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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t listen at work, unfortunately. Did you ask if he was hurt and what did he say?

  2. Lloyd Braun on


    You mean where Clowe and Olesky grabbed each other and ended up in the corner? That’s “jacking up” to you?

  3. Lloyd Braun on

    just say he grappled with the guy. to act like he laid him out especially when Olesky was a physical presence for the rest of the game, is flat out dishonest.

  4. Repost on a Carp:

    Lloyd, 1st Period, to the right of Holtby after Clowe and Dorsett were banging away looking for a loose puck in the crease. Olesky tried to get in Clowes grill, Clowe proceeded to place his hand on Olesky’s chest/jaw area and push him from the goal line to the end boards like he was a feather in the wind.

    added: Call it what you like, that is what I saw.

  5. Jacked him up. I’ve bit my tongue for a long time with you, Lloyd. You’re condescending, rude, and pugnacious.

  6. Repost on a Carp:

    Lloyd Braun
    the thing is, those are the kinds of plays other teams make once or twice a game. watching the Rangers it’s like a friggin’ Yeti sighting to see a series of passes lead to a goal.
    May 9th, 2013 at 2:45 PM

    Not sure if you were able to see the game, Lloyd, but I recall 3 of our 4 goals last night were the result of some very nice, “find the open man, move the puck quickly, blast away” plays.

    So I guess Yeti was in the house last night?

  7. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Papa – I’d kind of like to see you rottate your avatar between Yogi, Boo Boo, the polar bear from the Pepsi commercials, and Winnie the Pooh

  8. Lloyd @3:01,

    Dishonest? Am I lying to myself about my own opinion based upon what I observed? That’s pretty silly.

    Honestly, I find it ridiculous for one of your intellect to categorize my “offered opinion” which is based upon my recent memory of a visual interpretation of events portrayed in a video telecast which I observed to be “dishonest”.

    C’mon. Really now?

  9. Lloyd Braun on


    I was at the game. What section were you in?

    And I wasn’t putting down the goals they scored last night – I thought the Hagelin and Stepan goals in particularly were really nice. Just pointing out that those kinds of things haven’t happened too often for the Rangers in the last number of years.

  10. Lloyd Braun on

    Yeah it’s hyperbolic to say two goes grabbing each other and clearly avoiding a fight is an example of one “jacking up” the other. Sorry.

  11. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clowe definitely asserted himself over olesky, but to me the best part of it was when clowe acted like he was going to throw a gloved left, olesky turns his face away and starts backing up fairly quickly

  12. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The overall views are usually better on tv with replays and all as opposed to being at the arena.

  13. Fat Guy, I unveiled two “lucky” playoff Avatars one each for game 1 and game 2 of the series, combined for the 0-2 record. Game 3 I went back to the “angry grizzly”, and we are 2-0 since. I am a fool, but a superstitious one at that. Angry Grizzly stays.

  14. Speaking of watching on TV….can someone tell MSG that those angles from the corner are HORRIBLE?

  15. Norm Merton on

    Returning to the mother blog to see what folks thought of the Ovi non-hit on Stepan. Not much, apparently — the guy is such a punk so much of the time, or at least I think he is, that when he backchecks like a demon, exactly the way any coach would preach it, makes a great, tough-as-nails defensive play, it’s too hard to include it in the black-hat mythology. Fascinating character, unbelievable talent, pretty sure I’d never want him on my team.

    As to Erat, talk about paying the price for a “good” hooking penalty — Stepan should send him roses for tugging him back out of Ovi’s way.

  16. Lloyd, 3:19

    One may deduct – and rightfully so I may add – from the words “video telecast” in my prior post that I watched the game comfortably and with unobstructed view from my living room divan.

  17. “The Rangers are going to win this series. I can feel it.”

    Neither team looks they actually want it.

  18. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers may very well win this series in 6. Whatever edge Holtby had for the first 9 playoff games they played he has now lost.

  19. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    My prediction was Rangers in 6, and I am not going to change it. Especially if Papa keeps the grizzly, and I remember to wear my blue jersey every game.

  20. You guys see this stat?

    The Washington Capitals are the *only team* in NHL history that has a losing record in series that they have held a 2- 0 advantage in.

  21. My Hustle & Clowe T-Shirt from WE BLEED BLUE is currently 2-0 in the playoffs.

  22. James Patrick apparently got fired. Anyone think we could use him in the organization?

  23. If Hanky comes out and plays like we all know he can, the NYR has a real good shot. Friday night Ranger playoff hockey, doesn’t get much better. Really excited for this one

  24. Left Wing Three Hugger on

    We Bleed Blue is operated by crooks. Terrible customer service.

  25. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Also, didn’t have a beer until the 3rd period, so obviously need to drink constantly.

  26. i for some reason think game 7 they can win over game 5 in dc. the first 10 mins tom they will get bombarded. better stay out of box early tom

  27. Gravy,

    Grisly avatar stays, remember to wear your blue jersey, remember to drink heavily….not exactly a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, but close enough.

  28. James Patrick, eh? I think we have a vacant spot for an Asst. Coach. Might be a nice blend of styles with Torts and Ruff’s abilities (assuming Patrick learned a lot from Ruff).

  29. Oh, I forgot it’s *VinceA* day…

    James Patrick is a flippin’ Candian Turkey. Who needs more Canadian Bacon on the team when you could just hire a GOOD OLE ‘MERICAN BOY!?

  30. Lloyd Braun on

    Mike Francesa says the Penguins are rattled

    Series over. You heard it here first.

  31. Francesa is probably *the* most brilliant hockey mind of the 21st century.

  32. Very good point, Rob.

    [insert comment about pansy Europeans in honor of VinceA]

  33. I think so too, Carp/Manny/Papa. He would be a welcome addition in any capacity as far as I’m concerned; and Ruff might not be the most interesting or exciting coach, but I don’t think he would have kept Patrick around if he didn’t have a solid hockey mind. It would stick with the prevailing trend to reintroduce former players, one I’m particularly fond of.

  34. Although, Patrick would fill the coaching spot I had set aside for Leetch…..

  35. Sullivan might depart of his own volition, Manny. That might open up right fast.

  36. Lloyd Braun on


    I would actually recommend listening to Francesa while the Rangers are in the playoffs. Since he’s forced to talk hockey, he has to disclaim ever conversation with “I don’t know anything about hockey” and then whenever talking to a hockey person on the phone, he has to compare hockey to sports he knows something about. And even with two of the locals in the playoffs, he freely admits that he’s only watching pieces of these games, presumably whatever he can squeeze in between Golf Channel biographies and College Basketball on ESPN Classic.

  37. boxcareddiehospodar on

    what the hell could torts have said to boyle at the end of the game? Good game? Kreider is more of a defensive liablity than boyle? Don’t hand me the good goal the other night. The guy is soft!

    Have we seen enough of richards on the pp? Where is Strahlman on the PP? He only puts every shot on goal!

    Was it really eminger’s fault on that goal. Seems to me DelZotto fell over his own feet.

  38. Lloyd Braun on

    Del Zotto was as much to blame as Eminger for that goal – could also toss in Richards for a share of the responsibility who stood there in the crease like he was waiting for a bus.

    But Boyle made two horrid plays to result in a goal allowed and he gets a pat on the back.

  39. Paul in sunrise on

    Who is making balloon animals in there? Is that you carp? I want a dog. Lol

  40. Admiral Akbar on

    Leetch is a smart hockey guy, but I don’t see coaching in his immediate future – certainly not with young kids he has at home.

  41. Admiral Akbar on

    Torts is fine. But if there were a vacancy, I’d take Lindy Ruff.

  42. Admiral Akbar on

    Is the Gaborik trade the second coming of the Gartner trade??


    Gartner, a popular Ranger playing well was traded for playoff-hardened rentals.

    Gaborik, a streaky Ranger, at odds with his coach, was traded for young kids, and Dorsett, all with little experience.

    However, both trades have bolstered the Rangers in the playoffs.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Muckler’s corpse is available. Just nail him to the bench and prop him up. He’s stuffed so no odor.

  44. Admiral Akbar on

    I also heard Michel Bergeron can be had in a trade as head coach…

  45. Admiral Akbar on

    I loved the Gabby trade the minute I read about it. I did not like the Gartner trade, and still have mixed feelings.

    Love Brassard and Moore. Can’t wait to see more of Dorsett.

    You guys may all want him fired, but nobody can pull off sick trades like Glen Sather…. If he could only be better at free agent signings, however…

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Don Cherry would be my second choice after Muckler’s corpse.

  47. Admiral Akbar on

    I think Sather is the man, too, Eddie.

    And btw, Bryan Trottier is also available, as is Ron Low, Phil Esposito… The possibilities are endless!

  48. Sather was recuperating. I heard Dugay and Pee-Doe were the brains behind the Gabby trade.

  49. Norm Merton on

    Not so fast on Brassard, please. I hope he stays with it — he has elevated his game as the game gets harder, and I sure hope he keeps it up. And he gets credit for staving off an early exit more than anyone, but it’s two, count ’em, two games. Still disagree with the trade, but it’s sure growing on me.

  50. Admiral Akbar on

    The Islanders look better than the Penguins here so far…

    Crisper passing, not afraid to initiate the physical stuff.

    Islander power play = getting bodies and pucks to the net, with some creativity and skill. Looks like the Rangers pp with Zucc and Brassard (and no Broadway Brad.)

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – Brassard scored had 11 points in the last 13 Regular season games. It hasn’t been just the 2 playoff games.

    Mark my words, but the rangers will play for the cup this year. The west is stacked and the finals will be a war but the Rangers will be standing in the east when the dust settles. Now, you may say Eddie – are you high? What are you smoking? I would answer: yes, and some killer chronic.

  52. Norm Merton on

    E-3, I’m smoking me some Brassard right now, but through the haze I notice he has one thing in common with this year’s Gabby — scoreless streaks. This is his first taste of real, prime-time success, though, so maybe he’s acquired a taste for the effort required. Hand me another Brassard, uh, cigar, tomorrow night!

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – I like Brassard’s comments in the post “I play with passion and it has come back” the kid was made to play on a big stage and there are none bigger. Derek Brassard is no Ed Whitson. He will have 80 assists next year.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Look at the playoff scoring leaders. All players with 5 or more points all have more averaged TOI but one. Give Brassard legit 2nd line minutes (and with his passing skills – he could be a no. 1 center) and great things will happen. Clowe Brassard Nash is a dangerous line if united.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Senators win
    Rangers win
    Islanders win
    Bruins win

    Rangers vs Islanders for ECF

  56. Norm Merton on

    E, I hope you’re right. I still can’t get the taste out from when I was smokin’ me some Whitson. As to the lines, one of my favorite parts of last night’s games was there weren’t any lines, not for very long anyway. Richards-Hagelin-Pyatt was strong early, for instance, but that didn’t stop the coaches from going away from it when something better suggested itself. Like they were coaching or something!

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers Sharks final and I will be live at the tank. Carp – if you come out for the finals – I’ll take you out for dinner. I know some seafood places that will have you screaming in delight after eating….

  58. Left Wing Three Hugger on

    The Islanders have a very real chance to eliminate the Pens.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – I sure hope I am right too. Nothing would make me happier…

  60. Posted this earlier but I watched last night’s game again and Asham has been super solid these playoffs.. hopefully gives Torts a little more confidence about rolling the lines.

  61. Admiral Akbar on

    I do not see the Penguins winnig this series against the Fish.

    The Fish are NOT afraid of the Happy Feet at all.

  62. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – total agreement – ash has always been clutch. And for a tough guy – soft hands around the net.

  63. Admiral Akbar on

    McDonald is Bobby Orr??

    Happy Feet just standing around watching??!!

  64. Akbar, if you’re telling me the Fishsticks aren’t afraid of the Happy Feet, Del Zotto should be worried. He looked like Mumble sliding around the ice last night..

    You got that right, e3. I’ve also noticed Hagelin’s three-zone game a lot more this series.. his forecheck’s always been primo but he’s grown as a player..

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Clowe had an impact on Game 4 and it will carry on this second season.

    Pens score but the fish have been resilient this series. Don’t count them out.

  66. Admiral Akbar on

    Fish don’t have much of a backup goalie… Too bad Dipietro wasn’t such a nut bag.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if you are a steak/ribs/chops/chicken guy as well – there is a superb old fashioned meat joint – 5 minutes from the tank by foot…

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s not that dipietro is a nut – it’s that he is certifiably insane.

  69. Admiral Akbar on

    Crosby splits the defense and score. After Tavares got robbed…


  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s ok, still game 6 for the fish. However, if there were to be a 3rd period collapse by the pens, I will laugh all night long.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hillbilly boy looked good on that third goal. Now someone had to drill him in the jaw.

  72. Admiral Akbar on

    I would love a third period collapse by the Stinky Feet!

    I might just have to crack open a Sam Adams and check this out

  73. carp

    whats latest with sunday any word. this mothers day thing causing issues in my household

  74. Admiral Akbar on

    I think Ottawa is best team in East, and will got to Stanley cup.

    If not, the Rangers will be there.

  75. after the pens survive the isles they steam roll the rest of the east. this is there scare

  76. Prust and his intangibles are 24 minutes away from making golf reservations

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the pens wind up beating the fish, they will have the senators and we get the Bruins.

    Rangers Sens ECF and we have home ice.

  78. Wasn’t the season over for us when the score was tied 2-2 last night?

  79. Admiral Akbar on

    Any Isles fans on their ledge?

    Do the Fishsticks even have a ledge or is that a rangers phenomenon?

  80. Aren’t they in the ocean already, Admiral? Their “ledge” is probably more akin to an underwater volcano.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – I am rolling one as we speak and I think 5-1 rangers in a blowout.

  82. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Go pens go!!!!

    Get rid of the sucky fishies!!!

    Pens in 6!!!

  83. Admiral Akbar on

    Howie Rose:

    “Behind the net… For the Invisible Man, who just turned into Malkin #71…”

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – as Mr. Mo Jo Risen said “…..I couldn’t get much higher…”

  85. amazing when you play a goaltender in the playoffs, not named Marc-Andre Fleury, you have a better chance of winning.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a feeling that the rangers will destroy Holtby tomorrow night.

  87. Admiral Akbar on

    My wife:

    “It’s weird seeing the Islanders in the playoffs..”

    I agreed.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have lint in my belly button older than some of Ronnie wood’s current and former wives…

  89. Czechthemout!!! on

    Its just pain! Prust really made a huge difference in the playoffs when it counts huh? At the end of the day, it is talent and goaltending that wins. Intangables do matter somewhat but without talent and goaltending, what you get is golf reservations. LOL!

    Hey, where is HWRTH and his intangables?

  90. bull dog line on

    I expected a “Its Go Time”post for all the closet Islander fans here.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fish win game 6 and we will get to watch the pens choke in game 7 like Keith Moon….

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – I have been ole-ing throughout the eve…

    Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole…

  93. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    4 minutes left and they’re discussing the Ranger-craps series. Classic.

  94. Keith choked on 32 Heminevrin, a prescription drug used to combat alcoholism.

  95. Pens fourth goal was insane.
    Do we have anyone who could come close to making that pass (even on the forehand) or one-timer?

  96. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Anyone else noticing the pens’s compete level at the end of a game in which their up 4-0? They don’t let up. Even strength, power play, doesn’t matter. They’ve got that killer instinct that the Rangers vastly lack. When you play like that right to the very end only good things can happen. Rangers need to learn how to put a team away and keep them there. They should be watching this game and taking notice.

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – I cried like a girl after the rangers lost game 3 April 11,1975 at the garden just seconds into OT after tying the score down 3-0 entering the 3rd…. in what was the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard….. I sat an cried when they lost..

    And then the 1980’s islander run where they played the rangers every year it seemed … Ken morrow in OT nearly had me in tears too…. No one hated the islanders more than me….

    But my hatred was always more aimed at the flyers…. Until recently. Now I despise the penguins as much as a person can hate another team…..

    Strike me dead but I hope the fish best the pens in 7.

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    No OT tonight, Just in time for The Black Hawks!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  99. Evrock, to be fair it took the Pens about 25 minutes to show up tonight. They didnt let up for the latter 35 min but it was nowhere near a 60 min effort.

    How can anyone like this Cole announcer guy? Talk about publicly crying for the poor Habs.

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks look impressive Olga. The west is far more dominant than the east. Whichever team gets thru from the west will be hurtin for certain..,

    As much as I want Rangers/Hawks, I get to go to rangers Sharks….. I’m rooting for Hawks/Sharks WCF – and then sharks rangers for the cup….

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – but I never get tired hearing “Johnny Odouya” that alone has me rooting for Chi.

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Habs out! Sweetness! That’s one of my “root against” teams gone!

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The old forum was a great place to watch hockey. However, when they lose in the playoffs, the world seems a nicer place.

  104. I just had a nightmare that Jeff Halpern was a Ranger. Whew- great to wake up safe and sound in my own bed

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “Peace sign” … Right hand brushes through his hair – then 14 shots fired from sirhan’s gun that couldn’t fire 14 shots.

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Should we pick up Prust for the next round? How bout Feds? Dubi? Artie? Gabby?

  107. Montreal humiliated. They and Prust should attack Moose Jaw or Woodstock or some other small city they can beat up.

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Prust was very important on the rangers because of the team identity and his part of that core.

    On the Habs, prust is quite honestly the only guy that has that “identity” on a team lacking toughness in general. If anything he tries to do too much on that roster.

    It would not shock me in the least to see Montreal add another tough guy or two in the off season after the sens series.

    Intangibles are huge in the playoffs along with taking away time and space, toughness, and team defense.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – 68 caused a lot of people to lose their innocence. A horrible horrible year…MLK, RFK, Tet offensive, DNC in Chicago….

  110. Stranger Nation on

    68 – Nixon wins and the US went upside down for 10 years

    Did you hear Loius CK’s bit on Nixon quitting – crazy funny stuff

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Have you seen the recent footage where tapes of LBJ indicate he knew the Nixon told the south Vietnamese to not sign the peace treaty because it wasnt as good a deal as he (Nixon) could guarantee. And then that fugger escalates the war further after beating HHH.

  112. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – you speak nothing but truisms.

    PO hockey is all about intangibles. Some guys like Cally reach a little deeper, drawing on reserves that he doesnt have to keep pushing.
    Nothing more fun to watch also

  113. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    iWicky @ 9:56, totally correct and vibin’……..one man does not make a team.

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nixon’s phone was tapped by the FBI, illegally, which meant that Johnson couldn’t go public with what Nixon promised the S. Vietnamese UN Ambassador..

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – as you know – playoff hockey is ALL ABOUT TOUGHNESS – that is why Clowe, Dorsett, and Asham will take the rangers on a deep run…

  116. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    So, Girardi’s post game interview, he was asked “what made this power play different from the others and work so you could score your goal?”

    Girardi answered, ” there was puck movement. We were all moving around.”

    On the ice on that PP: Brassard, Zucchini
    NOT on the ice on that PP: Richie Rich

    Torts, you listening?

  117. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Asham had an excellent game last night. He needs to play more.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hossa looked liked Gabby circa 2007 on that goal. Gabby 2013… Not so much….

  119. SufferingSince79 on

    Think the hatred if the Isles has waned because they have been so irrelevant recently. Not like NYRS didn’t miss the playoffs for 7 years but I feel more contempt for the teams that have been the bigger threats. That being said, I absolutely despise the Derbils & Pens. Devil fans are the worst. Th always judge their success relative to the Rangers. Talk about lack of identity.

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if you ever get the chance (don’t forget to tell Clowe we love him) ask Nash how much input he had in getting Dorsett, Brassard, and Moore. He had to have been asked in detail his thoughts on his former mates.

  121. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard had a very creative play where he turned toward net forcing Craps forward to come down and then tossed a beauty of a saucer pass to Danny G.
    Richards would have shot it into Holtby’s logo…

  122. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, your 10:13, so logical. He had to be involved.

    Hate to say it but JD got drilled on this one. And I repent for my hatred of Slather, for this one deal only. It was a good deal.

    Makes me think he had some help….THE NASHER!!!!

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard threaded a needle to hags on that second goal. He plays without hesitation and a ton of confidence.

  124. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on


    No team with either Michael Roszival or Wade Redden can possibly win The Cup. Not a chance.

  125. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Today after practice Richards was practicing his backhanded up-ice blind passes to no one.

  126. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Today in practice Richards was practicing shooting the puck 15 feet wide from 15 feet. Atta boy, Brad!

  127. The Devils are the masters of swarming.. there is no scarier team in the final five minutes of a game..

  128. Prust missed a bunch of games for various injuries this year as well. Intangibles are breaking down.

  129. Any chance that kid from sweden linberg plays for us after the world championships?

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter less Do Boor and his bots arent swarming so much these days.

  131. SufferingSince79 on

    Watching goals from last night and still can’t believe how slow Blovie was getting back on the Stepan goal. it looked like a CG effect from another game. Didn’t even react. How on earth does that guy get to wear the “C”.

  132. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    No team with either Michael Roszival or Wade Redden can possibly win The Cup. Not a chance.

    And the Rangers will never win a Cup with Sather as GM.

  133. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I would give up stephan and hagelin and one other player for ovie in a heartbeat.

  134. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So in our little May bonehead bracket, I picked all the teams I liked better just for fun in the first round and I’m paying for it with the Habs and nucks already eliminated

    But, in my “serious” league with some of the guys I play hockey with, I made the logical picks of all the bigger and tougher teams and haven’t missed any…yet

  135. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Tonight’s playoff action has been a bit bland. Chicago and Pittsburgh just overmatching their weak opponents. Ottowa decimating their peewee opposition. Not close to interesting.

  136. bull dog line on

    its going to be a tough night here, with the Islanders loss and all. all the closet Islander fans are crying in there beer.
    disappointed to say the least. you of all people here I thought would understand.

  137. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m sorry. That video of Ovie gliding with Step scoring is one I can’t let go of. You can have Ovie. You gotta show up on defense or your team’s morale is destroyed.

  138. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ranger still need that big goal scorer… Depends on what is given up to get him.

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – I don’t like the Islanders – believe me – and I really do understand what you’re saying. But I cannot look at Crosby, malkin, Cooke, Do-pwee, Neal or any other pens for that matter without hoping they drop dead on the ice. The islanders have sucked for so long – I just don’t feel the way I did back then.. However, should the rangers play the fish – it will all come rushing back….

  140. Olga Folkyerself on

    Know what you mean eddie… the Islanders are like the guys I hated in high school. I don’t really care about them much anymore. (Well, except one- I’m still looking forward to pissing on his grave.)

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – hawks are boring to watch. I mean that in a good way. But honestly, the rangers cause so much distress and create so much drama it makes it all that more exciting…

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – werd on high school assens. I knew more total tools in HS than I care to remember.

  143. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Hawks play hockey like it was dreamt to be played. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. The Rangers play hockey like they all have other day jobs somewhere.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wild look like they’ve packed it in…. Hawks discourage their opponents.

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks exude confidence. Last time I felt that was the 94 Cup Rangers. No matter what the score, I always thought they could win the game. Didn’t matter if they were down 3 goals in the third. They played to win. That’s what I see in Chicago now. That and all the picks, trades and acquisitions made by someone that knows what he’s doing…

    Not like (ahem) Sather.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – no way – I was about to say the same thing about the 94 rangers.

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I love all the extracurricular stuff at the end of most of these games. One of the things that makes hockey awesome.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – Sather gets credit for a great gabby trade – I will give him that…

    Extend Sather.

  149. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Rick Nash… He needs to step up.

    Happy Birthday to me! And happy VinceA pansy day!

  150. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Too little too late. He gets credit for fixing yet another mistake? His drafting generally stinks, His UFA’s are almost ALL bad, (you can recite the list as well as I can) his coaching picks were awful, Torts being the best of the 13 year bunch. He doesn’t know the talent in his own farm system, he trades them off or just lets them go.

    (Hawks make it 5-1)

    One good Gaborik trade doesn’t make up for all his crappy moves.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – Hugh Jessiman is a first ballot HoFer – same for Pavel Brendl. Jamie Lundmark scored 500 goals. Blackburn was a good pick. I liked him. Too bad he got hurt.

    The gabby trade however was brilliant. Same for McD.

    Extend Sathef

  152. Worst playoff crowd award goes to Chicago. 3 home games and pretty much dead silence all 3 games. With such a great time. Sad and strange.

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How many Norris Trophys did Bruce Driver win after he came here?….Holik scored 60 goals 3 times after signing. Drury makes a better pizza than any other ranger to wear the C.

  154. I just listened to Pierre McGuire on Melnick in the afternoon.

    He was praising McDonagh. “All-world” “omnipresent”… compared him to Nick Lidstrom. He said Lidstrom had a better first pass but Ryan is a better skater and is more physical.

    Then they co-miserated about montreal’s defense and dreamed of what it would look like with McD.

  155. McDonuts won the third star the other night, and McGuire buttonholed him and prevented him from taking his brief spin around the ice.

  156. E3 your 9:38pm could have written by me, almost every word. Except I wasn’t at that Game 3, I listened on radio. Marv gave one of his all time full throated calls on the 3 Ranger goals in the 3rd. Will never forget it and also the despair just seconds into OT. Have to say for one brief playoff the Isles got me rooting for them in that Flyer series coming back from 3-0.

  157. I wouldn’t want to move to a place where the team is called the Hurricanes. Chamber of Commerce is not practicing due diligence.

  158. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather should have locked up Lunqvist already. If he becomes a UFA he’s going to a contender. Maybe Chicago. If the get Hank, they will have the next NHL dynasty.

  159. Thank you, eddie x3… :)

    So…how’s that 300 million dollars boy working out in Minnesota so far?

    …Hawks are damn good. Wish the Rangers were half this good. sigh…


  160. I get the Dodgers and the Yankees, but are the Rangers called the Rangers because they range?

  161. Weather must be getting nice up in that camp where Shonny and Hamrlik are working out.

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – the pressure the rangers put on late in the 3rd after they tied it was insane. Sadly, that loss was the beginning of the end.

    I just watched the tape of Eddie Eddie Eddie’s return to the Garden during his first game with Detroit after the Cat released him….

  163. Olga Folkyerself on

    CCCP- Hawks are a team. In comparison, the Rangers are a bunch of guys that dress alike.

  164. Actually you don’t win just with goaltending and scoring. Many factors. Team toughness a big one.

    In fact team toughness helps you score and helps your goaltending. Case in point Rangers last night and why we’re feeling more optimisitic about their chances.

    It is beyond silly to mock Prust because Habs lost. Guess Parise sucks too. And Tavares sucks too right, at least for tonight?

  165. Gordie Howe was asked why players wore cups but not helmets, and he replied: “You can always pay someone else to do your thinking for you.”

  166. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3- I remember when that happened. What a dumb move by Francis. He didn’t last long after that.

  167. E3 that was he beginning of the end of a great team. Jean Ratelle was my favorite player. The TRADE was one of the worst days ever, shook both teams and the hockey world. I posted the other day, the best analogy would be like if we traded Cally and Hank for Sid and Fleury.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – remember them losing the first 3 to Pittsburgh before storming back? Yeah, I was pulling for them against the flyers that series too…

  169. It’s Matteau, not Matty. But it’s ok I usually vibe with Matty. :)

    Yes the pens series is what got my attention. Then Gillies destroys Schultz, and I hopped on the bandwagon.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – not only rooting for the wings but booing the rangers at the same time. Chadwick didnt even realize the love for Eddie as he thought eddie would be well received but that it would die down… Later in the game he said that he never witnessed anything like that before…

  171. I listened on radio and Marv sounded surprised as well. Excited at the same, like he knew he was witnessing something special.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eddie had tears in his eyes. It was so strange seeing in the red uniform. Lots of dudes were gone in the weeks following eddie’s release… Ratelle, Park, Villemure, Beverly to name but 4…

  173. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog was on board those days… And Jimbo – speaking of which – where is Jimbo from woodside? Anyone hear from him?

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – that trade made me sick. Middleton was good and clearly getting better….

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Should the rangers win game 5, the psychology of the team will be in great shape and I see them closing the deal in game 6. First period is huge. First 5 minutes sets the tone.

  176. Someone who knows RickM really well told me he was traded bc he loved the NY life a bit too much and was headed downhill fast. Like in a constantly late or sleeping through practice kind of way. Still was an awesome player.

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hadfield was the first to go after laughing his assen off late in the box in game 7 in the Rolfe Schultz 73-74 semi.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – wow I didn’t know that. He went on to have some great seasons with Boston.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He certainly showed up to play games…. I remember some beautiful breakaway goals he had at the garden…

  180. Best the Rangers played all year. In your face hockey, checked the pants off the Caps for for two periods. Transition game fantastic. Contolled the neutral zone and therby 2/3’s of the ice surface. Outlet passes spot on. Amazing how well Brassard & Moore can play when they’re givien the opportunity of playing every game. That’s how you develope and play better, not by sitting in the press box. Where was #61 last night (MIA). Man has he become an (inigma) a total waste. All this talent and he plays so soft. Henrik let in some questionable goals but more than made up for it on other critical saves. He’s our wild card (Ace in the Hole) but we really need to get him goals. The 5-3 was really hard to watch. Man you’ve got to shoot the freeken puck. DZ can’t be on this team next year; he’s terrible and also hard to watch. This could go 7 but I feel the team that wins tomorrow takes the series. Boy did the Canadians ever overachieve this season and also get screwed by injuries.

  181. SufferingSince79 on

    Is there anybody…out there? Lets start anew on Friday. Lets Go Rangers! Hoping for the weekend sweep.

  182. I said, no more shines. Maybe you didn’t hear about it, you’ve been away a long time. They didn’t go up there and tell you. I don’t shine shoes anymore.

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