Game 5: Rangers-Capitals in review


So I was going to try to write something witty to get youse off the ledges, or something about how this is not really over.

Well, maybe I should go that way, because what this series has shown us, and pretty much all the other series have shown us, and pretty much every series ever, is that what happens in one game has zilch to do with what happens in the next.


1) So yeah, this isn’t necessarily over. All five games could have gone either way, and in two of them, covering 137 minutes, Henrik Lundqvist has allowed a total of three goals – one in regulation — and lost both. I think there’s a 50-50 chance the series goes back to D.C., and if it does, a 50-50 chance the Rangers advance. And I’m not just saying that for your benefit. I really do think so.

2) I really, really felt for Lundqvist last night. I mean, we got into the lockerroom a good bit after the game, and he came out a bit late after the doors opened, and he was still really, really, really upset and ticked off. I don’t blame him one bit. And he still was polite and somewhat patient. Very classy.

3) Could Ryane Clowe really be that important? Rhetorical. But when he went out, and with the Rangers playing with only three centers because Brian Boyle is needed on the wing, the whole lineup was messed up. Let’s face it, Clowe was really good in Game 4, and important to the wall battles and around the net. And they missed that in Game 5.

4) And if this is another concussion – because I’m assuming the last injury definitely was, and that this one also is – it’s probably going to cost Clowe a lot of free-agency money and years. In an odd way, it might make it easier for the Rangers to re-sign him. But it will be risky to do so now.

5) Rick Nash. You guys are probably hoping that he’s hurt, that this isn’t him under the spotlight, when the team needs him. I mean, he looked OK in this game overall, but how many times in this series, including Game 5, has he tried to shove his way around a defenseman instead of letting go that wrist shot he used so often and so well this season? I still think he has a left hand/wrist injury from the slash in the Toronto home-and-home. Wonder if there’s more.

6) Brad Richards. Been on him all season, and with good reason. The play that really bugged me in Game 5 was the one where he stood in quicksand and watched Mathieu Perreault go right past him and in alone, on which Lundqvist made one of his best saves of the series.

7) That all said, if both of them play like this, not only will the Rangers not win this series they could have already won, but they aren’t going anywhere even if they do. Did I just make any sense? It’s late.

8) Brian Boyle. I do wonder if he’s a guy who elevates during the playoffs, or a guy who needs a push … and the playoffs provide him that push. Whatever, he sure scored a gigantic goal that should have led to something, then he took a really undisciplined penalty that did lead to something else. Though, it was pretty lousy of the ref standing right there to not call the stick to the back of the neck by Ribeiro, too.

9) That start – with another great pass from Derick Brassard – was the one Adam Oates said he feared … 1-0 at :53. And the Rangers had them on the ropes until the last half minute of the first.

10) The power play, in a very real way, cost the Rangers yet another game. The 0-for-4 against that PK and that goalie is not acceptable. The first power play, with Mats Zuccarello and Brassard on it, had good movement. Couple of chances. The rest, with them and whomever else on it, did diddly.

11) And admit it if it crossed your mind even once that, gee, what it Marian Gaborik was here and popped one goal in either Game 2 or 5? I sure thought about the triple-OT game a few times. Nothing against Brassard, or John Moore (who had some struggles, including the game-winning goal) or Derek Dorsett. But one goal … And the bottom line remains that the Rangers started this season with three first-line stars, and in fact they played together at the beginning of the season … and now they are this close to elimination without Gaborik, without Richards and pretty much without Nash. And that kind of sums it up, doesn’t it?

12) That Joel Ward PPG. Derek Stepan wins the draw and Dan Girardi, with a chance to clear, runs into Ryan McDonagh. Puck stays in, Caps — with that high slot guy causing havoc all series — get the Rangers baffled with two quick passes. Bingo. And Ward, Jason Chimera, Troy Brouwer, Matt Hendricks, that Donald Fehr guy — they all were more than a handful for the Rangers, just as they were in Games 1 and 2, and not so much in Games 3 and 4.

13) Nice of the NHL to yet again say “Eff You Fans” with the debacle over the Game 6 starting time. Don’t get me wrong, the 4:30 start makes me happy, especially if the series has to go back to D.C. But to make people wait until late Friday night to decide what they are going to do on Mother’s Day is an absolute disgrace. Another one.

14) At one point in the first period, all the TV sets in the arena went black, with a box that said Weak or No Signal. Great advertising for Verizon, no?

15) Worse than that, because of unreliable, slow and small elevator from the rooftop pressbox, in the third period most writers go to the pressroom to watch the end on TV just to be safe. Which means we were treated to the cliché-riddled nonsense of Joe Beninati and chalk-on-blackboard voice spouting silliness by Craig Laughlin. Torture.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Carl Hagelin
3. Mats Zuccarello.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King.
2. Cally.
3. Girardi.
Boyle…I hope that slash felt really good to you…especially with Ribeiro winning it!….Nash…remember that “we don’t want you” chant last year? You may hear it Sunday if you give us another “Richard’s” effort! Do or Die…LGR!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (22.22%).
2. Derick Brassard (18.57%).
3. Brian Boyle (12.96%).

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  1. I’m pretty freaking sad right now. It was lundqvist time again last night and they still found a way lose. Just sad.

  2. I felt like I was watching a team hanging onto a life raft for 2+ periods. They looked a step slow after period One.

  3. The fact that they are playing a team that is bigger, stronger, faster, and better than them in all areas and are still one game back is a miracle anyway. Clowne is so overrated. The Caps have 5 Clownes that are faster, better, stronger, and healthier.

  4. I called the league to complain about the mothers day debacle yesterday. The poor person answering the phone was told the delay was because of NBC, although last weekend it was clear NBC wasn’t involved. What a joke. I think we still win game six at home, as the Captain always said the fourth one is the hardest to win. I think Clowe is that important and is a leader. Felt bad for him when he came back so soon from the last “injury”.

  5. This team can beat the CAPS.


    I know hockey….

    it will be. ..

    4-0 at least on Monday.

    Making it 3-3.

  6. Carp,

    Which team has the advantage in the back to back? Torts rides our top guys so hard with ice time, how we will ever survive game 7 if we get that far in DC? We have weakened as every game has gone on…I’m terrified of what McD and Girardi will have to handle in back to backs..

  7. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m sick to my stomach this morning.

    Hank stood on his head last night.

    We can only hope the players rally around this loss and take the next game at home.

    other than the power play, the rangers played a good road game.

  8. After yrs of watching and going last night, I think your spot on 50/50 to win this series. I am always a optomist but let’s face it we are not going anywhere. Key injuries and big priced guys not showing up. We are a pain in the butt because of Hank and a gritty Capt, but that’s it. I watch the whole league with the center ice package for a couple yrs. We are so very far away from a PP & in the playoffs it gets magnified. No way we can be in our own end for these chunks of time against Pitt, Ottawa, Boston even the Isles never mind the Hawks, sharks or Ducks.
    The only way out isto free up the cap and cut Richards, I know it’s said a million times but that’s where you start. If they keep him and don’t rebuild with our core, I think it’s bye bye to center ice. It just won’t work, not with so many needs.
    Btw paging Derrick Stephan as well, how’s about a road game?

  9. I said before the series that Lundqvist would have to steal two games in order for the Rangers to win. Well, he has, except the Rangers still couldn’t win those games. They’re done.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Waiting for Gabby? Yeah, right- give it up
    Do the Brassard-Gabby deal straight up with what he has given us this series. 100x wht Gabby would have.
    Richards – done
    MDZ – done
    Nash – dead on skates
    Boyle – dead between the eard
    Girardi – horrible

    We are smaller, slower, and less skilled than Caps.

  11. Great writeup, Carp. I thought we dominated at times and kept the puck dangerously in the CAPS’ end…just missing that killer instinct last night that would have put it away. Was an entertaining, exhilarating OT on both ends of the ice…until the final blow. Agreed that Lundquist was their best player. Also, agreed that the Brassard-MZA-Boyle pp looked much better than the dreadful Nash-Richards combo. Richards has been rightfully relegated to the third line much of the game…Carp, you hit the target when you criticized Sather’s long term contract for Richards after the signing and said they would regret it…although I would like to see if a full training camp changes that next year. I also thought Brassard was one of the best Rangers on the ice last night in the offensive zone.

  12. #11 Carp, if Brassard is not here there would be less offense even if Gaborik scored 3 goals. Not to jump on his bandwagon but he has made quite a few nice passes.

  13. Scott Gomez on meth would probably be playing better at center than Richards right now.

  14. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok, so anyone who thinks the Rangers were in this game after about the 10 minute mark of the first period is really naive. The score showed like they were in the game. Not the game. We were kept in it by our all world goalie who after we get eliminated from the playoffs will march into Torts or Sathers office and give them an ultimatum. Give him offensive support or he walks after next season.

    This team still needs a significant overhall. I am amazed that after how many years now, it is still the case.

    MDZ,Richards,Pyatt,Powe,Eminger,Sully all need to go.

  15. how can anyone have slepe after yet another loss in dc. 2x a game there for the taking and 2x it seeemed we would never score in ot in game 2 and game 5. when you dont have the puck and lose faceoffs all night long this is what will happen.

    some of you continue to say great puck movement on the pp in 1st period. if that makes you feel better about so be it the bottom line the pp has cost us in game 2 and game 5.


    see you for the funeral tomorrow.

    will talk to wife today and see about mothers day plans so my tix could be available. $240 for the pair

  16. WELL..the sun did come up this morning…and after dealing with Hurricane Sandy…I think I can handle this loss…but as I said from the first game–we are on the receiving end of too many solid hits–other Cally’s hit on Erskine and Oveckins hit on Erat-we have taken most of the pounding…and we look like the worn down team running all over our own end unable to get a clearing pass as the games get into the third…almost no shots in the third period! When you lose like this–you have to look straight at the offense…and our offensive stars (at least on paper) Nash and Richards are putrid…not bad..worse than bad. But…tomorrow is another game and everyone gets a fresh start–as fans we are quick to forgive when a player turns it around…so LGR!

  17. BigBadVinny on

    “4) And if this is another concussion – because I’m assuming the last injury definitely was, and that this one also is – it’s probably going to cost Clowe a lot of free-agency money and years. In an odd way, it might make it easier for the Rangers to re-sign him. But it will be risky to do so now.”

    This is Sather we’re talking about here; having a prior concussion so close to free-agency certainly didn’t hurt RICHARDS’ bank account. What a waste!

  18. personally I never try to second guess coaches on strategy, personnel etc.

    However when Tortorella singles out Boyle’s penalty in a manner that magnifies it’s importance over the more obvious problems this roster has is absurd and demeaning to both the player and especially himself.

    The Rangers as currently composed are simply not physical enough, have no PP to speak of, do not consistently crowd the net, are not talented goal scorers and simply wear down against more physical teams.

    The coach does a disservice to his players with his comments seeming to suggest that one penalty decide this game.

  19. there’s more finger pointing on this site than that has ever been in the Rangers’ lockerroom

  20. We should be hitting Mike Green every opportunity we get-he is the one that will wear down and when he does their defense loses a lot of their mobility and ability to move and control the puck…trouble is out biggest guys thrown the worst checks (Pyatt, Boyle, Nash)…out smaller guys do all the big hitting..

  21. please excuse the grammar…obviously lacking some sleep…thanks to the game!

  22. czechthemout!!! on

    Fat guy

    That is because what goes on in the room, stays in the room and is not for public consumption.

    The only one pointing fingers frim the team is their stubborn buffoon of a coach. To single out Boyle after the last 3 games he’s had is really stupid!

    If he had a clue about how to run a PP and how to adjust in a game to help create offense than he could talk. Fact is, he can’t. The Caps scored one freaking goal at home and we still lost! And who is to blame? Boyle! Not him and not Sully. Never them. Give me a break!

  23. Torts is costing us this series…he has done nothing to help our cause…Fire him…

  24. I never what to see that 12 million dollar joke of a player on the rangers next year.

  25. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Lundqvist is the best goalie in the postseason and the world and this is the “team” that has been assembled in front of him? Disgrace!

    No Lundqvist and we were out in 4.

  26. Hagerstown Md RAngers fan on

    Ovechkin celebrates every goal as if the Craps just won the cup. Very annoying and kind of bush league. Feeling quite bad for Hank today. Hope he dous not leave after next season. Rangers have no one even remotely comparable in the system.

  27. hank is 3-10 in 13 career ot games. can we get an offense that will have puck possesion. we suck

  28. I’m with you, eric. I couldn’t sleep. I needed about 40 minutes of complete, sit in the corner with my head buried in my hands, silence after that loss. It really, really hurt. I guess for some reason I got it in my head that we could win after that early goal.

    Nick Rash now 2-7 in playoff games.

  29. The deflection goals are not really Hanks fault. I know. It’s a result of the system that is played in front of him where the team is not aggressive on the puck when backchecking. Instead they collapse in front of Hank and assist the other team in screening him. I hate that style of play. Hate it. Not as much as I hate D-Bag Mike Ribeiro. But hate it.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    CCCP – you speak nothing but truth

    Not sure if our personnel forces Torts to play “Safe is Work” and rely completely on Hank or our personnel is instructed to play that way so we chase the puck all night.

    That…and Richards sucks

  31. donald downer on

    the only thing worse than tortarella and richards is this site.. the worst

  32. Am I the only one who sort of liked Pyatt’s game last night (slooooooow turn in the defensive zone excepted because, well, he’s slow and that’s how slow players turn)? Good 4th line work. On the flip side, I’m probably in the top 25% of the Eminger fan club but he’s getting caught in between almost every play. The gap between him and healthy Staal is preposterously huge.

  33. reality check on

    this review is almost as bad as the team assembled in front of lundqvist.

    is the guy that wrote this trash actually employed by a newspaper? it is no wonder that the newspaper industry is a sinking ship.

    courageous prediction making, the rangers have a 50/50 chance of winning game 6 and if they win game 6, a 50/50 chance of winning game 7.

  34. Nash needs to be demoted to the 3rd line with Richards and Pyatt. Torts had no problem benching Gaby last year (even though we found out later he was hurt), and needs to do the same with Nash and limit his ice time.

    The MZA-Brass-Boyle line was great at the start of the game and then he moved Nash to Boyles spot and they didn’t get anything going. Whether Nash is hurt or he’s just trying too hard, he’s been ineffective and at times useless and he shouldn’t be getting top minutes.

    I’m not one who thinks Torts plays favorites, but his treatment of Nash vs Gaby when both are ineffective is completely different.

  35. reality check on

    i think there is a 50/50 chance the newspaper industry makes it. i really do think so.

  36. Wait, we can say “ass”? This totally changes my reaction to Clarkson’s flying headshot on Dubinsky 3 years ago. Redo!

  37. Speaking of Richards, the guy simply refuses to absorb contact, even when it means giving up the puck. Which is why Christensen isn’t here. And why Wolski isn’t here. And why a lot of skilled guys either aren’t here or would never be here. Sooo …

  38. I’ve as much idea about what is wrong with Nash as anyone else, but in Game 5 he played less than Brassard, Stepan, Boyle, Callahan, Zuccarello and Hagelin and in Game 4 he played less than the first four of those.

    So he isn’t really getting “top minutes” at the moment. Richards is playing even less.

  39. SufferingSince79 on

    I couldn’t stomach the post game following the obligatory remote control toss last night. You could see it coming. It’s clear Torts chose to place the blame squarely where it doesn’t belong.

    Bad penalty by Boyle, check.

    Ribeiro penalty & a low life, check-check

    Caps players banging the hell out of Rangers, check, check and check some more

    PP only needing to cash in once for a win, check a-rooney

    They lost because they can’t score goals when they need to. Not even a lot of goals. One would have done it the way Hank played.

    I like to think there’s a good explanation for most things and as many others have posted here, even when healthy and playing well, this team needs a bit more work before I’d call them a Stanley Cup favorite.

    I’ll be there rooting for them on Sunday as always but as the Maitre D’ said to Ferris Bueller…”I weep for the future.”

  40. There is no doubt in my mind and I said it last night on here that when Clowe left the game it changed the whole way the rangers were playing. It screwed up the line combos. I had the rangers winning this series in 7 games and I still feel they can do it. Until there season is officially over I’m sticking by it. I also had the wings in 7 also and I see they are going to a game 7.

  41. I think there is a 50/50 chance that people trolling message boards on a Saturday morning really need hobbies. Try gardening.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    LW – good point and as it should be – noticed he wasn’t on much in 3rd when we went into turtle mode

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Does Torts have to play The Kreider now if Clowe is out?

    What are the other options – No-berries? Haley? Bickel?

    Would give Ash more minutes on 3rd line and bring another banger for 4th line if Kreider only playing 3 mins

  44. reality check on

    i think there is a 50/50 chance that i have to use the restroom in the next hour. i really do think so.

  45. I’m at the gym getting a sweet burn in and reading comments. Attempting to get over last night. Of course the jack wagons come out in force today.

    Last night was another toss up. I thought we played well in OT but usually the team that plays better loses in OT.

    Torts knows more about hockey than me do I defer to his idea of collapsing in front if Hank. Personally I wish the D was a bit more physical and stayed in the circles and turned that defense into offensive opportunities.

  46. Jack Klompus on

    The Boyle penalty…It is completely one thing if Boyle is on his feet, shoving guys etc. and then slashes a guy as he skates away BUT he was on his hands and knee on the ice and Ribero cross checks him to the head. He’s on his feet and slashes; call it sure. But when Boyle is down and out of the play and as you pointed out Carpy the ref is standing right there and throws his hand up as soon as he sees Boyle’s slash there is NO WAY he did not see the cross check to the head. Pointless rant over.

    And how they missed the leg stuck out trip on Cally I will never know. Feel for Hank, and these sure were the games this team found ways to win the past few years, even if they lost in most statistical categories.
    Let me borrow a line from Torts on Gabby from 24/7…hey Nash: “ARE YOU GONNA STOMP ON A FU@#$%& PUCK TONIGHT!?”

  47. I said it once and I’ll say it again: This is a team riddled with no-talents and Sunday night will see the bowel of the ship finally and fittingly fully submerged.

  48. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    This game shouldn’t have even made it to OT. Hank stood on his head. They deserved the loss. They stopped playing after the Craps tying goal. Interesting stat shown during the game: Torts has a 6-12 (now 6-13) Road playoff Record as the Rangers head coach, which is the worst by any NHL team since 2009 (min 10 gms). Didn’t they have the best regular season road record in the league last year? smh
    Lundqvist has a 3-10 OT record in the playoffs (though at least this year’s OT games weren’t his fault). Apparently Hank needs to suck for them to get their offense going as proven by the last 4 games of this series.
    Game 2 – Lundqvist = Amazing = loss
    Game 3 – Lundqvist + eh = Win
    Game 4 – Lundqvist + eh = Win
    Game 5 – Lundqvist + Amazing = loss
    This was easily their worst played playoff game of the series and probably their worst in recent history. They owned the game until the Craps tied it up. Then they looked like Helen Keller training for the decathlon.
    I wouldn’t fault Holtby for saying this game wasn’t really difficult because….. well, it wasn’t. Hopefully he’ll say something again seeing as we took his last quote and shoved it down his throat because this team looks like it can’t wait to get on the green.

  49. Papa Bear from a remote Bunker on

    We had chances in OT. Cally coming off the left wing. Geeeez. Hit the net!

  50. I thought the power play, while a bit safe and too reliant on long shots, looked like an actual NHL power play, long periods of possession in the set-up, good puck movement, not as good foot movement, not much creativity — surprised Brassard didn’t try something more risky.

    Richards I thought was perfectly competent on the point and the wing on the PP, though again not much creativity from him any more, and he’d be murdered here if he tried anything unpredictable. He’s getting it in the neck with every mistake he makes, only natural for a big-money guy on the decline, but I think he’s still above average out there, makes good plays that are overlooked for the obvious reason people want him to be both flawless and the player he was in his twenties. Experience counts, though, and perhaps it will be useful tomorrow.

  51. Richards= compliancy buyout

    Nash= ny hockey version of Arod
    (Thus far)

    Lundqvist = seriously sick and tired of playing for offensively inept team in post season

  52. SufferingSince79 on

    Oh, BTW, thanks for the write up Carp. Don’t let reality check get to you. He probably got tired waiting for any traffic on the Devil blog. 6 months is a long time to sit by your computer with your you know what in your hand.

  53. Where are my manners — it almost goes without saying that those Carpnotes make waking up, especially after a tough one like last night, a lot easier!

  54. Because (a) I’m too lazy and (b) I rarely have much interest in what any coach says in a presser, whether angry Torts, polite Renney or whoever…

    Did Tortorella actually say Boyle’s penalty cost them the game or something similar, or did he just answer a question about it by saying it was a “stupid penalty” and not much else?

  55. It’s a system that wears players out and hampers offensive ability. Poor Callahan & Stepon can’t bearly skate they’ve been so overused. You can’t play 2 1/2 – 3 lines a night Playing BLOCK SHOT HOCKEY takes it’s toll. You have Kreider who’s mind’s been screwed over along with JT Miller sitting up in the pressbox, while this team needs scoring & speed. Without Henrik, we probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. He deserves better support. 4 years is enough with this clown who refuses to employ a system suitable for the type of team he has.

  56. he was asked and he said it was a dumb penalty (it was) and the kind you never kill (he’s right) and then he praised Boyle’s play and again said it was a dumb penalty. He did not say it cost them the game.

    the difference between me and you, LW …

  57. as i mentioned last night, when Torts was asked to comment on Nash’s play he replied “I will not critique players here” and then 2 seconds later proceeded to rip Boyle a new one for the penalty. So…

  58. Papa Bear from a remote Bunker on

    James G , your being kind to Nash your young and don’t remember.

    Nash is more like Dave Winfield who Boss George gave the affectionate nickname,
    “Mr. April.”

  59. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    It’s funny how people whine about the reffing in almost every game and then argue how the Rangers pp sucks.

  60. The lack of a PP is killing us. If you don’t make the other team pay for taking infractions, what deterrent is there for them to cheap shot or pull you down? They take away the scoring chance with an illegal play, get called for the penalty, and 2 minutes later, no harm was done.

    How many PP goals do we have in this series. 3 in 5 games? That is just unacceptable.

  61. I guess Nash isn’t playing as much as I thought. Thought I saw him out there more than I did in the 3rd. So forget my comment before haha

  62. loneranger-
    The Great Doc Emrick discussed the tired factor at length during the third period last night. He is convinced that some of the Rangers are exhausted.

  63. At this point when we go into overtime i feel no hope that we can win. We have a hard time scoring a goal in 60 minutes nevermind score one before the other team.

  64. Jack Klompus on

    Please no Newbury, get Miller and Krieder in the lineup. Pull numbers out of a hat to make lines out of Krieder, Miller, Zucc, Brass, Step, Haggy, Cally, Boyle and Nash. Forget the rest.

  65. If Stepan and Callahan are exhausted after getting first-line minutes for 52 games, then they both need to be traded asap. Please.

    Kreider’s mind being screwed over? When was the last time you spoke with him?

  66. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    There is one positive for the Rangers’ series comimg to an end on Sunday (Happy Mother******g day, fans!) and that is that it has already gotten too hot to wear hockey jerseys down here.

  67. I’m all for playing Krieder if he is going to be put in a position to succeed. But is it even worth putting him in if the coach doesn’t trust him and is only going to play him 4 minutes on the 4th line anyway? Might as well just play Newburry who is better suited to that role

  68. People citing Henrik’s OT record is absurd. Jimmy Howard has won 3 OT games this series alone. That means Howard is better than Lundqvist, right?


  69. also a consideration, with Powe out they need another center, unless Boyle goes back to the middle. I think he’s needed and he’s better on the wing. Otherwise, Brassard and Richards are getting extra shifts with Asham and Dorsett.

  70. Papa Bear from a remote Bunker on

    Carp: Step and Cally -they also kill penalties and play the PP allthough some may argue they get more rest on the PP than they do in-between shifts on the bench

  71. how would you enjoy a flushing today, mothman. already been a few. Be happy to push the plunger for you too.

  72. “Lundqvist’s has a 3-10 record in OT” should read “Lundqvist has been the goalie in the Rangers’ last 13 OT games where the team is 3-10” unless all 10 of those goals were bad goals. Maybe they were.

  73. Game 4: Stepan 20:43, Callahan 23:31. That’s very much inline with what they should get and be able to handle.
    Game 5 (an OT game where the third and fourth lines can’t get much ice time): Stepan 25:40, Callahan 26:28.

    Again, if that’s wearing them out after 48 regular-season games, they can’t be your No. 1 line going forward. Trade them (s).

  74. Carp- Just curious – Is the crowd in Washington much louder/better than MSG? I thought games 3&4 were the best MSG crowds for a non-Devils series in years.

  75. SufferingSince79 on

    Remember I said I weep for the future. I weep for the past too. After 93-94′ three post seasons for Richter &Leetch followed by seven years of futility and a cancelled season. Such great players and they never got a chance to perform in the playoffs. At least Hank has had a chance to play. Hope he doesn’t retire or leave before he has a chance to win.

  76. I think Miller is the best gamble at this point. Can play some center, hold up the puck — one way way or the other need to capture the let-‘er-rip, creative attitude from that post-trade game vs. the Penguins. Kreider a worthwhile gamble as well.

    Need to trust Lundqvist, take some chances going forward, drop the compact D, perimeter-shooting-gallery approach that seems to produce the only kind of goals Lundqvist can do nothing about, those defections!

    I know Tortorella is enamored of the lunchpail ethic and all, but I don’t think it’s the team he has available, and there’s only one game left to lose. Blaze of glory!

  77. Cross Check Charlie on

    Why the Jekyl and Hide team home and away? When they’re in Washington they can’t score, then at home they score a bunch. What gives?

    Same can be said for face offs. Last game the Rangers won something like 75% of the faceoffs. Last night it was like 30%.

    Let’s face it the Rangers were outplayed the entire game last night. Even in the first period where the Rangers had the shot advantage, they were outplayed when 5-on-5. The Rangers played the entire 3rd period like they were playing for an overtime. They were not agressive at all and seemed content just to fling the puck out of the zone.

    Carl Hagelin was the team’s best player last night. He was everywhere.

    I also wondered what happened to Girardi on that faceoff right before the Caps goal. It was like he didn’t know where the puck was or something. I don’t know.

    I’d still like to know how they didn’t call a penalty on the Hagelin breakaway. It was a definite trip and boarderline penalty shot. It’s amazing that they have two referees and the penalty happens to the guy carrying the puck and no call. How could they not see it?


  78. Norm, I’d prefer Miller in over Kreider, but don’t know if either will get the nod over Newbury or Haley. I’d like to see Miller.

  79. With you, Llatona, and I’d be happy for Newbury if he goes in — he’s earned it — but I still think Miller would give NY its best shot. If it’s Haley, I’ll know it’s no longer about winning the game.

  80. Washington deserves to move on. That’s just how it feels to me. This doesn’t even feel like a playoff series…it just feels like the nightmare of watching our team struggle to compete with another mediocre team. Nightmare.

    It really bothers me how much ice time Pyatt gets. He is a just not threatening to opponents in any way.

  81. Girardi has had a hard time clearing the puck all series. Tries it send it hard up around the boards over and over again and it’s




  82. SufferingSince79 on

    Tough morning all around. While I’ve got the flowers set aside for the funeral, It’s not over just yet (Remember Ottawa series last year?). I know we all procees things in our own way but I’m going out to enjoy my sons 1st T-ball game and getting ready for Sunday. I’ll be back reading all the great exchanges later but for now, don’t forget “Nothing is over until we say it is.”

  83. Is This Real? on

    beating a dead horse here but I simply don’t understand how the powerplay can be so bad. these guys are professional hockey players and coaches, all they do is play hockey. it boggles the mind

  84. _When they’re in Washington they can’t score, then at home they score a bunch._

    same goes for the Craps, too… they score a bunch at MSG and can’t score at home. weird.

  85. Sather Must Go! on

    Admittedly, not a fan of his since his “alleged” partying ways, but Del Z, has been awful – slow, no shots, no hitting, gives up the puck, very bad d –

    fact is, the whole back line has been bad this series – but he exemplifies it…and wasn’t he decent on the PP his rookie yr? Wha Happened?

  86. Great write up, Carp. I agree without Nash and Richards (who I don’t expect to show up) the Rangers won’t win games 6 or a game 7 or make it very far in the playoffs. Everyone else appears to being pulling their weight. I feel bad for Hank and the fans. I wonder if Hank is weighing his options he’s in his prime with no offensive support.

  87. Carp You call some of us clueless or respond with the word “nonsense” without specifics. Don’t know what series you’ve been watching but this is block shot hockey and this team’s been worn down early with Tort’s idiotic system. Re: Kreider it appears that both you and Tort’s have a similar dislike of this player. Was it an aberration as to what he accomplished in last years playoffs. Should he not appear in Sunday’s game and the Rangers are eliminated from the playoffs he must be held accountable. How many lives does this stubborn coach have?

  88. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Cross Check, I also thought that the Hagelin trip was a borderline penalty shot. But I went back and slo-moed (©)the slo-mo. The Craps defender just nicked the puck before tripping Hags. That makes it a legal play. However, that play is called a penalty during the regular season 80% of the time. There’s no way that ref saw the stick touch the puck in real-time. This was just another case of the ref swallowing his whistle.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I didn’t sleep so well last night. Still pretty down. But my wife kissed me on the forehead and told me to relax…… Now I feel game 6 is in the bag… It’s on to the garden and let’s Win there…

  90. Even more nonsense, lone. I explained my thoughts on Callahan & Stepan minutes. Why would i dislike Kreider? Makes zero sense. On the other hand you continually try to find any possible reason the coach is an idiot. I will listen to and discuss all reasonable arguments on that topic. Still waiting for your first.

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    Speaking of courageous, its courageous to trash people anonymously on a blog behind a pseudonym. Totally

  92. 3-10, wow, even worse.

    Under Torts? Hmm….

    Two this year.

    I remember two against the Sens last year, with Turris and Neil netting the winners. One against the Devils with Henrique ending our year. One against the Craps with Chimera scoring, and another with Semin scoring.

    That’s seven right there. Two under Renney off the top of my head is Afinagenov winning game 5 for the Baby Buffaloes, and Hossa ending our season with the Pens. I think the Devils won game 3 in OT a few years back. That was the game where the “Avery rule” made it’s debut.

    Torts – 7

    Renney – 3

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We need clowe badly and it shows!!

    Mdz has looked horrible. At the beginning of this series I thought Stralman was going to be the weak D link of the 6, mdz is bad (not counting Staal, didn’t expect him to play at all).

    We is the nhl going to implement clutching and grabbing again and save some concussions and maybe careers?

    Elbow and shoulder pads need to be changed as well.

    This team needs to stop collapsing on D and go out and take the body!

    Why hasn’t someone run chimera yet? No, seriously why haven’t they??

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Orr and the Ukrainian might be on to something

    Oh and let’s go pens!!

  95. Thanks, ORR! Good job dude! So who takes the credit for OT wins? I remember at least one under Renney against Baby Buffaloes in double OT i think…Rozi scored that goal… do not recall anything else.

  96. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I was going to bring this up prior to the beginning of the playoffs, so I won’t have “I told you so” rights.
    Goalies sre the most superstitious lot in hockey and possibly all sports. They’re masters of OCD and when things are going poor;y they have other superstitions to possibly change that. For example, a golie might put on all his equipment left side first. When the team starts losing he’ll start putting his pads on right side first. Being a former goalie myself I know all about it…hell I still do certain things before games because of my stupidsitions.
    The last month of the regular season the Rangers went 10-4, culminating in a 4-0 shutout of hated NJ. So my question is this: Why did Hank have a new mask made just prior to the start of the post-season?

  97. Hahaha so predictable! Blame Nash and Richards! Boyle’s penalty was a good call. They always call a penalty when a player retaliates and that’s what Boyle did. Nash is getting triple teamed on the ice on every play. As is Ovechkin. Ovechkin 0 points in 3 straight games with limited shots. And at least Nash plays defense… Remember that blocked shot? How about the faceoffs? Brassard 30% Boyle 38% Stepan 42% and Brad Richards 57%. How about Callahan trying the same shot he succeeded the first 2 times in shootout and then has missed the net by 10 ft about 10 times in a row? How about his 2 penalties leading by example in Game 4? Del Zotto’s wonderful interference penalty last night.

  98. the rangers are 6-13 in last 19 road playoff games.

    10 of 11 at the house of horrors the verizon center

  99. Oh ye and it’d be nice if McDonagh decided to take a shot from the point once in a while. He loves to join the rush and wait for Stepan to find him open in the slot where he then takes his shot but last night in OT he was wide open, got a pass, and predictable shot wide off the boards looking for a deflection to someone.

  100. And really complaining about penalties this series? Rangers have had like 8 more powerplays than Washington.

  101. I, also,for yours. You seem to get as irritated as Tort’s. Also, respond with over the line comments. In fairness you have great blog site and I enjoy posting & wish I had more time to spend on it. All the Kudos for the time you spend with this site & your other jobs. Still at times you must understand there is no right and no wrong. People have the right to express their opinion without being belittled. You always have the upper hand but that comes with responsibility to treat everyone fairly.

  102. Would we agree that time spend on ice chasing puck and having to hit the opposing players to attempt to gain possession may be more taxing than being on offense?
    Would we agree that playoff intensity is a little higher than regular season hockey?
    Would we agree that when Cally, Step and Hags have the puck they are being hit by players who are 25- to 50 lbs heavier than them and that may have an debilitating affect?
    Dmen playing 50% of the 3rd period where the puck is in your zone 75% of the time is not tiring?

    My eyes are seeing something different. Torts talked about it earlier in the season how they were relying on core guys too much in the POs last season.
    No one is saying these players are not in terrific game shape but to extend the thinking, why not play them the whole period then? At what point do they lose effectiveness?? if at all??
    Given what he has, not saying he is making the wrong choice, but if players would never tire, why take them out?

  103. yeah 2 OT wins for Torts last year…

    and blaming external forces for Rangers’ losses is kinda comical, IMHO

  104. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I found it really funny when Brassard held his stick cocked back for a few seconds in the offensive zone, put his stick back down, put it back up and finally shot it. The funny part of this being that the craps backed up and didn’t challenge him at all, like we do when Mike Green has possession of the puck in our zone… ok, maybe when any Crap players have possession in our zone.

  105. the other Peter on

    Carp – Assuming Clowe is a no-go, who do you see as his replacement? No doubt the people’s choice is Kreider but realistically we would be better off with another pivot. Is Newbury the only option? No way they insert JTM as 4th line pivot, is there?

  106. We hate pressuring the puck in our own end. Have to be more physical from the blue line down in our own end. Back Check boys.

  107. I must admit, no clowe in lineup appears the rangers are doomed, hope I’m wrong.

  108. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Anybody know how much TOI the 4th line got in OT last night? Other than “entirely too much” I can’t seem to find the answer.

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe doesn’t play center – would go either Kreider or No-berries. Kreider for PP and No-berries for PK

    kreider or No-berries/boyle/dorset

  110. It’s like we just allow the Caps to set up an umbrella every single time they gain our zone (without much resistance from us) and then we sit back rather than defending the umbrella set up and pressuring the puck to get them out of position. We only regain possession off of rebounds or blocks. It’s like basketball.

  111. Reality Check seems to have gotten under the skin of our writer and the writer fires back, very interesting!

    Why is it necessary to have the same fools who act like coaching experts say the same dumb things with no rebuttal from the writer who actually understands the MSG scene and how we got from there to here?

    “There” being 72 years of general futility interrupted by the Edmondton gift package!

    Is the coach sometimes intemperate with his remarks, yes! Does he let his emotions get away from him on occasion. Yes!

    Should he be fired when the construct of this roster was/is predicated on the front office,scouts etc. evals? No!

    Did the coach clap enthusiastically for the bottom six presented to him in training camp? No!

    And be serious, can he “coach” this group with the late additions to be better on the PP? No!

    Is he as capable of winning a cup as coaches from other organizations with better balanced rosters? Yes!

    Does he actually “KNOW” hockey as opposed to the “experts and strategists” on a blog who have the temerity to “suggest” personnel moves and in game strategy? Yes!

    The Rangers desperately need a bigger, stronger group with a little mean thrown in. Front office alert!

    Do they have it in the organization? No!

    The two players who could help provide same are Krieder and McIllrath. One does not play with either the necessary vigor or attitude for a person of his size.

    While the other was a terrible draft pick with apparently limited hockey skills who might be better suited to the MMA field!

    Did the coach select these players? No!

    So cut the amateur babble and place the shoe in the appropriate “executive’s” generous butt!

  112. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    The Rangers have still won a couple of games with key players out with injury. The craps have Brooks Laich injured while we have Staal, Clowe, and Powe (yes I know he’s practically useless).
    The Rangers seem to get a boost every time a player comes back from injury (see Staal and Clowe). So who’s left? Any chance Sauer will dress tomorrow?

  113. Perfectly reasonable to say that the “overused” top line forwards are expending more energy defending than if they were on the attack.

    Not sure how giving those minutes to Asham and Dorsett (especially in tied or one-goal games in the third period) would result in less defending and fewer goals against though.

  114. ‘Locker’ — Nails on a blackboard. My God yes. Who’s worse: Lange in Pitt, Locker or the San Jose nasal guy? I go Lange: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoots and scores! Call Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick!” Foster Hewitt is spinning. And he hasn’t stopped from hearing Sam’s exciting calls of, “And it deflects in!”

  115. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Manny I agree with you entirely. he Rangers should take notes on the Craps setup in our zone at even-strength. Their even-strength looks better than our power play.

  116. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    For those wondering, Nash has 19 shots on goal; Ovechkin has 24.

    Anyone wondering who’s got more scoring op’s with their shots?

  117. Stranger Nation on

    Why do we assume Torts has no say in the personnel decisions?
    When things were going well last season all we heard about is his influence in bringing the ‘right’ players here to play the ‘right’ way.
    When the new bottom six came and had no impact, no one wanted to claim any responsibility. Are we presuming Torts had no influence on the Richards signing?

    Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan

  118. Yea. That’s true and sad, evrock. Their even strength PP looks better than our actual, man-advantage PP.

  119. the other Peter on

    Stranger Nation

    I suppose you could move Boyle back to center but he really sucks in the middle, too often getting lost in space.

  120. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Carpy, great review as always!!! 5-0 in the post season!!!

    (Hope you have the opportunity to report about our boys over the next few weeks!!!)

  121. That theory is not perfectly reasonable. How does one determine that more energy is expended defensively than offensively?

  122. Do the Rangers just watch the other teams press conference and then attempt to help them out on their strategy?

    Every team says, regarding Hank, “get traffic in front because if he sees it he stops it.”

    Rangers strategy? Put the entire team in front of Hank to assist in screening him.

  123. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Clowe is important to this team. It’s not as much him, per se, but it is what he offers. The size, the hands, it’s a unique combo. There are other guys that can do what he does, but they are hard to find.

    Sather made the gamble. If this is 2 concussions in a few weeks, then he may have been pretty used up already. If that’s the case, 3 draft picks, count ’em, 3, are lost because of it.

    That is a mistake.

    Hope he’s ok and is able to play soon. We need his intangibles.

  124. It’s not a theory, Mothballs. If a team is out on the ice, but in possession of the puck on a long shift, the defensive team, also trapped on the ice, is always the more tired team whereas the team holding the puck is energized by the possibility of scoring. The defenders are worn down by having to scramble to cover position.

  125. Sioux-per-man on

    Who would you put in Miller or Kreider or Both? Lots of dead legs last night?

  126. I would love to see Miller since we are a Center short but I doubt that he gets thrown into that situation in a must win game 6. Kreider is the logical choice and Dorsett will probably have to take some faceoffs.

    I would like to see what Mr. Puck Distributor, Topo Gigio, The Hobbit Wizard a/k/a Lord of the Rink, could do at the Center position.

  127. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    There were certain guys that stood out as being really bad again last night. It’s time for Torts to figure it out. Everyone else has.

    MDZ had better be hurt. If not, he’s having one heck of a bad post season. He is indecisive, playing scared, inaccurate with his shot, poorly postioned, and flops at ludicrous times. He is not looking like an NHL’er. Yet, early this season he had a number of good games.

    Richards is pitifully slow and small. Not even going to say anything.

    Nash needs to figure out a way, hurt or not.

    Moore seems to get a free pass for the defensive mistakes he makes when he tries to do too much. That final goal was on him. Hank was kind to him in the presser, but, really?? Leaving Ribiero open like that unchallenged? Really? That’s something MDZ wouldn’t even do. He had some very good offensive moments and could be a taller, less talented MacD. He will continue to learn the game and I like what he brings to the table. But his and MDZ’s defensive lapses are blaring and they are the reasons, added up, that can cause a series to be lost.

  128. Didn’t actually put forward that theory, mothman, I was responding to it.

    I like both theories equally.

  129. I think Ribeiro (the world’s biggest D-Bag) got that kind of space because he refused to shoot the puck for like two straight games. That bought him time.

    The Rangers seem intent on collapsing around Hank. Intent on leaving the Capitals to their position play and passing.

  130. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Like others above, I feel sorry for Hank. He did what I felt he needed to do…come up with the big saves…and he has been abandoned by some team members who are not playing up to the level needed to stop a solid offensive team.

    There are a handful of times during every game this post season, you can see him shaking his head after an odd man rush, or defensive lapse (like Richards in the 3rd), knowing that if he wasn’t making silly saves, we’d be down by much more.

    I sense in his actions a sense of great frustration with this team that is supposed to be playing a ‘defensive’ style but that still allows great scoring chances for the opposition. You really get a chance to see it if at the game when play moves on and he’s talking to himself after a huge odd man rush save.

    Poor Hank

  131. ThisYearsModel on

    Very strange that Kreider and Newbury are at practice today, but not Miller. Is Miller injured?

  132. Miller certainly _was_ injured. That was real. But I just don’t think they bring him back in a must win game and put that on his shoulders.

  133. I stayed at my parents’ house on Long Island to watch last night’s game before heading home to New Jersey…

    The moment the Caps scored I just got up and said good night and drove the next hour and a half home in silence. No need to listen to the radio, no need to dwell on it.

    Hank’s never gonna win a Stanley Cup in New York…and it’s because the team in front of him hasn’t improved one iota over the last several years. Still no offense, still weak PP, still unable to come through at the right time.

    I really feel for him, I just kept thinking he must be going over all of these playoff years and time and time and time again it’s a matter of the Rangers being incapable of giving him offensive support.

    Brad Richard$ needs to be bought out TODAY. It’s gonna be an insult to see that man in a Rangers sweater tomorrow. He deserves to be thrown out of the organization. He not only doesn’t have it anymore, he looks like he really isn’t even aware of it. He’s become the worst of Drury and Gomez. In fact, he’s FAR WORSE than either of them because this man shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NHL any longer.

    Good riddance, horse teeth. And for the love of God, STRIP THAT ‘A’ OFF HIS JERSEY! He’s an albatross that has cost us far too much…get lost and good riddance.

    Rick Nash…I honestly don’t buy the injury excuses. He floats CONSTANTLY on the ice. When have we seen him try and hustle for a puck? Try and battle for a puck?

    He’s a soft player. Poti like soft. He’s got no drive and no heart once the game gets tight and it requires him to step up a bit. I’ve never seen a big guy play so soft…the Caps’ players must be laughing at how easy it is to contain him. He’ll fall down from a stiff breeze and lose the puck in heartbeat.

    Rick Nash and Brad Richards are Chris Drury and Scott Gomez Part 2. Horrendously overpaid and zero heart.

    I’ve lost all faith in being able to win this series solely because our biggest guys aren’t getting it done. Not only that, it’s like they don’t even bother showing up.

    Hank is watching yet another season go down the tubes…how many more years is he gonna put up with it?

    Watch him leave for Brooklyn. Watch him win a Cup there. Or Three.

    Ah, well. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’ll be helping my parents building my mom’s garden and building a shed for my dad. I may have the game on the radio, but I doubt it.
    Not really up to watching another season come to a close.
    Too many other things in life more important…

    I do wonder if MSG brass is eager to get rid of Richard$. And if Tortorella will be stupid enough to try and defend that waste.

    And I wonder if Rick Nash really thinks he’s giving it his all out there. Because anybody can see he isn’t. He’s a soft, passive, floating ghost who might as well not even be on the ice.

    Notice how the only thing that comes to mind about Nash is him chewing on his mouthpiece?

    That’s all Drury did while he was here.

    The similarities are uncanny.

  134. Manny, interesting- your 1:15. Once upon a time, a strong defenseman could attempt to clear the area in front of the net with reckless abandon. The rules now changed, we are now ‘fronting’ crease lurkers, causing even more problems for Henrik. Solution?

  135. I don’t think Carp sleeps. Agree or disagree with him, put him in for a (substantial) raise!

  136. Let’s see, Sergio at minus 11, tiger minus 10. I’ll take Tiger Woods to win the tournament.

  137. Solution is to be more physical and aggressive on the puck from the blue line down to the circles. Keep the puck from getting close to Hank and don’t allow the Capitals to set up so freely. Then gain possession of the puck and turn your defense into offense.

  138. Seems like earlier in the year, we were quick and aggressive on defense to the puck up high, but now shell back.

  139. We were even more aggressive up high on the PK for the 1st game and then we just fell back into this passive defensive style.

  140. Carp, I know you hate Kreider and know nothing and all that (s) but I still have a question ..

    Do you think the

  141. Carp, I know you hate Kreider and know nothing and all that (s) but I still have a question ..

    Do you think the performance/ stats w Clowe in and out of the lineup is another coincidence like it was w Avery? Or is he really that big a difference maker?

  142. No coach could help this team beat the Caps. They have more talent, it’s blatantly obvious. Just time to regroup and hope for a better year next year.

  143. Thank god it’s the last year of these divisions, eh? Maybe the Southeastern teams will actually have to play well next year.

  144. I think a lot of who goes into the lineup depends on whether he wants to play Boyle on LW or Center.

  145. Not sure, but he made a difference in his first game as a NYR and he certainly did in his first playoff game …

    To repeat, i hate Kreider (s).

  146. Caps have more talent, Jonny, but NYR might have already won series if Nash played … & still might with or without him … & 19.

  147. This Capitals team isn’t that good. That’s what makes you angry as a Rangers fan…

  148. Maybe the “A” stands for Albatross?

    May 11th, 2013 at 1:58 PM
    And for the love of God, STRIP THAT ‘A’ OFF HIS JERSEY! He’s an albatross that has cost us far too much…get lost and good riddance.

  149. Do you think that management will force an additional assistant coach on the team next year, primarily to fix the PP problem?

    Not unheard of in the Dolan era – I think D’antoni had to take on Mike Woodson as an assistant (dictated from above)

  150. Carp,

    With Richards continued poor showing most of the shortened year, and thus far in the playoffs, what do you think the odds are that he will be the second buyout? Or, do you think the coach’s relationship with Richards will cause Sather and co to give him the benefit of doubt for another year?

    I liken it back to Drury and when he was done. However, Torts talk track was very matter of fact. I wonder if he sings the same tune about Richards once the season finally ends?

  151. They’re definitely keeping Richards for next season. If Tortorella has as much say as he appears to have with the roster, his boy Richie is going to get another chance next year. Which means 82 games of him on the point on the power play instead of 48. Oh joy.

  152. We are a small team. the Caps are a big team. I don’t believe either team has a distinct advantage in skating ability, in fact I think the skating is pretty evenly matched.

    IMO, Here is the biggest difference in this match-up: (other than the power play)

    Size. Size does matter in this series.

    One team is comprised of forwards who are small in size, mostly around 5’9 to 6′ weighing 170 to 190 lbs (Stepan, Callaghan, Hagelin, Zuccarello, Richards, Powe, Dorsett, Asham)

    The other team is comprised of forwards who are big in size, mostly 6′ 2″ to 6′ 4″ weighing 210-220 lbs ( Ovei, Fehr, Brower, Beagle, Chimera, Wilson, Backstrom).

    Do the math. The Blueshirts are being progressively warn down by a bigger, stronger more agressive team.

    This is not Herb Brooks Smurfs skating circles around the big, plodding, slow footed Flyers of the early 80’s. Torts doesn’t play that type of game and even if he did, with the line-up we are fielding, I don’t think we are quick or nimble enough to play that way against the Caps anyway.

    It’s all about Einstein and physics. E= MC squared

  153. I see Carp charged his taser on the overnight Acela from DC. Who are some of these new misanthropes? I’m filing this post under protest until Carp is allowed to escort these guys back to the border.

  154. I wouldn’t be adverse to James Patrick rejoining the organization as an assistant. Not sure he is a PP guru. I wish Leetch would join the team as an assistant – and I know that’s not happening.

  155. I’d like to throw my resume into the hat to become the team’s new conditioning coach and dietician.

  156. My shifts would have to be REAL short, and I’m not sure I could play the second period at all because of the longer changes to the bench

  157. Only in golf is under par acceptable. If Richie is an Albatross, he is 3 under par, which in the real world is abysmal. BTW, half the people you casually meet every day are below average.

  158. Capitals are better on the power play. Five on Five has been fairly even, no? Not sure I see size as the disadvantage. The smallest player on the ice has been one of the better players in the series for the Rangers…

  159. Brassard, Hagelin, and Zuccarello are outscoring Ovechkin and Backstrom…

    If Nash and Richie decided to show up, the Rangers win this series in 5 or 6…

  160. What’s Chris Christie thinking getting a stomach band? Another 40 lbs. and he had a shot at being the Devils’ next goalie. Brodeur gets 4.5 mil; the Gov 175 grand.

  161. Thanks, eric. That’s a job I would take in a heartbeat. They don’t even have to pay me that well.

  162. NYR,

    And if Hank played at the same level of Holtby, we would have been swept.

  163. dear sather

    all i want for fathers day in a month is the opportunity to personally drive del zaster out of town. when july 1st comes and you can make trades can you please move this piece of crap. also buy out richy.


  164. Yes, Papa, Hank has been stellar. Stole 2 games that we didn’t win…

    That’s why I can only blame our “fir$t liner$” for 1 goal and 1 assist between the two of team.

    Everybody else is contributing…

  165. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Your 3:09 is spot on.

    Makes it more important to roll lines, even if it means giving dorsett and asham more ice.

    I worry more about the D men being over played than the forwards though. Fewer of them.

  166. Torts on Richards’ power-play performance in series: “I think he’s made some plays there. We need more.”

    Hilarious… he’s made some plays? Ok…

    If Richards was scratched the next game nobody would even notice it.

  167. Wick, our d are definitely feeling the effects of the Capital forecheck both physically and mentally. How often have they blindly reversed the puck around the boards from behingd the net to a vacant wing? Not much time or space.

  168. The clown who clobbered Clowe and a couple of the other pugnacious Caps should have been jacked up and at least challenged to drop them. Were they? Didn’t see it. What’s Ash here for, ballroom dancing? Dorsett had 235 PIM last year. This team looks like Greenwich High School.

  169. Richie might get scratched by the Preakness, but never by Tortorella. Rather see NewsBerries.

  170. Also, as far as I’m concerned, Ovechkin should have been suspended for that dirty “leap in the air” crap he pulled on Stepan in Game 4.

    And, since he wasn’t, he should have been challenged by everyone on the Rangers.

    I feel like the old Rangers of 2012 would have thrived off of that…

  171. Papa, my best guess is Columbus. Because, it seems he has too many enemies on Broadway.

  172. It’s true. Richards has made _some_ plays. Torts didn’t specify if they were good or bad….

  173. Here is a positive.

    Strallman is signed through next year.

    Best signing of the off-season by the Sather.

  174. _Papa, my best guess is Columbus. Because, it seems he has too many enemies on Broadway._

    enemies on Broadway? C’mon man… DelZ has been less than impressive for most of the season (and most of his NYR career) and this series…there are a lot of expectations weighing on him and he is not meeting those exceptions…Moore is outplaying DelZ right now and Moore has gotten more pucks on net on the PP in the last few games than DelZ in his entire rangers career

    …where’s smoke there’s fire.

  175. Admiral Akbar on

    Just woke up from a nap, had no sleep from that stupid game last night and had to work this morning…

    Gotta love Carp and his Royal Flushes!

  176. CCCP, I just don’t get the MDZ hate. What expectations? Is he supposed to win the Norris trophy?

  177. Coos, Chimera has been a thorn in our side for far too long. We need to either take him out at the knees or sign him when he becomes a free agent.

  178. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Looks like the Ledge will be a sellout Sunday… get your tickets NOW !!

  179. Expectations…. wasn’t he (Mr. Twitter Del Z) supposed to be “the guy”? The PP QB we so badly needed? The guy with tremendously tremendous upside?

  180. Yes, he still is…only 22 years old…a baby still learning the game with loads of talent.

  181. This Sunday ledge is for real. All exits locked. Don’t bother showing up unless you mean it.

  182. NYR, I just don’t get the MDZ appreciation. I said this several weeks back, and I am more convinced of it now than I was when I original said it This guy is not talented enough to be a top 4 Defenseman on most teams, and definitely not on a team that hopes to challenge for a cup. He is lost on most plays in the D zone. His skating is not good and has actually regressed over 4 years. He hardly ever hits the net with his shot. He gets beat to the outside on the rush far too often.

    Finally, if we had a healthy Staal and Sauer, wouldn’t you agree that Delzotto would find himself most likely be in the stands or in Hartford every night????

  183. Many Names, your post of 3:09 is completely on target.

    In the future leave the clowning to the clowns and repeat the causes and effects of why this organization emits that sucking sound from the from office!

    Some of these posts belong on “Laugh In”,e.g. “Torts should figure it out”, the assertion that “the coach is/was involved in personnel decisions”, true but which ones?

    But the all time best continues to be “Clowes intangibles”!
    Easily the most overused phrase in every sport.

    What this team needs are natural scorers, size, strength, speed and a front office clean out!

    BTW, Richards was a very good player, the problem is he did not and does not fit here. Another huge mistake in dollars and need.

    Think Torts insisted he be acquired or he’d quit?

    Who has the rep for overpaying and is the most popular GM with free agents?

    Carp, when you say about Torts “he will not be fired” you don’t say whether you think he should, do you? I don’t and have said numerous times name the coaches who could have gotten more out of this group?

  184. I respectfully disagree about Del Zotto, Papa. He is so much better defensively than he gets credit for. 10 goals last year and he is still learning how to make smart plays…I don’t understand how you can say he is a bad skater…just because he doesn’t stride like Moore or McD?

    No, with Stahl and Sour ideally you want MDZ as a #6…

    I don’t think Stralman is better…

  185. Rangers need to hire a coach who can mentor and develop defenseman. Schoenfield is not the guy, nor is Sullivan. Look a how Larry Robinson was able to develop DMen in Jersey for all those years.

  186. The Rangers, without a Number One forward -can’t count Nash the way he has played, and is probably hurt—have won 2 of 5 games in this series. Caps are not that good. They have a shaky D and a flawed goalie. Their Number one guy does not backcheck and has scored only one goal. Caps are no lock for anything. No reason to think the Rangers cannot win this.

  187. Bear, your comments about DelZotto are without foundation.

    Comparing him with Sauer is the apples and oranges example.

    MDZ can skate circles around Sauer, has good puck handling skills and was drafted because of his hoped for offensive prowess.

    Like others on D he is not accurate as one might hope for with his shot but which “suspect” in our vaunted system would you replace him with?

    The Ranger D needs a PP QB and MDZ could be that person, but they need even more some size and mean! and a purely defensive D to partner with him.

    MDZ”s problem is he tries too often to “make something happen” thereby exposing the fact that someone is not covering his end.

    He is the least of the Ranger off season issues so let’s not start dumping folks before the fat lady sings!

  188. NYR, agree to disagree and I respect your opinion.

    However, Michael Delzotto is not a good skater. He can go forward fine although his stride is choppy and underdeveloped. What’s hurts is his backward skating, his stops and starts, his lateral movement, his turns including left, right, front to back and especially back to front. He often gets beat with speed on the rush wide because he has trouble turning while skating backward.

  189. CCCP, in the event you’ve forgotten Richards was brought in to be the number 1 center for Gaborik!

    That solution did not bear fruit, others were tried and he had a late season surge which temporarily quieted his critics.

    He was not the center “fix” management envisioned when they shelled out his ridiculous contract.

    Have you been following the content of this blog where almost universally posters are calling for him to be “amnestied”?

    And where he is no longer considered the #1 center?

  190. Papa, so recommend a solution if you believe he’s not a top four D? And if not from our unproductive system with D, exactly where?

    Be the GM who has little to trade including draft picks without damaging a decent core on the roster.

    All the above with the cap contracting!

  191. Stralman has been much better than I expected this round (and much better than the Devils expected when they kicked him out of camp). Great find. Just can’t wait until he’s our #6.

  192. Many names, Did I say Roy?

    Sorry I meant Hasek!

    You must be so entranced by our D and MDZ that you’ve missed a great goaltending effort by Holtby in this series.

    Bw, don’t attempt to be funny with the nonsense business or take a statement out of context.

    On this blog you’re apparently deemed to be funny which you seem to revel in.

    You’re not so stick to your occasional perceptive hockey comments and count yourself fortunate that Carp is looking for any excuse to flag me.

  193. I worry not. If MDZ is all that you say he is, i am confident that Sather and crew will have no issue with finding an enthusiastic GM/trade partner who will be more than willing to provide high value in return.

  194. CCCP, you do have a way with turning a phrase.

    But please I thrive on straight lines, see if you can deduce what I might have said?

    In the name of détente I will resist the temptation, so be nice.

    And Bear please be the GM and articulate your trade proposals.

    What would you require in return for MDZ?

  195. Admiral Akbar on

    Trolls are out in full force all day, attempting to ruin a really nice blog site. Ugh.

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Manny – agree on Stralman as #6, but he should have PP time over DannyG (one timer in Game 4 notwithstanding)
    What we are missing is the Uber-Defender; 6’4″ 225 lb bruiser who combines the best of Leetch, Zubov, Beuk, Lowe, Beck and Park; skates like the wind, can QB the PP, throws rights like Tyson, lefts like Frazier.
    One can dream…

  197. Good evening all! Carp, the photo up top is really for carcillo man!!!

    Tomorrow is going to be long day….

  198. I like the idea of Stralman on the PP. The only problem is his responsibility defensively should an odd man rush be given up. If he can’t hip check the guy, he’s letting a F get behind him.

  199. Manny and the Admiral, perhaps you should author a blog yourselves on sensitivity awareness?

    Do resist the urge to act like blog weenies unless you’ve believe you’re blog monitors with limited portfolios!

    Now, back to your brilliant hockey comments while I have dinner.

  200. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did I miss any shut up mothman or any shut up comnsense while I was away?

  201. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eminger has even been better than MDZ of late. He really hasnt skated well since that “hip problem” early in the season – or was it late last season?

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One game at a time. Nash needs to step up to the plate and perform he has said many times that he want to be on the big stage…. Well being on the stage and pissing in your pants isn’t quite what he had in mind so…..let’s bring it.

    Game 7 – anything can happen – crazy bounce – puck of skate – but we have to win tomorrow..I think the rangers have too much talent and character to mail it in……

    Let’s go rangers

  203. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It sure would help if the rangers could win some races to loose pucks. It seems every time a puck is free, a Crap comes away with it….rangers need to be less fearful – they seemed scared and tentative from the second period on…

    On the PP, way too nonchalant. The rangers waste a lot of time setting up in their own zone. More urgency.

  204. Wicky Wacky, what you missed was the line forming for wit.

    You have none……well actually if you consider half….

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