It’s Go Time! … Game 3: Capitals at Rangers


A little history lesson, which means not much:

The Rangers have been down 0-2 in a best-of-seven series 19 times (and 0-2 in a best-of-five once) and have only come back to win one of those series, in 1996 vs. Montreal.

In those 20 instances, the Rangers were swept eight times, lost in five games four times (including the two most recent times, vs. Pittsburgh in 2008 and Washington in 2011), lost in six games six times, and once – in 1939 vs. Boston, when they actually trailed 0-3 – forced a Game 7, in which they lost in triple overtime.

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Game 3.caps
Capitals at Rangers.

Ya boys in a world of hurt if they lose tonight. Obviously.

Marc Staal returns from the eye injury he suffered March 5. Ryane Clowe (probable concussion) will not play.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal — of course — after being the first Rangers goalie since 1933 to go to a playoff overtime with a shutout.

Steve Eminger, Chris Kreider, Matt Gilroy, Roman Hamrlik and Micheal Haley are prucha’d.


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Hoping to do a live chat Tuesday afternoon following practice, probably around 3 p.m. or so. I’ll let youse know when I know, via Twitter and the blog.

Also, check out my video preview in the post below. And please go easy on me, it’s my first time doing that.

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  1. Just realized all Original Six teams are in the playoffs. When’s the last time that happened?

  2. Almost exactly 8 weeks for Staal. I’m amazed. Didn’t think we’d see him that quick.

    Welcome back, Marc!!!!

  3. Big comeback game for mcdonagh tonight- and NASHTY reminds us why we were so excited to get him!!!!

  4. The CT Whale’s best line early last season was Hagelin – Mitchell – Zuccarello…

    I’d almost rather have Mitchell than Horse-Chompers…

  5. Cross Check Charlie on

    Come on, guys. All I ask is 3 goals. That will be enough to win.


  6. Maybe the trainer changed up Horseteeth’s feed and we some production tonight.

  7. So MSG shows the Knicks playoff introductions and anthems for both home and away games and we get commercials….

  8. great video carp!!!

    i think they get a game here tonight… if they can’t muster up a few goals tonight just out of sheer pride, we have a lot more to worry about with this group than we think we do.

    i think the captain gets one early to set the tone.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    If they lose this series, can Richards still run in the Preakness?

  10. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    I expect complete and utter domination. Just not sure which team yet.

  11. If we know anything about the result of Staal coming back after a long absence, it’s that Mike Rupp will score a couple of goals in this game.

  12. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Let’s go Staal! (The only brother in the playoffs).

  13. Is This Real? on

    this whole series has been played in the rangers end. it’s brutal

  14. Is This Real? on

    Make up call from the non-delay of game call at the end of the 3rd in game 2?

  15. Is This Real? on

    of course that’s pyatt on the post with the open net. of course it is

  16. good thing that stone hands pyatt was the one in the front of the net there… unbelievable

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Classic case of Stralman losing a 50/50 battle in the corner, forward needs to come down to support and the puck starts moving around

    Our D sucks!!!

  18. Stranger Nation on

    You cannot have Dan G on the PP – please stop this crap Torts you fool

  19. CraigWeather on

    The crowd sucks… This team sucks… I’m done. Can’t stomach this garbage anymore.

  20. I find it helps to have the puck before rushing up ice. I couldn’t play for the Rangers.

  21. good thing callahan made sure that holtby didn’t have any holes in his upper body

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Brower took his hand off the stick – should have been a penalty

  23. Leading by example! At least refs are consistent. Henrik Sedin got called for same thing last night. Stupid penalty.

  24. loneranger on

    Carp You still think Torts loves Kreider. What a jerk because the press thinks he should play he keeps him out of the line up. What a freeken contrarian. Do you still love Torts.

  25. It’s hard to keep track of whether those penalties are good or bad. Callahan and Dorsett, bad, but Zucc, good? For such a poor effort thus far, crowd sounds decent enough.

  26. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    _Carp You still think Torts loves Kreider. What a jerk because the press thinks he should play he keeps him out of the line up. What a freeken contrarian. Do you still love Torts_

    Tort problem is he doesn’t listen enough to what the press thinks.

  27. NYR need to do a better job of applying weak side pressure on the forecheck. Always seems to go in one way and out the other way, need skaters approaching from both sides.

  28. “Adam oates slowly morphing into Leonard Nimoy ”

    then into Henry Hill…

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    When was our last deflection goal like Washington’s. why don’t we ever have somebody in front of the net to tip it?

  30. powe almost knocked himself out of the game like that japanese outfielder from Major League 2! i guess that would be the only way powe would get out of the lineup

  31. Is This Real? on

    Holtby must laugh at those Scott Gomez-esque wrist shots from the top of the circle

  32. @rangersreport 28s

    If the Rangers’ scouting report was to shoot high on Holtby, that should have been crumbled and tossed in the trash by now.

  33. Admiral Akbar on

    God, if we just had an even MEDIOCRE power play, we’d be more than ok in this series.

  34. oh no a pp. our defense is having a terrible game so far. i thought with staal in it would give them a boost

  35. @rangersreport 2s

    Remember what happened last time Ward took a high-sticking penalty vs. Rangers in the playoffs?

  36. Norm Merton on

    Damn, they’ve imposed another power play — quick, somebody make it 4 on 4!

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Moore had a couple of good rips on PP other than that…not so much

    Only way to get in Offensive zone is to get a PP

  38. Carp

    The Rangers are shooting high, but it doesn’t matter if they are aiming at this chest.

    Caps had more chances in the first period of game 1 than the Rangers have had all series…

  39. Dale Hunter has to be watching this shaking his ugly head.

    Anyone who says coaching strategy doesn’t matter is nuts! Nuts I tell you!

  40. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If the Rangers somehow manage to win this series, that will be the turning point.

  41. Caps follow up the goal with a 4 on 2 followed by a 3 on 2. Followed by what looks to be a power play. Shhheeeeeessssshhh

  42. 4th penalty of the game so far and 3rd against the Caps. Rangers better “capitalize” b/c you know the refs will be looking to even up the chances as we move on…

  43. That’s the CLASSIC Boyle goal. Skate hard to the net and drop it short side as he cuts across.

  44. don’t know if they were in commercial already … after penalty call, Brassard got into it with Chimera, and Dorsett grabbed Chimera by the head and pulled him off and had words with him.

  45. Czechthemout!!! on

    Here i am NYR! In St. louis celebrating Brian Boyle’s goal. The blind folded monkey has finally found the banana in a cage!

  46. SufferingSince79 on

    I think there are 2 “midget” hockey players hiding in Boyle’s uniform.

  47. Oates has really brought some of NJD’s signature interference to the capital.

  48. Is This Real? on

    I’ll tell you something. I wish there were pig-men. You get a few of these pig-men walking around suddenly I’m looking a whole lot better. Then if somebody wants to fix me up at least they could say, “Hey he’s no pig-man!”

  49. Boyle with a nice little jab to Ribiero’s onions long after the buzzer. Went out of his way to deliver it. Nice.

  50. this game is nerve wracking. dz with his little scrappy doo legs ran out of puppy power got bailed out there.

  51. Admiral Akbar on

    Stepan definitely having trouble – but he’s gotta learn fast.

    Nash needs to be involved offensively – butni’ll take his snarl.

  52. Is This Real? on

    That’s good to hear Carp (re: Boyle) somebody needs to distribute some pain

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stepan had a great regular season but he sure shrinks during the playoffs.

  54. SufferingSince79 on

    If Boyler picks up his play he’d better keep his head up, there might be an angry elbow coming his way.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    So now if only Pyatt jams or spraines his mangina, maybe we can add the potential for more offense when Clowe comes in for Powe and Kreider comes in for py-hole

  56. BOyle scored give the man a parade.

    stralamn bad bad period. he did almost everything wrong, TO machine…

    Powe as effective as ever!!!!!!!!!JOKE.

    is the score 5 to 1, just ask the nbc announcers, how are they even playing this game..

  57. Admiral Akbar on

    Not a bad period – but I hope they can sustain some 5 on 5 pressure and make Holtby work.

    Green needs to be hit. Hard and often.

    Bodies and pucks need to be on the net.

  58. Stranger Nation on

    Moore has a nice hard low shot on PP
    Why is Riachrds out for the whole pP?
    Why is Girardi ont the PP and not Stralman? Stralman had 2 PPGs last year

  59. Eddie, agree….. Stepan has trouble with the high end tempo/pace of the playoffs

  60. Egg Roulette on

    Cant believe MSG booing in the 1st…..Lucky power play goal….1-1 after 6 minutes of Power Play = Not Good

  61. Czechthemout!!! on

    Moore looks damn good on the PP just like many of us have said for weeks now.

  62. Richards might be out of the playoffs, but he’s still a favorite for the Triple Crown.

  63. Just saw eric. He’s actually smiling and not hyper-ventilating (i don’t know how to spell that) and not too negative :)

  64. The problem is the nastier the Rangers play the more penalties get called and that means more chances for the Caps to score.

    And the Caps have no problem goading the rangers into the nasty stuff b/c they simply don’t care about going down a man…

  65. Could be 4-1. We are lucky. MDZ looks extra slow tonight. Looks like he has sore feet.

  66. One of these teams looks like they’re going to advance, and the other looks like….the Rangers

  67. N.Country_NYRFan on

    Why is Pyatt playing instead of Kreider…don’t we need scoring…not slothing

  68. Didn’t Richards star in that movie Hot to Trot a few years back? Photo finish wins by a tooth.

  69. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t think the Rangers looked bad that period.

    I would like to see some more sustained pressure in the Washington zone, with no breakdowns or odd-man rushes against.

  70. Glad to see we are tied after one. Even psyched that msg150 had pure hockey content. Not the boys need to keep hitting bodies and shooting and crashing the net. LGR!

  71. Erskine being knocked out of the game is a warning flare to the rest of the Caps…and puts a bullseye on Cally’s back…knives and chains only please – no guns!

  72. Yeah Strange, but he got a point on the Boyle goal, so lets keep him. :)

  73. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Why does the outdoor network think I give a shizzit about Anaheim Detroit?

  74. Stranger Nation on

    Moore and Stralman on frist pair PP – its really not that difficult to figure out

  75. I told you I didn’t know how to spell it, Admiral.

    I didn’t notice, NYR 56. It was blue. Looked like he’d chewed through the laces and the arms. :)

  76. I am on fire right now Carp, so I apologize ahead of time if you eventually feel the need to ban me…it’ll be like putting the face mask on Hannibal Lechter, so we should all thank you

  77. have any of you actually kept count of the number of times Stralman has been faked out of his jock this season?

  78. Admiral Akbar on

    Stranger –

    Yup, I AM anal.. You are right! :)

    Carp asked how to spell “hyperventilating” so I figured I’d give him an answer.!

  79. Czechthemout!!! on

    Holtby has the unique distinction of giving up a goal to Brian Boyle. That puts him in rare compoany.

  80. Norm Merton on

    Half a chance the entire period, and it goes in! So they get a full chance in the 2nd, two goals?

  81. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Before Boyle scored I literally said out loud that I hope the rangers lose. They looked like Crap. I think it was Stepan who got beat by a guy with his arse on the ice… twice. They pull up on his whole Staal gets clobbered because the (other) Craps know how to hit. Yes they were getting shots top the net, but they were almost all from the blueline with no-one in front of Holtby. They were losing every board battle and allowing the (other) Craps to set up in their zone at even strength like they had a power play. Where’s the energy… the speed…. the desire?
    And don’t get me started on Rick “hands of stone” Nash….

  82. Before that hip check on Ovechkin I didn’t know he was wearing one, Fat Guy.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Holtby has the unique distinction of giving up a goal to Brian Boyle. That puts him in rare compoany.

    May 6th, 2013 at 8:37 PM


    that s funny

  84. Brad Richards will be starring in “Seabiscuit 2” after he gets amnestied this summer.

  85. I loved when Schnoz Rosen said it’s Boyle’s first goal with the goalie in the net since MArch

  86. Damn Richards! Notice how Joe had to point out that he decided to skate.

  87. Serious Sam Rosen is losing it. Every time it clearly hits the crossbar he either says “wide” or “save by xxxx”.

  88. Is Sam Rosen losing his hearing? He never seems to hear when the puck hits against the iron post.

  89. Btw CCCP, that notion that Nash is a beast in front of net on the PP is so false. He’s best on the side boards. He wants nothing to do with the front of the net.

  90. are we on a pp or what? dont stop rangers keep attacking!! cmon you wont win with just a 1 goal lead here. get another

  91. Norm Merton on

    Caps look like crap, but they’ll have a few make-up PPs coming soon.

  92. They called the Boyle goal a PPG, even though it was exactly two minutes after the penalty. I thought it had expired. But that’s two PPGs.

  93. ThisYearsModel on

    Remember…..the number of penalties is usually even by the end of these games. We need 2 more goals at least.

  94. >>Hagelin had that leg-on-leg with Ovechkin in Game 2…

    [I know what Carp is trying to do. I am not biting!]

  95. There were two seconds left on the PP when Boyle scored, according to the Capital’s broadcast, Carp.

  96. Pierre is roughly 75% less bombastic and intrusive when he’s on with Dave Strader rather than Doc and Edzo.

  97. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If the Rangers get 100 PP’s this game, they may score 12 goals.

  98. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie … Eddie, Eddie, Eddie is here … and the crowd is chanting Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.

  99. What a PP. Where has that been all series. John Moore looks like the PP QB we’ve been looking for…

  100. SufferingSince79 on

    Hank thinking…”thanks for the 2 goals guys. Don’t score any more for me. I got it from here.”

  101. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Two bad penalties by Cally, though the first could have been coincidental minors.

  102. The Captain taking bad penalties and the Rangers killing them off, was a part of the Rangers identity last year and the year before…not so much this season…

    Still…impressive kills….Hank is amazing…

  103. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Boyle and non-PPG (by 1 second) and PP assist not good enough to play on the PP. Retains permanent status on WBM (c)

  104. Carp

    I am with you on your TV viewing golf priority —- US Open over SC Finals. But the playoffs are pretty great. Spring isn’t spring without

  105. Del Zotto with a disastrous play waiting for the puck to come to him and then losing the puck

  106. could feel that coming a mile away, rangers can’t get out of there own zone or there own way.

  107. ThisYearsModel on

    What great defensive zone play. We NEVER have a guy that open in the offensive zone.

  108. “Zuccarello is so much better on the PP than any of the Rangers forwards …”

    Amen, Carp. Amen.

  109. all on Del Zotto except for the two lost battles by Dorsett and Brassard and the screen by Pyatt.

  110. That goal was all on Pyatt. He has one job to do there and he didn’t do it (or come close to doing it).

  111. Admiral Akbar on

    Washington looking very comfortable, moving very methodically.

    Not good for Rangers’ standpoint.

  112. Yeah, Dorsett having a great game. Just as good defensively and just as mean as Pruster.

  113. His job is to pick up the far side D. Instead he picked up Moore’s man and realized it too late and Green was wide open.

  114. CraigWeather on

    Pyatt SUCKS. What a PURE WASTE of a roster spot. Sickening. WTF is Torts love affair w/ him?

  115. SufferingSince79 on

    Yes, we know Joe, the Caps are the new Oilers. Wonder what happens when they play a team that can score?

  116. Norm Merton on

    Carp, he just coasted through a shift, which is why I pointed it out. He might be hurt.

  117. rangers must win this game if they want to at least make some noise in the first round. Huge third period coming up.

  118. Nash has bad aim on his hit attempts, kind of like Richards backhand passes and MDZ shots from the point.

  119. Carp

    I’m no Del Zotto hater, but that play he made where he sat their wating for the puck like he couldn’t leave the trapezoid is one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen.

    He literally just stood there like a deer in the headlights. Horrendeous play

  120. Cross Check Charlie on

    Well, I said before the game started that 3 goals is what they’d need. Need to win the third period 1-0.

  121. You know the make-up PP calls are coming in the 3rd. They were 6-1 in our favor. Now 6-2. Going to need at least 2 goals in the 3rd.

  122. _We are being owned by Mike Green. Cripes._

    well..when healthy, he is one of the best offensive dman in the world… and that is the biggest difference about Craps from last year…they did not have Green and now they do and he is healthy. I do not like our chances in the third they way we looked at the end of the second

  123. eric’s mood has changed. Goes without saying, I guess. he wants Del Zaster and Tortorella out. Shocker.. And he’s wearing the Callahan blue jersey for whomever asked earlier.

  124. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    This is why we have a WBM (c). No matter who does what on the ice, the same 4-5 guys get blamed.

  125. It will be a lundqvist Houdini act should they extend this to six. They will most likely cobble a victory together tonight. Somehow someway. Wednesday???? Not so much if this is how they wish to play.

  126. Seriously, I’m not saying you guys are wrong, but I thought Nash was really involved in those two periods, physical, drew a penalty, had a couple of chances.

  127. Sb1
    Nash is a total non factor so far. Invisible

    You’d be saying the same thing about Boyle if he hadn’t scored

  128. Nash has been an utter disappointment for 8 periods…not much else you can say…

  129. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Wonder if The Kreider sees time now with Powe’s injury. (concussion?)

  130. carp, tell eric the person who go is The Anointed One, as long as stogie master is running the ship, nothing will change.

  131. Nash has been physical, engaged and really trying to get some space for himself. The fact is that the Capitals obviously highlighted the names NASH and STEPAN and they give them no space and hit them constantly.

  132. Norm Merton on

    Carp, I think Nash is having a pretty good game, but that was concerning when he coasted into the zone with the puck on the left boards when he had an angle and could have driven the net. I thought he must have been out of gas, but he then stayed on the ice, coasting. That’s what made me think he might be hurt. Nash is the Rangers most dangerous player — if he’s healthy, he should be a big factor this period. Needs to own that.

  133. Carp – Technically, if we get swept, do you have to give back any of those “bet” hot dogs?

  134. Nash doesn’t have bad aim. He doesn’t want to engage. When he has the puck, it’s fine and he doesn’t mind the physical contact. But he isn’t a big hitter like people think. It’s the same on his back checking. He skates back, so no complaints about it, but if you notice he’s always skating faster heading up ice than he is on the way back. He makes it look like he’s hustling 100% when he’s only going 75.

    Glad we’re paying him 8 mil a season though.

  135. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Is there another team in the NHL…. he’ll, even the AHL, that’s even half as pathetic as the new york rangers when it comes to clearing the zone?

  136. ThisYearsModel on

    I hope Pysie saves up his energy for this big third period. Zuccarello, who has 4:45 of even strength time, can relax and lounge n the bench.

  137. ranger power play suffers because they don’t have a Zubov or leetch to shoot the puck like Washington has green.

  138. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I think Pie-Hat has had himself a decent game, small plays here and their are playing a big part in tonights game.

  139. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    That Green goal was all on Pyatt. He collapased to the net instead of going out to Green at the point. That allowed Green to cruise in while picking his spot. Then, to top it all off, he screened Lundqvist.

  140. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I’m going off on a limb and am gonna blame the second Craps goal on Crapzotto. He waited…. and waited… and waited for a puck behind the net, while a Craps player was steaming in to try and get it from him. Well he got it and not much later they scored. What a dumb@$$.

  141. pyatt is a pilon, no good, skates like he is towing a cement wheel Barrel.

  142. I feel 3 goals are coming this period and 1 will be an empty netter, therefore 1 team will score.

  143. Norm Merton on

    Pyatt has been a force tonight. He is one of many, though, who need to score and get a bit of confidence going in his offense. Probably too late for so many guys who need that.

  144. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??
    This all could have been avoided had NYR drafted Green instead of Korpedo or Montoya

    yes, under the regime of the anointed one.

  145. Is This Real? on

    they need to bring game 7 ot type hockey here. throw everything at the net, crash it.

  146. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    So we’ve had FOUR more power plays than the craps and have ONE more shot. Amazingly we need more power plays cuz we suck the big one at even strength.

  147. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Oh, and Dorsett is an effin disgrace. Such a flopper. It’s like I’m watching the second Mighty Ducks game coached by Gordon Bombay.

  148. Good to see Nash getting physical. That certainly wasn’t the case in games 1 or 2…

  149. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    “This all could have been avoided had NYR drafted Green instead of Korpedo or Montoya”

    Or if they took Carlson instead of MDZ.

  150. Rob in Beantown on

    Asham is one of the few guys on the team that can hit the net. Don’t know why you’d scratch him

  151. Cally always seems to be in the zone by himself when he carries the puck in off the rush.

  152. Admiral Akbar on

    Stuart – uh oh, what’s he gonna say about Asham now?

    Kreider doing just fine as a scratch, btw

  153. The penalty imbalance is starting to come into play. Could have been calls on Green and another Cap who held Richards on that last sequence.

  154. SufferingSince79 on

    There you go Hank. There’s your go ahead goal…now don’t bother the offense, we’ve got a lead to sit on.

  155. Stranger Nation on

    No Joe, Stralman has NOT had a good series – he is standing alone in front of goal to get puck because he CANNOT play along boards.

  156. SufferingSince79 on

    Are you sure that’s the sound of the post? Maybe they’re playing quarters in the booth.

  157. Stranger Nation on

    Guess those hits Cally throws in 1st period tire him out for 3rd – guy can barely skate…

  158. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, Hank better be awesome in this period. He will surely be getting plenty of work.

  159. Stranger Nation on

    Watch replay of check Norm – don;t think it bothered Ovi

    Check on Erskine by Cally has my vote in 1st has my vote

  160. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Cally was flexing his leg in the 2nd…went into the boards awkwardly.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    why does our D back up the entire game

    they are not too good, that is why

  162. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I thought we had a fast team. Why do the Craps look like they’ve got 3 extra gears above ours?

  163. I hate when Rosen says “Good play” whenever Girardi gets lucky with a snow angel.

  164. loneranger on

    Poor Henrik. just when need him Agree with you Lyova Nash totally invisable. I don’t know what other people are watching.

  165. How’s this for a reversal? Nash is actually Mr. October, when we need him to be Mr. May

  166. Stranger Nation on

    5 guys in front of crease – wonder why we can’t break out – out D really sucks

  167. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    When is Nash gonna realize he can’t skate through the defense? And when will Nash learn that if two men are defending him chances are there’s a Ranger open somewhere? These questions sms others will be answered next year on “The New York Rangers Quest For A High Draft Pick”.

  168. Why does it seem like I can anticipate what the Caps are going to do with the puck and NYR can’t?

  169. Has Richards skated in the third period? I haven’t heard his name mentioned at all.

  170. Norm Merton on

    That’s just a huge, huge goal. So many good plays leading up to it.

  171. They better go in Shutdown Mode now. They do not have another goal in them. 4-3.

  172. Sorry Johnny, that was McDonuts with an awesome keep in at the blue line

  173. Admiral Akbar on

    Now it’s Nash’s turn to score…

    And it’s hank’s turn to shut the door

  174. Rangers need to call a timeout here. I’m worried the defensemen don’t have a plan in place for how to deflect a shot past Lundqvist and tie the game back up.

  175. if they call a pansy penalty with 550 left, I’m putting bedbugs in Shanahan’s whole house

  176. Admiral Akbar on

    Everytime Sam says “Hendricks”, I’m hoping he says “Christina Hendricks…

  177. Has Torts stapled Richards aasen to the bench? Haven’t seen him…not missing him.

  178. Duckbill platypus on

    Giveaway by Derek Gaborik, but he has played well even with abdominal injury.

    Deepest and sincerest regards,
    Le Duckbill

    P.S. Llatona is OMG amazing!

  179. Stranger Nation on

    My gut still feels a Rangers loss.
    May 6th, 2013 at 9:58 PM
    leave troll

  180. Brassard’s battle level is a lot higher than Gaborik’s; that’s for sure.

  181. 3 of their goals were mini art forms. I thought Holtby slobbedd up the Boyle goal.

  182. If Erskine slides on the ice instead of staying on his feet, the pass from Nash to Stepan on the goal doesn’t get through, FWIW.

  183. OV is a piece of cooke, and the refs are even worse for calling that. Knew it was coming though.

  184. Stranger Nation on

    Richardes standing still at center ice with the penalty – knew he would figure out a way to fugg this up

  185. Admiral Akbar on

    It’ll be 6 on 4 — gotta aim for the open net — if they can get the puck

  186. Norm Merton on

    What an awful, awful call. If you want to call it, then take Ovi to the box for unsportsmanlike, too. That’s Italian soccer right there.

  187. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Why the hell did they get a call and just let a trip go 20 secs prior in the Craps zone? Yeah that guy got the puck…. right after he’d tripped the ranger player.

  188. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    What a bunch of lucky sumbeeches. Can you give the Craps any more room to work with? The Rangers need to stop giving the Craps so much respect!

  189. Admiral Akbar on

    Brassard just blew Gabby out of the water in this game.

    He fought ALL GAME. Played his Assen off!

  190. Stranger Nation on

    How many of you were thinking about 0.07 seconds?
    May 6th, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    Only you

  191. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    One of these days they’ll learn not to back up into their zone while letting the opponents skate right in. Take the body you bastiches!

  192. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ever notice when Torts does something, he’s an idiot. When he doesn’t do something, he’s a moron.

  193. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I still don’t like the Rangers pulling the goalie with a PP and over 1 minute left. Caps can actually control the puck on their PP.

  194. Obvious dive at the end by Ovechkin, but what possible good did Richards think slashing him at that point would do?

    is it fair to officially put him in the Gomez/Drury category yet?

  195. Ovie should get fined for the embellishment being that he didn’t get a diving penalty.

  196. speaking of which, Trautwig wears so much makeup, he looks like a silent film star

  197. SufferingSince79 on

    Can’t say I’m not worried that this Caps team won’t roll on Wednesday but what a great stat they have to live with…4-5 in series they’ve led 2-0.

  198. Norm Merton on

    I usually don’t go in for the stupid stuff, but I wouldn’t mind someone offering Ovi some corrective medicine next game for that bit of opera at the end. He embarrassed himself and his team.

  199. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I can’t believe the amount of chances the Craps had at the end there and passed most of them up Rangerstyle. Woop um Rangerstyle.

  200. Fat Guy, I ran into Giannone outside the Garden after an afternoon game last year and he had on a ton of make up.

  201. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    So is there hope or is this the usual ranger tendency to lead the fans on only to crap on them in the end? Any guesses?

  202. life is strange – some of these Kings “fans” may have been in the same exacts playoff seats less than a year ago, and yet the feel and play is so different.

  203. Carp set up his tape recorder in the lockerro0m and ran down the block for two shots and a beer at Mustang Sally’s

  204. Ref looking for an opportunity to call one on Rangers. Richie accommodated.

  205. Great shot by Datsyuk, but Hiller has got to take that off the body or head up high rather than lean left and wave the glove at it, right?

  206. Admiral Akbar on

    I want those Rangers sneakers in McDonut’s locker!

    (Well maybe not exactly that pair)

  207. No MSG for me, so am I right in assuming Duguay’s tie is around his forehead and he’s wearing only an unfastened leather waistcoat otherwise?

  208. Exciting win! Let’s do it again on Wednesday! Finally got scoring from the middle of the lineup…isn’t that we’ve been asking for? Not to mention the game winner from a Nash-Stepan combo…and some luck with Washington’s lack of shots at the end in the name of puck control. Way to go Blueshirts! I was praying and wondering why Ribiero didn’t shoot. They’ll take it! Nice performance from the Columbus additions and nice to see Staal back, even if he’s not 100%. Hope he’s really seeing the puck and 100% healthy.

  209. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – called it a week ago – Moore Moore – he looks god and MDZ looks, well, like MDZ

  210. Can’t call it good or bad “playoffs” – its just been 3 games!

    That said, I don’t care who’s doing the scoring as long as we’re scoring. They scored on the power play and wound up winning the game by 1 goal. There’s your difference.

  211. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I just saw the Datsyuk tying goal and all I could think of was with Gabby gone we no longer have a guy that can shoot like that….

  212. Duguay buys his clothes at the thrift shop in Alphabet Land on lower east side. I know…. I…….saw him there.

  213. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    When Oates was up you could clearly hear the questions…wtf?!

  214. Coupla post game thoughts-
    Embellishment penalty will be assessed when peasent players attempt to cajole a penalty from ref that are favors only accorded to those of noble birth. (The no call on Ovy Brando was as gutless as the no call on the puck over the boards at the end of reg in game 2)
    It was nioe to win- but you better hope it somehow improves the teams play- Caps probably feel they blew one here.
    Thought Oates pulling goalie with 1:50 left to gain 2 man advantage changed psychology of best powerplay in league- I’d have waited until the minute mark.It’s just a whole different mindset- and you could see the Caps doing the Ranger perimeter thing as time ticked away.
    Hope none of the Cap fans were waiting for Holtby to make a big save…how about a really good save…well, he has nice hair.

  215. Czechthemout!!! on

    Big win! Though I was not at all happy with their play for large parts of the game.

  216. Papa, I thought he bought them at Rudy’s. Didn’t he pick up one of Frank Costanza’s old shirts?

  217. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Wow, a journalist sneezed and Torts just said “bless you”. Who is this guy and what did he do with Torts?

  218. Perry’s own stick hits him in face, Ducks get PP. High sticking fails seem to be the order of the day in the NHL.

  219. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    if someone told you the Craps would score 3 goals and the Rags would still win, would you have believed him?

  220. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Perry high sticked that guy first but he didn’t reel his head back like Ovechkant.

  221. oleo, I don’t care what anyone says – Datsyuk is the best two-way player in the game. A bunch of players are better offensively and some better defensively, but nobody has a combination that can match his.

  222. ““rags” is not an acceptable term here… shame on any Rangers fan to call their team like that…shame.”

    Its not an acceptable term in any respect if you’re a Rangers fan. That’s like an Islander fan calling his team the fish sticks or the Devils calling themselves Debbies

  223. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I’ve been calling them rags since I was a kid. I don’t care what anybody thinks, I see it as a term of endearment like calling the giants the gints. Plus they’ve played pretty crappy lately anyway.

  224. Been saying that all year, CCCP. Can’t hear the almost whispered questions. Then Torts answers with “he” was important out there tonight,” or “”he sure did, that’s why he’s getting ice time.” Who in hell is “he?” And then he makes a dopey remark about “get me out of here” and they laugh like he he’s George Carlin. Gees.

  225. Czechthemout!!! on

    John Moore was fantastic tonight. Yet was still under utilized in my opion on the PP.

    Boyle was effective early but than reverted to his normal self the second half of the game.

    Pyatt sucks! Plain and simple. Sloooooooooowwwwww.

    Brassard was outstanding! The best forward on the ice to ight.

    I know it is only two games and that he missed two months of play, but I am not at all impressed by Dorsett. Sorry!

    Nice bounce back game by MCD!

    Nice cameo by Staal. It provided a lift early for them.

    The King was great again. I watched the game in a sports bar in St. Louis with several Caps and Rangers fans from out of town here also on business. The Caps fans all said that if they had Lundquist, they would have won the Cup a long time ago. Cant say I disagree.

  226. SufferingSince79 on

    Blovechkin still runs around like a maniac and constantly leaves his feet. Another player gives Stepan the same headshot Blovie did…a penalty? Malkin or Chris Neal no, anyone else, I’d say yes.

  227. I see the will in Dorsett but you can tell the time off hurt him as he just seems a bit off in everything he does

  228. Dorsett stood up for a teammate tonight. With Dorsett and Ash available, we’ll see more of that, and just in time.

  229. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    What bar, Czech? I went to school there (a loooong time ago).

  230. Ovi said they dominated all night 5 on 5. He may be right, but someone has to take him off his high horse.

  231. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Since we only have one widely known offensive force in Nash, he’s getting smothered by the Craps. But he’s not helping things by continuing to try and do everything himself. He’s constantly trying to go 1 on 2 with the Craps defense and failing miserably.

  232. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Ovechkant needs to be hit and hit hard at every opportunity.

  233. When Nash goes one on two, it’s often because the free man who should be finding open ice is not finding open ice.

  234. Stranger Nation on

    The right side of our D is not good with MDZ playing there with Dan G and Stralman

  235. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Hiller made a phenomenal left pad save right before Brunner put it in.

  236. Stranger Nation on

    When Nash comes down 1 on 2, they only option is to go 1 on 2, right? He cannot magically make a line mate appear or he could try a blind back pass like Richards.

  237. Stranger Nation on

    Moore on PP – check
    Zucc on PP – Check
    Nash on PP – check
    Step on PP – check
    Richards on PP –

    repeat, Richards on PP –


  238. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I don’t agree at all coos. He doesn’t even look for his linemates when he goes in like that. He only does so very infrequently. Either way, he needs to quit it because all he ever accomplishes is turning the puck over to the Craps.
    He hadn’t looked like his early season self in a long time. He rarely uses his body to shield the puck and also fails at that often. He doesn’t seem to have the same stickhandling he put on display in the first half of the season.
    I don’t know If it’s because opponents are more familiar with him now or if it’s something physical, but he hasn’t looked as dominant as he had for a long time. I first noticed it when he started having trouble on shootout shots. But whatever the reason he better get it together or change the way he approaches the game in the meantime.

  239. Good luck getting a buy- back at a Hyatt. I’d rather be somewhere with sawdust on the floor for a hockey game. :)

  240. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Czech I don’t think that hotel even existed while I was going to school there. lol. I worked at the Adam’s Mark though.

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