VIDEO: Carp’s keys to Game 4


Heading into Game 4, Carp’s takes a look at Henrik Lundqvist’s nomination for the Vezina and why this is a must-win if the Rangers have any hopes of advancing.

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  1. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    It’s going to be a 2 Dog night!!!

    I sure hope Ovechkins words were shared with the Rangers. McDonagh, Girardi, Staal, & Clowe should make sure he feels the checks tonight.

    Drop the Puck!!!

  2. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Keys to tongihts game ….. don’t forget them on the kitchen table.

    Bring the Truck, and drive Ovechkin through the glass!!!

    The “Chant” should be …. Can you feel Us!!!!

    Right after a good hit.

  3. Lloyd Braun on

    what did Ovechkin say, “I’m banging a girl who’d be impossibly out of my league if I didn’t make millions of dollars?”

  4. First Holtby, then Ovechkin with the disparaging remarks!

    I guess we are an easy team to play against!

  5. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I’ll be dipped, Carp actually does look 26.. where’s my glasses?
    Pens starting Vokoun…Fleury in the Chateau Bowski

  6. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    Clowe is back. He is anotomically designed for the playoffs. The winner tonight wins the series. The Rangers will win tonight.

  7. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Harvey pitched last nite Orr so it is possible. 6-0 so far are the Rangers when he attends.

  8. No Amirante, either.

    I hear Kevin Bacon is here. Hopefully he shows up with Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise.

  9. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Cmon Lloyd, your Sawx are in first.

    So this is a Harvard bar eh?

  10. Great spot, Carp! Getting that pretty mug on video. Nice.

    Staal is out again? Um……..That’s awful for Staal.

  11. It cant be a concussion since he played rest of game and had a full practice this morning. Vision problems I guess. Not good.

  12. Is This Real? on

    kinda great seeing Redden skate away after giving up a goal. almost nostalgic.

  13. yea hope not orr but could be gettin headaches again. he needs some more time getting into playoff mode intensity orr. i think he’ll be back in before the series is over especially if we lose tonight. hes

  14. No Staal hurts, no doubt.

    As for Ovie, the Rangers need to take a page from the Messier play book. Ovie likes to hit, just make him pay for it when he does. Stick to the mouth, elbow to the head. Whatever it may be.

    Old time hockey

    Not sure if the winner tonight takes the series, but if we lose I doubt we win three straight.

    Take it to em tonight, boys!

  15. Is This Real? on

    game of the season tonight. we will find out if these guys have any stones tonight. clowe should help. an early goal would do so much for these guys.

  16. Maybe Staal just felt out-matched last game. Hopefully it’s something like that.

  17. If he hadn’t practiced this morning Id be concerned about concussion. Wouldnt be the first time the wonderful medical staff allowed a concussed player to continue playing in the game.

  18. orr- whats your opinion on that movie ‘your highness’?

    i give it 4 out of 5 bong hits

    2 blunts up!!

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