Game 3: Rangers-Capitals in review


First, apologies for all the tech difficulties lately. I have no idea what’s going on. We had some dead audio, and this blog post without photos, and no photo gallery. I will let you know later if we’re doing a Live Chat today.

Onto Game 3 … So is it a series, or isn’t it? I guess we don’t know until after Game 4 Wednesday night, because the Rangers need to win that one almost as much as they needed to win Game 3. Then it’s on. Or not.

That said, there were sure some good signs other than the obvious – winning the special teams battle, getting some goals from the top line and the other lines. Getting Marc Staal back. Putting a little doubt, perhaps, inside of Braden Holtby’s helmet.


1) When it was 3-3, I was thinking, wow, can they really lose a game in which Brian Boyle and Arron Asham both score? Because, to be honest, I never thought they were winning this game 2-1, but I really didn’t think they’d score four, either. Does that make any sense?

2) For all the noise about Brian Boyle on the power play, he made both of those goals happen, one which was technically an even-strength goal (his, just as the Capital stepped out of the box), and then the actual PPG by Brassard when he tipped a shot off Holtby which Mats Zuccarello chased down. Boyle was also kinda nasty, getting his mitts in the face of Geico spokesman Nick Backstrom, and tapping Mike Ribeiro in the onions long after the first-period buzzer sounded. Derek Dorsett did a bunch of that, too.

3) Can I just say, too, that Zuccarello, the Little Italian kid from Norway, is by far the Rangers’ best power-play forward. Just gets it, where the others don’t, and haven’t all season.

4) And did you like John Moore on the point as much as I did? This kid might change my mind about the Marian Gaborik trade by himself. Maybe.

5) That Marc Staal hit by Troy Brouwer was pretty frightening for a moment. But if he’s gonna play … the adage is, if you play you’re healthy. And in the playoffs, if you play, you’re gonna get drilled.

6) Which brings us to the Darroll Powe elbow by Joel Ward. It won’t be reviewed. It was one of those “accidental” intentional elbows, like Micheal Del Zotto’s that concussed James Neil of the Penguins. Plus, the NHL encourages head shots, obviously. In fact, I thought the two Alex Ovechkin shots to Derek Stepan’s head – the two-fisted punch to the back of the helmet early, the shoulder to the jaw later, were more flagrant. That said, Powe’s been concussed already this year. I’d be surprised if we see him again.

7) That scouting report that said to shoot high on Holtby? It ought to be crumpled into a ball and flung into a trashbin, now, right?

8) Some of you disagreed with me last night, and that’s fine, but I thought Rick Nash very involved, dishing it out instead of reacting. He probably had more chances in Game 1, and in the third period of Game 2. But I thought he was better overall in Game 3.

9) Derick Brassard had just a few tough moments, but looked really good in all three zones, very creative while responsible. He double-shifted in Powe’s spot for the Asham goal.

10) Stepan had one goal in for 27 playoff games before getting the winner. FWIW his other one was huge, too. This one started with a great keep-in by Ryan McDonagh, and smart plays by Zuccarello and Nash … Some offensive creativity. Who knew?

11) Captain Callahan took a couple of bad penalties. But you don’t mind aggressive penalties as much as lazy penalties. Or so they say. Besides, if he plays like that and they don’t call them (in the never-know land of NHL officiating) we’re all talking about Captain Callahan setting a tone.

12) Henrik Lundqvist, I thought, was going to have to be perfect in this game. He wasn’t. But he was stellar, beyond stellar, late in the second when Washington had its biggest surge of the game. And he was fabulous in the final two minutes during the 6-on-4 against the league’s best power play.

13) The Garden crowd was pretty good throughout. Really loud at the start, didn’t get discouraged to the degree I thought it might after the Capitals goals (especially the first one). Cheered at proper moments in the game. Part of that was because my golf buddy Ted was there with his nephew, not to mention his old-school “Bathgate” jersey. (Ted, it looks like I’ll be in D.C. instead of donating my money to you Friday).

14) Chase sponsored the embarrassing Zamboni race with “Rangers legend” Ron Duguay behind the wheel, and to make it more embarrassing, they pixeled — or scrambled or whatever you call it – The Capital One Bank sign when the Zamboni went past that bank in the video. Hahaha.

15) Almost forgot, Alex Ovechkin wins the Sidney Crosby Embellishment Award for acting as if he’d been hit by sniper fire when Brad Richards gave him a tap across the logo late in the third. Of course, the refs bought it. Shocker.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brassard…almost the goat
2. The King
3. Boyler
Love the D-Men…
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard (30.43%).
2. Brian Boyle (18.84%).
3. Derek Stepan (10.87%).

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  1. RangerSwedgian on

    When I don’t watch, we win…. see you in October!!

    Zucc cut from the national team ’cause a sponsoring deal. Only in Norway

  2. SufferingSince79 on

    Always better when I can read a happy recap. Thanks Carp. #6…wonder how long before Blovechkin hurts someone playing the way he does? I’m sure the NHL wont care either way. #12…one of those Lundqvist wasn’t perfect but if it wasn’t for him we would have lost nights. Hard being a goalie especially when you have to rely on Boyle and Asham for your offense.

    Heart was pounding the last 2 minutes. Guess that’s a good thing.

  3. Going to have to be much better. To only win in the end when we play 10% of the game on the Power Play is not going to win another 3 games…

  4. True Grit….says it all….on a night they could have laid down after losing two leads and being outplayed ay even strength. I loved Brassards energy all night…and his mates did bail him out…but he made a difference last night…threw some nice hits too. Boyler regained his Ottawa preconcussion tenacity…even after taking one off the leg. Nashneeds to learn what playoff hockey requires of those crowned stars in this league…the ability to being tapped with a stick look like you’ve almost been decapitated! We are still alive this morning and while this is a team game…make no mistake….Lundqvist is the reason we even dare to dream we come back amd take this series…

  5. Well i am happy with the win. Thought it waa their worst 5 v 5 game of the series though. Its odd perhaps holtby’s mediocrity proves troublesome for the caps the rest of the way? Hope kreider gets in for game 4.

  6. Norm Merton on

    For all the conspiracy theorists here who think the NHL’s TV people tell the refs what to call, you’d have to say they want the Rangers to make this a series, eh, with that disparity in calls?

    To the game itself, I thought every single Ranger had a positive impact out there — they made mistakes but they also made plays and looked like they were having fun for the first time in a long while. Great job by the coach reading the game, getting the right guys out there at the right time. Nice to see Stepan, not on his A game but putting in more ice time than anyone else, get the winner on a great team goal.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard is player of the game
    Moore is now running the PP according to Torts
    Tony Dorset is playing and taking the body

    hope Gabby’s hernia is OK so he can get out on the links soon….ka boom!

  8. Stranger Nation on

    The right side of our D had a horrible game.
    Dan “Monster Brain Fart” Girardi playing Peter Penguin again
    Stralman unable to win one freakin battle on boards
    Del Zaster skating in cement

    No mistake Oates put Ovi back on that side and away from McD, Staal, and Moore

  9. Stranger Nation on

    McD’s play at blue line was absolutely awesome.
    Moore firing lasers from pt on PP is going to felp a lot

  10. wildplaces on

    Nice writeup, Carp! I stayed up past my bedtime to watch this one, held my breath much of the last 5 minutes…it worked! Yikes, agreed they will not win the series if they continue to leave Capss Lock on…Lundquist’s spectacular performance bailed them out. He is definitely the MVP to date.

  11. bull dog line on

    Nash needs to do more. he can’t be a passenger, he needs to be driving.

  12. I think it was Manny who said rangers practice jerseys say something along the line of ” play together stay together ” …that’s exactly what they must continue. Stick up for each other and overcome mistakes for each other.
    I didn’t really have any players for the WBM maybe del zaster ..we win tomorrow and the pressure is back on Them!!

  13. As for the picture up top…was Boyle even aware that Zucchie was humping his leg??? :-)

  14. Norm Merton on

    Nash made a great play at a key moment, but you’re right that he needs to make a greater commitment on his trips up ice to turning the corner, moving his feet and driving the net.

    He’s been coming out hard from behind the net, which the Caps don’t like.

  15. This game at times reminded me of the Ottawa series last year. While the caps controlled play in our zone most of their chances were from the outside (few notable exclusions)

  16. Cousin Tom on

    Carp, is “shoot high” really the scouting report? I thought tall goalies had trouble with their footwork.

    Btw, I saw Holtby enter the building. He must be wearing a mattress during the game.

  17. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    Whew. That was a bit exciting. Wish the Rangers would win a blowout once in awhile so I would not have to wet my pants. King Henrik is probably the best goalie in Ranger history. He always gives them a chance to win. Imagine if the Rangers ever really figured out the offensive side of the game with him at his best. They need to play with the same urgency and determination in game 4 that they did in game 3. Carp do they give out the Sidney Crosby diving award after thbe cup final or at the end of season awards? Does Crosby present it himself and does he fall on the way to awarding it thus earning it himself?

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy is 3-0 in the post season!!! Great review!!

    Atta boy, Carpy!!!!!!!!

  19. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Another blistering game for Hank. Yep, another softie, which ‘King’s’ shouldn’t give up. That aside, how many great saves did he make? How many scoring op’s did they have? And, for my friend, Lyova, how tilted was the ice again (although not as tilted as it was in the other two), puck possession and all? Huge, just huge.

    Hank, in games 2 and 3, has done his job. Nice to see some scoring support from ‘unlikely’ heroes last night.

  20. Is it me or does Nash have a hard time staying on his skates? It seemed like anytime he was touched, he hit the ice? He did seem more physically involved and made the key play at the key moment in the game. Hank gave up 3 goals but our boys don’t win that game without him being all-world!!

  21. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    Had to watch the cap feed last night. fortunately I was able to synchronize the Ranger radio feed with the tv. I’m surprised that more Cap fans don’t commit ritual suicide having to listen to those dinkleberries. During the 2011 Ranger Cap playoff one of them responded to a Caps goal with the very professional response of “wheee”. Not kidding. If he was 3 that would have been excusable. Listening to those guys is unbearable.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The crowd last night was really good. There was no ‘Ovie’ chant in the first, which for me, was a disappointment, and most of the ‘new’ lower level seat fans had no idea what it was anyway. Thankfully, the 400’s started it in the second and it is an MSG special and it spread nicely in the upper level!!! As good, or better than “Beat your wife, Potvin, beat your wife” and other creative chants over the years.

    Agreed with Carpy, at the right time, the fans were there. After Wash scored first, there were rally cries and cheers instead of ‘boo’s’. What is expected at ‘The World’s Greatest Arena’ from the ‘World’s Greatest Fans’!!!

    Oh, and the number of celeb’s was up big time. The game may be catching on a bit. Tom Hanks, Michael J Fox, Brian Williams, a Jonas Brother, Justin Tuck, etc, etc.

    Thank the lord for the 400’s!! Miss the Blue’s!!

  23. Czechthemout!!! on

    My three stars;



    The King

    Honorable mention to Boyle for his play the first half of the game. Reverted back to himself later on. Too Bad.

  24. Rob in Beantown on

    _Alex Ovechkin wins the Sidney Crosby Embellishment Award for acting as if he’d been hit by sniper fire when Brad Richards gave him a tap across the logo_

    I about spit my morning coffee across my monitor. Thanks Carp

  25. If the Rangers are going to roll out the blue carpet then there is going to be a bit of acting in the game. Ovechkin stepped up.

  26. And you guys thought Torts couldn’t coach! How about a new PP unit and a new PP system. One that doesn’t include Brad Richards! That’s what I’m talking about.

    He must read the blog because I suggested that unit, the one with Zucc and Moore high, Nash in the slot, yesterday. Thanks for listening Torts!

  27. Re: Stepans second career playoff goal: Aren’t they all big this time of year, Carp? : D

  28. Manny, Einstein once said “the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”

    I’m not quite ready to sign Tort out of Belvue just yet but at least he took some initiative to change
    Up the special teams a bit.
    Hoping he sticks with it. For a guy who always preaches about how his players need to play w balls, he should remember to coach with some.

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    Holtby is so mediocre, it’s maddening that the Rangers don’t make him make tougher saves. Shoot on Holtby, preferably not in the logo. Don’t let him get comfortable.

  30. wow tense game. the ups and downs but a win was the bottom line. the garden surprised me and as much as i go to the games i thought the crowd was great last night. very involved and now we live to fight another day.

    why richards and pyatt out against ovechkin in first place.

    why richy on the point. finally torst juggled pp.

    i want more john moore

  31. We saw last night the exact reason WHY you put John Moore on the point. Aside from his desire to shoot, his demanding the puck to shoot he is FAST and can SKATE so if the puck beats him he can get back and actually defend. It happened last night and if it had been Del Zaster on that left side Defense the Caps would have had a breakaway.

  32. When they lined up for that face-off right before the Richards penalty I knew we were in for a problem with Richy on the ice

  33. Yev Kassem on

    There is nothing like reading Carp’s review after a WIN! Thanks Carp.. SOUP FOR YOU!

    Was in section 115 last night. Garden was great at times and very tentative at times as well.


    1. John Moore! 22 years old and in my opinion will turn out to be the steal of the trade. You can’t teach skating; and this kid is right up there with Mcdonagh in terms of his skating ability. He has a heavy, hard accurate shot. He should be on the point on the PP.

    2. Speaking of the point on the PP, Ryan McDonagh should be on the other point. Did you see that move around Ovie?? The kid has flashed some real offensive skills. With McDonagh and Moore on the points, I think this team has a chance to finally develop a good PP.

    3. Still on the PP…. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take Rick Nash off the point. He is a huge body. Park him in front of the net or let him play down low. He does not belong on the point on the PP

    4. I am not an MDZ hater; but that was BY FAR the worst game I have ever seen that kid play. It was stunning in its Del Zasterness.

    5. Last year against the Caps, the Rangers won the majority of the puck possession battles. They played a great cycling/puck possession game when they were in the Offensive zone. Last night, the rangers were absolutely dominated in terms of cycling and puck possession. Hate to say it, but the Rangers need to play with more “JAM” when 5 on 5!

    6. Brassard had a very good game, his goal was great, but his pass to Asham was even better. He needs to find consistency; but the skill set is there.

    7. HANK! I am sorry. Those goals were not his fault. All tips and redirections. He made HUGE saves, especially in the 2nd half of the 2nd period. HANK IS INDEED THE KING!

    8. For a guy who is not too big. Derek Dorsett has some set of Cajones.

    9. The Little Italian Kid from Norway also has a great skill set. I hope they resign him. I am really growing to like him. He is a smurf, but he also has a big heart.

    10. Kudos to MSG for placing a Playoff Tee shirt and towel on ever seat in the graden. It looked so cool when we first walked in.

    Can’t wait to be in section 115 again on Wed!

  34. Cross Check Charlie on

    Good win, but is there such a thing as a bad win? Not in my book.

    I think Nash is injured. I forget which game he got slashed on the wrists, but it appears to me that he doesn’t have the stick control that he had before that. Still, that was a great feed to Stepan.

    When it was 2-2 I said to the wife that the Rangers were going to win 3-2 and it would be someone you wouldn’t expect to score. About a minute later Asham scores.

    Don’t you wish Brassard could play like that every game? If he did it would sure take a load off of the underachieving Richards.

    That said, I thought Richards had a pretty good game last night even though, if he’s going to get a penalty for hitting Ovi, then at least knock him out and make the penalty worthwhile. :)

    We need to see more Moore on the power play. Because no more Moore would not be a good thing, but more Moore is.

  35. Amazing what happens when you spread the minutes around and trust your players eh, Torts…

  36. I said they would need 3 goals to win, well I was wrong. I would think Clowe for Powe in Game 3. Let’s even it up and head back to DC!!

  37. Doesnt really take a geni(o)us to put Moore on the PP. Most people here have been calling for it for a while.

    One major thing i didnt like is that Torts couldnt separate Nash from the Caps top D. We have last change that shouldnt happen. In Washington Oates constantly made sure Ovechkin was not out against McDonagh.

  38. If John Moore was Columbus’ least favorite defensive prospect, they probably aren’t going to allow many goals for a very long time.

  39. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    John Moore is going to pay dividends for a very long time. Brassard with 3pts last night. Dorsett looks like he could be an upgrade from Prust.

    I’m liking this trade more and more each win!!!

  40. To be fair Latona, could be a mis-evaluation of talent like McD in Montreal

  41. Manny, Jagr used to demand the puck on the PP too…only he’d pass it after he got it.

    BULLDOG- I agree completely about Nash. To Gaborik’s credit he could take control of a game when he was hot. During the regular season we’ve seen Nash at his best while still kind of going with the flow of the rest of the team.

  42. NYRanger4Life on

    Carp — long time reader, first time commenting in a long time..

    I was at the game last night — sec 208 — and I agree with your assessment overall, except re: the crowd & Rick Nash.

    The crowd was quiet throughout much of the match & I still dont understand booing the HOME team when they have a poor powerplay. It’s counter productive and stupid quite honestly. After Washington tied it up 3x, the crowd responded with some positive reinforcement / cheers, which was smart for once.

    Re: Nash, he missed quite a few hits (seemed to hurt himself at the end of the 2nd period hitting AIR / Boards) and the pucked was sliding off his stick like butter.

    Was the ice as bad as Oates indicated after the game? Hard to tell from my vantage point….

  43. Certainly could be Draxen, but Howser’s gone and JD and Jarmo are in town now.

  44. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    I had the three stars as Brassard, Zuccarello, and Boyle, with an honorable mention to McDonagh.

    We were dominated for long stretches of the game at 5 on 5, especially in the second period. The Caps handed us this game by taking so many penalties. Kudos to the Rangers for actually (and barely) being able to take it instead of handing it back.

    Boyle gets big respect from me, as does Torts. On the shift when Boyle scored, I said “Boyle on the PP, really? That’s what it’s come to? Are they just trying to guarantee we don’t score to take the pressure off of possibly trying to score?” Then Boyle goes out there, makes a great move, and puts it away. BTW, anyone notice that the Caps defender went down like our D does all the time and Boyle easily moved around him? I hope our D took notice. Oh wait, they didn’t, because Girardi got caught doing the exact same thing later in the game as he slid behind the goal leaving a Cap wide open in front.

  45. Columbus had 3 guys fighting to be 6th dman. Erixon included. Erixon got the job and Moore and the other guy were consistent scratches.

  46. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Carp – it was nice to see Moore get a chance on the Power Play?

  47. 1.) You’re right about the crowd, Carp. Was there last night, first playoff game since the Caps Game 7 last year (the best NYR game I’ve ever been to). Love that playoff atmosphere. Thank God Boyle scored in the first, otherwise we were going to boo them out of town.

    2.) Del Zaster strikes again. That 2nd caps goal (I think that was the one) was all on his laziness and cockiness. Mac Truck, Stallsie, and maybe even Strahlman understand the game and everything about it, Del Z doesn’t seem to.

    3.) Speaking of Stall, man it was great to have him back, even if he didn’t play all that great (which, of course, is expected after a long time off).

    4.) If anything, last night’s game proved how if you go back to basics, you can beat this Caps team. And by basics, I mean SHOOT THE PUCK!! Holy hell, it’s not that hard! Boyle gets it. Look what happens: Torts put the 2nd PP unit (really should be the 1st) out there, and they just shoot; they don’t think too much. Plant Boyle or another big body in front of the net, shoot the puck, and good things happen.

    5.) Of course, the 2nd PP unit scores 2 goals and what does Tortorella do? Puts the 1st PP unit on the ice for the rest of the Power Play opportunities. Seriously? How stubborn can one guy be?

  48. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Lyova – I think we got the better end of the deal in that horse race. Moore > Erixon.

  49. Maybe John Moore is just perfect in this system. But the kid can flat out skate. He’s very smart when joining the rush. He’s great at getting back. And he appears to be some sort of revelation on the PP. But we have seen that before…

  50. I love when Sather screws up…why? Because the corrective actions are always superb…


  51. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Yergs – who would have thought our Playoff Leading scorers are: Brassard, Boyle, Zuccarello! HA!!!

  52. Stranger Nation on

    It was stunning in its Del Zasterness.

    LMGO – that is funny, funny stuff – Thank you!

  53. Zuccarello I could see, but the others, it’s pretty crazy. You never know who will show up in the playoffs I guess! Loved the fire those guys played with last night.

  54. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Manny – Revelation or not…. our Power Play needed to be Saved!!! Thank You Jesus :)

  55. Stranger Nation on

    If John Moore was Columbus’ least favorite defensive prospect, they probably aren’t going to allow many goals for a very long time.
    Remember the source – looking at the deal through Gabby colored glasses…

  56. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Just imagine how this team is going to look when Nash & Richards wake up from their slumber!

  57. I was never super impressed in the limited exposure we had to Erixon last year

  58. I can’t see the deal through the glasses, Stranger. There’s a Christmas tree on my shoulder getting in the way.

  59. Said it last night, but I’d argue that if Erskine had dropped to ice instead of staying on his skates, the pass from Nash to Stepan on the GWG doesn’t get through (or at least becomes harder to execute).

    Basically, I disagree with the assertion that dropping to the ice is _always_ the wrong play and is only lucky when it comes off.

  60. Carp – I agree that Ovechkin embellished a little bit, but A) he did get hit and B) Richards can’t be swinging his stick that high at that point in the game and not expect to get a penalty.

    What was he thinking? Not picking on the guy, but anyone who swings their stick that high is asking for a high stick or slashing call. Just a stupid play that almost blew the game.

  61. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Now Stepan has more career playoff goals than Nash, and Brassard has tied him in goals as well. How many playoff games does Nash have to play before people get on him the way they got on Gaborik for not scoring goals?

  62. Carp, great capture as always. Totally agree about Zucs. He should be RUNNING our PP IMO. He knows how to find people, and he’s sneaky with the head and stick fakes. Brassard and Moore have picked it up greatly.
    As for Nash,, I’m really trying to root for him, but he lumbers out there as of late, he only has one spin move that everyone has figured out, and though I understand he’s is not emotive as a person, I just don’t think he’s physically engaged in the way you’d expect in the playoffs. His game looks soft out there for a man his size. I don’t care if he normally does not hit. Caps have pushed us around this series and as one of our bigger stronger players, you’ve got to hit somebody and make them regret going for that pill in the corners and along the boards. Andit would be one thing if he had 3 goals in the first 3 games, when you’re not producing points, you have to be punishing people out there esp in a series that frankly, is making our team look physically mismatched overall.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – Richards is done – that slumber is actually a como. That Torts’ had him out there at the end with Pie-hat is sheer lunacy. His penalty was just pure laziness – standing still in center ice while the Great Ape swishes by him and he tries to Toll Bridge Operator. More crap from a corpse of a player

    Re Nash – he is not playing great, but remember the Caps plan is to stop Nash, knowing the Rangers have very little secondary scoring with Richards done and Pie-hat on the PP. He also had game winning assist where he basically banked the puck off Step. Remember, Torts has him playing LW, not his preferred side – not sure why you give Cally preference over Nash when deciding who plays where, but my take is you give your best goal scorer and biggest threat the most preferred place to play.


  64. So my comment about the Derick Brassard goal song is getting moderated. I will post it in the next post…

    You guys should all listen to this song I wrote for Derick Brassard. I will play it everytime he scores a goal!

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Latona – vibn
    The source I am referring to is now complaining that Nash doesn’t get as much hate as Gabby.


  66. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – you said it after Game 1 and I whole heartedly agree that the forwards have to press puck on the pk. This idea that the forward plays goalie will be our undoing. just like Dan G playing goalie on PK or really any time while in D zone.
    Let’s press these guys and take the body, especially Ovi’s two swedish line mates.

  67. Sorry, Carp. It appears I completely failed at posting.

    Vibin’ Stranger.

  68. Manny, did you write a song for Derek Brassard? If so, are you going to play it every time he scores a goal?


  69. The joke was supposed to be that the song was BRASS BONANZA, a/k/a the greatest hockey song every written. But the link is an epic fail.

  70. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    The Girardi flop I was talking about was on the play Lundqvist robbed Ribeiro. There’s a highlight of it in the game highlights on

  71. Fun game…unnecessarily exciting finish. We got the wing by the skin of their teeth though, might have been the Rangers worst game of the series so far in all honesty.

    Team is actually scoring goals and Lundqvist once again gives up an awful awful awful unacceptable goal. Yes he was great at times but that makes those AWFUL goals all the more frustrating.

    We are not hitting Mike Green hard enough either. We owned him last year. He needs to be shaken up. Someone needs to ring his bell.

    Whats the deal with Ribiero. Italian kid from Kazakhstan from another planet? Looks like a damn Men in Black creature.

  72. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Doodie, it took one game of him not scoring.

  73. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Do you mean the 3rd goal that was deflected? Contrary to some bonehead’s belief, I think that goalies are no better than 50/50 to stop a deflected shot on goal. And if you add that it was off a faceoff, and he was screened, it’s probably much less.

  74. Rob in Beantown on

    The Rangers being, in my opinion, the legitimate inheritors of the Hartford Whalers history should totally play that song for Brassard

  75. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Which deal is better?

    Brassard, Moore, Dorsett (6th) vs Gaborik? Who scores more next year?

    Nash vs Anisimov, Dubi, & Erixon (1’st) Who scores more in a full season?

    Both deals on the surface are win / win for each team.

    However, Brassard & Moore 17 pts this year help the Rangers more off the score sheet than Gaby’s 8pts with the CBH. Moore is going to be the Diamond in the rough in this deal, but if Brassard steps up like he did last who has a bigger impact on this team.

    Side note Nash = 42pts vs Dubi,Anisimov,Erixon 43Pts. Close enough for a push there.

    Nash made a game winning pass last night, but he will need to score for this team to win a series.

  76. Is This Real? on

    Happy Tuesday boneheads. It’s a brand new day. All hail playoff hero Brian Boyle dude played his arse off

  77. If the rangers want a chance of winning this round they must win the next game. They better play that game like it’s a game 7.

  78. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    I agree Gravy!

    If its a hard slap shot and gets tipped 10′ in front of you, it’s luck if it’s tipped into you or away from you, or how the puck is going to react to the tip.

  79. Rob in Beantown on

    CCCP, after reading dc62 @ 7:23 I cannot un-see that Zucc is humping his leg

  80. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Tommy – I think this game is going to do wonders for alot of players. Step’s goal 1’st, Brassard was everywhere last night, Moore gets some power play time, Staal is back HUGE bonus for the defense, Boyle gets a goal, Asham is 10 years younger after last nights goal.

    Now add in CLOWE for Powe. And this team is that much more difficult to play against.

    Not only will the Rangers hold serve on Wednesday, they just might pick up the momentum they need to win this series.

  81. They knew something about all of the guys we got for Gaborik, that’s for sure.

  82. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    3E – fleeced them for everything we needed. A solid young defenseman for the 6th spot – and a power play quarterback (it could happen).
    Depth down the middle, Brassard – playoff point leader. Ha.
    True Grit = Dorsett. Looking better with each game.

    Future so bright – gotta wear shades!!!

  83. Carp,

    Any news come out about a possible Lower Body Injury to Nash? At times, especially in 2nd and early 3rd, he looked like he could not skate. Seemed like a hammy, or right leg injury or maybe just a cramp. it was pretty noticeable to us at the game, but at times his burst down the wing seemed fine.

  84. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Carp – new headline.

    Ovechkin plays on Broadway. Wins Crosby Award!!!

    You should have Tony there to hand out the award.

  85. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Norris finalists: agree with Subban and Suter (who would be my vote), disagree with Letang as even people in Pittsburgh say Paul Martin was the best defenseman there this year. Third guy should have been Beauchemin.

  86. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    “Future so bright – gotta wear shades!!!”

    I gotta wear noseplugs and boots to avoid all of the BS you spout. I love how everyone is all over Brassard today after he was completely invisible in the first two games.

    Dorsett has done nothing but try to flop to draw penalties. He’s a disgrace and whenever he’s on the ice it’s been a total mismatch in Washington’s favor.

    Moore, yes, he’s got some promise. Not a 40 goal scorer’s worth of it, but he’s got some.

  87. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy – definitely go with Uncle Buck

    I’m Buck Melanoma. Moley Russell’s wart. Not her wart. Not her wart! I’m… I’m the wart. She’s my tumor. My… my growth. My… uh, my pimple. I’m Uncle Wart. Just old Buck “Wart” Russell. That’s what they call me, or Melanoma Head. They’ll call me that. “Melanoma Head’s coming.” I’m s… uncle! Maisy Russell’s uncle!

  88. Stranger Nation on

    the 40 goal scorer theory – hah!

    we shall see, we shall see next year because this year he ain’t be playing no moore

    aha! aha!

  89. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Doodie up a half a point in the early morning.

    Strong buy on this stock. Get it while it last!!! Could pay huge dividends in the long run.

  90. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    I said Caps in 6. That means Rangers have to win 2. This was the first.

    The .5 was because the PP actually scored.

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    Just think if Nash’s breakaway Saturday doesn’t clink off the post we’d be up 2-1 with home ice advantage. I know you can’t think that way, but man, huge difference.

  92. Joe Jonas was shown on the big screen at the game last night. The whole crowd booed him like he was Sidney Crosby. Gotta love New York!

  93. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Future as in 22 year old Moore. Kids got skills.
    Tort’s gives him a chance to play on the power play, and we start getting some goals.

    Nice to see both 17 & 18 back on Defense.

    I like the future in Moore. Out with the Bickel, Hamr, & Gilroy.

    Besides it’s the first day of sunshine in my state, I actually had to wear shades this morning on the drive in!!

    Cheer up Doodie! A win is a win!!!

  94. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Up a Full point here. Thanks to the Staal sighting!!!

    We should be at full strength when Clowe is back. Then this team will be 100%. Size,Speed,& Snarl in game 4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hank pitched a shutout.

  95. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    I picked Rangers in 6. Thinking we would split the first 4 games. 1 & 1 at each venue. Looks like it’s going to be 2 & 2. Rangers win next on the road, and close them at home in the 6th!

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – gabby was invisible *for 2 entire seasons here* what is your point?

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard outscored gabby after the trade. But wait gabby was hurt!!!!! Allow me to retort ! Gabby was always hurt. Gabby will score 25 next year and Brassard gets 27.

  98. Agree with Salty re: Mike Green. Green is a soft player and a huge liability on defense who shuns contact every chance he gets. 2 or 3 good hits on little Mikey and he will think twice about waltzing down the slot like he did last night.

    The 4 ex-Blue Jackets got their first taste of the intensity of a playoff game in Madison Square Garden. It was the first playoff victory for these guys who had to realize last night that they are not in Columbus any more. It had to be intoxicating for them.

    Re: Holtby – Did not look quite so cocky last night. Amazing what some offense can do.

    Let’s go Rangers!!

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby was a 40 goal scorer. And Babe Ruth hit 714….. But no so many lately.

  100. That’s pretty awesome, Yergs. The whole Blue Carpet thing was really annoying.

  101. I’d be happy with a 20 goal 50 point season from Brassard next year. I think he has that in him. That all hinges on Step continuing his upward trajectory into 1st line center status which we all have to hope for.

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Interesting how Caps were not as physical with Dorset, Asham and yes, even, Boil in line-up.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    Draxen – agree on Bros-hard, but he also need wingers to put the bisket…

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I, for one, am sick of the genius posters that continue to lament the trading of mythical present day 40 goal scorer aka gabby…..TGO scored a lot too…. But not so many this year.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – in your honor – I will have…a root beer gabby (floater)

  106. Stranger Nation on

    Gabby 12 Goals in 49 games this season, not a math major, but that does not round up to 40 goals in 80 games, does it?

  107. Thanks Carp, great review!

    What a game by Brian Boyle, more likely remebered this year as the player found most often on top of (or would that be the bottom, Gravy ?) the WBM.

    Whether you love him, like him or hate him, it’s pretty apparent by the reaction of his mates, BB is a core leader on this team, respected and held in high regard by his teammates (always) and the coaching staff (often?). I’m happy for him.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby “my shoulder hurts”

    Gabby ” my groin hurts”

    Gabby “my shoulder hurts again”

    Gabby “my hernia hurts”

    Gabby “my pee pee is little”

  109. Every time Sam’s hearing aid beeped, he thought someone hit the post…he just couldn’t see who that someone was

  110. Stranger Nation on

    Torts thought Gabby didn’t have any sack…turns out he was right…his sack was not all there

  111. Eddie 3xs…10:54……amen! . I finding it really hard to believe we scored 4 in a playoff game without having the services of the once magical – now mythical 40 goal man? And we won to boot! :)

  112. Don’t forget to check out the BEFORE pictures over at the official The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Website:

  113. Thank The Lord, Slats and the Columbus Blue Jeans for John Moore!

    Not only does he skate like the wind, he gets it on the PP!

    An added but no less important benefit of Moore, he pushes MDZ further down the depth chart!!!!!

  114. Lloyd Braun on

    man I got plastered after the game – had to call in sick today lol

    good win last night. Rangers got one they had to get, and I thought the biggest shift of the game was from the Brassard, Pyatt, Asham line early in the third (that eventually resulted in a goal). Rangers were better in the third period than in the other two and that shift really helped establish them at even strength, an area in which they were dominated for the other 2 periods – in fact, were it not for the 6 gift-wrapped power plays, I think this game may have been a blow out. that shift from those 3 guys, made that much bigger by Asham being able to finish, really set the tone for the period.

  115. Lloyd Braun on

    truth be told, the heavy imbibing started during the game but I put it in overdrive after the win and everyone was making merry. days like this remind me that I’m not 22 anymore.

  116. I’m not second guessing sending them packing, but it’s never been more clear just how much we miss the board work of guys like Doobie Doobie Doo and Ruslan…we don’t win those pucks even in 3-on-2 battles – that first Caps goal was…was….well, it was what it was

  117. Fat Guy, my ears are still ringing from the loud ping of the 1st shot hitting the post. What gives with Sammy’s declining hearing and vision? ( he called the Stepan goal to Nash)

    Did they move the broadcast booth across 7th Avenue during the renovation?

  118. When I was 22, a game like last night and I’d be on a 2 day bender with the boys. ( 3 if it were a Friday night game). Thank God I met my wife.

  119. YOu have heard from me just now. Good win. again look at my previous posts I think the Gabby trade is a win win. columbus has D depth and needs a big time talent and the Rangers needed more depth a lot more depth..

    this trade was soncummated because of the lack of production from Kreider and the FA signings Pyatt, Powe trade, asham, etc not working out. Nash is 4 years younger the gabby and less brittle so in essence they traded 1 pseudo superstar for the other. btw they are not superstars wither of them…

    saw in the carolina nonsens skinner for marc staal. they are insane.. stud d men are worth more then undersized very talented forwards….

    i guess mannys boyfriend Powe may miss next game hope the PK and offense can surivive the loss. I do hope Powe is alright 2 concussions this season is not good. the head injuries are serious biz…

  120. credit the rangers last night on the end of the game on the 6 on 4 for taking away the one time shot of green and ovechkin. ribiero who is a pass first guy i kepy yelling he wont take the shot and he didnt. he alone killed half the pp by dangling with puck instead of shooting.

    how were richards and pyatt on in first place vs ovechkin prior to the call. not the matchup you want.

    i think the def activated more something we never see as finally we saw some desperation.

  121. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Yeah, those two other times he potted 40 though, those didn’t happen.

    And Brassard with 27, even though his career high is 17? Yup, that makes a ton of sense.

    I said it when the trade happened and I’m sticking to it: by the close of next season, Gaborik will have scored more regular season goals than Brassard, Moore, and Dorsett, combined.

    Right now, the score is 6-3 in favor of the new guys. But I’m confident Gaborik will pass them.

  122. Torts would chew up and spit out Skinner the first time he made one of those figure skating dipsy doodles and turned the puck over

  123. they miss DUbi’s borad work and over all game accept finishing but fedetenko not at all.

    i watched some CBJ games even without scoring Dubi is a force out there. PK, phsyicallity, faceoffs, battling DUbinsky is a good player a better version of boyle. they both cannot score but do other things fairly well, Dubi does them better then Boyle because he is a better skater..

  124. meant consummated as you know typing and checking my work is not my forte….

  125. I think his combover actually took root in his opposite ear, and the new ear hair is screening his ear drum like Tim Kerr

  126. Is there any doubt that Nash should be on the ice with Stepan instead of Bucky Beaver?

  127. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Sioux, did you say my Hulkster?!

    How dare you insult my avatar. My avatar is the only undefeated avatar in avatar history, and now you want to make it all about the Hulkster? Well my avatar challenges the Hulkster to a title match at Avatarmania 3.

  128. bucky beaver is slowly moving down the lines.

    to bad napoleon torts has not figured out Beaver is not the PP guru he was 7 years ago.

    at least richards appeared to battle last night.

  129. E3 agree on Gabby, calling him a 40 goal scorer is living in the past. All things considered we got not just a good return but the right return for this team.

  130. If Boyle would just grow out his Fu Manchu, he’d be more intimidating, in a David Carradine kind of way. Even small guys aren;t scared of him during scrums after-the-whistle as he tries to scare them down instead of subtle jabs to the chin, which is what he should be doing

  131. It was easy to see early on that Brassard had it going last night. He has wheels, is tenacious, and can make plays, every now and then I had a flash of dare I say it Pat Lafontaine. Or was it the 16 and beer that was making me think that. Anyway, the key with him is stringing together multiple games like that.

  132. Carp woke up this morning outside of Charley O’s, to the clip-clop sound of commuters’ wing-tips heading to work. Poepl gave him $3 in change before he realized where he was and what was going on

  133. our screened shots get deflected to the corner or out of play WAY more often than other team’s screened shots on Henrik. The law of averages has to help us out at some point.

  134. if youse guys don’t want to talk to me anymore, that’s fine, but give me back the bowling shirts I lent all of you…and then go watch a replay of Band of Brothers

  135. Stranger Nation on

    Doodie looking in rear view mirror – everyone else through the windshield

  136. If Sam were able to hear with his nose, he’d hear a mouse fart in a tornado.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard is averaging 1 pt per playoff game.
    Gabby averaging about .65 pts per game.

    Limited sample size no doubt. That said,

    Game Set Match Championship to the Rangers on the trade.

    George Washington was a great general during the revolutionary war – these days – not so much.

  138. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle looks like Prince Albert in the Can with that goofy stache. Is he auditioning for the latest Muskateers remake?

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    David Hilbert was a great mathematician. But he hasn’t solved many proofs in the last 60 or so years….Mainly cause he died.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bobby Fischer was a great chess player – but he hasn’t won many lately as a result of his dying in 2007.

  141. Papa Bear was a great pursuer of fine looking women. These days, he prefers to read and blog.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rod Gilbert scored many goals for the Rangers. This year not so many….there’s always next year tho.

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jean Ratelle once scored 109 points in a season…. This year….not so many….. Always next year tho….

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Walt Podubbney (sp) was a 40 goal scorer. How will we replace the zero goals he scored this year. Next year might be better…..

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Joseph Fourier did some beautiful mathematics ……… 300 years ago…… These days, not so much.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eddie Shore was a tough hockey player. But he hasn’t won a fight in about 60 years.

  147. It’s a Dead Man’s Party
    Who could ask for more
    Leave your body and soul at the door

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mickey Mantle won the triple crown in 1956. This year – he didnt. Always next year.

  149. None of the new Batmans have made us forget Adam West

    Its the bong hits that have made us forget him

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seattle Slew was a great Horse. I wouldn’t bet on him in the Preakness tho. Mainly cause he’s dead.

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Abe Lincoln was a great politician. I’m not betting he wins an election next year.

  152. Holtby not busy in net during game 2. Today,,,,,,,, “should a kept my freekin mouth shut”

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    (Doodie -after Brassard scores a goal and 3 assists in his first game as a ranger) “it won’t continue”

    (Doodie – after Brassard outscores Gabby after the trade) – “the trade still sucks”

    (Doodie after *Brassard is the Rangers leading scorer this playoff season*) “next year you will see I was right”

    Next year after Brassard outscores gabby “I mean the year after”

  154. Snap, Gulp,Gulp, Chug, Chug, Ahhhh! ,,,,,, Lloyd celebrating last nights victory

  155. Lloyd Braun on

    couldn’t tell from my seat but did that third Capitals goal hit anybody/anything or did it go straight in?

  156. “Ryan Callaghan, come get your Cup!” – Ranger Equipment manager dolling out equipment at Ranger practice facility today.

  157. Sioux-per-man 9.0 on

    Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!

    Can you see the smoke signals from the land of the Sioux!

    Doodie’s Stock is dropping like a rock. Dump it! Quick!!

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard, Moore, and Dorsett are NY Rangers. Why not hope they play well? There probably is a CBJ blog out there somewhere for the Gabby lovers….

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sioux – It’s nice to bust his balls given how much ball busting he likes to do :)

  160. Lloyd Braun on

    thought the biggest factors last night were the very good play the Rangers got from their bottom 6 forwards and the mediocrity of Braden Holtby

  161. Everybody’s coming leave your body at the door…leave your body and soul AT THE DOOR

    Don’t walk away it’s only me!

  162. Ovechkin should get fined for his gross embellishment (with 2 second delay) on the last penalty.

    Isn’t it amazing that Crosby and Ovechekin can both embellish in the waning seconds of playoff games and the Refs appease immediately?

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oingo Boingo great LA band…. Saw them a bunch in SoCal – elf man is a great show man.

  164. That’s AWESOME, eddie. I think Elfman is touring again. Dead Man’s Party is an incredible album.

  165. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Clowe coming in for Powe on Wednesday!

    That puts the Rangers at full strength!!

    Clowe 12 games 8pts
    Powe 34 games 0pts – ouch!

    Clowe’s presence in front of the NET & along the boards, is just what this team needs to start dominating on the ice.

  166. The Ovechkin dive is clearly not getting enough press. Because that was absurd. Also, it took about 20 seconds for the penalty to be called.

  167. At least Ovechkin’s reaction was vaguely connected to the contact he received, i.e. hit on/near the head and his head moved.

    Crosby getting tugged on the left shoulder made his right leg collapse.

  168. Isles paying to much reverence to Sidney. Matt Martin needs to get in his grill, literally.

  169. Lloyd Braun on

    Ovechkin embellished but it looked to me as if he still took a stick in the face

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby is like the person who takes 3 oxycotin if he thinks he might get a headache….”I better fall down as an Islander might tap me”

  171. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    With Clowe in the game, the Rangers are going to look like Papa Bears’ Avitar!!!

  172. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Lloyd to bad it took him 2 full seconds to react to the stick tap. Not sure if it even hit his chin.

  173. Lloyd Braun on

    did Nash get hurt going into the boards last night? he was barely skating for most of the game

  174. HockeymanRangers on

    I hope the team and fans show some love for Zuccarello, really playing well since he has come back. He is playing better than some of our million dollar players? 2 assist and I think he hit the post on a shot last night didn’t he?
    Join the Zuccarello fan club.

  175. Rob in Beantown on

    Ovechkin took a light stick tap to the chest and threw his head back violently and dropped to one knee. Then when he didn’t get the call immediately you could almost hear him “a-HEM” to the referee who quickly obliged him

  176. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Maintenance day for Nick Rash?

    Change the oil, rotate the tires, and put a 3 period goal scoring stick in his hands!

  177. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lets wait to hear how Clowe sucks and he’s too slow….and then watch him score the GWG tomorrow.

  178. That’s the best explanation yet, Rob. It’s clearly the influence of notorious flop artist and D-Bag Mike Ribeiro.

  179. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Rob – just once I would like to see a Ref with the balls to give him a 2 minutes for diving/acting!!!

  180. I would not have a beef with both getting called there, or even if Richards gets called without the Ovie embellishment.

    When you react like you’ve been shot, from a tap two seconds later, but are able to compose yourself quickly and continue the play, that is a penalty. With his reaction, he should have been on the ice bleeding, not continuing to carry the puck into the zone.

  181. Lloyd Braun on

    most of the folks in my section (myself included) assumed if there was a too many men penalty it had to be on the Rangers. a whole bunch of us yelled out, “NOT AGAIN!!”

  182. Papa – why the hell was Richards swinging at his chest anyway? That was a stupid play and he deserved a penalty. I don’t even care that he embellished, the fact is he got hit. You should only get called for diving if you try to fake it and make it look like a penalty.

    Richards actually high sticked him and thats a penalty. Mr. Ed should stop swinging his stick around like a lasso and keep it on the ice.

  183. Perhaps, the more important issue. Why was Richards on the ice at that point of the game?

  184. If Oingo Boingo is such an exclsuive LA band, then how was Thornton Melon able to get them to play in his dorm room?

  185. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Papa could you imagine if the Caps score in the last minute on the Power Play, that Richards put them on.

    He would be tarred and feathered by now on here!!!

  186. Jonny D. is exactly right. This isn’t lacrosse where you HAVE to come in from the side and cant simply jump in front of an oncoming shooter. If my understanding is correct, in hockey, you are allowed to step into the puck handler and send him back to his mama…or at least PRETEND you don;t have money on the opposing team

  187. Jonny I can’t say I completely disagree. but here is my problem. Superstars should be held to the same standard as everyone else. If that were Pyatt, I would bet the house he would have gone for Unsportsmanlike.

    Some may call it gamesmanship by Ovie. conversely, others may call it a lack of integrity.

  188. Stranger Nation on

    Papa Bear
    “Ryan Callaghan, come get your Cup!” – Ranger Equipment manager dolling out equipment at Ranger practice facility today.
    May 7th, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Nice Papa – lunch time laugher

  189. Lloyd Braun on

    people are ignoring the obvious benefit that Brad Richards taking a penalty meant Brad Richards wouldn’t be on the ice for the remaining 1:57 of the game

  190. I agree with all of you. Richards on the ice there is an odd choice since he’s skating in mud the entire game and has not been the defensively responsible center he’s billed as. And sure, he got the stick up high but it was more NECK area and Ovechkin flopping like that is an absolute embarrassment (and Dorsett certainly would have been in the box for 2 minutes).

  191. Regarding Cindy and the Pens…The Isles need to do to them what Kasparaitis did to Lemieux and Jagr back in ’93. As I remember it, Darius pushed them around the ice up and down and showed them absolutely no respect.

    Of course Mario spent the whole series looking at the refs as if to say “C’mon guys…where’s the whistle? He’s being mean to me!”

    Someone needs to drill Crosby up and down the ice. Get the sticks up on him.

  192. Stranger Nation on

    Jonny D
    Papa – why the hell was Richards swinging at his chest anyway? That was a stupid play and he deserved a penalty. I don’t even care that he embellished, the fact is he got hit. You should only get called for diving if you try to fake it and make it look like a penalty.

    Richards actually high sticked him and thats a penalty. Mr. Ed should stop swinging his stick around like a lasso and keep it on the ice.
    Richards playing traffic cop at center ice as the cars zoom by him. Reaches out with his baton to slow down a motorist and catches him in the chest and the baton slides up to graze his chin.
    Police Brutality!

  193. Lloyd makes a great point – addition by subtraction…I wonder if Brad got those direct orders from Tortsy

  194. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe for Powe

    Kreider for Pie-hat


  195. Lloyd Braun on

    hate to say this but Powe going out was addition by subtraction, too. guy shouldn’t be dressing.

  196. Players who feel the need to sell an infraction to the referee with an over the top reaction should be held accountable if and when their embellishment violates a rule which emanates from the same rule book. Most observers would agree that Ovechkin embellished the call.

    Hopefully he is at the chiropractor as we speak with a severe case of whiplash.

  197. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy –
    Men’s lax you can hit from front or side (grass hockey)

    Girls’ lax – no hitting, no getting in way of shooter, etc, etc

  198. Stranger Nation on

    Lloyd – agree on Powe – no wonder we can score 4 goals without the goal-less wonder boy.
    Oh – and who was double shifting for Powe – MVP of the game – Mr. Brassard

  199. Lloyd Braun on

    only reason I’ve got less of a problem with Ovechkin getting those calls than Crosby is that Ovechkin actually plays a physical game. Crosby is a cheap shot artist and wants everything that comes back his way to be a penalty. And for what it’s worth, I thought the roughing call on Ovechkin early in the first was soft.

  200. Stranger – Yes, LAX gender distinctions, knew ’em & got ’em…just trying to be theatrical. I am actING and a master thespian

  201. Manny 12:59….. Thank You…. Dorsett is much better example than Pyatt because it actually happened a game earlier!!!!! Thank you, I had brain freeze on that one.

  202. Lloyd Braun on

    pretty sure Boyle was double shifted in place of Powe, too. at one point shortly after the goal it seemed like Boyle was on the ice every other shift. so much for mr. stay-the-course tortorella who rides the hot hand no matter how much he claims he doesn’t.

  203. Yes Manny, he sure is. Nothing like wearing a wool cap indoors where temp control has it at 70 degrees. Plus, looks like they BOTH have BJ lips

  204. LMGO, Fat Guy.

    There are few people in the NHL I hate more than Ribeiro. I dislike Crosby but at least he’s the best player in the world. I don’t like Ovechkin but I have to respect his ability and physicality (even when it crosses the line). Ribeiro has *no* redeeming qualities.

  205. Pyatt contributions are minimal and occur only while he is engaged in a puck battle. Problem is, he just doesn’t have the speed or quickess to arrive to the battle in time. He is a major liability on the dump and chase, because he is all dump, no chase.

  206. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Moss-Stastny-Smith; B. Butler-LeBlanc-Stapleton; Carter-Thompson-Gionta; Palushaj-Bjugstad-Kristo

    Here’s our lines for team USA today.

    Nice to see Fighting Sioux Kristo make the team.

    Bjugstad & Kristo could be a combo to watch.

  207. I say it over and over because people keep asking if Ribeiro is a UFA at the end of this season (he is) and man oh man do I *not* want him on my team. Torts would dog house him in about 10 seconds.

  208. Lloyd Braun on

    Pyatt was part of one of the most important shifts of the game last night. No problem with ripping the guy but give him his due for a good performance when it mattered.

  209. Manny, after seeing that picture, I completely agree. Keep that guy away from the NY Night Life. He’ll fade faser than Brad Richards at warp speed.

  210. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Pyatt gets his 1’st post season point. And it was a good one.

  211. Lloyd, you are right. Pyatt mad a nice play during he game I think it was on the Boyle goal?

  212. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Now if Powe is out for tomorrow. Is that an addition by subtraction? Taking out the 0pt leader in games played?

  213. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    Manny – Rib’s is a sack of bones. He would never make it in New York. If he put on a blueshirt, he would turn into a smurf :)

  214. I know the US fans and media simply don’t care about the World Championships, but that roster suggests the players who are available really, really don’t care.

  215. Glad to have you guys on my side on the Ribeiro thing.

    That’s why Pyatt stays in the lineup. Upside. That’s why I never get my wish to bench him.

  216. Lloyd Braun on

    was referring to the shift that resulted in the Asham goal specifically. I doubt Pyatt was on the ice for the Boyle goal.

  217. Good afternoon all! Hi Josh! Here’s hoping I can stay awake for tomorrow’s game. Byfuglien, jet lag is a real hartneller. LGR! And Boyle!!!! :)

  218. loneranger on

    I’m all for “IT’S MOORE TO THE POINT CLUB”. He really has made a significant difference. Couldn’t agree more on the comments re: Zucci. Dam he can stop on a dime, 360 and still get a shot off. He really understands a power play. He, also, seems about 10-15 per hour faster than last year.

  219. Sioux-per-man 9.5 on

    LW – it could also mean that the USA’s best players are still in the playoffs. Makes sense!!!

    Can’t play Parise, Oshie, Callahan, McDonagh, but you could play Miller in goal :)

  220. sorry to get back to that dooshy picture of Ribiero –

    he thinks he’s hooking up with the Princes of Monaco or something. He doesn’t realize that you don’t have to be in the NHL to find a girl that looks just like that…they’re a dime a doezn in the Children’s Place in the Staten Island Mall or soemthing

  221. Lloyd Braun on

    Moore looks like on an improvement on the point, no doubt

    but I’d put anyone on the point over Richards right now – and I mean literally anyone

  222. Lloyd Braun on

    Lately Richards has been passing the puck like his name is Denise. No cajones to anything the guy does right now.

  223. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    As far as Nash’s play is concerned he played better. He’s playing well….. for a third liner. But he’s Rick Nash and he needs to play well for Rick Nash, not Taylor Pyatt.
    And speaking of Pyatt, I think the guy’s much faster than anyone on here gives him credit for. There were at least two instances in the last two games where he looked unbelievably fast, beating a Craps player to the puck from blueline to blueline… and I’m being serious here. However the pros and the cons regarding the speed of his game are directly linked. Yes, he showed two fantastic bursts of speed…. but that speed was also only on display in a small sample size. He needs to play harder and care more.
    I think we can all agree that with speed or without speed though he’s a pylon out there…. Taylor Pylon (not to be confused with Rich Pylon).

  224. Maybe there really aren’t many other decent US players available, but how many of this roster even has a remote chance of the Olympics? Two?

    Obviously they’ve just taken the lead against the mighty Bryzgalov as I type…

  225. Hey everyone, thought I’d join in again today – hopefully work won’t get in the way too much!

    I thought Moore looked pretty good back on the PP point, and as someone else mentioned earlier (sorry, can’t remember who), he’s got the skating ability to get back on D if the puck gets by him.

    And yes, Pyatt was more involved last night, but I think you could say the same about the entire team. I don’t hate the guy – I just wish he would play more consistently like he did last night.

  226. Lloyd Braun on

    yeah I didn’t see much of anything from Nash and haven’t seen much of anything resembling consistency from him for several weeks. looks slow and not terribly sure of himself. not really creating chances and the one good chance he had last night he shanked miserably and shot wide.

  227. I know the SEL is a europansy league and not on par with the NHL, but…I think people following the Rangers are starting to understand why Zucc won the MVP award over there…and, the scouting reports about his skills we all heard years ago are dead on.

  228. I can think of a few American’s who are currently available for play and are not on that list. Yandle for example. Dubinsky is better than a lot of those guys. Um…Dustin Byfuglien? Ryan Miller?

    I see we have the future Al Montoya/Rick DiPietro goaltender Josh Gibson on the roster.

  229. Rob in Beantown on

    Interesting Sacco is the head coach, since he was fired in Colorado like a week ago

  230. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The Gaborik discussion is probably for another time, but how can anyone say referring to him as a 40-goal scorer is a thing of the past when he just did it last year?

    Unless, we’re saying that all 40 goal scorers are a thing of the past based on this shortened season. Or 30 goal scorers for that matter.

  231. Manny – You should make thast Ribeiro picture into your new gravatar, in case anyoe forgets

  232. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I’m right there with ya on the Nash subject. I’ve been saying the exact same things for most of the second half of the season.

  233. That’s it, Månnu.

    Not really any stars that missed the playoffs, unless you’re a big Blake Wheeler fan, but doesn’t feel like the US has told anyone they should play to enhance their chances of selection next year.

  234. Lloyd Braun on

    Tortorella speaking about Boyle: “One thing about Brian, he has played well in the playoffs every year.”

    I mean maybe if playing well in the playoffs every year means 4 out of 25 games I guess I see what he’s saying but, like, what?

  235. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Has anyone taken into account the fact that some of the Americans that should be on the World Championship roster might have opted out?

  236. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Gibson’s gonna be awesome. He was one of the best goalies I faced in juniors on NHL 12.

  237. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts is still clueless. We got lucky last night. We need a coaching change.

  238. I don’t get the Nash-bashing. I am confident that when the season is over we’ll find out about the hurt he’s been playing through. I know everyone is playing with some hurt come playoff time, but he is definitely not playing at the same high level he played earlier in the season when the team was riding him. But last night I thought he was really trying to make a difference and play huge. Probably didn’t help when he tried to line up Green, Green side-stepped him and Nash went into the boards.

  239. Two forwards just before DelZ point blast: “Let’s get in front of the net before he kills both of us.”

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