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    Fast is not so small. At least he doesnt play small. He is a tougher more agressive and better skilled version of Hags. Thats a good thing I think.

    Lindberg is a tough kid. He has good size and plays with an edge to his game.

    Kreider did a lot of good things tonight as far as his physical play. In fact, he brought that element to his game. He needs to play with players that are not past their prime or cant play this game. He is an elite talent that thinks the game at an elite level on offense and needs to play with guys that can do so as well.

    And JT Miller we know is a tough kids with good size and speed, and creativity.

    Team toughness is more effective than have one goon waste time on the ice and on the team. Look at the Bruins. I know they have Lucic but he is a hockey player, not a goon.

    They also need to get rid of MDZ,Eminger. And replace them with Mcilrath and maybe a good point man/ offensive defenseman.

    Having a very good powerplay is the best defense against goons. Sprinkle Dorsett and Mcilrath and you can have both.

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