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  1. Tort overheard at practice channeling his inner Captain Bligh:

    I’m not advising cruelty or brutality with no purpose. My point is that cruelty with purpose is not cruelty – it’s efficiency.

  2. Trolls like to show up here leaking troll juice and asking who is Musky. Lazy trolls.

  3. The Times says Tortorella used a form of the the word “stink” eight times when discussing Hagelin on the PP. Eight?? No excuse.

  4. A funny story about the Hagelin Stinks story … which most of those in attendance thought was funny and him trying to be funny for a change … anyway, I heard Jeff Klein from the Times on WFAN last night. He said the Times doesn’t let him use the word “sucks” and he and Dan Rosen from NHL.com, who also can’t use “sucks” were laughing about, “Thank God he said “stinks” eight times instead of “sucks” or we wouldn’t have been able to use any of the quotes.”

  5. Carp,

    So, it was “Mac should just shut up” kinda funny? I get it. But eight times? If I were Hagelin, I would be livid. Especially seeing # 19 dressed, much less hopping over the boards when an opponent is penalized.

  6. ‘What do I think of Kingman’s performance, is that what you’re asking me? What do I think of his @)^&!@; performance? I don’t mean to be rude, by are you x*&^%$#@ asking me what I think of his *&^%$#(* performance? I mean, what kind of a *&^%$#$% question is that, what do I think of his *&^%$#^% performance?’

  7. Has it occurred to you guys that, most likely than not, Torts and Hags discussed it already and it’s all forgotten? Let it go.

  8. Hmmm, possible. But Hagelin didn’t exactly sound as if such a discussion
    had taken place when asked about it after practice just a few hours ago.

  9. I once had an editor who unilaterally changed an adjective in one of my stories from an integral word that could be misinterpreted as rude, to “gulping.” Not exactly Maxwell Perkins.

  10. Torts can be rude a la mode about certain players, but I think he picks his spots where he thinks it might motivate and do some good. When someone REALLY stinks and he senses they can do little better, he’s generally silent.

  11. whatever, Stemmer. I’m not defending it. Just saying that he and a lot of people who heard it thought it was playful. I am sure Hagelin’s feelings weren’t hurt and certain that his relationship with Tortorella is very good.

    i think, IMO, it’s totally overblown.

  12. coos

    I think you’re right. But how can Hagelin “do a little better” on the PP when he’s getting 0.074 of ice time on the team’s available chances?

  13. Carp

    I get it. I know it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. I just don’t see how it helps, I guess. And I am still a strong backer of this coach, for whatever that is worth.

  14. Hags, I believe, will be a RFA. Torts will be in his corner for some large bucks and I’m sure Hags knows that.

  15. 100 percent agree.

    I know there have been times over the years where the PP goes 1 for 40 or something hideous. But this one just stinks it up, and except for a very few exceptions, has for years. All of Torts’ years, most of Renney’s, going back to TGO.

  16. Norm Merton on

    The PP, on those rare occasions that it gets set up — with the puck moving if nothing else — is easy to defend because it dares nothing. There is rarely even an attempt at a one-time through-pass. By the time the passer looks up, the opportunity is gone. It’s Power-Play 101 to know your pass before you receive the puck, not after, and it seems that they must not drill that enough.

    Instead, all of it moves around the perimeter in hopes of getting a long shot to the net. That’s the only thing keeping Richards in the line-up as far as I can tell, because he can at least do that as well as gain the zone. The long shots rarely get through, though, because the game tape makes it clear that’s all they want to get. So they don’t even get that.

  17. bull dog line on

    having no QB for the power play is the biggest issue. MDZ was supposed to be that guy by now. he has obviously failed at that. playing a forward on the point has failed. not sure why Torts does not use his regular lines on the power play.

  18. Norm, it’s not even PP-101 to know your pass before you receive the puck, it’s a basic principle in all sports with similar ball moving concepts. You should always have an idea of what you’re going to do with the puck before you receive it, and that rarely seems to be the case with NYR.

  19. The Jagr years were the last time the power play even sniffed of being an advantage.

  20. Is Hagelin's Stink Real? on

    Hank is gonna steal one tomorrow friends and NYR will be back in business. Keep the faith

  21. Norm Merton on

    Llatona, indeed. You can’t even try to play soccer or basketball without the 101, and Barcelona revolutionized the former in the last few years by taking the concept to its extreme. In hockey, though, it’s entirely possible to score garbage goals without it, and while those are vital to winning games, so are the creative ones. You hear players every so often talking about “pretty” goals as though those were somehow a bad thing, and I think sometimes too much attention is paid to the mucky (Musky?) goals. Crowds are notorious for their “Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!” antics, especially during PPs.

  22. Is Hagelin's Stink Real? on

    have we heard the “shoot the puck” chant in the playoffs yet?

  23. Is Hagelin's Stink Real? on

    the a-hole chant is unequivocally the best chant in sports followed closely by marty. uncle daddy up there too.

  24. I like it! Substitute McD or Moore for Stral. The other three will be in the net and you need someone to get back in case of no goal.

  25. Asham has a decent shot, Boyle can stand in front of the net. I like it also.

  26. eddie, I just happened across Frankenstein today. Still can’t believe Mary Shelley generated such a work at only 19, and did so as a bet. This is leading into the part where I say that Victor created Zdeno Chara.

  27. Lol, picturing Chara in skates and a Bruins sweater crouching outside that German cottage is making me laugh.

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