Game 4: Rangers-Capitals in review


I kept watching all the other playoff series going on and wondered why they all seemed so much more intense than these Rangers-Capitals games, why there was so much more nasty in those games, so much more tempo and hitting.

Until Game 4. Welcome to the playoffs, Rangers and Capitals and their fans.


1) That’s a tough way to start out a game you really need, knowing that a guy who had just come back from a serious eye injury wasn’t going to play, especially when it’s a guy like Marc Staal, so liked and respected, and whose presence in Game 3 gave the team such a lift.

2) On the other hand, Ryane Clowe’s return was obviously felt right away by both teams. As I said at the top, this was much more like a playoff game with all the post-whistle garbage (and I say that in a nice way). When Clowe and Derek Dorsett and Brian Boyle got into it early, that set a great tone for what was – if you can separate your emotions and the heart attacks some of you probably suffered – a fun hockey game to watch.

3) And, yeah, the Rangers last night looked a lot like the 2012 Rangers. Maybe not quite that good overall, and certainly not like a top seed, but a team with some onions and some push-back, and even better, some resilience. Because this game was theirs for long stretches, and then it was Washington’s for some stretches, and they gritted it out and got the goals they needed. Eight in two games.

4) Which, by the way, makes these the second and third games this season in which the Rangers gave up as many as three goals and won in regulation. The other one was the stupid 8-4 game in Buffalo.

5) OK, I’m going to say this: Derick Brassard, in these two games, has been better than Marian Gaborik would have been. Without a doubt. The other guys from the trade looked good too. John Moore had a couple of tough moments, but for a kid put in that position, top four, he was better than fine overall. And I liked Derek Dorsett’s game. Obviously.

6) That penalty call on Dorsett? That’s a tough call, but they usually make it when an offensive advantage is created by a player taking down an opponent … unlike Game 1 when Mathieu Perreault took down Anton Stralman before the Capitals scored.

7) That 5-on-3. Oy. I don’t really know what to say, except that it’s apparent that guys like Nash and Richards don’t get it. I mean, for all their pedigree and experience, they have to do better than that, right?

8) The Rangers power play atoned when Jason Chimera took that dumb penalty at the second-period buzzer. John Tortorella had 18  minutes to draw it up. More importantly, he put out some guys with creativity – Mats Zuccarello and Brassard, who made a good pass and a better pass, respectively, for Dan Girardi’s slapper. Which, to be fair, has to be stopped by Braden Holtby. I’ll say it again. Zuccarello is the Rangers’ best power-play player, period.

9) Derek Stepan was on the puck all night long. Which play was prettier, Zuccarello to Brassard to Girardi, or Callahan to Stepan to Hagelin to Stepan? Who knew there was that kind of skill on this team. Got me thinking about something I mentioned the other night. If you put Stepan with Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom on the Rangers, who’s the better center?

10) And while there were a lot of gold stars to go around, Hagelin and Callahan were pretty special again.

11) Ovechkin was embarrassing defensively in Game 3, and he should shut up about the Rangers’ defense … though in truth, Rangers defense wasn’t especially physical in Games 1, 2 and 3, and isn’t overall.

12) How about that charging penalty by the Car Seat to put his team down two men? No interest in just breaking up the play?

13) The 5-on-3 was the direct result of a period of dominant pressure, both short-handed and at even strength, where Callahan set up Stepan for the shorty back-hander, then Hagelin’s speed created a chance for Boyle, then the Stepan short-handed break on which Martin Erat hooked Stepan and Ovechkin decided it was a good idea to launch himself (and Callahan had a great chance before the whistle blew, and Erat crashed into the net, hurting himself; he did not return).

14) Holtby made probably more tough saves in this game than the first two games combined. Maybe the first three. But he looked shaky on a few of the easier ones, and some that were barely shots, like the Stepan rebound try from the bad angle after his breakaway which went through Holtby’s legs but wide. And the Rangers should send Holtby a Thank You card for the Richards goal.

***********************************Washington Capitals v New York Rangers - Game Four
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Dan Girardi.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Anton Stralman.
Tobi’s (age 8) Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. The Captain.
3. Dan Girardi.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Hags.
2. Brassard.
3. Girardi.
HM-Stepan … all about finishing.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard (28.1%).
2. Carl Hagelin (22.88%).
3. Derek Stepan (12.42%).

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  1. ogerp jr (via Hong Kong) on

    Totally blew off work this AM just to catch the entire game – couldn’t be happier.


  2. wildplaces on

    Nice write up, Carp. While delighted with the result and their effective forechecking, their defense is simply letting too many talented opponents in alone on The King…Lundquist (in spite of a mistake) has carried them all series long. He deserves the Vezina nomination…think he has a shot at it if they win the cup…LGR! Hope to see the Isles whack those arrogant Pens tonight. Then the Blushirts put a lock on the Caps Friday night. Those BlueJackets had no problem shifting to BlueShirts. Nice play all around by the Gaborettes. Nice team effort all around, which is what the Rangers are all about.

  3. They dominated for significant stretches last night. I feel pretty good about our chances Friday.

    I have been lobbying for Pyatt to come out, but he had a few good checks and batted that Holtby gift out of the air.

    After hearing the story about Staal, I was relieved. I expect him to play Friday and kick some Washington axx.

    Hagelin, Stepan, Brassard, Callahan all had good games. We are seeing that core develop. They are only going to get better as the playoffs progress.

  4. Hey good morning from foggy Burlington Massachusetts. Got my ranger tie on for the school site visit I’m on. Feeling great! Now game 5 is lundqvist time. Hoped but didn’t really think we’d square it. Now win one in Washington. They’re due.

  5. How different this morning would feel if we were down 3-1….If you were to create a player from scratch and give him both a huge heart and cajones…would you ever have imagined he would not only play for your Rangers…but also be your Captain? And could you even dare to dream you’d have a world class goaltender too? And lastly would you think it was possible to have thesee type of players in both 1994 and 2013?

  6. Carp, to answer #9 the whole Ranger team thinks they are that good which is why they are always trying to make the extra pass. It’s pretty when it works and frustrating when it doesn’t. The 5 on 3 is just a mystery.

    Need to win one on the road.


  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Awsome day Julie , Enjoy!!!

  8. Rangerjhw: I agree. Very different, plus, after wins, it’s always more fun reading the Carp review. Which was spot on as always. And now I’m thinking that we were one of several shots off the iron in game 2 from being up 3-1.

    Want an idea of how much better this Ranger team played tonight? How about when was the last time a Carp review did not mention the King? Have we grown so accustomed to his stellar play that we take it for granted?

    Regarding the King, was he more screened or surprised by that skillful backhander by Brouwer? Hank hasn’t allowed many weak goals lately, but that seemed like one.

    Regarding #1, Any idea on whether Staal will play or should play in game 6?

    Regarding #7: Zucc and Brass need to be on the first PP unit from this point forward. Let’s hope Torts has seen the light on that one.

  9. At about 7:20 last night I was on phone with a guy who was a long time goal judge here in central PA, for the Hershey Bears.

    After we finished our business, I mentioned that I was just settling in to watch some hockey and he asked which teams, so I told him that I was getting ready to watch “your guy Holtby”. This retired, long time offical chuckeld and said “I love the kid, but at some point tonight he will take one of his strolls away from his crease and do something stupid.” He went on to say, as soon as he learns not to wander so much, he will be an excellent goalie.

  10. Loved the game! Clowe and Dorsett have added some extra snarl and the other guys seemed to follow their example. They were on the Craps from the first puck dropping, much more like last year’s team.

    As for the Gaby trade, the sum of the parts is way greater than what we would have got out of Gaby. Can you imagine Gaby on the wing and JT Miller and Kris (3 minutes) Newbury instead of Brass and Dorsett right now or Hammerlick instead of Moore?

    Jeez! Brian Boyle really sucks doesnt he!

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    Nice to see Clowe back. This team has just enough Nasty on it now.

    It was a great game to watch. Never had that many near heart attacks before!

    Carp what is it going to take to get Nash to dial it up a notch?

    Is it just me, but it seemed he was watching the game from the outside?

  12. Norm Merton on

    That video of Ovi’s 3rd period back-coast is hilarious. Earlier, though, he showed a strong interest in back-checking.

    The term here I believe is “pansification”, right? Look at the video of Ovi’s hit on Stepan’s arm, along with the silly, “That’s a head shot!” and, “Right into the head!” from the announcer:

    So Erat gets the hook, fair enough. Ovi gets 2 minutes for hustling as far as the video shows.

  13. BroadwayRoe on

    Seriously Jaime, that’s insane. They would eat him up alive here if he showed such a lack of effort.

  14. Happy *VinceA Day* y’all.

    I will be celebrating later by shootin’ some vermin outside my trailer while an old, toothless man plays his banjo in a rocking chair.

  15. Good write-up except there’s no discussion of Nash…. at least say he’s injured. It’s obvious. Hard to imagine they can go very deep into the playoffs without him putting up some numbers.

  16. And let’s not forget to pay tribute to the icon of *VinceA Day* and a true (North) American hero, Ethan Werek.

    While he dominates the competition in the *American* Hockey League, remember that the enemy of the States, the traitor “Oscar Lindberg” is somewhere in Europansyland, winning MVP of the Swedopansy “playoffs” and representing some commie gathering at the “World” “Championships”.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    yeah, whatever…now back to the game and the Rangers

    Bros-hard – 16 pts in 17 games as Ranger

    Best FO% by a landslide

    Plays with some vigor

    See ya Richie…don’t let the door hit you..

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Ovi got the charge, not because he hit Step’s arm, but because he charged him – taking 40 strides and launching himself at a player. Lucky for us and Step, he did not connect with his head or Shanny would be in quite the pickle on whether to suspend or not.
    Erat getting hurt and if out for any extended period is big news. Thought he was playing aggressively and has been one of their better skaters.

  19. Admiral Akbar on

    It would be awesome if the New York and Long Island (err, Brooklyn?) squads can take their spirited play into the next round!

    If it were Devils-penguins, how many of you would be rooting for the Devils as much as you are for the Isles in that series?

  20. Admiral Akbar on

    Stranger –

    I agree, Erat has been very good for Washington thus far.

  21. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp…enjoyed the review of of course but as with the King, my expectations are high and you have spoiled us. Don’t let in a softie or you will hear it.

    Back in Chicago after East Coast trip. Kid duty last night so watching on the DVR eith no in-game blogging. Caught up late last night. So funny following you boneheads knowing what’s coming next. Minimum 2 games of this nonsense left. Can’t wait for the next game and the next in-game show. As Billy Joel says…”it’s either sadness or euphoria.”


    They say that these are not the best of times,
    But they’re the only times I’ve ever known,
    And I believe there is a time for meditation in cathedrals of our own.
    Now I have seen that sad surrender in my lover’s eyes,
    And I can only stand apart and sympathize.

    For we are always what our situations hand us…
    It’s either sadness or euphoria.
    And so we argue and we compromise,
    And realize that nothing’s ever changed,
    For all our mutual experience, our seperate conclusions are the same.

    Now we are forced to recognize our inhumanity,
    Our reason co-exists with our insanity.
    And though we choose between reality and madness…
    It’s either sadness or euphoria.

    How thoughtlessly we dissipate our energies
    Perhaps we don’t fulfill each other’s fantasies.
    And as we stand upon the ledges of our lives,
    With our respective similarities…
    It’s either sadness or euphoria.

  22. bull dog line on

    always look forward to your reviews of the games. I usually look for one or two points to disagree on for discussion. but this one, Iv’e got nothing. agree with all your points.
    if the Rangers survive this series, I think they can be dangerous going forward. starting to get healthy, and seem to have good depth.

  23. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Norm, I’d have to say, I was right there when Ovie jumped off the ice to hit into Step and Erat (poor guy!!) and, I know they don’t usually penalize for intent, but he wasn’t there to stop the puck. From my vantage point it was an intended head shot as he has done about 4 other times in this series. And it seems Step and Hags are his favorite targets as are Henrik’s body.

    I’ll have to watch it in slow motion. Sometimes, when you’re a fan, your feelings take over, ya know?

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Atta boy, Carpy, 4-0 in the post-season!! Great review!!!!!!!

  25. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Being at the game:

    1. Game 3 was more tense at the end because of the 6-4 induced by the pansification PP and Holtby being lifted for almost the final 2. The puck was in our zone, cripes, for 1:50!!!! Not so much last night, although Hank had to make a huge save at one point.

    2. Game 4 crowd was not as good as game 3. No “Ovie sucks” chants (a clear barometer) in 2nd or 3rd.

    3. Agree, Carp. The team comes on, the handkerchiefs (they give you) are twirling, the fans are chanting “LGR, LGR”, so what does MSG do? Drown it out with the loudest music you could. Great way to kill any remaining emotion left from the unintended consequences of the ticket price increases!! (Is this Bettman’s fault, too?)

    4. The increased the security to get into the game (always a good thing), with metal detectors for every patron. Only thing is, either there aren’t enough guys on duty and/or not enough room. So, the wait for security is about 20 stupid minutes. Hoping to make the ‘anthem’? Get there REAL early.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Regarding 5 on 3 – Richards on for the whole time…no goal
    PP at beginning of 3rd – Torts finally realizes he needs to sit Richie if he wants to win the game and puts Bros-hard in and he saucers an absolute beauty of a set-up to DannyG (which Holtby should have saved)

    Nash is spectating – not getting into the dirty areas – too wide on PP – mostly out of the play.

  27. bull dog line on

    Nash needs to get it going soon. I think to win the series he is going to have to take over one of the games. to much individual stuff from Nash again. move the puck, move your feet, the puck will get back to you.

  28. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Last night was momentum swings. There were more periods of time WE controlled the ice, had play in their zone for a while and scored. After each of our goals, The Craps came back, next shift or two, hard. Give them credit for that.

    And there were a few points we were back on our heals.

    But, in general, we controlled the ice THIS game, Lyova, unlike any of the first 3. The addition of Clowe helps in ways that are immeasurable. Hate to say it, guys like Pyatt, now, along the boards, are big.

  29. Regarding Nash, just a guess…..small market guy for many years, no pressure whatsoever, 1 beat reporter covering the team in a Big Ten college town. Now for the first time, he finds himself thrown into the intensity of an Eastern Division playoff series playing on an Original 6 team with a knowledgable, rabid fan base that follows your every move. We saw flashes of what Nash can be in Game 2 when he fought through 3 guys and went in on goal only to hit the crossbar.

    If he elevates his game, the Rangers become truly dangerous.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, any idea what Staal did not play? Was a conditioning thing where he felt he couldn’t perform as well as needed in game 3, or something worse like a concussion or vision problems?

  31. number one star of the game by far was anton stralman. the fact that del zaster and eminger couldnt be trusted against 3rd and 4th lines for the caps chimera and ward dominated. brassard was terrific and the saucer pass to girardi was a thing of beauty.

    anyone see rick nash yet. i mean maybe the reason why columbus never made the playoffs is because he cant come through on the scoresheet with goals. him and richy on the pp is a del zaster right now.

    hank looked like he was fighting it but made a big save with under 5 mins to go on who else joel ward.

    all we did his hold serve still need to break through on road.

  32. HONG KONG!? Wow!

    Yes, Carp. Yes and Yes. I’ll have what she’s having and etc…

    Good to see Girardi finally get credit for the hard nosed minutes he’s played this series, because he, ya know, scored a goal.

    Stepan is a beast of a center.

    Hank let in softies. I’m going to say it. He needs to let in LESS than three goals a game. Has to. He can’t be close to Holtby in GAA when Holtby is giving freebies left and right by being a total idiot.

    This sums up Ovechkin last night: @joshbenn80 9h

    @ovi8 watches the rangers play tic tac toe!!

  33. Happy *VinceA* day to all! Don’t forget to put a can-coozy around your lukewarm beers today! Don’t forget to load your shotgun before you fire it way too close to children! Don’t forget to spit on foreigners!

    Eüropansies Suck! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  34. In honor of *VinceA Day*, I am putting the blame for the Capitals loss, and the blame for the Rangers only winning by one, on: Lundqvist, Hagelin, Stralman, Zuccarello, and Hamrlik, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Johansson, et al.



  35. Yeah, that Ovechkin gif is real (except for the floating little triangle things that some funny person added). There is another view that shows him gliding at that pace all the way from the blue line. He might have stopped that goal if he’d skated.


  36. Great call, Carp! Those guys suck a bunch of Eüropean vegetables! Real men eat meat!

  37. I reckon some of y’all don’t ‘member the origins of this here *VinceA* Day. Well I’m ’bout to learn you some history.

    The ‘mmortal man once posted the dern most brilliant thing I donse ever witnessed on the enternet:

    “I wish the Rangers would only sign and draft Americans and Canadian kids.The work ethic of most europeans sucks and they are usually Pansies on the ice.I’ll take north Americans any day…”


    You know it Carp!

    You can’t swing a possum by the tail without hitting a fryilator in my mammy’s house! We bout to flour it up and fry them suckers up. First comes the fun part…shootin’ ’em!

  39. ogerp, thanks for making the effort to be here from Hong Kong!

    tomb, is that the guy from whatever Hollywood station was in the lockerroom? Because if the Rangers didn’t get him out of there as quickly as they did, I would have, ahem, ejected him.

  40. Cross Check Charlie on

    Boy this coffee tastes especially good this morning.

    Good game even if my nerves are frazzled. I thought they went into the defensive shell a little too early, but it turn out OK.

    Let’s hope they can keep scoring when they go back to Washington.

  41. Good sign team has been getting better each game in this series…alot of great efforts but thought Stralman really stepped up on d…needs to see more minutes…think Girardi and McDonough played 30 minutes each

  42. Staal – can someone please tell me why he didn’t play

    Nash – was at the game last night and iso’d on him for a number of shifts. He’s definitely hurt. No explosiveness in his skating and not anywhere near the threat he was earlier in the season. Something’s wrong.

  43. Cross Check Charlie on

    RF330 – I still think that it was the slash on the wrist that injured Nash because his stick control isn’t what it was. Then, I think he injured his leg or ankle or something when he went into the boards in game 3.

    Still I saw Nash do quite a few good things during the game, but I guess if he doesn’t score a bunch of goals then some people think he’s not doing anything.

  44. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Carp – Have you ever ask Torts the question, “Do you want your Defensemen to slide on the ice to block a pass on in the defensive zone?”

    DZ – took himself out of the play last night, and they scored.

    But we see it almost every game? I’m curious what his answer would be.

  45. Take a look at Ovi on the Stepan goal–standing (yes-as in not skating) up by the blueline watching the play form as if he was having an out of body experience…he just stood there and watched…

  46. Norm 7:32…… Pay back is a bi- tch.

    Ovie gets off the hook far more often then he gets called.

  47. According to the Washington Post, it appears that Erat will be out for some time. Oates already trying to decide who to insert in his place. Also, there is speculation there that Ovi was hurt on a big check early in Game 3 and has not been the same since.

  48. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Cross Check – I just thought Nash could have laid a couple of hits on Ovechkin, and passed them up.

    He’s on the ice, but he’s just doesn’t seem like he is creating energy. Does that make sense, or is it just me?

  49. Jamie @ 6:56 video on Ovie, ahem, “Back-check” on decisive Stepan goal……that is a classic.

    If Caps coaches go over the game tape with the team, they should definitely edit that play out, it may cause some real problems within the team seeing how Ovie “hustled” on that play.

  50. I like ‘dem ‘der fotos, Carp! Back home I only got a windy camera but I can’t afford to get no film on account of all the shotgun shells I had to purchase from my local Walmart (it’s 24 hours!).

  51. Ovie hasn’t been the same since our team decided to take space away from him and actually play some phenomenal defense on him. That’s what we were all talking about before the playoffs.

    That in the playoffs, when things tighten up, you need that depth because it becomes more about your tertiary scoring. That’s why the Gaborik trade made a ton of sense for this team.

  52. Some thoughts of me own:
    1.) Strahlman = Monster… this guy is having a hell of a series, and he played great last night.

    2.) Carp, your 5th point hit the nail on the head (hopefully Shannahan doesn’t give you 2 games for that), especially in regards to Brassard playing better than Gaborik would’ve.

    3.) Gee, what a surprise: you put in the 2nd PP unit and they almost immediately score! It’s not rocket science, Torts! How come we all see it and Tortorella doesn’t? Perhaps he’s blinded by his massive ego?

    4.) I don’t think Nash is hurt, but he’s just trying to do too much. He needs to stop thinking he has to skate through 3 guys on his own, and he needs to start thinking shoot (for the most part). Perhaps he’s been hanging out with Richards too long?

    5.) Win one in Washington, and then I’ll get excited.

  53. Also, Carp I like the photo galleries, but I come here more for your wonderfully written content. :)

  54. Doodie Machetto, 2.5 on

    We are still getting pinned into our own zone for far too long far too often. Hopefully we can better sustain our play at 5 on 5.

    Also, how many PPs with MZA on the ice that end in goals and how many PPs with him not on the ice that do not result in goals have to go by before Torts realizes MZA should be an automatic for the PP?

  55. Doodie Machetto, 2.5 on

    Brassard was on a milk carton for games 1 and 2, but man, he has been fantastic ever since.

    And to answer your question, Carp, the Stepan goal was much, MUCH nicer.

  56. Cross Check Charlie on

    Sioux – I don’t expect Nash to be throwing his body around. I don’t care how big he is, he’s not an Aaron Asham. Still, I saw more than once where he threw a couple of good checks and one or two where he missed or barely grazed the guy.

    Just like Carp’s review of him in Game 3. Nash played well. He drew a penalty that led to a goal and banked a shot off Stepan for the game winner, but because he didn’t score a goal people think he didn’t do anything.

    Still, I think he’s injured. He doesn’t look the same as he did in the regular season.

    I’m playing hockey tonight. Should I try to imitate Del Zotto and try to play defense on a 2 on 2 by sitting down?

  57. Nash attracts much attention when he has the puck, needs to think pass. Staal, if not concussion issues you have to worry the vision is career threatening.

  58. I just think the Capitals circled Nash on the whiteboard (and Stepan who is fighting through that) and just make sure they take his chances away at all costs.

    As I just said, in the playoffs, the big guys can get shutdown (look at Kane and Toews in Chicago who have been shutdown). Thus, you need secondary and tertiary players to step up.

  59. *Carp, I hope you are hearing whispers from Ranger sources about a Nash injury*

    I know it playoffs and the checking is tighter, but he has been a major non-factor, a real disappointment so far.

  60. Most of you darn Eüropansies are not celebrating *VinceA* day enough! What the heck? My mammy would slap that gristle right off your cheek if she saw you disrespectating a holiday such as this.


  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, can you put the photo galleries into your game review posts? If they were embedded in the game review posts I’d look at them. Truthfully, when they are in their own post I don’t, not because they aren’t good, but because there are too many posts already to keep on top of.

  62. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    I watched the Ovechkin wiff last night. Several times in slow motion.

    He just missed Step by inches, and he clearly left his feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Erat broke his arm do to Ovechkin flying in there.

    Advantage Rangers.

  63. So who’s $4Mish rental is better? Rangers (Clowe) or Caps (Erat)? We gave up 3 picks and they gave up one of the highest touted prospects in Filip Forsberg (probably a HUGE Europansy).

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Staal was out for 2 months and came back to play a physical PO hockey game. Not surprised if he wasn’t ready to go full speed and needs to take a game off (if that is the case)
    Too bad we will never know…

    Very important part of game was in Period 1 – Clowe on for first or second shift; HOltby freezes puck with Clowe and Dorset whacking away. Whistle blows and Olesky comes it to push Clowe out of the crease. Clowe pushes Olesky back into end boards with his glove in Oleski’s face and telling him “its going be different now around here”

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Hags had a great game, glad Richards was able to get some more puck luck as Hags shot the puck into the Dmans shin guards with goalie out of the cage.
    Richards CAN score if we remove goalie…

  66. Stranger totally agree, in the “game within a game” Clowe’s aggressive move on Olesky was an important tone setter. Rangers were far more assertive and aggressive, more than I’ve seen all season. The team last night reminded me of last year.

  67. Cross Check Charlie on

    I thought Pyatt knocking down Ovechkin in the first minute of play was pretty eye opening.

    Pyatt? Way to go, dude!

  68. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Manny – Rangers win! Clowe wins hands down. Erat injured, won’t be back in time to save the Caps.

    Rangers give up 2nd rounds picks (players that might make the Rangers in 3-4 years – for a player they need NOW!!)

    Caps give up a 1’st round pick (Top Sweden Player) for a rental that breaks his arm, and won’t play.

    Forberg is going to be a top line player. Nashville wins BIG in this deal.

  69. Remember Nash had a groin problem which caused him to cut short his playing in Europe during the lockout. If I had to bet that’s what the problem is. In a way I really hope so, because as one of the biggest cheerleaders in the trade anyone to get Nash camp, I have to say I’ve been surprised at how poorly he is skating.

  70. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Stranger – Richards CAN score if we remove goalie…

    Good Stuff!!!

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s nice to see Doodie’s been elevated to a 2.5. That’s like a 22.5 in Siouxland

  72. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    I’m down .1 to Del Zasters flip flopping on the ice.

    Someone was screaming in the back of my head last night. “See Sioux …. ship him!!!” But I couldn’t make out the voice :)

  73. Matteau, I think you nailed it on the groin being the issue. His shifts were short, and if he needed to backcheck after 20 or 30 seconds he looked like he was in quicksand.

    He is not extending with his stride length and it’s slowing him down. Pure speculation but that’s what I’d bet on.

  74. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Tort’s put Hags back with Step and Cally.

    1’st shift back they score!

    Brilliant!!!! As I hold up my Guinness :)

  75. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Rob – I read that Staal pulled himself last night after practice.

    Not 100%

  76. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Can’t wait to watch Clowe, Dorsett, Asham dial it up one more notch on the road in Washington!!!

    Erat out, Ovechkin is frustrated with how the Rangers are playing him.

  77. bull dog line on

    this is kind of funny. if Gabby had put in the 4 mediocre performances that Nash has put in, you would be running him out of town. Nash plays like garbage, and he must be injured. funny stuff.

  78. Sioux, I heard the same thing from Mcd’s interview last night if i’m not mistaken

  79. I understand why teams refuse to disclose injuries, especially in the playoffs, especially injuries which may have the potential to be exploited by an opponent. I get it.

    But, It’s a bit unfair to the injured player. We as fans judge performance on what we see during game action. When a player underperforms, we are left to wonder and speculate about whether the player is hurt, intimidated by the pressure, out of gas or just plain dogging it.

  80. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Give Nash Credit for the 1’st win.

    His “shot/pass” off of Step’s stick WON the game!!!

  81. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    THe Nash groin speculation seems logical based on the way he is skating. Yes, him being out there is HUGE. If nothing else, The Craps have to put their best d pair against him.

  82. Sitting Eminger was a Torts mistake. I’m not even talking about the fact that it was unfair to solely blame that first Caps goal on him since it was Callahans mistake that started it and then it was Richards soft defence on Ward that led to the goal. Emminger looked pretty reliable this series and deserves certain trust.

    The more important is that it forced MD to play over 31 min. and Girardi almost 30. And the one lesson torts should have learned from the last year is that when you overload your first pair D with 30+ mins., this will bite you in the end. Particularly in this series there is absolutely no need to kill MD and G. this way since Strallman and Moore look pretty good.

  83. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    I just miss the Nash that makes the power move to the net and scores a goal.

    I agree with the Hammy not being 100%, it makes sense.

  84. If the Rangers are going to do something in these playoffs, last night’s 1st period intensity needs to happen every game, and be sustained to a greater level. Maybe it was Clowe and Dorsett who provided that. Boyle also looks angry.

    I’ve been watching every series, and honestly, and nobody is really standing out to me, including Chicago. Maybe Ottawa.

  85. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    If Ovie is playing hurt from ‘that big check’ in game 3, credit Stralman, as it was his hip that did it.

  86. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Perhaps Staal will be ready for game 5. Have to have someone on Ovechkin at all times.

  87. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Carp, as in above, the guy that was really at fault, again, in this win was Boyle. Yes, he has bricks for hands, is slow, but give credit where credit is due.

    He was on the ice a TON for key face offs and he and Brassard had a high percentage of wins. THe PK was brilliant. He was a big part of it. I wish, for those that need stats, he would be awarded points for the little things he does that don’t go on the score sheet, but help the team win.

    I must admit, he was set up twice in the third, and if it were anyone else on the team, they likely would have scored. No doubt, he is not a scorer, but he does do a number of important things well.

  88. Watched the game after the fact. Rangers played we.. period. Stepan a ton of chances. Nash was OK. stop the dangle play all the time.
    Boyle was pretty good. Mcdonagh and Girardi huge minutes last night. No powe is a nice thing to see. Barring the injury of course he is a bad player. SLo mo CLowe gives you so much more.

    again as I said after the trade was made of Gabby it was a win win trade. Rangers got some good players….CLowe trade for 2 or 3 picks is a bad trade in my mind especially if he does not resign at a good contract. 3 years or less at $3 mill per Max. Thats more then generous for what he does and will do in the future.

    John Moore man he is a revelation. 1st goal was a gift from Holtby…. Emminger played under 7 minutes…

  89. As for the Nash, injured or not, it’s obvious that he’s strugging and 16 mins. of ice time is unacceptable for a presumed big star player. Yes, the Caps took away the center ice space from him, so what he needs to do more in the offensive end is to bring play more to the boards and just use his size to attract couple of the Caps and create time and space for his linemates.

  90. Papa see this post from me:


    I reckon some of y’all don’t ‘member the origins of this here *VinceA* Day. Well I’m ‘bout to learn you some history.

    The ‘mmortal man once posted the dern most brilliant thing I donse ever witnessed on the enternet:

    “I wish the Rangers would only sign and draft Americans and Canadian kids.The work ethic of most europeans sucks and they are usually Pansies on the ice.I’ll take north Americans any day…”

  91. Anyone remember when some journalist with a blog thought for 2 months that it was a terrible idea to trade the amazing Marian Gaborik for Brassard, Moore and Dorsett?

  92. A few things:
    1) Best moment early: Clowe face washing Olesky (who had been a punk in the first 3 games) behind the Caps’ net and Olesky thinking 2x and 3x about what to do when he realized it was Clowe. He didn’t do squat. That was a big moment.

    2) Boyle gets better every game.

    3) Moore is a good addition. But his play in the D-zone scares me at times. It’s like he doesn’t realize that playoff hockey is 2 steps faster and you need to be 2x cleaner on your execution, esp in the D-zone.

    4) The Rangers love the rope-a-dope style. I think against the Caps this works. Against the Sens it might. Not sure how it works versus the Bs and def question it against the Pens. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still need to win one in DC.

    5) MDZ is leaving his feet too much at inopportune times. The minute you leave your feet and touch a guy with your stick, you are getting a tripping penalty. Second, unless you 100% block all possible angles btwn the puck and the goal, the slide doesn’t work. It is too risky.

    5) The 2nd PP unit is 10x better than the 1st unit. They move the puck, they skate, and they shoot. Nash and Richards stand around like tripods with no movement. That is pathetic.

    6) Derek Brassard, John Moore, Dorsett, Ryan Clowe = Noonan, Larmer, Matteau, and Lowe? A guy can dream right.

    Stay the course. Play our game. LGR!

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Re MDZ slide – he would have been fine if he stayed on his belly, but for some reason he decides to sit up while sliding backwards to try and deflect puck with his stick. As he does, body slows down and allows Ward to sneak around and try to stuff.
    Richards needs to be on man and not between both players.
    Richards and MDZ on D – say no more…

  94. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Favorite Play last night Cally’s hustle. Shoots. Get’s his own rebound then to Step, tap to Hags, back to Step for a WIDE OPEN net. That was a thing of BEAUTY!!!

  95. Did anyone see this Holtby quote:

    Holtby called Dan Girardi’s goal 59 seconds into the third period a “sinker ball from the point on a one-timer.”

    Is he trying to say that he would have made the save if the shot was better?

  96. Because every May 9, 2013 is *VinceA* day. That’s why. Every May 9th we celebrate the unparalleled toughness of ‘Merica.

  97. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    If Ovechkin win’s the Ted Lindsay Award, I think Ted will roll over in his Grave, after watching Oleo’s clip.

  98. Newman – agree on all but #6!

    p.s. “Staal pulling himself after warm ups” means a whole other thing over here ! Maybe thats whats blurring his vision?

  99. Rob in Beantown on

    Are Minnesota players true ‘mericans though? Some of them should be honorary Europansies. Not like the hardworking blue collar Ontario and New England boys

  100. EC – No, he is saying it was a difficult one to stop because it came off a one timer and dove like a baseball sinker.

  101. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Rob – tough to pick players over McDonagh, Stepan, & Sauer types. Then you have to consider the Parises & Byfuglien’s on the other teams.

  102. Tom Foolery on

    Anyone heard about a potential start time for game 6? I see Gross mentioned 12:30 but that seems highly unlikely to me since the game is not on NBC. I’m guessing it will be another 7:30 start. I don’t think the NHL really cares that there is a potential game 7 less than 24 hours later.

  103. Peter – I guess I just read it as more of a backhanded compliment. But the Rangers won so I don’t really care. Just thought it was interesting hearing the view from the other side.

  104. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Tom – Im sure NBC will get it wrong, before it gets it right. Let’s hope the Rangers take care of business in Washington, and win at home in game six!!!

  105. Manny – careful! Much more lip from you and i’m sending Her Maj over to revoke your independence!

  106. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Anyone catch the crowd outside in Toronto last night?

    That was nuts! How cool would it be if Time Square was like that in NY?

  107. More on the Ovie backcheck for your viewing pleasure (MSG):

    Sorry to keep going on about this play – I find it astonishing that a top player can act like this. Ovechkin takes one lazy cross-over at the blue line and the glides, unconcerned, straight to the opposite corner, while the rest of his team is being beaten for the game-winning goal.

    It’s like everyone is rushing for a train except him.

  108. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Hmmmmm no Nash video’s or interviews posted after the game.

    Carp – did anyone talk to him after the game last night?

  109. Stralman was all over the ice last night and in just about every play. He deserved a star for his game last night.

  110. Rob in Beantown on

    LOL speaking of Europansies, France just beat Russia in the hockey world championships

  111. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Emminger too slow..
    Caps gave up a couple of really bad goals.. without that TROUBLE.

    What happened to the Bonehead beard contest for the playoffs? The ladies are welcomed to participate.

  112. Rob in Beantown on

    The game is over Sioux. People are saying Russia might have lost on purpose (Europansies) to get an easier opponent in the next round, but I have no idea, I haven’t been following the tournament.

  113. Bring it on, UK. We wooped you red coats once and we will woop you again! We got guns and you got billy clubs. Bring it on, Euro-Boys!

  114. Russia. Those red basss-turds. That is such a Euro idea. Wanting the easy way out. That’s why we had to bail out all of Europe in W-W-2. Them boys just couldn’t hold off the onslaught of the 3rd Reich. We had to get in there and woop there behinds in a good ‘Merican way!

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The clowe with a great face wash and you could almost readbhis lips “what do you wanna do? You wanna go?”

    The Clowe got big brass balls and will not take Carcillo from anyone. Dorsett too. That was a nice scrum with great pushback in Holtby’s crease.

    Cant say enough about Brassard – soft hands – passes like Adam Oats used to. His gentle chip pass – the same one to Girardi against the islanders in OT – we have seen again and again this series. Leading point getter so far.

    You are not objective if you think the gabby trade wasnt a major Sather Fleece job. Remember Dorsett wasn’t really to do any upper body workout for a long time due to his injury. Once he gets fully back into shape this team in nearly complete.

  116. Watching Ovechkin on that play is hilarious, but the rest of the Caps aren’t much better. They had 4 guys back to defend Callahan, Stepan and Hagelin, but they’re all just reaching for the puck with their sticks. I hope they continue to play D like that the rest of the series.

  117. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Just can’t get enough of those saucer passes to set up goals. Or Moore’s shot from the blueline, don’t forget the hit he put on Cooke behind Henrik’s net. Dorsett is 100% energy, just imagine when he is 100%. Brilliant!!!

  118. We should’ve traded that Italopansy flopper Michele Della Zotta for a big *American* banger like Doug Murray, when we had the chance.

  119. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Andrew Gross?@AGrossRecord3m
    McDonagh talked after Game 4 of Staal’s “humble and honest” decision not to play. Torts on comment: “Mac should shut up.”

    Ok that’s a “little bit” funny!!!

    Carp – not getting much out of the coach today, huh?

    What was the question you tried to ask him last night?

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sioux – The toughness quotient, so important in setting a tone in a playoff series, is now advantage Rangers. I watched Clowe play many years out here and that lad is a man beast. It’s true he isnt beating Hags in a speed race even with a head start but his positioning is good and he is smart with the puck. Rarely will you see him make a stupid pass. The Clowe is one bad assen and has earned his league wide reputation as someone you do not byfuglien with…as a result, the rest of the team plays tougher. Add Dorsett, Asham, and now Boyle to the big boys club and this team is ripe for a deep run.

    Rangers in 6. The Garden will be rocking on Sunday.

  121. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    If Moore continues to grow into a Blueline Power Play guy, who do we trade Del Zotto for? Bobby Ryan?

  122. The funny thing is that Staal might feel not ready to help the team but how much better is he than Eminger?

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    The funny thing is, while Russia was losing to France, Bryz was *actually* playing Angry Birds. That’s not even a joke

  124. Rob – this twitter feed is EPIC. Bryz might be a horrible Europansy goaltender but man oh man is he an absolute character. I hope the NHL Network wises up and gives him a reality show.

  125. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Manny if he took himself out. He must be having headaches or vision problems. Eminger has been steady in his absense.

  126. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Manny – I think I would watch that show.

    Nothing funnier than Jags not wanting to sit by him at breakfast in 24/7.

  127. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Well one thing IS funnier. Philly let him go….. then he wins the Vezina. HAHAHA.

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Its been a long time since the rangers had a player like Clowe. Tough, physical, and not shy about shoving his glove in your face while he talks Cooke to you….I just hope his noodle is fully healed…. We need him. He must be extended…Clowe and Brassard are my favorite players….

  129. I will go in the other direction, Sioux. I might argue that Eminger, after game 2, has been pretty bad. He only saw ice time for 5:54 last night. That’s Rupp-Esque

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers would have missed the playoffs had these trades not been made.

  131. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    No I agree Manny. But he hasn’t made any mistakes that cost us the game.

    It’s not like he slid, sat on his a$$, and watched a goal to in.

    He’s a solid 7th Defensman.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – Eminger has been very physical while on the ice… A couple is bad plays that resulted in chances – but he is banging bodies out there and the cumulative effect that has over a long series must be appreciated.

  133. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on


    Traded 31 yr old surgery boy. For 22 yr old 1’st round DMan. 25 year old Center – #6 pick overall. and a guy that has more energy than the energizer bunny – with mitts :)

  134. If we only had an American Defenseman instead of stupid Pansy Born Plaid Riddled Canadian idiots like Eminger.

  135. Eminger is not playing enough ice time to have any sort of cumulative effect. He was good in Game 1, less good in Game 2, scratched in game 3 and played barely over 5 minutes last night.

  136. Nice write up. Carp,what was your take on the lousy defense by dz, richards and eminger on the 2-1 goal. Easy to blame dz because his snow angel turning ward into forsberg was most noticeable, but possibly richards poor back check put dz in a bad position of hesitation. And it all really started with emingers give away as well. But dz probably got the most blame on here.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – Richards slowly getting back on the forecheck was as much to blame for that 2-1 break. Torts sat Richards for 7 minutes after that too…. That was not just Em’s fault.

  138. Rob in Beantown on

    I would totally watch Star Wars with Bryz, I bet he’d provide good running commentary.

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – team hitting, not just eminger’s, has a major added effect as a series goes deeper. You do understand that, yes?

  140. I agree that Eminger hasn’t been bad – he’s doing his job back there as best as he can. But I also agree with Manny that a less than 100% Staal is still probably better than Eminger.

    But if Staal isn’t comfortable back there with blurry vision, I don’t blame him for not wanting to risk hurting the team.

  141. Stranger Nation on

    Torts continuing to try to get Richie going (5 on 3) without realizing he is not producing like 2004. (Moore – 1:27 PP, Richards – 2:39)
    Stralman – 0:00 PP TOI – guy had 2 PPGs last year in POs
    Why not Clowe on PP over Boyle – seems like a no brainer as well.

    We complain about PP ‘skill’ when the issue is personnel choices by coach

  142. Stranger Nation on

    3 Rangers last night were not credited with a hit during game
    – any guess who????

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard is one of those players that will thrive on broadway. The kid wants the spotlight. What a great trade that eas…

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Those hit counts are accurate. Dorsett was only credited with one… And I him hit at least 3 people.

  145. Asham has been real solid in his limited minutes. I wasn’t much a fan of him signing here, and he didn’t particularly impress me in the regular season, but he’s been good so far. Keep it up, Arron!

  146. When did Manny turn into the General Lee?

    Is Daisy Duke here? Anyone? Catherine Bach or Jessica Simpson? (Homer drool face)

  147. Only for VinceA day, Fat Guy.

    And if you’re making me a rebel I prefer J.E.B. Stuart!

  148. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Fat – i thought you were changing to UNCLE Buck?

    Loved that movie.

  149. Quick Hits:

    – Brassard clearly more of an impact than Gaborik who waited for opportunities rather than create them.

    – Nash is being targeted and shut down much like we are focusing on their Top Gun…not sure why this surprises so many people.

    – Ovechkin very clearly came in for a blindside headshot on Stepan on that play. The only readon he got there so fast is because he wanted line him up and take him out. LUuckily Stepan had his sixth sense going and pulls up ever so slightly and avoids a headshot that would have ended his series and MAYBE cost Ovechkin a single game. Disgusting.

    – Lundqvist. Needs to be a lot better if this team wants to move on. For a long time the knock has been “well, the team can’t score goals and LQ can’t do everything.” When your team is pulling rabbits out of hats, you need to shut the door Mr. Vezina. That backhander was unacceptable. The team has been finding ways to get goals, time to step up our goaltending game a little more. He plays so well and then gives up some real soft goals when the team is actually producing offense. Frustrating. Can’t believe he’s nominated again this year, and I truly hope he doesn’t win.

  150. Doodie Machetto, 2.5 on

    Carp, yes, it’s Andre the Giant with a slight beard. It’s changed from my previous avatar of his character Fezzik from Rob Reiner’s classic, The Princess Bride. Fezzik is cleanshaven (although, he still has Andre’s trademark muttonchops).

  151. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Who would have thought it would be Brassard, Hagelin, and Zuccarello as our point leaders 4 games in?

    Anyone? Beuller? Bueller?

  152. Doodie Machetto, 2.5 on

    I had my real life identity stolen and have been dealing with credit reporting agencies all morning. Suffice to say, I’m in a pretty bad mood right now.

    Here’s the real kicker: I found out about it when I got a confirmatory e-mail from This guy is so sophisticated that he can steal my identity, including credit card info, but he still has to *buy* porn? It’s like the most abundant substance on earth. It would be like paying for air (and no, we don’t live on planet Spaceball).

  153. I have to say, I still think the Caps win this, but the fact that the Rangers are tied in this series at 2 and have received pretty much nothing from Richards and Nash is impressive to me.

    Those two need to step it up big time if this team wants to make a serious run (not sure either of them have it in them to do that though).

  154. Stranger Nation on

    3 players with no hits last night;
    1 – Richards – no surprise
    2 – Hags – got hit a lot
    3 – Nash – cmon big fella – play the simple game – puck possesion, get puck deep, go and bang, rush the net without puck

    Watched replay and Nash had a very good first period playing with Step and Cally until Torts moved him around at end of period

  155. That’s UNREAL, Doodie. Sorry that happened to you. Personally, I blame Mothman or Stuart

  156. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m surprised Hagelin with his _history of disciplinary action_ wasn’t gooning it up more. Zero hits = goon fail

  157. Doodie Machetto, 2.5 on

    Good thing we pay Nash so much money to provide exactly 0 playoff goals.

  158. Doodie, that’s no fun. Condolences. Someone stole my wife’s credit card and I never reported it because he spends much less than she did every month.

  159. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Doodie that happened to my Brother last year. But they went a step further, and ordered new cards with his name and address and charged them up in one month, before my Brother even knew what happened. He had a $60,000 of debt when he had maybe $1K. It took him years before his credit score went up.

  160. HaGOONlin is such a Eüropansy! Should have drafted one of them ‘Merican boys!

  161. I forget who said it here earlier, but I agree with them that Nash is trying to do too much. He’s trying to be the highlight reel guy.

    I mean not for anything, but that move he pulled in game 2 was pretty much luck (he lost the puck twice), but credit for him to keep working and end up getting a chance. But when he’s out there, he needs to pass it a lot more and get more involved. I don’t care if he scores or not, but he hasn’t been involved in the offense.

    It’s the same thing guys got on Gaborik for last year (and it turned out he was injured). If he’s not hurt, he should be stepping it up just like the top players on every other team are. Hell, Tavares is carrying the Isles. Not asking Nash to do that, but just get more engaged on offense.

  162. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Doodie as long as he has game winning assist, I’ll let him off the hook, if we are winning.

  163. I appreciate Carp’s wide, encompassing view, including Clowe, Boyle, Dorsett, etc. for some grueling, necessary work. Too often, someone plays like a dog for 15 minutes, gets himself a lucky gift goal and we give him a star.

  164. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    Manny’s Avatar looks like one of the guys from Jib Jab

  165. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    I’m thinking Nash is saving himself for the 3rd period, seconds left, game winning goal.

    I need an advil :)

  166. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    I’m thinking anyone who come in with the Gerneral Burnside look wins this contest hands down.

  167. Nash is not involved because he’s not skating. It’s either his groin, his conditioning, or his desire. But yes even at 80% he’s still a threat, just hate seeing him out there with BRich.

  168. I loved the fact that after Ovechkin made that stupid comment before Game 4 that Girardi and McD were soft in the corners he was getting hit left and right last night. All I can say is our boys need to keep their heads up on Friday because that jackwagon is going to be throwing his body/elbows around from the get-go and do the damage he tried to do to Step. The boys have to play smart, be quick and decisivne (and shoot everything they have at Holtby) and we’ll take Game 5.

  169. “He’s trying to be the highlight reel guy.”

    I hate to say it like this, but that’s what he is and what he does and that’s what he should keep doing…draw 3 guys to himself with a move. Keep Washington focused on him. They have a forward and a defenseman with him at all times.

    Ovechkin has 1 goal and that was a lucky chip in on the PP. He’s a “better” player than Nash (probably MVP) and he’s also been kept quiet because we are very focused on him. I believe Nash will totally spit in Holtby’s mouth if he gets any clear shot.

  170. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I just now caught up reading the go time thread and this one (was out all night last night celebrating VinceA day).

    First a couple of things from the go time thread…

    I’m honoured to be on the second pair, but with a europansy??? As long as he isn’t wearing a visor, I guess it is ok.

    Shut up mothman

    From the review thread

    Great review!

    Clowe makes everyone play bigger, a definite difference maker.

    If we start the next game the same way, good things will happen

    So how many head shots has Stepan taken this series (no I don’t think the ovi-erat-Stepan situation was a head shot)?

  171. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    hands down, best beard/stache goes to Ambrose Burnside. Look at that thing of beauty – it’s like two small steaks sent from heaven to keep his shoulders dry in the rain.

    Man, those Civil War era dudes look angry. Didn’t they have cable to watch the Rangers?

  172. Rob in Beantown on

    My new avatar is an older picture of me, but I think it’s still okay

  173. And by the way for those insinuating a Nash/Gabby double standard there absolutely was speculation that something was off with Gabbys health in last years playoffs. Of course there wasn’t complete unanimity on that but it was certainly debated.

  174. It comes down to this:

    Rick Nash has to own Game Five.

    And the funny thing is, I kind of think he will.

    Rangers break serve and come home with a chance to put Washington away in 6.

  175. Rob in Beantown on

    I said Rangers in 6 at the beginning of the series, if they win Friday I think that still happens.

  176. Like John Candy, but Fatter on

    If the Rangers win the next two, I’m calling Rangers in Six…you heard it here first, with my mouth full of Cracker Jacks shooting crumbs everywhere

  177. HockeymanRangers on

    I love the fact that 3 of our lowest paid players are on the top of the scoring chart?? Put Zucc’s, Haggy and Stepans salary together and you still don’t come close to any of our star players salary. Yet they are the ones at the top of the scoring stats. Would love to see Zucc’s get one in the net. Regardless I am glad we came back with 2 wins, also stressing we can get a win in DC.

  178. Sioux-per-man 9.9 on

    Hockey man – It would be interesting to calculate their salary vs goals/points.

    We might get sticker shock :(

    Someone should put the moneyball spin on this!!!

  179. Salty – that’s great and all until he turns the puck over and the Caps come the other way and stuff it down the Rangers throat. Every now and then I’m cool with him trying to do too much, but he’s been doing it a little too often in spots where it’s obvious there isn’t a move to make.

  180. Miami Pimp on

    You guys crack me up.

    The Caps have these no-talents exactly where they want them. Tied 2-2, with the Rangers and their fans full of eventually-unfulfilled hope, and going back to D.C. …

    … where the Caps will obliterate these clowns and then win this in 6.

  181. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers biggest postseason heroes thus far:

    Derick Brassard
    John Moore
    Mats Zuccarello
    Carl Hagelin
    Henrik Lundqvist

    Biggest postseason duds thus far:

    Rick Nash
    Brad Richards
    Michael Del Zotto

  182. I think Mike Ribeiro was arrested last night after the game for seduction under false promise of marriage. Also, the bride was underage.

  183. Stranger Nation on

    The one argument against Nash making too many dipsy doo, how do you do moves iwhile going 1 on 2 is the goalie is a sieve so we need to pepper him with shots, especially when screened by Craps Dmen

  184. Lloyd Braun on

    Nash has looked slow and predictable for quite a while now. Maybe he is hurt or just tired but whatever it is, he’s not looking that much better than Richards

  185. Carp, When the next chat? Did u leave for DC yet? I am taking the AMTRAK there tomorrow AM. Hope the boys in blue can get one tomorrow night in DC.

  186. Lloyd Braun on

    Tortorella’s comments today re: Stralman and McDonagh is the kind of stuff that makes him virtually impossible to like no matter how much charity he work he supposedly does. The guy is so committed to looking like a hard ass to the sporting press that I’m not even sure he realizes how stupid and unnecessary half the stuff he says really is.

    Also, have to love his (typical) choice to make Eminger the fall guy for the miscue on the 1st goal. I didn’t recall seeing Eminger knock Del Zotto to the ice but that’s another story. Then you have Boyle, who made what to my mind is worse a play since it was actually two different mistakes that resulted in a goal and he doesn’t miss a shift. Way to be consistent, Torts.

  187. Zuccarello up on Richie in Preakness. Riche says: “What’s the whip for?”

  188. Coos, I liked when Clowe grabbed that Dirty Bird Olesky.

    Clowe reminds me of the guy in the bar that everyone warns you to leave alone.

  189. Clowe makes nice pass to Brassard as he hits the blue line and heads straight to net like an 18 wheeler. Brassard curls and threads a bb pass on the tape to a streaking Hags. Hags makes like Guy Lafleur and rips it high glove side…….

    Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo! Very nice hockey play.

  190. Lloyd Braun on

    the thing is, those are the kinds of plays other teams make once or twice a game. watching the Rangers it’s like a friggin’ Yeti sighting to see a series of passes lead to a goal.

  191. Lloyd, 1st Period, to the right of Holtby after Clowe and Dorsett were banging away looking for a loose puck in the crease. Olesky tried to get in Clowes grill, Clowe proceeded to place his hand on Olesky’s chest/jaw area and push him from the goal line to the end boards like he was a feather in the wind.

  192. Lloyd, 3 of our 4 last night were the result of some very nice, “find the open man, move the puck quickly, blast away” plays.

  193. Balcony Bob on

    Advice for the Rangers from Fred Shero, many years ago:

    “kill the body, the head will die”

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