Game 7: Rangers-Capitals in review


You guys who’ve been around since the GAG Line, or earlier, must be feeling pretty cool today, looking at the first Rangers-Bruins playoff series in 40 years.

I know I do.

I will say this, too, and I kinda touched on it when we were discussing good and bad matchups. There are no good matchups once round 1 is over. Anybody who’s won a series is dangerous. That means Boston is a tough opponent. It also means the Rangers – that team that slogged through such mediocrity this season – are now dangerous too, for anybody.


1) As I said in my story today (which I will post later) the Rangers-Capitals series answered this question: Would you rather your best player be a 40-50- goal scorer, or a Vezina trophy goalie who plays huge in big games? You can’t shut down a goalie. Henrik Lundqvist is back to being the best on the planet, kids. And some of you were killing him because he gave up a softie in Game 1, and because he allowed six in Games 3 and 4, despite both being wins.

2) Lundqvist, in the last three games in D.C., allowed one regulation goal. After the Mike Ribeiro fluke goal in OT, he didn’t allow another goal in the series. And, yeah, they defended pretty well in front of him, but geez, he was in another world. If Mike Green scores there in the first, moments before Arron Asham scored, maybe Rangers’ breakup day is tomorrow and Bruins at Capitals starts Thursday. Am I right?

3) I also kept thinking in the post-game lockerroom how, a few nights earlier, after Ribeiro scored and the Rangers didn’t, he stood and stared away from the media, stared directly into his locker trying to compose himself, how he tossed his blocker (it hit me, actually). How annoyed he was. How it reenforced that this is one of the most competitive pro athletes anywhere.

4) How ironic, in a year spent mocking the Rangers third- and fourth-lines because of the almost zero they slapped on the board, in Game 7 they get a goal from Asham (a great shot, and his second of the series, which is more than guys named Ovechkin, Nash, Richards, Callahan and a bunch of others), assisted by sub-fourth liner Chris Kreider, and a goal from Taylor Pyatt that was all Derek Dorsett and assisted by Steve Eminger. They’re going to need those guys, all of them, and more.

5) Kreider gives and Kreider takes away. He messed up letting Green walk in there, then he took off with the puck and made a nice little pass to Asham. Good for the kid.

6) Brian Boyle=Beast. Mean, played big, involved. Gonna need this Boston boy in Boston.

7) All of this reminded me of last year’s team, the depth, the contributions, the way they defended and blocked shots and all of that “identity” stuff. But mostly, it was Ryan McDonagh taking that – I’ll be charitable – borderline hit by Ovechkin, during that predatory shift he had in the first period, and going to the lockerroom with two substantial bleeding wounds, then coming back and playing the way that he did. McDonagh was on Ovechkin and his car seats all night (with Dan Girardi of course). His teammates gave him the Broadway Hat. So, you know, they get it.

8) But I was thinking as Ovechkin was running around – he had double-digit hits – he woke up the wrong team. He woke up the team that, once upon a time, played better when games got nasty. Are they going to be that team again?

9) Dorsett made how many plays on the backcheck? Very impressive.

10) Caps’ nails-on-blackboard voiced analyst Craig Laughlin after Ryan Callahan’s goal, said, “Callahan has not been a factor at all in this series.” Fitting name, Laugh-lin. Actually, the Captain could have done more offensively. But, man, every time he was on the ice he caused a turnover by John Erskine (they beat the crap out of each other for seven games). Fitting, too, that Callahan’s goal came directly off Erskine’s cough-up, 13 seconds into the third, when the Caps really needed a good start.

11) So the Rangers A) won a Game 7 on the road for the first time ever, B) won a series they trailed 0-2 for the second time ever and C) won a series they trailed 2-3 for the third time ever.

12) The Empire State Building was lit in Blue and Red last night to honor the Rangers, seriously. What, they couldn’t light one side Orange for Mr. Snider, Comcast, Bobby Clarke, Paul Holmgren, all the goalies, NBC. I swear, I don’t even recognize the NHL anymore.

13) I have a lot more to say, but I’ll have a lot of time to say it this week. So I’ll close with this:

14) “Fire this CLOWN. His players hate him and won’t play for his B.S.” Not sure where I heard that before.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals Game 7
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Brian Boyle.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Arron Asham.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Michael Del Zotto.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King.
2. Girardi/McDonagh
3.  Boyler-Mr. May (never thought that title would be positive-right Mr. Winfield?)
HM-Solid team effort again…two nights in a row…do we dare to dream? See ya all Thursday!
Tobi’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King.
2. Brassard.
3. Zucarello.
Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars.
1. Henrik- ALL World Shutout.
2. Kreider- Set up game winner.
3. Asham – Scores Game Winner – give credit where credit is due!
HM- Zucc – just because. 100% Heart & a goal.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (26.95%).
2. Derick Brassard (17.96%).
3. Ryan McDonagh (14.97%).

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  1. Wow. That was quite fun to watch. If the NYR can get the PP going, and with Hank playing the way he is this team will go deep. Need Clowe back for the Bruins, they are tough as nails. Oh and early prediction, Henrik Lundqvist, Conn Smythe winner!!

  2. Pyatt gets a ton of crap, but he played a really good series. Did a lot of good things. Glad to see him score a big goal.

    Awesome game all around. These guys can definitely take the Bruins, especially if Nash can get going offensively.

    Nash had a good game too. The guy still needs to finish though. We need him!!

  3. Excelent write up Carp, my sympathies to your ears for having to withstand Laughlin and Beninati.

    Over the last few years during most Rangers games, I will text back and forth with my son, my brother and even my mom -who was there the night the won the Cup (’94, not ’40, sheesh). Anyway, there was an eerie quiet across our collective cell phones last night after Asham’s goal. As if we were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Callahan’s goal, a beauty but a softie, opened things up for us.

    Was I the only one cringing when Doc Emrick stopped qualifying his Rangers-Bruins remarks by saying “should the score hold up” with about 5 or 6 minutes left?

    Bring on the B’s. The hated Terry O’Reilly’s and Mike Milbury’s have been replaced by Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand (who will be a most hated Bruin to nearly all Rangers fans by the time we get to handshakes.)

    Odd that they’re waiting till Thursday (not that these players will mind). While we’re at it, it’s also odd that I would find something about Bettman’s and the Numbskull Broadcasting Company’s actions, well, odd.

  4. Woo-hoo!! I can’t wait for round 2. Bring on the Bruins! My dad is a Bruins fan so this should be fun! Let’s go Rangers!!!!!

  5. Olczyk with a great point last night on Alex (0 for his last 5) Ovechkin’s heat-seeking-missile shift. He the Ranger’s would rather him hitting, that means he doesn’t have the puck.

    If someone on, say, the Rangers, were to hit Ovechkin when he was in a vulnerable position like McDonagh was last night, are we suddenly hearing the name Brendan Shanahan pop up?

  6. I give Tortorella credit on this one. He finally achieved what they had last last year and need to go forward, a balanced three-line attack and this without Clowe. It meant moving Richards to the fourth line. Many coaches wouldn’t do that. I recall in baseball when A-Rod early on was going swish, swish, swish in the post-season and Torre left him batting third when he should have been dropped to seventh. Without the pressure maybe Richards will snap out of his funk and that would be big.

  7. I’m not going to profess to know the X’s and O’s of hockey nearly as much as someone who played and coached at the highest level as Pierre (I love to hear myself talk) McGuire. But if Tortorella did what Pierre said he did last night to start the 3rd, that was crafty move indeed.

    Switching from the left wing lock to a 1-4 delay suddenly to start the period was sort of like Sean Peyton calling an onside kick to start the second half of the Super Bowl.

  8. After walking out of that place in a sea of Red in game 1 & 5 boy was it nice to be there in the end for the handshake. I got to say this DC has become a real hockey town. That place is loud and losing 5-0 not a boo and still cheering. Better fans than most and a real nice owner, a little too much on the refs, but after 5-0 pens we would have been too.
    The Rangers do look beat up, but Boston does as well. Our problem is we can go with one more injury…scary.
    Hank OMG even more unbelievable in person, just wow. In 1994 the Rangers needed that Cup for the fans. Now and as long as he plays the Rangers need a Cup for HENRIK . And BTW it looks like this team knows that.
    What a great night.

  9. I along with Carp have been in the proTorts camp and the minority. But let’s be fair, he coached a great game with Richards and doesn’t care about $. He know hockey plain and simple. True real bad with the PP. But I always go back to the 2 things
    1. Who we getting better
    2. More importantly for lifelong fans, we play hard, hitting, shot blocking, discipline and are a real pain in the ass to play against. We are talking the NY Rangers for Pete’s sake!

  10. Norm Merton on

    Agree great adjustments by Tortorella, especially now that for the first time in a long time, there’s a fourth line to worry about, just in time for the four-line rolling Bruins. Love it that Kreider was not benched for that boneheaded flyby (though you have to wonder if he might have been had he not made the ensuing nice play to Asham).

    Bruins D is suspect, and they’ll be nervous after shedding so many goals to the Leaves. They’re also good at scoring the tipped or otherwise deflected goals the Rangers concede in the leave-the-points-uncovered, shot-blocking defense that has been so brutally effective of late.

    I’m up in Boston radio country and they repeatedly refer to the Rangers as a “sleeping giant”. NY has had their number recently, but Gaborik had something to do with that. Looks like an even match-up.

  11. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but I give the Rangers about a 40% chance of beating the Bruins. The Rangers have a better goalie, but the Bruins have so much forward depth that can score. It will be a tough series. It is moments like this that you can appreciate how difficult it is to win a cup.

  12. Okay, Doodie. Eat the crow that’s staring you in the face, acknowledge and report when the final bite is savored, and all will be forgiven.

  13. Agreed, ORR. That readjustment of his skates to get the puck out of the zone in Game 6 with very little time left was a superlative play, and I don’t know if many other players on NYR would have the presence of mind to do that.

  14. Norm Merton on

    The Bruins have gotten 2 goals from their bottom two lines. The Rangers have gotten 5. It’s the Bruins top two lines, not their depth, that the Rangers need to worry about.

  15. Good strategy change by Torts (and i am a Torts fan) but is it really worth all the press?
    You have an opponent who likes to enter the zone at speed and your team is 3-0 up in a Game 7 – if you try and play too aggressive at that point you could leave gaps for their speedy, aggressive forwards to get through and put one on the board to give them some hope. Plus, the LWL wasnt working that well at slowing down the Caps in the 2nd.

    Did you see the grin on Girardi’s facewhen he shook Ovie’s hand? It was a “haha we got you” kind of look!

  16. Another great write-up! Watching Gaborik (and now Nash) have trouble scoring against non-Vezina winning goalies in the playoffs, I definitely agree with point #1. Back to back shutouts in elimination games for Lundqvist – wow!

    And as for #4 – other than his great start to the season, I felt like Pyatt was one of those guys you didn’t really notice much on the ice. He wasn’t doing anything bad to get noticed, but he also wasn’t doing much offensively to be noticed either. The same could be said of most of the 3rd/4th line guys.

    But Pyatt really changed my mind during this series. It seemed to me that he was much better at digging out the pucks along the boards and also keeping possession. Good for him getting that goal after doing all the dirty work all series. I hope that Dorsett-Boyle-Pyatt line keeps playing well next round against the Bruins.

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    Bring on Boston. This series is going to be a war. But we match up well against them.

    My kid plays for the Bruins. So this will be fun at home. Makes for great banter around the house.

    And the beard goes on!

  18. Caps are going to let the refs have it today on media day. I can feel the blame coming that they didnt have a chance once the calls were so tilted in the Rags favor…last night was also not good. Callahan plowed Chimera late to no call, right when the Caps needed a power play early…

  19. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Brad Richards has Drury 2.0 written all over him. Funny tho… He doesn’t look Drurish :)

  20. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Carp, great post, as usual!

    Get the IT guys to look at the site. Super slow.

  21. I said it before and I’ll say it again:

    These clowns are super-lucky, two-bit clowns who got lucky and will wilt to the Bruins .

    3-0 Bruins series win (Rangers forfeit after giving up record amount of goals and not scoring one).

  22. $7 million dollar Stanley Cup winning center signs huge free agent deal to be the missing piece of the team and declines so impressively that he is assigned to the fourth line. Where have I heard this one before…

    Well, at least it worked. Bring on the Bears.

  23. wow. what a night. what a gutsy effort by this team on the road and what a job by hank and the role players but the kudos foe me is mcdonagh. the kid is a stud. i am completely joyed with happiness today and this is only round 1. god if this team ever won a cup i may cry for a year in joy.

    1 series down. i am glad we open thursday as i need a break as well. my heart cant handle this

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, 7-0!!!!!!! Great review!!!!!!!!!

    And my wish was granted!!!! We get more…more games in the post-season!! More playoffs!!! More Moore!!!!

    Atta boy, Carpy!!!!!!

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Wow – unbelievable flippin WOW!!!
    Now THAT is how you play a game 7 fans unlike the luck the Bruins pulled out of their arse at home against a game Loaf’s squad.
    Torts can finish the job and take Richards off PP so that can get going as well. It is no accident that the team played better as he played less also with Powe out, another addition by subtraction.
    The Gabby trade gave us positionally sound assets and completed the Rangers/BJs transfer – looks like we won that one going away as the foursome of Bros-hard/Brassballs, Moore, Dorset, & Nash will playing in round 2 and the foursome of Artie, Dubi, Gabby and Erixon will be playing a rounds on the links.
    Pie-hat got a ton of crop because he deserved a ton of crap. But if we look at him as a Rupp replacement – huge upgrade. Just as slow, but as the players got tired and play slowed down, he was able to play at the same speed. His hit in the 1st period of game 1 was absolutely critical. He has NOT been taking the body as he should have prior to game 4 and when he did it made all the difference.
    Boyle – same as Pie-hat with game speed. The PO grind is better suited for his skating ability.
    Dorset – his emergence sparked the team IMHO
    Asham – yesterday I said put him on 2nd unit PP and still believes he has one of the best shots on the team.
    Em – doesn’t get a lot of love here and looks awkward as hell on skates, but played great, yes great the last two games. Still – we need Stall back, but not sure if that is going to happen

    We match up well with Boston – expect a similar series as we just went through with Hank being the difference – Rangers in 7 (again? yes, again!)

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I refuse to even think of any New England city today!! This is a ‘bask in the glory’ day.

    Whatta win!!! Who woulda thunk it!!!! Not even Eric thought we would win last night!!! (SS)

    Torts, who did an amazing job, can give praise to his team for the total team defense. And, yes, early this year, I was hoping he’d hold off on the shot blocking approach (which kills the guys bodies if done all season long) and wait till it was really needed. But, credit where credit is due….

    Hank = KING!!! Best in league. Won the series!!!!!

    Great performances from so many. Name one who was not good? Oh…ok…Richards? Even he was ‘useful’ on the 4th line in a diminished role.

    Kreider? A big mistake, but he STAYS! Pie-hatt? Dorsett? My man, Boyle? Oh, a total team effort!!!

    MacD…..WOW!! What a man,warrior,beast he is. WOW!!!!!

  27. Sioux-per-man on

    Have a SIOUXper days boys!!!

    The sleeping Giant is about to awake! More time for Clowe and Staal to get healthy. We will need them both in this series!

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    I watched Jeopardy before the game yesterday, and I kid you not *Henrik Lundqvist* was the answer to one of the questions. I took it as it a good omen right then and there about the night.

    And it was.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I will repent again (although I have already said each once :

    1. I was down on the Gabby trade. Hard to get rid of a star, ‘elite’ athlete. This trade (trigger pulled and thought by whomever in the front office….with input from Nash….) was awesome!!!! Sorry to see Gabs go. But, his replacements, especially Brassard are more than making up for him. The lineup is more balanced. Great move!!

    2. Yes, after games 1 and 2, I was, Carp, one of those that pointed out a great goalie, one who is called ‘The King’ doesn’t make the 1 or 2 mistakes he did. As I have clearly said since the, the games after that he was brilliant, willing the team to victory ‘on his own’. He is ‘The King’ and was big in the clutch!! Kudos to the best in the league, probable best in the world. We need to win for him!!!!

    **The Clowe deal, while we grossly overpaid, is unfortunate because of his injury. Thought out as it was, it probably would have given us the depth needed to go beyond this round. Without him and Staal, it will be a real test. Hope youse guys feel better soon!!!**

  30. Admiral Akbar on

    Should be a great series between two classic franchises/ dormant rivals.

    Rangers have played extremely well against Boston the past few years, so I expect this series to be no different.

    It will be interesting to see how the shot blockers handle Zdeno Chara’s cannon-shot over a long series.

    If the arrangers gt Clowe and/or Staal back soon, look out!

    Rangers in 6.

  31. carp – you gotta give credit where it’s due…Avery’s comments seemed to have galvanized the team and their run of better play started immediately after his comments. He is truly the ultimate agitator.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thrilled with the win! Hank, what can you say? Speechles.

    Everyone played well, without exception. I paricularly want to single out Torts for doing what he has failed to do so often, make adjustments! They did not just play along the boards all night. They used the entire ice finally! When the game opened up a bit, we were the better team. He rolled four lines and did not bench Kreider and was rewarded for it. Not only did the kid set up the first goal, he consistantly delivered big hits on several of the Caps forwards. Good for him!

    Boyle was outstanding again for the fourth game in a row.

    Mdz played his best game in two months.

    Pyatt played his best game of the series. Just in time too.

    Dorsett is getting his game.

  33. Admiral Akbar on

    Brian Boyle = CLUTCH

    Boston Boyle returns to home face Bruins in second round. Awesome stuff!!

  34. Day two of dc trip. Students rocking the ranger jerseys. So is their teacher. What a day to be a ranger fan!

  35. I said it to a couple people here last night. I was just stunned by the performance of this team. I feel like I’ve been waiting for that game since January 18th 2013.

    Kudos to McD for being the definition of a hockey player last night. And to our unworldly goalie who probably had to ask Rammer to make sure no one laced his water bottle with ‘shrooms when he looked up and saw his team had given him a 3-0 lead.

    Really hoping Nash heals up and that by some miracle we get Clowe or Staal back at some point. I doubt any of its happening.

    Carp can you remind Callahan not to block Chara’s slap shots this series?

  36. Well said, Carp. Lundqvist is more valuable than Crosby or Ovechkin any day of the season (regular or post).

    I think the Bruins are a MUCH better matchup than the Maple Leafs. I can detail those reasons when we start discussing all that but briefly, the Bruins and Rangers are similar teams, with awful PP’s and Rangers have an edge in Goaltending and, I believe, better scoring depth.

  37. Norm Merton on

    As an aspirant for the Hated The Trade The Most crown, I would say:

    A) Sure looks as though I was wrong about it.
    B) I may not be wrong about it.

    Things look so good right now, but that was not a very good team the Rangers just beat, especially the too-cool-for-school Holtby, who had one great game but donated goal after goal last night. (I sent chocolates.)

    That said, the three Gabby products have looked better and better with each game, and all of them shone in the big one. Dorsett and Moore were outstanding on the huge Pyatt goal — the first add-on goal since when? — and Brassard and Nash have the potential to be a lethal pair.

    Four games won, eight to go to better last year’s overachievers.

  38. Did not see last night coming at all. Thought it’d be another 1 goal game. Very glad the Rangers pulled it off though.

    I missed the start because I was at a bar here and they only had te Bruins (wasn’t going to ask them to change a TV), but watched it all when I got back. Both games were amazing.

    Not going to lie, but the Caps could’ve actually used Semin in this series. He’s another top talent guy who can take some of that defensive pressure off of Ovi.

  39. Boyle has literally become the pre concussed version of himself thus far. But before I praise every name on the roster lets see how many of these guys carry it over to round 2

  40. Get excited for a special ROUND 2 post at the The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Official Website.

  41. The good news is a solid game 7 victory that we all have been waiting for.

    The GREAT news is that there is no more Joe B. and Laughlin calling Ranger games.

    I’ve heard the worst of the worst, but these guys in this series were the worst I’ve ever seen. Rangers only won last night because they got all the bounces. Only won three other games because of officiating, etc.

    The last 10 minutes of the game was like listening to a eulogy. It was quite pleasant.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    Norm –
    You may be right
    I may be crazy
    But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
    Turn out the light
    Don’t try to save me
    You may be wrong for all I know
    But you may be right

  43. Thanks for the nice analysis, Carp! I was waiting for the CAPS to break through…Lundquist was amazing. I’ve heard that Papa Bear is up in Beantown putting those Bruins in line. Should be an entertaining and tough series, these teams are evenly matched on paper in many respects. McDonagh all beat up and cut up with a swollen cheek during his post-game interview says a lot about the Rangers’ team effort last night. Encore! And the Gaborettes played great! Boyle has found his stride at the right time. Callahan and Girardi put it on the line every night. LGR!

  44. Carp, thanks again for all the work you do! Your post game reviews are the BEST!


    1. WOW! I think I am still in a state of shock. Considering that the Rangers had never won a game 7 on the road in their 87 year history did not fill me with confidence yesterday. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Rangers would score 5 goals. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the game would be a blow out.

    2. HANK!……. There are no words

    3. 2012 Holtby V. 2013 Holtby: Last year the kid was great from start to finish. He was ridiculously shaky in this series. In 3 of the Ranger victories he gave up 4, 4 and 5 goals respectively.

    4. Torts and Sather: Do I like everything they do? NO! But, the fire Torts stuff that goes on here, I don’t get it? This team seems to like him and plays b@lls out for the guy! That Gabby trade and the signing of Zucc is looking pretty smart. For right now, these guys deserve MAJOR props! The NY Rangers have WON 3 GAME 7’s in the PLAYOFFS IN 2 YEARS. Come on now, credit where credit is due.

    5. The Gabby Trade: I agree with Carp that the trade needs to be evaluated over a full 82 game season… BUT, the fact that Gabbby had yet ANOTHER surgery and only had one year left on his contract makes this deal look like a move of genius in my opinion. We all know that the Rangers would have never resigned him as a UFA and would have lost him for nothing. Looks like the Rangers got three players who will fit in and 2 of them, IMHO have tremendous upside.

    6. Derrick Brassard has looked like a # 6 overall pick in the draft. He is the BEST passer the rangers have had in quiet some time. His vision of the ice and anticipation is really great. Between Derrick and Stepan, I think we have our #1 and #2 centers for many years.

    7. I didn’t know squat about Derrick Dorsett before he got here. But, all the CBJ fans were saying; “you are going to love this guy!” He seems to be a Sean Avery type of player WITH BRAINS!!! I think there is offensive upside to his game that we haven’t seen yet.

    8. Torts Redux: One of the things you always hear about a Torts team and about this Rangers team is that he DEMANDS top notch conditioning. It couldn’t have been clearer in this game how important that was. When they had shots of the Washington Bench; those guys were hunched over and sucking wind. The rangers had jump and didn’t look winded or tired AT ALL! Kudos to Torts!

    9. I have always been a Rangers sweatshirt guy. Since I became a fan in 1968, I have never owned a Rangers Jersey. At game 6, I bought a Ryan McDonagah NY Rangers Jersey. I LOVE THIS KID. He is still so young that it is mind blowing. He plays like a veteran who has been in the league for 10 years. IMHO, he will turn out to be one of the greatest Ranger Defenseman of all time. I said this before, but this could be the greatest Rangers trade in history. His game last night was the epitome of this kid. Ovie split his face open wide and he missed just one shift after they GLUED his face back together. UNREAL!

    10. I have not been a Steve Emminger fan, but give credit where credit is due. He played a very solid game last night.

    11. Anton Stralman? Wow! Again, give Sather a ton of credit.

    12. Nash: In my opinion, there is something wrong with his hamstring or groin. All year long we saw that he is a power skater who is very fast for his size. At times he looks like he has zero acceleration.

    13. Staal: I am praying he can play in the next round. He totally changes the dynamic on the team and makes us so much tougher to play against.

    14. Going Forward: The skill level of the Bruins forwards is even better than the Caps. Chara and Lucic are beasts. But, we do seem to play them well. We must get Nash going and we MUST be better on the PP!

    15. THIS BLOG AND YOU GUYS: I am much more of a lurker than a participater; but, I wanted to thank you all. You guys are passionate and hilarious. This blog never fails to make me laugh and entertain me. Thanks for letting me participate every now and then!


  45. Good great morning all! Grand write-up Carp! Running late so for now…LGR!!!!!!!!!

  46. Stranger Nation on

    You gotta love the fact that the leader in the Bonehead Bracket challenge picked 7 of 8 series with one incorrect.

    That series winner was your very own NEW YORK RANGERS

  47. Norm Merton on

    Got around to looking it up — Bob Nevin with the OT winner against the Leaves in ’71. Won’t be needing that karma now, though. Calling all karmas.

  48. You love that Avery quote, don’t you Carp?

    You know who I’m in love with? This Rangers team. They got me again. I’m gonna enjoy this feeling while it lasts.

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    Is it legal for the Rangers to win a playoff game by more than one goal? I didn’t have time to check the rule book this morning, but are we all sure that’s allowed?

  50. CTBlueshirt on

    I know it’s early in the day for this but for those of you that want to join me down at the bar I’ll buy a round of Ovechkins for everyone…they’re white Russians with no Cup.

  51. How about those Caps “fans” last night? They all left after the THIRD goal! I don’t care how much your team is losing by, you don’t do that in a Game 7 of a playoff game. You can be mad or disappointed, but you stick with them til the very end. You wait, watch the handshake (one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship in all of sports), and then you can leave after your team leaves the ice.

    I mean, how does a player feel when they see all their “great fans” leave on them, when really, it’s only a 3 goal game. Look at what happened in Boston last night for Pete’s sake! That alone shows me how much of fair-weather, bandwagon fans they truly are.

  52. Not sure who said it, but one of the studio analysts on one of the Hockey channels stated regarding the Brassard et el trade: “it may end up being the greatest trade in Ranger history.”

  53. Good morning, boneheads!
    Sorry, haven’t been around much lately. Had to deal with a sudden illness of my mother. Was tough, but she is home and is doing much better now.

    Haven’t missed a game though, most were DVRed. Haven’t read much of the blog either, but I’m back now. Let me guess- none of the trolls showed up after game 6, let alone during last night? Stay in your holes!

    As for the series- make no mistake, Hank won it. Last night included. He frustrated the Caps Sunday, made them think twice. And he came back looking even better last night- not only he made those great saves, he made ’em with vengeance. Gobbled every single puck up, no rebounds. I think the Caps, their goalie included, realized they had no margin for error, and Asham’s goal ( not a softie, but stoppable )was all they needed to fold. They tried, but made too many mental mistakes.

  54. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Carp or anyone notice how Cally and Erskine greeted each other in the handshake line?

  55. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    and yeesh, now I’m not even on the first page of the Bonehead League standings

  56. So…….Hey Doodie. Suck on that. You bet against the Rangers you *LOSE* the prediction contest.

  57. Carp, still think I’m crazy for saying Brassard could be a real steal in this trade? :-) Kidding, I know it’s still too early. But it looks like he is having fun playing at this level. Again, can’t wait to see him play under Torts for 82 games plus preseason. Can’t teach skills.

  58. CTBlueshirt on

    I think if they’re tracing the trade history, the Gomez for no Gomez trade still stands as the best trade for them in the salary cap era.

  59. And one more thing.. Who is that guy wearing #22 on the Rangers? Was he on the team during the regular season because I don’t remember seeing him?


  60. CTBlueshirt on

    Gomez for No Gomez + McDonagh + Brassard + Moore with stops along the way of 100+ goals from Gaborik and 2 seasons of Prust (who eventually rallied the Habs to a 5 game exit)

  61. By the way, forget about seeing Clowe. If he truly sustained another concussion ( sure looked like he did ) within a couple of weeks, it’s not only dangerous, it’s life threatening if he is on the ice. Look up second impact syndrome if you’re interested.

  62. Regardin Ovechkin’s Identity Crisis: Was it me or was Ovechkin too intent on causing destruction and not focused enough on breaking through the “wall of Hank”? Wouldn’t the Caps team have been better served by their leader if he had focused more on scoring a goal than trying to ultimately cripple any Ranger player (especially McDonugh and Gorardi) on his radar who was in a vulnerable position? He ultimately did us a favor by trying to be a forward version of Scott Stevens.

    With that in mind:

    Courage under fire: Kudos to all Ranger D who, led by McDonugh, were able to hang in time and again and take a fierce beating in order to make plays and/or protect the puck (especially through the course of games 6 and 7).

  63. Alexander-Leaving-His-Feet-Every-Time-He-Goes-In-For-A-Check-Yet-Never-Gets-Called-For-It-Ovechkin disappeared under pressure quicker than Tony Romo. Tony Romo-vechkin.

  64. Now, how deep is this team? It’s so deep their 4th line center is being paid $12M this season and is scheduled to make $9M next year :-)

    In all seriousness, I am going to have to change my mind about them giving him another season before buying him out. I think he id gone after this year. Reason? Torts gave him every opportunity possible, sometimes it looked like it was insane to keep giving him the minutes. I think now they both accepted what Richards’ role would be. And what his postseason will look like too.

  65. Ogerp Jr (via Tokyo) on

    “And zuccarello empties out the building with his first goal in the playoffs.” – TSN play by play announcer


  66. Cross Check Charlie on

    Don’t know what can be added that hasn’t already been said. I didn’t vote for the three stars because you can’t vote for Lundqvist 3 times. Despite the score, the game was close for two periods. The difference was Henrik. The Callahan goal was the real backbreaker. After that it seemed like the Capitals were resigned to their fate.

    Don’t know what to think right now about the series with Bah-ston. I think I’ll just enjoy this for a couple of days until I start worrying again.

  67. I think Brassard is a great passer. I particularlylike when he gains the zone and then spins, so he can see the whole ice with both eyes. He hits so many trailers coming into the zone this way. Wish more centers did this.

  68. first off, i’d like to say, i told everyone here that pyatt needed to be in the lineup and he’s a difference maker :)

    what a game… never saw that coming, what a pleasant surprise. i had the caps in 5 so this was a shock. the boys really showed some guts and pride last night, good for them, and good for henry getting that kind of support on the way to the second straight shutout.

    finally, i’d like to point out after being a runner-up winner of the 1st round picks last year, i finished absolutely dead last in the bonehead league on this year… it takes a lot of skill for that type of turnaround

  69. Morning everyone, Took til about the 4th goal before my heart stopped pounding at 1000 miles an hour.

    thinking about the Boston series is hard. We haven’t played them since much earlier in the season and we were a different team then.

  70. CTBlueshirt on

    It took Drury 4 seasons to get pushed to the 4th line, Richards was put there after 1.5?

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s such a shame that Clowe is likely done for the season. He would have been a huge lift in a series against Boston. The guy is supposed to be a playoff competitor and his toughness would have been needed against the Bruins. Also, its obviously bad for the guy’s health, which sucks too.

  72. Remember, Gravy. Anyone who disparages Brian Boyle will have to answer to my fist, which will promptly land in their suck hole.

  73. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    As good as Hank was, you almost expect these types of performances. Well, maybe not game 6 and 7 shutouts, but 2 goals against max.

    The bigger surprise, as Carp pointed out, was the bottom six scoring. I was getting on Pyatt near the end of the season, but he has really turned it up a notch. Boyle has shifted into another gear and looks like the same player from last year. Dorsett has been able to play regular minutes and be effective. And you can’t complain about a 4th line of Richard-Kreider-Asham, who played a generally smart simple game.

    Like I said after game, Boyle’s goal in game 3 was the turning point of the series. Seemed to jumpstart him, the 3rd line, and the team.

    Can’t believe it was only the first round…feels like we’ve been through a second season already.

  74. Paul in sunrise on

    He may be Drury 2.0 but it is a lock that BRich will score a huge goal in the bruins series. An OT series clinching winner. He will come up huge. Nash will also get going. Lets go rangers.

  75. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Remember, Gravy. Anyone who disparages Brian Boyle will have to answer to my fist, which will promptly land in their suck hole_

    Manny, think I should remove his permanent WBM (c) status, or is it motivation for him?

  76. ThisYearsModel on

    Carp: SO now we get a chance for revenge on Boston after they skated the cup around the Garden. Those Boston teams were the Flyers before the Flyers, and I really hated them. I didn’t think the Caps were as good as they seemed to be in the first few games, and the Rangers proved that. I think Boston is beatable. Henrik is already in their heads and the series doesn’t start until Thursday.

  77. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Woke up this morning, and yep. DelZotto is still the toughest guy in the league, with Cally second

  78. Carp, thank goodness the power of your brilliant writing was stronger mojo than the “crooked picture” Shaman’s curse!


  79. Rob in Beantown on

    If you’re soliciting opinions I think Boyle *needs* to be 0 on the WBM for tradition’s sake

  80. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Ron – If you marry a chiquita named Robin, do you guys become
    Mr. & Mrs. Rob in Beatown and Robin Beantown in Beantown?

  81. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Yev@8:45, vibin. good points.

    SO, Potvin (pronounced on NHL RADIO as “Da-knee Paht-vain”)is on his usual early Tuesday AM slot. He picked the Rangers to win the cup at season’s beginning and he is not being allowed to back out. He said Rangers in 6.

    But, really, who cares what he says?? Except this…..

    He says, “that MacDonough fellow, ‘they’ are saying he stopped Ovechkin over the last 5 games…giving him credit…I don’t really know much about him, but, I guess he was pretty good. The Rangers have a good defenseman there, but I didn’t know he was THAT good.”

    Yeah, Dah-knee?????? No wonder why the chants have come from the rafters about you every game for 30 years!!!!!!!

  82. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Manny, wishful thinking, on Kreider. If it was close, he’s not out there in Foxwood 2. But, at 5-0, chalk it up to experience.

    Aside from one blaring error, the kid played well. Some checks and pretty good defensively! Can’t wait for the next few years with him!!!

  83. I still can’t believe the leafs blew a 4-1 lead with 6 frigging minutes left. I had them in 7, with the ranger and the wings and the leafs screwed me. I now hate the leafs, the nhl’s version of the Chicago cubs.

  84. ENOUGH with the comparisons to last tear’s team, who gave us good memories, but last time I checked, did NOT win a Stanley Cup.


  85. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I actually have no problem with the Ovechkin hit. McDonagh is leaning forward and he hits the side of McD’s body. Clean hit.

  86. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I expect the ledge to be back to full capacity after this weekend…

  87. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I’m not going to lie, I would have liked the Bruins match up a lot more if they had just won game 7 outright instead of that heroic third period/OT comeback. That’s going to make them feel invincible.

  88. Fine, take away the impact McD made with the boards. The Ovechkin hit was still illegal: A textbook charge. Read the rulebook.

  89. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    But I am glad it isn’t the Leaves. If they came back from 3-1 against their current arch-nemesis franchise, they would have been feeling pretty good too.

    Also, we can’t win in Canada, and the Leaves’ speed would have given us fits.

  90. Gaborik for No Gaborik may end up being better than Gomez for No Gomez, if only because we got 3 excellent players at their respective positions instead of 1 über one.

    And do you know who we have to thank for making this trade? That CLOWN.

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    Random thought: does Holtby get consideration when Team Canada is choosing its rosters for 2014? Maybe not as a starter but a backup? Canada is pretty weak in net and Holtby seems to play his best in big games

  92. czechthemout!!! on

    Would you guys give it up with the blaring error by Kreider bullcrap already! So what! Who cares he madean error. Big deal. Bittom line ishe was there to pick up the puck, use his speed to back up the Craps defense, make a skillful pass to Asham which produced the key goal of the game. Plus every game, every forward on the team makes at least one if more mistakes. He played very well last night and delivered some big time checks.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Ogerp Jr (via Tokyo)
    “And zuccarello empties out the building with his first goal in the playoffs.” – TSN play by play announcer


    GREAT POST. You could see the Craps ‘fans’ exiting the stairs when Zucc celebrated his goal

  94. Ilb!!!!!

    Been waiting to ask you the particulars on a compliance buyout … Not for any particular player :)

    I could look it up myself but prob still wouldnt understand it.

    Did a little housecleaning while you were away, if you know what i mean.

  95. Stranger Nation on

    Check out replay of goal #1 – Asham looks to check Wilson’s stick to prevent rebound stuff from 5 ft in front, comes back to use Dman as screen off great pass by Kreider.
    Drop passes make sense when the D is backing up and you have speed and someone trailing with speed. Please pay attn Mr. Richards

  96. What a beautiful morning!! All the best to mama ilb! I got 7 out of 8 series right in the first round. 2of them exactly correct.

  97. Kreider was fine, but i can only guess the reaction if anybody on the WBM (c) made that play … Or if Green scored. Season.over.

  98. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _I’m not going to lie, I would have liked the Bruins match up a lot more if they had just won game 7 outright instead of that heroic third period/OT comeback. That’s going to make them feel invincible_

    DM, on the flip side, they’ve now used their one get out of jail free card.

  99. BTW, Gaborik was part of the No Gomez trade … So now it’s Gomez for McDonagh, Brassard, Moore, Dorsett and No Gomez.

    You know, because i like to keep track of these things.

  100. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Of course, they also came back from 3-0 down with 11 minutes left in game 12.

  101. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    best part about us playing the Kings int he final is that busty blonde model will be on TV all the time, behind Torts and the Rangers’ bench

  102. Everyone is making Richards to be Drury 2.0. At least Drury could pot a goal every now and again. Richards is worse I think. Plus, Drury can make pizza.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    McD overheard when he came off after Ovi cheap shot

    Cut me Rammer, cut me!

  104. Great question, Gravy. Might be motivation for him. I wonder if Boston Garden feels like home ice for Brian?

  105. Kreider threw more body in game 7 than in any 5 games combined this season. A couple of hits in open ice, a couple along the wall.

    His speed backed the Cap Dman Hillman up and helped give Asham room to shoot on the first goal.

  106. Doodie might have given up on that since he lost by picking against the Rangers like a sucker.

  107. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I thought one of the most important plays of the game was Nash running holtby early in the first!

  108. Carp, do you think Richie knows his days in NY are numbered and is the anxiety of being released adding to his demise?

  109. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Carp, I was only keeping track for me. I went 7 of 8 with 2 series exactly picked.

  110. Great write-up, Carp, as usual. That jackwagon says Cally not a factor in the serie? This is the nonsense that only measures the worth of a player by the points he puts up. Cally led by example in every facet of the game except points. And wasn’t it great to have him then come out and get that goal to start the third? That’s the point that I finally breathed and thought we were going to win this game.

  111. Another credit to Torts: the culture of team discipline he has instilled. That toughness is also about taking hits and not retaliating. Caps can whine about officiating but it’s no coincidence Rangers were the least penalized team all year. More Caps power plays and this series may have gone the other way.

  112. I also don’t think Richards is done. And I look for him and Nash to step it up even more in Round 2. (Though Nash was all over the place last night and in Game 6).

  113. Carp spot on write up and count me among the nostalgic who can’t wait for a Boston series. And who frankly can’t believe it’s really been 40 years since the last.

  114. Carp # 3, describing Hanks reaction to game 5 defeat.

    Fabulous window into the goaltender and some behind the curtain reaction we Boneheads can only access through this blog and your effort. Worth the price of admission. Great stuff again. Thanks again.

  115. Yes, Papa. I’m sure he does.

    Wick, did you see my comment that I had a nice chat with one of your faves, if not your fave — Beuk. Every time I see him I think of Eddie O screaming “Farmer!” or “Big dump farmer!” That’s what he called Beuk. So last night I saw Eddie and told him I sae Beuk and he said, of course, “Big dump Farmer?”

    Nanny, I picked Caps in six, too. … and remember being booed. But as series went on, I thought ya boys would win Game 6. Didn’t have a clue about Game 7, I admit.

  116. Matteau, I have a classic Rod Gilbert story about Bobby Orr … I might try to get Rod to tell it on audio and post it here. Otherwise I’ll just tell it.

  117. Caps may be slightly bigger but Bs are downright nastier. This series will make the Caps seem like they were playing two hand touch.

  118. I’m curious what stuart a had to say about all the “plumbers” scoring last night. Pyatt , even without scoring, was a monster against the boards all series long.

  119. Stranger Nation on

    One of the few disappointments and another sign the current Garden isa shell.

    During stoppage of play (coming out of TV ad break?), Buek (th real Boomer) is introduced to crowd with spot light on and only gets a half reaction with only 10% of the crowd standing in recognition of Ranger royalty (IMHO).
    The person in front of me when asked by their kid who he was, remarked that “he was some role player back in the 90’s”
    Fail…horrible Fail

  120. Pyatt has been surprisingly good the past few games. Hope he keeps it up, could have something to do with Dorsett on his line. I really like Dorsett, dude got game.

  121. Is This Real? on

    Ovechkin crying about the refs is classic, what a assen.. I wonder if he jumps around like a fool after every putt on the course

  122. “Kudos to McD for being the definition of a hockey player last night.” – James G

    James you said a mouthful there! McD is McMonster.
    Nice analysis, as usual, Carp! Thank you for your efforts.
    IMO, Boyle’s knee injury was a blessing in disguise. It seems the rest has brought back pre-concussion Boyle.
    Holtby looked awful cold on that ice after Topo Gigio completely undressed him! What a move that was!
    Hank=Great Wall of Sweden! He is just great!
    We live half the time in NYC and the other on the North shore of Boston. Can’t wait for this to start! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

  123. we saw the good and bad of kreider within the 10 sec on the asham goal.

    he jumps over the boards and goes completely towards the puck and leaves green in on the 2 on 1 with del zaster caught up ice and then after the big save by hank he gets puck comes in with speed backs in the defender with nice drop pass to asham for goal.

    now we know why torts doesnt want to play him.

  124. @kenny Alber Rules! I was thinking the same thing the other day RE Dorsett/Neil, didn’t wanna be crucified here for making the comaparison though

  125. While I was brushing my teeth this morning, I had a weird epiphany.

    Maybe Slats,Torts and all support staff do know what they’re doing and learned by last year’s playoff struggle and ECF defeat. Maybe this team is built to achieve a deeper playoff run than last years squad.

  126. I think the day of Game 1s in the other series, CTB. Like two days before the NYR started.

    No idea what happened to the review … but they’re working on it. geez.

  127. We’re back on the air!

    Saw on ILB’s size chart that San Jose is #1 in weight AND height. They look every bit of it. Looks like Godzilla put on a jersey streaking down the ice.

    By the way, I’m ranked #1 in width

  128. Yup, looks like a little hiccup. Give the IT guys some credit, the traffic’s been crazy last few days. Plus all the videos and such.

  129. i owe carp 8 hot dogs by the time the rangers win the cup it could be 64 since we double or nothing each round

  130. Carp will need a cardiac cath then. Either from consuming 64 hot dogs, or from all the stress on this blog.

  131. Stranger Nation on

    eric – if that happens, we will all chip in and have a weenie roast at Walters – the pagoda on Palmer!!

  132. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Oh my god I was having the Byfgulien shakes I was in such bad withdrawal.

  133. Lotta Boston heading back up to Boston: Kreider, Boyle, Tortorella, Gilroy-sorta… any others?

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Only 2 players with more pts. during the playoffs than Brassard: Krejci and Malkin. Bros-hard tied with Crosby and others. No one has more assists than Brassard.

    I’m not ready to say anything good about Brassard until he does it for the next 15 years blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah jury still out blah blah blah blah – terrible trade blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  135. Stranger Nation on

    Our bottom 6 outplayed their bottom six in the last 3 games and that is why we are heading to Bean town.
    Could not say that at all this season.
    Asham, Pie-hat, Boyle, Dorset, Kreider – that is some heavy lumber on the bottom of the boat

  136. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Ilb glad to hear Mama is doing better you were truly missed here didn’t know if we could win this series without our “blog Captain”.

  137. drove down to D.C. for the game on a whim and it was pretty much the best thing

    first “comfortable” game 7 in a really long time – hell, I barely even remember the Rangers beating up on the Devils in the deciding game of the 91-92 series.

    felt a lot like this team turned a corner earlier in the series when they finally started to get some pucks by Holtby and no matter what anybody says, he didn’t outplay Lundqvist in any sense. still, this team didn’t look good losing game 5 and the game 6 victory was all Henrik. last night was a total team effort (everyone except Richards who shouldn’t be dressing) and as strong as the Rangers have looked in a playoff game in forever.

    and who else can’t help but laugh at the Capitals saying the Rangers were giving all the calls to our team.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I don’t think some of you, (doodie), would recognize talent if it bit you on the assen.

  139. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I have never been as stress free during a Rangers game 7 for as long as I was last night.

  140. All that hitting by Ovechkin, and the only guy he successfully took out of the playoffs was Erat.

  141. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Eddie, the question for Brassard has never been talent. It’s been consistency. He’s put together the best 5 game stretch of his career.

  142. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle back to ‘Big Rig’ status – he has to hit Chara and hit him often. Loafs had Orr going after him all series…until the last 1:30 of Game 7.

  143. Rangers put up an 8-spot on the Devils in 92 so I guess that would qualify as a comfortable win but once Callahan scored that goal to start the 3rd it felt like the Rangers had a game won before the final horn for the first time in a playoff since.

  144. Thanks, Ria!

    Eduardo, Brassard looks like he is a gamer. And looks like he is really having fun playing at this level

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – he outscored Gabby after the trade. He’s doing it on the biggest stage in the world. It’s ok to be wrong. It usually starts slowly with – maybe I could have probably been perhaps not exactly correct….

  146. this will sound ridiculous because it is so far down the road, but if they win the Cup, we should organize a bonehead party or happy hour somewhere near MSG…maybe the Triple Crown?

  147. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – you have a point tho, not like consistency was ever an issue with gabby, eh?

  148. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – but
    What has he done the last hour?
    What did he do for lunch?
    What about next season?
    What will he do then?
    How will he play for a full 82 games?

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S.Nation – I need to see results *every year* from brassard. Just like gabby. Gabby was stupendous every year, game in game out – Every year during the playoffs gabby was among the top scorers – every year –

    Oh wait, he wasnt.

  150. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Yeah, the Cally goal definitely settled it. Up 3-0, I still felt like a Caps goal could change the tide. Him scoring that early was the nail in the coffin.

  151. Lloyd Braun on

    and that’s just not something this team has done consistently…having a team with their backs to the wall and finally finishing the job. that Zuccarello goal was my favorite moment, though. was almost like piling on – I loved it. plus it was pretty much all Ranger fans in the building by then.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – perfect feed to zucchini from Brassard. Those two are in synch with each other….

  153. Not sure if any of you have seen it, but Ovechkin just had a press conference in which he blamed the officials and the league for wanting a game 7 to make money.

    Classy guy.

  154. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    e3 and SNation, I said a couple of things, and I’m going to stick to them:

    1) Gaborik would score at least 40 total goals before his contract ended.
    2) Gaborik would score more goals than the new guys combined.

    Let’s see next year how Brassard does over an entire season. I’d be happy to be wrong, but I just can’t see Brassard keeping his level of play anywhere near where it has been for the last 5 games. Especially after his play in games 1 and 2.

  155. Lloyd Braun on

    most of the Ranger fans around me were pretty classy last night – and there were a lot of Ranger fans there, certainly way more than you’d think from watching Caps games on television. Capitals fans to their credit pretty humbly accepted their defeat and cleared out quietly.

  156. Recent lurker, first time writer. If there was ever a game to inspire a post, that was it.

    A few thoughts:

    1) How refreshing to watch a Ranger game without the constant stress and dread. More please!

    2) I agree that Clowe would help with the physical Bruins. But, who comes out of the lineup to accommodate? A few days ago I would have said Dorsett because he was only some name I recognized from, but I knew nothing about his game. Count me impressed so far. Krieder? I love his size and offensive potential. And with regards to Stahl, again, who comes out to make room for him if he is able to come back. I am not usually a massive Eminger fan (though he seems like a decent enough guy), but he’s been playing well since he was put back in the line-up. Additionally, we are not likely getting back vintage Stahl at this point. I would keep the line-up unchanged unless injury or ineffectiveness forces a change.

    3) I am loving Richards on the fourth line. I think he would admit that he hasn’t been playing great, but he has playing well enough to earn decent fourth line minutes and this gives the line-up the abilty to roll out four lines with the ability to put the puck in the net, as opposed to our usual strategy of a) wearing out our top lines so that we get worn down as the playoffs progress, and 2) praying to God that our fourth line doesn’t screw up for the 2 minutes that they do get each of the first two periods (before they are benched for the third). Richards centering the fourth line is an effective, albeit costly, line that can compete, particularly if they are matched up against the other teams fourth line.

    4) I know this will sound like hindsight given that Asham potted 2 goals in the Caps series, but I am constantly wondering why this guy doesn’t get more time. Even before he came to the Rangers, I noticed this guy had some skills and constantly wondered why we couldn’t get a lower line guy who had the knack for scoring some timely goals. Would like to see more of him on the ice.

    Keep up the great game reviews Carp.

  157. Lloyd Braun on

    remains to be seen how Brassard does when teams start paying more attention to him. I noticed that last night the Caps started taking some more shots at him as the game went on – a lot of that was just frustration since the game was more or less over at that point. but you can bet Boston won’t be willing to give him as much space as he got for most of this series and how he responds to that will be huge.

  158. Best advice Carp ever gave: “If you’re going to buy a Rangers sweater, buy McDonuts, because he’s gonna be around here a long time.” Or words to that effect.

  159. Lloyd Braun on

    Brad Richards was abysmal again last night. The only reason he could look passable at this point is because his minutes have been significantly cut. He was a disaster on the power play again last night – a place he absolutely does not belong right now – and he coughed the puck up multiple times when there was no one near him. guy is lost.

  160. Bear, you actually said “maybe we should give credit to Sather and co.”? You really said that and meant it?

    This after graciously commenting with reference to MDz’s sparkling play after continually ragging on him.

    How quickly we change our stripes or shed our fur.

    Any more of this Sather stuff and you become Ursa minor! ;)

  161. once the blog starts messing up my office computer, it may be time to go.

    I think Carp and the posters should secede from LoHud and form their own blog somewhere else. Anyone have any ideas why Carp would want to do that and how he’d get paid?

  162. Commonsense – I will always defer to those my senior, especially those who have served in our armed forces, but your posts sometimes remind me of Ted Knight trying to play in Rodney Dangerfield’s foursome…

  163. Asham’s note to Mom on Mothers’ Day: “Mom, they’ve moved me up to play with a $12 million dollar center, sort of. Hoping for some drop passes.”

  164. Stranger I didn’t see it that way I thought Beuk got a nice response from the crowd, starting off with “Beeeeeuuuuukkk”. He was smiling, clapping and seemed genuinely to enjoy it.

  165. These 5 goals will keep Holtby busy with sorrow for a while, because he rested too much in 2nd game.
    These people who didn’t believe in Rangers and not predicted them to win have to resign or apologize at least.

  166. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – Agreed…… then there’s that guy in the net….. What’s his name?

  167. Here’s a few questions for both the posters and the writer with respect to Brad Richards.

    How much of the antipathy for him is a product of his salary?

    Were he on a line with the same team mates for several years where his set up skills might be more valued would he be more productive?

    As an analogy, if the Rangers had lost game 7 how many would also be on the dump Nash bandwagon as they were with Gaborik and other FA “saviors” before him?

    If Richards is dumped I believe he will surface with another organization and finish his career being acknowledged as a very good player who happened to be overpaid by a GM renowned for doing it for 13 years.

    Hockey like other sports is a team game and even superstars need to be surrounded with complimentary players and just maybe that hasn’t happened with Richards.

  168. Rob in Beantown on

    _These people who didn’t believe in Rangers and not predicted them to win have to resign or apologize at least._

    Yes, anybody who didn’t predict the Rangers to win must *RESIGN*

  169. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    After the 3rd goal I gave my sister the phone & told her “if they score another goal just call 911” & make sure they send someone “hot” looking to revive me LOL!

  170. Lloyd Braun on

    I was convinced after game 5 that the Rangers need to buy out Richards at the end of the season. Winning this series hasn’t changed my mind about that. He looks terrible, but at that salary he’s an abomination.

  171. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    cmnsnse, If you were talking about the later years of Drury, I’d agree with you. He was still a good depth center. Richards isn’t even that.

  172. Have to laugh when I read here that if Staal is healthy, can he replace Eminger? Cheech.

  173. Lloyd Braun on

    Eminger had easily the best game of his life last night so people are getting a bit carried away

  174. Rob in Beantown on

    Gravy, I believe initially the numbers represented your optimism about the Rangers on a scale of eric (1) to Sioux (10).

  175. If richie were banking 2 million per year, he’d be an acceptable 4th line center between two roughnecks like Asham and Haley (or fill in the blank) who can skate, forecheck, and shoot if set up.

  176. Lloyd Braun on

    the thing is, if you were looking to sign a 4th line center, it wouldn’t be Brad Richards

  177. It would be if he got paid Asham money, Lloyd. He’s pretty effective down there!

  178. O’ Heavyset one, while there is always much to learn from your elders and while I am always eager to do so especially when you use deferential tones.

    I am not Ted Knight, loved Rodney’s antics, Knight’s and the movie, and no doubt could play golf better than both.

    I had to give my clubs away this year since any torquing ability I have left must be limited to more personal activities! ;)

  179. People are NUTS about Eminger. The best game he played was Game 3 when he was Marc Staal.

  180. Richie is either playing a LOT of golf or he’s hanging out at ‘Tans R Us’ down on 2nd Avenue.

  181. It’s extra funny that Asham DID get a drop pas, coos! Just from The Kreider (post a horrible defensive lapse).

  182. Lloyd Braun on

    I’ve not seen Brad Richards be pretty effective in a hockey uniform more than half a dozen times this season.

  183. Coos, not the response I would have expected from a hockey aficionado re:Richards.

    Is that the way he was used in Tampa?

    The man is overpaid which is not of his own doing but is a talented center who has and imo will again prove a valuable guy for another organization.

    Another case of putting a player in a position to fail based on expectations exceeding reality?

    I mean this man was a highly valued and respected player for two organizations, is everyone wrong or does the preceding sentence have some validity?

  184. I think he’s good as a 4th line Center. His presence there gives Asham space and Richards is a better Center than Powe.

  185. Exactly what happened, Manny. The Kreider still skating too much east-west, but at least he’s starting to bang when he finally arrives and he got off a couple of shots on net. Baby steps, but steps.

  186. Lloyd Braun on

    “He’s better than Darroll Powe” – may be the most depressing assessment of a player

  187. I think that where Brad has fallen to is that level of depressing, Lloyd.

    Can we get him off the PP for the Bruins series please!?

  188. BIGGEST danger with Richie is that he gets some kind of major injury before he is furloughed, destroying our cap. I think he’s history before Sept.

  189. The injury would prevent the buyout but it wouldn’t prevent LTIR (which would take him off the “books” since he’s under 35, right?)

  190. Lloyd Braun on

    imagine for a minute the Brad Richards we’ve seen in 2013 in a Rangers uniform until 2020

    then imagine the Brad Richards we’ve seen in 2013 being a $6.67 million cap hit until 2020

  191. Lloyd, don’t you believe that’s an exaggeration, unless you are a hockey coach at a level and knowledgeable enough to render that judgement?

    Richards production with the Rangers is difficult to gauge by fans or writers. It might be interesting if there’s any commentary by former players or coaches.

    Why not ask Milbury!!! ;)

  192. Lloyd Braun on

    if you even pretend to have seen anything from Brad Richards in 2013 that justifies nearly $47 million in cap space over the next 7 years you’re just trolling.

  193. Gee Manny if Richards gives Asham space as you note then maybe he’s capable of doing it with legitimate scoring wings.

    I guess if he were on Nash’s line he’d be blamed for his current slump!

    And Lloyd, as an ex President once said,”there you go again”………it’s the money!

  194. I’d be interested in the answer to that question, Manny. Can anyone clarify? The way Richards plays, I can’t see him getting hurt unless he takes an errant Staal or Crosby puck.

  195. I am one of the guys who predicted that the Rangers would NOT win, but I refuse to resign until my first contract is up.

    Isn’t it punishment enough for you people that I am so far out of the running for the Bonehead tournament?

  196. Lloyd Braun on

    and since the NHL is a money-driven business, yes, it’s about the money

    hardly an epiphany there, comnsnse

  197. Yea not even close to that money, duh.

    The way I understand it, LTIR takes the money off the books. We still have to pay him but it doesn’t count against the cap since he’s an under 35 contract.

  198. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on


    Gomez for No Gomez + McDonagh + Brassard + Moore + Dorsett + 6th Round Draft pick.

    Lucky guy, once picked he can say he was a piece in the Gaborik trade.

    Here’s hoping he’s a Big Byfuglien winger/defenseman, that wins stanley cups.

  199. Fat Guy: I assume if “running” is involved then you are usually pretty far out of it.

  200. Lloyd Braun on

    can the Rangers even buy Richards out this season or do they have to wait until next year?

  201. LTIR has nothing to do with 35 and over from that point of view, Manny. LTIR counts against the cap regardless.

  202. Lloyd Braun on

    look, I resisted the Richards argument for as long as I could – hell, I was one of the only people here who defended him last year when he got off to a slow start. but his slow start last year looked like a guy who was just adapting to a new team. the Brad Richards I saw this year looks like a guy who’s running out of time. and with $47 million in cap space committed to him until the year 2020 it’s hard to imagine any scenario in which the guy is anything more than an albatross.

  203. Lloyd- NY has one compliance buy out left. They can use it either this summer, or after 2013-2014 season.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard plays like a pre-concussed Marc Savard. Let the B’s take his space away, it will open uber room for Nash and Zucchini.

  205. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Gravy not sure who gave me the number, but 10 being the most positive.

    0 (Eric) being the most negative fan.

    Doodie’s bobber adjust’s daily, depending on how the fish are bitting.

  206. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – order up a round of Ovechkin’s for all the boneheads.

    It’s a white russian, no ice, no cup!

  207. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    @The injury would prevent the buyout but it wouldn’t prevent LTIR (which would take him off the “books” since he’s under 35, right?)@

    I may be mistaken, but I believe LTIR is only applicable during the season, and anybody on LTIR still counts against a team’s summer cap (when you are allowed to go 10% over).

  208. Funny how everyone is jumping on the Gabby trade bandwagon after actually watching and learning something about Brassard, Moore and Dorsett. If I remember correctly, very few of us thought this was a good and fair trade from the start and took some Carcillo along the way for saying so.
    I’m a Ranger fan first and foremost, but Im also a hockey fan. I really liked Tyutin, Prospal, Arty and was a huge fan of Dubinsky – and still am. I like to see all former Rangers players do well (except when playing the Rangers) and in keeping tabs on them, have learned something about their new teamates. So I for one am not shocked by how well 15,16 & 17 are playing, because as a HOCKEY fan – I knew what we were getting in return when the trade happened.

    Shame how most will turn on them and the trade again as soon as one, or all of them go through a bad stretch sometime next season (or next series, for that matter). (see Boyle, Pyatt, DelZotto, etc…………)

    And yet we comment on other teams “so called fans”, and call ourselves the greatest “hockey” fans.

  209. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Lloyd – Richards – if found! Could save himself.

    IF and only if he can get 12 game winning goals this year.

  210. Lloyd- he HAS to be bought. The new cap benefit recapture rule of current CBA leaves them with no choice. I always thought they would give him another crack at it in 2013-2014 season before saying goodbye. After this series I’m convinced they will buy him out this summer. It looks like both Torts and Richards realized that this is over.

  211. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I see you were ragging on my favorite player other than the clowe, Derek 3rd in Playoff Scoring Brassard…

    I’m going to punch you in the face.

  212. I saw that witty comment, Sioux, and smiled. Like Carp said, Ovie charged up the wrong team. :)

  213. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    It was the right trade at the right time for the Rangers.

    They got MAX value for him, and these players will be paying dividens for many years to come.

    Plus the 6th rounder, if he makes the team. I’ll be pulling for the kid!!!

  214. Lloyd Braun on


    I agree with everything you said but suppose he has some brief resurgence in one of these rounds and ends up notching 6 points in a 7-game series. Will that get him off the hook?

  215. Bring it on, eddie!

    I’m not bashing him. Just urging patience. I want to see his attitude in mid, regular season before I make any proclamations.

    And remember, I liked the trade from the get go.

  216. Pope eddie III canonizes Brassard, will brook no interference from the College of Cardinals. :))

  217. By the way, for people who are curious. Richards’ buy out after this season will look like this:

    Salary owed- $36M over 7 years. 2/3 of it ($24M) is the buy out amount, paid over 14 years (twice the length of his remaining contract). Mr. Richards will be getting $1.714M per year for 14 years. Cap hit- *ZERO*

  218. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy
    Commonsense – I will always defer to those my senior, especially those who have served in our armed forces, but your posts sometimes remind me of Ted Knight trying to play in Rodney Dangerfield’s foursome…
    May 14th, 2013 at 1:19 PM

    that is some funny stuff – nearly spit out my ginger ale

  219. Rob in Beantown on

    _They got MAX value for him, and these players will be paying dividens for many years to come._

    I’m not disagreeing, but I remember when the trade happened we all thought they sold Gabby at rock bottom value. I don’t think we knew enough about Brassard especially at that time to judge the trade.

  220. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Richards will be our Yashin, except his money doesn’t hurt the cap.

  221. WOW. Even Bobby Bonilla didn’t do that well! If it’s another 14 years, both of them come off the books about the same time. :) Nice job, Wilpon.

  222. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    27NYR – I was pining to trade gabby long long ago and was extremely happy when I saw what we got. I may have been the single loudest supporter of that swindle. It will turn out to be one of the greatest fleeces in trade history.

    There are still some that don’t get it. Brassard is making hockey experts throughout north america stand up and acknowledge his strong play. Ive been on that bus from day 1.

  223. LLoyd- I believe a much more than that would have to happen in order for them to postpone it until 2014.

  224. Doodie- Richards will be Dolan’s Yashin. Which I couldn’t care less about.

  225. Norm Merton on

    Wow — enjoyed the 5-0 all-hands-on-deck game for half a day, and now it’s the Hump Richards Show. What was the score last night when Richards saved a Caps goal? I’m guessing nobody here remembers that play — gets in the way of the mythology. Tortorella gets credit for the adjustment, rightly, and Richards gets dumped on for saying nothing about it (that I know of) and going out there to do his new job and do it well. Oh, well, scapegoat away — it is entertaining, I admit.

  226. I humbly admit that eddie and I and one or two others were ecstatic about that trade from day one. My main reason was Moore, whom we desperately needed on D, and Dorsett’s record of unflagging leadership (he wore the A). Brass was a sixth overall, not shabby.

  227. Lloyd Braun on


    even with Tortorella being in love with him you still think Richards is gone after the playoffs no matter what?

    I really hope you’re right but I have my doubts

  228. Cross Check Charlie on

    Richards will be the poster boy for why GMs should not give long term contracts to players that are over 30, even though you don’t expect a guy to go from productive first-line center to bum overnight like he’s done. Still, by age 35 or 36 most players are either in serious decline or done. It more rare for players to be productive beyond that age despite the feats of Selanne and Jagr this year. They are the exception, not the rule.

  229. Brassard’s overall attitude scares me a bit. I will continue to say it despite eddie punching me in the mouth repeatedly.

  230. Stranger Nation on

    Cross-check – you speak truth Kimosabe
    Only in baseball (pre-steroid testing days) would sign a free agent not named Messier to a FA deal over the age of 30.

  231. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s an absolute shame that Clowe got hurt. I truly believe we had a real shot at the cup had that elbow never happen…

    I think we beat Boston in 5. Hank has stoned them a ton. Boston message boards did not want the rangers first rd. and aren’t happy to have us in Rd. 2.

    Someone pull up Hank’s stats against the B’s. They are mind boggling numbers.

  232. Stranger Nation on

    Torts needs to complete the demotion and get Buck Richards off the PP

    He should have been at the glue factory 3 months ago.

    Remember early in the season, it was reported the “captains” came to Torts and asked him to tone down practices because of the time off and condensed schedule. No inside info from Rod here, but my guess is Richards was the lead ‘captain’ in this story as I can’t see Cally or Stawl approaching Torts like that.

  233. Manny comes out of the gym. Eddie3X comes out of the wine cellar. Should be a fair fight. And then, a cork is popped on a 2002 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow Napa Cabernet and all is forgiven.

  234. Stranger Nation on

    Bs are a bit of a mirror image – very very good 5v5 but not so good on PP

    Chara is a difference maker, but every round he has to be losing a step at his age. Not slow like MDZ or Girardi – maybe more like Em ;-)
    Their D 3-6 is not that strong and the bottom 6 is not very offensive.

    Too soon?

  235. Maloney is on Hockey Central saying that Nash is *not* hurt. Just that he needs to get on a line with Zucc and Brassard.

  236. Dmitry Chesnokov @dchesnokov

    My SovSport colleague Dmitry Shumin asked Ovi to describe what happened in one word. Ovi: “[We] sh*t ourselves.” #caps

  237. Stranger Nation on

    Brassard is having fun – is he cocky? yeah. Is he doing stuff that is not very ‘Ranger’ like? maybe. Who are we the constipated Yankees?
    He has Mr. Dorset to take out the trash if need be. Like a little mustard on the dog to keep it interesting.

  238. Carp nailed it. Lundqvist > Ovechkin

    Ovechkin just isn’t a big time player. He can’t play defense. Sorry.

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just punched 2 students in the face for asking me questions while I’m trying to blog.

  240. McDonuts on Ovi: “Can’t believe that ‘roided-up Cro Magnon shook my hand.”

  241. Rob in Beantown on

    Aside from the dive last night, what does Brassard do that isn’t very Ranger-like?

  242. Yea that is Maloney’s point. He thinks he looked a lot better in game 6 and even better in game 7.

  243. Cross Check Charlie on

    Still I sort-of agree with Norm. Richards has done some good things that get overlooked.

    However, when you’re paying a guy to be a first line center you expect more than doing some good things.

  244. That dive (all of them) was sickening. That’s an issue with Brassard that has to be cleaned up.

    He has a reputation of having a bad attitude and being a bit of a primadonna when the spotlight isn’t on him. Right now he’s learning that if he wants the spotlight he has to earn it, which he has absolutely done in this series. So I am concerned with how this could go with Torts and Brassard over a long, grueling season.

  245. I agree Charlie. Also, I voted for Richards as a star of the game because of his locker room presence (obviously that is tongue in cheek and all but there is some truth to it).

    I’m sure his leadership and Game 7 experience goes a long way. Obviously not enough given expectations and salary, but it’s important.

  246. @SWhyno Ovechkin: “When you lose the series everybody try find the guy who didn’t do something out there. One guy can’t win the championship.”


  247. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Manny – Tort’s love the kid.

    “He doesn’t know what the playoffs are, and he doesn’t care, He Just wants to play!”

    9pts in 7 games. I think he gets it.

    Good for him.

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – the riobeiro head butt on brassard wasn’t a dive. Even that tool Milbury said “it was a dangerous play”

    Cally dives a lot too / ever notice?

  249. Lloyd Braun on

    remember those words the first time he puts the Rangers down a man for diving

  250. If there was a knock on Brassard, I understand that it was because he was a top 6 pick and he didn’t score enough, always trying to make the perfect play. Lately, he gets off a quick shot and makes the perfect play. The best players have a Zen-like ability to play a fast game on the ice and to slow the game down in their heads. He may become one of them, maybe not. We’ll see.

  251. Brassard took two wicked and intentional slashes across the wrists and dove not, just continued play. Don’t jump to conclusions. Plus, calling something a dive is very subjective, especially with crummy mid-May ice.

  252. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    E3, the Ribeiro thing was definitely a dive. He BARELY touched him and Brassard looked like he had been shot in the face.

    It was the headbutting equivalent of Richards’ highsticking of Ovechkin.

  253. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    The team headbutts Lundqvist harder after a win than Brassard was headbutted.

  254. Stranger Nation on

    I would call it a half-gainer with a full twist – but definitely not a dive

  255. We may want to reconsider the revisionist history on Gaborik and Richards. The two, as free agents, were the only top scorer and #1 center available in consecutive off-seasons.

    This was at a time when we had a large group of players playing “up” a line, i.e. #2 and #3 level players trying to play #1 and #2, respectively, guys like Dubinsky and Cally. It was also probably a commitment to Hank to go for it, and get him to stay.

    These moves were made in the aftermath of ousters by the Pens, and blowing the 3-1 vs. the Caps.

    Both were moves that had to be made at the time. You really can’t judge them in hindsight.

  256. Some creep comes over to me after a whistle and head butts me, I either challenge him to dance, or try to get him penalized. So be it.

  257. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Yes it is Eddie!

    Even better when Hank is pitching Shutout after Shutout!!

  258. Stranger Nation on

    Manny – I dont’ get the idea that Richards is in the locker room getting guys ready to play Game 7. To have Joe M describe it, he is an emotional basket case, more likely in the bathroom stall feeling bad for himself about his 5th line center role and fall from grace.

  259. Stranger Nation on

    Cousin Tom – correct – as stated before; would you rather watch Miller develop and miss playoffs or spend Dolan’s money and get to the ECF last season.

  260. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Wife had a punching bag, I just hung in up in the Garage.

    Yes the wife. True story.

  261. Poor Sam needs some time on the beach in Boca. He too frequently these days names players who are not even on the ice.

  262. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “Both were moves that had to be made at the time. You really can’t judge them in hindsight.”

    Except at the time I said the Richards deal was absolutely terrible. For the money they had spent on him, they could have signed an actual legitimate and prime superstar the year before in Kovalchuk. I pointed out that Richards was a very old 30, having already played in 835 regular season and playoff NHL games.

  263. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I’m looking forward to Boyler and THE KRIEDER in bean town.

    Nothing like playing at home.

  264. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I also said that Stepan was a revelation and deserved to be given a shot centering Gaborik.

    Guess what?? He centered Gaborik for most of Richards’ first year.

  265. As a transplanted New Yorker living in Northern VA had to suffer thru Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin for 7 games, so unprofessional as announcers openly rooting for the Caps and resorting to saying “hopefully” the breaks will start going the Caps way. I understand growing an attachment to the team you cover but these guys are over the top. They did not raise their voice one bit when the Rangers scored last night and it was practically a whisper when Zucarello scored. Got the replayed MSG feed DVRed and looking to forward to watching it now.

    On the sportsradio here now the Caps fans have mostly given up on blaming the refs and are now blaming the “great young core” they have ie OV, Backstrom, Green, etc.

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally flops around trying to draw penalties too, nary a mention of that….

  267. So if Brassard is a diver what does that make Callahan? A diving goon (reckless punch to a Caps player’s head and at least 3 dives in the series)?

    Nice to see everyone popping their collar for being right about the Gaborik trade. Oh only 3 people liked it that day? Couldve fooled me.

  268. Exactly. Callahan has begun to whine to the refs and dive for calls as much as anyone we hate from other teams.

  269. Love ya, Lyova. Sort of. Good give and take this afternoon. Gotta cut some grass. Se yiz when I run out of gas.

  270. Doodie, was Stepan also a revelation in last year’s playoffs? I think his ceiling is about 70 points a season, which is a #2, even if he is our best guy. That’s why Richards was signed in the first place.

  271. Diving and whining are part of the job today. We need to avert our eyes and ears if we can’t handle the requisite gamesmanship.

  272. Cross Check Charlie on

    Cousin Tom – You’re right and I thought at the time that the team needed a player of his caliber because they had Gaborik and nobody else for the first line.

    You would think though, that GMs would learn from others mistakes and lay off the long term contracts for somebody that is over 30, but then Sather didn’t even learn from his own mistakes.

  273. Cally is the Captain. He is a designated whiner. Every team has one. Nothing new there.

  274. But Charlie, I don’t see it that way. There was just no other way to come up with a center who was better than Dubie and Step at the time. In fact, that was how we ended up with Drury and Gomez in the first place.

    The choice in both cases was to not try at all, and risk losing #30.

  275. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin for 7 games, so unprofessional as announcers openly rooting for the Caps”

    I listen to the NHL Network on the radio on my drive to work in the morning. Listening to the highlights from the radio announcers I thought the Caps radio guy was going to bust a blood vessel yelling at the top of his lungs whenver the Caps scored. AND IT’S TWO…ONE..WASH-ING-TONNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    I wanted to hear how he announced the Zuccarello goal, but for the Rangers goals they had the Rangers’ feed. I’ll bet the guy spoke in a whisper.

  276. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – Mike got outbid by some Sugar beet executive!

    Now we are moving on up!!!

  277. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    He had just played his rookie season when he looked like the sky was the limit as to his potential.

    The Richards signing had disaster written all over it from the very beginning. And again, for the number they paid Richards, they could have had Kovalchuk.

    “He was the best available” is how we ended up with Gomez and Drury. That’s not the mentality you can have in the salary cap world. Either a guy is worth it or he isn’t. Gomez wasn’t. Drury wasn’t. Richards wasn’t and isn’t.


  279. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Stepan’s poor playoff last year was AFTER they had signed Richards. They brought in Richards after Stepan’s rookie year. That’s what I meant to say at the top of the last post.

  280. Lloyd Braun on

    for what it’s worth, and assuming Richards is finished here, you actually got more out of Drury and Gomez

  281. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I thought the Refs where to protect the head?

    Should have been a penalty!

    I’m sure Brassard is feeling the pain today.

  282. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Lloyd – and even more out of the Gomez trade!!!

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  283. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Peter, or they are banking on the NY TV market. But hey, to each his own. Basically, just not Ottawa and the NHL is very happy with the Cup finalist from the east this year.

    In the West, they’re hoping for not San Jose.

  284. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “I’m sure Brassard is feeling the pain today.”

    Why? did he hurt himself from throwing himself onto the ice too hard?

  285. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Although, San Jose is part of a pretty big TV market. I just don’t think they are as sexy of a name for th NHL to sell.

  286. Rob in Beantown on

    Frankly I think its ridiculous that the NHL would want the Caps in the playoffs over the most popular team in the largest media market in the country.

  287. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Doodie that – and it’s a hockey in California. I would rather watch beach volleyball in Ca.

  288. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Rob that’s why Bettman told them to call all the penalties so we would win. Because our power play is so leathal.

  289. Charlie Cross Check – When Beninati announced the 3rd Rangers goal he was so bad that my wife was in the room with me reading a magazine and she did not even know the Rangers had scored a 3rd goal. Generally I do some kind of a yell or cheer but was containing myself as I was expecting the worst. At least with Sam Rosen he will have some excitement to the call even if the opponent scores.

    I specifically mentioned the Zucarello goal as it really stood out how it was announced, Beninati announced the pass made to Zuc pretty normal but when he said “he shoots and scores” he really did lower his voice and with no excitement whatsoever.

    Living in this area with the biased announcers and front running fans it is as bad as the 1970’s and 1980’s living on Long Island dealing with the Islander fans. My stomach was churning from days before game 1 until Cally made it 4-0. Then finally relief started setting in. Today was a joy listening to the radio and the lamenting.

  290. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Well, I’m sure they would be more than happy with LA headed back to the Final. Two years in a row for the Kings would build a tremendous amount of *momentum*

  291. Why are you sure that Kovalchuk would have signed with the Rangers? He turned down other offers as a UFA.

  292. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    MSG should have a car seat “special” between periods

    Put on the “great 8” sit in a car seat and sling him down the ice from the red line.

    What do we put in the net to knock over?

  293. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    16 teams began the playoffs. About 320 players. Only 2 have scored more points than Brassard. The jury is still out blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  294. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Because the other offers weren’t for as much money. The only other team that came close to ponying up what Kovy was asking for was LA, and they came in about 20 million less than the Devils. The Rangers could have offered him the contract the Devils offered him.

  295. Kovalchuk isn’t a Center. The Rangers needed a 1st line center. Badly. And Richards was phenomenal his first season here.

  296. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    And do I know he would have signed? No. But the Rangers didn’t even offer. And that’s the worst part of it.

  297. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Manny, do you REMEMBER Richards’ first year here? He was terrible. He had a big March once they put him with Hagelin and Gaborik: both of whom were doing fine without Richards. That’s it. The rest of his season was mediocre at best.

  298. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny / very little else. But “always” need be replaced with “never”

  299. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    They signed Richards to be the first line center, yet it was Stepan who was the first line center for 2/3 of the season.

  300. Cross Check Charlie on

    Dave15- When I first moved to North Carolina we got a Washington station on our cable system and since there weren’t any other stations that carried hockey I watched quite a few Caps games.

    I don’t remember who their play-by-play guy was, but Craig Laughlin was on it and I can’t believe he’s still got a job in broadcasting. They also had some schmuck named Al Koken who I wanted to punch in the face because he was so annoying to listen to.

  301. I think Brad Richards was everything he needed to be last season. Different system for him. Stepan, who I love and think is our #1 center because there just aren’t enough #1 centers to go around, has never been projected as a #1. I think they always saw him as a #2. So Richards was a necessity with the thought process that he would get Gaborik going. Your points are all HINDSIGHT. At the time it seemed like an appropriate move. Of Course we all freaked out but under the old CBA it seemed OK with the front loading.

    How do we know that the Rangers NEVER reached out to Kovaluchuk?

    LMGO eddie.

  302. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    E3, you say I’m never right, except all of those other times that I am (7/8 first round predictions, in the prediction contest, Richards signing, picked LA to win before last year)

  303. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    But they’re not hindsight because I raised them all leading up to and immediately after Richards was signed. I said he’s an old 30. I said Stepan has upside and should be given the shot. I said the only thing Gaborik needed to get Gaborik going was Gaborik. These were not hindsight statements. They were predictive. And I was proven right. Richards was and is a colossal mistake, the likes of which would have crippled our franchise for a decade if it wasn’t for the amnesty buyout.

  304. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    ilb, it’s a different team, so the comparison isn’t exactly genuine, but playing along with that what happened in the third season?

  305. The organization did not slot Stepan as a #1. Neither does Carp. If they thought he Stepan was, they wouldn’t have been looking for one, and would have adjusted their wish list.

    In this cap environment, you can go back in hindsight all you wish, but it was still the move they had to make if they wanted to TRY to compete for the Cup. 45 and 51 point seasons do not make a #1 Center. This year’s prorated 77 points are #2 level in the NHL.

  306. Doodie – is the issue whether or not you were correct or is the issue whether or not signing Richards was the right move?

  307. So then you wouldn’t have traded for Messier, right? He had an injury history, a Conn Smythe trophy, and was 30.

    And so all Gaborik needed was Gaborik? He could play with anyone at center?


  308. This team is a disaster. These no-talents took SEVEN games – count them, SEVEN – to dispatch a at-best-mediocre Caps team.

    The Bruins are going to bury these clowns.

  309. 27nyr94, excellent post on the Gabby trade.

    Now wouldn’t it be interesting to see how some of these same hockey geniuses reacted to all the trades and FA signings they now bash. Just the recent ones, Gomez, Drury, Gaborik and Nash?

    Maybe one of the resident archivists could research and give us a few comments from the blog analysts?

    Coos, as you channel your inner Henry Fonda with that “pond” comment, your grasping subtleties do not elude me. Hopefully the humorous intent is pacific,yes?

  310. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Tom, they signed Richards after Stepan’s FIRST season. Not his second. I was saying, before July 1 in 2011, that Richards would be a mistake. That is the definition of not hindsight. It was before he was even signed. Before he was officially a UFA. There can be no less hind-sight prediction than that.

    And you say 77 points is a second line center. Find me any single season in the history of the NHL where 30 centers scored at least 77 points. And Stepan plays a great two way game to boot. You know who routinely scores about 70 points and is a very good two way player? Anze Kopitar. Is he a #2?

    Ever since 1994 I doubt there was a single season where at least 30 players, not just centers, had at least 77 points in a season.

    Now, I will be honest, after seeing Stepan’s sophomore season, I thought, this kid is going to be a very solid #2, tops. But after his rookie year? I thought he could eventually be a #1. And it was part of why I said no to Richards. We had to see what we had in Stepan.

    But that was one of the very minor reasons. The major reasons were that I thought he would never live up to the contract he would get, and he would be the next Gomez/Drury/well he was the best available! boondoggle.

  311. Doodie, you make it out like you’re never wrong, except all the other times that you are.

  312. LLOYD, one more thing for you and any others who habitually use the word “troll or trolling” when someone doesn’t happen to agree with one of your less than brilliant comments.

    Learn how to discourse without attaching a label or simply…..

    Grow up!

  313. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “is the issue whether or not you were correct or is the issue whether or not signing Richards was the right move?”

    There are two issues, and they are linked. Richards was not the right move, and I was right about it.

  314. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Tom, you tell me the #1 center that Gaborik played with when he scored 40 goals in his first season here. Or the #1 center he played with in Minnesota when he scored 40 in Minnesota. Or the #1 when he scored 30 four times in Minnesota, including the year he scored 30 goals in only 48 games.

    Go look it up. I’ll wait.

  315. If we had signed kovy over Richards who is distributing the puck to kovy. Stepan wasn’t ready at that time. We needed a center it just sucks richy has aged since last year where he was a B type player. This year he is a D minus.

  316. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    And I picked 1994 as a cutoff for the 30 players because after the 95 lockout is when the scoring dropped dramatically.

  317. Wow, Doodie. “Go Look it up”? Calm down, dude! We just advanced to the second round. Everyone wants Richards bought out.

  318. Comnsense – I just assumed that rabbits drank from ponds or very low birdbaths. Nothing to do with you, just your drinking companion. :)

  319. We ALL knew that Richards was signed for way too long. We were happy about the cheap last years assuming a team like the Islanders would pick him up for cheap cap floor compliance. You get $5M for free with Richards!

    No one expected him to completely collapse into a shell of his former self physically and mentally by age 33. No one.

  320. Admiral Akbar on

    During Richards tenure with the NYR, despite his struggles on the ice and apparently decaying skillset/confidence:

    Rangers have won 3 playoff series, lost once.
    Have won 3 of 3 game 7’s
    Were within a game from appearing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    During Drury’s time with NYR:

    Rangers have won 1 playoff series, and lost 3.
    Rangers missed the playoffs once.
    Lost 1 of 1 game 7.
    Only won 1 playoff game beyond the first round.

    Looking at the team’s results, Richards doesnt look so bad….

    Just sayin’.

  321. Doodie, to whom are you addressing your comments?

    I for one had not as yet graced this august audience and therefore can not be held accountable for your presumed prescience on any subject.

    But in the interests of pursuing the Richards et al discussion, why were you against the Richard’s signing?

    Again the object as I understood it was to find a center to complement Gabby and Richards had that rep with two organizations?

    I effect you’re saying you are not among the many MMQB’s in the audience, yes? Then bully for you!

  322. LW3H- But where would the 51 points he actually recorded place him?

    Doodie- Whether you were for or against the move, they had a commitment to Lundqvist to improve the talent level of the team when he took the extension. I’m sure they considered not signing Richards, but he was a Torts guy. And it was deemed that what they had was not enough, and that there wasn’t a 2nd choice among the free agent class. There wasn’t one.

  323. Admiral Akbar on

    Brad Richards:

    Lots of money,
    big expectations,
    few goals,
    big teeth,

  324. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Manny, Step had 77 prorated this year.

    And I expected by age 34 he would be worse than Chris Drury. He had played almost 100 more NHL games than Drury did at 31 (the age they both signed). I said it at the time. Richards was a very old 31.

  325. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Akbar, if you think the teams Richards was on were the exact same teams that Drury was on, sure. Except that they weren’t. At all. Especially on defense. And even in the goal. Lundqvist has entered his prime. He wasn’t there yet with Drury.

  326. 51 was tied for 30th, conveniently. Thought we were pro-rating this year’s numbers?

    Another, less convoluted way of looking at it is that this year’s not pro-rated 44 points was tied for 11th this year.

  327. Admiral Akbar on

    I dont think it was a mistake to sign Richards – it was a move they had to make at that time. Richie is a Torts guy. Has won a Cup, something few Rangers can say they’ve accomplished, is clutch, and took less money than Toronto offered to become a Ranger.

    Meanwhile, the Richie’s Rangers are still playing hockey while Toronto and Kovalchuck are teeing off…

    I understand the Rangers may decide to buy Richie out after this season. Its also a move they have to make (unless Richie turns around and wins the Conn Smythe). That said, I dont think Richards is done from being a productive NHL’er.

  328. Doodie, that would be Vinnie Prospal with 38 assists to Gabby’s 42 goals, right?

  329. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “And it was deemed that what they had was not enough, and that there wasn’t a 2nd choice among the free agent class. There wasn’t one.”

    You know what the second choice is then? Don’t sign anyone. You can’t just sign guys to long, huge deals anymore. That’s how you end up with Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozsival, et al. It’s about responsibility.

    Like I said, if it wasn’t for amnesty buyouts, the Rangers would be screwed. And they’re even luckier they get two, because they wouldn’t have been able to carry Redden’s cpa hit next year, either.

  330. Oh Coos, watch those assumptions and for the record as noted your subtleties will rarely escape my purview and will be the subject of less than subtle responses if I believe you’re being less than courteous!

    On the whole however I will say most of your posts completely baffle me.

    I just don’t get most of your references perhaps a little less code for the newbies is in order? ;)

  331. Doodie I actually remember you making that comment.
    I think you’ll see Richards bought out though. Who they get to compliment Nash is the question

  332. Doodie and The Admiral, very reasoned arguments on the Richards matter, which is why I always advise the macro view! No snide comments please! ;)

  333. LW3H, I was doing that, to show this prorated improvement, but you picked a year that he actually produced 51 points in 82 games.

    Understand that I would prefer a 100 point center as #1, but we’re not getting one of those.

  334. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    You mean Prospal who played left wing? And are you seriously thinking that Vinny Prospal is a 1st line center, even if he had been playing center?

    When a guy scores 40+ goals, the players on his line will end up with assists, no matter who they are. But only 38 assists in a year where you are on a line who scores over 40 is a pretty low number, anyway.

  335. Admiral Akbar on


    yes those teams were not as good as these past 2 Ranger teams. But they didnt exactly suck, either.

    Drury was brought here to be a leader, to bring a winning pedigree. (Remember his little league home run? lol)

    Richards was brought here to lead and win as well. At least the team has been winning.

  336. 77 Pro-Rated is *NOT* 77. It’s Pro-Rated. Last I checked Stepan had 44 points in a Lockout shortened season. You can’t predict injuries or slumps. He had a fantastic season, which, centering Nick Rash (part-time) might help with.

  337. Also, this upcoming offseason is *not* the offseason in which we needed a #1 Centerman and Richards was the best available UFA to bid for.

  338. Signing Richards was showing Torts and the Fanbase that this team was serious about winning before Hank gets too old. If Richards doesn’t (didn’t/hasn’t) worked out in the long run they can buy him out. No harm no foul.

  339. BTW, why are we worrying about centers when we have Stepan, Brassard, Richards, we need bigger stronger wings and my favorite fantasy, a very large mean sob on D!

  340. Admiral Akbar on

    ….and Richards has been clutch, at least during last regular season and playoffs.

    Other than the goal against Marty in last game of season to get Rangers in playoffs, what has Drury (or Gomer) done that were as clutch as Broadway Brad? (Although Gomer getting traded was clutch… by Glen Sather).

  341. _You can’t just sign guys to long, huge deals anymore. That’s how you end up with Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozsival, et al. It’s about responsibility._

    Agree, Doodie, but the _anymore_ part is important here. Not that any of those signings was ever especially responsible or the exits from them especially planned out, but fact is, the Rangers ended up getting out from those deals one way or another (if by luck more than judgement) without irreparable harm (or actually by significantly improving the team – thanks, Mr Gainey!).

    The opportunity to get out from the Richards deal arguably means it doesn’t actually matter how much of a mistake it originally was, absent the opportunity cost of being able to use the amnesty on somebody else of significance.

  342. (84/48) games x 44pts = 77. I’m just projecting to show his pace. This season he scored about the total number of points he did in each of his last 2 full seasons.

  343. Manny, you will not be handling my IRA account but note how having given thought to the subject of Richards we are seeing more probative assessments and reasoned conclusions.

    Your disdain for money not with standing! ;)

  344. Richards is a horse. The man does everything you want him to do … and more! I wish we had 19 if him.

    I’d even take him over Henrik on goal.

  345. I want to report that I was threatened by Comsnse. He said that if he suspects that I am ever less than courteous, I would be subject to a less than subtle response. I haven’t been dissed like that since I was at Deerfield Academy.

  346. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    The last two years Drury was here, the team that didn’t make the playoffs and the team that lost in 5 games, were both pretty rotten.

    The first year he was here, THAT was a pretty good team.

    Still, I think the best team we have had since the lockout (aside from this year and last year, mostly because of the defense and Lundqvist’s brilliance), was the second year out of the lockout. I thought that was an amazing team.

  347. I wasn’t picking a year of convenience, Tom, just going back to the last full season. Doodie’s point stands that you’d have to go back a long way to find any season where Stepan’s 2012/13 pace wouldn’t be in the top 30.

    Whether or not that pace would be replicated or sustained next year is another question…

  348. You’d think the Rangers and Bruins would have matched up a few times in the playoffs over the last 40 years even with the various divisional alignments and playoff structures over the years. The Rangers even played the LA Kings two times in the 80’s. Bring on Espo for the ceremonial puck drop, and don’t forget his valuable “wing man” Ken Hodge.

    Split the first 2 in Boston, sweep 2 at home…Rangers in 6!

  349. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    What I miss Manny?

    Looks like Richards should be tarred and feathered?

    Easy Boys: We all know he is going to get a full year next year. If he has lost his legs, and can’t score, he will get a nice check to retire from the Rangers. Then he will come back an Islander, and score on us like a Champ.

    Redden is up next. LOL. Can you believe the Rangers were going to sit him the WHOLE year, so he wouldn’t get injured or go against the cap. And NOW ….. he can be the HERO for Boston. I’m thinking he will do as much as Hamr did for us against the Caps.

  350. Great to hear from Torts with Francesa: “Brass doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He’s having so much fun, he doesn’t even realize there’s any pressure in this.”

  351. LW3H, while your reasoning about outcomes has some validity, you are neglecting the most important considerations.

    Dollars which are not yours to spend or waste and the culprit who remains who created those scenarios, no?

    Each of those FA signings have in one way or the other not panned out and the jury is out on Nash.

    We have no can’t miss prospects in the system at the moment in the positions we need, we lack any draft spots to speak of in this year’s draft, we are cap strapped and need dollars to sign players of value on our current roster.

    And who is the architect of this situation?

    So in assessing the deals etc. let’s also assess the person who made these deals and is he the person to move this organization from average to annual contender.

  352. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “then Hank would have to leave NY.”

    Why? First of all, Lundqvist was already locked up long term, and still has another year on his deal. I don’t think anyone questions this organization’s will to win, even if they hadn’t overspent on Richards et al.

    That same summer, I said they should have offersheeted Stamkos. Sure, Tampa might have matched, but Stamkos was the top center on the market that summer, not Richards. Four first round picks? We used the first on a defenseman, and we traded the second as part of the Nash package (which wouldn’t have been so necessary when you have Stammer pumping in 40+). I said sign him up for a decade, do a max dollars for the first 5 years, and then scale it down to bring the cap hit under 9. Tampa would always be able to find the cap space, but maybe not the real dollars. And if they were able to match, then at least you show you tried to get the best player to hit any type of FA (unrestricted or restricted) in the past 5 years.

  353. Papa, I suspect that Rod is still here under various pseudonyms. Either that or he is imprisoned. When serial killings suddenly stop, the police infer that the perp is incarcerated somewhere under other charges, has died, or the circus has just moved on to another State.

  354. Coos, Coos, A Deerfield lad were we?

    Were you disciplined by the headmaster with your trousers bunched up and paddled?

    No emotional scarring I hope but might account for your strange code speak! ;)

  355. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on


    Redden has more goals than Nash, McDonagh, Kreider, Moore, Stralman.

    Only 6 Rangers have more points than Redden in the playoffs.

    Boys he’s going to haunt us.

  356. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Sioux,l I said that the Capitals made a mistake by not playing Poti for the same reason. Old Rangers always haunt us.

  357. Doodie, once again correct. All pro players respond to one thing , the moola!

    If some other org. had offered more Hank would have gone and we would most definitely be below average!!!

  358. Er, is noting that Sather has been generally bad at his job some sort of groundbreaking discovery akin to the invention of the wheel, Add Your Cmnnnnnsnse?

  359. Richard Kluklinski, “The Ice Man”. Over 100 tear drops tattooed on his cheek.

  360. Sioux – Redden is available for either Nash or McDonuts. Think Sather should jump?

  361. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – Rangers buy him out after next year (90% chance) pay him his $35M

    Islander sign him for $1M, and he will haunt us.

  362. Stranger Nation on

    Wow – some people are a little sensitive today.
    It’s almost like they picked against the Rangers and now that our beloved Blue Shirts have won, this certain person cannot deal with being wrong.

    Worse yet, this person was joyously exclaiming yesterday on our sacred Rangers blog how they were going to lose and his joy and expected victory for his now beloved Craps was too much to behold.

    Yet he returns, unbowed? Hardly! He continues to pound his chest and shout inanities from the tree tops, engaging all who dare challenge his supreme intellect.

  363. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – I just find it funny how the Rangers burried him on the Whale for all these years. And now he gets to play against us. Just imagine if you were in his shoes?

  364. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – you would play for a free jersey :)
    With you name on the back and seats in front of the glass.

  365. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Ovechkin did wake this team up last night. I’ll give him that. Let’s hope they stay awake.

    That had to be the best game they’ve played all year.

  366. I want to play in Jersey and have my name on the glass and seats in the back. (that I could put on StubHub) :)

  367. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Nation: I expect the worst, but hope for the best. I am very happy that the Rangers won. I think they have a pretty damn good chance against the Bruins, and that goes double if Brassard keeps up the incredibly high level of play he has been up to for the past 5 games.

    I’ll say this: the longer this series goes, the more I like Boston. But I think the Rangers have a legit shot of beating them quickly. Like 5 games quickly.

  368. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    Eminger, no. Hammer, yes. I’d rather have an actual hammer than Hammer. Like, strap a skate to a hammer and throw it over the boards to take a shift and the Rangers are less likely to be scored on than if Hamrlik went over the boards.

  369. Coupla things… While Richards is clearly a declining player- “we got more out of Drury and Gomez?”-must have missed the playoff games where Drury and Gomez scored a last second goal to save the season and turn the series-
    at 1-0 got the distinct vibe from the Caps that two goals would be WAY too hard a hill to climb (Henrik in the head)… I do remember the last time these two met in 1973- I referenced it the other day comparing Jacques Plante to Fleury for horrible goaltending… How long til the first time the Bruins run Henrik? What’s the over/under on how many times they’ll get before they get called for it?… Don’t feel bad Ovy, at least you got to play the whole game- when you would have been tossed from any regulation game for the cheap shot on McD- and… I’ve officially given up waiting to see Ovy deliver a check when he doesn’t leave his skates.

  370. Looks like Pierre will be trying to work every day again in round 2. Strader/Pierre for games 1-3, Strader/Engblom for game 4 while Pierre works every game of Blackhawks/Red Wings. Micheletti sent out west to the California series.

  371. Eminger is an unsuccessful pincher and will suffer third degree burns more than once this spring.

  372. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    “when you would have been tossed from any regulation game for the cheap shot on McD”

    I really didn’t have a problem with it. When you slow it down, yeah, he comes off the skates a little bit. But in real time, he hit a guy who was leaning over from the side. He didn’t go that far to make the check, and the hit wasn’t late. I’m glad it wasn’t a penalty. I like hitting.

  373. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    The hit on Stepan where he ruined Erat’s wrist? That was a charge. He went halfway across the rink to throw himself wildly into Stepan.

  374. LW3h, not groundbreaking just germane to the discussion you mook!

    Maybe you should consider changing your screen name to 4H, sort of odiferous!

  375. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Rask 2.49 GAA
    Hank 1.65 GAA

    It’s black and white – We win.

    Hank shuts the door. And Rangers score 4,4,5 goals a game.

    2 words: Cake Walk

  376. One more thing- this is where the season started…in Boston. Perhaps this will be the beginning of what we thought we’d see after the strike- a fresh start. To this point I never quite fully recovered from the dissappointment of opening night- until now. Here’s hoping….

  377. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Put McMonster on Krejci
    Girardi on Lucic

    The really don’t have alost of scoring going on.

    Then theres that Old guy what’s his name Jagr…. can he even skate a whole game. Or do the B’s just bring him in when they are behind and need a goal?

  378. Gabby’s girl friend joined him in Columbus.

    1. He’s a really good guy
    2. She’s a really good girl
    3. She’s broke

  379. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    I used to rant about Orr. Not anything particular about him as a player, just a sign that Sather has no idea what he’s doing.

    Basically, he went Orr, Brashear, Shelly, Boogaard. Orr wasn’t good enough player so he gets Brash. Brash is terrible so he brings in Shelley, who is exactly what he wanted out of Brash. But then dumps Jody for pure goon in Boogaard, which is what he had originally in Orr, and could have kept for less money.

  380. What all you Sather-devotees don’t realise is that if Lundqvist was instead a much worse goalie, the Rangers would be a much worse team!

    Fish rotting at the head etc.

  381. Sioux – Redskins owner quoted as saying any name change would happen over his dead body. Starting to like this guy!

  382. “I’d rather have an actual hammer than Hammer.”

    Love it. Very True.

    The Bruins are like the Rangers. Also injury depleted. Less deep offensively (as a result) and with a worse goaltender. The Rangers are NOT the Maple Leafs (defensively). No one is letting in 2 goals in :90 seconds without at least attempting to block a shot.

    Also of note, Boston had Chara in front of the net on those last two goals, instead of on the point. Something to watch out for. Which is good because if he’s screening people he can’t be breaking people’s legs.

  383. Dorsett brings grit and skill. He will be an asset in round 2. Put him on the little squint Marchant.

  384. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Chara the 100+ mph slap shot, and he’s standing in front of the net. Crazy.

    We WiN!!!!

  385. Doodie Machetto, 5.0 on

    The Leafs’ speed is what gave the Bruins fits. The Rangers aren’t as fast, Hagelin and Kreider excluded. They aren’t a slow team, but the Leafs are one of the faster teams in the legaue.

  386. I don’t think Boston is a cake walk but I think they are a MUCH better matchup than the Maple Leafs since the Rangers have no answer, e.g. a physical, crease-clearing defenseman, that they are willing to play, for JVR or Lupul for that matter. Also, the Rangers can’t win in Canada.

    Bruins are injured, especially defensively (e.g. see Dougie Hamilton and Batkowski as a 3rd pair). Rask is not Hank (or Holtby for that matter) and I think Torts is a better coach then Julien.

  387. You gotta love the way McD and Moore can pinch effectively and still get back. Zotts and Girardi and the rest not so much.

  388. CTBlueshirt on

    Lack of speed from the B’s should help the Rangers though. They’re kinda screwed if they make the ECF though with either the Pens or Sens.

  389. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Manny – get your Broom out. Your going to need it for game 4 at home.

  390. Redden and Ferrence are injured and Seidenberg missed game 7 after a bad hit. So their defense (the key to their style) is very depressed.

  391. I think there is a grave misconception about our D. These guys are plenty physical except in front of the net, where rules have changed drastically. Their problem is staring at their feet searching for the puck instead of tying up opponents’ sticks and letting Henrik clean it up.

  392. Rask in the Maple Leafs Series: 4-3 with a 2.49 goals-against average and .923 save percentage.

  393. To those naysayers who point out Kreider’s coverage mistake which was followed by his exciting dash and deft drop pass on the first goal and spirited play throughout.

    Sometimes the risk is worth the reward. Sometimes talent and skill trump inexperience. Sometimes even those with perfect vision shut their eyes and see less than the blind.

  394. CTBlueshirt on

    sometimes Arron Asham equals Rick Nash’s career playoff goal total with one shot

  395. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Manny – I think Boston is the best possible match up for the Rangers.

    It’s going to be a hit fest, but I don’t see Boston scorig to much on Hank. Rangers close it out in 6 games at home.

  396. Even the Cro Magnon man said last night that Lundqvist is the best goalie in hockey, bar none.

  397. CTBlueshirt on

    Well considering MSG’s rink is orientated East-West that might be a problem for Kreider.

  398. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    CT – Our 4th line is going to surprise some people.

    Rangers get up early, they will play more and more. The Kreider-Asham combo, and that other guy, could be our GAG line.

  399. That Kreider can’t translate my euphemistic advice is another reason he flounders. Maybe he East-West is North-South. Check those Boston College GPAs.

  400. If the Bruins defense is this depleted and Chara has to play 30 minutes, at his age, and with his “speed” I think the Rangers have a great advantage.

    My positivity will turn to crippling anxiety come Thursday.

  401. Jagr will be booed very lightly, if at all. He didn’t do anything to upset the fan base. He was cheered in his first game back at MSG, right?

  402. Coos sometimes a flanking maneuver is a wiser choice than a straight forward thrust.

  403. Said this yesterday, but It will be interesting to see how the coach with the grinding, defensive style who played his top D-men into the ground to get through a seven game series fares against Tortorella and the Rangers.

  404. It took Kreider 22 years to mass 230 lbs of muscle. So, we wait a couple more for him to grow mean. The process has commenced.

  405. Jagr is now a lumbering 245 lb. 41 year old third liner. Skates in sand, but could be dangerous if not paid attention to.

  406. If Kreider is 6’3, 230, why does he look midgetized next to Nash, who is 6’4, 215?

  407. Marchand’s nose, “Come in she said I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

  408. I remember the 73 Bruins-Rangers series because of the revenge factor for the previous year I think Stemmer hit Espo and that was it for Espos knee. I vividly remember Jacques Plante was picked up by Boston that year and earlier shut us out and was laughing and shaking his head skating around the Boston Garden ice. I think he lost 2 or 3 games that year in the playoffs to us and it wasn’t close. He didn’t laugh those nights.For those of us old enough to remember Boston was the Devils/Isles/ Cryers and Ice chickens rolled into one and the rivalry was from the early 60s ( when we both stunk ) until the mid 70s ( when we were both good. For you younger fans I believe Slats was traded from the Rangers earlier in the year. (Yes he did play for us) I hope the 4-1 series advantage stays with us.Istill can’t forget Bucyk skating on our ice with the Cup!

  409. The Rangers are not going to buy Richards out after this season. They will give him one more year and buy him out.

    One player I want no part of is Mike Ribeiro. He looks to pass too much and I’m not a fan of players who don’t know when to try and score themselves.

  410. Rangerz, I believe it was Ron Harris who delivered the hio check to Espo in 1973.

    Doodie, Hank would leave if he didn’t think they were progessing toward the Cup. He would, and he would have back then. He needs it to cement his legacy.

  411. Carp

    Here is the real question. How is Torts gonna coach without his sidekick next season? Surely Mike Sullivan is going to get poached by another team and rightfully so.

    And better yet, who gets brought in? Beukeboom? Does Ken Gernander end his 50 year run in Hartford?

  412. It would be interesting to learn how the Gabby trade for the “Consecutive’s” (#’s 15, 16 & 17) came about.

    Did the Rangers put it out to all the franchises that Gabby was available? Were any other GM’s interested and involved in serious discussions?

    Where there options are far as trading partners or was it only Columbus? Where there other offers on the table from either Columbus or other teams?

    I love the trade, but did Sather begin by targeting these players or was it more a “this is our offer, take it or leave” it from Columbus?

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