It’s Go Time! … Game 3: Bruins at Rangers


OK, so no team has ever come back from 0-2 to win a series twice in the same playoff season, and the Rangers have only done it twice in their history — in 1996 vs. Montreal and last week against Washington.

All-time they are 11-12 in Game 3 when down 0-2.

But the Rangers have won two in a row when they’ve had to do that three times in the last two playoff seasons — Games 6 and 7 vs. Ottawa last spring, Games 1 and 2, and Games 6 and 7 against Washinton in the first round this season. Just sayin’ … win tonight and it’s on. Lose and it’s off.
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Game 3.bruins logo
Bruins at Rangers.

Looks like the same lineup for ya boys. Marc Staal (eye) and Darroll Powe (concussion) both skated this morning, but neither is ready to return. Ryane Clowe (concussion) isn’t even skating.

The Bruins also aren’t expected to make any changes, since Dennis Seidenberg and Andrew Ference are not ready to return. Wade Redden may skate in warmups.

As for the speculation — and that’s what it is — that John Tortorella could be fired if the Rangers lose this series, two words: Not. Happening.

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Still thinking about another Live Chat this week … just not sure when.

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  1. Good evening all! Hey Carp, no hartelling carcillo! ” win tonight and it’s on. Lose and it’s off.” Though I will be back for game 4, 5, 6 and 7 :)

    MUST WIN! LGR!!!!!!!

  2. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    No team has ever come back from 0-2 twice in one playoff season? Well then there is no time like the present.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on





  4. repost, cccp:

    The difference is he’s not being fired unless he refuses to coach Game 4 or he moons the Garden crowd or he punches Dolan.

    *Simple enough?*

  5. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Good thing they showed Rupp. Very topical. Maybe they can show Gaborik’s hat trick next, or Jagr as Rangers captain scoring against Boston.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Stats are for baseball , Rangers will beat these bums !!!!


    LETs gog gog go gogog googogo!!!!

  7. When I was a young man learning the game, my coach always stressed shooting the puck when a defenseman is standing in front of you (screening the goalie) use the D-man as a screen. worked in bantam. maybe the nyr can try it.

  8. also I think in stanley cup finals games where the series can be decided, the cup should sit between the benches a la pierre. it would take away some of the theatrics of the the cup coming out etc but it would be awesome to have it looming there in a cup elimination game

  9. Carp

    The reason i asked is because someone asked about Torts being fired if we get swept and your answer was “Yes”

    so then i asked if Torts will be fired if we avoid the sweep but still lose the series and your answer was no.

    Thats why i asked about the difference between sweep loss (which is a loss any way you look at it) and just loss.

    *Simple enough?*

  10. Wonder if Torts has starting packing up his office yet, or if he’s going to wait until they’re eliminated? He strikes me as the type to wait until the last minute.

  11. BroadwayBlueshirt11 on

    nice cutaway to how bad the PP is right during a post whistle scrum…

  12. “Let’s interrupt the on-ice action to show you this PowerPoint about how bad the Rangers power play is.”

  13. i thought we mightve come out a litte angrier and more up tempo but doesnt look like it. 1 chance on that pp? the cally screen shot?

  14. Not saying our PP will be better…..but isn’t time he tried something different than starting Richards and Delzotto on the points?????

  15. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am John Tortorella! And I am a stubborn mule! I will play Brad Richards on the point until I get fired or he is bought out.

  16. >>NYR are one of the worst teams at keeping the puck in at the points.

    I think of Brian Leetch each and every time these guys fail to keep the puck in.

  17. Carp, they were QUICK to jump from the action… as if the whistle was the cue to start the slides.

  18. Callaghan needs to climb an 8 foot ladder to get his stick in Chara’s face. Not possible Pierre.

  19. i haven’t said it outloud yet tonight so i just want to make sure i get this out there…

    pierre is undoubtedly the worst

  20. So far, Losing about 80% of the 1 on 1 battles in the DZone, especially to the Bruins top 2 lines.

  21. Coverage when not in possession of the puck is horrid. Mesmerized by it instead of picking up your check.

  22. Defense is pretty flat footed. Although we collapse in front of Hank as a team strategy the Bruins continuously get in behind our guys.

  23. Despicable. 2 breakaways allowed in first 12 minutes… Followed by Jagr all alone for 2 shots from the slot.

  24. i know what the problem is. were not losing yet. its ok guys, once bruins score, u can bet we’ll start playing better

  25. this whole bunch of mayhem caused because Girardi touched up when he thought it was icing, and it wasn’t.

  26. leetchhalloffame on

    Come on Staal – I thought hockey players were supposed to be tough??

  27. Very few NYR use their brains. So content with just sending the puck into the zone with no support coming or throwing it up the boards when trying to clear the zone without looking for the best outlet.


  28. Czechthemout!!! on

    By a show of hands or in this case, keyboards. Who here likes the first period that we played?

  29. Bruins in 5. Face it, we are epitome of mediocrity. A mid list team backed by a great goalie.

  30. When Hank lets one in later, I hope everyone remembers how he played that period before the gripes start flying.

  31. As I said previously, I think we’ll run them out of the building. (Starting in the second period.)

  32. i think torts deserves alot of credit here guys. he’s had to watch that 1st period without losing his sh## the whole time. hes gotta be on some kind of therapy. sather let him play with his lone star and dark helmet action figures maybe?

  33. Sather (or someone) should race down to where Neeson is sitting and beg him to invade the Ranger room before the start of the second period and simply say, with emphasis:


  34. SufferingSince79 on

    You guys playing cards? Way to go Hank! Um, and no goals for of course. Just caught up and now we’ve got to hit the DVR so we can get th kids to bed. Damn Central Time Zone!

  35. hes probably researching a role in a hockey movie that is gonna be a big hit but he’ll only be in it for about 10 seconds. hes in every movie isnt he?

  36. Terrible coverage, as usual. Every time something interesting happens after a whistle, they go to 5 commercials. MSG is not far behind. A penalty is called and we find out what it is and how long it lasts after 12 commercials.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nice Mask!!! Suffern 79 beutttyyy!!

  38. How come Ranger playoff games have the least juice of any of the matchups? Anyone catch the intensity of Chi-Det or that Pitt-Ottawa game the other night. This isn’t even the same sport. Its like watching golf.

  39. Matt Harvey says on Mets interview that it is very cool when they put his mug on the Garden’s big screen. Ranger fan, though from Connecticut.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hank deserves a cup!!!


    All the stars are here tonight!!!! Now blog stars …well I haven’t seen Linda!??


  41. Hey, I like watching golf. :)

    ilb, the usual. Mediocre period from a flawed team, for sure.

    grabby, eric’s fine. Saw a few unidentified boneheads pregame. They were nervous, of course.

  42. Danny G looks bad again….so weird, bad period got away with one bad one not two though. Better pick it up real soon

  43. Gonna go out on a limb and declare that Richards will be bought out at the end of the season.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LOVE IT !!!!!

    L O V E I T !!!!!!!

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brad Richards in the running for Conn Smyth and the Belmont Stakes.

  46. Rangers are horrible at the little short passes that can catch a team going in the wrong direction.

  47. Think I read that the Rangers haven’t been on the PK at home since the first period of Game 4 against the Caps.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Why isn’t Richards double shifted? He is the best player on the ice.

  49. we just look like a completely different team than i thought we would be tonight. that 3rd period in game 2 really killed us it looks like.

  50. RangerSwegian on

    Thankfully got the TSN feed tonight…. How the Carcillo can Richards be on the ice shortly after going up 1-0??

  51. Typical bad decision by NYR defense. Four guys in support on one side of the net, so I’ll skate to the other side of the ice and try to clear it off the boards past the Bruins defenseman.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ruuka task is beatable. Get shots on net. He ain’t the same player from games 1 and 2.

  53. According to the TSN guys, Rask said he thought it was Pyatt coming in on him when Nash scored last game, which threw him off.

  54. From what I’ve seen of these playoffs, all four teams out west are better than their counterparts in the east.

  55. Yes!!! OMG….great name….you will forever be my Swegian….wait til I tell the Wegians….:)

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    HENRY !!!!



  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    AVANTAGE : The Team that owns Lunqvist!!!

  58. NYR need to sit down in a classroom over the summer and outline hockey textbooks and answer multiple choice tests or something. SO MANY DUMB PLAYS.

  59. Yeah, Marchand, I think that might have been disallowed had you put the puck in the way you were trying to…

  60. Czechthemout!!! on

    Still playing like crap even though they are leading. They cant find a way to adjust to the Boston game.

  61. Tortorella needs to coach this Krug kid. His offence needs to be slowed down, pronto.

  62. So many open passes and NYR still decide to play the puck off the boards to a Bruin.

  63. Norm Merton on

    Hoping to defend a 1-0 lead for the rest of the game? Could work, but watchable only the way car accidents are.

  64. Czechthemout!!! on

    This was actually a worse period than the first. Bruins with total domination. The first line of Boyle Pyatt and Dorsett really shutting down the Bruins chances.

  65. RangerSwegian on

    When the Bruins win faceoffs, they keep the puck. When we win faceoffs, the Bruins get the puck. Hmm

  66. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey, maybe we can trade MDZ for a 4th round pick in this draft if any GM is stupid enough to trade that much for this scrub!

  67. Terrible coverage. Pyatt gets credit for goal. We have to take NBC’s word for it.

  68. Odds always stacked against a team clinging on for a 1-0 win like that, but it’s not like this team isn’t experienced at very ugly defensive third periods to preserve a one-goal lead.

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ORR ,
    Sara Olesky ( tsn reporter ) What do you think of her? Torts always iss nice to her because she doesn’t ask dumb questios and being cute never hurts . Her interview with Bergeron just now was great , She said to him about Hank being in the zone!! Thats a mind-trick by her helping the Rangers!!!! YES!! Put Hank “is in the zone” in all the heads of the Boston players .Awsome reporting Sara!!!

  70. leetchhalloffame on

    This team is so outclassed here – Henrik needs to steal this one or we’re 2013 history. Never saw a team spend as much time in their own end as NYR

  71. My mistake- the second period was much more exciting. Rangers are playing like they are missing five key players- and just trying to compete. Next goal will probably trigger a hellacious Bruin onslaught- no matter who gets it. Lucic needs to be set up- if you played the game you know what I mean.
    By the way- Nicholas Backstrom doesn’t need to score 15 goals in 15 seconds- he has all summer to do it.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    EASE up leetchy , Boston is in panic mode and are FLUSTERED. We had the puck the last few min of the period.

  73. triple ot gwg!! gabby!1 i miss you gab!! im serious. i miss that 40 goal scorer. he loved playing boston too. he loved playing against chara. i know hes hurt guys! im just saying.

  74. It would be interesting if Bruins were to advance and play Pens to see Krug undressed in public (for a game or so before they have to mercifully yank him)- Rangers have zero game so far tonight- if they don’t come out strong to start the third Torts should quickly call time out and read them the riot act. Last act of a desperate man.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ruuka Task is not all world tonight. There is one name that is shining in bright neon lights …. It’s dirk Diggler errrrrrr brad richards

  76. Norm Merton on

    Lundqvist has only himself to blame for that with his lousy stick-handling. Stay in the net, man.

  77. At this point Richards has gone beyond uselessness and become a total liability to have on the ice.

  78. There were three Ranger screwups after LQ’s screwup, Einsteins. How you blame him for the goal is laughable.

  79. @rangersreport 5s

    Rangers caught a break that the high stick to Kreider didn’t result in a power play.

  80. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Shots from the point, as I said. But either way, dreadful play by Lundqvist.

  81. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think the Boyle line needs to see the ice more. We are not generating enough offense without them.

  82. i dont think torts put kreider out there. i think kreider just said eff it, jumped off the bench and went with it

  83. Boston has played good…everytime they’re in our offensive they are dangerous… Rangers, not so much

  84. Dorsett is Avery 2.0. Randomly ice the puck? Yup. Go offsides because you feel like it? Sure.

  85. The Kid who they wouldn’t let on the ice during the season is going to save our hides in the playoffs. That’s so Torts.

  86. RangerSwegian on

    The approach of the conspiracy has now been changed to not call any more penalties to the opposing team of the NYR.

  87. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Hagelin on the PP for 15 seconds had a better chance than the PP has had in the entire series. Yet, still not out there for more PP time.

  88. Norm Merton on

    Lundqvist is keeping Rangers in the game, and he made some bad stick-handling plays on the goal. Not that complicated to understand.

  89. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    They cannot give Hagelin enough ice time. His speed is giving Boston fits.

  90. Czechthemout!!! on

    Glad they had the Boyle line to defend there. Only gave up three good scoring chances there.

  91. Why would Hagelin try to shoot that puck? Let’s ignore that the Bruins have collapsed low and left the points wide open with shooting lanes!


  92. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Richards with one shift in the third, but I bet he would still be on first PP unit.

  93. Norm Merton on

    “Why does Boston look like they’re a man up?” Psst — they’re better than the Rangers.

  94. So, Rangers have no one in Hartford who can play in Richards’ spot? Or, is it a case of him making too much money to be scratched?

  95. Eminger: “Hmm.. let me ignore the several open Rangers and pass through the Bruins lined up against the wall in the neutral zone!”


  96. And is it me or is this game realllllyyy boring? Not much action overall. Just a defensive battle.

  97. Yeah, Pierre, that was such a great pass that Marchand couldn’t handle it.

  98. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    I’m surprised Pierre can do so much talking with Krug’s … You know where I’m going with this.

  99. How do NYR not see plays like that coming? It’s so obvious what BOS is going to do!

  100. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Girardi not having his “best game” as was predicted McD and torts.

  101. jpg's sister on

    WHY? WHY? are they shooting to the same side again and again and again and again and again to Raask?

  102. “wow. imagine when all our young studs in hartford develop so we can give hank a good fast scoring team in front of him!!”- that was all of us 3 years ago

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards being saved for OT. Good move. His legs will be less fresh if he plays in the 3rd.

  104. Malt O'Meal on

    Few thoughts –

    * B’s D actually gets their shots from the point on net…that probably helps in scoring goals

    * B’s seem quicker on the puck

    * Pierre remains annoying…may be in love with Krug

  105. Admiral Akbar on

    Pierre has been all sloppy over Krug throughout this game. It’s gone from uncomfortable to nauseating!

  106. Richards out there again….B’s almost scored again

    I want to see Newbury next game…enough of this clown

  107. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yeah, I think Pierre has had a very good conversation with Krug’s microphone already.

  108. TSN just showed the hit by Lucic on Strålman that I referred to. Head smushed into the glass again.

  109. I would rather watch ten more hours of those annoying discover commercials than have to watch another hockey game with pierre

  110. Jagr is going to score. He’s in his determined mode. It’s just a matter of time.

  111. Admiral Akbar on

    Pierre: “it’s about desire, it’s about will…”

    Rangers have neither.

  112. Nice job anticipating that Brassard. Gotta make sure the puck is actually out of the zone before you start heading out…

  113. Well, the right team is winning. Should be by more. Looking at the sweep now.

  114. This team was flawed as soon as this retarded short season began. They are not build for play this time of the year. They are ONE MAN team – Henrik Lundqvist. End of story. I hope major changes are coming.

  115. boxcareddiehospodar on

    If lunquist played for the penguins the penguins may go undefeated!!

  116. leetchhalloffame on

    Saves us the agony of OT. This has been coming all year. Can’t believe they are still (barely) alive with this weak team. Feel bad for Henrik. He deserves better. Oh, and Staal should be traded to Carolina. He let this team down.

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers having trouble with the 4th line? Rangers having trouble with all four lines.

  118. As the musicians on the Titanic told each other in their dying moments: “Gentlemen, it’s been an honor”

    And to the last breath, this new blog format sux ash

  119. I think my stream is a few minutes behind everyone…but obviously can’t lose that faceoffs…then chase everyone around the ice.

    too bad because i thought rangers could make this a series but it looks like the Bs are proving to be too fast, too big, and too diversified for the Rangers to handle.

    Seen multiple times Rangers just bunching up, late to pucks, chasing, and allowing the D to shoot all day from the point….can’t let D that can actually shoot on net to shoot on net all day long


  120. boxcareddiehospodar on

    nash/callahan/kreider/brassard/miller/clowe can stay. everyone else can leave. zuccs/haeglin/stephan all the same type of player.

  121. Good creativity on the pass to Nash. A CROSS-ICE pass. Might work next period. Oops, too late.

  122. Admiral Akbar on

    Congrats to the Bruins. They are absolutely the better team.

    Take notes, Rangers players. This is how you play in the playoffs.

  123. “They’re not trying to turn this puck over.”

    I would normally respond who the hell TRIES to turn the puck over, but NYR gladly concede possession every couple of shifts.

  124. Another dead season. I’d rather not see Torts or Sully back. They’re jokes when it comes to strategy.

    Poor Hank. He’s spent his entire career covering up for shitty coaches and soft offensive players.

    We got beat by a much much better team. But it’s a joke how badly they got outplayed and especially out worked.

    Hank will never get the support he deserves. Sad to say.

  125. Disappointing season. Not to bring it up again, but so far the Nash trade is panning out to be a waste and counterproductive. We’ll see what happens next year though.

  126. Czechthemout!!! on

    Turn out the lights the party is over! Totally out coached in this game and in this series.

  127. Horrible effort on home ice…fowards shud be ashamed..

    Our fowards cannot handle the rough stuff

    D-men take a beating night in and night out

  128. Boys vs. men. As dominant a 2-1 win as you’ll find. This team has officially been found out.

  129. They’re +1 playoff series past where they deserved to be this year, so it’s hard to feel bad about it. Excited to see what a new coach brings to this team next year.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts never should have dressed Richards. He won’t get fired, but he’s not my idea of a good coach. PP and personal decisions are on Torts.

  131. I’d rather watch the Yankees’ backups to their backups to their backups than watch these shmohawks again this year…I hope they win the next three and then lose game 7 in OT

  132. I thought Torts said there were changes coming for this game that would make a difference…anyone know what they were???

  133. WSH and BOS always had/have the puck because NYR give it back to them intentionally with startling frequency.

  134. jpg's sister on

    carp, why did they keep shooting to the same spot? they couldn’t move a little to the right and shoot somewhere else?

  135. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I was wrong it’s not in the bag.

    This team makes it soo hard to root for and be positive, just when you start thinking Shutout , Hanks gives it away.

  136. ThisYearsModel on

    Not much of an effort for a team that had their backs against the wall. Pretty poor effort, actually. The team that wanted it more won it.

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WOW , hard loss .

    Our backs are against the wall now .

    Do or die

    Go hard or go home

    Rangers are not done Darren ( little man) Pang.

  138. Bruins deeper, bigger, stronger, quicker, hungrier.

    Another playoff series where we are physically dominated.

  139. Nash plays like a Europansy….does he ever get mad or show any emotion…all he does is chew on that mouthpiece with a blank stare on his face

  140. Chris from Albany on

    It was a godsend for me. Huge thunderstorm rolled through my area. Knocked out the signal to my dish for the final face off. What I miss?

  141. Probably better to get pounded out in this series than to get through to the ECF again and perpetuate some of the stuff that needs to change.

    I’m so disappointed with Nash, for several reasons. Trying to get tough with Jagr of all people just speaks volumes.

    And I’m inches from the Fire Torts wagon…the fact that Richards even dressed for this game really bothered me, the fact that he started on the PP is just an FU to the team and the fans.

  142. Czechthemout!!! on

    Prust would have made a difference.

    The sad thing is that I dont think they would have played much better against the Leafs.

    This was a disgraceful performance on every level.

  143. Wow. I didn’t think this squad would win the cup, but it always stings to get mopped up by a team. Last year’s squad, I would have believed they could come back from 3-0, this year’s team–I am not counting on a victory in game 4. At least next year’s team will (Should) be better.

  144. I am surprised that Hank’s playoff GAA isn’t 5…now that Eminger is a top 3 Dman. Lucky we have him and big ups for his play, but man we miss the Redwoods

  145. Bruins still have to win the fourth, and I hope the Rangers have enough pride to delay it, but it’s just about official that this team took a step backwards this year, beginning with the Nash trade. Not his fault, to be sure, but he’s not cut out to be the sole star on a Stanley Cup team. Best player on the Jackets, yes, and now the best forward on a mediocre Rangers team, one that will need to remake its shaky roster big-time this summer, hardly its expectation to begin the year. Tortorella won’t take the blame for the backwards step, and nor should he, but he did not do a good job this year, as he will be the last to admit.

  146. I’m actually in favor of a sweep. Gives Boston time to rest so they can pound on Cindy in the ECF.

  147. Jagr would have been our best player in this series. He had more time of possession than our whole team combined tonite

  148. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    It probably doesn’t matter if they fire Tortorella , they fired Renney AND ?
    Its a conveyor belt of losing.

  149. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Failure based on pre-season expectations, some success based on pre-playoff expectations.

    Not sure what changes everyone is expecting when everyone is signed or an RFA, except for MZA.

  150. Torts will dress Richards for next game expecting different results.

    Newbury and or Haley will provide toughness and effort….if that doesn’t win a game…at least the B’s will leave town more battered and bruised and might have to actually play a game with their heads up….weak weak weak playoff performance tonight.

  151. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    At least they looked like they absolutely deserved to lose. When I feel like I’ve put more effort into watching a game than the Rangers do playing it, it makes it a lot easier to swallow the loss. I’ve lost most of my attachment to this team during the second round. Win, I’ll be happy. Lose, who cares. If they win a prize in a cereal box this team would have overachieved.

  152. I’m so glad we stacked our team with offense and depth players this year. Imagine if we didn’t?

    BTW, everyone who thinks Zucc is a no brainier for next year, not so fast if you’ve been watching his play during this series.

  153. Anybody worried that Hank will want out–to go to a team he can win it all with? Too soon for the woe is I comments?

    A few games back when Hank said, “I have be careful how I answer this…” and went on to talk about how he played well but isn’t able to score goals, all I could think is–either he wants out.

  154. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Yeah, Avery was right…the team just decided to win a playoff series before not putting up with his BS.

  155. Hopeless- tonight felt like 1979 MSG games vs Montreal:no chance -they’re bigger, faster and want it more. Of course, what team isn’t bigger and faster than us. Shame on us- we made it very easy for Bruins. Only thing I know for sure…its not gonna be Torts fault in post game presser.

  156. Easy to blame it on Hank. Abysmal PP, and MDZ a -2 again. Torts totally outcoached. Brad Richards scored against on the only shift he played in the 3rd. Sounds like the usual suspects. Stick a fork in this team.

  157. Czechthemout!!! on

    As much as I have been on the dump Torts bandwagon since late Feb, I think that an even bigger problem is the inept GM and his scouts. Failure to find the right players year after year. Drafting a guy 4 seasons ago at number 10 who is a project is proof of the inept direction of this organization. How can you not find a legit point man after all these years?

  158. at least Brassard showed some cojones tonight…but he should have only brought them if he had enough for everyone

    all those fat lips and stiches tonight for nothing

  159. It’s not all Torts. I like Torts as a coach, but he needs some good, creative assistant coaches. It seems as if this team has zero adaptability.

  160. Rangers are stupid. How often can you do the same thing and expect different results?

  161. Admiral Akbar on

    I have no emotional attachment to this team. I can’t even say there’s a Ledge.

    And other than a Richards buyout, I don’t see much changing next year. Other than the Isles becoming dominant.

  162. Czechthemout!!! on

    I will make a bet that Richards will be bought out, than go to another team and get 60 points next year.

    While back at camp Tortorella, Lindberg,Fast will be schooled on the fine art of wall/ board hockey and how to play with you assen to the net.

  163. In the offensive zone, there is nothing sweeter for a DMan on the point than Consistently having 5 seconds with the puck before being challenged by an opposing forward. Bruins point men have time to tape their sticks before a Ranger forward decides to challenge them and pressure the puck.

    Torts D System.

  164. It really was a pretty embarrassing effort tonight…not only were we outmatched we were out hustled. And THAT comes down to desire.

    The Rangers have a few too many soft players…not to mention an entire team that can’t compete a single pass to each other. What exactly do they do in practice?

    Rick Nash = Docile. He’s a horrifically soft big guy. He looks like he’s playing an exhibition game most of the time.

    Ugh, not much else to add to it. Only a complete imbecile could make the case for Brad Richards to disgrace the uniform any further. And Torts has shown himself to have ZERO left in the coaching box.

    I’m hopeful they’ll get rid of him. Let some new, young coach in here who might actually look at the talent on the team and craft a team mentality around it, instead of forcing square pegs into round holes like Torts.

    I like Tortorella. Like him more than any coach since Keenan. But I can’t see a single solitary reason to bring him back next year.

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc sucked

    Nash was a wuss, needs to see the Wizard for a heart

    Richards – nuff said already

    Girardi – good #5 Dman

    MDZ – don’t worry he’s young, every team would love to have him! HA!

    Pie-hat – meh

    Powe – pointless

    Kreider – play the kid, will ya

    Em – oy

  166. Yeah. One thing you can be 100% sure of — wherever Richards ends up next year he will have an incredible, resurgent season.

  167. I blame this whole clutterbuck of a season on two people: The Lockout Commissioner and Horse Teeth…

  168. jpg's sister on

    cccp: entire team not show up except Hank, who is to blame?

    They all are. They are professional players playing AT HOME in a MUST WIN situation. Shouldn’t you be able to motivate yourself and your teammates? shouldn’t a 1-0 lead with fans behind you motivate you?

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When your team goes 2-40 with about 20 shots on the PP, and you continue to dress Richards, you are not a good coach. I’m sorry, but you can’t defend torts on any level and maintain a straight face. There wasnt much heart in blue tonight.

  170. this team was supposed to win with richards gabby and nash leading the way. what happened? gabby sucked got traded. richards is just done from the get go. and nash is not crosby or a superstar to carry a team. we got 4th liners(boyle,pyatt,dorsett,richards…) playing 2nd and 3rd minutes. our d has 1 stud on it. everyone else got worse and staal got hurt. mza is too damn small to play against teams like this in the playoffs. he needs big ice surface. hes great for shootouts and is good for the pp but shouldnt be in top 6. hags cant score, its just a mess right now. next year kreider has to be in the lineup with miller too. whens mcilrath gonna be ready? by the apocalypse? 10th overall pick almost 4 years ago. get him on the team

  171. Stranger Nation on

    Jeff – would bet a fine meal he does not have a bounce back.

    Undersized, post-concussion center with lots of tread off the tire

  172. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Nash has skill, but he is way too soft and lazy for me.

  173. With Moore they might be able to trade MDZ and either Hags or Thomas for a decent player. Maybe Matt Dumba! Probably not, but something worth trading for. If McIlrath can play next year and Moore continues to develop they can for sure trade MDZ. I like the kid but he would be a good trade chip and might get them something better than what they deserve. I hope Kreider, Miller and Lindberg have good seasons for the Rangers next year.

  174. Jeff

    Yeah. One thing you can be 100% sure of—wherever Richards ends up next year he will have an incredible, resurgent season.

    yup!! exactly. i will place money on it. it always happens.

  175. It’s not much of a line-up, is it, looking at camp.

    Great goalie who could only steal so many playoff games, will seek an exit ASAP.

    Three bona fide defenders in McD, Girardi and Stralman; all others questionable, none all-star caliber, only Del Zotto with some trade value. Staal, Sauer done? Moore a good skater with few skills.

    Nash a potential all-star one or two more times if matched with the right players, none present at the moment. Richards finished.

    Callahan a good leader by example, limited skills as a hockey player.

    Stepan, Hagelin talented second-liners. Brassard possible second-liner. Zuch worth a look in camp but tough to see him making a difference over 82 games.

    Kreider, Miller possible third-line NHLers.

    Pyatt, Boyle, Dorsett, Powe, Asham, etc. all fungible units, probably itching to get out.

    An odd coach with the wrong players for his preferred system.

    There should be big changes, but will there be?

  176. Richards is the reason why Gaby and Nash are both not on the same team…Richards sucked and Torts took it out on Gaby…Gaby got sick of it and asked to leave…

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve never seen a team so willing to just give away a puck with as much purpose as the rangers. It’s really something.

  178. Confusing how a team with a decent skill level collectively lacks confidence. Passing, shooting, decision making, very little confidence. Coaching? They try, just seem to have the yips with the puck, and good teams tend to easily outplay them. Tough to imagine how bad they’d be without Henrik.

  179. eddie, I’ve been mentioning your 10:46 for a while now. It’s just so frustrating! Why the hell do they do it?

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is this real – that was a compelling read on the fire torts link you provided.

  181. 1994 rangers needed a Cup for their fans. For the past 6yrs. they need a Cup for Hank. Just may never happen.

  182. can’t score, can’t pass, no pp, zero creativity… WHAT KIND OF A HOCKEY TEAM IS THIS?

  183. Kreider and Miller may be 3rd line players but they could be decent second line or even borderline first line players. It’s too soon to tell.

    I still think this team could be a much better team next year.

    They could have two really good second lines and solid third and fourth lines. With a decent D and a great goalie–that could be good enough.

    I don’t see Staal a questionable for next season and I think the D will be better next year.

    If the price is not too high why not re-sign Zucc? Worst case the rangers can have a gnome fire sale getting rid of Zucc, Hags, Thomas and St, Croix.

  184. No predicting what the final 13-14 rosters will be, but Rangers West may have:

    Gaborik, Anisimov, Dubinsky and Erixon (and Prospal and Tyutin just for fun)

    BlueJackets East may have:

    Nash, Brassard, Dorsett, and Moore

    Who won these deals again?

  185. Is this real…..f it…..How bout Mess, Gravy and Leetch in uniform for Game 4?

  186. King with no Ring on

    Once again, the King with no Ring places the blame on the rest of his team. The team has to get the bounces too, he says. Great leadership.

    The team also needs a goalie that does not squander third period leads.

    That playoff win percentage is dropping each game. No skills competitions to bail him out.

  187. As much as I don’t agree with some of Torts’ decisions this year, surely he can’t be condoning that, eddie, can he?

  188. So we buy-out Horseface, who will be the next “Savior” to arrive and suck like Carcillo?

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Go Bruins. Sharks / Bruins will be a fun series. Wings / Bruins good too.

  190. Torts should do the honorable deed and resign, stay home and take care of his dogs.

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – for no other reason than sticking with Richards this entire season is reason enough to fire his assen.

  192. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers won that deal – next year will confirm it
    – Nash, Brass, Dorsett, Moore, No Gabby @ $7.5MM, No Dubi @ $4.2MM

  193. For all you idiots blaming Torts for playing Richards, who else was he supposed to put in? Kris Newbury, the career AHL grinder? Michael Haley, the clown who headhunts and can’t play center?

    Richards isn’t why this team lost, he’s part of the problem. But you guys act like Torts can just swap Richards out for someone better when there isn’t a better replacement on the roster. The depth was gutted last offseason and this is what we’re stuck with.

  194. Gabby for Nash is a wash.

    Brassard for Artie could go either way

    Dorsett for Dubi–think the Jackets get that

    Erixon for Moore to soon to tell.

  195. >>Torts does not trust Kreider. But he does trust Richards.

    That’s because RichieBoy is a great leader…”in the room”.

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Johnny – Newbury is an upgrade over Richards by about 6 orders of magnitude.

  197. And I’m not defending Torts, his coaching job this season was questionable at best. But he played the horses he had (no pun intended there in Richards case). There aren’t better players on this roster unfortunately and if there were, they wouldve played.

  198. Eddie – based on what? His 4 minutes of average ice time? If he was an NHL talent, he’d actually be playing NHL minutes. He’s not, he’s an AHLer.

    You can’t just make lineup changes for the hell of it. Richards struggled horribly, but he’s still better than Newbury. Only difference is that Newbury wouldn’t be as criticized for making the same (and probably more) mistakes if he played Richards ice time.

  199. No UFA’s worth going after. CLowe too expensive and might be permanently damaged goods and will probably be expensive to boot. Iggy too expensive for what you get. Although they could bring back Huge and Montoya!

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Johnny – and you are calling us morons? Torts retarded the growth of miller and Kreider. Playing short handed would be better than rolling Richards out to skate in cement. Keeping him on the PP is insane. He can’t even dump a puck in without messing it up.

  201. Rangers West – you are forgetting that CBJ has the 1st rounder, which couldve been used to add a piece to this team that is needed. That’s going to be key.

    Props to Sather for blowing up a good team for a guy that hasn’t won at any level and folds when the spotlight is put on him. Some “superstar” we got.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Johnny – Richards on the ice…. 4th line on 4th line. How many goals was Richards on for in his limited ice time?

  203. Eddie – agreed on Miller and Kreider haha

    Should’ve kept then in the AHL all year if they weren’t going to play top 9 minutes IMO.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A good reason why gabby sucked so bad is because he had to play on a line with Richards. Lets wait at the opposing blue line and have a smoke while we wait for brad to cross the red line.

  205. Eddie – it’s not just Richards. We’re playing two top 9 guys who are soft on that line (Richards and Kreider). So obviously the Bruins 4th line (two true grinders and a speedy forechecker) are going to beat them because they’ll own the boards.

    That part was on Torts though. You can’t make offensive talents into grinders, not going to happen. At worst, Richards can play 3rd line, but you can’t put him and Kreider on the 4th. They are too soft to play there.

  206. King with no Ring on

    Nash is overrated.

    This team is only in the second round because of Lundqvist’s performance against the Capitals, and they will be out this round in four games because of Lundqvist’s performance. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  207. Richards is not better than Newbury….not at this stage of the game
    Newbury was leading scorer on the Whale this year
    Newbury can handle himself and doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff
    Newbury is hungry and will give you effort

    All the qualities Richards doesn’t have

    As a 4th line player….Newbury > Richards all day long

    Besides what will it hurt to use the guy in game 4

  208. What an embarrassing and disgusting performance for a team that was supposed to be fighting for their lives.
    The Bruins do things the right way. They don’t overpay for 1 or 2 big name players like the Rangers do seemingly every year. They’re so deep, and their friggin’ 4th line has made the Rangers look so awful in all three games. What a disaster.

  209. I liked that article on Torts. He even got a carseat reference in there. I tend to agree with those who say this team hasn’t really progressed under Torts.

    no confidence, no power play, etc. block shots, grind on the walls. Boston does the same thing. They get away with a lot of interference and holding. They got called for a lot. Of course we don’t want to talk about the power play.

    I think Tortorella will be feeling lots of heat after this sweep. He deserves it.

  210. you don’t hear much about that fat walrus Byfuglien anymore. Banishing him to Winnipeg helped there.

  211. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    The scariest thing about this game is that if the Rangers won, the Bruins would have a good case for the old “the league wants the Rangers to win” officiating argument. The Rangers got away with a ton this game and still sh@t it away.
    Btw has anyone mentioned how this is the first game we lost all year going into the 3rd period with a lead?

  212. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    I’m not saying the league wants the Rangers to win. What I meant was “the league wants the (your team name here) to win”.

  213. I think Tortorella’s treatment of Richards, Boyle, Kreider and the power play this year and last is enough to fire him.

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