Eastern Conference semifinals schedules


From the NHL (apologies for the alignment):

SERIES “I” TIME (ET) #1 Pittsburgh vs. #7 Ottawa Networks
Tuesday, May 14 7:30 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh NBCSN, CBC, RDS
Friday, May 17 7:30 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh NBCSN, CBC
Sunday, May 19 7:30 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa CBC, RDS, NBCSN
Wednesday, May 22 7:30 p.m. Pittsburgh at Ottawa CBC, RDS, NBCSN
* Friday, May 24 7:30 p.m. Ottawa at Pittsburgh NBCSN, CBC, RDS
* Sunday, May 26 TBD Pittsburgh at Ottawa CBC, RDS, TBD
* Tuesday, May 28 TBD Ottawa at Pittsburgh CBC, RDS, TBD

SERIES “J” TIME (ET) #4 Boston vs. #6 NY Rangers Networks
Thursday, May 16 7:30 p.m. NY Rangers at Boston NBCSN, TSN, RDS
Sunday, May 19 3 p.m. NY Rangers at Boston NBC, TSN, RDS
Tuesday, May 21 7:30 p.m. Boston at NY Rangers NBCSN, TSN, RDS
Thursday, May 23 7 p.m. Boston at NY Rangers CNBC, TSN, RDS
* Saturday, May 25 TBD NY Rangers at Boston TSN, RDS, TBD
* Monday, May 27 TBD Boston at NY Rangers TSN, RDS, TBD
* Wednesday, May 29 TBD NY Rangers at Boston TSN, RDS, TBD
* If necessary
TBD = To Be Determined

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  1. Call them crazy (and they are) but check out who of our boys wears no face shield. That’s tough.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Game 7 was Heaven!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rest …ahhh yes rest , we need some rest.

    Wake up and the go out and wanna take out the big bad boston bruins with Chara , Jagr N Redden plus Brisboise who scored the game winner against the Toronto Maple-Laughs.

    Chara is gonna bruise our boys legs Carp…are we allowed to dress our defense with Metal ( foam padded ) leg /shin pads ?

  3. Wow this schedule couldn’t be any more perfect for me. Was afraid I’d have to miss game 2/3 so this is sweet.

    Not sure if the extra time helps or hurts to be honest, but Im more confident now.

    Oh and Ottawa in 6…

  4. I don’t think Ash or Dorsett can reach Chara. Maybe they can tattoo his bickels.

  5. SufferingSince79 on

    Way to go NYRS! So rarely have we seen just about everything go right in a game this huge. How McDonough didn’t fracture his face is beyond me. Back to back shut outs…inconceivable! Go home Blovechkin and all you D-bag Caps. 4-6 in series you’ve led 3-2. You must be so proud.

  6. eddie, Papa, a few others – we had 973 on last post! Auld Lang Syne and deja vu all over again. Those were the days. 2 AM howlin’ at the moon.

  7. SufferingSince79 on

    Rangers & Bruins should call the first 2 games even and rest up until game 3.

  8. CRAZY 48 HOURS! First order of business against Boston: Make sure Cally doesn’t block any of Chara’s shots with his ankle.

  9. Said before, McDonuts wearing the hat looked like Brando after fighting Johnny Friendly at the end of ‘On The Waterfront.’ Tough guy!

  10. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    I had to watch the game on VS. and they didn’t even think the Ovechcrap hit on McDonagh was a penalty until late in the 2nd period. They thought it was a charge. Ovechkant hit McDonagh in the numbers and he should get a suspension for that, much less a penalty. We know what wishful thinking that is….

  11. Congrats heads…that’s called “stepping on the throat”.

    A true classic….I never thought we’d advance….awesome night.

  12. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    That game arguably would’ve been the best full game played last year as well. What a relief for the fans of a team that’s given it’s fans numerous ulcers over the years.

  13. Wishful thinking Evrock…
    Ovechcrap left his feet to hit Moore just before his attempt to injure penalty non call on McD

    NHL has no bickels to suspend this clown

  14. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    I don’t know why Lundqvist didn’t get the second assist on the Asham goal. He made the save that bounced right to Kreider who dropped it for Asham.

  15. SufferingSince79 on

    If Dorsett had done what Ovechjerk did, he gets a major and who knows what else.

  16. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    He’s a repeat offender, he’d get a nice seat in the press box for a while too. I like Ovechcrap overall. He’s an amazing player that has a much better all-around game then Crysby who he’s usually compared to. I just hate when he gets dirty. He should be good enough that he doesn’t stoop to Crysby’s level of playing dirty. But either way he’s one helluva hitter. He only had one shot on goal in this game but 13 hits., 13 hits? Holy cajones.

  17. SufferingSince79 on

    Had to watch game on CNBC. Painful as usual listening to the usual cast of no nothing’s. Watching Rangers in 60 now. The love fest for Ovechkin is nauseating. And who the hell edited out. The 2nd Ranger goal? Are you kidding me?

  18. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Even if they called a penalty it would only have been two minutes because apparently blood doesn’t count on the playoffs. I wish someone drilled Ovechkant at some point, cleanly. I really hope someone puts Lucic, the NHL’s most skilled goon, in his place.

  19. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Yeah, I’ve got season tickets with my pops.. it’s really half-season but with the shortened season this year it was full.

  20. We should have a Bonehead meetup between periods next season. I only go to the 2 Rangers games.

  21. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    I was trying to do that for the one game this year but I only got one person to get respond, balcony Bob.

  22. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Yeah, same here. Carp tried to help me get people together but it still depends on whether people are around when it’s posted on the blog and I guess most people missed it. I think Miami Pump has a restaurant down in… wait for it….. Miami. That’s about the entirety of what I know about boneheads down here.
    I usually watch the games on delay with my pops but he’s been in China for the first round. He’s gonna be happy to know he hasn’t seen the last Ranger game yet. He gets back late Thursday.

  23. Yeah…he’ll be happy.

    Manny was down here this year…maybe more come down to get out out of the cold?

  24. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    tomb,I was hoping to get them in the first round. However now we get a beat-up Bruins team. . Seidenberg was knocked out of the game tonight. Hopefully it stays that way.

  25. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Yeah. I think ilb was in Naples just before the Rangers came down here but left before the game was played.

  26. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Hey Fla, I usually get a couple of extra tickets a year for games that my pops can’t make. I’ll let you know next season.

  27. Well we’ll try it again next season…..meanwhile we got more to do this year.

    I thought the Bruins were a better match for us also. we beat them 2 out of 3 this year with a loss in OT….I think we beat them 5 straight last year….Maple leafs…even when they suck we struggle against them.

  28. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    I know I shouldn’t look ahead but I have no idea who is rather face between the pens and the Sens. one has offense but lame goaltending and the other one has decent offense and really good goaltending. I just hope those two beat the bloody hell out of each other.

  29. Henrik’s career record vs. Boston:

    30 Games played, 21-7-2, 1.67 GAA, 0.943 save pctg.

    Rangers in 6.

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