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  1. I won’t be there until Game 5, Rob …

    Torts vs. McPhee, who do you like?

    I think McPhee takes him, but leaves with bitemarks on his ankles.

  2. That had to be kinda annoying RT @SWhyno: Oates said Ovechkin texted him 20 times till 2 am after #Caps Game 7 loss.


    Next time we have to crack a bottle of wine, and toast to their honor! Ha

  3. If McPhee is leaving with bitemarks on his ankles, is he also taking on the Cannibal of Ajax?

  4. _I’ll take Torts, and the Pit Bull mentality._

    Hosting sleazy parties fuelled by weak beer, while wearing a white suit and sunglasses indoors?

  5. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers will win this series in 7 games barring a total collapse from Henrik Lundqvist

  6. I’m shipping up to Bahston for one of the games!

    Actually, to Maaaaaahhhhhh-blehead

  7. Can we start the freekin series already. Agree with Tom Petty on this one, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”

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