Finish or be finished for the Rangers


The quick update: Ryane Clowe (probable concussion) and Marc Staal (eye) were both on the ice for an optional morning skate. Not sure if either will play in Game 3 tonight, but I imagine both want to. Carl Hagelin, who went leg-on-leg with Alex Ovechkin early in Game 2 and skipped practice Sunday, will play tonight.

Photo above, from Getty Images. Enjoy it. It’s the only Rangers goal of the series so far.

Meanwhile, here’s the unedited version of my column from The Journal News and today:

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – The Rangers are where they are, and it’s not good and it sure hasn’t been pretty.

Is an 0-2 hole going home for Games 3 and 4 of a playoff series the end of the world? No, of course it isn’t. But the chances of coming all the way back are slim, and the way the Rangers have fallen into that hole against the Washington Capitals sure makes it look grim.

They have scored one goal in two-plus games, a wrap-around by Carl Hagelin that went in off Capitals defenseman John Erskine’s skate in Game 1. In Game 2, the Rangers went to an overtime at 0-0 for the first time since 1933 … and lost because their power play failed miserably and the Capitals’ didn’t.

The Rangers, in their entire history have come back from 0-2 to win a playoff series exactly once, in 1996 against Montreal, when they lost the first two at home.

This hole looks deeper because of their inability to score against an average Washington team and a still unproven goalie Braden Holtby.

“Every team plays defense,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said Sunday. “At times I think we’ve had chances. We haven’t capitalized. We still have to develop more. We’re going to continue trying.”

Trying isn’t the problem, finishing is. Especially when Rick Nash – who has had Capitals draped on him for two games – can’t produce a goal, or when No. 1 center Derek Stepan (one goal in 27 career playoff games) can’t buy one, or when Brad Richards, Ryan Callahan, Derek Brassard or any forward can’t chip one in.

Then again, this has been the Rangers’ bugaboo for years, especially under Tortorella.

They scored 14 goals in six games against the Devils last spring, 15 in seven against Washington before that, 14 in seven against Ottawa before that. They scored eight in five games against Washington the year before, and 11 in seven games against the Caps in 2009 (including seven in the last six games).

The power play is obviously the No. 1 culprit, to go along with a struggling penalty kill against the league’s best power play. Deadly combo. And yet the Rangers, despite very uneven play, and mostly being outplayed, could have won either game in D.C.

Hagelin, who went knee-on-knee with Alex Ovechkin early in Game 2, skipped practice Sunday, but the team said he’s fine and will play Monday night. Ryane Clowe (probable concussion) skated in practice and hasn’t ruled himself out of Game 3, but doesn’t know if he’ll play. Marc Staal (eye) also remains a possibility to return as the series goes on.

Mostly, though, it’s the Rangers’ collective psyche that will be tested because of the frustration of being unable to score … and understanding that without goals, there is no chance.

“That is the furthest thing of a worry for me, this group of guys,” Tortorella said. “This is a good group of guys and last time I remember, you need four games to win a series. Our guys are fully aware of that. So I don’t even think about that after a situation like (Game 2).”

He did think about a decision he made in overtime, when a long shift, then an icing, then a timeout, then another chance to change players on the ice resulted in a shift of 3:04 for Ryan McDonagh. That ended in McDonagh tossing a puck over the glass for a  delay-of-game penalty and Mike Green’s power-play winner.

“If you’re asking me, should he have been on the ice, I put him on the ice 10 out of 10 times in that situation,” Tortorella said defiantly. “If it happens again (in Game 3) I’ll do the same thing.”

If the result is the same, turn out the lights.

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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carped and a repost

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Clearly the speed only idiots are out today, those guys that pine for a line of fata-Daigle-lisin!!

    Lmao at the non hockey IQ guys that think fast or slow is the only difference between a good hockey player and a bad one.

    May 6th, 2013 at 12:29 PM

  2. Papa Bear ( repost )

    I hope on their off-day, Ranger players watched some of the high intensity, balls to the wall hockey that was played yesterday.

    Truth is, I don’t know why they haven’t played that way yet. Are they scared, lazy, not good, slow, too respectful of the Caps?

    Holtby was there to be taken early on Saturday. Forget about cover, go at the kid with guns a blazing tonight. Shoot first, ask questions later!

    May 6th, 2013 at 12:30 PM

  3. Lloyd Braun on

    I feel like the Rangers will win this game tonight (something like 2-1) but all year long they’ve not looked very good and what we’ve seen through the first two games is simply a representation of the mediocrity they put on the ice for about 75% of the season.

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    What’s the stat 37 teams have come back to win a series out over 250+ teams.

    Can the Rangers be the 38th????

  5. Manny, that’s good. means Nash is definitely due to break his cherry tonight!

  6. This might be my favorite comment of the year, courtesy of our non-English speaking friend:

    “This team has more talent then last year”

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Carl Hagelin, who went leg-on-leg with Alex Ovechkin early..

    sounds kinky

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    If Clowe is 100%, sounds like he’s ready.

    Staal makes the Defense better, but the D hasn’t been bad in this series. McD’s honest mistake cost us the last game, but had either one of those post shots gone in, we probably win the last game.

  9. Lloyd Braun on

    McDonagh’s mistake was terrible but he didn’t keep himself on the ice for over 3 minutes

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    Will the Rangers hold serve on it’s 2 home games???

    Can they even it up 2-2?

  11. @NYDNRangers

    #NHL finalists for Calder Trophy (rookie of year): #Hab RW Brendan Gallagher, #Panthers C Jonathan Huberdeau, #Blackhawks LW Brandon Saad

    Predictable. I assume Huberdeau gets it.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers West’s lines;
    Clowe -Richards-Zucc
    Kreider-Brassard- Cally

    Would move Pie-hat out and play MIller or No-berries
    Pie-hat + Powe = pathetic playoff performances

  13. (repost)

    “Why are you comparing Nash and Gaborik? I had no problem keeping both. And even in moving Gaborik, which I was not opposed to, the return has to be better than what we got. And it wasn’t. The Gaborik trade is an unmitigated disaster.”

    I thought you were saying after all the trades we didn’t really move forward. And I say we did, except for one key thing and it’s the ridiculous decline of BRich. Much bigger issue than the loss of Gabby. Overall the team has less talent than last year because its no1 center is not only not a no1 he should be in the AHL.

  14. Amirante’s toup is out with an undisclosed “lower body injury”, which we know is just a cover-up for the toup’s concussion

  15. Sioux-per-man on

    I just think they come out with a VENGEANCE tonight!!!

    Home crowd HAS to help.

    Who scores the 1’st goal?

  16. I hope so, Papa.

    Question: Do you prefer to hibernate in a cave or underground hole with breathing hole?

  17. Lloyd Braun on

    always funny when people decide to ignore the many health problems Amirante’s dealing with and just ridicule him anyway. classy stuff.

  18. Wicky, I’d assume i’m the “speed-only idiot” to which you refer…

    however, Kreider isn’t exactly tiny and offense hasn’t exactly been easy to come by….

    So, whatever, we’re all fans here; but if you’re going to make a point, your conclusion that someone is an “idiot” and doesn’t have “hockey IQ” isn’t much to go on.

    And, furthermore, I’m not necessarily advocating Boyle / Pyatt both out; just noting where they haven’t been effective.

  19. Carp:


    Stuff is for Luddites! Words good not no more. Think I belive no.

    Sometimes I believe social media and technology is destroying language and civilization. Then again, Plato felt that writing and literacy would be the destruction of the human brain’s capacity to function at a high level.
    I go back and forth, do we give people a break or lament the decline of Western Civilization?

    If it’s the latter, I offer myself up as the first sacrifice for my many internet transgressions and my attempts to assassinate the English language all predicated upon haste and carelessness.

    If anybody is capable of being our linguistic savior, I’ll put my money on Jeremy “Syntax” Roenick.

  20. Llatona
    We’re doomed. No Amirante tonight! :(

    May 6th, 2013 at 12:36 PM


  21. Lloyd Braun on

    TrueBlue: I’m not sure how anyone who’s watched more than 1 game this season could want Boyle, Pyatt, or Richards for that matter, in over anybody

  22. Manny, a cave of course. I’m too old to be thinking of going underground, even with a breathing hole.

  23. Lloyd Braun on

    Good to know the Abdelkader and Gryba hits are equal in the eyes of the NHL

    what a joke this league is

  24. Genius from Ovechkin


    “We know what the fans are going to be doing. Maybe they’re going to do something new, I don’t know.”-Ovechkin…#NYR Fans are ready!!

  25. 7:30 start should allow the late arrving lower bowl crowd to refill their memosas before the first drop of the puck

  26. Last I heard, Papa, the doctors said she was recovering from a left body injury sustained in the back of her poorly maintained horse trailer en route to MSG.

  27. Silver Lining on

    Tom Gulitti reports Hank was stung in practice yesterday, stayed down, then slammed stick and left early. No morning skate today. No reason to be concerned, but hasnt shown up since the injury. We wouldnt know until warm ups anyway.

  28. The entire complexion of this team changes if Nash has a center who can hold the puck, draw defenders, and distribute. I know, if grandmother had wheels etc..

  29. Silver Lining
    Tom Gulitti reports Hank was stung in practice yesterday, stayed down, then slammed stick and left early. No morning skate today. No reason to be concerned, but hasnt shown up since the injury. We wouldnt know until warm ups anyway.

    Maybe because they shoot harder on Hank in practice than they do on Holtby during a game.

  30. not only are the next two games potentially auditions for next season’s team, but also auditions for who will & won;t be banned from next season’s blog

  31. It is a joke, Lloyd. And Hagelin got 3 games for the unintentional elbow. Abdelkader gets 2.

  32. Lloyd Braun on

    most shocking element of that story is that the Rangers are able to hit the net in practice

  33. Amazing insight from Ovi; however, note the grammar in getting knew / new correct.

    So proud of him…

  34. Lloyd Braun on


    I wasn’t even that opposed to the Hagelin suspenion at the time (although I balked at the length) – thought it was a dirty, albeit careless hit. But to give 2 games for what shouldn’t even have been a penalty and then to give 2 games for a blatant cheap shot that was clearly designed to hurt a player is ludicrous. Add in the 3 games Hagelin got and the NHL’s precedent is that Abdelakder’s hit wasn’t that big of a deal.

  35. I’m pretty sure they use something similar to the Price Is Right wheel for deciding the length of suspension…

    Surprised Abdelkader wasn’t offered a new car or, the all expense paid vacation to Hawaii…

  36. Cousin Tom, if he was “stung” at a Ranger practice, there must have been a bee in the locker room.

  37. League is a total joke in that regard, Lloyd. They just continue to enhance that point with each and every absurdly reasoned suspension they hand out.

  38. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I think the reason they lost game 2 was because too many boneheads stayed positive. This team has fed off the negativity of the group here…I’m sure of it.

    So, game 3 should be a virtual lock.

  39. Stranger Nation
    Rangers West’s lines;
    Clowe -Richards-Zucc
    Kreider-Brassard- Cally

    Would move Pie-hat out and play MIller or No-berries
    Pie-hat + Powe = pathetic playoff performances

    a observer with a clue..that is a nice forward group.sure you can disagree with where Cally plays but those are there best forwards plain and simple…

  40. Gravy, so, if i’m hearing you correctly; the negative thoughts of boneheads fuel the Rangers performance

    a la the negative thoughts creating the slime under the City in Ghostbusters II?

    If so, I think you may have a point…

    But, in being overconfident, I’ll put Holtby up there too- really hope his quotes from last game are up in the locker room…

  41. A realist perhaps, but no, not a realtor.

    I do have a cousin named Tom.

  42. Hey TrueBlue…do you speak Russian better then Ovie speaks English? Doubt it..

  43. True Blue @ 1:06

    Which Holtby quote?

    The one where he said he had time to put on sun screen before he took a nap while lounging in his beach recliner during the final 28 minutes of game 2?

  44. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Carp, what are these reports of Lundqvist getting injured?

    If so, Game over, season over. Nash 0-8 in playoffs.

  45. Sioux-per-man on

    “The fans are great here and give us a lot of support. The Garden is going to be rocking here tonight and we have to make sure we use that energy throughout the whole game. We can’t just come out hard and then back off. We must keep feeding off the energy in the building.”

    Dorsett – soon to be a MSG Fan Favorite.

    I’m looking forward to TONIGHT!!!

  46. Sioux – I’m pretty sure that just means that Dorsett will be encouraging other players to just do cocaine during the game and in between periods. Gotta keep that energy up. OLD TIME HOCKEY

  47. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    TrueBlue, I’m glad you can comment on Ovi’s spelling when it was a spoken quote that was written down by Jim Cerny (probably).

  48. Sioux-per-man on

    The Caps came back in 2011 after being down 0-3, and won the series against the Rangers.

    There is NO REASON the Rangers can’t do the same to the Caps. Even if it takes 7 games.

  49. Take Sully’s power play pamphlets away from him and send him down to Rogue Music on 30th Street to buy an old Kate Smith ‘God Bess America’ tape to fill in for Amironte.

  50. Pfftt- I’m sure you’re right, and Ovi didn’t type the quote (since it was a quote)…It was a joke on the fact that there seemed to be a lot of word-confusion on the blog. And, the most important statement he’s made off the ice, imo, was that it takes four games to win…which is the “right”, mature thing for him to say…now; on to the wrong thing to say:

    Papa, exactly; people should know that holtby practices responsible sun-bathing and is an acceptable role-model bc of it…

    My point there was, why mention that it was “easy” (also, it wasn’t, he gave up the puck a bunch, fought off some easy shots, got some post-love etc.).

    It should be a mission to get into his dome; even moreso now with his quotes…


  51. We’ve found another Kreider Kritter. This tweet from Pat Leonard of the Daily News:

    “Chris Kreider isn’t on ice for #NYR AM optional skate. *Hopefully* means he’s back in lineup”

    “hopefully”…. Carp perhaps you should take your young colleague aside and give hime some wise counsel. He is not allowed to “hope.”

  52. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Why is there not more info on the Lundqvist injury in practice? Why is Tom Gulitti the only guy with any info on it!?

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    If Lundqvist is really hurt I’d probably just start laughing. You know, in order to keep from crying.

  54. Torts to Biron: “yeah, this may be a great opportunity for you, probably the end of the line for me”

  55. Doodie, practice was scheduled for 11 yesterday. Then somebody from the Rangers eff-ed up and texted that it would be at 12. Then, as most of us were leaving our houses around 11, the apology text came saying they were on the ice already. So most of us (self included) did not arrive in time to see any of the practice, not to mention any of the players.


    But also because Biron was on with the scrubs this morning means Lundqvist is playing.

  56. @TGfireandice 30m

    Johan Hedberg turned 40 yesterday. Martin Brodeur turns 41 today.

    Yikes. Comined age=Chelios.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist could have a Kevin Ware injury and I’m pretty sure they’d fill him with morphine and make him play anyway

  58. How about the NHL quickly determining no discipline for player shooting a puck at another player at the end of a game. Imagine if he’d been hit in the face? Joke.

  59. Forget the PP, Ddollie may have to play goal.

    Sam Rosen. … *Save by Ddollie!!!*

  60. Salmon Joe on Ddollie:

    “you know Sam, Ddollie comes from a family of legendary grazers. They play hard and they graze hard on the Ddollie farm down in the hills of Peru. Learned to play goal down at the watering hole, by the pig pen. What a family! Unbelievable Parents. Nice to see”

  61. Derek Dorsett, who has never played a game as a Ranger at MSG:

    “The Garden is going to be rocking here tonight and we have to make sure we use that energy throughout the whole game. We can’t just come out hard and then back off. We must keep feeding off the energy in the building.”

    Um, this isn’t 1979, Derek. The place will rock for a few minutes. But you’d better score some goals or the Garden will be feeding off you guys.

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, I haven’t been to the Garden for a few years. Why do you think the Knicks games get so loud but the Rangers ones don’t? Serious question that’s been puzzling me. Is basketball, with its more frequent scoring, just an easier game to cheer for?

  63. They also play very loud music and noise during the actual play of the game, Rob. At hockey, you can hear people chew or text during the action.

  64. Coos – that’s Rupp’s actual TOI from yesterday’s WILD win over the ‘Hawks.

  65. The only way the Garden will be rocking tonight is if Godzilla wrecks the place in search of Matthew Broderick trying to mess with the nest

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    They should get that guy with the airhorn to the Garden then (s)

  67. Y don’t the Rangers pump in crowd noise like every other sports franchise?

  68. Tom Foolery on

    Not to defend the crowd, but the Rangers style of hockey going back to the Renney days isn’t exactly edge of your seat stuff.
    Didn’t that creep Bernie Nichols shoot a puck at someone’s head at the end of the Messier guarantee game? I don’t think he was suspended.

  69. Wonder if Rupp would have retired rather than accept a trade to the Devils.

  70. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Doods – Back off the ledge buddy!!!

    It’s going to get Nashty tonight!

    We are going winning this game tonight!

    The series will be 2-2.

  71. The Blue Jackets name was taken from the Civil War. Wonder if the NHL would allow Atlanta to be called the Confederates or the Caps to be called the Army of North Virginia. I guess to the victors go the spoils.

  72. Montreal lost the game and got their butts kicked in every fight which they initiated. Imagine this place if that were the Rangers. Wow!

    Their fans must have lost all hope after that debacle.

    And where was Prust? He turned down the offer to fight Neil early in the game.

    Neil destroyed Moen in the main event.

  73. Rob in Beantown –

    I’m not going to lie – I’m not exactly super vocal when I go to games. That’s just not who I am. But I am definitely into the game and always paying complete attention to the game.

    There’s a distinct difference between sitting in the upper bowl (where my regular seats are) and the lower bowl (I splurged and got tickets down there once this season). Most of the crowd noise (whatever there may be) seems to come from the fans up top. A lot of the fans down in the lower bowl seemed to be much more casual fans, not really paying as much attention to the game, or not as invested in the result as a die hard Rangers fan.

    It can’t help that the ticket prices at MSG keep going up and up – pushing more and more fans up and up into the higher levels, or out of the Garden entirely. Just look down at ice level on the penalty box side of the arena. It’s full of guys in dress shirts who hang out between periods in those new event level suites. I’m sure some of them are fans, but I’ll bet a lot of them are just there to watch a game because they’ve got some nice company seats.

  74. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Nice Post Manny.

    Ottawa just took it to the Habs yesterday.

    This is the type of game the Rangers need tonight. A nice 6-1 pounding on home ice.

  75. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Clowe Ready – He WILL be in. AT Home.

    Pyatt off the 3rd line, Clowe could come in here.

    Much needed in front of the Goalie.

  76. Man. Once a T-Shirt came really close to me. It was the greatest moment of my life. (S)

  77. I just hope they score – getting shutout for an entire series (save the Hagelin/Caps own goal kick-in) would be embarrasing

  78. Sioux – Don’t get me wrong, I think the atmosphere will be pretty good in there tonight. Or at least I hope it is!

    I could do without the t-shirt tosses, though. Twice this season I got a beer shower because some knucklehead was jumping around trying to grab a free shirt. Those guys could have just bought themselves a t-shirt with the beer money they wasted dumping it on me.

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Papa Bear
    True Blue @ 1:06
    Which Holtby quote?
    The one where he said he had time to put on sun screen before he took a nap while lounging in his beach recliner during the final 28 minutes of game 2?

    That is some funny fashizzle

  80. Manny – Is that still Swayze from Point Break, or did you change it to Ogre form Revenge of the Nerds

  81. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    I’m pretty vocal…. on the ice, up top, or in front of my TV. Just can’t help it. Never could.

    Not as a “crazy” parent, but I was never quiet there either.

  82. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope they have the fireworks again this year for if we win too (s)

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Fat Guy
    I just hope they score – getting shutout for an entire series (save the Hagelin/Caps own goal kick-in) would be embarrasing
    What about those great shots off the posts? That’s got to count for something…

  84. Tom Foolery on

    The T-shirt toss is embarrassing. And so is how the fans (and this includes many of the “real fans” in the upper bowl) go crazy for a 2 cent t-shirt.

  85. Fat Guy, I always picture your avatar being FDR – Franklin Delano Romanowski.

  86. Tom Foolery on

    They should shoot off the Party City confetti if we score on the power play

  87. Since the NHL already gives teams a point for a shootout or overtime loss, how about a half goal when you hit the post?

  88. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Loud – but in a good way. Somewhat humorous. Always nice to get your neighbors into the game.

  89. Lloyd Braun on


    Judging by the opinions of some here, they may believe Dorsett was on the team in ’79.

  90. being at the garden tonight dont expect the same noise as the coliseum yesterday. msg has been dead all year since the new renovations in the upper deck.

  91. It’s true. And the T-Shirts are always like XXL only. And everyone hands them to tiny children.

    Beard is cruising along, Sioux! You?

  92. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    I had a puck in my hand the last game, but gave it to the kid next to me :)

  93. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Getting some flack at work. Kind of itchy. Wife’s not a fan of it.

  94. @TSNBobMcKenzie: I don’t “know” anything for certain, but if Marc Staal plays for NYR tonight I “think” I will be not surprised.

  95. Still been too lazy to paste an avatar. I’m sorry to nag youse guys, but how do I do it again?

  96. Say what you will about the Isles but that dump was rocking yesterday all game long. Honestly, having watched every playoff game so far, the worst crowds were in Pittsburgh and in Chicago. Pretty surprising considering the kinds of teams those two cities have at the moment.

  97. Papa Baer – The problem is the NHL does not allow any music or the such to be played during the game – unlike the NBA who plays ear-splitting noise during the actual run of the game.

  98. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Outside of the fact, that you don’t see facial hair on a Sioux Warrior. Not in the Genes :)

  99. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    “The T-shirt toss is embarrassing. And so is how the fans (and this includes many of the “real fans” in the upper bowl) go crazy for a 2 cent t-shirt.”

    Well, we are all broke from buying tickets.

  100. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Chicago’s pretty loud. I think they are getting use to winning this year. Not really alot of push from MN in the 1’st 2 games.

  101. So does Ron Duguay winning the Zamboni race mean the Rangers will win or lose tonight?

  102. I always, always, always have a beard, Sioux. So it’s nothing new for me.

  103. Suspensions can be expensive during the regular season. Anyone know how the financial hit works in the playoffs when the players are, effectively, making very little?

  104. Zamboni race? Does that have anythign to do with Duguay, Bianca Jagger and a back room at Studio 54?

  105. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Staal – Nope.

    But home ice tonight. Clowe should be in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Staal gets a start.

    Games going to be tipping our way tonight!!!

  106. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Good Questions Coos – I would guess they lose their playoff pay, and the team loses the player.

  107. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Carp @ 1:40


    I have come to the conclusion that they must use amplifiers in the microphones which transmit crowd noise onto TV. Case in point, if I re-watch a Ranger game I had been to, it sounds so much louder than it really was.

    The Craps home games seem lound AND there’s a guy there that gets the fans chanting. We have that no more. Sadly, unless the players stand on the bench and lead us, our hands are under our butts.

    Sad state of affairs, but MSG must be making oodles of money.

  108. Whoever just said, “McDonough’s honest mistake cost the Rangers the game” needs to have their friggin head examined. The Rangers lost because they couldn’t score one measly goal. Don’t forget that if McD doesn’t get his stick over on Johannson, that put goes over Lundqvist and the game ends 1-0 in regulation.

    I’ve said it before, but this is my theory on offensive vs. defensive production. Lundqvist has historically had a GAA of around 2.00, which means, on average, if the Rangers score 3 goals, they will probably win the vast majority of those games. That means that the job of the goaltender and defense is to limit the damage to 2 goals or less. If they can limit it to 1 goal, then there is a perfect opportunity for a win. Therefore, when the Rangers can limit the opposition to 2 goals or less, the defense and goaltending has done their job and it’s the job of the offense to carry the day. They have failed miserably thus far during these playoffs, and frankly, all season.

  109. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Coos – I’m thinking Rupper would sign anywhere he can get a job. Not sure if he will stick in MN. The speed has passed him by there as well.

  110. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Staal, there were some that had questions, yes. But the Nash deal on it’s own seemed logical.

  111. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Clowe in, Staal in, Dorsett in.

    Rangers win 3-0

    Goals: Nash, Cally, Step

  112. if anyone wants to meet me for a beer or two or 10 i will be at flying puck on 30th and 31st and 7th ave close to 5pm in the back by the bar

  113. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    If you watch other teams crash the net in other series, and watch what our small forwards are not doing, it gives part of the clue as to why we are not scoring.

    We can’t get near the damn goalie. We can’t get rebounds.

  114. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Joe – I won’t hang the “Whole” loss on McD for game 2. He’s a big part of why the game was scoreless for 70 minutes.

    But his mistake throwing it over the glass, put the power play on the ice, and they scored on that power play. Is what it is. A mistake – that cost them the game.

  115. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Good Point Matty.

    We could also use a Power Play. Something other teams have that we’ve been lacking most of the year.

  116. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Best Phrase in Hockey is when Sam says “It’s a Power Play Goal!!!”

    Don’t hear enough of that …… do we?

  117. You think that when Sam and Torts kissed and made up, part of the deal is that Torts would have to be Sam’s butler in the offseason?

  118. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    McDonagh = MONSTER tonight. You’ll see.

    Let’s hope the rest of the bench has a chip on their shoulder.

  119. Now that the season is almost5 over might we discuss the draft? ;)

    Steve Santini a local star headed to BC would be the perfect addition to the MSG circus shills.

    “The Great Santini” with a dvd of the movie for season ticket holders!

  120. without luck, he’d get ambushed and shot up at the local toll booth…Santino, Santini, what’s the difference when the guns are ablazin’ ?

  121. You guys need to tell me whether or not you’re making a PREDICTION that Staal and Clowe are in or whether it’s real. Sheesh. I just got way too excited.

  122. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    So the last time the Rangers ever came back from a 0-2 deficit was in 96 against Montreal..
    A ranger fan will say “well they’re do ” and will win the series.
    A TRUE ranger fan knows that they’re done

  123. Thank the Good Lord that many of the blog dwellers do not run the Rangers. Otherwise, the team would be constructed of Boyle and Powe types.. but certainly not Pyatt. Pyatt is the player that nobody wants.

  124. Hoping it doesn’t come down to your last line, Carp:

    When the music’s over
    When the music’s over, yeah
    When the music’s over
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights
    Turn out the lights, yeah

  125. Sioux-per-man 8.0, no question that McD clearing the puck over the glass was a mistake, but I wouldn’t say that that “cost the game”. Stepan deflecting a weak Mike Green point shot is what actually caused the goal, but I wouldn’t blame Stepan for the loss. The reason for the loss is the absolute putrid offense and garbage power play that couldn’t muster a single, lousy goal in over 70 minutes of play.

    Hockey is a game of mistakes. Washington made mistakes, too. Including taking a delay of game penalty just like McD, but the Rangers impotent offense couldn’t do a damn thing with it. This is hockey, not golf. Low score doesn’t win. Bottom line is that if you don’t score, you don’t win. No playoff hockey game in the history of the sport has ever been won by scoring zero goals.

  126. Hockey is a game of skill. Without it, the Rangers are poop out of luck. It is possible that the Rangers can win this series against the Caps, but there is no possibility of winning the title.

  127. Lloyd Braun on

    Micheletti is on with the Sports Blimp

    mildly surprised he stated Tortorella doesn’t trust Kreider and that if it were his call he’d play Kreider

    of course any credibility he might have gained with that statement he completely lost 90 seconds later with the stroke job he gave Sidney Crosby

  128. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree Joe in DE. In playoff hockey if you score zero goals you will lose eventually 100% of the time. The fact that McDonagh took the penalty that led to the eventual goal doesn’t matter, because they lost due to not scoring, not due to too many goals allowed.

  129. Lloyd Braun on

    Micheletti also said that Fleury’s performance against the Rangers in the 2nd of the back-to-backs convinced him he was ready to be a playoff goaltender

    Micheletti is an expert

  130. I don’t think praising Crosby should be a knock on someone’s analytical abilities. Last time I checked Crosby was the best hockey player in the world.

  131. Having listened to Micheletti for years, I am convinced that he has less credibility than Manny aka Mike Milbury.

  132. Lloyd Braun on

    just the usual company man move of refusing to criticize Crosby or suggest that a penalty involving him could possibly have been a dive

  133. Torts wil be late for tonight’s game – his Pinto got ticketed and towed in Greenburgh, and he got thrown in the pokey for putting his finger in the desk sergeant’s face. Tasered, stripped, de-liced, and thrown in the pokey.

  134. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the Staal issue, he is continuing to suffer from having blurred vision in his damaged eye. Looking at the big, long term picture, it’s possible, perhaps even probable, he wont return to play at his previous level and may be just a shadow of the player he once was or was becoming.

    The example of, or precedent for a player returning to peak form after suffering such an injury?

  135. how many days to the draft.

    oh wait we dont have a 1st 2nd or 3rd rounder this year. clowe great trade ha

    just brilliant. we suck. cant wait to bury my face in my playoff towel tonite

  136. Lloyd Braun on

    only guy I can think of in recent memory who returned from a serious eye injury was Bryan Berard and eventually became pretty decent again after returning and getting a corrective lens

  137. Lloyd Braun on

    Francesa just said his sources have told him Marc Staal was the best player on the Rangers this year and also said Marc Staal wasn’t on the Rangers last year

    you can’t make this stuff up

  138. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Papa – he looked normal on the ice for practice this morning.

    I would think Staal is close to coming in. You could even see him tonight. I think it’s a slim chance, but he looked good on Cerney video post this morning.

    Personally he’s one of our best defensemen. I think a 90% Staal can play 10-15 minutes of shut down defense a night.

  139. Lloyd Braun on

    the Rangers have allowed 3-regulation goals through 2 games. I’m not sure more “shut down defense” is the answer.

  140. Sioux, they’ll be no question, he’ll know pretty quickly whether he can handle it or not.

    Forget about whether he can be effective or not – although, frankly my expectations are low’ given the time he has been out of the line – up. It’s the safety factor that concerns me. With the speed, the pace, the general danger that presents itself on every play, I’m not sure a player with blurred or impaired vision can be expected to protect himself, even during the course of benign or routine game situations.

    I also believe Ranger management will do the right thing with this player.

  141. Rick, do you think Holtby made a mistake commenting how “easy” the game was for him on Saturday? IMO, if that snide remark cannot fire up the Rangers, nothing can.

  142. Cross Check Charlie on

    Not only did I get Carped, but then got slammed at work. Reposting – not that there’s anything earth shattering here, but reposting anyway…

    I don’t think there’s anything that Torts can do with the lineup that will change things. Kreider for Pyatt? Exchange one do-nothing for another? I am not impressed with Clowe. He scored 2 goals all season – in his first game with the Rangers. When you think that they traded 3 draft choices for a guy that scores 2 goals, it makes you shake your head.

    Changing lines? Don’t people complain that Torts does too much of that already?

    I didn’t see anything in Dorsett that Asham doesn’t give them. In other words, Dorsett isn’t an upgrade, he’s a lateral move.

    They just have to hope that the top line guys, Nash, Stepan, Callahan, Hagelin, Richards can play better and provide some offense.

    I don’t know. They have it within them to play better than they have been, but they also have it in them to play even worse.

    The way that they’ve played all season, I don’t them being able to win 4 of 5.

  143. Stranger Nation on

    Berard eye injury completely different – like comparing a hernia operation with a hip replacement

  144. It’s really a shame and such a negative reflection on this club’s personnel if , at this stage of the year, they require “bulletin board material” to motivate their effort.

    On the other hand, if it works, why not?

  145. What is their problem then? It doesn’t seem like lack of trying…but how does this keep happening?

  146. A “corrective” lens, now there’s a thought.

    Perhaps Junior could buy them wholesale for everyone in the front office, scouts et al.

    And Nosen could model them!

  147. Cross Check Charlie on

    “What is their problem then? It doesn’t seem like lack of trying”

    It’s the same reason why I wouldn’t be effective if Torts put me in the game. I’d try my darndest, but I’m just not good enough.

  148. I will not let all of the nancys ruin my first playoff game in NY. LGR!!!

  149. I think the Rangers just don’t have enough guys on the team with great offensive skills. When you only have two lines that can score, it makes it easy for the other team to defend. They also don’t have enough size to crash the net consistently and get those goals off deflections and scrambles in front.

    If you’ve got a Stamkos or Ovechkin who can rip shots for power play goals, maybe you can get away without having a balanced offense. But since the Rangers get nothing from the power play and have only two lines that MIGHT score…

  150. Cross Check; however, you aren’t Marian Gaborik, you aren’t Rick Nash…Richards etc. etc.

    How is it that players come here and under-achieve in this “system”- and no comments on the dark ages of the late 90’s early 00’s- I mean the last few years…

  151. I expect them to win tonight. Not so sure about Game 4. They had a better team last year and could not win their first two home games in any series.

  152. I don’t do much, Papa. Just look at Twitter (which all the kids are using).

  153. Not To Touch The Earth on

    Not to score a goal
    Not a single one
    i’ll watch my favorite team
    i wont be have fun

    no fun…no fun..

  154. Cross Check Charlie on

    Gaborik scored 40+ goals twice. Is that underachieving?

    Nash scored 21 goals in half a season. Underachieving?

    You’ve got Pyatt, Powe, Asham, Boyle, C(S)lowe and now Dorsett who offer nothing offensively.

    They had Kreider and Miller who both had no idea what they were doing.

    Zuccarello is over rated by Ranger fans. Pretty passes in the neutral zone, but doesn’t do much in the opponents zone.

    They need more talent on the team.

  155. I like Zuccarello’s game this season. He seems to be more comfortable and engaged and has the offensive skills and creativity to make something happen. It’s just too bad he’s so small.

    You remember that backhander he roofed a few games ago? Not too many players have the hands to do that. I don’t think he’s going to be a superstar, but he’s a nice complementary player if you put him with someone who can finish.

  156. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp, stop nit picking,, :) last and only mean the same thing in Ranger lore…atleast give me a A- for my post

  157. Rob in Beantown on

    Rick Nash may never have won a playoff game, but at least he did win that Nobel prize for his work on game theory.

  158. Cross Check Charlie on

    I see nothing about Zuccarello to get excited about. Maybe he’s better in the larger European rinks, but he doesn’t show me where he can be a top 6 guy. He’s a guy that might have a nice play here and there, but overall doesn’t do much.

    Didn’t he score something like 11 goals in 50 games in Russia? Something like that. That’s not exactly what I would get worked up over. He’s not a goal scorer.

  159. Salmon Joe said the -dive by- penalty on Crosby in OT yesterday was a
    -horrible- good call because they have -not- been calling it like that -this- all year. He said whenever a defense player takes one hand off his stick and places it anywhere -in the vicinity of Sydney- on the puck carrier, it’s -usually not- a penalty

    Holy smokes! Did he watch and call Nash’s games this year? I can’t believe this guy. Everyone, even those who have a limited affiliation with the NHL and Sidney new that was going to be a penalty before Straight ever put a hand on him. Nash does not get that call. Tavares doesn’t get that call. That was a great suttle dive by Sid the Kid. I’m not even an Islander fan and I was enraged.

  160. Zucc is just tiny. He needs more space to operate. The Capitals are doing a great job of taking that space away (and the Rangers certainly aren’t making it tough for them).

  161. Hopefully he doesn’t get called for a double dribble or a backcourt violation.

  162. Stranger Nation on

    shot fron beyond blue line counts for 2 and behind red line counts for 3

  163. Stranger Nation on

    nash should go in on first shift and bury Erskine with a KA BOOM hit in the corner. MSG would wake up and we are on our way.

    lead us to the promised land, O Rick from Nash

  164. Fair enough Cross-Check on the pts put up by Gabs / Nash..however, aren’t we always sold on these types of guys being “the piece” that they are missing…

  165. ‘They need more talent on the team’

    As long as Tortorella is coaching, that’s the one constant you can count on, they’ll always need more talent.

    I’m old enough to have had one of those strat-o-matic hockey games with the levers and knobs. The kind of hockey we used to play on those games is the kind of hockey that Tortorella coaches.

  166. Norm Merton on

    Hated the Gaborik trade, didn’t want the Clowe trade, think the team is markedly less suited for playoff hockey relative to the underachieving but more talented squad that beat the Jets pre-trade. That said, Lundqvist can win a game by himself, and the Caps — let’s face it — are not that good. LGR!

  167. Micheletti is complete and utter moron. He’s contributed nothing to broadcasts since he was brought in…MSG should promote Dave Maloney to TV duties.

    Joe calls games as if he’s trying to make friends with everyone EXCEPT THE RANGERS FANS WHO ARE WATCHING THE GAME! His drivel makes me miss JD more and more every day.

  168. Just saw on MSG they’re showing “Bloopers” and had a clip of the game from ’93 when a fan threw a puck from the stands and it went in the net.

    That’s probably the only way we get a puck in the net tonight. LOL!

  169. That game looks awesome, Doodie.

    In defense of NYR though, in bubble hockey the ceiling is in play.

  170. Right, and how can this keep happening year-after-year…

    Series isn’t over; but presume it doesn’t go our way; is it player, coach, GM, ownership (overly-optimistic fans)?

    Where is the culpability?

  171. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Carp – not getting much love out of you today for the Rangers!

  172. Doodie

    Yeah, that’s the type of game, except the one we had was quite a bit cheaper and lower ‘tech’.

    And of course we played a wrinkle that Torts seldom uses, we’d try to make the pass from the corner wing to the center for a shot.

  173. True Blue, culpability?

    if we win the cup, everyone will take credit. if we lose the round, everyone will point fingers.

    success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.

  174. Great quote Papa…

    And, I guess while I’d like to beleive Torts’ “we’re close”

    I’m just trying to figure out why I expend a disproportionate amount of my emotional energy on this team…

  175. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.

    So who’s the Red headed – step child – unshaven clown – that gets orphan for this 1’st round loss?

    If that happens?????

  176. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    CJP – I’ll take Sam & Joe all day everyday & twice on Sunday over the “NBC squad” we’ll be forced to watch tonight!!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the Washington feed live from MSG.

  177. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Carp – What’s the Chance Dolan Hires a Power Play Specialist Asst. Coach for next season????

    Don’t you think?

  178. Papa Bear, if we win the cup (I can’t believe I even just typed that) I will attribute it to the strike shortened season- if we’re out in the first round…I will attribute that to the strike shortened season. Even someone who loves hockey as much as I do has to admit that this years NHL has been a pretty poor product- I can’t remember how many nights watching non Ranger games I found myself muttering “This team sucks.” in reflex to the poor level of play- some of those teams are in the playoffs and some are not- lets face it this is league with three-maybe four interesting teams. They better pray the top seeds do not get bounced (I might suggest they already DO more than just pray) -or chaos will prevail- course, than a team from Canada could win it all.

  179. Norm Merton on

    OK, time for a nice, healthy dose of some benzodiazepine or other. Blue, red or white? So hard to decide… Oh, hell, why not all three! Let’s Go, Rangers. Wake me up when it’s over.

  180. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Ever had one of those Mondays that NOTHING went right?

    Today was that day, for me.

    Rangers are my last chance to SAVE the DAY!!!


  181. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I apologize for the not immediate response to your post towards the beginning of this thread, but I’m at my job and you know…working.

    I wasn’t directing the idiots/hockey IQ statement at you (unless you post under several different call signs, then maybe I was).

    Since you seem to want to dance though, IF you think skating speed is the only attribute a player needs to be a good hockey player or contribute to a team, or if you think lack of skating ability means a player is bad or can’t contribute then I would say that statement does apply to you.

  182. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Confucius say “You can work on crappy power play all day but only when new strategy on power play is worked on will team have success.”

  183. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    ABindy – except for Chicago. Toews & Co. had a really good season.

    Rangers – not so much. But it isn’t over till it’s over.

  184. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    True Blue – Well if we had a player that had Clowe size, Hags Speed, Cally’s heart, & Nash’s hands….. we still only have 1 effin goal this playoff season YTD!!!

  185. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Confucius sure didn’t coach this Rangers team because even he would’ve turned the power play around already.

  186. I’d still like to know why our 5th leading scorer (Hagelin) doesn’t get a sniff on the PP, but our 9th and 16th leading scorers (Pyatt and Boyle) do.

  187. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Let’s Go Boys Fire Up!!!

    Something GOOD has to happen today!!!

    Rangers WIN!!!

    I don’t care how, just win baby!!!

  188. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Apparently Kreider was better off when Torts had only met him 10 minutes before his first playoff game last year. Now that he knows him his ice time is down over 5 minutes/game from last year.

  189. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Confucius say to hit post take more skill.

    We have to many skilled players :)

  190. Wicky,

    I thought we should have made a play for Eric Heiden after the 80’s Winter Olympics.

  191. Sioux-per-man 8.0 on

    Ev – Kreider won’t even be on the bench tonight!!!

    Torts had him to long this year, coached the power play right out of him.

  192. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Pie-hat and Boyle are on the power play to put a big body in front of the oppositions goalie. Unfortunately Torts forgot to tell them that because opposing goalies are rarely screened at any time during our pp. It’s also unfortunate that two of our biggest players get shown up in the physicality department by a guy so short he’s nicknamed “The Hobbit”.

  193. Norm Merton on

    Confucius was a great power play coach — perfected the overload, invented the umbrella, worked on the funnel. Like Wooden after him, he preached, “Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.”

  194. CCCP – Feeling Mediocre
    Scrawled on white board in Ranger locker room by Sully:

    -Wonder what’s today’s special at chili’s-. -oh- shoot…we have a game tonight.

    May 6th, 2013 at 6:07 PM

  195. Lyova
    in theory can easily see Rangers winning the 2 home games and then making it interesting… is there even any doubt that Clowe and Staal will be back for Game 3?

    Matty”Monster Nash”Boy
    Doubt? Any doubt? Huh? Ya, I think there’s a lot of doubt.

    ahh good stuff.

  196. The only advice I remember Confucius gave was:

    “Man who go to bed with itchy arse, wake up with smelly fingers”

  197. Norm Merton on

    Whereas llama who go to bed with itchy arse forgot to check his surroundings for male competition?

  198. Stranger Nation on

    Truer words were never spoken…

    We Will, We Will Evrock You!
    Apparently Kreider was better off when Torts had only met him 10 minutes before his first playoff game last year. Now that he knows him his ice time is down over 5 minutes/game from last year.

    May 6th, 2013 at 5:53 PM

  199. ThisYearsModel on

    Need to inflict major pain and 2 goals in the first 10 minutes tonight.

  200. Norm Merton on

    It’s the llama-ddollie cycle, perfected by Confucius. Look for it tonight from the Great Innovator behind the bench.

  201. Lloyd Braun on

    Be good if Staal played since he’s obviously an upgrade to at least 33% of the defense but:

    a. this learning to play with reduced vision business worries, especially when he’s being rushed back
    b. defense is not the Rangers problem

    that said, I think his point shot would be better than Richards’ if he played with pirate patches over both eyes.

  202. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If clowe is back, need to reunite the clowe-brassard-Nash line ASAP

  203. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp .. how about end of season grades for the boneheads..

    I think the rangers will come full bore the first few minutes of the game… and they may even score but they have to guard against the let down or quick goals off scrambles that they made a habit of this season..

    Anyway Thanks to Carp #26 who makes being a hockey fan ranger fan or troll fun.

  204. SufferingSince79 on

    Eddie G on the pre game…” At least I had some goals to work with. Poor Lundqvist hasn’t had anything”. Call it Eddie.

  205. Lol. Giacomin just said he felt a lot less pressure playing than Lundqvist does now because “the team in front of me gave me a few goals to work with.”

  206. SufferingSince79 on

    Doesn’t all this hoopla invite a massive let down? It’s not like we’re in the finals.

  207. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers did the same thing with Richter in the years after the Cup win, a lot of people forget just how much this team leaned on him. Knew they had a top guy back there and relied on him to stand on his head to win them games. Same old crap.

  208. SufferingSince79 on

    Maybe they can play all this “I love being a New York Ranger” stuff during contract negotiations.

  209. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Staalsie could talk his brothers into demanding a trade to NY?

    Okay. I’ll shut up now.

  210. Lloyd Braun on

    alright I’m off to the game. I think the Rangers win this one in exceedingly ugly fashion but if they come out flat and I see any Tortorella board hockey as a response, you’ll be able to clearly hear my derision on TV.

  211. Watch them score seven tonight a la thrashers and then score none Wednesday a la Saturday just because.

  212. I hope though if we go 5 v 5 after the sixth goal like the Habs last night we win at least one.

  213. Ron Greschner with the Freudian slip saying “sitting in the penalty box” instead of “player’s box.”

  214. I wonder if the old timers the Garden is rolling out on the blue carpet get together after the game and tear the town up like the old days?

    Or maybe they head back to the hotel 15 minutes after the puck gets dropped?

  215. Stranger Nation on

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    If clowe is back, need to reunite the clowe-brassard-Nash line ASAP
    May 6th, 2013 at 6:34 PM
    Harumph, Harumph!!

  216. Stranger Nation on

    Time to put the toilet paper towel and clap your flippin hands and scream your byfuglein head off!!



  217. SufferingSince79 on

    So who’s actually at the game? Some of us pseudo-boneheads are not in the circle of Prust.

  218. SufferingSince79 on

    Since when do we play our home games in Winnipeg? The white towels make it look so non MSG on TV.

  219. great. powe is still i nthe lineup cool. manny and torts the 2 people who think this clown can play.

    again why play kreider obviously clowe is not ready yet…kredier has nothing on powe, not size, speed, skill nothing.

    powe is irreplaceable on this team… WHAT A FRIGGIN JOKE..

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