Random thoughts heading into Rangers-Bruins; Live Chat Thursday at 1 p.m.



1) We will have our first Live Playoff Chat of the series Thursday at 1 p.m. Be there. Or else.

2) Somebody mentioned to me about Mr. Jacobs, you know, the Bruins owner who was probably the single most responsible person for giving you fans the finger during his lockout crusade. And how last year when the Rangers won Game 7s, both times they had one day off and then went right into the next series. And how Mr. Jacobs’ team plays a Game 7 and, what a surprise, gets two days off. And you think Alex Ovechkin thinks there are conspiracies in the NHL?

3) Speaking of which, maybe the NHL can light up two sides of the Empire State Building in black and gold this week. Maybe Mr. Jacobs can have one of those self-embarrassing press conferences like he had on opening night. Rich clown.

4) Hey, we got a shout out from my friend, Alec Wilkinson, at the New Yorker.  You can see it here.

5) When Rangers-Bruins became reality, most people thought about the rivalry in the 1970s, when it was Brad Park against Bobby Orr, Ed Giacomin against Gerry Cheevers, and the GAG Line vs. Phil Esposito and Co. (Bumper sticker: “Jesus saves, Espo scores on the rebound.”). You have to be in your 50s to have memories of those series. But you have to be a lot older to remember the 1939 series, when the Bruins went up 3-0 and the Rangers won the next three games to force a Game 7, which Boston won … 2-1 in triple overtime!

6) Anybody got any memories from the 1970s series between ya boys and the Big Bads? Or earlier?

7) You know what was really funny, about a week ago? Mike Francesa talking about the Rangers and Islanders’ series heading into their respective Game 5s, and saying how the Islanders had the easier path to win the series because they had won a  road game already and, something like, they’ve already snapped the integrity of home ice in the series. That the longer you go, the harder it is to win one on the road (as if it’s the NBA, for God sakes). And, well, how’d that all turn out?

8) That conspiracy theory stuff from Ovechkin, and from a lot of the Capitals players, actually, not to mention some of the credentialed “media” down there in D.C., was pretty hilarious, since Ovechkin in the seven-game series with the Rangers last spring and the seven-gamer these past two weeks, has gotten away with multiple, ahem, infractions that not only didn’t draw discipline from the NHL, but weren’t even called as minor penalties. Not to mention the unpenalized assaults by Mike Ribeiro.

9) Some pretty cool notes in the post-game notes, coming up later, including this: The Rangers and Bruins have been separated by one goal in 19 of their last 24 regular season meetings, including eight games that required extra time and six that went to the shootout, dating back to Mar. 24, 2007. Four of the other five games during the stretch were decided by two goals, while one was decided by three goals (3-0 win on Feb. 14, 2012 at BOS). New York is 12-5-2 in one-goal games against Boston over the span.

10) … And this, about Caps-Rangers: The Rangers held the lead for 183:13, were tied for 219:48, and trailed for 34:23 in the series. The Blueshirts tallied the first goal in five of the seven games.

11) I know, I know. I still have to judge the first-round predictions contest. I will. I promise.

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  1. Second! Someone should update that animated gif of the Ranger tic-tac-toe goal with Ovechkin gliding and a thought bubble: it’s a conspiracy!

  2. Carp
    Thanks for another awesome season of thoughts,insights, fun, folly and some good old fashioned journalism where the truth is the story – not the other way around.

    I can remember the early 70s being – a 6 yr old, running around my Nanas basement with my brothers sister cousins, crushing the empty Schaefer cans of my dad and uncles and beating up on each other with the boxing gloves that hung from the low ceiling.

    But once the TV went on (ch9?) for the saturday/sunday hockey game and the Rangers /Bruins hitthe ice – we all hit the floor and watched and cheered on the blueshirts while marveling at what those guys could do on a skate blade that we couldn’t approach withthe four steel wheels on our skates in the schoolyard at OLA in BayRidge.

    My daughters are 10 and 12(wait she just turned 13!) now and I can’t tell you how special it is to turn on the Rangers game and the girls and my wife and I all get on our gear and scream at the TV – LETS GO RANGERS !!!!

  3. bull dog line on

    in the 72 cup final. Villemure played goal in game 5 and beat the Bruins in Boston. the Bruins were up 3 games to 1 at the time.MSG has replayed game 6 many times, so I remember that game well. that was the game of the Orr spin o rama goal.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    7 game series – check

    heart wrenching 1 goal games – check

    unpenalized infractions by roid monster Loose cheeks – check

    The King pulls out another series – check


  5. carp- always a pleasure reading your columns.I wish more of the jackwagon reporters showed the same honest straightforward approach you do- it seems to be disappearing.
    Bklyn Mike – great memories all ..loved the shaefer can reference . My dad was a Rheingold chug a mug guy :-)

  6. I just remember in ’73 thinking “This is our year” after finally getting over the hump and beating the Bruins in the playoffs. Then again, I thought 1971 was our year after Stemkowski’s winner in game 6.

    I also thought ’72 would be our year. It seemed like the Rangers lost to the Bruins in the playoffs every year. I was sure the next year would be the year. I was too young to know the window was closing and that 1972 really was the Ranger’s best shot.

    Much like the early 80’s when the Rangers seemed to lose the Islanders every year. In both the early 70’s and early 80’s the Rangers had some damn good teams, but they found themselves in the same division with a team laden with iconic Hall of Famers

    My hatred for the Bruins softened over the years, I have a feeling it’s going to ramp back up soon.

  7. rick middleton for ken hodge.
    gomez for no gomez.

    trades that define teams in their hunt for championships.

  8. Late 60s-early 70s-bittersweet time to be a Rangers fan. They would come close then break your heart!!

    1969-70 Eddie Layton playing Talk to the Animals on the MSG organ when the Bruins hit the ice. Rubber chickens tossed at Derek Sanderson.
    1970 playoffs Giacomin tells Sanderson that the Rangers
    are being paid to get him & fights eventually break out all over the ice. McKenzie giving the choke sign to Brad Park. Last NHL game for Hall of Fame goalie Terry Sawchuk who was a Ranger at the end of his career prior to his untimely death that summer.

    1972 playoffs Game 1 we spotted the Bruins a 5-1 lead & tied them only to lose on a goal by Garnet Bailey (a Sept. 11 victim).

    Game 3 at MSG Rangers win-Cheevers from Boston got hit with a bag of peanuts thrown at him.

    Went to Game 4 saw Bobby Orr single handedly win that one with 2 goals (sorry Carp, he is the greatest I ever saw). Lots of fights Park v Orr, etc.

    Game 6 Bobby Orr puts a move for the ages on Bruce MacGregor & Boston wins the Cup at MSG.

    1973-I was 17 my only year as a Rangers season ticket holder-we won the series 4-1 I recall & finally eliminated The Bruins only to lose to Chicago in the next round. I remember Ron Harris of the Rangers putting Phil Esposito out of the series with an open ice check that Espo suffered a knee injury on. Cheevers had left Boston for the WHA so we were able to take advantage of their goaltending (including a past his prime Jacques Plante). Recall Steve Vickers having a good series.

    Until the Flyers emerged, the Bruins were our big rivals in the late 60s & early 70s. We sure hated them but did respect Bobby Orr!! Great memories!!

  9. Street law in my hood….wearing a Bobby Orr #4 jersey was justification for an immediate beat down and banishment from our street hockey games (unless we needed a goalie)

  10. dc62 – Rheingold came in bottles and i think they returned them. the schaefer was cans and just tossed so we could crush them

  11. Admiral Akbar on

    Awesome memories, you guys!

    The farthest back I go is the early 80’s – I never got to see the Rangers Bruins rivalry..

    If there is one team the Rangers have been able to get up against consistently, it’s the Bruins. Henrik has absolutely OWNED them in his career thus far. Hopefully, we will see it continue this series!


  12. Norm Merton on

    Liking the Wilkinson shout-out and the article as well, especially the bit about the Flyers belief that goaltending is not that important. I wonder if that management thinks their Cups were more about their gooniness than Bernie Parent.

    I would have put it differently than Wilkinson as far as being a “thinker” is concerned, though I know what he means and I agree with him. I think of systems players, though, as the thinkers, the ones who are constantly thinking about the safest place to be and the safest place to direct the puck. Exaggerating to make the point, I see them thinking, “What play can I make that won’t get me benched.” And you have to have guys playing that way.

    Brassard I would characterize not so much as a thinker but as a player who, for the moment at least, is using his instincts as much as his thinking. When you hear Tortorella say things like, “he doesn’t even know what he’s doing out there,” and you know he means it as a compliment, perhaps that’s what he’s referring to. Those instinctive plays, such as his through-the-legs backpass assist in his first Rangers game or the Stepan-Hagelin give-and-go goal in game 4, make for the pretty goals you need just as much as the coach’s goals.

  13. paging rick nash. we need you buddy. time to hit the scoresheet. playoff game day i love it. anxiety level at 8 am. geez

  14. I’m surprised MSG Network hasn’t replayed any off the classic games from the 70’s during this layoff between series. Those without the memory of the hated Bruins skating the Cup around MSG Ice in 72 may never fully comprehend the depth of our hatred for the Big Bad Bruins.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Geez, I am still dancing in the streets about the great finish to the last series!!!!

    Down 2-0, we tie it up at home!!! 2-2.

    We go back to DC and lose a superb OT, 1-0 game. WOW!! Henrik!!!

    Game 6, SO, Henrik!! All tied at 3!!

    NO way we go back and win game 7 in DC! This franchise has never won and away Game 7!! No way, right?

    What a feeling!! No tension in the 3rd!! Complete and utter annihilation!!
    Rangers win!! Rangers win!!

    Uh…there’s a game tonight??

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    There’s only one way to get at Lucic.

    And Zuccini is about the right height. A hard right elbow. Just keep your arm parallel to the ice. Yep, right height. And, MAZ, do it when no one’s looking, ok?

  17. Ovechkin joins the Russian team at the World Championships…and they are losing 8-3 in the QF game against the mostly no-name Americans.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Everyone keeps making a big deal about the injuries to the Bruins ‘d’. Big deal.

    Losing Redden???? I’d rather he be playing, he’d help us. He is slower than……uh….Richards and Drury. He’s got no checking hands anymore. I’d love to see Hags, Cally, Kreider, Nasher, Brassard, most anyone, go right around him. You can’t win the cup with Redden. Please get better Wade…

    Yes, Seidenberg, Ference, those are losses.

    But, seriously, anyone who’s complaining ever hear of a guy named Mark Staal? Could be me, but he’s just a tad more important than all 3 of theirs.

    Deal and shut up.

    Get better, Staalsy and Sauer. We need youse.

  19. Nostalgic memories. Gotta love the contrast between Men and Women.

    Women get misty eyed reminiscing about dates, dances and proms, hair styles and clothing, boyfriends and best friends……..

    Men get misty eyed reminiscing about their father’s brand of beer and whether it came in a bottle or can.

  20. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    LW, that’s because the World Championships are a Bettman-sponsored collusion amongst world leaders to make sure that Ovechkin loses. Let’s not look at facts, like Ovechkin doesn’t understand the game and is a blistering moron with great skills. Let’s just look outward instead of inward.

    Hope he tries to do what he did to MacD over there and gets jumped by the whole team USA and elements from the crowd.

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    Just looking at video of Ryan Callahan blocking a Chara point shot and thus breaking his ankle from 2011…

    Sauer with the game winning goal in that contest.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Papa, I gotta admit I get misty eyed to this day when I see the tape of that final face off in 1994 and Mess jumping up and down, knees to chest, huge smile on his face when they win after that last MacT face off win.

    Call me silly.

  23. Admiral Akbar on

    Just got back from reading a Bruins blog.

    The Bruins fans calling for the Bruins to fire picks into people’s faces in order to get around “the Ranger shot blocking problem.”


  24. I was a young boy and an ardent Ranger fan attending a PO game against the Bruins with my Dad. As usual, Derek Sanderson was running our players delivering multiple cheaps shots and daring anyone to drop the gloves. After one particularly nasty scrum the entire Garden started chanting “Sanderson is a **ck”. I desperately wanted to join the chorus but didn’t dare utter such profanity in front of my father… until he started shouting it too and gave me a look that said “It’s ok”. A real Father-Son moment, the two of us, full-throated, declaring our shared passion for our team. On the train going home, he completed the memory, telling me “Don’t tell your Mother”.

  25. Cross Check Charlie on

    I don’t know why, because we grew up in upstate NY, but my brother was a Bruins fan. (He later became friends with Gerry Cheevers because they were both involved in horse racing.) Anyway, I remember when the GAG line got its name. He would yell at me, GAG line? Ha! Esposito gets a goal-a-game all by himself! Unfortunately, that was hard to argue with.

    Gilbert, Ratelle, Hadfield, Park, Giacomin (still my favorite Ranger!), etc. Those Ranger teams were sooooo close to being soooo good it was heart breaking.

  26. God, Varlamov is horrible! Those no-name Americans made a Swiss cheese outta him! Every shot goes in!

  27. Wow what an embarrassing game for the Russkis… Olympics are almost here! With team looking like this i am not looking forward to watching them play lol

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Haven’t seen them in many years, but I recall Mighty Ducks 1 being a somewhat serious sports movie and MD 2 and 3 being mostly farcical. I think I’d have to choose the original.

  29. Back early 70’s the best seat in NYC was a Ranger-Bruin game! The organist starting playing “3 Blind Mice” when the reff’s came onto the ice……..and Sanderson skated past Giacomin (confirmed) and said ‘today (matinee game) we are going to cut your ear off with a stick!’
    Onward to 730pm tonight!!!

  30. Ovi is right about one thing – NHL is a joke when it comes to officiating. I don’t think there was a conspiracy, tho… Craps had plenty of chances to score but Hank stood tall!

  31. and i hate to admit it but Ovi takes the trophy away from the sausage lips for the whiniest player in the NHL.

  32. Artie Goodman on

    Geez, Rangers- Bruins in the 70’s. The fights, the great games, the guys changing teams and becoming heroes in the other city (Espo, Hodge, Vadnais, Sanderson, MacKenzie, Park, Ratelle, Middleton). Was “Slats” Sather a Ranger and a Bruin too?

    The one that hurt most was the goal by Mr. Bailey in game 1 of the Finals. I still feel that one today.

    Who recalls that Gerry Cheevers would not take part in the ceremonial post series handshakes?

    This rivalry needs a great series in 2013 to remember those of the past.

  33. my issue with the Ovie thing isn’t that he thought there was a bias in officiating. It’s that he made it public.

  34. I have many, many problems with Ovechkin and the Capitals. You absolutely cannot build a team and that team’s strategy around getting the puck to one offensive guy at all costs. Doesn’t work. You can’t put the “C” on the chest of a guy with Ovechkin’s attitude. You have to EARN the “C” with leadership and heart. He has neither. You cannot make that garbage public. The coach can’t say that Ovechkin was texting him until 2AM after the loss. That cannot leave the locker room. It’s embarrassing. Holtby cannot say he wasn’t tested in the media. Ovechkin can’t whine in the media. That attitude came from Ovechkin and it permeated the locker room and Torts nailed it when he said that (to summarize) when you see a team with that attitude you don’t question why they lost and just didn’t show up for a game 5. NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

  35. This should be a fun series. I will be attending the game tonight.

    The last Bruins game I attended was on April 15, 1958, the B’s beat the Canadiens to nod the Stanley Cup Finals at two games apiece.

  36. Yeah, I fully expect this to be another 7 game series. It’s ALWAYS a close game when NYR plays BOS.

    Oh and re: Ovi and his conspiracy theories: when you score one goal in 7 games, get shutout 2 games in a row, AND let your opponent embarrass you on your OWN ice in game 7 nonetheless, I’m not sure you have the right to complain about anything.

  37. Cross Check Charlie on

    Why it’s so wrong…..

    Let’s assume that Ovi is right and there was a conspiracy between the league and the officials to force a 7th game. The Rangers won and the league is happy. They got what they wanted – a 7th game. That’s where the conspiracy ends.

    The Capitals had a game 7 to overcome the conspiracy and fell flat on their faces. So, I don’t understand all the game 6 conspiracy whining because even if they are right, they had the 7th game to make up for it.

    So, for Ovi, I just have to say, “THERE’S NO CRYING IN HOCKEY!” Shut up!

  38. And another thing about the Capitals. Ribeiro, the biggest D-Bag ever, was talking about how many years he wants for a contract the day after they lost. What the hell is that about? It’s almost as bad as Richards tweeting about golf. If Washington was a real hockey city they would run him out of town with that crappy attitude.

    Sorry. Ranting over.

  39. Exactly, Charlie. It’s like the Red Sox blaming Bill Buckner when they had ample opportunity to win the next game. Or the Cubs blaming Steve Bartman when, if they just turned a simple double play, none of that happens. Etc…

  40. Carp,

    Great job…I think I’m addicted to the blog. I am going to have withdrawal symptoms once the season ends (which hopefully won’t be for awhile. Well, at least I’ll have the Mets…oh wait…

  41. Well, Mike. Many of us are here in the post season discussing everything from String Theory to Next Season’s Roster to the Remaining playoff contenders.

  42. _Great new avatar, CCCP!_

    You like? :)

    btw, how’s the beard contest going? i keep losing the link to that site…you should add it to your name on here, Nanny.

  43. Manny,

    Then I will stick around. Then I can discuss playoff teams as well…the Hawks (who I watch a lot as well) and postseason baseball with the Cubs and Mets.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    rangers vs bruins Brawl 1970 – ‘Bounty Game’

    Brad Park vs John Mckenzie – Espo 3rd man in

    Fotiu runs Bruin Goalie – classic NIcky – takes out Bruin ‘pest’

    Fotiu v. B. Wilson – this is more boxing than fighting – awesome Fotiu finish

  45. Rob,

    Not a closet Hawks fan. I am a transplant New Yorker living in Chicago. I am indifferent to them, and if they are on…I watch them since my wife has a mild interest in the Hawks…same with the Cubs.

  46. The Ace Bailey goal, alte in the 3rd period of 1972’s Game 1 was a real softie against Eddie, almost from the corner. They had stormed back from 5-1, and then he gave up the late goal.

    Had we won that game in Boston, we really had a good shot at beating them. Alas.

  47. did anyone else watch Melrose preview of the series and gag, laugh out loud when he gave the overall defense edge to Boston? Sure they also have redden, doesn’t that offset somehow?

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    Melrose hates the Rangers for some reason. He will always 100% without fail pick against them, snub their players from his top lists, etc. It’s really blatant.

  49. Guys we beat the Caps, time to move on to Jeremy Jacobs, “Nose” Marchand, Lerch Chara, Lu Cheese et el. Definitely enough to hate up in Bahstan.

    I have a really good feeling about this series.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  50. Can’t believe this one hasn’t been brought up yet – how about 1979 when Carp reached over the boards and smacked Stan Jonathan in the face, resulting in half of the Bruins team leaving the bench and entering the stands at Madison Square Garden to assault the Garden faithful? And the sight of Mike Milbury beating a businessman over the head with his own shoe?

    Think that may have been the most heated the rivalry ever got.

  51. Who’s pumped for Mike Milbury’s stellar, unbiased, rational, and all around important in-game analysis on NBC this series? I know I am!

  52. Peter, every Bruin player except for Gerry Cheevers, who was undressing in the locker room, went into the stands that night.

  53. Morning heads! nice try at first Manny.

    Soooooo we’re shippin up to Bos-tonnn TONIGHT. Psyched.

    Pens in 7
    Hawks in 6
    LA in 7

    And not to put a damper on the mood but Im going to guess Boston in 6.

  54. I was in the Blue Seats, right above the 1979 “incident”. Bruins led 4-3, and Espo came in on a breakaway with about 5 seconds left. He was hook/slashed, no call, and there was a scrum between the teams at the blue line along the boards after the horn.

    I thought someone from the stands tried to take Jonathan’s stick, and that’s when those animals went over the boards. I don’t think the guy who got hit with the shoe was even the perp.

  55. Morning Boys!!!

    Game Day! First Cup of Coffee!

    Great Stuff by everyone today!

    Mike S I agree, this blog has cost me a “few” hours at work :)

  56. Tom Foolery on

    From what I saw last night, Milbury actually gave the Rangers some credit and thought the Bruins could be in trouble because of their injuries on defense. The other idiot, Keith Jones, made it seem like the Rangers had no shot because of the momentum that will be carried over from the Bruins comeback. I’m sure Carp agrees with that analysis

  57. Finally caught up on the reading regarding Washington’s whining. Rangers were the least penalized team in the league this season and OV was running guys all series long. Conspiracy? laughable. This guy seems to have so many problems with the NHL why doesn’t he just get the hell out of here and go play for Russia?

    PS- they wanna analyze the officiating when the Rangers are seemingly on the advantage side of things but it’s a lack of discipline when theyre on the losing side of it. And when this stuff has happened for Pitts over the last 5 years it’s just status quo, right?? OK I’m done WHINING.

  58. 1972 – I still contend the Rangers win the Cup in 1972 if Jean Ratelle didn’t break his ankle during the regular season.

    1973 – Three things stand out in my mind.
    1. The Harris hit on Espo.
    2. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick giving out the Rangers flight information following Game 5 and then the team was mobbed at the airport.
    3. Eddie Giacomin posting his only career playoff shutout in Game 4.

    Bonus 1973 memory: Boston having to sue three goalies in that series: 44-year-old Jacques Plante, 36-year-old Ed “Granda Munster” Johnston and 33-year-old rookie Ross Brooks.

  59. Keith Jones should be selling hot dogs outside an arena somewhere in the midwest. The last thing he contributed to the NHL was his mullet.

    Boston has momentum from their series but the Rangers who won 4 of 5 with back to back shut outs and a game 7 win on the road are goners, right Keith? I just mute the TV when he’s on after he pulled out the black and yellow lube talking about how the Rangers never woulda won in ’94 if his Caps team didn’t beat Pittsburgh because they would have disposed of NY with ease.

  60. Could you imagine if this clown was a color commentator Manny? “Well, I don’t like their chances because Mr Mo Mentum is in the building AND he’s wearing a BRUINS JERSEY!”

    Fire this CLOWN already!

  61. Worker Productivty Dips in May: Analysts Believe it May Be Due to Incessant Blogging of Work Force on Rangers Report Blog

  62. Obviously not from the 70s, but I’ll always remember that game 2 years ago against the B’s that we needed to win in order to have a chance to make the playoffs (we did thanks to a Lightning win a day or two later). We were down, what, 3-0 and came back in the 3rd period in stunning fashion at home. THAT was fun to watch!

  63. Tom Foolery on

    Maybe Emrick will be too busy with Chicago – Detroit to work this series?

  64. Tom Foolery on

    That was also the game Cally broke his ankle blocking the Chara shot. It was a great game though

  65. Carp

    I was at the game in ’70 (13 years old) when Giacomin skated out to Sanderson and bounty-informed him. And I even got my picture in the NY Times the next morning, because I raced from my admittedly great seats (my father was a season ticket holder from the ’50s) to the incredibly low boards MSG used to have to watch the mayhem up close.

    I remember the Cat saying in the press after the frist two games in Boston were wipeouts that he had left his clothes in his Beantown hotel because he was certain the series would be a long one.

  66. Cousin Tom

    I can still see that Ace Bailey (a 9/11 victim, may he rest in peace) goal in my sleep. Park got beaten like a rented mule at the blueline and Giacomin did not exactly distinguish himself in goal. As you say, to fight back from a 5-1 hole and lose like that was the definition of pain.

  67. Fotiu was/is awesome. I for one think that when the goalie leaves his crease or the trapezoid he should be FAIR game.

  68. Hagerstown Md Rangers fan on

    This just in Bruins have a new top line Beasley Bruin, Blubber Bear (Wacky Races) and Fozzy Bear with a defense pairing of Dewey Bear (Semi Pro) and The huge bear from Anchor Man.The goal crease will be bearly defended (hopefully). LGR.

  69. I think it’s a win for the NHL if goalies are discouraged from coming out to play the puck because you end up with more breakaways. Also, I hate having such a physical sport where one guy is immune from physical play.

  70. Ovechkin’s conspiracy theory on how to play defense.

    There’s a theory that cost them the series.

    Gotta love Tort’s for calling them Whiners, but he hit the nail on the head.

    Too funny the Russian “all-stars” getting thrashed by the USA’s “college” kids.

    Oshie & Danny Kristo to Fighting Sioux players scoring goals for Team USA!!!

    It never gets old when the USA beats Russia. With Ovechkin and Kovy on the team, with Bob in the net.


    Here’s a link to the game if you missed it.

  71. YouveGotGold on

    Papa – The tickets sold for $425 through a friend on Facebook, so I guess I took your advice. I’m still looking at the pricing on StubHub and it’s absurd, but I guess that’s what supply and demand does for ya. I’m going to game 4, no matter the results of games 1 – 3, so no speculation there – other than whether my flight home will be on time to get me there.

  72. Did Kaner really get nominated for a Lady Byng? I mean, I kinda love the guy but isn’t this the same guy who assaulted a cabbie? Same guy who’s drunked exploits is the the stuff of legends on deadspin? Not very lady-like

  73. Agree Manny!!!

    I missed the game. I hope they replay it so I can DVR it.

    Oshie is such a stud, I wish he was a Ranger!!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristo makes the Habs next year. He plays alot like Miller did for the Rangers.

  74. Stranger, sorry so many comments got blocked. I’m pretty sure this thing is set up to now allow comments with multiple links, or maybe it’s no more than two allowed, for future reference.

    Good morning, Sally!

  75. My first hockey memory is the Bruins Rangers Stanley cup Finals. My dads beer was Bud and it still is. He instilled this love/hate of the Rangers in me way back then. Thanks Dad, (I Think?)

  76. Yes Ovie it was a conspiracy that your team blew a 2-0 series lead and scored once in regulation over the last 3 games of the series. You either make progress or make excuses, I think Ovechkin’s become very adept at making one over the other.

  77. @KatieStrangESPN #NYR Brad Marchand left the Bruins’ morning skate, apparently in some pain. Did not return before they wrapped up

    I hope Marchand pulled his groin so bad, he craps it out. Fugg that little cheap shot artist.

  78. Game day boys, now gather up ….

    Our Father who art in Boston
    Henrik be thy name.
    Thy will be done
    The cup will be won
    On ice, with us in the stands.
    Give us this day our daily sticks
    And forgive us our penalties,
    As we forgive those who crosscheck against us.
    Lead us not into elimination
    But deliver us to victory.
    In the name of all Boneheads, Lord Stanley, and the Boys in Blue.

    Now go out there and TAKE IT!!!

  79. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Phil Mushnick seemed to think that Sam and Joe saw something that wasn’t there when Ribeiro cross-checked Boyle (who then retaliated). Basically said he watched the replay 5 times, didn’t happen, and they were sucking up to MSG.

    That guy is a jackwagon.

  80. YouveGotGold on

    Papa – That’d be great and with the state of the Bruins D and how well Hank is playing, while unlikely, I wouldn’t call a sweep impossible.

  81. 4 things that scare me

    1. faceoffs. bergeron best in the game. leads to puck possesion. we cant defend all series like the early games vs wash
    2. chara/nash matchup. nash had issues scoring with no pure shutdown guy on wash.
    3. depth of bruins forwards. jagr haunting us.

    4. LUCIC. taking someone out

    that said bruins in 6 sorry guys.

    lets go rangers

  82. YouveGotGold on

    Winning in 6 might be better Papa – give some of our injured players more time to get back into the line-up.

  83. sioux

    i spend all the money i make on this team. trust me we win a cup i will throw the party

  84. I remember being bummed for days after the Rangers lost in the finals to the Bruins in 1972. Everything was going great until Ratelle got hurt near the end of the regular season and wasn’t the same in the playoffs. Really thought that was our year. Had to listen to Marv Albert do the games on radio every night because only Manhattan had cable at the time. I believe NBC would broadcast games, but only on Sundays.
    Giacomin and Villemure were almost interchangeable…Emile Francis never hesitated to put Villemure in when Eddie was shaky. Some may remember that Villemure was also into harness racing and was a jockey….remember many pics of him in the sulky in Daily News.

    The Rangers had some great fowards back then
    Hadfield – Ratelle – Gilbert

    Fairbairn – Tkuckuk – Balon (later Steve Vickers)

    Irvine – Stemkowski – McGregor

    Every line had a tough guy on it..Hadfield, Vickers, Irvine

    On D…after Brad Park not a lot of toughness.

    Hated all the Bruins but especially Mckenzie, Sanderson and Cashman.
    Can’t believe it’s been 40 years….sad in a way that you can never have those classic match ups in the Cup Final anymore like Rangers – Bruins, Rangers- Canadiens, etc.

  85. 4 Things that have me Excited for Boston.

    1. Hank coming in at the TOP of his game.
    2. Boyle & Kreider playing “at home” in the playoffs. I think they are going to be fun to watch.
    3. My Son plays for the Bruins the high school hockey team in Fargo, lots of banter going on in the house. He is begging me to let him wear the signed Chara Jersey we have hanging on the wall.
    4. New “season/series” for Nash & Richards. Can’t wait for one of them to wake up and score some goals.

    Manny says Rangers in 5.

    Bostons fans are worried that the “sleeping giant” has woken up. I think they have too.

    Believe in the Blue.

  86. Newcomers:
    Brassard reminds me very much of Bergeron.(Compliment).
    J.Moor – McD in development, with MDZ offensive instincts.
    Dorsett,albeit smaller, should be Clowe 2.0 in this series.
    Old Praetorian Guard:
    Nash – hurt or not, wake a puck out, put it in a net in balk; don’t embarrass my avatar.
    BRich – I’m sure buddy you’ll move in the first lane in the 3 games, just surprise everyone and score in each of this games a GWG + 3 power play’s assist. I know you can do it, Carp’s and mainstream opinion notwithstanding…
    All others just OK, with Hank being a little bit more OK, than others, except couple behind a bench…
    …and we will pack those forest dwellers – BBB for summer denning.

  87. Stranger Nation on

    4 things that scare me

    1. Loud Thunder

    2. Mean dogs

    3. Ghosts

    4. Scary Monsters

  88. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – no worries – was trying to find the offending word, but alas just decided to break it up and post multiples times for a


  89. Stranger Nation on

    ARTICLE ON RASK V. LUNDQVIST – Discusses their depleted D issue – aw, too bad for the bruins…


    “Problem for him is he’ll be starting the series without three of his best defensemen, leaving him with a Kiddie Korp barely in need of a shave in front of him.
    You look at 19-year-old Dougie Hamilton and immediately think: “You want jimmies with that?”
    You meet 22-year-old Torey Krug, a reinforcement just arrived from Providence, and you think: “I hope he got the paper on the porch.”
    The situation is such that 24-year-old Matt Bartkowski is now the fourth most experienced backliner in front of Rask, leading him to remark stoutly, “They wouldn’t have us here if they didn’t think we could play.”
    True, but they also wouldn’t have them here if Andrew Ference, Wade Redden and Dennis Seidenberg were here. Where that leaves Rask time will tell, but when asked about how the youth of half his defense might change things, he said calmly: “If I was in their shoes, I’d be very excited.”

    5-0 Blue win tonite boys, the train has left the station…who’s on board???

  90. Our lethal weapon, I rely upon – Zuk. In the very first shift he have to accelerate, gain speed and elbow Luc into the bickels (rumors are you can’t miss it, how big they are).It turns blue, – Rangers’ blue, for the rest of series. Or else…

  91. Franklin Kistner on

    Back in the day the Bruins-Rangers was the rivalry in the USA. Toronto-Montreal might have been bigger in Canada. The Rangers (and Rangers fans) feared the Boston Garden. We called it the “Snakepit.”
    My wife and I got there once in 1982. We were in the last row (roof) behind a goal. Things i remember most were that The fans were very nice and at the top of each aisle there was a different brand of draft beer.
    Rangers in 5. LGR.

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