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  1. Welcome to the NHL playoffs- where you can dominate a game for 55 minutes and still barely escape 1-0.

    Otaawa Pitt series to be an instant classic. Can’t wait to see Chris Neil introduce himself to Crosby’s peewee football chinstrap

  2. Ottawa-Pens will be great. Pretty confident Sens can pull it off and eliminate the Pens.

  3. Not liking this new format have to search for comments to read , that’s the fun part

  4. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Hank has been very very good in this series… Imagine if this team had ability to score at least 2+ goals a game we’d probably wrap up the series a game ago.

    PS, Boyle is playing great, too. Really raised his game. He’ll score the GWG tomorrow.

  5. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Looked like Green took a shot to the head at the end of the game.

    deservedly so.

  6. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I sure hope the Rangers win tomorrow. Playoff hockey is so much more fun when they’re still in it.

  7. All kinds of people over here, posting simultaneously with all kinds of people over there. And the NEWEST NEW POST will not accept contributions. Is this going to be on the test?

  8. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Prepare to fast forward.

    Preparing the fast forward.

    Fast forward!

    Fast forwarding!

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Saddest part of the game is when Richards blocked a goal with his arse – not sure if Bros or Zuc shot it, but signified everything wrong with Richards.
    He is playing arse backwards

  10. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    It’s funny that the Caps are all in a tiff about the Rangers being physical since they leave their feet on every check.

  11. Great. Now we can take every last breath of fresh air from Planet Druidia. What’s the combination?

  12. Might have to dress Bicks and Haley for the big boys when we get through with Foggy Bottom.

  13. Ok. Watched video again. I don’t think Dorsett slewfooted Green(e). I think his leg got caught up trying to pin him Green(e) to the boards but I don’t think there is any slewfoot involved.

    Then three Caps hit Dorsett in cheap ways which he all sells like he got killed.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    Erskine was pounded into the boards more than once today

    Chiimera went to start with someone (forget who?) wiht Dorset near by – for some reason he didn’t want to skate over to him…

    Manny your buddy Ribero needed to get a wedgie at the end of the game and then gave Stralman a cheap shot on his way off the ice.

    What a punk-arse.

  15. Ash shouldered a couple Craps Friday and tonight as he came off the ice after a whistle. None seemed interested.

  16. Yea. Ribeiro is the worst. I still have to punch you in the mouth (Gravy said) but I totally agree and hate that D-Bag more than anyone in hockey.

    Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Women and mogs first!

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Craps all bark, no bite

    Didn’t seem like Ash was out there much tonite – like the guys game – like to see him out there more.
    Was Kreider on the bench in the 3rd?

  18. Ash had very little ice time. Torts explained it as a plethora of power plays. He liked the effort. Richards even holds Asham back.

  19. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Don’t know how I can be expected to sleep and work tomorrow with a game 7 looming, but I have to try.

  20. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    That would be more like a terrible nightmare.

    With Richards playing all 5 positions, back-passing to no one.

  21. The rule re: “Slewfooting,” ….and causes the (opponent) to fall violently to the ice.” The only one who fell to the ice was Dorsett. ————> see Katie Karrera

  22. SufferingSince79 on

    Good point coos but I’m sure it’s the attempted slewfoot they’re moaning about, right? Craps have gotten away with a lot including smashing Clowes noggin into the glass and knocking him out of the series. A lot of guys leaving their feet and I think Stepan was a couple of inches away from an Blovechkin headshot that would have put him out too. Craps who live in glass houses shouldn’t …

  23. SufferingSince79 on

    Really don’t want anyone getting hurt but If Green took a shot at the end of the game there’s a little reaping and sowing going on there.

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In the handshake line someone should give Ovie a 2 hander across the ankles.

  25. SufferingSince79 on

    That would work for me. Would love to see him pasted into the boards during the game for starters.

  26. SufferingSince79 on

    I watched the scrum a few times and didn’t see it. Saw him bent over leaving the pile. Was there a replay I missed?

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Wings look good – love the way they skate and pass – rarely see that around here

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Suffering – you have to watch it closely. Green is under Boyle and Roberio just off to their right – Roberio falls down and his left skate nails green on the noodle.

  29. Sufferin’ – attempted slewfoots don’t count. Just like attempted boarding, attempted power play. :))

  30. Tots has to stop experimenting with hybrid lines and with jumbled PP and put people out there who know how to work together and let them do it.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – not sure how much luck but the family in front of me said they enjoyed my “color” commentary.

    2nd period may have been there best all series and Pie-hat actually skated and hit people.

    They dont make it pretty though…

  32. Stranger Nation on

    I mentioned earlier that Boyle was straddling Green like some he was Soriority Susie on a Saturday night

  33. SufferingSince79 on

    Had to step away. Good late night flurry there. Boyle looked like he was trying to wrestle a bull at the rodeo. Coos, the old Catholic in me associates the attempt with the actual sin. He had to “wanna” slew foot Green. Good thing the NHL and God have different rule books.

  34. SufferingSince79 on

    Good thing its already tomorrow so I won’t have to wait so long for the game. See yous at the pre-game. Lets Go Rangers!

  35. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    Holy shiznit! I just got done watching. I think I’m just as tired as Lundqvist after that one. I really thought the Craps were going to eventually break through. Finally a win in which not only was Lundqvist the best Ranger on the ice but the best player on either team. Wow. Just unbelievable. I’ve got a lot of observations on this one, both good and bad but I’m gonna savor this one for a bit before I type that out. Not that anyone wants to read it or anything. lol. Plus my dogs have been waiting to go out for a while now. Lmao

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The key will be for the rangers to score more goals than the craps.

  37. Sinking Like An Evrock on

    Normally I’d wait longer to pay my thoughts on the last night’s game but because it’s less than 24 hours between the two hear they are. I would be surprised If anyone made it halfway through the pay. lol

  38. Evrock The Boat, Baby on

    Evrock’s Observations From Game 6 (in no particular order):

    1. Matthew Perrault gets hurt and the refs blow the whistle while the Rangers have a 3 on 2.  McGuire defended the refs decision but as far as I’m concerned that was a horrible decision. He wasn’t prone on the ice so the whistle should’ve been blown when the Craps had possession of the puck.  Period.

    2. A lot of the Craps momentum wasn’t earned it was given to them by the Rangers.  First of all after every unsuccessful power play (basically all of them…more on that later) the Craps gain some momentum from holding the Rangers off the board.  Another way the Rangers give the Craps momentum is by backing off the point men and treating the Craps possession in our zone like it’s a pp.  It doesn’t make any sense ever to treat even-strength like a pp especially when that team arguably has the best pp in the league.

    3. This team still has way too much trouble clearing the zone especially considering how easy they still make it for the Craps to enter the zone with possession to begin with. However this game the Rangers showed that they’re making progress in at least  one of those areas. They looked much better clearing the puck from in front of the net and keeping rebounds down. They usually have the bad habit of trying to corral the puck in front of Lundqvist but in this game they just wacked the puck to the boards.  That’s smart defense.

    4. Anybody else see the “Because It’s The Cup” commercial that featured a dub step remix of the banjo from Deliverance? As if hockey doesn’t have enough trouble just holding the spot of the 4th major sports league already.

    5. At the beginning of the 3rd a Craps offside wasn’t called until a Ranger player got hit by the offsides player and the ensuing faceoff was just outside the Rangers zone when it should’ve been deep in the Craps zone. There’s no way the linesman didn’t yell offside and/or directly tell the Craps player to get onside, that’s an intentional offside.  I’ve seen a player get penalized for doing that.

    6. I know the Rangers stink on the pp but the Refs were pretty horrible in this one. Entirely inconsistent.  They got a couple of Craps calls because they somehow only saw the Craps retaliation. In the 3rd Ribero was a couple strides from a 2 on 1 with Fehr and afterwards Fehr blatantly two-handed pushed Lundqvist in the face. He didn’t attempt to get out of the way or stop and he went out of his way to make that hit. Not only a non-call but the announcers didn’t even acknowledge it even when the replay was shown.

    7. Did they change the rule on what’s considered a penalty worthy of a double-minor call in this year’s playoffs? Green’s high stick on Dorsett should’ve been a double. Period. Not to mention the trip by ribero on his way to the bench.

    8. Not only did Richards not chip in offensively, but we finally got a one-timer after always settling the puck before shooting and who saved it….Holtby? Nope, it was Richards.

    9. Hagelin made a dipsy-doodle move and although his shot was weak it looked better than anything Nash has done in a looooong time. Although, in his defense, this was easily Nash’s best game…even if that’s not saying much.

    10. McGuire’s usually a moron but he said one thing tonight that was pretty funny even if he probably didn’t even realize it at the time.  On the Green high-stick he said “(the Craps) keep saying ‘keep diving, keep diving”and Dorsett’s saying ‘how can I dive I’ve got blood coming out of my mouth. What kind of pool do you think I’m diving in?”

    11a. The PP. Although it’s all been said before it still never changes. If the player with the puck skates near you…MOVE! Stop bunching up on the boards. The puck was cleared numerous times because of it. STOP PLAYING 3 MEN HIGH ON THE BLUELINE! GET SOMEONE IN FRONT AND SCREEN THE DAMN GOALIE. I haven’t touted Avery in a really long time, but he was the last Ranger player that spent almost the entire time he was out on the pp parked In front of the goalie.  Just ask Fatso how much goalies live that.

    11b. The usual McGuire: “John Tortorella’s gotta be just perplexed why there’s just so much ineptness on this power play. It’s just a bizarre thing.”  Give me a break. The Rangers power play has looked exactly the same as the first game of the season. Either they’re not listening to Tortorella or they are and they’re too afraid to play another way. Either way Torts is involved with the “ineptness” of the pp. The only people perplexed are the fans.

    12. The Rangers didn’t make Holtby look amazing this game. If it wasn’t for him we would’ve ran away with this one. On the other end the Rangers finally won a game with Lundqvist standing on his head. It’s about time.

  39. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Is this thread live now?

    (Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!)

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