person to have to watch so frequently. It seems like like he didn’t get any of those commercials “right” and they eventually just ran with the footage they got, never really having him say the lines correctly. He has always reminded me of an angry woman, with that face and hair.

    worst is the look of “tough dominance” after the “15 goals in 15 seconds”

    but the “hurry up, I gotta get back on the ice” makes me cringe almost as much.

  145. Haha. Cracking me up, Matteau!

    That D-Bag, Ribeiro, said, ten minutes after the Caps had lost and the Reporters entered the locker room, after I assume he only had enough time to cut a Deep V-Neck into his post-game T-Shirt, that he was looking for a 5 year deal.

    Could you imagine? That’s worse than Bucky Beaver tweeting about golf a week after being eliminated. IT WAS THE SAME DAY!

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Lucic has been a real difference maker? Only impact has been charging Stralman to take him out.

    1G, 0A +1

  147. Matteau

    1) players say that because they are pretty much trained to say stupid cliched things like that in interview. Hockey player interviews are boring for a reason. They always say the “right” thing. These guys don’t play for the fans, they play for the paycheck. So they tune them out with ease. It might’ve been different decades ago when player salaries weren’t crazy high and players were living in the working class communities, but not anymore.

    2) You don’t just find those puck possession guys. Once teams get them (usually via draft), they keep them. And I’m not saying blow the team up. I’m just saying Sather already did that last year when he should’ve kept the group together. When you have success, you keep it going until it runs out. Sather refuses to do that. It’s amazing the Rangers have only missed the playoffs once since the 1st lockout because he keeps just revolving the doors every 2-3 years instead of building on what was already successful.

  148. Yea. Christensen can score 15 goals in 15 seconds too. He’s not tough and isn’t very good when other people are on the ice.

  149. Matteau, the reason the players want to play at home is,

    they don’t have far to go when they lose and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on! ;)

  150. Stranger Nation on

    Del Zaster last 2 games: -5, 1 shot, over 10 mins of PP TOI

    But he’s young…he will improve….everyone would want him…

  151. JohnnyD

    1-Agree most of player interviews are clichés and tightly controlled team PR. Doesn’t mean everything they say is contrived. Plus it’s not just the players, commentators say the same thing. I think you once said you played so I’m sure you know you get a lift from the home fans. If you adjust your point slightly to say fans only make a limited contribution I can go along with it, otherwise I think you’re stretching.

    2-Possession players doesn’t mean they need Gretzky. There are just players around the league who have a possession skill level but aren’t necessarily big point producers. Need to inject a couple of these players, it will make a difference.

  152. Stranger Nation on

    What is $/game calculation if Richards is bought out?

    (Salary the last 2 yrs + buyout $$) / # of games = holy carcillo

  153. Manny spit up my drink at the “cutting a V-neck” line! No one giving him 5 years, not even sure he gets 4.

  154. Brad Richards is 33 years old on the buyout date of June 15, 2013, setting the buyout ratio at 2/3 and the total buyout cost at $24,000,000 spread over 14 years. His contract was originally valued at $60,000,000 beginning in 2011 and ending in 2020, with $36,000,000 remaining from the buyout year forward.

  155. @ comnsnse…..the team is suppose to get better each year not worse. Tortorella has wore out his welcome, run Gaborik out of town, screwed up DZ, didnt want Zuc, totally screwed Kreider, and so on……mediocre is not being successful. We are on our way down not up. Hire Doug Weight, at least we will do something on the power play.

  156. Can you imagine how angry Adam Oates is right now? Claude Julien is schooling Oates on how to improve strategy for next year.

  157. All the Zucc lovers, hope you’re watching his play closely this series. Eye opening stuff. Caveat emptor!!!

  158. Team is top 8 in League. Proven. You don’t blow it up. There is alot of talent on this team. Something is up behind closed doors. Mark my words there is something going on in the locker room we’re not hearing about. The fire and motivation the team had last year is gone. Why is the Garden Crowd not like it used to be? because its too F’ng expensive for the real fans to go.

  159. San Jose gets more ginormous each game, but a Wings-B’s final would be a good old fashioned slugfest that would harken back to a simpler time, when girls were girls and men were men.

  160. Where the Rangers are right now:

    1) They’re tired and beat up. They look like a fighter in the 10th round of a prize fight who is assuredly going down. They’re dizzy, seeing double, on wobbly legs, and do not have enough in the tank to stand toe to toe with their opponent.

    2) It’s not just Torts and it’s not just the players. It’s both. Torts is coaching this team as if they have the personnel to play his style. They don’t. That being said, the players are not only failing in this system but failing to make the most basic of plays (passes, shots, etc.).

    3) The Bruins’ players are all fundamentally the same guy with different names on their back. They’re automatons. They’re grinders… all of them. They’re built for this kind of hockey. And they are beating up a team that just doesn’t have the talent nor the collective will to compete.

    4) The Rangers are a bunch of mismatches as a unit. They have no particular strength aside from their goalie. They’re not big. They’re not fast. They’re not tough. They’re not sharp-shooters. They’re not great defensively. They’re all mixed up with no real sense of identity. This has been particularly exposed in this series.

    5) Personnel changes are absolutely necessary. Not because one or two players have stunk, but because the identity of this team needs to be re-established. This part is on Sather.

    6) While I do not think that Lundqvist will leave NY when his contract is up (because he does love NY and all it has afforded him personally), it must loom on his mind what it would be like to play for a team that would give him the offense and defense that so many goalies HALF AS GOOD get. It makes you realize that someone like Brodeur, as good as he has been over the years, really benefitted from the teams he had in front of him. Imagine Lundqvist on a real team? He’d have 2 or 3 rings already. Having said that, I hope the Rangers do all they can to retain this guy when the time comes. And they can start with THIS offseason by getting him some players who can compete.

  161. Dennis Leary looks like he’s going to win that bet with Tim Robbins. The winner gets a full weekend to play Fifty Shades of Susan Sarandon

  162. Buying out Richards this offseason may also be necessary to free up some money to address their main weaknesses- PP quarterback, and a mean, hard hitting defenseman. The question is- does Mark Streit still have it? He is an UFA, but it will be a over-35 contract. I don’t think they have enough blur chips to trade for one. And if McIlrath isn’t going to make it next year, they need to look into some UFA options too.

  163. Carp…you are good but you totally missed the mark about last night.

    1. That was an embarrassing effort the rangers gave last night(down 0-2, and at the Garden). They easily looked much slower than Boston, and had no heart in this game, aside from maybe McDonut who was the best player for the Rangers last night.
    2. Nash was pretty good again last night but gets no help
    3. Where has Stepan been?
    4. From the beginining the Garden crowd was out of it and it just got worse.
    5. And (related to #4) what happened to John Amirante??

  164. Rob in Beantown on

    Clowe on the ice at Rangers practice. Can’t imagine he plays, right? Seems like a big personal risk for a dead man walking team.

  165. Del Zotto isn’t getting them a PP quarterback, bull dog. You have to add more players, picks. Not sure they want to go that route.

  166. King with no Ring on

    Brian Boyle really beat himself up over his 4 of 21 faceoff night, really took the blame for the team’s inability to keep the puck in Boston’s zone. Say what you want, but there sure could be more guys self-accountable like that some nights.

    Here’s looking at you, Lundqvist. We need more Brian Boyle types on this team.

  167. Capgeek buyout calculator isn’t the same as the amnesty, correct? Starting this offseason, its a cap wipeout with the full dollar amount remaining going to the player. Right?

  168. Yes, King, it’s all Hank’s fault. You’ve been trolling around trying to push that notion for weeks. Doubt it’s working.

  169. Matteau – the whole playing at home thing is more the comfort and routine that comes with playing at home. You are at your house/apartment, drive to the game, can eat and nap on a regular schedule. When you are on the road, everything is different and scheduled off what you are used to.

    Not to mention you play at a rink that you are familiar with (rink is obviously the same size, but the surroundings aren’t) and those are bigger reasons than the fans that make playing at home better. Not saying they don’t help a little bit because it is cool to have people cheering you on, but it’s not that big of a deal. Plus some guys like it better when fans boo them since it motivates them to do better.

  170. _Clowe on the ice at Rangers practice. Can’t imagine he plays, right? Seems like a big personal risk for a dead man walking team._

    I really hope he doesn’t. Next to nothing to gain, tons personally to lose.

  171. No, MisterD. Starting this offseason, the amnesty is similar to the ordinary buyout (2/3rd in Richards’ case), except there is no cap implications.

  172. bull dog line on

    I would think MDZ has pretty good value. not sure which power play QB, you think may become available, but I do agree with you that is a big need as is tough stay at home Dman.

  173. I can understand Clowe’s desire to play —– he wants to show the UFA marketplace that his career isn’t over.

  174. Of course MDZ would have (very) good trade value, he’s a soon-to-be 23 year old 2nd pair defenseman. I imagine there are dozens of players we’d love from other teams whose fanbases despise. “Evander Kane is overrated and arrogant, I’d trade him for draft picks at this point” and all other types of irrationality.

  175. Stranger Nation on

    128 Reg Season games + 20 Playoff games (prob 21, but let’s say 22 ;-p)

    $24MM Salary last 2 yrs + $24 MM Buy out / 150 games played

    $48MM / 150 games played = Holy Carcillo, HOLY CARCILLO!!!


  176. bull dog line on

    another advantage for Boyle, in the Boyle, Hank conversation. Boyle also had 3 more points than Hank did this regular season. advantage Boyle.

  177. Stranger Nation on

    EX3 – Check my math, not my strong suit

    I was a triple major in college; Human Sexuality, Philosophy and arbitration

  178. No Stralman or The Kreider. It is an optional skate so could be a “maintenance” day for them. Can you imagine if our last game at MSG for the season features Gilroy and Haley?

  179. Hey LW, you got any idea what Bozak’s Corsi rating is? I bet it’s pretty bad. Probably only slightly better when he’s paired with Kessel.

  180. Is there confirmation that Stralman took a head shot? My guess was shoulder/collarbone but I was watching through tears.

  181. Rob in Beantown on

    King with no ring, I know you are trolling, but Lundqvist has been at least as accountable, saying he let in some soft goals in the previous two games.

  182. Here’s how I see forward group on a cup-contending team:

    1st line: Nash

    Wish list to complement Nash:

    -Center with puck possession and distribution skills.
    -Wing with size, physical, sufficient speed and skill to support 1st line players.

    2nd line: Stepan, Cally

    Wish list to complement these 2 players:

    -LW with size, physical, some speed and good all around offensive skills including possession.

    3rd line: Hagelin

    Wish list to complement him:

    -Center with size, physical, and decent puck possession skills.
    -RW physical with decent all around skills.

    4th line: Boyle, Dorsett

    Wish list to complement them:

    -C/LW with speed and some skill

    *Question for 2013-14, is where do wildcards Brassard, Zuc, Kreider, Miller, as well as Pyatt and Asham, and available FA’s, fit into wish list above.

  183. Matteau! You have to think The Kreider will be the physical, fast Wing to compliment Nash….right?

  184. I forgot who it was last night, but someone suggested that Marc Staal let his team down and should be traded because of it. Talking about brain cramps…

  185. Richards will be bought out this offseason. Thus, Stepan 1st line Center, Brassard 2nd line Center, JT Miller 3rd line Center and Boyle 4th line Center. Assuming we don’t make moves that is what we are stuck with.

  186. No mention of “fire this clown” in this post? Avery was and always has been right. Torts says his own players stink. Way to boost confidence.

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – triple shifting richards is the only way we win games 4,5,6,7. Will torts be smart enough to see it?

  188. Not massively familiar with Bozak’s Corsi, Mannu, but I’ve seen enough from people covering the Leafs to suggest that he’s a 2nd/3rd liner who gets overused by Carlyle and benefits from playing with Kessel.

    In a thin market with the cap going down…let others fight over him.

  189. King with no Ring on

    Beantown Rob

    I am not trolling. Following most losses, Lundqvist speaks of his team needing to score more goals.

  190. Henke and Boyle are two of the only players on the roster that have been hard on themselves. I’m sure some of the other guys are too, but those are the only two that show they care.

    And I know this means little, but this is only the 2nd time in Nash’s OHL and NHL career that he’s made the playoffs. The only two times he made the playoffs, his team was a 7th seed and 6th seed.

    Not saying he’s not a skilled player, he is. But when you make more than 10-15% of your teams cap and put up numbers similar to Justin Williams, David Desharnais, and Blake Wheeler, you can’t realistically expect your team to be successful and give you quality help to play around.

  191. Yea, I see that the Maple Leafs fans don’t like Bozak and don’t want him back. I just cannot find a single site that lists Corsi for players.

  192. Something inconsistent about only judging goalies by their W-L record and having a problem with a goalie thinking a team that has a long tendency to score two or fewer goals a game in the playoffs needs to score more?

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    King with no ring – I agree completely. As I’ve stated many times, you always win games if you don’t score if you keep the opposing team to negative one.

    Game 4 : rangers 0 Bruins -1

    And it’s on to Boston and lets win there.

  194. Carp will be posting a full Corsi analysis of the 2013 Maple Leafs tomorrow, Mannu.

    Failing that, try

  195. Manny, if Kreider is the LW opposite Nash then they really need a puck possession center. I don’t think that’s Stepan. Maybe Brassard but he has to take a big step up in his consistency.

  196. True, Eddie. The only thing worse than #30’s stickhandling is his poor ability at being unscored upon.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – precisely. This is why teams rely on their unscoring leaders to do what they do best…. Not score. That is how you win those huge zero to negative one games.

    The playoffs are all about the key players that don’t score to score even less…. Hank doesn’t need goals – he needs the bruins to simply go left of zero on the number line.

  198. The Rangers could sign UFA Bobby Sanguinetti in the offseason to play Defense. That would be hilarious. Not as funny as signing UFA D-Man, Grant Clitsome, but pretty close.

  199. King with no Ring on

    Those were two clutch goals against to squander another third period lead.

  200. You’re forgetting a certain someone, Manny. He’s not a true 1C, but if you add him to Brassard and Stepan, you’re averaging 2C (or a little better).

  201. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Once again our D is too soft and too vanilla. Yet another tough grinding 4th line looks like all stars against us because our D gives no push back and they just possess puck in our end until they score

  202. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We should jump all over max lapierre if he’s available. Good size, hits, can score a few, fast, good defensively, scrappy.

    If you want 3rd line speed maybe salty dupuis, but his offencive numbers are inflated by the pens scale, so buyer beware

  203. AGREE, WICKY. He’s available as of now. Haven’t seen the ‘Nucks go nuts re-signing their guys yet.

    That’s clearly the issue with DuPuis ($1.5M Cap Hit). Pitt inflated.

    Maxim LaPierre ($1M Cap Hit) is the only UFA I tough on that list (with DuPuis being a distant second (thus listing those two)).

    LaPierre is also RIGHT HANDED (how badly do we need that!?)

  204. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think a healthy clowe would make a big difference in this series

  205. King with no Ring on

    Enough with the “he doesn’t fit our style” garbage. Does the player play hockey well? Is he adept at a single facet or multiple facets of the game. A team can not tailor its roster to the needs of the coach. Lest we forget, Richards is here because of the coach. How has that worked out?

  206. _Does the player play hockey well?_

    Irrelevant. Only the W-L record when the player is in the line-up matters. A well-established fact.

  207. King with no Ring on

    Silly boy. That playoff win percentage is dropping. No skills competitions in the playoffs to bail the King with no Ring out.

  208. Serious question, Troll with no Goal: Would you trade #30 straight up for proven playoff winner Cam Ward, proven playoff winner M-A Fleury or proven playoff winner Michael Leighton?

    (Not a yes/no answer, I mean which one.)

  209. So it takes a good three minutes to switch names over, I see. Different IP used too, or too much effort?

    Much preferred your old name anyway.

  210. Just so everyone here is clear: Boston was eliminated in the first round last year, a year after winning it all. They changed nothing. The team we are playing, is that same team. That “fourth line” has been playing together for 3 years. One thing Boston very clearly has, that the Rangers do not, is a certain level of cohesiveness, familiarity with one another, and chemistry. The Rangers do not need a new identity. They need to play together for longer than six weeks to be able to beat a team that has won a Cup together and played together for 3 years.

    They need to go practice together, including the power play, so that when they get out there it is all muscle memory and instinct. That half-second-to-one-second that every guy on this team has to take when they get the puck in the offensive zone? It’s the exact amount of time the Bruins need to read the play and adjust and after that it is all over. Guys need to know what they’re going to do before they do it, they need to know where their teammates are going to be.

    What the team does not need is more turnover and more new faces. They need to establish a system that includes an actual offensive plan and a PP plan. Everyone needs to learn it instinctively. And then when guys like Kreider and Miller are introduced into that system (presumably having already played it in Hartford) there is some stability there and room to grow.

    I mean we can talk about how Boston actually plays versus the Rangers’ dump and chase and sending nobody to the net ever, but that is a separate topic.

  211. czechthemout!!! on

    I am also resigned to the fact that Torts will be back next year. Biggest reason is because Carp seems like he has a lot of conviction about it. So that is that.

    However, that does not mean that I think he desreves to be back. If he comes back, it will be on a very short leash. The down side of that is it coukd ruin another season of Hanks career. And if Torts fails to adjust and next season is shot too, Hank will certainly walk after next season.

  212. As much as it pains me to say, Hank in goal for the Fishsticks would have been a series win for them against the Pens this season.

  213. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    I wish I was at the next game. I hope they boo Richards any time the puck gets within 3 feet of him.

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