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Welcome to the Live Chat leading into tonight’s Game 1 of Rangers-Bruins. Please use a screen name when you comment. Also, remember that when the traffic here gets heavy — and it usually does — it might take a while before your comment shows up. So please be patient.

And no, there are no updates on Michael Sauer.

Mobile users, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>touch here to chat</a>.

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  2. Some really good hockey writing by Alec Wilkerson of The New Yorker under Carp’s ‘Random Thoughts’ heading. #4 if you missed it.

  3. Torte – a rich, multilayered confection that is filled with whipped cream or fruits.

  4. Heavyset and Coos, Now that’s the kind of distinctive adult humor that every blog needs.

    Good show!

    Just for the record though, what exactly is there to chat about?

  5. Enjoyed the reminiscences by regular posters and a few newbies this AM re: Schaefer beer cans, Rheingold bottles, boxing gloves, street hockey, etc, etc. Reminiscent of Jean Shepherd talking about his old man, Zudok, Gertz, etc.

  6. Chatting….isn’t his series all about the same thing every Ranger game is about.

    Henrik playing out of his mind and giving the team a chance to win?

    I believe I may be chatted out!

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Washington Post says Ovechkin has a fractured foot. Isn’t he still playing in the World Championships?

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Much better hockey on big sheet between Swedes and Canuks.

    Still hitting and jousting, but less plodding side wall play and more skating and passing

  9. Stranger, how much of the tournament have you been watching? Kontiola of Finland looks really good.. wonder if he gets an NHL opportunity..

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