Game 1: Rangers-Bruins in review


Game 1 wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I expected it to be a little meaner, and I though the Bruins would have more surges, and I expected the Rangers to play more along the walls.

Actually, I thought, the Rangers moved the puck pretty freely, didn’t forecheck nearly as much as expected, and that the Bruins’ surges – other than when the fourth lines were on the ice – were limited until overtime.


1) The last play was coming for a long time, but it happened because of colossal mental breaks. Ryan McDonagh goes in deep. That’s fine. But Derick Brassard has to recognize that and make sure the puck doesn’t go backwards. He didn’t. Then on the 2-on-1, Mats Zuccarello is right with Brad Marchand, stops skating momentarily, gives him a little hook and lets him go. Anton Stralman fails to stop the pass across. Game over.

2) The Bruins power play stands around just like the Rangers’ power play does, but the Bruins have some shooters. Still, that eight-shot PP was ridiculous, and that wasn’t even the one that scored. Rangers have to be better on the kill.

3) And, obviously, better on the PP. I don’t get how a power play can struggle all season long because the players refuse to move to open ice, refuse to move at all, and still not move at this stage of the playoffs. What does it take? Coach?

4) Rick Nash still doesn’t look near 100 percent, but he had some good shifts, and he was largely responsible for the 1-1 goal with 1.3 seconds left in the second, first with a good wrap-around, then his hustle to track the puck and prevent Tyler Seguin from clearing it. So Ryan McDonagh kept it in and shot – Nash had to jump over the shot – and scored. Took a couple of wristers, finally. But it’s not the same Rick Nash.

5) McDonagh=Monster. He was the Rangers best player even before the goal he scored.

6) Best part of not being at the game: Hearing John Tortorella’s bench interviews with Pierre McGuire. (second best part: Fore!).

7) That Taylor Pyatt penalty. I have a a few problems with that. A) That’s not nearly as dangerous as the Jason Chimera hit on Ryane Clowe or the Alex Ovechkin hit on McDonagh. Not close. B) I don’t think it’s a dangerous hit when the player is right up against the boards, as opposed to being two or three feet away. C) The referees were not calling that a penalty until Boychuk stayed down. That’s embarrassing officiating. D) Boychuk turned before he was hit. That should negate the penalty every time, IMO.

8) Anyway, it’s funny that people still don’t think Pyatt hits people. Guy’s been good for eight games now.

9) Troubling part for the Rangers is that Zdeno Chara was out mostly against Nash, and that the Derek Stepan line was completely blanketed nonetheless until the opening seconds of the third period.

10) Then Dan Girardi, who I didn’t think was great minus McDonagh (though he had the huge block late in the third, back with McDonagh), made that great play to start the transition play for the 2-1 goal, Carl Hagelin to Stepan. And I know I’ve said it before, but Stepan shoots the puck so well  … he just needs to shoot it more.

11) Another troubling part, maybe worse, I thought Ryan Callahan had an awful game. He had one early in the Washington series, too. Then was terrific by the end.

12) I fully expect this series to be ugly and low scoring and loaded with icings (did Boston set a Stanley Cup playoffs record for them?) and even at times boring and dull and hard to watch. But those first two periods even exceeded those expectations. Much worse than I hoped.

13) Zuccarello in the Battle of the Z’s with Chara. Slight mismatch. LMAO.

14) Brian Boyle=Faceoff/shot-blocking beast. Draws #

15) The Bruins’ two callup defensemen? Played much better than you could possibly imagine Andrew Ference and Wade Redden would have played.

16) Wow. Brad Richards is overmatched by Gregory Campbell.

17) Adam Oates could not kick John Tortorella’s butt, I guarantee you. But if he really thinks his boys didn’t whine, he should go back to the post-Game 6 quote sheets. They practically were in tears. … Where’s Musky?

18) I don’t normally like commercials with NBA players, but the one with Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade, I think, is pretty cool.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game One
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Taylor Pyatt.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Rick Nash.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dan Girardi.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan
2. Ryan McDonagh
3. The King
A couple of levels of excitement down from the caps…
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (16.07%).
2. Brian Boyle (12.5%)
3. tie, Derek Stepan, Dan Girardi & Ryan McDonagh (10.71%).

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  1. Thoughts:

    1. BUMMER!

    2. Rangers deserved to lose. Thought that their play in OT was PUTRID

    3. Every time Pierre McGuire opens his mouth, I want to take a butter knife and jab it in my own eye.

    4. Can someone give me a hint on how I can synch the Rangers radio broadcast with the television feed.


  2. Egg Roulette on

    1) Hank has got to be better or we don’t win
    2) Reffing was horrible. We need more ref’s like the Caps series or we don’t win. The Caps series was superb officiating..

  3. I finally just shut off the sound….I cannot listen anymore to their mindless banter..I dont care how long it has been since these two original six played OT…or how Brave that ahole of a ref..Chris Rooney…was for calling the ctoss check…btw…did u hear how good the Bruins fourth line is? Over and over and over….

  4. The encouraging things:

    1. I thought the Rangers got on their heels way too much in OT, but outside of that, thought Washington was a much tougher opponent than Boston.

    2. The Rangers and Nash in particular seemed to find tons more open space and time last night than they did against the Caps. Scoring will be less of a problem. I didn’t think the Rangers even played very well last night,so once they get their game on, I think they’ll do very well.

  5. Gift of GAB-orik on


    Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade in that commercial

    Secondly… Rangers in 6!

  6. Anothet NBCSports exclusive repeated endlessly…Jagr is down to 15 second shifts…he knows to keep it short…you know he was drafted in 1945 when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor….

  7. I was thinking before the game….at least with Richie on the fourth line…we’d have the better fourth line… the old lady said in My Cousin Vinnie…I guess I’m gonna need thicker glasses!

  8. Nice write up, Carp. Announcers = “Did you hear that? Obviously not, ok, I’ll repeat it a few times until you understand that Jagr is an old geezer and can’t stay on the ice for more than 15 sec shifts…” Arghhh…national broadcasts always remind us of how lucky we are to have NYC announcers.

    Too bad the Rangers’ broke down near the end of OT #1…I thought they had a chance to win this. They gambled and went for the win by pinching too hard, resulting in the Bruins’ OT goal. Anytime ZA is back alone against any Bruin means we are in trouble.

  9. 1) Why doesn’t Zuc take Marchand down on the play?

    2) In this case, Strahlman should have done the silly slide.

    3) Rangers have to be a lot better and meaner.

    4) The Rangers third line looked slow and could not get its board game going against its Boston counterparts

    5) Rangers looked tired in OT.

    6) Nash passed up a good shot to make another pass in the third. Has to be hurt.

    7) With all the negatives I still think Rangers must and will come back with the win in Game 2.

  10. Who cares? The Yankees just lost a series at home to the M’s and two more guys got hurt. Lets get our priorities in order

  11. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    The Rangers are like the movie Groundhog day

    I’ve seen it all before

    No comment… what else is there to say ?

  12. bull dog line on

    I only saw the 3rd period and overtime, so my comments are based on that.
    I did not mind the way they played. Chara is great. I saw him out there against both Nash, and the Stepan line. I guess that is because he never leaves the ice. stop with the excuses for Nash. if he is out there, then he must perform. the Rangers never recovered from the momentum the Bruins gained from there OT power play. Hank needed to stop the goal that tied it. he does 999 out of 1000.

  13. Carp, dead on on Ryan Callaghan. the worst I’ve seen him play wearing the ‘C’ that I can remember. Just a thoroughly disappointing game buy him in all 3 zones.

  14. i’m glad you mentioned the captain carp… he was terrible. not getting pucks out, missing the net, not getting pucks deep, easily one of the worst games i remember watching him play.

    we definitely were with them for a big part of the game, so i think it feels ok going into sunday.

    with all those posts at the end of the third and OT, you really felt like the hockey gods were giving us a shot to steal the game but alas…

  15. It’s never easy. When the rangers win the series we will look back on the two overtime losses and say it should have been a sweep.

  16. Egg Roulette on

    Rangers in 5 if we can get the calls like last series. Another 5-0 power play game should run down the Bruins legs…

  17. Jack Klompus on

    Please get better Staal and Clowe. Going to need their size to get through this one.

  18. Honestly, I did not see this big, hulking, brutally physical team that was advertised. That game was there for the taking last night and the Rangers didn’t play well. But again, loads more time and space than last series, and if they play their game they should definitely win this.

  19. Looking at the photo at the top, the puck clearly hasn’t crossed the line. Can’t believe the refs and the war room let that stand.

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!!!

    Brassard needs to shoot that puck!!! A cross ice behind the defense that to Leeds to the GWG!

    Shoot the effing puck in OT! When everyone is crashing the net!!! Grrrrr

    Newbury would match up better at the 4th line center. Brad should have looked all World there, up against the 4th line. But he didn’t. Then I’m thinking Newbury & Kreider had scoring chemistry in Hartford. Newbury and Asham have alot more snarl as well.

    Sorry brad you are now a liability!!!

  21. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, 8-0 in the post-season!!! Great Review!!!

    Atta boy, Carpy!!! Thanks!!!!

  22. This game was not physical at all, and both teams were able to freely skate with the puck.

    The Rangers seemed a bit disinterested. They didn’t play terrible, but they definitely didn’t play with the urgency we saw in games 3-4 and 6-7 vs Washington.

    Also, the score was much closer as Boston hit at least 3 posts/crossbars this game. Coulda shoulda woulda, but an inch difference on those shots and it’s a 5-2 Boston win in regulation.

    Also, they need to get more shots on Rask. How many tough saves did he have to make this game?

    All that said, I think they will play better in Game 2 and even up the series.

  23. Sioux-per-man on

    And what’s with the Eminger HUG! Let him get the puck and check him HARD!!! Power play they score. There goes our lead!

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sioux, nice thought there about benching Richards. I agree.

    With Torts, don’t see it happening. To his credit, the only thing he did well but did it 3 times was to deliver the puck into the zone on the PP, twice taking it all the way up on his own. For him (you have to use this qualifier with his play, sadly), he had ‘some jump’ to his skating.

    His being on the ice = Defensive Zone Chaos

  25. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It’s only game one. If we can play better (I know we have that capacity re:Game 7 v. Craps), and emerge with the split, we will be ok.

    No ledge here. Need Hank to step up. Better PK

  26. Good morning, boneheads!

    Both teams didn’t play their best, so I’m sure the series will get more intense. Can’t judge based on what we’ve seen last night. I agree with Peter, I thought Washington was much more physical, allowed very little space, and was more assertive in the offensive zone than Boston last night. Again, they’ll get better. I thought the Rangers were a better team through 3 periods.
    Chara is a monster on the boards, and his shot is still lethal. But the Rangers need to exploit his main weakness- he is susceptible to getting beat by a forward with outside speed. Now more than even two years ago. Nash showed it twice last night.
    In general, I think, it will come down to whether Rangers’ forwards are able to challenge Boston’s defensive depth. Once series goes deeper, Chara won’t be able to cover two lines. No Seidenberg may be what helps the Rangers eventually. I’m sure both Hank and Rask will get better.

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I know it’s after a bad loss, but at what point do we feel good about this team if it drops out of the playoffs? At beginning of season? I’m thinking SC finals. At end of season? I’m thinking maybe ECF, or even going 6-7 in ECSF.

    I know it’s same old, same old, but IF we had Staal, Sauer, Clowe, this team is a true contender.

    Anyway, we need game 2.

  28. I found a way to buy out Richards next year without hurting his and Torts’ feelings- hire him immediately as an assistant coach to run the PP.

  29. SufferingSince79 on

    Good one Carp. #17…Not sure how the Oates comment is in there. He is an ex Bruin of course but it doesn’t take away from the review.

    Gotta say I’m not surprised to see a lot of the same old comments since last night. That’s what we do here. I do wonder how you can reference Lundqvist as part of the reason for the loss. Anyone see games 6 & 7 in the Caps series? I guess it’s fine to point out that there were goals he should have stopped but man, does that guy have us spoiled.

    He looked a little worn in OT to me but maybe he comes back for the next couple of games channeling that anger he had to feel again. Playoff OT with the Rangers feels like you’re waiting to get punched in the face but don’t know exactly when it’s coming. I’m bummed of course today but am not giving up yet.

  30. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ilb, good points. Hank can be better, for sure.

    I was pleased that balding, 36 yo Chara played 36 minutes+. Give us a long series and we gotta hope it will take a toll.

    The guy, is a force on the ice, and he plays really good positional hockey at this point in his career. Combined with his size, he’s tough.

    It’s obvious they have the kids playing ‘zone’ defense, hitting when they can. It worked last night, but good coaching should pick that apart. For the 30 or so minutes Chara is not on the ice, we need to take it to the net. When he is there we need to use speed around.

    We can beat these guys.

  31. Nice write up Carp. Maybe it was mentioned during the game on this blog but what a lifeless crowd in Boston.

    The game was extremely boring and I even took a short nap.
    The Rangers IMO did not show up for OT.

    I hate afternoon games during the playoffs. I have better things to do but of course I will put them off and watch the game…lol


  32. I guess I should’ve added (S) to my 8;15 post.

    People keep mentioning Clowe. I am willing to bet anything you want that if he really sustained a second concussion within 2 weeks ( we are speculating here, but it sure looked it, and if it was, it was due to a relatively soft hit), he isn’t coming back this year. Nor he should. Unless Rangers’ medical staff is run by a bunch of Mayan Shamans, of course.

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Suffering, for the first time in his career, for me, Hank gets a pass from now on. His play in games 5,6,and 7 last series, proved his mettle. Singlehandedly, he turned that big ship around and won.

    Hank made some unnoticed but big saves all night, but the two he let in were a bit soft, for him. He even said in the post game that he overplayed the passer on the OT goal. For him…only for him…he can be better.

    Despite some pretty insufficient efforts by Cally, Girardi, MDZ, Eminger, even Nash, and of course, Richards, if Hank plays up to his ‘cloud 9’ level of the first series, he can beat the Boston we saw last night.

    Hope he gets some support.

  34. Matty, don’t forget that until the final week, most here were saying they wouldn’t make the playoffs and if they did they’d get swept in the first round. … so expectations are a moving target.

    I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we’d say this Rangers team is in the mix with a bunch of teams that could contend but probably won’t … and after last season, that kinda puts them right on schedule with their vision of building a team that will contend, and do so for a number of years, because I think they’ll be better next year.

    lmgo, ilb.

    Good morning, Sally!

  35. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ok, so who, after watching 48 games, thought Boyler might be one of our most important forwards once the playoffs began?

  36. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Agreed, Carpy. With a huge ‘save’ on the future by the Gaborik trade, or so it seems now. Let’s see what 82 games without the Gabster and with these 3 is like.

    Let’s also realize because of Clowe, we may have no Clowe and miss 3 draft picks.

    They are on track. The depth, at this point, including the injuries, may be a tad better than last year (Torts rarely used his 4th line in rounds 2 and 3;he is using his 3rd D pairing some), but we are still not where the elite teams are.

    Moving forward. Progress.

  37. Matty- last year he showed he could. So why not. Second year in a row he elevated his game in the post season. I’m sure a few people will disagree just to make sure they continue to be right. Who cares!
    Gravy- you think it’s time to move him from 0 to 1 on your WBM?

  38. Yet another spot on review. Carp=Smythe Trophy winner!

    As for the Pyatt penalty, I will take C. The refs weren’t calling anything until Boychuk didn’t get up. If that is the case, then Pyatt should ahve gotten four or five minutes.

    As for Cally, my wife is the biggest Callahan fan and even she was bagging on him. He just didn’t seem to have his head in the game because he was making mistakes he doesn’t normally make.

    As for that “performance” in OT, I wonder if Boychuk ringing that shot off the post at the buzzer took some steam out of the boys.

  39. Norm Merton on

    Gaborik trade looked like a joke last night from the Bruins’ perspective — they genuinely feared him. But it’s only one night, and hope is the thing with feathers, so I expect to see the Rangers strutting around Beantown in boas this weekend. They have seen the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this year’s Bruins team and need to remind themselves to turn themselves on when the B’s turn themselves off.

  40. of course, them being better next year assumes Staal returns, Kreider and Miller arrive, and they don’t miss a certain 40-goal scorer too much over 82 games.

  41. By the way, John Moore is starting to look like a rookie. Expected. He needs to learn how to pinch better, but most importantly, he should learn that he needs to hit the net on his wide angle shots, or it will lead to an odd-man rushes. I like his game, so does Torts I believe. He lets him play. That is hat it’s all about- learning how to play in these kind of games. This kid will be a solid D-man for many years!

  42. Stranger Nation on

    15) The Bruins’ two callup defensemen? Played much better than you could possibly imagine Andrew Ference and Wade Redden would have played.
    Definitely – but that will change as the series progresses, particularly on the road and now we can study tape to see their tendencies and weaknesses.
    The little guy who scored the goal, Krug, needs to be hammered from now on and the other stiff, Bartowski, was (-2) with most of our offensive zone presence when he was out there.
    Best Supporting Actor in a Quarter final series (so far)- Rich Peverly – drew three penalties last night – only Dorsett’s was slightly legit. Touch this guy and looks like he is wearing roller blades on ice.
    Also nominated in this category is Johnny Boy-chick for that ridic play. I don’t know if I have ever seen a 45 second delay call b/c the man stays down. Wha??
    Didn’t see much snarl from Bees. Nice to have Dorsett and Asham out there.
    Agree with No-berries over Richards, but that will never happen. Need Richie to sit. Believe he has a lower body injury – his legs don’t work any more…or his hands for that matter.
    Game was Boring for the first 30 mins and the final 40 mins were only slightly more interesting or exciting.
    Hank let in two he shouldn’t but cannot fault him for Dan Girardi and MDZ playing like Carcillo in their own end.
    MDZ over Moore? Don’t see why it happens

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Bring back Gabby
    Bring back Dubi
    Bring back Artie
    Hell, bring back Erixon

    where have we heard this before????

    give it up Norm

  44. Hey….one game, right?

    That pass was putrid but it was happening all night. The players on the ice were trying desperately, and stupidly, to get the puck to Nick Rash at all costs. And it cost them. Brassard was in prime shooting position, against a goalie who was giving up rebounds all night. Instead of shooting and crashing the net we get cross ice passes to wherever Nick Rash is, which means wherever Chara and his Eagle like wing span are hanging out.

  45. Hank played well enough to win, although he didn’t play Game 6 or 7 Caps series level. If he did, we win.

    What was really disappointing was our inability to take advantage of the young inexperienced fill-ins on the Bruin Blueline. Where was our aggressive forecheck????

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – agree, but Brassard is trying to make a play and Zucc has to realize the D man is going strong to goal and hang back.

    As a result, we will probably see less McD joining rush and people wondering when his ‘offensive’ game will develop and take the next step.
    He can’t if the forwards don’t play positional hockey.

    Sorry, but fail on Zucc for positioning and then horrible back check. Wasn’t his best game by a long shot either (sorry NYR)

  47. Carp, I wonder if Sather approaches Staal earlier rather than later. He has two more years left on his contract. It’s not a given, but very possible that he’ll end up in Carolina after that. Instead of waiting they may strike an amicable deal with Carolina before that. Thoughts?

  48. And yes, Taylor Pyatt had some night and will continue to play that well in this series. It’s Taylor Pyatt style hockey. He can shine as long as he stays Musky.

  49. You’re pretty spot on, Carp. My expectations actually fell after they beat the Capitals. I thought winning games 6 and 7 was a really good, chemistry building exercise for them and I thought everything from here on out is house money.

    I still think the Rangers can (will) beat the Bruins. And man do I want a shot at the Penguins. Badly.

  50. Also, for those who *don’t know* if you click on my name you will be taken to The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Official Website.

  51. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Well I see the next game as a MUST WIN.. I know they came back from 0-2 vs the caps but , they can’t expect to do it over and over again. They have to gain a lead in the series to offset dreaded games like last nights.

    The ledge is being being prepped and pigeons free..

  52. ilb, agree about the preemptive aspect with Staal. Problem is, with his injuries, his value is probably at its lowest right now. Doubt they can trade him for a major package, nor would they want to sign him to a mega deal, until they have a handle on his vision. No?

    OK, gotta go. Fore right!

  53. Henrik looked like he was fighting the puck all night. I mean, those 2 goals, he saw the whole way. What happened? Maybe he was too tense? Hopefully he’ll relax next game. That being said, he still played pretty good.

  54. the inability of this ranger team to make plays in the overime setting and being back on the heels is sickening already. every overtime game this season and most of the past few years we are pinned in constantly and will have ZERO CHANCE of winning these because we never carry the play in this extra periods.

    hank 3-11. why because we never play with the puck in the overtimes EVER.

    we should be thankful we made it this for becasue without hank we wouldnt be in the playoffs. that said the two goals were shots he would want back but in essence he made terrific saves all night long.

    i always screma about turnovers inside the opposing team blue line and yet again we make a mistake. get the puck deep and grind. thats who we are.



  55. Norm Merton on

    If the season were over today, so a false premise, I’d think Sather would give some thought to trading Nash, whose value is still high. A very good scorer but perhaps, like Gaborik, not part of the ethos Tortorella has established and evidently wants to continue with. With Richards done, why not go all in, so to speak, and roll four sets of grit-monsters and three sets of shot-blockers? They’re inexpensive, and you can get the draft picks back from the Clowe deal and stock Hartford with gritty replacements. You’d have a low-scoring, low goals-against team, as now, but without the frustrating expectations that it might be otherwise. I, for one, would stop watching, but the Lunchpail Gang might be a winning play.

  56. From the Genius *Llatona* last night:

    “Just crunched some numbers.

    With Lundqvist in net, NYR have been outshot 111-72 in overtime. NYR have gotten no shots on goal in four of those games. NYR have only gotten more than 10 OT shots on goal in 3 games, those 3 games going further than one overtime.”
    May 16th, 2013 at 11:11 PM

  57. CARP

    can you look into why the site is so slow these days. i love you in all but ever since the new format and especially the videos posted i think it causes the site to crash. happens way too often now

    by the way our PP IS AN UTTER DISGRACE

  58. The Rangers have been outshot 32-11 in three overtimes in the playoffs. Not surprisingly, they’ve been outscored 3-0.

  59. “See I didn’t know that number was estimated. That would suck if you won and they were off. We were off by two numbers. We estimate that you are angry” – Mitch “Musky” Hedberg

  60. Norm Merton on

    Fairness to Tortorella — he was not given the opportunity this year to beat his team into superior fitness in a legit pre-season camp, as is his wont, and the four mid-season additions have not had time either to get to that fitness level. Thus the overtime fatigue?

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    I thought barring a defensive breakdown the Rangers would have won that overtime eventually– like say if Brassard winds up and takes the shot on Rask instead of passing behind him. Hank looked like he was getting comfortable and into the mode where he stops everything. Of course, what we got instead was the defensive breakdown I was afraid of. It hurts more being down 0-1 because that was a very winnable game, who knows if Game 2 will be that winnable.

  62. Carp only golfs so he can pick up Tiger Woods’ sloppy seconds when they are emotionally vulnerable

  63. The Bruins are beatable and you have to think our Coach will make some adjustments (not on the PP of course) heading into Game 2.

  64. 17) Adam Oates could not kick John Tortorella’s butt, I guarantee you.

    Carp, why do you think this? Oates was a professional athlete, and while he wasn’t a goon (far from it!), I think Torts might have his hands full. Oates is 5-11 so he definitely has a reach advantage, and probably outweighs him as well.

    Plus, he looks like Ray Liotta, so if Torts actually did rough him up, Jimmy and Tommy might dent their shoes on him!

  65. Very disappointing loss… most game 1’s with this team. While we criticize to no end on here, when the team gives out maximum effort and comes up short we can live with that. Last night was not the case.
    I was a big fan of the Nash deal, but this guy needs to understand quickly that in the playoffs you put it into another gear….a higher gear not lower. He may be hurting (who isn’t) but if so would Torts be double shifting him in OT? He hasn’t come close to matching the intensity of his linemates (Except when he’s out there with Horseteeth).
    Great scorers create scoring opptys for themselves, they don’t just glide around the ice waiting for the puck to find them.
    I know most here think his effort is ok….I’m not buying it…watch him closely next game….watch his effort as compared to Zucc and Brassard…watch him on the bench after a shift…no emotion. He floats on the perimeter stays out of the dirty areas. If he elevates his game it will have ripple effect throughout the lineup…he’ll be tougher to cover and will open up space for others…but the effort has to be there.

    Alright….let me have it!

  66. As bad as John Moore was last night, I’d still rather see him get more minutes than DelZotto. I cringe every time he’s on the ice.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    PP TOI Last Night. Yes they are not moving, but look at who is playing the most…

    MDZ (L)- 3:11
    Gird (R)- 2:57
    Moore (L) – 1:58
    Stral (R) – 1:48
    McD (R)- :26

    Richards (L)- 2:58
    Brassard (L)- 2:37
    Step (R) – 2:37

    Nash (L) – 3:13
    Cally (R) – 3:03
    Zucc (L) – 2:22
    Kreider (L) – :45

  68. I’d like to see Moore and Stralman on the first PP unit, then maybe girardi / MDZ, although MDZ seems to be gun shy and girardi doesn’t hit the net enough.

  69. Stranger…
    Your leading scorer in the playoffs get less time than Richards and Nash..
    Your second leading scorer, Hagelin gets 0:00
    Kreider…one of the few that will stand in front of the net gets only :45
    Torts needs to wake up to the fact that his old reliables aren’t delivering

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t understand the juxtaposition. Torts acknowledges Richards is terrible by not giving him a lot of ice time, but then lets him lead all centers in PP TOI. Either he sucks or he doesn’t suck. Pick one.

    By the way, the answer is he sucks.

  71. Something is up with the blog….takes forever to post and refresh…this has been only recently….maybe the videos are slowing things down when refreshing?????

  72. I think by not earning time 5-on-5, Richards has shown that he deserves time 5-on-4. He’s a veteran and veterans have played hockey for a long time which means he has more career goals than the other guys on the team.

    (But seriously, #16 is dead on. When is the last time you can remember the scariest matchup being our 4th versus another team’s 4th? I was going full overconfident act texting Boston friends last night and I had to break character to point that out and ask we try to avoid that matchup. There’s a 50/50 chance Richards sent a note over to the Boston room apologizing to Campbell and Thornton for that one time he didn’t just give the puck up immediately.)

  73. We were the least penalized team in Round 1, and the Caps were the most, and it took 7 games. We must have 4 times more power plays then Boston to win. We need the refs in our pocket…Game 1 didnt have that…I blame Torts.

  74. I’m good with putting Newberry in for Richards…at least you’ll get effort on the forecheck…he’ll take the body…has a scoring touch and can fight if needed….everything Richards doesn’t do.

  75. Yeah. I guess the silver lining is that its now far beyond obvious the amnesty has to be this offseason and not next. Unless we get the old moving day “Brad was dealing with a thigh bruise and a small cut on his left hand that prevented him from doing literally anything asked of Rangers forwards in the playoffs”.

  76. _Lundqvist blames himself for not making the save in OT_

    So that means two people, total, blame him?

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    Some people apparently blame him, but I’m not one of them. Was a tough play and he was hung out to dry. The goals he allowed earlier were a little soft, especially the first one, but he made some tough saves in the first period and in OT.

  78. I’d rather Lundqvist blame himself for the regulation goals as they were two he should have stopped. Interesting how 90% of the discussion today is on what the forwards didn’t do. Lundqvist stops those two soft goals and it’s a solid win…..

  79. Eh. You can mix the saves and goals up and 3 allowed on those 48 shots is about the best you can expect from any goalie in the league (and most give up more to a lot more). Probably another example of us being incredibly spoiled to have him when a knuckler from the hardest shot in the league, a PP and a 2-on-1.5 equals a mediocre game.


    A Hank Lover

  80. I know a guy who played golf with Brad Richards last summer, so I just emailed to ask if his slow play extends to the the links as well.

  81. _Lundqvist stops those two soft goals and it’s a solid win_

    And here’s the case in point for “we’re spoiled”. If Lundqvist would only shut Boston out in regulation, we win. I mean, c’mon, can’t do it for that 3rd straight game?

  82. Sure the goals were soft but that game isn’t on Hank. As the saying goes, you have to score 3 to win a hockey game. The Rangers did not score 3.

    The Bruins did. And they hit about as many posts as icings.

  83. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I should add NBCSports to the WBM.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cally was hurt as well, though, I’m not sure there’s ever a time he’s not the way he plays. But, he needs to be better.

  84. Man, I am surprised more people aren’t killing Steve Eminger today for that awful penalty in the third. Inexcusable…terrible…egregious…

  85. The national TV coverage seems to favor the Giants and Knicks. Why do they seem such frenemies with the Yankees and Rangers?

  86. Rangers vs Capitals series was looked more exciting and nervous for fans than Rangers vs Bruins.
    Bruins has problem with fast teams, it is why they lost to Washington last year and almost lost to Toronto, but if you slow down, they will crash you.

  87. The fact Boston retreats into their end of the red line is a bit disturbing as well. Whereas the Rangers bring two guys up to force the play, Boston retreats. It’s quite lame.

    Rangers looked like the were playing 75% and feeling out the Bruins. Boston’s “D” is going to be difficult to beat I’m afraid.

    And the Bruins hit like 4 posts.

  88. At the Ramapo college graduation this morning. They just called a graduate named Christopher Higgins. I won’t lie, I booed

  89. _Man, I am surprised more people aren’t killing Steve Eminger today for that awful penalty in the third. Inexcusable…terrible…egregious…_

    Analysis by expectations, I imagine. Thing is, announcers were talking non-stop about Seidenberg, Ference and Redden(!!!) being out but made little mention of Staal and no mention that it was Staal’s replacement who helps Boston tie. A little bit of narrative flexibility wouldn’t have hurt there.

  90. the only thing worse than that penalty was his weak-ash clearing attempt that forced him to take the penalty

    and the only thing worse than that clearing attempt is this new blog format…we all think much too quickly for this analog blog

  91. Oates was just answering a silly question the way any hockey player would. And a fireplug-body HoF NHL player who, though not a fighter, once took on Charlie Bourgeois (6 ft 4 220 lb), would likely have his way with the relative squirt Tortorella, though I could see the latter getting a few bites in on his way to the ice.

  92. This team was very beatable!!!

    Just imagine if Nash, Richards, & Cally show up and start scoring some goals. I really think Hank wins every game we score 3 or more goals.

    Last night it felt like they were going to steal a game they weren’t playing their best hockey.

    Brassard needs to go hard to the net and SHOOT. He’s the one with 9 pts in 7 games. That was a solid chance with two extra guy crashing the net.

  93. Rob in Beantown on

    Exactly Sioux. Beyond being a terrible backwards pass, Brassard shouldn’t be thinking pass at all. Its overtime–all pucks to the net!!

  94. Not the end of the world I thought the Rangers would split the 1’st two games. So that’s still a possibility.

    But if all the games are going to be like this, it’s going to be another 7 game series.

    Gaby would have shot that puck last night, and probably scored. Just saying.

  95. Rob in Beantown on

    Was it in OT or the end of the 3rd period where Nash passed on the shot in order to pass the puck.. to Steve Eminger. That was my WTF moment of the night

  96. Lucic is a beast. I don’t think we’ve EVER had a guy that could move him out of the crease.

    Prust would dance with him, but never really matched up to him. Clowe would have been his equal. But that ship isn’t going to come in.

    I’m thinking the Sharks knew something there, and will get 3 good picks for someone that had dried up for them, and can’t play for us. Right now he wasn’t worth a 3rd round pick next year :(

  97. Rob in Beantown on


    A question so profound it doesn’t even need correct punctuation

  98. Let alone two 2’nd round picks this year, in a deep draft. There are alot of Callahan type players this year, and a deep defensive draft.

  99. “All shots to the net” — if only Bergeron had shot from the top of the circle instead of passing to Marchand for the game-winner. Brassard’s pass was the right one, to the trailer Nash on a three-on-two as the Rangers, for once, did not come into the zone in a straight line — he didn’t execute, though, needed to saucer it.

  100. if we don’t winit this year, our kids are gonna be on this blog wondering what GM Sather Jr. has to do to stop the insane “1994” chants

  101. Should me and Norm use the same avatar? Is Norm Petersen actually fatter than John candy?

  102. Rob in Beantown on

    In foresight, Brass’ pass was the right thing to do. However, in hindsight it was not

  103. slippery slope, though
    we’d all become stepford posters, with no distinguishing characteristics at all

  104. would be nice if the rangers applied pressure to make the 3 kids on def for boston work behind there net.

    this overtime nonsense is making me nuts today. how can we win one of these when we chase the puck over and over again and then when we do have it its a turnover at the opposing team blueline or not getting puck deep and working down low to create a chance.

  105. eric- I actually think that, when you’re not talking about the Rangers, the team that dominates in OT usually loses on some flukey turnover breakaway. OT is kind of a coin toss in the playoffs.

    But yes, it’s a disaster for the Rangers.

  106. is there any better feeeling in the world than seeing this year’s team actually score a goal? I mean, when we saw the puck behind Rask last night on MacD’s buzzer beater, it was like the eight Alice B. Toklas brownies all kicked in at once

  107. Each goal is like watching the crowning part of the birth of your first son (who will inherit your kingdom).

  108. except last night ended up being the birth of the baby from the original “V” miniseries

  109. Bs coach Julien says “possibility” one or more of injured D could return Sunday for Game 2

    way to let the kids off the hook last night and make them work

  110. Carp would be banished from the team and forced to walk the earth aimlessly for 40 years

  111. I only caught OT, but it looked to me like the Rangers were having a seriously hard time breaking in to Boston’s zone and setting anything up. They kept getting stuffed at the blueline. Did the whole game look like that or did they just wear down at the end?

  112. First of all to understand what happened to killer, you gotta understand who killer the dog was. Now killer was born to a three-legged [Ribeiro] of a mother. He was always ashamed of this, man. And then right after that he’s adopted by this man, Tito Liebowitz he’s a small time gun runner and a rotweiler fight promoter. So he puts killer into training. They see killer’s good. He is damn good. But then he had the fight of his life. They pit him against his brother nibbles. And killer said “no man that’s my brother, I can’t fight nibbles” but they made him fight anyway, and killer, he killed nibbles. Killer said “that’s it!” he called off all his fights, and he started doing crack, and he freaked out. Then in a rage, he collapsed, and his heart no longer beat. wow.

  113. Get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip, man, some beef jerky, some peanut butter. Get some Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, a whole lot, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate, man. Some popcorn, red popcorn, graham crackers, graham crackers with marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars and we can make s’mores, man. Also, celery, grape jelly, Cap’n Crunch with the little Crunch berries, pizzas. We need two big pizzas, man, everything on ’em, with water, whole lotta water, aaaaaaand Funyons.

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    You’re a good guy mon frere. That means brother in french. I don’t know why I know that, I took four years of spanish.

  115. Oh, now you love the ten commandments, yet you’re the one who so conveniently forgot “Thou shalt protect thy father, and honor no one above him, unless it be-eth me, thy sweet Lord.”

  116. Suppose Nancy sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me. I’m looking good, got a luscious v of hair going through my chest [Hagelins] down to my [Bickel] fro. She takes one look at me and goes ” Oh my god, I’ve had the old bull now I want the young calf” and she grabs me by the [Ribeiro]. ……

  117. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Haven’t posted here in some time, but always reading youse guys…

    ->I couldn’t believe how “big” Chara is– the wingspan in breaking up passes and shots and clogging the middle is impressive.

    ->I think Pyatt was one of the best players on the ice last night.

    -> I think Hank had a shaky game, but it did seem strikingly similar to Game 1 vs. the Caps and we all know how that turned out.

    -> I would love to see Kreider on a better line. He’s also big, and one of the things that concerns me about Nash is he is playing with two small guys– Zucc and Brassard. I’m not saying change the lines now, but next year?

    -> I was watching Moore more closely last night, as obviously was Carp and others, and did see some regression there. Also, when he is holding the puck behind the net waiting to carry it out, he NEVER goes to the left, even when he has huge ice on that side. I never noticed it before until last night, but I guess the coaches will work on something like that.

    -> Speaking of D-men, I didn’t think they had their best legs last night, and that includes McD. The best one of the bunch– Stralman, whom I like more and more with each game (not only does he skate and pass well, his checking is vastly improved from last year– witness the hip checks on Ovi from the Caps series)

    -> Richards may have more goals at the end of the playoffs than Nash. This is not to say that I like the way Richards is playing, but he’s an opportunist and knows when to cash in.

    -> I heartily agree with Carp on the Torts interviews– my favorite: “I have no idea what type of game this is.” Loved it, but agree that the announcing was horrific. (And I’m a 10 second player right now!) It was so painful I want Doc and Eddie O in a bad way.

    -> Rangers in 6.

  118. Look… we can bicker about this night, but what’s done is done, Dad. Are you guys going to invest or not?

  119. Two things: You keep your liver-spotted hands off my beautiful mother. She’s a saint! And then you sit down and you write Dale and Brennan a check for $10,000.

  120. I work at a college as a janitor even though I feel like I’m smarter than most of the people who go there. Sometimes I see an equation written on a blackboard like half an equation and… I just figure it out.

  121. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well not just the Cube’s, but Chris Daughtry, Jeff Probst, super chef Bobby Flay. I mean, it was insane, it was almost too much.

  122. That’s ’cause you [byfuglien] touched my drumset! ‘Cause I know COPS doesn’t start ’till 4:00!

  123. Avery was the Best. I miss Prust. Fire Torts. Keenan was better. I love Joe M.! Who’s going to be Asst. Coach? Doc EMRICK. Brassard is the gem of the trade. John Moore is a top D-Man. Hank is awful. Zucc is too small. Nash is clearly injured. Bring back Gabby. Stepan is garbage. Callahan is playing hurt. Trade Callahan.


  124. Game 1 impressions.

    The rangers at time actually looked like the more skilled team which frankly is surprising.

    The problems I see are similar to the Caps series in that they are playing a bigger stronger group on both F & D.

    Another issue I have is the perpetual circling and passing and not simply doing what other teams do which is shoot and follow the puck to the net.

    Of course this presumes the shots are accurate and some of our own larger player do exactly that.

    Nash is a very talented player but does not seem comfy taking the pounding required to stand in front of the goalie, especially when anything less than a certifiable mugging is not called in the playoffs.

    Our other two bigs are Boyle who simply has no natural scoring skill and voila, Krieder whose size belies an apparent timidity.

    Clowe might have been useful in this capacity but alas is not aboard.

    This may seem like fantasy but I believe the Bruins are actually taking the Rangers lightly because overall they clearly have the ingredients to take the series in not 7 but 6 or less.

    I hope I’m wrong but if this series goes 7 our esteemed commish should check the street s to the betting info!

    Yes, I am a skeptic! ;)

    But of course they did beat the Caps who haven’t stopped whining since!

  125. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Does the NHL keep stats on nose size??

    Boston would be, hands down, league leader in that stat. We are seeing history in the making. Marchand, Bergeron….ahchahchahcha!!!!

  126. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I remember when we had a guy that could physically match anyone and that would absolutely neutralize any opponent in a scrum…47899.56017.0.59042.…0.0…

  127. Carp! Don’t approve my previous link! It has a bad work in the twitter handle. Didn’t realize that. Sorry!

  128. Comnsnse, believe or not, Boston is smaller team than NY. Average weight of Boston as a team is 2oo lbs, that includes Chara and Lucic. NY is listed at 206 lbs. Washington is 208 lbs.

  129. Carp – lament of an aging athlete – in tennis, each year the net recedes, uplifts. In golf, while reveling my bored partners with old and tired stories of youthful and occasionally successful eagle putts, I now take driver and three wood even to long par fours and hope for the best and the intercession of angels, angels who have proven themselves too often disinterested. Hope you had fun out there today. :)

  130. The wall sticks were educated guesses based on manufacturer more than anything, Carp. I’ve always been fascinated with the professional equipment. I know the stuff they actually use, you usually can’t buy in stores.

    #9’s of course then in the middle there, after a google search it looks like a Bauer model with a black taped toe.

    I think it’s really cool you have those up there. I’d love to know the stories behind them if there are any.

  131. Jon Paul G. on

    Boston is smaller, but they are a better and deeper team than the Rangers.

  132. Salty, those aren’t hockey sticks. Those are things that Carp uses to get the snow off the roof. :))

  133. Anybody have any idea why the ice is so horrible in Boston? Celtics are out and last I checked Taylor Swift isn’t on tour wreaking havoc on the NHL schedule anymore.

  134. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers weren’t that bad in this game but Henrik Lundqvist was very ordinary and it will be very hard for this team to win any more games in the playoffs if Henrik Lundqvist is ordinary

  135. Lloyd Braun on

    watching teams in other markets always reinforces for me, no matter how much they are maligned, that Rangers fans are so much more knowledgable about hockey than fans in other markets. next game in Boston, keep note of how many times the “Tuuuuuuuuuk” chant goes up and the number of times the chant starts for saves that any guy at Chelsea Piers adult league could have made. Ranger fans are smart enough to notice the difference between routine and excellence.

  136. Jon Paul G. on

    It is an opinion. They won the Stanley Cup two years ago with much of the same roster.

  137. Henrik didn’t steal the game, but he was solid. I don’t think you can blame the outcome on him. 5 on 5 I mostly liked what I saw, except for the OT. They hung with the B’s for most of the game, and the Rangers didn’t play their best hockey. I think I see a bit of apprehension in the B’s play. I think this’ll be a Rangers win in 7, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they went down 2-0 again.

  138. Lloyd Braun on

    ultimately, the Rangers win and lose games because of Henrik Lundqvist. that’s been the script for the past several years. in the highly pressurized games the Rangers win because of Henrik Lundqvist. playoff games like 7 of the Washington series where they put up 5 are a total anomaly. while Lundqvist didn’t necessarily cost them the game, he didn’t win it for them either, and whether or not it’s fair, the Rangers don’t win a championship if Lundqvist isn’t consistently their best player.

  139. ilb2001, re: size matters! Or matter sized!

    You are undoubtedly correct ,however it’s also how one uses that size.

    EG’s, Marchand disrupts and hits like a Mack truck, while Krieder and Boyle , especially Krieder hit like hand trucks.

    The lightweight ones Home Depot sells for $19.95 made in a remote outpost in Tibet!

    At least with HD you can return the merchandise! ;)

  140. Uh LLoyd, so for the record you’re saying the Rangers might be a lottery team without Henrik?

    I believe I’ve heard that before…….and more than once! You are an astute judge of our organization or lack of organization as it were!

  141. Lloyd Braun on

    yes because obviously there’s no difference between failing to win a Stanley Cup and being a lottery team

  142. Jon Paul G. on

    The fact that the Bruins lost to the Capitals while the Rangers have beaten the Capitals twice in the playoffs does not signify anything of importance.

    The Bruins have more skill and more experience and have already achieved hockey’s ultimate prize. The Rangers rely almost exclusively on the success of Lundqvist.

  143. Jon Paul G. on

    The fact that the Bruins lost to the Capitals while the Rangers have beaten the Capitals twice in the playoffs does not signify anything of importance.

    The Bruins have more skill and more experience and have already achieved hockey’s ultimate prize. The Rangers rely almost exclusively on the success of Lundqvist.

  144. I’ve resigned to the fact that I have no choice but continue to enjoy this year’s playoff run by a mediocre team. At best.

  145. Could be worse we all could be mets fans in this city. Ouch.

    Bruins in 6. Too much depth on offense for us.

  146. JPG – Hank can only do so much. I like how he shot one over the bow last night. “I can’t score”

    Nash, Richards, & Cally have to come to the scoring table soon. If not we are not going to win to many one goal games.

    Brassard, Zucc, Hags, Boyle, & Stepan can only do so much. Funny how our secondary scoring has become our first, and only scoring.

    In HANK we TRUST!!!

    Plenty of time boys.

  147. Lloyd, great point about the fans. Granted, we have a few here who think they know what they’re watching but have no idea, but most do. Most really do.

    I have a cousin in Boston, absolute die-hard Sox-Patriots-Bruins. Goes to every Pats game, most Bruins games, a lot of Sox. Very knowledgeable and smart guy. Yet he — and his Boston constituents — had no idea the role Mr. Jacobs played in the lockout. None.

    ilb, what was Washington’s average weight?

    Salty, drop me an email and I’ll tell you the stories. Nothing great, btw. Well, one of them is.

  148. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So any way you slice it on the final OT goal, it is on Stralman and the hobbit to break it up. End of story

  149. Carp – Spot on with Cally – Real bad game. You’re right Pyatt goes totally unnoticed. Unsung hero

  150. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Snowballs chance in hell we see clowe again this post season?

  151. Manny late season ice is always iffy. It’s getting warmer outside. Good thing both teams are playing on the same ice.

    You would think it would be advantage Rangers, they always have bad ice.

  152. Wicky – I’m giving some of it on Brassard. He needs to shoot the puck, in position with guys crashing the net. He cant throw it cross ice, behind McD, for a break away going back.
    He could have won the game right there!! Or let Nash clean it up.

  153. Washington’s average weight is much lighter than 208 lbs at the moment after they released most of it in their beds. By the way, in the same famous interview with a Russian newspaper when asked what exactly happened, OV said just that. In one Russian word.

  154. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sioux, I heard Hank’s words about his putrid OT record, too. He’s right!! He can stop all the shots in the world for a while. But, If the teams takes no or few OT shots and doesn’t score, who could expect him to have a great record???? Give the guy a break!

    What scares me is the possibility that this could be his way of ‘yelling’ at Torts, Sather, and his fellow teammates, indicating he may want out to a better run organization for his next contract if this isn’t fixed. Been long enough.

  155. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I do have to agree that next game is a game it would be very nice to win. Much more improbable playing catch up with B’s. Two reasons:

    1. B’s are better than Craps
    2. B’s are more playoff experienced and savvy than Craps

  156. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Brassard made a huge OT error. Zuccs was flopping and holding on. Both made major mistakes. But, lets face it, Hank did overplay the passer.

    All 3, to me, did us in. Give those two for the B’s some credit. Todd ‘Durante’ Marchand isn’t such a high scorer for no good reason. He’s shifty.

    We don’t have that kind of scoring punch. We rely on Hank to make that save. He made many others, just not that one.

    We have time. He has time.

  157. Lloyd, while I realize that in the NHL almost every team seems to get into the playoffs while only one team wins.

    How does a team that contends annually but doesn’t win the cup become a lottery team?

  158. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Marty Reasoner was in the same office as my son today. He goes up to a fellow employee right next to him that was looking at, and says:
    “your captain played like crap. he’s no good!”

    My son’s fellow worker says, “your guys are playing golf already, and BTW, nice fan base!!”

  159. Matty I took it as “wake up” call to the scoring leaders that aren’t scoring. I think it was for Nash, Richards, & Cally. Hank’s way of telling them to “lean” on one in overtime, maybe we would win some of these.

    He’s is to good of a goalie to that record in OT.

    Have a Siouxper Weekend Boys.

    See you on the other side!

  160. B’s hit 3 post as well. The way Boston was coming at us, it was only a matter of time. You could feel it.

    Part of me was hoping for a steal, but it didn’t happen.

    Rangers need to step it up on Sunday. I think they will.

    Torts will have them ready!!!

  161. Carp, if you think I have no idea what I’m watching, why don’t you just address me specifically?

  162. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I know, just wanting someone to wave their magic wand over his head!!

  163. Having now watched 8 Playoff games, I was curious as to how Rick Nash was the No. 1 overal draft pick in 2002. Then I looked at the draft and got my answer. Horrible draft year. Here’s the link for anyone who is interested. If your notinterested in going to the link, I’ll add this. Statistically, (ppg average over his career) the highest scoring forward picked in the 2002 draft is Alexander Semin at No. 13. Picked just ahead of Semin at No.12, Eferybody’s favorite Ranger Dman, Steve Eminger.


  164. Barryshootthe puck shades of the “Big Whistle”.

    I remember you from the DN blog when it had hundreds of posts every day.

    JDP was a good writer but those who followed were pathetic and childish.

    I think they’re lucky to get dozen posts these days but as you know when I was deep sixed the entire blog collapsed! ;)

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers should watch the Pens PP. Obviously we have less skill, but Crosby’s third goal aside from a great shot was certainly a play the rangers should be able to execute.

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….and the rangers lack of PP is clearly Torts’ fault as the players change but the results remain the same. Not saying Torts sucks or fire torts, but the lack of a PP is his fault.

  167. *Power Play Recomendation*

    Here is a very simple attempt to solve their power play woes: instead of hybrid PP Units which include members of more than 1 line playing together, why don’t the Rangers (torts) roll his regular top 2 lines (maybe include the 3rd line as well) and send out regular D pairs through the power play.

    Quit the hybrid PP units, they aren’t working.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – that and for the next 4 shifts or so, the lines are all screwed up as torts uses guys from each of the 4 lines on the 2 PP units. As example, Nash on #2, while Brass and Zucc on #1.

  169. At this point, I’d like to see Boyle, Pyatt and Dorsett get a shot on the PP.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I’d rather see Neal and Crosby run into each other and both get concussed.

  171. I hate the Pens too Eddie. Don’t see how anyone outside of Pittsburg could like them.

  172. Since Richie does nothing anyway on offense or defense, station him behind the net on the PP as the lonely soldier to just dish and let our forwards slam or draw interference penalties. If they want to cover him, we’ll play four on three out front. How’s that for creative thinking?

  173. Coos, how bout we leave him in Boston after Game 2 and call him back to NY after game 4.

  174. Boston fan to wife: “Have you seen my khakis?”

    Wife: “I left them in the ignition”

  175. One of the few Presser questions to Torts I’ve understood all year thanks to it being printed. And what a ridiculously phrased question. ‘What did I think of his performance? Is that what you’re asking me, what the …. did I think of his performance?”

  176. Off topic I guess but Sid has the hat trick tonight, so say what you like but he’s a terrific player and the league needs stars like him to attract a national audience and popularize for potential new fans!

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – who asked the torts the question after the game to which is merry reply was “what kind of question is that? How am I supposed to answer that?”

    He is one grumpy dude. That car seat strap needs to be tighter to hold all that angst in”

  178. Commnsense

    Most Rangers fans are caught up with their own petty jealousy to understand that. While they dislike the lack of attention that hockey receives on the national stage, they do not want its most recognizable face, Crosby, to be marketed.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo -tell Jesse it’s ok to beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the beat with a baseball bat – but it’s not ok to beat around the bush.

    To be fair to torts, I think Darryl Sutter’s press conferences are far more humorous… To wit:

    Reporter: – “could you talk about your team’s effort tonight?”

    Sutter – “hub a dub rub a bub fee fi fo tuba duba booba wooba”

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jon Paul – jealously? I don’t think so. He is extremely talented for sure. However, that ridiculous dive he took against the Islanders in OT and his incessant whining and crying to the refs anytime someone breathes on him are two reasons why he is so strongly disliked! Jealous? Not at all, mate.

  181. e3, post-game, or in the video I linked?

    Jesse Spector in the video I linked. I don’t remember the post-game presser question.

  182. Admiral Akbar on

    Did Mr. Jacobs order 2 days off before and 2 days off after game 1 in order to get more time for his defensemen to return from injury?

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I couldn’t hear the question that was asked, but torts clearly was upset. It was in the post game presser. NHL channel covered it. You can never hear what the question is which makes the video coverage pointless. You guys should be mic’ed up. Has that ever been tossed around? If the press conference is going to be shown on TV, it’s helpful to hear the question….

    I think the rangers will he better in game 2.

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I heard Jesse spector’s question in the link you provided. I understood what he was getting at. Torts was just busting chops.

  185. John Paul, I could give 2 carcillos about the level of attention afforded this game on the National stage. Honestly, all i want is for my team to win a Championship. That is my primary and singular rooting investment.

    However, if you dig a little deeper……. my second wish………..if my team fails to win the championship, I would like to feel some palpable level of respect for the team and group of players which does.

    How could any self-respecting fan of this wonderful game who resides anywhere other than Pittsburg respect this team, this organization? an organization which admittedly tanked a season to acquire the rights to its first superstar and now has a new superstar who although he is By far the most talented player in the league, is also a master diver, whiner and crybaby.

  186. EddieX3, the way we cannot hear the questions is done on purpose, the reporters’ questions are irrelevant, don’t you know.
    By way of a nonsequitur – many colleges are banning students’ taping of their professors’ ranctures :))

  187. How much attention the game receives on the “national stage” is a concern of the networks, the media, the owners, the players, the agents and any other individual or group who stands to profit. Grass root fans? I don’t think it really matters much.

  188. The purpose of sports is enjoyment. Sidney Crosby is a symbol of excellence. Please put your petty jealousies aside.

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jon Paul George and ringo – wrong. TGO was respected by fans of all teams. He was a great player and all class. Crosby is as talented by a total doooosh.

  190. EddieX3, what can I say, good for you, you particle accelerator you.

    Jon PG, I agree with your views on the Superstars past and present, they have to use all the tools at their disposal, including a sometime whining, to protect themselves, just as the less talented players do.

    The Crosby hat-trick tonite was a dream.

  191. JPG

    You speak of “marketing” the game’s “most recognizable face” yet you also speak of the “purpose of sports is enjoyment”? You speak with confused tongue. Marketing is for the entrepreneur, enjoyment is for the fan. The two are often mutually exclusive. I as, who was marketing the game during the 3 work stoppages?

    And about your wonderful superstar Sydney…… Eventhough he had not yet reached free agency, he made sure to sign his huge contract extension before the lockout so as not to be encumbered financially and in his pursuit of wealth by the new stringent CBA guidelines. Yes, those guideline which he not only knew were coming, but also helped to craft while he was inticatly involved in CBA “negotiations”. How about we explore the level of hypocrisy and blatant conflict of interest involved in that process? It’s akin to the old addage, “I got mine, you can go freek yourself”

  192. Hey Papa,

    take it easy on the young Sidney, he’s not guilty before proven as such. He has a right to protect himself as much as he is advised to.

    Case in point – to protect himself physically is impossible, his career can end in a second, so the financial protection could be of essence, no ? Given the number of people gunning for him…

  193. So now your comparing Sydney to the TGO? Get over that. Not even in the same league.

  194. Inticatly, are you employing another language that I am unfamiliar with?

    I speak of a large mass of hypocritical Rangers fans that whine about the coverage of hockey on a national scale, then criticize the league and networks for marketing hockey’s best player and most recognizable face, while also spewing bile about his highness.

  195. Papa,
    I am not comparing him to Gretzky, but you are right, ’tis a different league now, with the red line rendered meaningless and the kinetics of the game so much more dangerous. The TGO would have to play a very different game if he played today.

    There are some interviews with him on the subject, don’t have the links, sorry.

  196. Hey John Paul – either find yourself another church or pick out a Revolutionary War Vessel and sail away.

  197. John Paul,

    didn’t you call yourself a “JPG”, admonishing people here to stay away from “POLITICS”???

    The truth now!!!

  198. Until sid bangs someone from a classic American movie about gymnastics not named Mitch Gaylord than not in same league as TGO…..

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