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  1. Derrick Brassard should inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame for his performance tonight alone…

  2. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It was a good atmosphere at MSG tonight. I kinda think they have to hand out the handkerchiefs for the fans to start to yell a bit.

  3. Just got home from the game – not about to read 942 posts but if it wasn’t discussed:

    A. Nash is clearly hurting and far from 100% healthy. Whatever is being sid about him and pressure, the playoffs, etc – this guy is clearly playing hurt.

    B. Of course Powe has a concussion. He got up after that hit, skated over to the slot, and just fell down looking woozy. Hes done for awhile.

  4. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Peter, noticed the same thing. Powe, that’s second one with us, it would appear. Although his last one was called an ‘upper body injury’.

    At the end of the second, Nash fell along the boards. Hard. Had trouble getting up. Flexed afterwards. Don’t know if it was caught on TV or not.

  5. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Washington set up so many deflections tonight. Only the first goal worked but they had a number shot wide.

    Hank did a great job in allowing only 3 tonight. Washington’s forwards press hard. Good amount of talent and some excellent chances.

  6. Peter, I mentioned during the game it looked as if Nash was i playing hurt. Hard to say what, maybe a abdominal / groin pull or a knee? He seems rigid and unable to burst with his first couple of strides. Maybe he had a case of the flu?

  7. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Seems I need to re-re-re-re-post this since it’s pertinent to the current discussion….. and I’ve been saying it for months now:

    (Nash) doesn’t even look for his linemates when he goes in like that. He only does so very infrequently. Either way, he needs to quit it because all he ever accomplishes is turning the puck over to the Craps .He hasn’t looked like his early season self in a long time. He rarely uses his body to shield the puck and also fails at that often. He doesn’t seem to have the same stickhandling he put on display in the first half of the season.I don’t know If it’s because opponents are more familiar with him now or if it’s something physical, but he hasn’t looked as dominant as he had for a long time. I first noticed it when he started having trouble on shootout shots. But whatever the reason he better get it together or change the way he approaches the game in the meantime.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That was a fun game.,Brassard played huge. A goal, 2 assists, and several other excellent passes. On to game 4 and lets win there…

  9. good win, any win is a good win. some of the 2nd tier guys played very well tonight.

    john moore playing a big role on the team, who would have thought that on trade night.

    well I get my wish Powe out of the lineup for the next game. Not how I wanted that done, looks like a concussion. Do not mess around with head injuries serious stuff.

    if clowe is ready he goes in and the team is better for it.. asham still stinks…

  10. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Great win!

    But I’m not sold on this squad. They still have to win the next game. Going down 3-0 would be devistating. Going down 3-1 isn’t much better.

    GAME 4 PLAN:
    Win! If we tie the series I’m ecstatic. I just feel we’re out of gas. Knowing this team, I just know they’ll throw up another stinker next game. I hope I’m wrong, but long time fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

  11. Pyatt needs to be removed from the line-up. He is way too slow to cover the point. I saw that goal coming a mile away. I was yelling at the TV way before that goal.

    If Clowe cannot go, Kreider would a better option.

  12. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Late here and I just got done watching the game on the dvr

    Woooo hooooo!!! LGR!!

    Some observations…

    1) has anyone made the our grinders are better than your grinders t-shirt yet?

    2) I counted 6 hits by Nash in the first period and the best one was right after Brouwer leveled Staal, Nash skated right over and nailed Brouwer. Nash played his most physical game by far and a very good game.

    3) I said before the game if Staal came back I would sit Stralman and Stralman was bad tonight. The thing is, mdz was way way worse.

    4) Brassard was very good, really like the guy. He isn’t afraid to go to the “dirty areas” and you put him with a big body winger that goes to the net and man they could produce!

    5) I guess this is a game where all those “crappy, slow, worthless, how do they have a roster spot” players gave a great big middle finger to some of you here on the blog that just don’t quite get hockey eh!?

    6) hope powe is ok after a clear blatant elbow (consistent NHL justice coming?).

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