It’s Go Time! … Game 4: Capitals at Rangers


Another crucial game. More crucial, actually. What the Rangers accomplished in Game 3, with a 4-3 victory, was to provide themselves a chance to make this a series. Now they need to follow up with another win or, obviously, they fall behind three games to one.

Though that type of comeback is not statistically impossible — 24 teams have done it in 239 situations where the opponent was up 3-1 in a best-of-seven — it sure would be a seemingly insurmountable hill for this team to climb. The Rangers have never done it in their history, though the Capitals have blown a few in theirs. And, in fact, Washington came back from 3-1 against the Rangers to win their first-round series in 2009.

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Game 4.caps
Capitals at Rangers.

Late news from warmups: Marc Staal did not skate in the pre-game and is expected to be scratched. Steve Eminger took his spot in warmups and would play if Staal can’t.

Ryane Clowe (probable concussion) will return, and Darroll Powe (probable concussion) is out.Otherwise, same lineup as Game 3.

Henrik Lundqvist, Vezina finalist (along with Antti Niemi and Sergei Bobrovsky), starts in goal. Duh.


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  1. Is This Real? on

    kingslayer-r baratheon-n stark
    baelish-varrys- tyrion lannister
    the hound- joffrey- tywin lannister
    snow- r stark – greyjoy

  2. orr- whats your opinion on that movie ‘your highness’?

    i give it 4 out of 5 bong hits

    2 blunts up!!

  3. Holtby called us out for not making life tough for him…next game we score 4 goals.

    Ovi called us out for not playing physical…tonight we forecheck, cycle, maybe get into a fight or 2, and hold ovi to no shots on goal with a minus 2? Lets hope, it’s go time!!

  4. Cross Check Charlie on

    Knock Ovechkin on his can. Get the lead early. Then knock Ovechkin on his can again. Repeat as needed

  5. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am back home ready for the game! Too bad that Staal cant play tonight.

  6. grabby-manny-cccp
    orr-coos-fat guy
    papa bear-eric-gravy

    nasty-james g


    healthy scratch-stuart,commonsense,mothman

    IR- tony in az,

  7. of course manny. watch out though, ilb’s been playin good lately. and i’m thinking of reuniting the 2 russians!! ;)

  8. Ugh. Sam’s little segue’s into the “pump up” song on MSG is laughably bad. Light em up? really?

  9. lol love on the line rushes pyatt is up on richards line and clowe is with asham and dorsett… i think torts must visit here and decide he’s just going to mess with us.

  10. I won’t be surprised when the Caps score first but this is a good, physical start for us.

  11. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I like this Rangers team better than the one that played the 1st 3 games.

  12. Pyatt is looking good tonight.

    Can Boyle score for a second consecutive game tonight? Will Satan’s dwelling freeze over?

    This is an entirely different Rangers team with Staal.

    Good no call by the zebras on the Rangers’ 2 on 1.

  13. the missed call when Richards got tripped led to Caps sustaining pressure though…

  14. But I’m sure all the people with Gabby-goggles will bemoan another horrible penalty committed by Dorsett.

  15. I like the plan of icing the puck immediately after the faceoff following an icing call. You get like another 20 seconds to breathe.

  16. Carp, they didn’t have to call the penalty. We don’t score on 2 on 1s anyway.

  17. Yea. It’s not bad grabby. I get it. Don’t let Ovechkin shoot. Ever. But Green beats us too.

  18. That “rush” had DEL ZASTER written all over it. That’s a low percentage idae.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Thats because they only use the damn boards each and every time. They must use the middle of the ice. The Caps are waiting for hem on the boards every time. Torts needs to adjust.

  20. Caps smartly swift he’d Backstrom and Riberio for parts of the PP. because if Rebierso isn’t going to shoot, they put him on the goal line to the side of the net. Oates is smart.

  21. Norm Merton on

    Gotta hate DZ, especially when he skates the puck the length of the ice, successfully, and makes a nice pass at the end. Jeesh.

  22. man, do i hate the jumping to try and stop the puck it almost always ends with the forwards getting behind you

  23. Norm Merton on

    Liking the Nash spin — tough for the D to know what to do when they’re looking his number, can’t get the puck, don’t know which way he’ll turn.

  24. Richards has scored a key goal!!

    Where are all the Richards haters? Carp?

  25. Norm Merton on

    Richards is the worst player in Rangers history. Buy him out before game 5.

  26. Norm Merton on

    Stepan didn’t know he was alone. Could have written a letter home and then socred.

  27. A 5 on 3 will come out of this if the Rangers do not score on the 4 on 3.

  28. NYR are either all pass or all shoot. How about you pass to set up a shot?

  29. Zuccarello, Moore, Brassard, Callahan, Nash

    Isn’t that our successful unit?

  30. How do u have a 5-3 and not have Zuccarello on the ice for a minute and a half. AWFUL COACHING

  31. legal check except for the leaving-his-feet, launching himself at a defenseless player, Norm.

    Surprised the refs had the onions to call it. But they got it right.

  32. Czechthemout!!! on

    The most stubborn a hole i have ever seen! Richards and MDZ again on the PP point. It is as if what John Moore and what he did last game never happened. What buffoon he truly is. And what about Brassard?

  33. Carp

    I know that, but once the puck was cleared, it should have been an immediate change or Del Zotto should have went to the bench right away.

    Such an importantant part of the game and you have to take advantage…

  34. that setup was embarrassing on the 5 on 3. Also I thought Ovechkin should have gotten interference.. not sure why Erat got a penalty….plus perhaps a broken wrist to go with it.

  35. BroadwayBlueshirt11 on

    Ovi loves his car seat. Three weeks ago the Caps were filming a commercial outside of my work. They closed down the street to film Ovi ( full pads and carseat) playing street hockey with some kids.

  36. BigBadVinny on

    What happnned to our captain of the pp? I wonder about torterella sometimes?..

  37. Norm Merton on

    Didn’t see Ovi leave his feet — was focused on his non-elbow — so, yeah, good call.

  38. Latones, see Grabby @ 7:30

    I’m trying to get you some ice time. He has Sally playing forward and D.

    I’m the enforcer!

    Ddollie is a scratch.

  39. Cross Check Charlie on

    Gotta keep this up. They seemed to come alive in the last 8 minutes

  40. I think it should have been MZA, Brassard, Nash, Clowe, and Moore. Put MZA and Brassard on the walls, Nash roaming, Moore up top, and Clowe in front.

  41. ThisYearsModel on

    PP was good lst game with Moore, Brassard and Zuccarello. Guess what 3 players were NOT out there on the 5 on 3? While Richards effs the whole thing up at the point.

  42. Richards on the point is an absolute guaranteed NO SCORE. Tortorella is a complete and utter moron. 5-3 with a chance to add to the lead and puts out the stiffest of stiffs

    Yeah, Richards scored earlier. Into an open net. I’m surprised he didn’t miss the net by a foot. Or pass it behind him

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – any word on staal? setback?…was it the head shot he took early in the first?

  44. It’s true, LW. The Caps love having Ovechkin in the box. Notice how he served their Too Many Men call last game?

  45. I’m not disagreeing with you guys on the 5-on-3. There’s no idea out there, and a couple of players who, despite their pedigree, shouldn’t be out there.

  46. Norm Merton on

    Actually, no, not a penalty at all at Ovi. Replay pretty clear on that one. Good hit.

  47. How can they POSSIBLY have Richie out there late? Same damned thing Monday night.

  48. blind faith, coos … by the way, I heard there was couscous (sp?) in the press dining area tonight.

  49. Leetchhalloffame on

    That piece of crap Ovechpuke never even looked at the puck. Raced 100 miles an hour just to try and knock Stepan out of the game. Russian punk.

  50. That 5-3 adds to the long list of reasons why Tortorella is a major part of this teams problems. Last game showed who should be out there in the PP. Obvious to everyone EXCEPT the schmuck behind the bench.

    That 5-3 might as well have been during a September exhibition. Where’s the killer instinct???

  51. Norm Merton on

    They just showed it between periods. No launch, and he left his feet after the collision. Put it this way — if the jerseys were reversed, we’d be loving one crushing check.

  52. Sally, Latones needs a spot. You have two. I don’t want you burnt out for the game 5 ;-)

  53. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts is always smarter than everyone else. In his own mind, anyway. We need this darn game, and he does not go with what worked last game. 5 forwards? Like THAT has worked all season?

  54. Serpico available to replace eminger on d?

    Has Nash touched the puck yet on the 5 on 3?

  55. ThisYearsModel on

    I think OV was aiming for Steps head. Luckily, Stem moved it out of the way.

  56. grabby-manny-cccp
    orr-coos-fat guy
    papa bear-eric-gravy

    nasty-james g


    healthy scratch-stuart,commonsense,mothman

    IR- tony in az,

  57. eddie eddie eddie on

    Maloney on radio was beside himself screaming “where is John Moore?”

  58. If Eric and Dave Maloney were sat next to each other, could they still both be beside themselves?

  59. Was Moore on the ice for a long shift or something right before the PP?

  60. and there’s your answer as Moore commits the cardinal sin of missing the net on the 5-on-3 (not that Richards doesn’t do it all the time).

  61. So maybe this hasn’t been pointed out much around these parts, but the Rangers power play is just awful.

  62. Those last 25 seconds and personnel looked better than the rest of the 5-on-3. So frustrating.

  63. thanks manny. i just traded mothboy and common for tiki and gregzzz. our gm olga specifically requested greg

  64. so we finally get our wish as moore is on the point in the PP…and he misses the net on 2 or 3 shots. maybe our PP troubles aren’t on the coach, but on the personnel.

  65. Shaky as Holtby is, he’s probably made more good saves in this game than the first two games combined.

  66. yea carp holtbys been good. if he didnt screw up on that one play its 0-0. keeping the caps in it for sure

  67. Norm Merton on

    I am actually about to type, “Richards, Pyatt, Hagelin our best line tonight.”

  68. BigBadVinny on

    I would be more than happy if the Rangers never got another power play; it is much too fustrating!

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    Grabby- greg’s a joy compared to those two asshats mothboy and common…

  70. Coach Manny Milbury has determined which power play unit is better. That is why the Rangers pay him the big bucks.

  71. Norm Merton on

    Open ice, passing goal, two new guys in on it, Hagelin finally on the board. This is actually working.

  72. Probably going to jinx us, but I’m repeatedly amazed that we rarely allow shorthanded goals considering how dreadful we are with the man advantage.

  73. Mothballs are the worst. They always sit in your clothes and eat holes in them. Huge bummer.

  74. nash looks like hes angry hes being left out on the scoresheet. he has to be physical and help out in other ways i guess manny

  75. grabby-
    I want each team to win its home games. A 7 game series with my 2 favorite teams. I am not trying to jinx anything. The Caps are completely bottled up this game. Series tied 2-2.

  76. I hope it doesn’t lead to PIM’s, grabby. I like him being physical though.

  77. i dont know mothman, u really confuse me. how could you love both teams? i know youre not a ranger fan ok.

  78. That was a HECK of a play by Ward to pull up instead of skating behind the net.

  79. del zotto’s fault on that one. hate to say it cuz he gets more than his fair amount of hate, but that goal was on him for going down wayyyyyy too soon.

  80. Del Zaster HATES to defend the 2-on-1 in the classic style by just taking away the pass. He prefers to play it somewhere in the middle, point at people and then slide on the ice.

  81. Sam needs his eyes checked. Joe has had to correct him at least 3 times tonight.

  82. NYR shouldn’t have tried that play up into the slot with the two goal lead, though. Should have just kept it down low.

  83. Del Zotto is playing like he knows he has been made expendable by the play of John Moore.

    Del Zotto traded of Draft Day for a 1st Rounder…, more likely a 2nd…

  84. luckily the Caps are still sleeping so that goal didn’t seem to change much.

    Just can’t believe that Del Zotto is playing so poorly…

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    We silence their big guns and we give up goals to Mathieu Perrault, with MDZ making a fool of himself and Richards standing around while the puck is stuffed in. It doesn’t take long to undo a terrific half game.

  86. I blame eminger, he has to keep the puck in there…he is not out there to be cute with puck…push it deep..

  87. Norm Merton on

    Hate to say it, but Lundqvist could have done more on that one, too.

  88. Another Rangers blog suggested that with Moore’s improved play of late, Del Zotto is expendable now. Ridiculous. sure Moore has tons of upside, but so does MDZ. He’ll make his share of mistakes, but ridiculous to even entertain the idea of trading him

  89. Nice to see Ovechkin end up butt down on the ice with his car seat sticking up…

  90. Hank took too long to make a decision with the puck behind the net there. Needs to move it quickly.

  91. Stranger Nation on

    need to get the Step line away from the Ovi & 2 Swedes line – they are killing us
    Cally looks spent, Nash looks spent…painful

  92. Jeremy, was it one of those blogs done in a basement by somebody who never goes to a game or a practice.

  93. lol. i know carp. im a sicilian hothead. i will protect my rangers and my ranger blog brothers! and sisters

  94. Is it hooking or holding the stick if a Rangers defenseman gets his stick caught up in Ovechkin’s car seat?

  95. Goal was bad play all around. Badpass by ????? to Eminger in his skates. Bad fumble by Eminger. Eminger takes himself out of play with useless neutral zone hit. MDZ horrendous blow-by Snow Angel. Richards leaves his man who scores the goal.

  96. I know Carp, haven’t posted in a long time, just trying to stir the pot…

  97. Leetchhalloffame on

    DelZ has been god-awful these 2 home games. He and Eminger on ice together big-time recipe for disaster and put the craps right back in the game.

  98. Who cares if they didn’t clear the zone or not. That was atrocious from Stralman.

  99. Norm Merton on

    Most of the time, a ton of missed chances bites you in the arse in the end. Not every time, though. Fingers crossed.

  100. i don’t get it. Rangers completely froze up once they scored their goal. Deer in the headlights. Hope Torts lets them have it during the intermission.

  101. Stranger Nation on

    REal “monster” back check by Step
    Boyle blocks puck from going out
    painful….just painful to watch

  102. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, no reason for this game to be tied. Work hard to get up 2 then give it away in the last 5 minutes of the period. Only the Rangers.

  103. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Carp, only one replay so far, and not slow mo. Looked like it was still on the line, but would like to see another angle.

  104. The Caps are playing the worst game they’ve played in weeks, yet this game is tied going into the 3rd.

    Any other team right now would be winning by 3+

  105. either way, if rick nash doesnt show up and get us a win here, i’m gonna puke. why cant our supposed stars get anything done when it matters?

  106. “A penalty,” says Sam,, “and I think it’s gonna be called.” Then, cut to a short babble by TroutWig and ten commercials. Guess we’ll find out eventually. Pathetic.

  107. Norm Merton on

    All signs point to a Caps win tonight — fortunately signs don’t score goals, but Holtby’s been the better goalie so far if you forget the bonehead freebie.

  108. That goal is soft. Hank was too concerned with a puckless Capitals player near the post. Probably because his Defenseman had just let him down in a similar fashion.

  109. i thought it should be a goal for ilya brysgalov maybe. not our guy. sorry, i hold him at a higher standard

  110. Very tough back hand shot by Brower. Caught Hank by surprise short side.

  111. Can’t really blame Hank for the goals in my opinion, but I don’t get why he and other NHL goalies generally wouldn’t attempt to poke check Ward on that close-in play.

  112. How do you catch a goalie by surprise? Isn’t it a goalie’s job to watch the puck? Surprised is not an excuse. Surprised means a goalie wasn’t prepared for the shot that came.

  113. One way for the Kreider to crack this lineup is to work with Shonny and Beukeboom and change positions. Most of these guys take bad angles and skate in sand.

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t usually give endorsements, but NBC has one thing right… “Every Game, Every Night”.

    I don’t have to watch any between periods bull-loney.

    Go Leafs Go!

  115. Miami Pimp on

    Raise your hands if you think the Rangers have ANY chance of scoring on the 3rd-period PP?

    Exactly. I too pray we don’t give up a short-handed.

  116. Momentum……gone. Caps are going to Storm. We need to counter quickly.

    Seems to me Holtby has more problems with shots from the left wing back to his glove side ( like Hagelin shot)

  117. for some reason, hank always keeps us in games when we cant score but when we do, he slacks off a little. and maybe thats because he hasnt had much work or whatever but still. holtby has outplayed him the past 2 games and that cant happen. this game was ours and if we blow a 2 goal lead and lose this, they may as well call this series over.

  118. Nash always seems to go on vacation mode this time of year. Maybe old habits are tough to break, but this is ridiculous. The Rangers never get lucky it feels after acquiring a big name.

  119. Who in hell was that facing Henrik on that last goal, staring at the ice instead of facing out and getting the pests away from the neet?

  120. At the game. Season over. Del zaster and eminger can’t be used ever. We can’t defend there role players. Hank needs to bail them out there.

    Anyone see that piece of crap Nash.

    See you in October. Friday night will be a massacre.

    Beyond fed up with this crap team we root for.

  121. Norm Merton on

    Time for Torts to earn his money in the locker room, starting with a power play that will allow them to tilt the ice whether they score or not. An easy Caps kill could be a killer.

  122. Hank has to stop that last one but we should have scored the third goal. We know the pop won’t pull us through..heres to a good 5 on 5 period!

  123. Damn, almost forgot…

    A reminder that tomorrow is the second annual *VinceA Day* (not that a reminder should be needed).

    Festivities start at midnight ‘murican time. Don’t be a pånsy.

  124. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, the Rangers are down 5-0? You’d think that with the comments on here.


    Just need to win the 3rd period!

  125. i love hank ok. hes the reason were even here. dont get it twisted that im blaming this all on him, but if he wants to call out the team for not scoring and playing bad, then hes gotta do the same. he needs to take it to another level and not let in another soft goal tonight. weve played at least 60-70 percent in their end. hes had like 10-15 shots all game. shut the door now and dont let this punk holtby outplay you hank!

  126. Very disapointed in Nash. I was hoping he would elevate his game for playoffs. He’s barely noticable, mostly perimeter play.

  127. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    And again, as every year, I am honered to celebrate the pansiest holiday in the whole wide world on the same day as my birthday…Thank you, VinceA!

  128. I really, really thought, with the way Hank was playing, that a two goal lead might be enough. All we had to do was get out of the second with a lead.

  129. An Emrick Fun Fact:

    Did any of youse know that the Garden ice surface is on the 5th floor?

  130. The object of a rangers pp is to prevent a short handed goal. No chance they score.

  131. Seems that Leetch disagrees a lot with eric. But, eric is probably right, right?

  132. Lloyd Braun on

    Boyle blew the tip in for icing, then held the puck in for Washington by swatting it with his hand for no reason. I’d be claiming the puck was out too if I’d just done something that stupid.

  133. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Do we really need to see Backstrom Geico commercials the whole series?

  134. Stranger Nation on

    Agree Lloyd Boyle HAS to get that puck out, then Step watches Brouwer skate in with no back check

  135. no latona. i think hank is way better than holtby. i guess ive been spoiled by hanks greatness a little that i just expect perfect games every night. im overreacting a little i know. i’m just pissed and had too many beers.

  136. Olga Folkyerself on

    Did any of youse know that the Garden ice surface is on the 5th floor?

    Then Ken Hodge and Eric Lindros #88 is buried 5 floors deep?

  137. Man. *VinceA* would LOVE these little Euro passes that the Caps attempt. All the touch passes. And Mike Ribeiro of course.

  138. They actually scored a beautiful goal in the playoffs at an important time.

  139. well i know my first two stars. Stepan and Hagelin (in no particular order). brassard has to be a star too, no?

  140. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    This team has shown battle these last two games. Could have fallen apart giving up leads, but really showing good bounce back.

  141. Norm Merton on

    Great call by Torto as well. Two great coaching games in a row, I think.

  142. Can someone tell me… Mom wants to know if Haggy has a beard or not, but I’m listening on the radio. Anyone?

  143. Pierre praising Tort for switching his lines up and making in-game adjustments there. He’s clearly reading the blog…

  144. He’s got a little scruff going, Sally.

    lmgo, LW. They’re obviously winning despite having quit on him.

  145. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    Wow…how many of these type of goals can we keep letting in?!

  146. Damnit, Hank! I called Richards losing that draw though. He should NOT take any defensive zone draws in the third period ever.

  147. you guys didnt seriously think we’d win a game with more than a 1 goal lead, did you? Rangers never make it easy!

  148. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t want to own ledge space, I want to own the toll booth to get out there and back…

  149. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Shot likely deflected, so hard to blame Hank. If it hadn’t been, that’s a bad goal.

  150. i think weve played 75% of this game in their end and neutral zone. hank has had a relatively easy night. no more goals hank!

  151. Stupid Perreault with the hook on Stralman that doesn’t get called and leads to (the softest goal ever) the Chimera goal and now he has a neck deflection for a goal.

  152. Okay, my blood pressure and heart rate is too high. Time to turn this one off. Later, ‘heads.


  153. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    This last 10 minutes is going to be like the last 2 minutes of game 3.

    Did MDZ get high sticked on that last series?

  154. Can we ever cover the points. They generate most of their O from their wide open points

  155. ThisYearsModel on

    Time for the Rangers special prevent defense. 8more minutes in our zone coming up.

  156. Paging Rick Nash! Mr. Rick Nash, please report to the World’s Most Famous Arena pronto!

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    WHAT A ring -a -ding-dong dandy!!!!

    GREAT GAME!!!!


    LETS GO!!!!!

    LETS gog ogggog og gog go gogo!!!!


    Keep it going boys , up by one!!!!!

  158. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Just win baby , just win!!!!

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Awsome game so far , Hank letting in everything but WE wont be denied …RAAAAAAAAAAAANGERS!!!


  160. Norm Merton on

    Great shift by Richards line, but they stayed out too long. Short shifts, fellas!

  161. Yea, Papa. This looks like the last 3 minutes of a NY Giants game when they drop back in coverage and lose.

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    HEYYY HEYY Papa Bear!!!!

    FIRE OLGA!!!


  163. Manny, what are you talking about? Giants game? This looks like every important NYR game ever.

  164. Moore can skate so well he looks like a video game. He has the ability to Strafe.

  165. I know it seems like Role PLayers are beating us but man our boys have done some GREAT work against Ovechkin.

  166. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  168. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Who’d have thought the Rangers would have won the two 4-3 games?

  169. Norm Merton on

    Great game. Capitals will hardly be going away, though. I vote Brassard, Hagelin, Girardi, Torts.

  170. Have to say I’m pretty surprised they tied it up. They just look so shaky and fragile though. I hope they can focus a little on the road.

  171. Lol check out all this man love. I’m with it.

    Maybe now Oates understands what Torts meant by the teams are evenly matched, eh??

  172. Norm Merton on

    Super play by Lundqvist in last seconds getting the puck out of his shirt, avoiding the face-off, sweeping puck to the corner. Game over.

  173. I need to celebrate. Pick anything in the room and ill lift it over
    My head!

  174. this is the best blog ever to be and i will be here when we finally win a cup again. i’m 31. i’ll be here till i’m 91 if i have to. carp, u better be here too!

  175. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    New series baby. It’s on to Washington and let’s win there. Rangers are going to win this series.

  176. Don’t worry, next season we’ll prob trade Nash to a non playoff team for three nobodies who will reign supreme in NY

  177. Super smart play by Hank indeed, Norm.

    NYR still need to figure out how to deal with WSH point men.

  178. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    Brassard has great hands. Niffty passing tonight.
    My head hurts from pulling my hair out last 5 minutes.
    I’m feeling stressed but in a good way. Does anyone else think Chimera should get an award for embellishment on the cross check he took from Moore? Boy did Moore show some cogones (did I spell that right?)

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe could have had a much greater impact if not playing richards caddie all night


    Shagadelic spectacular

  180. Stranger Nation on

    2 of our 5 players in this win came back for Gabby

    Nash looked like carcillo. his lack of grit and compete is starting to piss me off.

  181. James g ,,, grabby made blog lines (see Grabby @ 8:32) You were 3rd pair DMan!!!!!

  182. LOL! This is from Bruce Beck’s twitter:

    “Holtby makes mistake – #Rangers capitalize! Such a smart play by @CarlHagelin shooting the puck towards the net! 1-0”

    Shooting the puck at a vacant net? What a novel idea!

  183. Llats, they need to stop collapsing below the face-off dots. Points are wide open and have all day.

  184. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Amazing. A team with so much wrong about their play, their all-world goalie not at the top of his game, their star players invisible and not even fully healthy and can still win? Maybe we’ve got something here.

  185. Hockey fans who know what they are looking at can take great appreciation in McDonagh’s often overlooked performance, Monday and tonight especially.

  186. The only problem, Papa, is that NYR seem to be losing a lot of individual puck battles. Normally I’d take a 3v3 below the dots, with two men remaining high to cover the points, but I don’t know if we can afford to. Maybe we can pull one guy back into the low slot and put the remaining forechecker out in the high slot to move back and forth between the defensemen? I have no idea.

    McDonagh’s been real solid, coos.

  187. James g . I thought Clowe was a presence to be dealt with on the ice. Not sarcasm.

  188. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    If Nash could realize he’s being double-teamed and that he’s playing like crap to begin with them he could learn how to better utilize his linemates. Like that’s gonna happen.

  189. Norm Merton on

    McDonagh and Girardi were heroic out there tonight, but the Rangers need to figure out how to win with them playing less than half the game each. It’s not sustainable to have Eminger play for 5 minutes, if he got even that much. He and Del Zotto need to step it up. Stralman was fine.

  190. Norm Merton on

    Clowe was too slow to be in this game — he lost 50:50 battles all over the place by not even getting to them. But he, like every Ranger but Eminger over the last two games, made a contribution — on that great second goal.

  191. Richards, facing the net, has sloooow hands, a slow head, or both. You could come out of the stands and block his shot. Others, like Step, seem to be too jumpy on the shot, which I interpret as early playoff jitters, and which will change.

  192. Caps with another car seat. Johansson? Anybody from the front office watch these games? Pretty soon they’ll be wearing their jock straps and cups outside. (Crosby a bra)

  193. Hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    Clowe is anotomically designed for playoff hockey. He looked like he played mean to me. They need to be very mean friday.

  194. Can’t wait to get that ‘A’ off Richie’s sweater and put in on a more deserving character.

  195. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    So depending on Staal’s condition, i’m assuming Staal in for game 5 unless he is done for the playoffs.

    Great game for Stralman. #27 and #5 playing half the game.

  196. Rangers and Caps tied 2-2 despite Hank only standing on his head in Game 2, Nash not producing and Ovechkin having 5 invisible periods in a row now.

    I like our chances…

  197. Stralman played well. His problem is a tendency to throw the puck behind the net into a 50/50 battle when he has control of it up high.

  198. Best of 7 is perfect length to determine a winner of a playoff series between 2 teams.

  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Great game

    Great passing

    Great shooting

    Great saves

    Great Powerplay

    Great Penalty killing!!!

    Great blocks

    Great hitting!!!

    Great game all in all!!!!

  200. Hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    Duguay takes his MSG job as seriously as he did his hockey career. Preperation? Nope

  201. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WTG Mikey in Iowa (grabby)!!! We all love you too!!!


  202. Stranger Nation on

    coos 0 agree on stralman and D in general – when they do have puck with time down low, they tend to redirect behind nets with usually Delzastorous effects.

  203. Norm Merton on

    Wonder what Asham has to do to get ice time — is he dinged up? I’ll take over Dorsett any time.

  204. Stranger Nation on

    Nash better be hurt or I may need to rip up his hockey card…

    Soon he may be on Richards line of misfit toys full time

  205. DelZ, Stralman, and Moore had better be ready for Ovie in DC because I don’t think Oates wants to see him with Girardi or especially McDonuts any more. I have more confidence in Moore than the other two.

  206. Some pretty good backchecking on Ovi, too, that no one gets credit for. Unsung heroism.

  207. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman played a good 3rd period – he is out there with MDZ so draw your own conclusions.
    Joe Missaplenty is gushing over him, but I dont’ see it. He did get better tonight as game went on. He and Moore would be a good pair

  208. I like Ash, but Dorsett is 26; Asham 35. Dorsett is their future and he has been serving his purpose so far.

  209. Staal took that wicked head banger hit from Brower last night. I said it at the time, I bet he is concussed. He was able to finish the game, but as we know, his first post concussion bout had a delayed onset as well.

  210. jpg's sister on

    stranger you don’t think he’s fully recovered from whatever ailed him before or not used to the playoffs?

  211. Stranger Nation on

    jpg sis – if you are referring to Nash and the mystery injury – he obviously is not himself or at least, not what we saw in games 1 – 48.

    I am less concerned with losing puck, then not competing long boards, very Gabby like in his play.
    hope he heals soon…

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