And the winner is … (unofficially) Mike S picked all eight first-round series winners correctly


The results are unofficial, because I always wait 24 hours to see if anybody has any protests about my tabulations.

But, according to my calculations, Mike S is our first-round contest winner, the only entry with all eight first-round series winners correct.

Nine others had seven of the eight series winners correct, including our friend Doodie Machetto, whose only miss was on his beloved Rangers (don’t feel bad, I picked the Capitals, too).

The others with seven first-round winners were Evan, Jared R, Michael Raffo, Moses JD, Daddy, Colin, Admiral Akbar and Lyova — who always seems to be in or near the winner’s circle in our events.

So we went to the first tiebreaker, which was total series exactly correct. Michael Raffo thus is our second-place winner with four exact predictions.

Four others had two series exactly right, and nobody won the third tiebreaker, which was the score of the Rangers-Capitals clincher.

So third place goes to Lyova, who on the fourth tiebreaker, Rangers shots in the clinching first-round game, nailed it with 27.

I’m giving you guys 24 hours … until 5 a.m. Sunday … to let me know if you have any disagreements or gripes with the results, via email: If I don’t hear any convincing arguments by email by 5 a.m. Sunday, I will declare Mike S, Michael Raffo and Lyova our three winners.

Thanks to everybody who played.


Don’t know if  you guys saw any of John Tortorella’s presser in Boston yesterday. Here’s a classic clip, though … click here.

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  1. Admiral Akbar on

    Honorable mention! (My faith in the Fishsticks betrayed me!)

    Congrats to winners!

  2. Admiral Akbar on

    Cant take this extra day off between games 1 and 2 –

    – thank you, Mr. Jacobs, at least you’ll get some injured players back with the extra rest before game 2!

  3. *Power -outage- Play*

    How about Torts scraps the hybrid PP units and sends out his regular lines and D pairs on the PP?

    Any of the top 3 lines and top 2 D pairs can be sent out depending on who is fresh and/or playing better during the game.

    Hybrid PP units? Not getting the job done.

    The odds of a series victory for the Blueshirts are greatly reduced if unable to improve the PP. At this juncture, why not try a simple, uncomplicated remedy like the one above?

  4. iDoodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Carp, correction. I’m withdrawing from the contest voluntarily. I didn’t lose.

  5. Gretz’ daughter weighs 90 lbs, 40 of it chest. Amazing gene pool. Oh, wait a minute…

  6. Teeing up the Pro V1 in 2 hrs. At $4.50 apiece, I will attempt to play a conservative game. Hate to play a $5 Nassau and lose eighteen dollars in golf balls.

  7. If Mickelson and Garcia weren’t multi-millionaires and paid for their own golf balls, they would have won a few more tournaments. Sometimes wealth works against you.

  8. Since Richie does nothing anyway on offense or defense, station him behind the net on the PP as the lonely soldier to just dish and let our forwards slam or draw interference penalties. If they want to cover him, we’ll play four on three out front and our point will have less challenge. How’s that for creative thinking? :))

  9. Carp,

    Thanks for running the contest.

    I am really hoping the prizes are either a John Tortorella Fathead, the book, “How to Score on the Powerplay for Dummies” by Mike Sullivan, or an autographed picture of Pierre McGuire coaching the Whalers.

  10. The picture up there ^.. All the stud athletes and Bubba.

    Bubba overheard to Mess: “Mark, you mind if I take this in the Oval Office for a few. There’s an intern there I’d like to,,,,,well ,,,you know,,,,,,,show it to.”

  11. SufferingSince79 on

    LW…and here I was thinking there’s very little about the NHL that amuses me. I stand corrected. Well played sir.

  12. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp…nice use of the archive. Picture brings back so many memories. Makes me wonder, where’s Nick Kypreos? So unlike him to not insert himself into the big moment.

  13. Nick appears very often in the widget—>
    Although, sometimes he says things that make one wonder whether he took one too many back in the day.

  14. he’s pretty plugged-in as a reporter, ilb. but, yeah, sometimes his opinions might be out there.

    good guy.

  15. @Spikesup 2m
    Anybody know where the USA/SUI game can be found on television in the states? #becauseitsthegoldmedal


  16. Not bad. Could have gotten some better wood, profits have been down lately. But overall, with a diminished staff, we did pretty well.

  17. Seriously, is this USA/SUI game not on ANY American channel? It’s the Semi-Finals!

  18. There is no defending Richards with respect to his production this year and in the playoffs but.

    What player is filling the net for this team in these playoffs.

    Everyone needs a victim for the offensive ineptitude of this group, so what about Nash and others?

    Give it a rest, this is simply not a good offensive squad.

    And at the risk of repeating the obvious, I’ll stick to my original opinion that the only way the Rangers win most games is if Lundqvist plays out of his gourd!

  19. Good one Papa Bear very funny.Wait I forgot no politics here.Not so funny.Wait you know what it was very funny.

  20. What can I say? I have a nose (Marchard) for these contests.

    ilb, How’s mama ilb doing?

  21. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    God Bless Mama ilb Happpy early Birthday may you share many more together!!!

  22. Manny, no discussing “wood” and profits on a family site.

    Officialdom frowns on escort services.

    And that “staff” business is also a little obvious!

  23. Thanks, Ria!

    On a unrelated note. Whoever designs baby clothing for Carter’s needs to go back to school. I find it easier to intubate a baby than to put a onesie on. WTB?

  24. just letting everyone know usa and switz will be on nbc sports netowrk tonight on tape delay after kings/sharks game 3. so basically 12 hour delay

  25. This Lundqvist-or-nothing discussion:

    couldn’t you say the same for pretty much any team’s best player and/or its goalie?

  26. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Rangers would be nothing without Lundqvist…probably not even a playoff team :)

  27. Thank you for the kind words, Carp et al. There seems to be a problem with my paywall, so please send the $10 directly to my bank account.

  28. Is Ben Bishop hurt? How does John Gibson get all these starts over him? The Tampa Bay Lightning must be a bit let down about that.

  29. Thanks, eric. That’s great news. I can actually see/hear what’s happening then. Thanks!

  30. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Manny read your e-mail from ilb. Thank you for the kind words & feedback on the book. Greatly appreciated.

  31. Nanny, on the other hand, having a teammate who’s responsible for announcing a *NEW POST* and constantly failing to do so is akin to having a PP quarterback who has nothing left but a blind backhand pass. Amnesty buyout anyone?

  32. @Spikesup
    I just assume that Tort saying Hagelin “stinks on the PP” means that Hagelin will be on the PP Sunday and this is motivation. #whereismusky

  33. Also, Tort made some odd cryptic comments about making “off ice” changes. Could it be that a new Asst. Coach is being brought in to solve the PP?

  34. Still searching, Salll. We will probably never find Musky. Sigh. How was the logging?

    Add your CCCP.

  35. …”The simple thing is we have always supported a slot limit for Musky. It is a fact that a female Musky will begin to spawn at 5 years of age (26-30 inches).So if you say that you want to find any Musky between 39 and 43 inches, just forget it. We protect Musky that are in their spawning prime. You have only the opportunity to remove male Musky which if not removed will only decimate the forage base.” Keep looking… Capise?

  36. Is there some locker-room problem going on? Maybe we should add Rupp. He was good in the room.

  37. …what or who is musky/?
    Scoring fish, playing hockey. Rangers intangible savior in scoring, Sather and all are constantly looking for with $$$ Musky Lure. Imaginary TGO.

  38. When the draw for the Olympic groups was made, someone (Doodie?) slapped me down for suggesting Switzerland had bridged the gap with the big 7 nations and were now basically on a level with Slovakia.

    I know it’s not best-on-best at the World Championships, but making the final after topping a group including Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic ain’t bad.

  39. I watched that game. Switzerland was pretty dominant throughout.

    It wasn’t a “miracle-on-ice” one-time thing. The score could’ve been more lopsided.

  40. That’s freakin’ hilarious, Rob … except for one thing. The forwards actually appear to be moving in that video. And I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed.

    tf, they decided they didn’t need me in Boston for Games 1 and 2 … so no.

  41. I think Torts just means he needs to move the car seat closer to the window. he will talk more about that later in the series.

  42. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    My favorite was ovi’s hart blurb about hunter

    Runner up was boudreau and the typo!!

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is it true the ranger players are wearing t-shirts now that say “The Musky Way” instead of “The Right Way”??

  44. Carp, no on site reporting from Boston for the first two games.

    Reminds me of how the DN began it’s descent from stellar hockey coverage to present day afterthought with less than stellar writers.

    The economics of the newspaper business?

  45. Mr. Jacobs. They could have played today, but they had to light up the Empire State Building in black and gold first.

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