It’s Go Time! … Game 1: Rangers at Bruins


This is probably going to be the mother of all ugly, muck-it-up playoff series, which was kind of the theme of my series preview for The Journal News and today.

You can read that by clicking here.

Also, you may have seen that Adam Oates claims his Washington Capitals did not whine (please) and when asked if he could beat up John Tortorella, he said, “easily.” To read that story, click here.

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Game 1.bruins logo
Rangers at Bruins.

Don’t know what to say that I haven’t said already.

The Rangers go with the same lineup that ended the Washington series, which means Marc Staal, Ryane Clowe and Darroll Powe remain out injured.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal vs. Tuukka Rask, obviously.

The Bruins had a scare when Brad Marchand left the morning skate in pain, but he is expected to play. They are missing some guys on defense, though.


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  1. So Torres is suspended for the remainder of the second round. Torres is a predator and deserves to be banned from the league completely. I can’t believe that predatory guys like Torres and Cooke who hurt players on purpose are still in the league and a guy like Avery who intimidated the entire league verbally was vilified and kicked out the league.

  2. Nanny, do me a favor and save that link somewhere.

    Not only where is Musky, but Bathroom Brawl … Mr. Oates?

    Salty, you were correct on four of the five items. the fifth? my favorite player.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO TIME!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ranger and the Bruins , Lets go!!

  4. I’m working out right now. In my apt. Gotta get buff to back up Tort


  5. Here we go again Boneheads, another long series that will have it’s ups and downs, heart attack games, fasten your seat belts.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    THIS is really gonna be a ring-a-ding-dong dandy!!!!


    Lets gog og gog gog oggog og!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!! We have a legit chance to win the cup …ahh I can see it kno…but wait BRUINS neeed to burn!!!


  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    That’s a nice picture on those videos Carp! You sure packed an awful lot of living in those 26 years…

  9. Good great nervous evening all!

    C3, agreed!!!!!

    Want the first road game soooooo badly….I got Boston cousins I need to mock!

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Suree Carp is from Boston and the bombing have us all ” Boston” in our hearts…..THIS IS HACKEY!!!! WE must destroy them , we need to beat them , we want next round!!!!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I was scared about game 7 against Washington..I was flat out NERVOUS , us playing them in there own building with us squeeking out an ot win…but no we CLOBBERED THEM with sheer domination , our team is for real . Tonight I have no nerves just excitement that OUR TEAM IS IN THE NEXT ROUND TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!


  12. ThisYearsModel on

    Let’s go. CARP: can’t wait until you ask Torts about Oates saying he could beat him up easily. Maybe you better let Brooks ask it instead.

  13. Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!

    Im working out too! My teeth are getting quite the exercise.

  14. Norm Merton on

    Big nerves up here in Boston radio land. Nobody picking the Bruins tonight — oh, the decimated D-corps! The great hope is that at least Gaborik is not around to score on them like he always does (their perception). Grass is always greener on the other side in fan-land, I guess, or at least browner on your own side.

  15. can we freaking win a game to begin a series please. lets go take advantage of there depleted D.


  16. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Pre-series WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) MDZ
    3) Nash
    4) Pyatt
    5) Eminger

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  18. carp- how? how can u do this to us? were gonna win. dont do this to us. were fragile right now. erics on life support, i’m under heavy sedation, olgas drinking again, along with eddie n cooz, do i dare say what gregs resorted to???

  19. A little young for Boston rivalry, started just after in ’75. I did love Middleton, Jonathan, oreilly, and clips of Orr. Screw them now.

  20. cccp’s been kicked out of numerous burlington coat factories, and let me tell you, some of the things he did to those poor winter jacets.. i just., omg, i cant bring myself to even think about it anymore

  21. worse trade in my mind in ranger history, trading a young rick middelton. It still hurts thinking about it.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Updated WBM Meter

    0) Richards
    1) MDZ
    2) Nash
    3) Eminger
    4) Step
    5) Girardi

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Hackey time Hackey time!!!!!

    RANGERS in 6

    Detroit in 6

    Pitts in 5

    RANGERS vs Detroit in Finals with NYR winning in 6!!!

    HEYYYYY Mikey!!! Im only resorting to heavey sedation pills …I need to RELAX!!!!

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  25. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SN, 0 is not really part of the WBM (c). It’s reserved for Boyle, who is permanently on the list, which motivated him the Caps series.

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    yeah baby!!!!!

    Wake up MIKE!!!!!

    LETS gog gog gog og gogogo!!!

  27. If the league really wants to build fans and an audience….good luck with the way coverage has been tonight…an Original Six in 40 years no less….pathetic

  28. Musky Manny on

    Stupid Pierre thinks that McBust and Girardi are split up because Boston has so much depth….

  29. Musky Manny on

    Hopefully we learn that you can’t just throw the puck behind you into the center of the ice in their zone.

  30. Norm Merton on

    Grabby wins — first Hump Richards comment of the night. He hasn’t scored yet, so, yeah, he sucks.

  31. Musky Manny on

    You’ve got to think that Kreider will be pumped up in front of a home state crowd.

  32. Musky Manny on

    Yea. This is pretty bad. Neither team wants to set a super physical tone I guess. Icing, cycle, cycle, backcheck, icing.

  33. Musky Manny on

    Imagine how awesome those icings would be if we could ever win a face off.

  34. There’s that Pyatt again with a big hit. But he didnt cause an injury and he didn’t score a goal, so he sucks.

  35. Musky Manny on

    Yea. Pyatt is garbage, Carp. Dude wears eyeliner.

    Good to see him banging bodies early. Somebody has to step it up here. This game is moving slower than baseball.

  36. Musky Manny on

    I don’t know, eddie. Pierre thinks that the Bruins are so deep the Rangers had to split up their Defensive pairings…

  37. Musky Manny on

    Yea. Robb Stark’s (THE KING IN THE NORTH!) wife is smokin’. I think women looked just like that in the middle ages.

  38. Musky Manny on

    Yea Gravy, the grooming on the women in Game of Thrones is a bit staged considering the utensils available at the “time”

  39. Bloomberg 1130 AM SUCKS!

    What a disgrace that the first Rangers-Bruins game that means something in 40 years can’t be listened to clearly! It’s 2013 for crying out loud!

  40. Musky Manny on

    Do the boys on the ice understand that they need to get the puck down low in the offensive zone?

  41. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I have seen it grabby. Caught up the first two seasons On Demand…hooked. The visuals don’t hurt either.

  42. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I went to a hockey blog, and a Game of Thrones discussion broke out.

  43. Musky Manny on

    Too hard to pick a favorite. It varies from episode to episode. But Shae is magical.

  44. oh good Adam Gravey, not the time for hairy women g(j)ibberish!!! Hockey!!!

  45. Musky Manny on

    Oh crap. Don’t hurt his beautiful face. How will he communicate with strippers with a disfigurement?

  46. Musky Manny on

    New Million Dollar Ideas: Ear Covers for helmets with small holes for hearing.

  47. thank goodness it wasn’t his face. Hopefully they stitch him up and he comes back out or the rangers are in trouble.

  48. Norm Merton on

    Tepid period — couple of chances for the Bruins maybe. Rangers think they’re going to score on Rask from the perimeter? This guy’s not Holtby.

  49. Musky Manny on

    In addition, the Bruins aren’t collapsing in front for screens or deflections, Norm.

  50. “New Million Dollar Ideas: Ear Covers for helmets with small holes for hearing.”

    Oh Manny, they already have those at all other levels of hockey. But, the NHL officials are trying to prove that they are the pinnacle of idiocy…

  51. Del Zotto’s ear was only 100/1 to be the first facial feature to be hit be the puck in this series. Marchand’s nose was the 1/3,000,000 favourite.

  52. Musky Manny on

    Thanks, NYR. I will quit investing in that idea and working on this website…

  53. Good Adam Gravey……hope MDZ is OK….can this game feel like it’s taking more hours from my life

  54. The Rangers will go nose to nose with Marchand… and they’ll be miles apart. Dale’

  55. this has been a typical bruin/ranger game. Bruins have had some really good quality shots/deflections on lundqvist while standing on his head while the rangers are trying to lull Boston to sleep and than they will strike.

  56. Norm Merton on

    Ear shields way too sensible for NHLers. Violates macho code. High schoolers rip them off on arrival, because they make it too hard to hear — please. Dismayed when coaches make them put them back on so they can play in games. Like visors, mystified why clubs don’t protect their assets and enforce their use.

  57. Rookie defensemen vulnerable. Who will do it? Nash? Seems like Chara is out there whenever Nash is. So who? It has to happen. McD just gets better and better. Scarface.

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    I expect the intensity and the hitting to pick up big time next period. So far this is a snooze fest. But that is a good thing if you are the road team.

  59. Gravy, being a Rangers fan involves being stressed…comes with the deal :)

  60. LOL…Torres suspended again. What a joke? When is enough, enough? Throw that ingrate out of the League already…

  61. Musky Manny on

    Thanks for the clarification, Is This Real. I would make a further joke but I think people have to know me better before I did that…..

  62. leetchhalloffame on

    Calling Dr. Nash, Dr. Howard, Dr. Nash……………….where are you??

  63. Musky Manny on

    In defense of “tough” guys that don’t wear ear shields / every NHL player that isn’t a goalie (if they exist) I have never seen someone hit in the ear before and it’s not like your ear pokes out of the helmet that much. He’s probably fine.

  64. Apparently, the composure of Dougie Hamilton is the same thing as a bad play by Rick Nash.

  65. Musky Manny on

    I thought when you smacked someone in the gloves with a stick it was a hook?

  66. What the hell?

    How do you call a penalty after it wasn’t called originally?

  67. Musky Manny on

    Ha. Boarding. Turning into a hit. Come on. Delayed call for like what…. :45 seconds?

  68. Stranger Nation on

    A Dman cannot just stand with his back to everyone waiting to get hit

  69. that is a horrendous call, no other way to slice it. Ovechkin can skate as fast as he can from the circle and drill Mcdonough from behind and that’s ok, fugging nhl refs, clueless as usual.

  70. Norm Merton on

    Wow — back to back terrible plays by Cally — can’t clear, can’t dump? On the PK?

  71. Musky Manny on

    Pretty quick make up call. And a pretty terrible “breakaway” by Nash

  72. On top of that…the NHL will probably review and decide whether to suspend Pyatt….
    There’s the make-up call

  73. Norm Merton on

    Richards still our best at gaining the zone on the PP. Need someone else to do that, too.

  74. Pierre right about PP….no one in the slot….Nash just floating while Horsteeth fumbles

  75. Musky Manny on

    Looks like Nash learned how to do huge loops in the offensive zone like Ovechkin. Great…

  76. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc, Nash, Brass, Moore can all gain the zone on PP.

    Problem was MDZ decided to send a long pass on PP with Bruins at blue line

    what a dumb arse MDZ is

  77. i am just amazed we are one of the final 8 teams. do we have any attack. so off challenged. we could cycle with the best of them.

    hank thanks for getting us here

  78. Johny Boychuk had the fastest recovery from brain surgery ever. Because he sure looked like he’d need one when he was laying on the ice.

  79. Haven’t seen so much interference since birds built a nest on my aerial in 1979.

  80. Wish Cally would make a play instead of just trying his shot into the shin pads.

  81. Can we stop with the long bomb passes on the PP please, control it and set it up. Ugh… The good news is theBruins don’t seem to be as strong as us on the boards, kind of surprising. Let’s get the first. Btw not only do the Bruins have some injuries, so does NY how’s about a mention of Clowe n Staal NBC? Nah

  82. Did they show Marchand giving Callahan a (mild) stick in the Bickels on NBC, or was Pierre busy shouting about the Halifax Mooseheads?

  83. Musky Manny on

    So it looks like Chara is vulnerable against speed. He’s been pretty flat footed.Probably because he has to play about 30+ minutes a game.

  84. Rangers have amazing sticks! Except when it comes to handling a pass, connecting on a shot, etc..

    Boyle’s line has been pinned a couple times today.

  85. It’s pretty obvious Boychuk was milking the play to get a 5 minute major. Pretty sad that even a 2 minute call was made about 2 minutes after the play.

  86. Norm Merton on

    God God but this is a boring game. Rangers trying to win it zero to negative one. Bruins weak at the back, so NY playing behind the net, trying to wear them down, I guess.

  87. Steve Ott hating on the Rangers on tweeter. Someone remind him he and his Sabres are tweeting, the Rangers are in the 2nd round of the playoffs, and Lindy Ruff is (was) coaching the Canadian team in Helsinki.

  88. Bad pinch by Del Zotto, but that was just some tricky puck movement on Chara’s shot.

  89. Musky Manny on

    Hey….at least Steve Ott is watching the playoffs. Most hockey players are probably playing mini golf.

  90. Musky Manny on

    Something actually worked there. Get in behind the aggressive PK unit. Take the stupid breakaway opportunity instead of setting up. No?

  91. Musky Manny on

    Have you guys ever seen a team throw the puck from low to high so much on the PP without getting a shot on goal?

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another dead PP. amazing that they wont change what they do no matter what.

  93. Callahan’s stunk in the offensive zone throughout the playoffs. His usual self everywhere else, however.

    Still think he and Girardi need to go to Hockey 101. They make way too many WTB plays for all the amazing ones they make.

  94. To be fair this ice is god awful. Neither team can control a pass and the game is moving so slow. Unfortunately Hank gave up a terrible goal and it might be the difference in this one

  95. Norm Merton on

    The entire Ranger team is carrying wrist injuries. How can a team look this bad this soon? And the Bruins are not playing much better.

  96. Stralman came off the boards looking for someone to pass to but no one in front as usual…I don’t know what Nash was doing on that PP…it wasn’t skating

  97. Musky Manny on

    I think Eminger hurt himself…..maybe broke his own ankle? Did the puck hit the ceiling?

  98. Musky Manny on

    Told you idiots we would Score.

    Finally a big move by Nash.

    Nick Rash baby.


  99. also a really good play by Nash tracking the puck and preventing Seguin from clearing it, allowing McDonagh to keep in and shoot.

  100. Musky Manny on

    Here’s an inappropriate tweet:

    @vickyycath 6s
    Don’t worry, Marchand, I’d let you get good wood on me #waitwhat #noooooooo

    Probably someone Del Zaster follows.

  101. When they do things like that you can almost mistake them for a real NHL team sometimes.

  102. Norm Merton on

    Neither team deserves the lead, so fair enough. How about some hockey in the third. I don’t even care which team starts going after it first as long as the game begins. This garbage does not belong in the playoffs.

  103. Nash’s been fine all game long. In fact, I think Julien is starting to worry about Nash’s speed going around Chara. Those rookies will not be able to help much in a long run.

  104. Musky Manny on

    Agreed, ilb. Chara can’t handle speed.

    Too bad we don’t have Clowe to bang some bodies around.

  105. Quite right, Carp. Unless Nash scores, no one notices what he does, then after the game, they rag on him.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Ages of Young D-men on both teams:

    Bartowski- 24
    Kruug – 22
    Hamilton – 19

    McD – 23
    Moore – 22
    MDZ – 22

  107. Musky Manny on

    Chara is at 19:43 so far. So he’s headed for 30 minutes again. God forbid the Rangers get a lead.

  108. ThisYearsModel on

    Need to get ahead of these bums. They are weak tonight and we need to take advantage.

  109. Musky Manny on

    Speaking of women (before) it’s really great to see Claire Forlani making a comeback in the world of visibility. She’s special.

  110. Hopefully the 3rd period is a bit more exciting than the first two. What terrible hockey. Granted, the ice is garbage, but still, terrible hockey game so far.

    Ill take an ugly win though

  111. Bukowski was a middling poet and writer, but he had those certain things that most more acclaimed writers don’t – verve and voice.

  112. Musky Manny on

    Another PA announcer that doesn’t SCREAM out the goals. That’s nice.

  113. Whether or not Peverley touched it doesn’t matter. Why can the officials suddenly decide after the fact that something did/didn’t happen?

  114. Officials change their mind on an icing call, faceoff at center ice, Eminger takes penalty, Boston goal.

  115. Terrible penalty to take by Eminger. If NYR lose this game, it’s ALL on him…

  116. so lundqvist makes the hard saves and let’s the easier ones in the net, weird.

  117. Soft goal? How about you don’t let somebody walk in alone from the top of the circles and fire away..

  118. shocked to see him again so soon… gotta get a good shift here, stop this momentum…

  119. Stepan deflected that last goal by Krug…don’t count on the NBC dudes to tell you that…

  120. by the way, bruins getting away with penalties, one when Callahan went to chase the bruin player in the corner side of rask, bruin defensemen blatantly hooked Callahan while Callahan was trying to get back into play and Boyle was tripped on the 2nd goal, cause ranger players out of position but the shot should have been saved by lundqvist. Both non calls on the bruin tying goal power play.

  121. it’s 2-2 in the 3rd on the road in the playoffs, hank has made some serious saves. maybe the ones that squeaked by weren’t terribly impressive but NYR is in this f’n game

  122. leetchhalloffame on

    Maybe Ovechkin got through to the league about calling Rangers for more penalties

  123. Norm Merton on

    Goalies have woken up, players playing now. Could be a good one after all.

  124. Gotta start working Krug into the profanity vernacular here on the blog..

    That Malkin sure is a piece of krug.

    James Neal. What a Kruger.

    Crosby is a little motherkruger.

  125. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, vibin’. Just said there here. I am quite happy to allow the B’s to have our excrement:

    Jagr and Redden.

  126. Musky Manny on

    This ice is terrible are the Celtics still playing or was Taylor Swift in town?

  127. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    NO TEAM can win the cup with Redden or Roszival. Take that to the bank.

  128. Musky Manny on

    Great shift by Kreider.

    Why do our D-Men hold the puck for so effing long at the blue line?

  129. Brassard should have tried to go through to Nash the first time it was open. He recognized it and chose not to, by the time he attempted it the Bruins had covered it up.

  130. rangers definitely must resign zuccarello, kids got great hockey sense and can be a play maker and score some goals.

  131. boyles a friggin beast and anyone who complains about him should take a look at our big money guys, then smack themselves in the forehead, and shut the front door

  132. The 2nd best thing that could happen tonight? Marchand getting an eye gouged out.

    Would be WONDERFUL!

  133. Nash needs to get dirty….Zucc making him look like a wimp

    Needs some of that Duluth underwear….get a pair

  134. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    so, the first one they call is this one? been going on much of the night.

  135. Musky Manny on

    You would think that they would get rid of the Backstrom commercials soon. He’s also NOT TOUGH

  136. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok. This game is now there for the talking. The god awful PP has to get one damn goal already!

  137. Norm Merton on

    Another momentum-killing penalty. Not sure why the Bruins don’t use their penalty kills to better advantage. They’re there for the taking.

  138. Musky Manny on

    So maybe Nash goes to the slot, Zucc at the point and we maybe get the puck low?

  139. RangerSwegian on

    So, OT it is, unless BOS scores SH that is. Krug from below the goal line.

  140. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Torts better adjust the PP. They’re pressuring the point, so far. I think it’s a good tactic. So, send it low. not a big concept here.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Backstrom may have scored 15 goals in 15 seconds…. But these days not so much..

  142. Agree, Llatona. Callahan has made a bunch of bad plays tonight with and without the puck.

  143. All the blatant Boston interference in this game and the zebra calls it with 2 minutes left. A minute later, Lucic hits the Capt with a vicious interference cross check, and nothing. Sour grapes? Don’t think so, just the facts, ma’am.

  144. Bruins will look it the tape (they should already know this) and realize they can hook and hit the Rangers silly for the rest of the series. The PP is so poor it has actually evolved from a mere missing weapon to an outright liability. And the eye-rolling from Tortorella on the bench is unprofessional — it can not help, can only hurt. Still waiting for, “I am the head coach — I need to figure out how to fix this power play, and fast.” Maybe he can trade for Krug.

  145. someone tell callahan to get the puck out and get the puck deep. his dec making tonight is god awful.

    how the hell can we ever win an ot game. we never carry the play for long stretches

    hank 3-10 in 13 career playoff ot

  146. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    “They’re healthy on the defense with the exception…..of Mark Staal.”

    >>>>>>>huh? interesting comment.

  147. We are due for a OT winner and I really feel good going in. Not my usual nervous self. How bout Zuc?

  148. coos, I am in total agreement with you, but don’t you think that was a totally unnecessary play by Moore?

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have dominated the last 6 years in OT. Tonight will be no different.

  150. Norm let’s fire torts in the playoffs bring in Espo, it will freak the B’s out.

  151. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eric, I believe we are looking at a different Hank. I am confident he will play well this OT.

  152. Cally will know better than anyone what a crap game he’s had so far. Will be interesting to see his response to start OT. A Rangers OT win will be robbery, but it’s possible, barely.

  153. eminger a moron for taking pen there but i dont recall seeing a ref telling a linesman to put faceoff somewhere. isnt in the linesman call and his only.

    just saying

  154. I am so spent from the last series that it’s just ridiculous. I am going to throw up if the Rangers lose though. And then feel terrible until Sunday.

  155. yea no win tonight boys n girls. i can feel it. but its ok, cuz we’ll win the next 2, then lose 2, then win the next 2 and win 4-3. ‘ve foreseen it

  156. Alright, Boys. The wife is headed home. Time for me to sign off, pray for the Rangers and get super Musky.


  157. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Why is Joe Micheletti the man in the glass for Sharks-Kings? If anyone is worse than Joe, it’s Pierre.

  158. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Sorry, that 0.0 was a leftover. Haven’t used this computer in a while.

  159. NHL cannot deliver decent ice. Imagine playing on mud every night at Yankee Stadium? Embarrassing. It’s 2013!
    We landed on the moon 44 years ago.

  160. Rangers aren’t really designed for OT. I wonder if Torts is looking past this one already and planning for game 2.

  161. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Bergeron: “Yea, Jaromir, took me 3 years to grow mine”
    Marchand: “mine started at puberty when I broke it”
    Jagr: “Youse guys got nice noses. How do I get one of those?”

  162. I wonder what Lundqvist’s OT record is for first and multiple OT games. He’s 3-10 in playoffs OT, but I can only remember 2 of his OT wins: one was the Triple OT game, the other was double OT against the Sabres (Rozsi’s slapper).

  163. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Talk all you want about Hanks OT numbers. He is a different Hank.

  164. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    They signed Nash to get the one extra goal. At this point, I’d settle for him getting just one goal.

  165. Gregm_oldsection403 on

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why NHL players don’t wear full face shields.

  166. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Based on how this OT has gone, it looks like Rangers are starting this series 0-1. Unfortunate. I thought they had played a pretty good road game through the first 2 periods.

  167. Feels like it is only a matter of time. Torts will deny it but they look tired. Better rest up before Sunday.

  168. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Put Chara in front, it’s hard for the opposition to go there. He’s an absolute force.

  169. tired my butt.

    this is EVERY OT. PINNED IN EVERY OT. we have no offense to make a play

  170. Hank’s OT record is irrelevant. He has probably faced 100 more shots against than Rangers have had in overtime throughout his career.

  171. hags is the only one playing to win. everyone else just looks happy to clear it and let someone else do the job

  172. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    That’s Nash’s best chance since he hit the post in Game 5 vs the Caps.

  173. Gregm_oldsection403 on

    “Zzzzzz….huh? What? Oh, it’s overtime. I guess we should start skating, huh?” said the entire rangers lineup.

  174. Terrible pass by Brassard, but that was a wonderful hold on Zucc by Marchand on the way back down the ice.

  175. Ah, there’s Brassard, with the gamer turnover. Bruins had to win this one.

  176. Czechthemout!!! on

    Oh well. Should have and could have won this game. Too bad. I hope we dont regret it.

  177. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I was just about to remark that I hadn’t seen Brassard since the McDonagh goal when he committed that turnover.

    Oh well. The Rangers were lucky not to have lost several times before that.

  178. Numbah Four Bobby Orr on




    Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuins 1-0

  179. ThisYearsModel on

    Another terrible loss. Really thought we would come to play tonight. Squandered another golden opportunity. Oh well.

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My boy Brassard with a horrid pass. The rangers threw too many pucks backwards tonight once they were in the Bruin zone.

  181. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have single out Cally for a dreadful game tonight. It was like he had a hole in his stick all game long.

  182. The only thing that’s a bigger piece of garbage than that pass by Brassard is Stralman. God forbid you get physical w a guy flying into your zone in ot of the semi finals. No lets drop to our knees and attempt to block the pass..

    Lundqvist clearly disgusted. And rightfully so

  183. It’s hard to be critical of the most influential player in the playoffs right now but the Rangers lost is on Lundqvist tonight. Not that he should have had the OT goal but those other two were softies. No screens, distance….he has to stop those.

  184. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    They’re so predictable , was there any doubt that late in the 3rd they would squander the PP?
    Then they play a scared OT, giving up huge chunks of ice almost every time the B came up ice..
    and let’s keep shooting from the blue line and Hank did look shaky at times in OT

  185. what’s the most OT games that any eventual Cup winner has lost without winning one? Because we’re gonna break that record this year. NBC a-holes in their glory.

    We sucked in three main ways – so hard, so bad and wicked bad

  186. Brassard made that very same pass the entire Washington series. This one didn’t connect and we want to throw him under the bus?

  187. also, Zuccarello was with Marchand on the break, stopped skating and tried a little hook momentarily, and that let Marchand get away from him.

    Oh, well, at least they got a point.

  188. Game was there for the Rangers to claim, but they lost the Who Can Come Out Flatter contest in the first two periods. Downhill from there. This may be a short series now that the Bruins know: A) Lundqvist can be had, B) Nash is injured and can’t shoot, and C) they don’t have to worry about penalties at all. Dominated the Rangers with a broken defense — ugh.

  189. Just like game 1 in Washington, Hank gave up 2 bad goals in regulation and that killed any chance they had at winning.

    I’ll say it over and over, if Hank gives up bad goals, the team never wins…




  191. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Great game , we should have won , Boston sucks and I can’t wait till next game!!!

  192. it takes us a game to build up a solid hatred and get our legs moving…we may also lose game 2, but 3 & 4 on 7th Avenue will be our moneymakers. Or not. Either way.

  193. You’re blind if you think that game is on Lundqvist. Wide open man at the top of the circle is weak? 45 saves is weak? How about another 0-3 on the powerplay? How about utter domination for the entire OT? The Rangers didn’t have the puck enough and it cost them in the end.

  194. I blame this loss on Steve Eminger’s mingering in the corner…if he doesn’t take that penalty we win 2-1


  195. Hey, Carp, don’t sell him short… Duguay has a lot more that two pieces of nonsense.

  196. oleo, how was the second goal in regulation a bad goal? Krug walked in all alone from the top of the circle and the shot was deflected.

  197. How to view this game? If Rangers couldn’t beat Boston with the Bruins hitting four posts- three essentially that would have been game winners- how the hell are they ever going to beat them when we don’t get the breaks? Of course that was a piss poor effort by our guys- you can count on the fingers of one hand the guys who played well- I don’t even think I could come up with three stars for us- and yet we barely got beat. The fact that we have an abysmal record in o.t. is not about luck- it’s about puck possession, or lack thereof. Not losing in regulation only counts in the regular season…sorry.

  198. Del Zotto had a real tough night…

    Nash had a few runs but damn…dude is not looking so hot.

    Richards can’t be gone soon enough.

  199. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc showing how NOT to back check. At least he scored in the goal after wards – McD jumping in play – Zucc hjas to recognize and not get caught up too far.
    Of all the dirtbags – Marchand – please

  200. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It was a game where the hockey gods were with us in many ways. Three clangers!!! We got away with them. Unfortunate.

    But, we can play with these guys!!! Yes WE CAN!!!

  201. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Hank stopped 45 of 48, and they would have been done in Washington without him…hard to get on him.

  202. Not going down negative lane…..niters all….fug, but there’s a lot of hockey left….

  203. Nash played like a Europansy tonite…maybe he can borrow some balls from Zucc

    Damn Horseteeth just wants the puck off his stick as quick as possible
    Torts needs to get in their faces instead of coddling these two
    Boyle’s line our best tonite….not a good sign.

    I watched Nash all game….he coasts while Brassard and Zucc skate their aasens off…disgusted.

  204. Latona

    Ask Hank, he’ll tell you it was a soft goal. Puck went right through him. Unacceptable…

  205. Reginald Dunlop on

    at least we probably won’t see those 2 stooges Meier and Rooney any more in this round…….horrific……too bad Rooney lost his courage and didnt call the interference later after his courageous ref call from Pierre, please just another guy who thinks everyone came to see him…….No Sutherland and No Devorski in this round but a Meier? please no more jokes from this league, enough this week with Rangers as visitors BOTH games in Yankee Stadium…..last time I looked it’s in the Bronx which is still in NYC……hope the league runs out of jokes soon……. wasted opportunity, on to game 2

  206. Stranger Nation on

    Do the Bruins play soccer too?
    Never seen such divers.
    Was this an opera house or a hockey barn?
    Boy-chick goes down like he will never stand again and is playing next shift.

    They are VERY beatable team is not that good.
    Make adjustments and get a win next game.

  207. Admiral Akbar on

    The B’s had to get this one. What did they hit 6 or 7 goal posts and crossbars?

    I cabt get over Hank 3-11 in OT.

  208. Outshot 16-5 in OT

    NBC guys…saying Rangers gave this away

    You could tell Bruins wanted it in OT

  209. Hard to blame Zuccarello for the final goal. That is all on the Rangers players (Brassard in this case) force feeding the puck to a player (Nash) that is incapable of scoring.

    I’m sure he’s hurt, but if he is incapable of scoring then they need to stop passing up shots and stop deferring to him every shift…

  210. Stranger Nation on

    Didn’t think Nash played horrible, much better than Games 1 – 5 in Craps series.
    Cally was a no show
    Hags played great
    Step – nice shot – invisible the rest of the game
    Love that 3rd line with Boyle,Pie-hat and Dorsett
    Richards is horrible – poor Ash and Kreider have to play with that bum

  211. Let’s not forget the shot advantage and all the posts the Bruins hit. This was domination once the game began in the third. Bad game all around for NY, especially for the ex-Jackets. We’ll see what they’re made of next time, but the Bruins surely no longer fear any “sleeping giant”. Their series to lose.

  212. nash cant finish crap. richy sucks almost cost us earler.

    cally was dreadful tonight.

    eminger sucks



  213. ThisYearsModel on

    Hey Carp: being a little rough on the Zucchini there, no? the elbow to the grill he got from Marchand slowed him down. I didn’t think he bailed. That game should never have gone to OT. Only game 1 though. Season’s not over yet.

  214. Like I said earlier, Rangers had this game in the 3rd. Eminger took a terrible penalty and it swung the momentum to the Bruins…

  215. Anyone who watches every agonizing Rangers playoff OT game can see why he’s 3-11. When was the last time they even played at an even level to their opponents? Let alone actually being better than them. They get dominated EVERY SINGLE OT, without fail. This one was helped set up by a bad pinch and a poor play by Dorsett. After the penalty miraculously ended the ice stayed tilted towards the Rangers end. There’s no urgency, no sustained pressure. A bunch of one and dones.

  216. Stranger Nation on

    We lost better….
    Bring back Dubi
    Bring Back Artie
    Bring back Gabby
    Hell, bring back Erixon

    yeah – right, schmo

  217. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Come on guys – rangers played like poop and lost deep in OT. Game 2 will be better.

  218. Just crunched some numbers.

    With Lundqvist in net, NYR have been outshot 111-72 in overtime. NYR have gotten no shots on goal in four of those games. NYR have only gotten more than 10 OT shots on goal in 3 games, those 3 games going further than one overtime.

  219. Admiral Akbar on

    This series has to begin to get dirty.

    Bruins were great in OT. Rangers need to step up the effort in front of Rask.

    The lack of power play is dooming this team. Not “soft” goals by Lundqvist, not pinches by defensemen, not tipped passes.

  220. Just because Hank was dominant most of the game (and the playoffs) does not absolve him from blame.

    Both goals in regulation should have been stopped. The first goal was inexcusable and the 2nd one was a weak shot that went right through him.

    He absolutely deserves blame tonight…

  221. Unless it is impossible to fail, no Dmen on this team other than McD or Moore should be allowed to pinch, and when they do, a forward must be aware and compensate.

  222. I’ll give the Bs one thing – they are absolutely terrifyingly tenacious with the puck in the offensive zone, especially when they smell blood.

    If we could do that, we’d go undefeated. Yes, that’s right – BITE ME, MERCURY MORRIS

  223. I tried, eddie, but I’m afraid it probably wasn’t good enough!

    oleo, still don’t understand how the second goal is weak. Man open at the top of the circles, has plenty of time to walk in, and the shot was deflected.

  224. Zebras better decide what kind of game they are going to call and be consistent. It’s not fair to the players on either side.

  225. Latona, whatever you said a long, long time ago, I remember agreeing with it at the time.

  226. If being dominant for most of the game doesn’t absolve you from blame, how much blame is there for the rest of the team? Because I saw a lot of terrible play out there. People didn’t want (or couldn’t get thanks to godawful ice) the puck on there sticks and it showed in the turnover department. Richards goes without saying at this point, but Cally disappointed me the most. He couldn’t do anything with the puck, not even clear it. Best line all night was Boyle’s line (fantastic on faceoffs tonight too) and they didn’t really generate anything, just had puck possession and some hard work.

    Llatona did some fantastic work to show why Lundqvist has a terrible OT record, not hard to see when you have NO shots on goal, chances of winning are slim.

  227. Wow Hank is pissed and making some not so subtle comments about PP and lack of offense in OT

  228. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too bad the Klan whisked Thomas away from the Bruins. Beating him in a series would be a hoof.

  229. Any Luck (good or bad) couldn’t last forever…
    As much as I love Cally, I have to say that it was probably his absolutely the worst game in the last 5 seasons.
    This team goes as a 1st line Captain goes.

  230. Latona

    It was a weak shot that went right through him. That puck needs to be stopped, end of story.

    They need to win Game 2 though. Not sure they have another 2-0 comeback in them…

  231. If Nash is hurt…why is Torts double shifting him in OT?

    Torts also said before the game that he thought Nash was close to breaking out

  232. Definition of “good” in application to Nash is scoring, Nothing else counts.

  233. On a potential breakaway, Nash was again slashed on the left wrist forcing him to take one hand off the stick and negating the opportunity.

  234. BTW, Jagr was dreadful tonight, like deflated yellow balloon…against our young Ds.

  235. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t think Nash was bad at all. He provided whatever offense the smurfs could muster in the OT. I liked seeing Nash double shifted in OT.


  236. Jagr doesn’t skate in sand, he skates in wet concrete. Still can find the open man if you let him float.

  237. Scorers create opportunities for themselves

    Nash coasted all night and put out little effort trying to get to front of net or using the speed that he has to make something happen….he stood around the perimeter and watched on the PP and didn’t match the intensity of line mates Brassard or Zucc who put out an effort on most shifts.

  238. Admiral Akbar on

    Jagr looked like crap. Definitely not the player he was when he wore Blue….

    But – if Jagr scored and not hit the post earlier, he’d look like a million bucks…

    Marchand by a nose…….

  239. Stranger Nation on

    How is Stralman not on the PP more – he was out there tonite. Girardi is not a PP guy, he just isn’t

    Bruins’ centers are good two way players – Step and Brass will need to take their play to the next level this series.

    Was Lucic playing the second half of the game?

  240. Admiral Akbar on

    Stralman was excellent.

    Put stralman and Moore on the pp.

    Get Richards off the pp – please.

  241. Torts, on May 16, to Stepan: “You try the PP point, see what happens.” Gees.

  242. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chara didnt look too good in the ranger end either. He will wear down in a deep series.

  243. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers have these clowns , I say we take Home ice advantage after game 2.

  244. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JoeM – “Darryl, are you guys getting enough pucks on net?”

    Sutter – “da dum do do ga ga goo goo do do da da dum dee dee”

  245. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JoeM – “what?”

    Sutter – “Babba bubba hubba hubba dooba wooba shooba shoo”

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