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  1. Norm Merton on


    “I think it’s an honest and humble decision by him knowing he didn’t want to put the team in any jeopardy,” defenseman Ryan McDonagh said after the game. “It takes a lot of guts to do that.”

    Asked about McDonagh’s comments about Staal, Tortorella said: “Mac should shut up. It’s none of his business.”

    Somebody please tell me the tone was light on that statement, that Torto was having fun or referring to something else McDonagh said? It’s a horrible thing to read otherwise.

    That said, it seems as though the coaches are on a roll reading the last couple of games. Hope they stay on it! Meanwhile Coach Oates says he needs to fix how he gets Ovi into the right rhythm — he actually took the blame for his star standing around on the Stepan goal!

  2. Landlord with three houses on

    I am interested to know the tone of that statement as well.

  3. recap: first 2 games of this series rangers scored a total of 1 goal, lost both games. The next 2 games the rangers scored a total of 8 goals, 4 a game, won both. To state the obvious, rangers need to score 4 or more goals tonight if they want to win this game. This year has been a roller coaster ride with this team. One minute they look like a well balanced machine that can score goals and the next minute they look like a team who struggles to score goals. I am really hoping tonight us ranger fans get treated with the ranger team that looks well balance and scores 4 or more goals. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  4. Carp, I always wanted to ask you (didn’t want to contaminate live chat, thou): Do you ever contemplated an idea to write a semifunny book about your witness experience and life as a sport’s writer and your few years of fatherhood of this remarkable blog with unique and not so characters and own dictionary? Could be a smash with so much of unbelievable material, hah?

  5. Torts needs an anger management classes. His choice of words is embarrassing. Talk about dual personalities, jees. McDonuts is an RFA and if he (unlikely) ever walked at the end and noted Torts as a reason, the coach might as well open up a hot dog truck, and it better not be on Seventh Ave or he won’t sell one dog.

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    I was wondering that too. Was Torts being funny when he said Mac should shut up, or was he being dead serious?

  7. I think during the chat Carp mentioned that Torts was laughing a little when he told McDonagh to shut up. But I’ll have to go back through the chat to confirm that.

  8. Here’s how he answered the question:

    “He was laughing when he said that. But I’m sure McDonagh heard about it. They don’t want any info out about injuries.”

  9. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Coos – Torts is Torts. Best Coach for New York!!

    Player love to play for him. They respect him, and know EXACTLY where they stand with him.

  10. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Tort’s Pressers are alot more fun when Brooks is pushing his buttons, but you never see that anymore.

  11. It’s amazing how open every other NHL team is regarding injuries and announcing lineup changes way before game time. Of course Tortorella has to be the exception. And then go out and publicly tell one of your best players to shut up and it’s none of his business? Really? A fellow Rangers defenseman being out is none of his business?

  12. I’m sure the ranger players are used to his rants, I’m sure they take it with a grain of salt, sort to speak.

  13. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    4 Goals:

    Nash – long overdue for his first Ranger playoff goal.
    Cally – has to bang on in from out front
    Moore- No points yet, you would think he would bounce one off someone in front of the net.
    Clowe – He’s going to be in front of net all night long. Something has to go in for him.

    Clowe with a Gordie Howe tonight.

  14. Landlord with three houses on

    All Tortorella press conferences are fun. I feel sorry for the out of town fans that have no means to enjoy the comedic value of his press conferences.

  15. Sioux – shouldn’t be necessary with DC, but we sure are a lot tougher than we were a month ago.

  16. Can’t complain about Stralman after his performance in the last game but I really wish we had someone Pronger-esque back there on the blue line to make the transitional game a living hell for Ov and friends instead of him. Is Del Zotto out? I dont think I’ve heard or read his name in the first 4 games. Is he a blue jacket or something?

  17. God, I love hockey like Patton loved war! You want to be a wise guy or a smartazz, or a self-promoter, you eventually pay the price. Baseball, you rarely even see an intentional inside pitch anymore. Football every year is more loaded with “me first” guys. Same with the NBA. A hockey player takes a stick to the face, gets stitched up and is back on the bench before you even notice. Baseball player would be out for 2 weeeks.

  18. Stralman played smart. Eminger is game, but he’s missing some integral NHL skills, and at age 30, they’re not going to magically appear. DelZ is young enough to learn and improve, but still makes you nervous on D. With Staal out, I hate to think where we’d be without Moore, who still makes some miscues, but is young, speedy, and talented.

  19. Nobody is going to pretend Tortorella is an open book when it comes to injury disclosure, Lyova, but don’t kid yourself that he’s some kind of exception across the league.

    Doesn’t cover every aspect of disclosure, but the Rangers have actually been among the least evasive teams when it comes to the nature of injuries over the las few years. Data from this season can be found at the bottom of this fine, thorough injury analysis (impartial view):

  20. Delsaster Snow Angel on Caps 1st goal in game 4 was one for the ages. He looked like a kid sitting up-right on a sled heading down a snow covered 10th Fairway at LaTourette Golf Course. The only difference; he was missing was the ear to ear smile across his face. It Was replaced by a look of ” Oh Sh/t”

  21. And yet you have Pittsburgh announcing what’s wrong with their stars every time (frequently) they go down, teams announcing days ahead who is starting in goal, the Capitals announcing that Tom Wilson is making his debut tonight and not taking warmups to wait and see.

  22. DelZ has one more year left at 2.5 mil, and he’ll want a raise. ? add your comments

  23. DC bringing up 19 year old hotshot and throwing him into game 5. Grasping at straws?

  24. eddie 3X – drag yizself away from the vintage wine cellar and put on your hockey drawers.

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