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  1. Recalcitrant crowd, Strange. They’re three blogs behind. Everyone gets confused, like our PP.

  2. re-post

    eddie, Papa, a few others – we had 973 on last post! Auld Lang Syne and deja vu all over again. Those were the days. 2 AM howlin’ at the moon.

  3. I might go so far as to say any one of the three we got for Gabby would be value from what we see so far. Never would have gotten by DC without them. And I think we have a 6th rounder in pocket. That’s my opinion, so shoot me.

  4. E, I would go back there and finish up, but I never got the check for the last three 1,000’s.

  5. I hope Clowe returns. He gave 100% and it would be a shame if he wasn’t able to cash in on a decent new contract.

  6. The Kreider starting to throw his weight a bit, but still goes east west instead of north south and, like Richie, rarely comes out of the corners with the puck. You see flashes, then…..

  7. As Papa said, Backstrom scores 15 goals in 15 seconds on commercial. In real life, he has 1 in his last 420 minutes of playoffs.

  8. Latona suffered an intellectual concussion and has been placed on IR. Sorry to observe.

  9. Dark things happenin’ on a night with no moon
    Somebody better investigate soon.

  10. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    No fair. Manny wasn’t around to let me know there was a new post… and now there’s an even newer post!

  11. I used to have a Morgana King album. And she was a fatty. Beautiful voice, though. Four octaves. But, I think she lived in Pleasantville.

  12. He has an acute case of a Stockholm Syndrome, it is up to him to deal with it – sorry…

  13. hI fOLKS

    Wonderful game to watch…after struggling to find it on my broad cast station…I cannot get over little Zucchanello and his never give an inch playing style, especially against a team of giants ( compared to him.)…that is. and they ate Kovaleve’s lunch last night.

    Now the big event in Boston (and they are
    formidable in all departments, that is a fact,) but how much better a tough opponent can they be compared to how the Rangers have suffered thru several seasons with the Washington teams? They not only have a chance, but I’ll bet there are more than just a few Bostonians, including managers, and players, whose heads will rest uneasy in their pillows this night.

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