Game 3: Bruins 2, Rangers 1 … post-game notes & quotes


From the Rangers:


Game 3: Madison Square Garden

Bruins 2, Rangers 1
BOS leads 3-0

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Boston Bruins, 2-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden, in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal series. The Blueshirts now trail in the series, 3-0.

–        New York has posted a record of 212-232-8 overall in postseason action, including a 119-89-2 mark at home.

–        Tonight’s loss ended the Rangers’ streak of nine consecutive wins at MSG, including their final six regular season home games. Prior to tonight, the Blueshirts’ last loss at MSG was a 3-2 shootout defeat against Washington on Mar. 24, and their last regulation loss at home was Mar. 21 vs. Florida (1-3).

–        The Rangers have lost only six times in regulation over their last 24 contests, including the final 14 games of the regular season.

–        The Blueshirts did not surrender a power play opportunity to the Bruins, marking the second time in these playoffs New York has not been shorthanded in a game (Mar. 12 vs. WSH).

–        The Rangers out-hit the Bruins, 37-28, led by Ryan Callahan’s game-high, seven hits.

Player Notes:

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves and is now 29-36 in 65 career postseason contests. He has posted 30 or more saves in the playoffs 20 times, posting a 9-11 record with a 1.56 GAA, .941 Sv% and four shutouts in those games.

–        Taylor Pyatt notched a goal, was credited with three hits and two blocked shots in 14:53 of ice time. He has registered a point in three of four home playoff games (one goal, two assists over the span), and is now tied for fifth on the team in playoff scoring with four points (two goals, two assists).

–        Ryan McDonagh tallied an assist and was credited with three hits in 21:14 of ice time. He has now recorded two points (one goal, one assist) in the last three games, and is tied for the team lead among defensemen in playoff scoring with three points (one goal, two assists).

–        John Moore was credited with a game-high, four blocked shots in 13:01 of ice time.

–        Ryan Callahan registered four shots and a game-high, seven hits, in 23:37 of ice time.

Post-Game Quotes:

–        John Tortorella on tonight’s game…

“At times we struggled to get through and when we got through we just didn’t sustain our forecheck. A team that is rolling their lines like they are, we need to have some time in their end zone. As the game went on we were there less and less. So it pops up on you.”

–        Henrik Lundqvist on approaching Game 4…
“You can’t look at it as you have to win four games, you just have to focus on the next one.  The season is on the line, so you have to leave everything out there. Preparation and the effort have to be there, and we will see if it’s going to be enough.  We definitely have to give everything right now, mentally and physically, and put it out there on Thursday.”

–        Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game…
“They are a good team at an important time of the year.  We knew they were going to push.  I thought we had a pretty good third period, but we gave up a goal (to allow them to tie it) and we don’t get one.  It’s tough.  Especially at home, going into the third period with the lead, that’s something you want to hold onto this time of year obviously.”

Team Schedule:

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, May 22, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Boston Bruins on Thursday, May 23, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m. – TV: CNBC; Radio: ESPN 98.7), in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup.

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  1. King with no Ring on

    Nash is overrated.

    This team is only in the second round because of Lundqvist’s performance against the Capitals, and they will be out this round in four games because of Lundqvist’s performance. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  2. King with no Ring on

    I was at the Garden tonight. The fans were dead all game. It was humiliating to be amongst a crowd silent during the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    You’re a moron if you think the Rangers lost this series cause of Lundqvist

  4. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I am very disappointed for the 3rd time in a week.

    I heard my name all over the ice.

    It was painful.

    I know we won’t get swept.

    I know we won’t win either.

    I fear this:

    A) Lundqvist asks to be traded next season. Maybe SJ

    B) Tortorella signs an extension.

    C) fat girls in spandex

    D) yard sale by Sather.

    E) aliens in monkey suits

    F) Sather trades for Bryzgalov

    G) Nash gets an ego

    H) people actually reading this stupid post

    I) Columbus finishing ahead of us next year.

    This next one being the worst thought.

    J) Stefan Matteau scoring the winning goal that knocks us out of the playoffs and go on to win the cup

  5. King with no Ring on

    Ad hominem attacks. Delightful.

    Ten goals in three games is not going to cut it.

    Two squandered third period leads is not going to cut it.

    Two stick-handling errors leading to the first goal against tonight is not going to cut it.

  6. Richards is not better than Newbury….not at this stage of the game
    Newbury was leading scorer on the Whale this year
    Newbury can handle himself and doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff
    Newbury is hungry and will give you effort

    All the qualities Richards doesn’t have

    As a 4th line player….Newbury > Richards all day long

    Besides what will it hurt to use the guy in game 4

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bruins smell blood like a shark smells the cut on a surfer’s leg. Get your broom out.

  8. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    HAHAHA! I just thought of something so funny

    The Boston Boo-ins.

    Sounds like Bruins, but incorporated the word “Boo” in it


  9. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Just back from a very quiet, all night, MSG. Don’t know how it looked on tv, but at MSG, the game wasn’t even close. Yes, Hank played his heart out and made a number of top flight saves. He was deserving of a win. I will no longer think he is ‘un-clutch’. But, he needs a team.

    We are light years away from the top 8 teams. With respect to Boston, we are smaller, slower, have less of a forecheck, not coached as well, have a non-existent PP, and most importantly, we are so lacking depth up front, and less so, on d, it is silly.

    While they are rolling 4 and 3, we are ‘rolling’ 2 and a half and 2. I realize Stralman’s injury hurt, but as I’ve said all year, you don’t win cups with Steve Eminger playing, period.

    Nor, will Chicago win with Roszival, or will Boston with Redden. But, they do have enough depth to go further than us.

    Hope we find a way not to get swept.

  10. I’ve said it before but it’s true….
    We hate when the Rangers lose….but we really hate when the Rangers lose because they don’t put out an effort.
    This is the 2nd round of the playoffs…supposedly the reason why you play the game.

    I’m tired of teams that are intimidated and outworked…I would rather see young players with no experience who give you the effort and have the Bickels to play in the league…playoff experienced soft pansy types don’t get it done.

  11. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Some of the above you can blame on coaching. Some of the above you can blame on the GM.

    Given that we have no credible draft picks this year, we will be drifting again for years.

    But since we got to the second round, Dolan will likely feel we achieved. Verdict, no changes. We are good enough!

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Didn’t see it Coos.

    Hey, Maloney hitting the tanning booth? Or, blushing a lot?

  13. Yeah, that’s the problem with the Rangers’ playoff performance — not enough Newbury. Would have been nice to see him rewarded for a good season with playing time, but he’s hardly going to make a difference out there.

  14. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    On the post game they’re making a big deal of the ‘lucky bounce’ with Paillet’s goal? Be serious, they had 10 other great chances, at least. This one bounced their way. If it wasn’t this one, it would have been one of the others.

  15. King with no Ring on

    Giving up two third-period goals to squander a one goal lead and lose the game, and series, is not clutch.

  16. Agree E3…I think you dress Newbury and Haley for game 4. You need to get some respect back. Make the Bruins skate with their heads up and maybe fire up the rest of the team. They need something different to happen to even win 1 game…if you still lose but the effort is there and the B’s leave town a little bruised and banged up because of the physical play I can live with that. But this approach is sickening.

    The argument that Richards is better than Newbury right now is ridiculous.

  17. No pp.
    Too small/weak.
    Dumb-founded when handling the puck.

    I’m tired of saying this. Blow this team up and rebuild in ny.

    that being said, leave it on the ice this Thursday boys.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I agree with the Newbury dressing. Richards only played 8 minutes. He should have played ZERO.

    Richards = turnovers
    Richards = commotion in front of Henrik

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – at least Newbury would hustle and give an inkling of effort. Losing can be tolerated if you go down fighting and trying.

  20. Czechthemout!!! on


    One of the few times that I respectfully disagree with you. Newberry stinks and that is all there is to it. Richards sucks! Of that there is no doubt. I would have played Miller in this series. He played over 20 games with the big club and at this stage is a much better option .

    Next season, Miller,Kreider,Lindberg,and Fast all have to be in the lineup. Even at the cost of a slow start. These kids all have size,speed,creativity, good hockey sense,tenacity and most importantly are all hard on the puck.

    The team also desperatly needs a point man who can also carry the puck well. I would would look at the kid dman from Vermont university, JVR’s younger brother. He is an undrafted free agent with tremendous skills and a real good shot. He is a bogger version of Krug.

    Why are people trading Hags? Is it because he has been one of the more consistant players in these playoffs, or is it because he wins many battles along the boards despite his small build? He has more heart than many forwards on this team so lets trade him.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    You guys want to trade someone? Trade hat coward MDZ who cowers in fear instead of taking a hit to make a play.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Czech, I am ok with what you say, BUT other teams have speed AND size. Fast(h) is 170 lbs, soaking wet. Hags is small. Zucc’s is a peanut.

    Boston manhandled us tonight and the last 2 games. Who is going to defend our small but quick guys?

  23. Nobody said Newbury is the answer, but you gotta change something…shake things up…anyone here think that not dressing Richards hurts our chances of winning game 4?

    It may actually shake up the team to perform seeing that the guy making all the money and not performing is being singled out for piss poor play. The players know he’s not contributing and also know that he never sees consequences for his poor play.

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    MDZ should be traded if value is there. He is a weak link for this team.

  25. No need to trade Hagelin, but he’s not likely to become anything more than he is, a lighting-fast, above-average forechecker who can score wraparound goals and shoot well on occasion. But he has next to no vision and can’t pass. Very useful role player, not going to improve under this coach, but won’t get worse.

  26. Czech…I agree on Miller but he was sent home with the bad wrist so he wouldn’t be playing anyway.
    Newbury may stink but he will give you more than Richards…he led the Whale in scoring, sticks up for teammates and fights when needed. All thing we can certainly use for game 4.

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    FlaRanger, been going on all year. And Torts has refused to deal with Richards. Of late, he is decreasing his role, but while he did quasi-bench and eventually force out Gaborik, his fav, Richie Rich remained.

    The team knows it. The team feels it. And part of their lethargy is the inconsistent handling, by Torts, of the players.

  28. Sad to say, but this team basically looks un-coached. It’s like they’re told to forecheck, defend center ice, wrap it around the boards, and…go get ’em, boys.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    When we were up 1-0, it was SO obvious we would not hold the lead. To Boston’s credit, they manhandled our weak, non-crease clearing defensemen and lined up guys in front of Hank. We have no one to push the likes of Thornton, Lucic, Bergeron, etc, etc. from the front of the net.

    How many guys from our side were stationed in front of Rask??

  30. The only thing Richards is useful for now, though he had one out-of-nowhere drive to the net in the third — where the hell has that been? — is to gain the zone and move the puck on the PP. Newbury does nothing to replace that. Given that the Rangers have no real intention of threatening on the PP, though, benching Richards is a risk-free move at this point. He’s certainly earned it, and if there’s any locker-room leadership he’s been providing away from our prying eyes, it’s not working.

  31. King with no Ring on

    Del Zotto is terrible. He does not know when to pinch in or when to stay back. His passes are beneficial, to the other team. Krug has come in for the Bruins in his first NHL games and already showed more talent and awareness than Del Zotto has in his entire career.

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – no doubt MDZ cowers…it looks like he flinches whenever he is on the point and feels pressure….

  33. Maloney, Duguay, and Richards getting three for ones at Hollywoood Tans, 750 Sixth Ave.

  34. I have no complaints about the D-men. They have taken huge hits in this 2 series that many guys wouldn’t come back from. Girardi, McD, Stralman and Moore have been pounded. They need a crease clearing d-man and really miss Sauer for that. Bickel was not afraid to do it either. The lack of effort falls squarely on the forwards.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on


    Fast is not so small. At least he doesnt play small. He is a tougher more agressive and better skilled version of Hags. Thats a good thing I think.

    Lindberg is a tough kid. He has good size and plays with an edge to his game.

    Kreider did a lot of good things tonight as far as his physical play. In fact, he brought that element to his game. He needs to play with players that are not past their prime or cant play this game. He is an elite talent that thinks the game at an elite level on offense and needs to play with guys that can do so as well.

    And JT Miller we know is a tough kids with good size and speed, and creativity.

    Team toughness is more effective than have one goon waste time on the ice and on the team. Look at the Bruins. I know they have Lucic but he is a hockey player, not a goon.

    They also need to get rid of MDZ,Eminger. And replace them with Mcilrath and maybe a good point man/ offensive defenseman.

    Having a very good powerplay is the best defense against goons. Sprinkle Dorsett and Mcilrath and you can have both.

  36. King with no Ring on

    Dorsett is another player that is totally useless. To the fans that said he was the key to the Gaborik trade: No.

  37. Dorsett is not useless, he’s just easy to find. Gaborik, on the other hand, is a rarity and the classic Best Player in the Trade. Rangers fans will hope he’s fading and Brassard finally begins to fulfill his high draft potential. I’d say low odds of that, but we’ll see.

  38. Callahan and Lundqvist in the postgame said they thought the team played a pretty good game. What games were they watching and playing in? I didn’t think it was going to get worse after that 1st period but it did. It just boggles my mind that the Rangers can play so poorly in a must win game. For once I’d like to see some of these players say “we stunk,” not the BS they usually say in the postgame.
    The Bruins are a better team for sure, but I didnt think it was so one-sided. When Boston’s 4th line is better than all the Ranger’s lines, you’re not going to win many games, if at all.

    Dorsett really does nothing for me either. Everyone who said he was Prust with better skills has been wrong so far. He’s not the type of player they need on the 3rd line. To me, hes a 4th line player at best from what I’ve seen.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers were completely outplayed and outclassed tonight. It was boys vs men tonight.

  40. my comment was on an old “go time” thread, when I saw it was awaiting moderation I changed that nasty word that sounds like ship. sorry about that. I thought the warning was a little excessive though.

    people call other people morons and don’t get singled out. whatever.

  41. King with no Ring on

    The Rangers will likely stick with Tortorella next season. With any luck, the team will finish out of the playoffs and he will be fired. His shtick has grown old.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too many rangers are much to slow….Richards, Pyatt, Boyle, MDZ, Zucchini, Girardi, Eminger, Strahlman, stepan….. Not much speed there… Hard to win battles for loose pucks when you are 2nd on the puck..

  43. King with no Ring on

    Zuccarello is a good player. Tonight, he was terrible. Turning the puck over at every opportunity. For that matter, every forward was terrible tonight.

  44. Kreider won’t likely win over any detractors by having not returned to the bench after he was cut very early in the third.

  45. King with no Ring on

    You win games by keeping possession of the puck when you have possession, by not giving away possession freely, by getting shots on the net and not wide of the net. This team is incapable of doing those things with any consistency.

  46. Can anyone explain how a professional team can be so bad on the PP? Pierre Maguire said Torts was great as the man behind the Buffalo PP when he was there under Muckler. Sometimes I think Pierre makes this stuff up, because Tort’s hasn’t done anything to improve his PP.
    Is it systematic failure, the players/lack of skill? I just dont get it.

    I’m really embarrassed by their lack of effort and desire tonight. I dont know what else to say. If you only saw the score, you might think it was a good game, not knowing how dominated the Rangers were.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Looked liked Kreider took a puck to the eye. Wasnt just a cut. The way he was squinting made it look like it was a vision problem.

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