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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    What’s the news? I heard he isn’t playing tonight, but is there more?

  2. Just that it’s day to day and he wakes up each day and takes it from there. Just sounds generally bad.

  3. Also bad because with Eminger in the lineup we essentially only have 5 Defenseman.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    Go to the boneheads contest standings and click somebody’s name. I’d link you but I’m on my phone

  5. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Out of the four brothers, Marc got the short end of the injury stick.

    Now he’s out there on a VisionQuest.

  6. I like how increasingly unrelated the “Related Posts” up there are getting.

    Today I’ve seen “McCabe coming? Stepan not suspended.” and “Mike Rupp on making his Rangers debut in Newark tonight.”

  7. Seriously, Sally? You quit? Did you go out in a blaze of glory calling your boss and his family all sorts of names?

    Hope you find something soon, if you’re looking. Or you can come to NY and assist me. The pay sucks, but the job is fun (sometimes).

  8. Doubt it’s concussion, Rob … he probably wouldn’t be skating. Might not be flying. Could be completely wrong about it, though.

    I think it’s vision. Speculation.

  9. It doesn’t sound good for Marc Staal. You have to wonder if his career is in jeopardy. I’m speculating here, but it doesn’t sound like this is a vision thing – it sounds more like post-concussion syndrome (again). He took a hard hit in game 3.

    I really think the NHL needs to look at expanding the ice surface. They players are bigger and faster, the equipment is definitely harder (more plastic), and with less room out there, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  10. I’ll take that job, Carp. Can I hold the camera when you do the Video “Keys to the Game”

  11. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Sally’s gonna walk right bank into her office tomorrow as if it never happened? “What quit? That? Joking!”

  12. Slight delay changing my pic back, since Gravatar doesn’t seem to like iOS.

    As my impersonator/stalker friend with the remarkably similar screen name showed up again yesterday, I’ll ensure my pic remains suitably distinct, as if my worthless, non-credible non-opinions weren’t enough to tell.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Our D needs to be more ‘offensive’ in DC – only 3 pts in 4 games

    Please do not back into zone and give them blue line and then some every rush down the ice.

  14. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Time to get my game face on, with feed bag!

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy

  15. If his pupil is still dilated and cannot really constrict, then seeing out of that eye is going to become difficult. He probably has traumatic mydriasis – usually the pupil needs to be able to constrict (get smaller) to adjust how much light gets in and out and also it tends to do that as objects get closer to the eye. So Staal has the difficult problems of photosensitivity and worse things probably get blurry as they get closer. Not sure why he would not have had a problem with it until 2 days after the game though. Also its due to disruption of some of the muscles of the iris sphincter (Peter said sphincter), and sometimes it completely reverts to normal, and sometimes it doesn’t. Can take months to know sometimes.

  16. Leetchhalloffame on

    This whole Staal thing is horrible and so unfortunate for him and the team. 2 of our best d-men Staal & Sauer may never be the same. This series would be a lot more winnable with them that’s for sure.
    Whatever happens this year we must find a tough d-man. Tired of seeing other teams take liberties in front of Hank. Hopefully that will be McIlrath but time will tell.

  17. Left Wing Three Hugger on


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