Game 2: Rangers-Bruins in review


Gotta tell you, I didn’t think the Rangers could do the 0-2 trick against Washington, so I’m not saying “no way,” but I really don’t get the feeling that this Boston team is going to lose four of five.

I think these Bruins are better than Washington, play a style and have a pedigree that won’t have them disappear as the Caps did in Game 7, and they have a better goaltender. I also think that, while the Rangers might be able to play better, that Boston hasn’t played its best yet in this series.


1) The Rangers were more than OK for two periods. Better than they’ve been in a lot of areas – forecheck, creating offense, physical play, push-back, offensive-net presence, tempo – for two periods. I really did think so. Tuukka Rask had to make some difficult saves. Then the Rangers gave up a bad goal during the 4-on-4, and still, only down 3-2 entering the third, let Brad Marchand loose.  And the whole thing collapsed like a mudslide.

2) That said, with even a clue of a power play, maybe they win this game, or at least make the Bruins work a lot harder for it. Maybe they win Game 1 too. Maybe they win the Washington series in fewer than seven. They have to remove Brad Richards from the power play. And they need to really assess the whole plan, because it’s awful.

3) There is plenty of deserved criticism of John Tortorella, some of it greatly biased, some of it very legit. The hoopla over the Carl Hagelin “stinks” comment was way over the top. He can be a jackwagon to the press. But one area that is on him alone … and one where he’d better get some help in the off-season (because he’s not being fired), is that power play. As Pierre McGuire said – and I do agree with Pierre more than you guys do – it’s systematic more than personnel. Was it a little better as the game went on? Yeah. It has costs them too many games for that to matter anymore. And Richards being on it, while he’s on his way out the buyout door, makes no sense.

New York Rangers Vs. Boston Bruins At TD Garden4) Richards maybe needs to be removed completely from the lineup, because the Rangers’ fourth line getting its brains kicked in by Gregory Campbell and Co. Campbell scored a big goal when Richards lost him. Just don’t know if Kris Newbury is a better option in that spot.

5) Henrik Lundqvist was definitely not great. Of course, he had no chance on some of the goals, and didn’t see one of them at all. Not all his fault. But five goals against, eight in two games, is not going to get it done.

6) That said, the Rangers’ defense spread it around, but Dan Girardi was the most woeful, on the ice for all five Boston goals. I’m not blaming him on the goal off his skate right to Campbell, though he did kick at it. Not completely blaming him for sliding out of the play AND failing to block Milan Lucic’s pass on the fifth goal (Derick Brassard was partly to blame, too). But Girardi might want to move that forward screening Lundqvist on the 4-on-4 goal that made it 3-2. A lot went wrong there, but the bottom line is the goalie couldn’t see the shot. Then, Girardi’s complete loss of Marchand in the opening seconds of the third was a terrible play and it was Game Over.

7) I thought it was disgraceful for NBC to use “Boston Strong” in a graphic  while showing the Game 1 highlights. Just a mind-numbing decision by somebody.

8) Ryan Callahan had a bad Game 1, and a goal doesn’t make Game 2 a good game, but he was much better overall. And I hate saying that when a guy scores because I like to look way past goals. That said, he’s one of their top goal scorers, especially since No. 61 had evolved into something other than that, and he needs to score too. He did, a “God damn huge goal” as Tortorella said on NBC. Callahan also had the big shift immediately after the 2-1 goal that led to Rick Nash’s finally breaking out.

9) Nice play by Mats Zuccarello to send Nash on the break … and Chara twice slashed at Nash and wasn’t getting called, when Nash scored. I have suspected, as many of you have, that Nash has been playing hurt. He is not. Trust me.

10) The kid Krug twice went between his skates to play the puck on Boston goals. I know they made a big deal of the kid during the broadcast, but geez those are two pretty cool plays. The other rookie D-man looked like a minor leaguer on the Callahan and Nash goals.

11) I don’t like lazy plays, and I thought Anton Stralman pulled a Robinson Cano at the first-period buzzer, giving Boston a great scoring chance on what should have been nothing more than a period-ending dump-in.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Two
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Dorsett.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Taylor Pyatt.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
This will be difficult…
1. Cally
2. Nash
3. Boyler
What happened to our D???
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan (26.19%).
2. Rick Nash (19.05%).
3. Derek Dorsett (14.29%).

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  1. Wow. Cant say i saw this coming. With the bruins struggles against the leafs. Our defensive breakdowns go in the net. Stepan is a millimeter from making it 3-2 it goes off tuukka rasks (vezina trophy) right inside thigh off the postband under his rask. That would have been huge. To come out of that period behind was mind boggling. The third period wws a clown show.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    There seem to be issues there. Every time Henrik loses these playoffs, he points his finger at teammates. “I can’t score”. Meanwhile, Richards continues to be run out there despite his lack of productivity. Everyone in the locker room, including the guys who get benched after one mistake sees it just like we do.

  3. Washington’s nasty play woke the Rangers up..the Bs are lullabying them to sleep…and may sweep them in the process. The D…..oof….what is there to say? We are being braten by their D and fourth line….and we got our 7mm+ guy playing there..we should have tje best 4th line on the planet…but at this point playong with Richatds probably brings Kreids anc Ashs game down….
    Hey Torts….this team needs more cowbell!

  4. Brad Richards needs to work with Sean Avery. His focus is on fashion and women anyway.

  5. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    #4 is an indictment against Richards..So what do they do with him ? Wait until next year to see if gets it together and maybe trade him and his huge contract for some picks or dump him in july?

    It seems like Boston wants the series more than rangers who look like they’re just going through the motions..

  6. Same old story all season long. Nothing new here, despite all of the line-up changes. Need better coaching!

  7. Games like this can really take the life out of you, what a beating. I agree the first two periods were pretty good. The powerplay will not be fixed in one day, after phoning it in for 3 years.

    Brad Richards of 5 years ago wouldn’t score, certainly not this year’s version. Torts doesn’t seem willing to try something different.

    hey here is an idea, put Moore out there, Kreider has shown he can score in these exact situations. Del Zotto and Richards do not belong out there. Every time Torts puts them out there he is saying, “I have no clue” to me. That is unsettling.

    Pierre Mcguire is a smart hockey guy with lots of knowledge. He is a terrible in-game analyst and announcer. Creepy terrible.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good, honest review, Carp.

    What has been their Achilles’ heel all season long is now making it close to impossible to advance against a very beatable team. The PP. And if Hank can’t steal a game, they are going to lose it.
    I’m there for game 4. Let’s hope they’re not facing elimination on Thursday.

  9. Norm Merton on

    The PP operated efficiently, with no goals to show for it, when Richards was on the ice, not off. The coaches will see that on the tape, and Richards will be back out there. Pulling him from the line-up altogether, though, makes sense as far as his 5×5 play is concerned, and if they can’t afford a specialist who merely gets it into the zone and keeps the puck moving, fair enough.

    Interesting, though, in a game where Girardi was the number one culprit, and by a country mile, the first problem mentioned is our favorite scapegoat, Richards, who was not even in the top ten reasons the Rangers lost this game. It’s gone beyond a joke.

    As to the Hagelin hoopla being over the top, interesting that the comment itself isn’t the thing that was over the top. Torts’ apologists must have been at least a little uncomfortable watching him gleefully and repeatedly saying “he stinks”, gratefully deflecting the PP issue away from himself and onto the shoulders of a player who has nothing to do with the problem. Shameful.

  10. Was an unnecessary comment on his part. And it was blown out of proportions by the media. He knows it was unnecessary. But suggesting that it was made in order to deflect the issue away from himself is preposterous, IMO. And could only be made by a people with an agenda against the coach. Shameful.

  11. I think the best hope for next season is a “coaching” change: Sullivan takes a college job, and new assistants where everyone saves face.

    The B’s have correctly strategized that the Ranger 5 will collapse on D, and their own defensemen can operate freely. And it doesn’t matter if it’s not Chara. So yes, Julien is outcoaching Torts, and badly. Instead of showing up late to the party for a block, the wings need to skate into and check the point men.

    I don’t see how the Rangers shake this mindset this week after having it beat into muscle memory for 2 years.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, you remain undefeated in post season, 9-0, folks!!!

    Something special!!

    Atta boy, Carp. Right on!!

  13. Norm Merton on

    I doubt very much Torts intended to deflect the issue as he ended up doing, but that was certainly the upshot. I have no Torts agenda — I think he’s a good, proven coach who struggles with the media side of things and could probably use some training in that area. I did not like it when he ran Gabby out, and I’m no fan of his compact, shot-blocking defensive scheme, but so what? — he made great adjustments in the Caps series and may yet do so again in this one. The “he stinks” stuff, though, is off the wall and should stop.

  14. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Of our 5 post season losses, this one is the toughest to take. Widest margin is one thing, but the manner in which is more the cause for upset. Agreed, first two we were in this game. After Cally’s goal, I’m thinking, “gee,we didn’t play well in the 1st, but we can play with these guys”.

    However, watching your “best” defenseman look pathetic is as much the sign of who he was paired with as it was his not being sharp and up to playing against a team at this level. These guys, with a different goalie, but 2 years younger, were the SC champs. Another game like that and you’d have to wonder if we belong.

    Everyone on the team needs to be better. Cally’s goal was great, but his breakdown? Awful. Nash played better. Good enough? NO! Hank? Excuses for some, not for all. MDZ? Seriously? It goes on and on.

    OK, OK, Hags, the tormented little ‘jiggerbug’ played ok.

  15. Seamus McDuff on

    ORR!! – I saw the bandage as well. Reminds of when Drury was hurt against the Caps a few years ago and he was wearing a sling in the train station after the game. I understand (and agree) why the press doesn’t comment on it, but Nash does seem to have a pretty heavy wrap on his left hand….

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It’s a funny thing that as you go deeper in the playoffs, your flaws begin to show.

    Actually, the Boyle ‘Grind the walls’ line did do their job. But, once again, our 4th line, only because of the stench emanating from the center, was putrid. For the little training he got this year, Kreider was good. Asham can play, but has never been given flight by this coach. Too bad, both of them could be scoring, perhaps with Newbury. (Asham has more goals than 3/4’s of our team, showing a sniper’s shot, and of course, he has more than Richie Rich). But NO ONE will thrive next to the old, slow, assignment-missing, pitiful player that our #19 has become.

    A benching is in order. If JR can take note, as one of the least astute of the nationals, then it is obvious. He’s so far behind the curve, however, saying Richards needs a serious tongue lashing. Sir, that has been done, the kitchen sink has been thrown, it’s time for the baby out with the bath water. Give him a seat in the press box. And make him buy it. If there ever was a case for a team to sue a contracted player for ‘misrepresentation of value’, it was this.

    He’s cancer, everyone on the team is rolling eyes, shrugging shoulders, emotionally distraught, with each moronic misplay he makes. For the sake of team morale it needs to be addressed, Coach. If not, we’ll assume your family jewels are the size of grass seeds.

    Don’t put him on the PP hoping he morphs to 2004. You have tried that. He’s cooked.

    Time to bench Richards!! Or, this series is a short one.

  17. Admiral Akbar on

    Ledge is near full-capacity…

    “Crime won’t help ya, prayer won’t do you no good,
    Crime won’t help ya, prayer won’t do you no good…
    ‘Cause when the Levee breaks, mama you’ve got to go!”

  18. Snuff McGruff on

    It’s obvious that the keys to winning are:
    1) Hank stands on his head and bails us out
    2) Having a huge Power Play advantage of which is never seen in a playoff series..

    So step up Hank, and step up refs for a repeat of Round 1…

  19. Hockey maven on

    No reason to panic until you lose a game at home…
    Scratch Richards because Newbury really cannot be any worse of an option…And Girardi gets his head out of his butt…and I am confident that we can turn this thing around…We maintain serve at home and we just need to win one up there…

    As for the power play, how about simplifying it? Instead of Richards at the point and mixing and matching lines and players, how about just rolling out a line intact with a pair of d-men and just telling them to go out and play…

  20. looks like same comments from Caps series after game 2 ….main reason we lost yesterday because Task played better than Lundquist

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    The Rangers’s best defenseman played great, as he usually does. Dan Girardi on the other hand was awful.


    Why is a critique of this coach always mean that someone has an agenda against him? To critique a PP that has been a miserable failure for four seasons is not an agenda, it is a fact. At the end of the day, almost everyone here wants the team to win. That is the only agenda as far as I can tell. Or at least where I am concerned. Right now Torts is being outcoached by Julien. The B’s are easily creating dangerous chances by sending in their defense on our collapsing players. It is an adjustment Julien made after game one. Lets see if we adjust in the next game. That said, Hank needs to play better. He has given 4 softies so far in this series.

  22. It’s the PP. Game after game they get more opportunities than their opposition and every game they fail to score. It’s kind of a problem. Took them 1.5 PP’s to understand that they needed to dump the puck to get behind the wall of Bruins standing them up at the blue line. Which is a GREAT PK against a team that has trouble carrying the puck. Only KREIDER understood the important of dump and chase there.

    But hey….down 0-2 and towards the end of the season, none of us thought they would make it this far.

  23. spent some time on the ledge but I think I’ve calmed down now.

    Watching the game I couldn’t help but notice that every single time Boston went up ice into the offensive zone the forwards would slow up a bit our d would back off a bit the Bruin would hit the trailer for a wide open look from the high slot. Happened ALOT and we looked to have almost no defense for it.

    The thing that made it even worse is that it made it so that their transitional rush offense they were beating our 5 back with 3 people so anytime we broke up a play to head the other way it they still seemed to have numbers on us.

    that on top of the fact that every team in the league has realized we will not harass their point men once they set up in the zone offensively.

    I only played hockey up through HS so I’m no system expert but this should be a fixable problem no?

  24. It’s really true, as some of you are saying, Del Zaster and Richards over and over again on the PP is really mind boggling. I will say that Richards is probably the teams best puck carrier (for gaining zone entry) but if he’s out there for that reason he should take the puck deep, kick it high and then remain low.

    But Del Zaster….wow. He’s terrible. His decisions are not only stupid but he holds the puck WAY too long. Worse, he’s not nearly fast enough to recover from his mistakes. Only Moore and McBust can do that.

    And while I’m on it…I have never seen a PP that throws the puck low to high so often without getting a single shot. Once the puck goes down low, where you are supposed to have a numbers advantage, you have to get it on net. HAVE TO. It’s as important as NOT shooting into the shin pads of the guy in front of you when you’re playing the point.

  25. Hi Carp, That kid lindberg is he coming to the rangers soon, I think he could help?

  26. This team has gone as far as it goes when you are 2 for the 36 on the pp.

    Mind boggling in a way with so many flaws on this team we still are playing. I fully expect this to be over in 5.

    Del zaster can’t be on the pp under any circumstances anymore.

    Hank outplayed by rask through 2 games and we can’t have that if we are to win this series.

    The depth of bruins on offense is a big problem but if let krug become Bobby Orr we have zero shot.

  27. BigBadVinny on

    What’s hard to understand about Tort’s handling of the PP is that it seemed he had found the solution in Game #3 of the Washington series (i.e. Moore on the point blasting away, Brassard quarterbacking, etc.) but then decided to totally scrap it.

    Richards is done, finished, kaput; banish him to the press box, where he can’t hurt himself or, more precisely, the team.

  28. We get at least ONE power play goal in these two games, and this series is 1-1 today. Seriously, ONE goal. Is that so much to ask?

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    In hindsight, Rangers are 0-2 under Saul Berenson and were 4-1 under Khol Drogo. Therefore, Patinkin time has sadly come to an end.

  30. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I think if Miller was healthy, there would be a good chance that Richards would be out of the lineup. He’s a big part of the problem, but he’s really not the only one to blame for them being in this spot.

    Agree that down 2-0 against this team is miles different than being down 2-0 against Washington. That being said, Boston was up 3-1 against Toronto and was within a decent defense/goalie of losing game 7. So, there’s always hope until there’s no hope.

  31. Gravy, Richards is supposed to be the No. 1 Center. He is getting destroyed by the 4th line of Boston. After he is bought out this summer, he’ll walk away from his 2 yrs. here $48M richer. Put him on the taxi squad.

  32. I’ve been a Tortorella apologist in the past, but wow, there’s no way I can defend this. There’s no reason to blame Hags. This PP is dreadful. And he benches guys who play their hearts out game in game out, and Richards still suits up. It’s embarassing. Kreider on the 4th line? Playing with 2 guys who if you combined their speed couldn’t keep up with him? Boyle on the PP? I can go on, but it’ll make me vomit everything I ate this morning.


  33. Richards signing has to be one of the worst transactions ever. $48M, 2 years.

  34. _Richards is more finished than Drury was. Never thought that to be possible._

    I remember getting mocked here a long time ago for comparing Richards to Gomez. Ended up I was too bullish.

    Also, who wants some good news? I offered a Bruins fan friend a bet; 6 pack for the series, double if its a sweep. He turned it down.

  35. Yes, Richards has been ineffective, yes the PP has not been good. But the Rangers have given up 8 goals in the first 2 games. Why?

    While in some respects Henk has to be better as does the D, the truth is the Bruins have done a great job of taking him out of the equation and not because he isnt as sharp. They are doing 2 things that limit his impact on the game: 1. tons of traffic in front because he cannot stop what he cannot see, 2. take pucks wide and then throw passes across the crease, slot, or to a trailer. This forces Henk to move laterally, and quickly. No matter how good any goalie is, if you get him moving laterally alot stuff is going to go in. It’s basically “How to Beat a Team with a Hot Goalie 101.” Lundqvist is the Rangers’ best player. But the Bruins aren’t trying to beat him straight on or straight ahead at all because they realize that is a losing battle. By playing a game that takes him out of position by necessity (and positioning is Hank’s strong suit) they have effectively neutralized the Rangers best player. And Torts has no answer for that.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    GA Girardi must have angered the hockey gods to have a goal scored against in five different ways;
    1 – No Mans Land – Rodin ‘thinker’ pose on 1 knee while Druce, I mean, Krug skates up and rips a wrister by Hank.
    2 – Back Up Goalie – wanting to stop shot, but not tie up man, uses kates for great save and assist to Collie’s kid for a door stop shot.
    3 – Full Body Screen – plays more like a door, than a window, in front of Hank as the shot goes in the cage, sight unseen
    4 – Puck Sight lock – stares at new BFF MDZ playing D in corner as the puck goes behind him and onto Marchand’s stick by a nose
    5 – Classic Snow Angel – slip-sliding away, the human zamboni deftly clears off ice shavings in front of Hank as Loose Cheeks gets a couple of whacks at it

    BTW – McD was even, not that plus/minus is a reliable stat…

  37. Team had a good 2nd Period but were still outscored 2-1.

    1st and 3rd Periods? Flush!

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Did Step play yesterday?

    The Bruins effective 2 way centers have negated our centers and their D has made all difference on their Offense. For some reason, they can join the play and ours can’t. Does Girardi even cross the Blue Line?

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Re Torts – The coach is accountable for personnel decisions.

    Placing Girardi with MDZ was an absolute disaster
    Playing Richards on PP let along 5v5 is adysmally ineffective
    Playing Girardi on first pp unit is a head scratcher
    Playing MDZ on 1st unit PP is just horrible
    Not playing Moore on PP point is confounding
    Not playing Stralman on 1st unit PP is confusing

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    The guys who have my ticket group’s tickets for game 3 want to sell their tickets. Face value of the tickets is $145 each. They are looking for 225 per ticket, but with the 10% that ticketsnow charges, I can sell them to you guys for $200 a seat. They are in section 208, 2nd row, which is a premium row with increased leg room and a good view of the TVs in the first row (which if you get there early, you can set to whatever channels you want because the guys that sit right in front of us are old and can’t figure the TVs out (we usually set one to the raw Garden feed and then one to the broadcast feed, for replays). Close to the aisle, right next to a bathroom, and the stairs to leave.

    e-mail me at in the next hour or they will be listed on ticketsnow.

  41. czechthemout!!! on


    Teflon John is not accountable for anything. The PP is not on him. The lack of an offense is not his fault. Plodding along the boards game after game is not on him.

    It the players. Its Hagelin. Never him.

  42. Can someone lend Del Zotto a big tweezer so he can get his head out of his ass?

  43. Not over yet but they sure looked done in the 3rd. Good thing it’s a best of 7 not a best of 3 and there is a decent chance we go back to boston 2-2. That being said- oh my god Girardi, would it kill this guy to stay on his feet. He’s been so good at times but he showed us yesterday why he was undrafted. Just brutal.

    NYR never make it easy on themselves but Boston seems to have elevated their game. NYR better hold serve at the garden or it really will be over

  44. I don’t think we’re seeing anything that much different from the Rangers overall in this series than we did in Washington. Girardi looks like a very tired player to me – I think Tortorella’s run him into the ground. Del Zotto still has no business being on the point on a power play and Brad Richards has no business being on the New York Rangers. But they’ve not been outplayed or dominated – for the most part, I think they controlled a lot of the play each of the past two games. The big difference in this series: Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t been stellar. Say what you will about the heart and soul of this team and pinning the puck to the walls by 4th-liners, but I will repeat this over and over again: this team is only as good as Henrik Lundqvist. When Henrik Lundqvist is great, they win. When he’s mediocre and gets outplayed by Tukka Rask, they don’t win.

  45. and yes Carp, Richards should be scratched and retire. I’ve never seen a player deteriorate so quickly in my life. Of course you expect a drop-off when players sign with the NYR but Richards’ decline is beyond comprehension.

  46. You can switch defensive pairings, you can juggle lines, the personnel just isn’t there. Injuries are part of the game, all teams have them (I thought Moore wasn’t himself after a jello weekend). We’re moving in the right direction, we have pieces, Henrik can steal games, Torts maxes these guys out, we are young, how the PP is so anemic and has been for so long is mind boggling.

  47. Has anyone other than NBC mentioned that we’re facing a talented, well-coached team that is executing better than us? No embarrasment there

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve now been instructed to sell for $275. Which isn’t going to happen on ticketsnow, but hey, it’s their tickets. So I can sell to boneheads for $230.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Fat Guy, other than OT in game one and the third period yesterday, I don’t think the Bruins have executed particularly well.

  50. and the Rangers looked a whole lot like a team that rolled over in the 3rd period yesterday

  51. doodie dude – maybe not, but still better than we have…we may have had even more good chances than them but how many good chances do we actually convert on?

  52. quite a few of them, actually. Rask has been good on the others and good coaching and execution have nothing to do with that.

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    There is at least as good a chance that this series comes back to Boston tied 2-2 as there was of the Bruins taking a 2-0 lead. With the exception of Game 1 OT and Game 2 3rd period, these teams have been mostly evenly matched, with the Bruins having maybe a slight edge. But the Rangers offense hasn’t looked woeful, and they still have Henrik Lundqvist who, the last time he was this PO’d, pitched two straight shutouts.

    Also, remember this Bruins team was up 3-1 over Toronto and they came _this close_ to losing that series. And Toronto didn’t have the best goaltender in the world between the pipes. We do.

  54. Richards it not coming back to life, he reminds me of a fish out of water, he may be breathing but . . .

    Would Newbury be better for the 4th line?

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    He doesn’t even need to shut out the Bruins, he just needs a modicum of offensive support and to be better than the guy at the other side of the ice, which he is.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Lloyd & Rob – agree on level of play. We are NOT being dominated by any stretch, but our transition D is looking like Carcillo.
    When their D is joining play, but where the eff is our back check??

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    Also, RICK NASH has gotten the monkey off his back, and I fully expect him to score in Game 3

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Those 2 hits Ovi laid on Girardi might have scrambled his eggs. He played game 2 like he just woke from a coma.

  59. Oh we’re back to claiming Torts overuses his top pair? Chara plays 36 + though….at age 36.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Win game 3 and it’s problem solved. One game at a time. This series is far from over.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Yes, and all of the other teams that were down 2-0 this round have won their Game 3s. Survive and advance. One game at a time.

  62. What’s Moore complaining about? In my house, 6 teeth = at least $30 from the tooth fairy

  63. It’s not looking good. Boston is deceiving to watch. At first glance I thought they seemed slower and less talented than Washington. And while they are slower, they use their talents more efficiently than the Caps do. They’re more well rounded. They’re tougher. They have the Rangers completely confused, particularly defensively. And that’s because the Rangers defensemen are NOT taking the body. They’re poking at the puck like a bunch of 8 year olds. Most of these goals could be prevented by simply knocking the man off the puck, But they refuse to do that.

    Then there’s the Rangers PP which is abysmal. And this is STRICTLY a coaching problem. It always has been. You tell me why the Rangers don’t stick one or even TWO big bodies, of which they have (see Boyle, Nash, Kreider) in front of the net? This does a few things.

    1) it screens the goalie. it takes 1 or 2 Rangers forwards PLUS 1 or 2 Bruins defensemen and put them right in front of Rask.

    2) it FORCES the Boston defense to collapse towards the net, thereby freeing up the Rangers point men to SHOOT THE PUCK. If you’ll notice, the Rangers point men never have the time to shoot the puck because the Boston forwards are always on them, applying pressure. Why? Because they are free to do so. The Rangers PP is always on the outside, doing nothing. They don’t skate. They’re frozen.

    This isn’t rocket science. To me, this is all on Tortorella. Milbury (who I hate) pointed it out. Pierre McGuire (who I also hate) pointed it out too. They’re not wrong. This is a systematic problem. This does not have to do with personnel. And Torts has no business singling out Haglin and telling the media that he stinks on the PP. For all that Torts REFUSES to talk about he feels free to tell them that? At this point in the season? He’s an idiot.

    I think Lundqvist is tired and frustrated. Not good.

    What’s also frustrating is that both games were actually winnable.

    It’s still a winnable series but at this point I’m not so confident they can pull it off.

    Richards is awful. Bench him.

  64. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Carp, you were right, Rangers played an afternoon game against Washington Game 6 and won. Don”t know how I overlooked that. I guess one afternoon loss rolls into another. And I was grossly incorrect concerning yesterdays outcome. Is it time for me to get my shine box?

  65. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Last playoffs Brad Richards was money. This year he looks like he needs the public dole. How does a guy age that fast. He’s 33 right? He looks older than Methuselah.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    the Bruins have gotten some lucky bounces, rangers haven’t, Rangers in 6.

  67. If Girardi is exhausted, after a 48 game season and average top D minutes, then he should retire.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The PP problem isn’t as easy as plopping bodies in front of the net. That requires controlling the puck, controlling the play, allowing a set up to take place. The rangers, particularly MDZ, are having a terrible time just setting up. Not making smart passes and unable to receive a pass. How many times the puck get to MDZ and it’s not handled cleanly which then allows their PK to exert pressure which forces a bad pass. Many of the ranger problems are hockey 101. Tape to tape on pass… Tape to tape on the receive. Pretty basic stuff is killing them.

  69. Del Zotto is never ready to shoot on the power play. never. he seems to always be out of position, and like you said, mishandles whatever pass he gets. you could basically have Eminger play the point and get identical results.

  70. @ Eddie Eddie Eddie –

    I agree with you. You’re right that many of the problems are Hockey 101 in nature. However, I do think that if the Rangers sent more bodies to the net that they’d feel they had more time and less rushed to make these passes which are often off the mark, deflected, rolling, intercepted, etc. I think one things plays into the other.

    But you are correct that much of it has to do with the fact that the Rangers are lacking in basic skill.

    MDZ is awful. You can’t even use him as an example. I don’t know how many mistakes this guy makes per game but he has to lead the team.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Watch the pens PP. Every pass is crisp and quick. Puck movement isn’t dilly dally. Pucks aren’t bouncing off pens’ sticks. There is complate control. Our 5-5 is better orchestrated than our 5-4.

  72. power play sounds like a carnival game at Playland –

    round and round she goes
    where she stops nobody knows
    aaaaaannnnnnnddddd…out of the zone

  73. MDZ may need some seasoning, but he is still out toughest D-man…fearless in taking on anyone even with one hand tied behind his back. Giro looks like he feels bad having to ask guys to move out of the crease

  74. And the beat goes on about coaching and game strategies. with the blog experts.

    I believe this writer enjoys excellent credibility with most of the posters. as well he should.

    So here’s a simple solution to your coaching and strategy angst.

    Ask him whether the coach should be fired?

    Ask him if the coach should employ your many strategic personnel suggestions?

    Ask him if he believes the coach has the personnel to do so?

    Ask him if he believes the front office does not bear the brunt of the blame for the 13yr. reign of error?

    Ask him if another coach could have gotten more out of this and previous rosters and the personnel provided by the GM?

    Ask him if 72 years of 1 cup is an indictment of the many coaches or the mismanagement of ownership and management?

    He may want to send you a personal email but given he’s already answered most of these questions publically may not.

    Try acting like investors instead of knee jerk responsive fans asking yourselves would I tolerate this performance and who should take the fall!

  75. Del Zotto is the toughest d-man when the opponent has his back to him, and in which, most of his aggressive gestures seem to be little more than a pesky fly buzzing around someone’s head. When the other guy turns to face him, Del Zotto is a very different player.

  76. those of us who’ve purchased season tickets for the last decade (or more) are investors while guys like you write a check to your cable company.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    TonyF – totally agree on bodies crashing the net during the PP…in fact crashing the net anytime the rangers are in the Bruins end. They miss Clowe’s skill set here. But until the point men can make 2 passes in a row cleanly, it’s all for naught.

  78. I’m not one for excuses, but the Rangers really need Staal and Clowe if they are going to beat Boston. I just don’t see them coming back this year.

    Hopefully Nash can take a page out of Crosby’s book of Hat Tricks, and shine at home at the Garden.

    Rangers have been really close for 5 out of 6 periods, yet they are down 0-2. If they hold serve at home, it’s a whole new series.

    Any chance they could dial up the team from Game 7 vs the Caps?

  79. Rob in Beantown on

    _Try acting like investors instead of knee jerk responsive fans asking yourselves would I tolerate this performance and who should take the fall!_

    Do you root against your investments so that you can fire your money managers the way you root against your “favorite” hockey team?

  80. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Methusaleh was old 962 according to Genesis and Richards for all we know could be that old. Everything that you guys have said about the powerless play is true. To me it looks pschological. It stands to reason if you can score 5 on 5 that you should be able to score with the man advantage at least 15% of the time with the guys the Rangers have. Where is Yogi Berra when we need him. 90% of this game is 1/2 mental. Such wisdom. Sounds ridiculous but yet it”s true. And right now the Rangers are completely psyched out on the PP.

  81. agree that Staal and Clowe would help a lot but it’s not looking like either of them will be playing tomorrow night

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too many times MDZ and or Richards are unable to simply receive a pass or take a puck off the boards and the puck is cleared through no effort of the Bruins PK. Such basic skill really…

    But, win game 3, and the series is on.

  83. “And the beat goes on about coaching and game strategies. with the blog experts.”

    What are we supposed to do? Applaud? It’s a blog. It’s existence and purpose are for exactly what you see here. It’s a place for opinion, retort, etc. It is a community. And with any community there are differing opinions; none of which you have to agree with. We’re here to share our opinions. We wouldn’t do so if we were dispassionate about our team.

  84. If Eddie continues to use the word naught, he should be forced to write all his posts in Olde English.

  85. Bruins consistently break our “forecheck” and get throught the nuetral zone with little resistence as our D backs in and our forwards lag behind. If we are unable to close the gap between our forwards and D and improve our reads on the back check, Bruins will continue to gain the blue line and operate off the rush inthe ozone with time and space to create plays. Weak side coverage on the rush is MIA.

    Our back check has been late and the critical defensive reads defending the Bruin breakout and rush of our forwards and D have been uncoordinated, confused and not crisp.

  86. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Buy out. Buy out who? you all know the answer…I think Newbury/Haley on the fourth line would give them the toughness that line needs to not get its teeth kicked in vs Campbell (who used to have his way w this team as a Panther too) but it’s going to be too little too late. Two seasons in a row that the opponent’s fourth line has crippled this team.

    This PP issue has been going on way way too long and is far passed the point of just needing a “quality point man”. Unless you could get a time machine and line up Leetchy, Al Macinnis, Phil Housley Paul Coffey and Matthieu Schneider in their prime across the blue line for a full 2 minutes every PP no one’s going to win that argument with me anymore. Torts needs to be held accountable for it.

    Not going to be upset about a sweep/series loss. I’ve spent 5 months on a roller coaster with these guys. Time to admit they aren’t very good and see what can be done in the off season

  87. Two positives to focus on-

    Staal’s +/- is even
    Tony Dorsett beat the pisss out of Campbell

  88. Rangers win tomorrow: it’s a series
    Rangers lose tomorrow: season’s over

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – did you that one play in the 3rd, where the Bruin D came around his net from the left wing and Richards followed him? Milbury yelled “how can Richards do that? He’s too slow and will never be able to backcheck”

    Man, did he ever call a spade a spade. Prucha Richards for Newbury is a must.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    @AGrossRecord #NYR D-pairs in practice: McDonagh-Girardi, Del Zotto-Stralman, Moore-Eminger

  91. BTW- don’t want to hear it about Lundvist giving up 5. He’s the only reason we are even in the playoffs let alone the semi finals.

  92. Re: Power Play. I’ll say it for the 3rd day in a row. It is so disjointed its time to apply a really simple remedy;


    *Also, The only forward I would even consider for the point would be Brassard.*

  93. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that Milbury couldn’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect

  94. *Staal Wart* on

    Why is it that the Rangers keep ending up with the washups…I mean, Redden, then Drury and now Richards…who in the front office is making these terrible decisions…yikes!

  95. Bruins is definitely better team than Capitals, but Rangers could beat them and Holtby is better than Rask.
    I watched Boston vs Toronto series and thought that Leafs do not have any chances after losing 1:3 in series. But Toronto started to play with very fast offense, passes and shoots from any angels and Boston failed like house of cards. And in the last game of series, when Toronto was leading 4:1 all Boston team and specially their goalie Rask looked completely lost, but Leafs failed after decided to go to defending score mode.
    I do not know if Rangers can win this series and play like Leafs did, they also had problem to play against fast Toronto team, but they definitely could if play like in 2nd game when Callahan tied with 1:1.

  96. The real backbreaker is that the first two periods were two of our best periods of the entire playoffs, other than Game 7 against the Caps. We put up our best effort and we still came away with bupkiss.

    Nice of Nash to finally score the “one goal” to get us over the hump. 1 in 4, 1 in 9. Not exactly Lemieux or Bossy, there.

  97. Wow. Some nuts thinking going on around here today.

    You guys (not all of you obviously) realize that the Rangers are one of 8 remaining teams in the entire NHL, right? Top 4 in the East. After grabbing an 8th seed.

    They might not win the cup but this is a pretty good run considering their trades, injuries and end entire regular season swoon.

  98. All due respect and credit to Stralman, they need to upgrade his spot over the summer. Too middle of the pack. They need someone that’s consistently playing physical and mean. I don’t think that’s impossible to find for the 1.6 they’re paying him

  99. I’ll be the first to predict that Tepan will ring the cash register for a hatty tomorrow night…the only thing that could make it better is if he first predicts it in tomorrow’s Post

  100. Manny I agree with what you’re saying. Hope you don’t think I’m sounding nuts. To me, nuts is not addressing the same needs year after year after year regardless of being top 8 or top 4 a couple seasons in a row. Glaring needs at this point.

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I for one am not ready to concede this series. Game 3 winner – wins the series.

  102. Eddie is right. We’ve come back from 0-2 before. Really, recently I think. Can’t remember when….

  103. I saw more tape to tape passes “blow up” our sticks in the neutral zone yesterday than I care to remember. At first I thought it might be due to bad ice. But it wasn’t happening to the Bruins.

  104. Rob, check the first three letters of the “assume”.

    Lloyd and others ,no you don’t root against your investments although reading some of your comments one never knows.

    What you do is you monitor the progress or lack thereof with a plan. When that plan doesn’t work you assign blame appropriately and move your money.

    In this case the GM is the “analyst” in the even you haven’t deduced same!

  105. I don’t think Torts is matching up correctly against the Bruins. Two things gave the Bruins fits against the Leafs: Strong net front presence (JVR, Lupul) and speed (Kessel, Kadri).

    The Rangers don’t have a good guy in front of the goal. Period. Boyle has the occasional flash, but overall, he’s not good or strong enough. Maybe it could have been Clowe, but we won’t know that this year.

    But they do have some fast players. Hagelin has been terrific so far. That play where he burned Boychuk and drew a penalty was amazing. Callahan forced the turnover, turned on the jets, and broke in alone as well.

    We know Kreider is fast, even if he is lousy without the puck. MZA has some jump (even if a strong wind can knock him off the puck). Nash’s goal came when he finally got his legs into another gear.

    We need to play faster to beat them. We are trying to much muck and grind. That plays to Boston’s strengths. We need to open it up and make it a track race.

    Defensively, what has killed us all season long is coverage, or lack thereof, in front of the goal. In the playoffs, we have been struggling really badly with shots from the point. Mike Green was the Capitals’ most dangerous weapon against us. In this round, Krug has two, Boychuk has one, and Chara has one. Gotta shut those things down.

  106. Constructive criticism: pointing out deficiencies and identifying what needs to improve for success.

    I, like Eddie, do not concede defeat.

  107. That Cally no-look backhand pass from almost behind the net would have been the goal of the year…was that MacD who took his turn shooting it right into the pads? Granted, he was being harassed, but I’ll conveniently leave that out because it doesn;t play into my story very well

  108. no, it wasn;t a backhand pass, but that too doesn;t play very well into my narrative. Don;t confuse facts with entertaining writing

  109. Good construction, Fat Guy. As we all know, a principle of Rangers Report is not letting the facts get in the way.

  110. Papa – Rangers play their best hockey when their backs are against the wall in elimination games.

    Still time to save this train, but we need a 2 more wins, asap.

    I not giving up.

  111. I thought the Bruin D looked slow at times (Hamilton coasted on the Cally goal, Chara had no giddy-up on the Nash goal). Our inability to consistently create a crisp transition in the neutral zone worked against us. The Bruin D were there for the taking.

  112. My daughter saved me from watching the game live.

    She had Dance Recital at puck drop, followed by a Piano Recial at 6:00.

    So NO SOUP FOR ME. By the time I got to it, it was cold, and I didn’t even care to watch the game. The highlights were enough.

  113. Papa, that’s what I’m saying. We just need to skate hard and fast right at the heart of their D.

    The same is true once in the offensive zone. Several times yesterday I noticed that when we carried the puck to the goal, there were really high percentage chances created by the Bruins’ D collapsing towards the goal. this created chances two ways: 1) the scrum in front of the goal where we might jam one in (like the one Rask almost put into the goal with his glove); and 2) because it opens up a soft spot right around the hash marks for a good shot attempt through traffic.

    Just skate right at their defense, which is either slow, inexperienced, or both.

  114. Richie likes to stay behind and pretend he is pressuring the opposition’s behind the net breakout, then either skate to the bench, or lag ten yards behind the play to make sure he doesn’t have to backcheck anyone. If I were insane, I would think they were shopping him, hoping against hope that he nets a couple to provoke an offer, saving them his paycheck or his buy-out. Ain’t gonna happen.

  115. This Boston group is not that good and can be had. But, 4 out of 5 is pushing it into the realm of the unlikely.

  116. As a fan, the non-performance of Brad Richards is becoming unbearable.

    Good guy or not, it must be a real energy drain on team karma.

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    They were two flukey extra attacker goals away from losing 3 of 4 last week

  118. the end is near.

    i fully expect us to eliminated on memorial day weeknd 2 years in a row.

    game 6 friday night vs devs last year and this year i see us losing on saturday in game 5.


  119. Bad as DelZ and Girardi played, Eminger is multiple disasters waiting to happen. His next dangerous pinch should take place in the balcony of Loews theater.

  120. Dana White tweeting that the UFC just signed Tort and Oates for a no-holds barred octagon bout, to be followed by the same pair doing a set of Hall and Oates cover songs

  121. The only pinching allowed by this organization should come from McDonuts, Moore, or Duguay.

  122. I always gave eminger credit but lately you cant have him out there it seems.

    girardi and mac need to be reunited and thats that. danny worse game as a ranger yesterday and judging just by stats. he looked confused all game long

  123. Duguay should be pinching himself under the desk to be sure his TV career isn;t just a dream

  124. Norm Merton on

    Richards and Del Zotto suck. Del Zotto and Richards suck. And that’s what passes for cogent hockey analysis on this blog. And for humor, Richards has big teeth, like a horse. My sides.

    Yank ’em, I say ! Plug in Newbury and Gilroy, problem solved. OK, that was a little snarky — I meant Powe and Hamrlik… wait, no, Miller and Bickel, uh, Haley and McIlrath…

  125. _I always gave eminger credit but lately you cant have him out there it seems._

    Same. My “perfect 7th d-man” has added an attachment of “so long as he never moves up to 6th”.

  126. I did see the Neil injury, but as a Rangers fan, I can’t even begin to tell you how little I care about his update.

  127. King with no Ring on

    Tortorella should be ashamed of himself for repeatedly criticizing his players in press conferences.

    Lundqvist is not a leader. He says after the first game that he cannot score goals. He then follows up that quote by unconscionably giving up five goals on thirty shots.

    Captain Callahan would never say that he cannot make saves.

  128. _Is this season a success with a 2nd round loss in the Playoffs?_

    Neither success nor failure? Lose Staal long term, have Richards a no-show and trade Gaborik and getting to the last 4 in the East doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world. Not the best thing or even a good thing, but a logical person can’t really call it a failure.

  129. Did anyone hear Pierre after Lucic scored yesterday? He said something like (paraphrasing), “They awoke the bear out of the cage, they awoke the bear!”. He was absolutely gushing over Lucic.

    Pierre…relax…try to sound neutral. You’re celebrating a player that is a couple of steps away from Matt Cooke.

  130. Yep – this time next year, Richards will be chasing the dragon underneath platform # 19 in Penn Station

  131. Torts and Oates:

    I’m tired of playing on the team
    It seems I don’t get time out anymore
    What a change if we set the pace face to face
    No one even trying to score

    One on one I want to play that game tonight
    One on one I know I want to play that
    One on one I want to play that game tonight
    One on one so slow

  132. _Captain Callahan would never say that he cannot make saves._

    Sure he would, he’s a forward.

  133. If they go out in this round, I think the season would be a failure in terms of reaching the goals that were set out from before the season. But I think that after watching the team out on the ice during the season, those goals should have been adjusted, and based on the adjustment, the season has been a success.

    However, if this is the end of the line for Staal, that would be a very significant blow for the franchise. Sure, he was probably headed off to Carolina in a couple of years, but maybe we could have traded him there to get some sort of return, like the Penguins did with Jordan Staal. Obviously, the return would be less because Jordan was RFA and Marc will be UFA, but given the current cap rules, that extra year of contract ability might be worth a draft pick or a prospect.

    All of this is not to mention the next year or two or Marc actually out on the ice.

  134. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Yikes, so frustrating to see us play our worst period of the last few months in the 3rd last night. If we don’t completely collapse, I was thinking it was a one goal game and would be won in the last 5 minutes or in OT.

    That being said, you turn the page and focus on Game 3. Come out and score early (and often?) and win the game, and start putting pressure on the B’s.

  135. Any way you want to slice it, this team can’t really compete for the Stanley Cup.

    You can’t have Brad Richards being what he is, and what he has been all season.

    You also cant have a 2 for 35 powerplay and expect to be advancing in the NHL playoffs. You can’t piss away every game that goes into sudden death.

    I hate to even say this, but Staal & Clowe maybe could have at least made this a series, and that’s only assuming Boston still had all their injuries.

    Even if we moved past Boston, this team has major, major issues. I like Tortorella and I don’t know who you’d even begin to think about replacing him with, but even I am developing real doubts about him. The Richards infatuation has cost this team all season long. He doesn’t fit any line, he doesn’t fit on the PP. He looks mentally and physically fragile on the ice.

    The real killer is that the Rangers had their shot at the Stanley Cup last year. Should really have been in the finals, but blew it. Kings would have rolled us, but you still want to get there and find out the hard way.

    I really hate that we are going to give this away to boston. From here on I’m hoping PIT demolishes BOS and CHI demolishes PIT, I guess.

  136. Call me crazy, but I’m still pretty confident in this team.

    If anything, losing game 2 like that could be a good thing. Really embarrass and piss these guys off enough to elevate their game.

    That being said, they lose one of these, then it’s over.

  137. Wonder if a coach or a GM would really want three brothers. Consider the potential problems. ?

  138. King with no Ring on

    Brad Richards is not being bought out this offseason.

    This is not a video game; this is real life.

    He will be given at least one more season with the team.

    Is there any word on Staal’s or Clowe’s availability for Game 3?

  139. Boston went 10 for 88 when they won. LA went 12 for 94. If the Rangers have a game where they go 2 for 4 they will be just outside of that range.

    So it’s not inconceivable.

  140. Prust is claiming on Twitter that the Rangers are tanking just so they can make it to his Key West house party next weekend. He says it’ll be off the hizzoook

  141. Orr – It can be done. It’s not over till it’s OVER. But part of me thinks this team is up a $hit Creek without and Orr.

    Special teams / Power Play has killed this team ALL YEAR!

    How many games would they have won, if they had just 1 goal a game from their power play?

  142. Sioux, or if they had one at even strength. Or if they prevented one at even strength. Or if they prevented one on the PK.

    That statement is too loaded. It’s not like they’ve been perfect in the other areas either.

  143. Rob in Beantown on

    I dont want to live in a world where Sioux-per-man thinks its over :(

  144. with all the flaws on this team and there are many whether its richy play, no pp,not enough game breakers skill guys who SCORE, and no depth on def 5-6 def to me the only reason we in final 8 is HANK.

  145. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I couldn’t tell if it was carp or Greg posting for a while as wired as carp was lol (s)

    I started calling girardi OPG when he signed his new contract a couple seasons ago. I couldn’t understand why the rangers would sign a d man to that kind of money who always took himself out of the play by sliding on the ice and not taking the body.

    Last year, he was pretty good. Now…welcome back OPG!!!!

    The fact is this is a vanilla D and has been. It doesn’t do anything exceptionally well (except not take the body enough and slide themselves out of position way too much).

    There needs to be 2 new D men next season and both physical. One needs to be mcilrath and the other needs to be a physical free agent D man.

  146. Tony F. I didn’t mean to neglect your daffy comment about posting comments with scant relevance because “this is a blog and what kind of fans are dispassionate about their team”?

    I would say there’s nothing wrong with being passionate but not if you’re wrong or misinformed.

    But I Digress, why not ask the writer his opinions?

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I actually think Boston looks worse defensively than the caps did, if we played D in this series like the last one, we’d be up 2-0.

    Powerplay needs to cost someone their job, period!!!

    My three stars in no particular order

  148. iwicky, not necessarily a firing, but it needs to be coached by someone other than Torts or Sully. Whether its because Sully goes and is replaced or they just bring in a special teams coach, it has to be run by a new person.

  149. Lloyd Braun on

    Manny already declared winning one round of the playoffs evidence of a successful season so Cup Schmup I say

  150. The PP is just depressing.

    Sully has to go. If he’s truly running the PP, then he needs to be replaced. That’s all there is to it. Gonna have to play musical chairs with an assistant coach until you can find one that can get this PP going.

    Though, I’m wondering that if anyone who might be available would even want to work with Torts.

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I was actually meaning sully (not torts) when I said it needed to cost someone their job.

    I’d love to see a former NHL d man actually coach our D…from the bench during a game.

  152. King with no Ring on

    If Manny said it, it must be true. She also said the Bruins were more favorable a matchup for the Rangers than the Leafs.

  153. Torts, Sather agree on anonymous blogger as new PP coach. Press conference at 5.

  154. scheduling for saturday

    with rangers/bruins and hawks/wings scheduled to both play game 5 on saturday

    i noticed hawks/wings which will play game 5 went from TBD to 8pm on nbc

    so i am assuming should rangers force a game 5 they would play afternoon on saturday prob 1 or 3pm

  155. Stranger Nation on

    The PP challenge – no good shot from point from MDZ and GA Girardi allows PK forwards to press up or down with no fear of a scoring change from up top.
    Our forwards are wide as can be – Nash looked like he was playing from the second row.
    When it worked best v. Craps:
    Zucc: best passer with time and space
    Bros-hard: QB from middle of ice, smart decisions, great flat passes for one timers
    Nash: really a ab gi decoy at this stage – what is up with this guy???
    Moore – best Offensive Dman, has a decent shot, low and hard, usually gets thru
    Stralman – good instincts, above average wrister, good at keeping puck in zone.

  156. Lloyd Braun on

    I’d be totally fine with the Hagelin comments if Tortorella was actually talking about Richards and was just being especially sarcastic when he used the words “too quick” and “jitterbug”

  157. “Hey, idiot, stop thinking about both the present and future economic implications of keeping Brad Richards around for another season. This isn’t a video game!”

  158. I accidentally hit “Add Comment” and I’m pretty sure it was more reasonable than anything King Without a Ring has posted today. If you agree with me, don’t say anything at all. If you disagree, just post “You’re right, Mister D!”

  159. King with no Ring on


    The Rangers are going to cut ties with a player two years after signing him to a nine year contract.

    The amnesty buyout is available through next offseason.

  160. Salty, I know this is a waste of time but…. why exactly do you believe that Staal and Clowe would make a real difference in this series?

    Staal is basically a second pair D and Clowe is not exactly a big time scorer.

    Are you actually positing that these two would change the course of the series?

  161. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp is probably star gazing the Westchester country

  162. King – catch a crow and prepare utensils. If he gets injured, he’s paid into eternity AND your Cap protection is toast.

  163. King with no Ring on

    The difference is, Richards and Tortorella have a history together.

  164. They were prepared to pay Wade Redden $6.5 million this season to stay home in bubble wrap so they could buy him out at the end of the year. If you think they will give Richards a chance to get hurt, you’re sorely mistaken.

  165. King with no Ring on

    When next season begins and Brad Richards is still wearing a Broadway Blueshirt, you shall be the one eating crow.

  166. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Richards will be back.. Better to trade him next year for something rather than paying him off for zero.

  167. Onecup, there is no way anyone will trade for Richards. That contract is just too poisonous.

    Vancouver couldn’t move Luongo and Luongo is still a capable hockey player. Now look at the player formerly known as Brad Richards and you think there is any chance anyone will pony up anything for him?

    Oh, he also has a NMC.

  168. rangers/bruins game 5 saturday mememorial day weekend scheduled for 530pm on nbc sports network right before wings/hawks game 5 at 8pm on nbc

  169. You can trade him for John Scott if you agree to pay half of Richie’s contract and throw in a sixth.

  170. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I am a Rangers fan for more that 40 years, but they ain’t winning this series – not with this line up, not with this coach and not with this PP.

  171. “To An Athlete, Dying Young” by A.E. Housman

    The time you won your town the race
    We chaired you through the market-place;
    Man and boy stood cheering by,
    And home we brought you shoulder-high.

    Smart lad, to slip betimes away
    From fields where glory does not stay,
    And early though the laurel grows
    It withers quicker than the rose.

    Now you will not swell the rout
    Of lads that wore their honours out,
    Runners whom renown outran
    And the name died before the man.

    And round that early-laurelled head
    Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead,
    And find unwithered on its curls
    The garland briefer than a girl’s.

  172. Norm Merton on

    Featured in “Out of Africe”, recited by the incomparable Streep. Lovely.

  173. What Doodie said. Even if you could get someone to trade for Richards, there wouldn’t be enough value coming back to offset the future cap risk. *No matter what* you’re paying him $36MM in real cash, its just a matter of whether you want to get a year of playing time at a nearly $7MM cap hit or not while doing so. Given the already stated (ad naseum) injury disaster waiting to happen and his level of play, this offseason is a very, very easy call.

    (And the Torts connection doesn’t matter. I’m a fan and I know there’s no Torts here in 7 years. He can get over losing 1 year of Richards which is what it amounts to given the 0% chance he’s not amnestied either this offseason or next.)

  174. Rob in Beantown on

    “New York Rangers @NYRangers
    Game Five of the #BOSvsNYR series has been confirmed for this Saturday starting at 5:30 at TD Garden in Boston”


  175. “Hmmm, let’s see, what’s the perfect start time to guarantee that anyone who has kids or eats dinner is affected?”

  176. _530 saturday because 800pm is wings/hawks in primetime on nbc_

    Then play in the afternoon.

  177. They are loading up for the ratings of Wings-Hawks instead of trying to maximize both broadcasts. They figure Rangers-Bruins will be a very strong lead-in to Wings-Hawks, which is probably accurate.

    So instead of doing 1+1=2, they want to do .5+1.5=2.

  178. King with no Ring on

    Mister D said it should be played in the afternoon, so he must be right.

  179. I’ll repeat myself from earlier and explain myself a little further. Regardless of making it this far there are long over due issues that need to be addressed after theyre out. That’s fact. For all that’s gone on this season I would not call it a failure. Maybe “a successful failure” sums it up best? not sure how you guys see it I’m one fan with one view and opinion.

    But listen-For the last few years its been about taking another step forward every season. progression. This season they haven’t done that. It seemed like they took a step back more than once but I’d say overall they kind of just ran in place when you factor everything in. They go into next season with a ton of uncertainty and minus the two star forwards they had this time a year ago that were supposed to be part of the “2-4 year plan” or whatever you want to call it.

  180. wicky, I mentioned it the day he was released from Buffalo, but James Patrick is available. NYR should get on that.

  181. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You might have heard that before :)

    Schoney…I was thinking someone else.

    Speaking of skating, jagr makes clowe look like hags.

  182. And btw I am discussing their future today but don’t mean to seem like I’m conceding by any means. Torts has to stop looking for Musky and go tell Richards he’s going to be a healthy scratch for the next two games

  183. From the “This Will Help, and it Sure as Cooke Couldn’t Hurt” department – is the blonde to the left of Tortorella holding the ABC mike above Erin Andrews? That might just become everyone’s favorite Tortorella presser. Sure is nicer to look at than the last 2 boxscores.

  184. Rob – I’m not saying it’s over. There’s at least 6 more periods to play. If the Rangers don’t win every period we could be golfing.

    They will hold serve at home. Still time to wake the sleeping giant!! Can Nash put this team on his back and score enough to win? Will Richards wake up AT ALL this year. Lundqvist can shut teams down, but can he shut the B’s out?

  185. “No, Laura Behnke, I believe is her name, from ABC if I’m not mistaken.”

    you know if this forum were just a little more inappropriate than it already is we could have lots of fun with you on this one. Maybe over beers and hot dogs someday.

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