Game 3: Bruins 2, Rangers 1 … post-game interviews: Tortorella, Girardi, Boyle


I didn’t get the recorder in there on time with the media horde, but Brian Boyle’s interview, when I got in there, began with him completely blaming himself for the Rangers’ lack of possession, because “I can’t win a freakin’ faceoff … just terrible.” He was 4 of 21 in the circle.


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  1. Remember when the Rangers had depth and stones the size of Grandma’s meatballs and were 3 periods away from reaching the SCF?

    Remember when they traded that away for a “superstar” and it backfired and they became mediocre for another decade yet again?

  2. Boston BOnehead on

    Your Powerplay stinks! You couldn’t score if you had an open net and a hot date with a babe…I lost my train of thought.

  3. I’m glad we got to embarrass WSH…but this team has been a disappointment all year, the writing was on the wall when we didn’t come out hard for any of our “big games”, struggles all year, etc etc etc….not surprised to be down 3-0 to boston…its a shame because they are really not THAT good. Chara probably the most overrated player in the NHL.

  4. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    We should be jealous of the Bruins. They have four players 6’4 and up and each one uses their size to their advantage (Chara, McQuaid, Lucic and Jagr). We have 3 in that size range that that have all been outplayed physically by a player nicknamed “The Hobbit”.

  5. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ooh, man, Salty, I disagree. Are the B’s as good as Pitt or some of the west teams? Probably not. But they are light years deeper, bigger, more talented than our team.

    Chara? A Norris trophy winner, has a vicious slap shot, he is slow on his feet, but covers a ton of ground, has a long reach, and is big and strong. Over rated? Oh, and he can play 30-35 minutes.

    He is an absolute force on the ice as was evidenced in the first round, game 7. If you see him live, you realize just how good he is.

    Gotta disagree on that assessment. Not so sure we have had a defenseman that dominant in our organization. And I loved Leetchie, who was a great offensive defenseman, but could not dominate defensively like Chara.

  6. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Love this Burns guy on SJ. We SO need a player like that. This guy is a one man wrecking crew. Who needs Clowe?????

  7. Torts said there was no quit in this team. Torts was very, very wrong about that. Pitiful effort in a must-win game like this. They had absolutely no desire to win it.

    But you know, if I were on that team, and when we get our first power play our coach puts MDZ and Richards out there on the points – again – I would be deflated too. When your coach repeatedly makes decisions that hurt your chances of winning, team morale suffers.

  8. Chara is effective because of his size. He’s a freak. Being that size also allows him to use a hockey stick to shoot a puck the way that probably no one has ever done before. If you’re just that big, yes, of course you can be effective. He’s a freak that learned to skate, put him in a regular size body and he would not have made it to the NHL in the first place. He has learned the game over the years and is effective. But you could also literally plug a sumo wrestler into to goal and make it impossible to score on him because of size alone.

    I know die hard Boston fans that even say “Chara SUCKS.” which I think is going a bit far, but I do think he’s a top 5 overrated player, a freak of a man who was taught to skate and shoot a hockey puck. I can’t believe he’s still the captain there, they have tons of real hockey players on that team.

  9. That was not a lack of effort. The Bruins are that much better. I actually think they have a great shot at the Cup. Our team is no bunch of slouches and you’d better believe they are trying.

    Boston is a much, much better team than we thought, and much better than the Rangers. A huge part of it is this is the same team that won it all two years ago. Last year they went down in the first round and they changed nothing. What they do, that same group of guys and everyone in their farm system has been doing for years. Our team has been together for about 7 weeks now. my wife made the observation as we sat there that the Rangers didnt play together well enough.

    You can blame the GM for it if you want, but the truth is that everyone has to be on the same page, and everyone has to fit what the team is trying to accomplish. Gaborik never did. Boston would never go out and get Gaborik. The guys we got rid of after last year, most were not going to be a part of this going forward. I think the core of players now, is better than it was last year but they need time together.

    I think Richards is gone. But I think next year you have JT Miller and Kreider (who was very good again tonight) and you bring them along properly, and you have Stepan and Cally and Hags, and Brassard and Nash and Zucc, and Boyle and Dorsett and maybe Pyatt. And that is a good starting point. I think Staal is done. As such you keep MDZ, Moore, Mac. Girardi, and Stralman and you hit the FA market for a D with a point shot. Its funny in 2008 I had really hoped Sather would have signed Streit but instead he went for Redden. Stupid.

    FRom 1997 to 2011 the Rangers won 2 rounds. In the 2 years since they’ve won 3. There are 4 teams left in the East and 3 of them are Rangers, Bruins, Pens. There is no shame in that. It is damned hard to win a Cup. Even with Sid and Malkin and Staal and Letang and the boatloads of talent Pitt has had, the last 3 years they left in the first round. Its not like the 1980s when there were so many perrenial doormats not making the postseason meant your team was horrible. Its not even like the pre-cap era later on. The whole system is designed to create parity and tats what it does, and it forces you to buid your organization a certain way.

  10. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Guys! Relax. It’s not that bad. We made the playoffs and won a round. Take the positives. We made the TOP EIGHT IN TGE NHL! Last year we made the TOP FOUR! Eventually we’ll win it all. Just enjoy that we had an amazing game seven.

    You all forgot how good that felt? Then just remember what group gave you that joy!

    Bunch of ungrateful heathens!

    All of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This team appears un-coached – pond hockey. Boston is no world-beater, despite all the MSG propaganda. You gonna believe all the apologists or your lyin’ eyes?

  12. The better team won. Hard for me to blame the coach for that. I do blame him for a lot of things like favoring Richards, benching Rookies, etc. but that had little to no effect in this series.

    There is a moment when you realize that your team doesn’t quite match up. I think tonight was that night for me. It looked like a few Rangers made that same call tonight. They lost thosse one-on-one races and battles.

    Staal and Clowe would help, but we are still inferior to Boston. There is no depth to speak of. Boston plugged in three rookies on D. would the Rangers be able to do that?

  13. Coos. you have to keep Hagelin and Stepan. Even though I heard one of them smells pretty bad.

  14. Tortorella doesn’t have to answer to the press about the power play. What does he tell Sather?

  15. Or Lindy Ruff. I can’t see how Torts stays when Ruff and Gretzky are available.

  16. I loved Wayne as a player….. NO to the coaching idea.

    I don’t think I want Ruff either.

    darn, now I have to find this team a coach (I hope that doesn’t trigger a laguage warning).

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Muckler’s corpse is just laying around somewhere….prop that stiff up and let him coach again…

  18. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    All of you. Not some. Not a bunch. Not even one or two. All of you need to remember what sports entertainment is all about. This year you were all treated to a great roller coaster ride from January till Memorial Day. Most years it’s a roller coaster ride from September till elimination.

    Rangers hockey gets me through tough times every year. Some years or brightens my gloomy reality and some years (lately most) it ruins happy times. You take the good with the bad. It’ll make that cup win that more special (hopefully if I’m around in 2048) and that’s when you’ll understand why it’s important to watch, enjoy what Dolan gives us, and wait for our big day!

    As I said before. Your all a bunch of ungrateful heathens!

  19. this team didn’t entertain me but one time the whole post-season. My brother watches these games with me and says they are boring.

    so can the entertainment talk please. this kind of hockey is not entertaining at all. I even root for one team and I still hate it.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    No one can this is a big surprise. Not like we dominated non playoff teams during the season. Won a round. That was an exciting series. This one – not so interesting. Rangers look like they’ve given up. Not much drive, hustle, and passion from the blue shirts. I miss Tim KKK Thomas and his white sheets.

  21. Boston plays the same boring game. They hold and interfere more. the refs quit calling that weeks ago.

    Tim Thomas was all they had and they won…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe it is the system.

  22. pretty damn quiet in here tonight.

    Boyle has had a very good playoffs…I was on him all year and I’m generally not a fan of his because I think he’s another example of a (college) guy who is used to getting by on size alone and doesn’t have much NHL grit…but he’s been good in these playoffs.

    I’m pretty heartbroken on Nash. Everyone thought he was hurt, turns out he just went completely and utterly flaccid in the playoffs. That really, really hurts.

    I’m praying they get swept…please. I don’t want the Boston bandwagon fans to have the pleasure of seeing us eliminated in their barn.

  23. “We were in our own zone for way too long because I couldn’t win a friggin’ draw,” Boyle said.

  24. Is This Real?

    Thats possibly the most well-written article ive ever read on bleacher report and true of a number of things. Not sure how much we can judge over this shortened season though, although criticisms of the power play and lack of faith in Kreider and Miller are fully justified.

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