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  1. Can’t we just ignore the Capitals at this point? Why are they even still getting press? They are OUT of it. Playoffs and Outdoor games next regular season. That should be the focus.

  2. even Capitals fans are wishing they’d shut up after being beaten like that in Game 7 at home. look at the comments on that story … and NYR fans don’t mind chiming in …

    and BTW, Torts would kick his ass.

  3. thanks Carp. I heard it was an upper body injury, FWIW.

    I am confused. I thought I watched this video about a half hour ago?

  4. Manny – Capitals are dead. There Done. Season over. Night Night.

    It’s all about the B’s!!!

    Let’s get rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrready to rrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

  5. I spy:

    – 2 mini Stanley Cups
    -Hespeller stick (has to be a Gretz)
    -an Easton (Leetch?)
    – What’s between those?

  6. Torts would be all “WHERE IS MUSKY!?” ….. and then Oates would be knocked out.

  7. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Torts should worry about his series, and Oates should worry about his.

    Too soon?

  8. Stranger Nation on

    So if this series goes 7 it is over in 2 weeks.

    What happened to the one night on, one night off playoff rhythm method?

  9. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Carp, if the Rangers win this series, will you continue to pick against them for the boneheads (just in case you have some sort of reverse magic psychology momentum)?

  10. Stranger Nation on

    What time is the Celts game tonight?

    Oh, after the Nets game or before the Hawks?

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Ranger John Smith: [holds up his gun] I’m sorry, Yogi…

    Yogi Bear: I can’t let you do it, sir!

    [grabs the gun barrel]

    Ranger John Smith: Let go, Yogi! You think I want this any more than you? I hate this thing! I’m a RANGER, Yogi, first and foremost! Can you understand that? This isn’t just for Boo-Boo’s sake – what about all the other bears? What of them? What if they follow Boo-Boo’s example? Are we going to let the forest go to ruin for the sake of one little bear we both love? Tell me to let the bears down!

    [Yogi thinks]

    Ranger John Smith: Oh, your own kind, Yogi!… Step aside, Yogi Bear. Let’s be done with it.

  12. Im much more confident about Boston than I am Washington to be honest.

    I look at Boston and they don’t have a single forward who really scares you like Ovechkin does. They have better depth for sure and Chara is an absolute force, but none of their forwards are guys that make you nervous everytime the puck is on their stick.

    Boston’s D (other than Chara) is suspect and that should give the Rangers a big advantage especially if the Rangers have their forecheck going.

    Oh and Rask is a good goalie, but he is not good enough to steal a series, regardless of what his stats might look like…

  13. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    LGR!!! Is it time to drop the puck, yet???

  14. thank you New York Rangers fr giving me two more weeks of hockey this year when I feared there would be none.

    I watched the first half of the USA vs. USSR game. guess who got eliminated again? I’m sure the officials would rather see the USA. plus its good for escrow.

  15. Anyone see the look Pierre is giving Marchand after he asks a question? Almost as disturbing as the pajama pants background which once graced RR!

  16. Jon Paul G. on

    Two good teams go to battle tonight. This is going to be an exciting series.

  17. Nanny, do me a favor and save that link somewhere.

    Not only where is Musky, but Bathroom Brawl … Mr. Oates?

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