John Tortorella post-practice interview (audio)


The news, in case you still don’t follow me on twitter, is that Ryane Clowe took part in a full practice but doesn’t know if he’ll play Game 3. The only Ranger who didn’t skate was Carl Hagelin, who went leg-on-leg with Alex Ovechkin in Game 2, but played the rest of the game and is said to be “fine” and will play tomorrow.

When Tortorella said, about the 3:04 Ryan McDonagh shift: “You guys are really beating that one up” he looked directly at me and smiled. But very pointedly.

PS, Tortorella was still completely puzzled why the referees got on the headset with Toronto HQ after the non-call for delay of game at the end of the third period. It’s not reviewable and the refs would not give him an explanation.


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  1. Bunch of young [kids] competing with best team, IMO, in the NHL right now. crazy concept, huh. That’s what we had with NYR team last year.

  2. lol, torts owns all of these reporters. It’s pretty funny how scared they are.

  3. Is This Real? on

    World class blowhard John Tortorella, maybe he should take a cue from the Pens and Isles series. open it up. play some kids. dont be an ass.

  4. If the Islanders have Grabner and Boyes laying checks routinely, no reason that Hagelin and Stepan and the like can’t throw some now and then.

  5. Is This Real? on

    4 goals! NYR will be lucky if they score 4 all series. I have to laugh to keep from crying.

  6. Is This Real? on

    down 2 goals against #1 seed in the 3rd period and the Icelanders show off their cajones. rangers would have soaked their tampons by now.

  7. >>Carl Hagelin, who went leg-on-leg with Alex Ovechkin in Game 2

    Hmm, it looked more like Ovechkin’s unpenalised-very-late knee to Hagelin’s thigh.

  8. this makes me sick to stomach. torts should make the entire team watch this film twice tonight.

  9. Mausoleum’s sounded pretty good, but the Fleury chants can’t match Marty at MSG.

  10. The Islanders are showing what the Rangers AREN’T about…and that pains and disgusts me to say that because I honestly feel that the Rangers would be getting destroyed by the Pens if we were playing them.

    Watch the Islanders become a rousing success in Brooklyn. While we watch Glen Sather bring in yet another slew of free agents to somehow patch together a contender.

    I hate the Penguins more than any other team in the NHL by far…but I hate knowing that our team just couldn’t or wouldn’t compete like the Islanders are right now.

  11. Is This Real? on

    Look at the Icelanders win the loose pucks and the battles in the corners. I agree Rangers should be forced to watch this. embarrassing

  12. I see Islanders winning this one on another late goal. Their going Olivia Newton-John is taking a toll on those Penguins.

  13. Of course none of the Islander players have to worry about their asshat coach benching them for the rest of the game if they make a play he deems unacceptable.

    They also don’t have to watch a millionaire has-been like Richards get all the prime PP time while he continues to show he no longer belongs in the NHL

  14. ThisYearsModel on

    The Isles and Devils are going to pass us by. When Henrik bails after next season, we will see the true damage done by this idiot bully of a coach. We will be the worst team in the tri state area. Dolan cares little about the Rangers, unless they start draining $ from the garden’s bottom line.

  15. >>both are parts of the leg, no?

    They’re both part of the “lower body”. Saying Hagelin went leg-on-leg with Ovechkin made it sound like some sort of accidental play. It was in fact Ovechkin running the guy.

  16. Hags just isn’t the same player when you peg his greatest asset down a few notches. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was premeditated.

  17. Is This Real? on

    Carp Isles will be better than the Rangers for the foreseeable future without question. there is a lot to like on that team. NYR’s chance was last season, they peaked and are now heading downhill in a hurry. NYR is a total clusterbuck- no direction, no passion, and very little unity. Lament for Hank.

  18. Tom Foolery on

    The Islanders defense is not good. But they certainly are a lot more fun to watch than a certain other team. If you’re going to lose at least it is entertaining instead of torture.

  19. Interesting how the Rangers’ players think it’s gonna be better at MSG…

    The first time our PP stinks up the ice the boos are gonna be raining down on them.

    Can’t anyone post on Brad Richards’ twitter that all of us fans would rather he never pull on a Rangers’ jersey again? That everyone in North America EXCEPT John Tortorella can see he doesn’t have it anymore?

  20. “Billy……this makes me sick to stomach. torts should make the entire team watch this film twice tonight.”

    Billy, sadly, Isles have better talent in the forward position than we do. More depth 1-12. Better balanced scoring than we have. More speed and grit.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dead on about Matt Martin and the Islanders are going to pass us by too.

    What great and exciting game. Real playoffs yet again. Every freaking game other than our two are unbelievably entertaining!

  22. We have that talent, Papa, except they continually watch the games with crunching popcorn from the press box.

  23. Norm Merton on

    Just watched the last couple of minutes of regulation, saw the Islanders commit at least two Torts-benching turnovers at the opposing blue line, in a tie game. They were trying to win it, it seems, even if that meant they had to risk losing it. I’m exaggerating to make the point, I admit, but two-way hockey — gosh!

    (Carp, thanks for the Gartner story earlier — hadn’t heard that one before, or willfully forgot it. What a great player he was.)

  24. Hamrlk was a real nice pick-up. I wonder who was responsible for that one.

  25. Okposo had terrible season, did they send him down to minors stating he wasn’t “ready.” look at the freakin’ guy now. Looks possessed. Get the rope ready folks.

  26. Norm goes back to my comment earlier. “Are you playing to win or not to lose”? Rangers play not to lose. islander are playing to win, even though they may lose. It’s a mind set.

  27. just wondering if anybody can tell me who was the last Ranger benched for a turnover or a mistake. Anybody?

  28. Islanders have no expectations against a team with tons of pressure on it. Complete house money.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know its easy to deduce that the Isls are a better or deeper team than us 1-12 but I dont think that is the case. I think a lot of what is happening here is because of how we are told to play. We play not to lose and to be very carefull. It cause the players to react in a way that stifles creativity. McD’s penalty is a great illustration of what I am saying. We are schooled to use the wall first and foremost to chip the puck out or to rim it around. You can watch Torts describe that in one of the” behind the bench” episodes. They never take a chance to try and make a play. On offense, it is the same. Everything is on the wall and behind the net. The puck is like a hot potatoe on their stick because they are afraid to make a play.

  30. Carp, house money? No way. not when you get to OT and you think you have a chance to win.

  31. also, NYI playing against a team that, two series in a row now, forgot how to defend or stop pucks.

  32. Norm Merton on

    You won’t catch me killing Del Zotto. Good eyes-up passer, and good passers make bad passes along with the good ones. Guy’s a hockey player. Carp’s point about benching is a good one, needs research. Sure feels that way, but I’ll get my hockey people on it.

  33. Think about how you felt at your absolute worst during the Ottawa series last spring, like when it was 3-2 after Game 5, and multiply that by 10 or so, and that’s what Pitt’s got to be feeling right now.

  34. Difference between isles and Rangers. Isles can actually complete a series of 4 or 5 passes in a row as they move up ice into the o zone.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on


    Kreider has been benched the second he makes a wrong turn on the ice. When he has a good game like game one he still gets benched.

  36. Is This Real? on

    Difference is Carp that the Pens have won a cup recently are pretty much loaded with high end talent despite recent playoff woes, NYR not so much

  37. Why didn’t the official blow the play dead after that double high-stick by the Ice Chickens? He even went so far as to wave it off. Is there a special rule regarding successive high sticks?

  38. That’s what I’m saying, Is This. That’s why they feel the pressure, plus that they crapped away the series vs. Philly last spring.

  39. Is This Real? on

    Remove the “I” in Kunitz’ name and that is phonetically what I think the pens are..a bunch of those

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bogus penalty call on the Isls. You dont call that in the playoffs and in ot. But why would you expect anything less. The NHL Penguins ,

  41. Strait, JBytes, not Streit.

    I’m really interested as to why play didn’t stop after Murray and Letang swatted that puck in flight.

  42. they let so much garbage go uncalled in that game, then in OT make a call like that because it’s Skid. Embarrassing.

    and whomever compared it to Nash getting roped and tied for two games in D.C. … BINGO. exactly right.

  43. Latons…Same reason it was a penalty when Caps put the puck in the stands. The refs blow.

  44. That was a ridiculously soft penalty against Islanders. Mind you, I’m not shedding any tears for them.

  45. ps, people here and everywhere today are questioning whether the delay of game penalty should be changed. I just think it became too automatic for defensive-zone players — under pressure or need a stoppage, fling it over the glass. The rule became a necessity, and a necessary evil. It’s awful, but the alternative is worse.

  46. Tom Foolery on

    Is there anyone on the Rangers who can shoot the puck like Kunitz just did?

  47. I’m sorry, I hate Pittsburg more than any team. Ever since they tanked for LEMIEUX.

  48. Carp, my understanding of the non-call yesterday is that the refs said the puck deflected off the Caps’ DMans stick and that he didn’t deliberately control the puck and put it into the stands.

    What game where they watching? He had control off he puck for two strides and flicked it with one hand on his stick.

  49. I’m sure Engblom was just about to tell us, Latona, right after he’d finished marvelling at Murray’s stick almost tickling the 1982 Cup banner.

  50. Czechthemout!!! on


    If you cant see that Kreider has a lot less rope with Torts than virually all the other young players that have come through here than I am not going to debate you on it. This is the opion of the vast majority of the other Rangers related blogs and a whole bunch of Rangers fans that I speak to. Many of which still like Torts.

  51. Czechthemout!!! on

    Fact is, Kreider plays big in big games. He has throughout his career. The WJC,the Bean Pot, and the NCAA championships and in last years NHL playoffs. Again, just facts.

  52. Carp, in the interest of being fair, I just listened to the Torts audio, and he seems more human after a practice than after a game.

  53. Duckbill platypus on

    I like the Torts, but this duck will not tolerate any insubordinate behaviour towards the king of all boneheads aka the DaVinci of hockey reporting the Carppacio.

    Warmest regards,
    Le Duckbill

  54. *Carp* – the flipping the puck over the glass penalty should have the SAME result as Icing (which is essentially a delay of game and the same idea). Same thing with the covering it with your hand. They should add laying on the puck to the mix and make them all the same result as icing i.e. no line change and a defensive zone face off for the perpetrating team.

  55. I’m fine with laying on the puck being penalised now, Alzner spent about a game’s worth of the series last year with the puck underneath him.

  56. if torts had as much patience with Kredier that he has had with the likes of Powe, boyle, or pyatt, kreider would be playing on the 2nd line 18 minutes or more per game..

    torts is a clown when it comes to kreider…powe is total garbage and sat 1 game this whole season. again they have plenty of PK guys….

  57. Yea. It’s basically because of Alzner that I thought of it, LW. So sick of that.

    Imagine if the penalty was no line change and a faceoff in your defensive zone….

  58. In September of 2012, a 74 year old woman from Ohio, was killed when her domestic Llama, excited to see her, ran from a distance of 20 feet and jumped up on her, knocking her to the ground, causing her to fatally strike her head on the concrete walk. The Llama was not charged in the incident.

  59. But there are bars in Peru where you can bring your Llama for a drink.

  60. Norm Merton on

    A thought about Tortorella benching or not benching in response to mistakes. Carp may be right that it has not been happening, others might find an example or two, but who really can he turn to now? He can’t bench Zucc or Brassard yet, can he? Stepan? Nash? Hagelin, maybe. Richards, certainly, though I think I’m the only guy left here who thinks Richards can still make a difference. Boyle and Pyatt he trusts for some reason. Gabby, Kreider and Miller aren’t around for the treatment any more.

    I think the answer may be that the Rangers forwards have become satisfactorily mistake-free. And, of course, goal-free.

  61. Why did the woman have a concrete walk in the vicinity of her llama? Sounds dangerous and proved to be.

  62. Powe can stay for the PK. Especially against the BEST PP unit in the NHL. So, kind of need him there. ……

  63. ThisYearsModel on

    So boys and girls, to recap…….Caps (with OV) d-man chips puck over boards and glass and it in no penalty. Then, Skid takes a dive in OT and the Pens win. Same as it ever was in the NHL.

  64. With a healthy Clowe, Dorsett, Ash, (Sauer?) and possibly McIlrath, next year’s team will be considerably more bogart than the one we started this year with.

  65. How many pet llamas are named ‘Dolly?’ Probably every one. Hello, Dalai.

  66. Good afternoon all! Mama is back in the USA and did not let the Rangers ruin her Wegian trip…..though it sure did stink staying up til 4 a.m. to watch them lose.

    Oh well. If nothing else, I’ve learned how to call Pierre a p()nis head in Norwegian. Now I really need to meet him!!!


  67. 1994zenuff on

    Why do all of the other teams look like they remember they are in the playoffs?

  68. because they can score goals. the Rangers’ try and intensity hasn’t been the issue, but it looks that way when just possession of the puck is such an achievement, never mind actually getting it behind the keeper.

  69. bull dog line on

    now we are comparing Kreider and Grachev? wow! Kredier who came straight from college and popped in 5 goals in the playoffs? really? him and Grachev? I know you have always been a coach defender Carp, but this is a really weak excuse for Torts’s poor handling of Kreider. Torts has messed up the Kreider situation royally, and now the team is paying for it.

  70. Czechthemout!!! on

    Kreider vs Grachev LOL! Exactly alike( rolls eyes )!

    I still cant get over the fact that they had ZERO shots in the last 28 minutes of play!

    Some reporter ( wink wink ) should have asked him why he thinks that is the case. Also why he thinks is the reason they cant generate any offense against a slow footed defense playing in fron of a very shaky goalie.

  71. bull dog line on

    the Rangers have a hard time scoring because they sped to much time defending, and when they are in the offensive zone they attack from behind the net.tough to play the grind game when your top forwards are, Stepan, Nash, Gally, Hagelin, Zucc, and Richards. all can be considered more skill finesse players, not grinders.

  72. The first llama fact I mentioned was that farmers use them to protect their livestock, especially sheep, because llamas are capable of developing strong bonds with them. Being that a majority of NYR have similar brain capacity to livestock, why not sign a llama-enforcer to keep those pesky Caps in check and add that dressing room goodness that has been sorely lacking since Mike Rupp left?

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull dog

    After watching the Isls today, imust say that if Grabner, JT can take the body the way they did today, no reason or excuse for Stepan, Nash, and others not to do the same.

  74. bull dog line on

    so thats 7 of 12 forwards that are skill type players. with Kreider in the lineup, that would be 8. lets grind it out.

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Dorsett got an embellishment penalty for acting like Skid yesterday. They should rename it from unsportanlike conduct to 2:00 for skidding.

  76. bull dog line on

    no doubt Czech. my point is the team is really built more for an offensive style, than the grinding style they played last year.

  77. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    I dont mean grind it out, I mean take the body on every chance they get. This is the playoffs. They need to play like it. All of them. You can play a tough game without grinding it out behind the net on each and every entry into the offensive zone.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    Totally agree! They are not a grind it out team. But they can still be a tough one. All you need is the mental and physical commitment to do so.

  79. bull dog line on

    Clowe, Dorset, Asham, and Boyle can all play the more physical style. Clowe also has skills. they need him.

  80. Manny you have no clue. powe is on the Pk that does not mean he is any good at it.

    again the caps scored how many PP goals in the series? wo boyle on the PK instead of Powe will be a problem.

    ANy moron who is saying the rangers need to keep a bum in the lineup who has zero points on the season is well a MORON….

  81. I guess Clowe really is worth a contract considering they look helpless for the first time in a while without him.

    Buying out Richards is a must, can’t pay 9 million for he and Brassard to struggle for consistency for 82 games next year.

  82. Here is what the NHL rulebook says regarding delay of game:

    When any player, while in his defending zone, shoots or bats (using his hand or his stick) the puck directly (non-deflected) out of the playing surface, except where there is no glass, a penalty shall be assessed for delaying the game.

    The puck clearly was not shot. Did he “bat” it out of play? I think the non-call is a lot more grey than people are making it out to be. No?

  83. c’mon, reading comprehension. I said Kreider is going through the same type of phase Grachev went through … you remember, the big, strong kid who could skate and shoot it but struggled to (and still hasn’t) figured it out. I think Kreider will be a much more legit NHL player, but he’s not playing any better at all, at any point this season, than Grachev did his rookie year. Not at all.

    Of course, you don’t want to hear that because the kid scored a couple of goals in the playoffs last year.

  84. I love it when peeple who cant spel punktuate capitelyze or orginyze thoughts call me (or us?) Morons

  85. Llotona,

    I am in favor of signing a Llama, as long as we can fit it into the cap restraints. Also, because of their packing traits, perhaps they can help the equipment boys cart the sticks to and from the bench. We could certainly benefit by using him in the slot on Power Plays as well.

    However, my main concern is, of course Torts. Training a Llama is somewhat easy but results often depend upon they ability of the trainer (torts) and the Llama (ddollie) to connect in a relationship of trust and understanding. The trainer (Torts) must exhibit a gentle and nurturing manner towards the Llama (Ddollie) for success.

    What do you think? After watching his treatment of Kreider, do you think we can trust and depend on Torts to nurture the beast properly?

  86. It depends where the llama was raised, Papa. If it was bred in the harsh environment of the Andes Mountains, Torts may use some baptism-by-ice and throw him out there. If he grew up on a ranch in Texas, Torts might be a little reluctant to put him out there. In any case, though, Torts would be foolish not to treat the llama kindly – I don’t think Kreider can hock a loogie quite like Ddollie.

  87. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I thought they went to Toronto/to the headphones to verify the clock after the horrible non call.

    I DO NOT think the fishies will be better than us any time soon!!

  88. Llatona, Good point. I don’t think Krieder can throw a check like Ddollie either. Lets sign her (or him?)!

    Another benefit, We can use Ddollie’s dried out Pooh for fuel, like they do in the Andes. Perhaps Trainer Ramsey can concoct a special energy drink for the boys who are feeling fatigue.

  89. And with his/her four legs, I’m sure Ddollie can hoof it just as well as the other skaters on the team.

  90. Harriet Beecher Stowe writes about Larchmont Shore Club: ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabana.’

  91. Carp. It was an interesting move on the part of the puck. Until yesterday, I didnt think it was physically possible for a puck to hop the glass on that sort of stick contact. Maybe that was indeed batting at the puck. But I think one would be hard pressed to find a prior NHL play where that occurred to establish a clear and definitive precedent.

  92. Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You better hurry to NY if you’re going to catch a playoff game this year, buddy!

    Llammer :)

  93. I thought that, too, Wick. But they didn’t change the clock. So why did the horn blow to get the ref to come to the phone?

  94. Thats right. Ddollie will need four skates, not two. Wow, how will she hold the stick? In her mouth?

  95. All-time line:

    Mario Llama-ewe (ex-Pittsburgh)
    Claude Llama-ewe (ex-New Jersey)
    Mike Alpaca (ex-Buffalo)

  96. As noted by this commenter early on, the Fishsticks are for real!

    One of the best playoff games you will ever see, unfortunately a penalty decides the game on who else,the Kid!

    Officiating a disgrace when they probably allowed another 20 penalties on both teams to go uncalled.

    I hope they change the name from the Islanders to the Brooklyn Carp when they hit Bklyn.

    I mean you find the most descriptive sea name and if it happens to also be some writer’s moniker who has been denigrating the organization for years maybe he’ll think he’s been immortalized! ;)

  97. bull dog line on

    when do you suppose Nash may score a few playoff goals, you know, like Kreider.

  98. bull dog line on

    the Islanders will be back to who they were next season. they are benefitting from a lockout shortened season. over 82 games there is no way this Islanders team would hold up. still, they are playing well in the playoffs. taking advantage of there chance.

  99. Ii still want to know EXACTLY why that llama wwas sso eexcited tto ssee tthat llady!!

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers miss Clowe.

    Hags step cally
    Clowe brassard Nash
    Dorsett Richards Kreider
    Asham Newbury powe

    That lineup wins this series in 6

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider 2011-2012 playoffs – 5 goals
    Rangers 2012-2012 playoffs – 0 goals
    Brian Boyle – last season’ playoffs, this regular season, this years playoffs 4 goals ( or is it 5 – too lazy to bother)

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Effing typo – we haven’t scored zero this playoff – we have scored way more….. We have one….

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle couldn’t handle *handle* at least 3 passes to him…. Why is he on the ice?

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pyatt, Boyle, Richards should free up 3 roster spots going in to next year.

  105. DC, Apparently the lady just had her hair done, so it was fluffed up. she had a kind of like a Llama look to it.

  106. Norm Merton on

    Hey, those of you who have no lives, like me, and are still looking at this here blog, how are you all making these little pictures that go with your blog names? Can I do that, or do I need to consult some nephew or other?

  107. Norm, Manny usually handles the techy stuff. But I thinks it’s and follow the steps.

  108. Norm Merton on

    Thanks, I’ll give it a shot, and I promise not to use a llama — that should be reserved for worthier boneheads.

  109. Bull Dog, if the “Islanders are back to who they were”….they might win another 4 Cups while the Rangers have won once in 72!

    And if they are back to this year’s performance they’ll be in the playoffs next year.

    And as the Brooklyn Carps, how can they lose? ;)

  110. Llamas lifespan is 15 to 28 years. If Nash were a llama, he’d have just a few more months to live.

  111. Sorry Latons. I’m sticking with Llamas. I still have so much more to learn.

    Did you know that Llamas get along with one or two,,, ahem, “companions”.

    They prefer to be in the company of a llama herd, or in the company of other herd animals like sheep or goats.

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    ….anyone hear this?

    Mattias Norstrom worked the game in Sweden and he said that he didn’t think he ever saw a team “being as afraid of passing the puck in the neutralzone as NYR”, this is a D who played his career during the trapping era. We are called the most destructive team in the league. When people are discussing implementing the redline offside rule again, they mention New York Rangers as an example of whats wrong with the game…..

  113. ewe and the night and the music
    fill me with flaming desire,
    Setting my being completely
    On fire.

  114. Anyone who responds to ‘what’d you shoot?’ with “Why are you so interested in my golf game?” shot 105.

  115. Norm Merton on

    Anyone here know the difference between a “one-L llama” and a “two-L llama”?

  116. Unlike man, the male llama will only mate when he is secure in his surroundings because the process takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes during which time he is completely absorbed and vulnerable to other hostile males.

    Wow, we could learn a lot from studying Llamas. But please, don’t I let my wife read this. I don’t want to raise her expectations.

  117. Im pumped for tomorrow…I feel that this team is ready to destroy…Caps are outmatched, and have no answer for Richards once he gets going.

  118. Norm you look a lot like a lady I,, ahem, ahem, knew once or twice when i was in college.

  119. Papa, I really piqued your interest in llamas, huh? I received a stuffed llama along with a llama children’s book as a sprout – they’ve been my favorite four-legged creature since.

  120. Norm Merton on

    A two-L llama is a hell of a big blaze, though I take your point, cooscoos, about the one-L.

    Must run now — checking my surroundings for hostile males… Hey, is that Tiger Williams?

  121. _Russians made a movie about Valeri Kharlamov_

    Bob Clarke then destroyed every movie theatre in North America.

  122. Latons, I guess I have a little Torts in me and prefer the company from time to time of “furry creatures” to people. Plus, I sometimes trend towards OC disorder when I’m bored. :)

  123. Coos ( LOL) , In Norm’s avatar, I do see Dale Hunter but I don’t see the drag.

  124. “Once the stud has checked out the enclosure and satisfied himself that no rivals will interfere when he is mating and that an open female is present, he will begin to “orgle”, an industry term for the male mating noise, which sounds like a cross between a gargle and a snort, and goes on continuously throughout mating.”

    Llama mating call sounds like a gargle and a snort
    Mans mating call sounds more like a gargle, a snort and a fart.

  125. Carp, I agree with you most of the time, but do not agree with you on Tort’s handling of Kreider. This team can’t generate anything and Torts is playing Boyle, Pyatt, Powe and Asham. You gotta be kinding me!! These guys will never score. Put Kreider in and let him play 8-10 minutes a game and put him out on the PP. Forget about Richard and Girardi on the PP they get nothing done!

  126. Admiral Akbar on

    I said before the start of the season the Fish would be in the playoffs.

    I also agree with Carp, they are playing with no expectations, thus little pressure against a team that is favored to win the cup, and is playing with a ton of pressure, especially considering their melt-down versus the Flyers last year.

    It looks like Fleury and their defense is still suspect…

  127. Admiral Akbar on

    Will the Fish be better than the rangers in the next 2 years?

    Perhaps – actually, they should be better than the rangers and probably most of the nhl. They have benefitted from year after year of high draft picks due to their incompetence as a franchise. The draft picks are now coming to fruition.

    I’m impressed with the isles play this series, but I am not impressed with how they were built. They may have the nhl to blame for favoring Sid in the OT (bogus) penalty, but they can thank Bettman and the NHL for the draft picks as a reward for many consecutive seasons of incompetence.

  128. Cross Check Charlie on

    Admiral – isn’t that the theory behind having the worst team pick first and the best team pick last, so that the worst team can rise up and become better? Every league does it. It’s not like Bettman came up with that logic all by himself.

  129. Neil just served prust his lunch. I hope our boys are watching this. Let the passion rub off on them.

  130. Admiral Akbar on


    You are correct – it’s done in football and basketball as well. I don’t agree with it, necessarily, but I understand it. You’re right, Gary didn’t make it up.

    That said, the Isles supposed “excellence” is a result of years of bottom feeding. Whereas, a middling (mediocre) franchise like the Rangers which never really tanked for such an extended period (also Flyers, Montreal) will never get those high draft picks year after year because they actually spend money on players to be competitive.

    Also doesn’t help when your GM trades away so many draft picks.

  131. I’ve been following the NHL and the Rangers since the mid-1960s and have watched all types of coaches come and go. But I have never, ever seen someone like Torts who almost every time he is asked ANY kind of question by a reporter, who is just trying to do a jobs, you get the feeling he takes the queery as a personal attack on his coaching style and decision making, no matter how banal the question may be. It’s like he thinks they are all out to get him. And when you listen to him, most of his answers are so bland as to be meaningless, i.e., basically non-answers. It’s really weird and I would go so far as to say unprofessional to see this at the level of an NHL coach, especially in a mega media market like NYC. And he’s got most of the NY hockey beat reporters totally intimidated for they fear if they tick him off they’ll lose him as a source. I know how the newspaper game works. I’ve been a reporter for thirty years. Torts seems incapable of taking a question at face value, instead always looking to read some nefarious meaning into whatever he is asked. Yet, last fall, I took part in Torts’ dog walk, got to talk to him, and found him to be sincere and charming–actually quite likeable–when it comes to his feelings about animals. But when it involves hockey this other personality pops up. He strikes me a bit like the paranoid Captain Queeg, played by Humphrey Bogart, in the Caine Mutiny. Don’t believe me? Go rent the movie.

  132. John S, very interesting comparison. Certainly see similarities, albeit from a distance.

  133. Admiral Akbar on

    John S.

    Fascinating. Torts is definitely an interesting character. Perhaps his handling of the media could be better. Perhaps it’s also his way of deflecting attention off of his players?

    For whatever his faults are, he has made the Rangers into a hard-working team that plays hard almost every night. The offense may stink, the power play deplorable, but at least we’re getting a team that works its ass off every night.

    As a Rangers fan since the early 80’s, I haven’t seen many Rangers teams that work as hard as Torts’ teams do.

  134. Norm Merton on

    Do you think at the pressers he’s rolling steel marbles inside his clenched fist?

  135. Sheesh that’s a lot of Habs fans in Ottawa tonight. Wasnt looking at tv when they scored and by the noise level thought Ottawa scored again. Was a Montreal goal.

  136. I see Abdelkader got 2 games. Called it last night. A certain conspiracy theorist, a.k.a geni(o)us here, was assuring us Shanahan wasnt going to suspend him because of his Red Wings ties.

  137. Lev, I think on those big hits by Neil and Methot, the shouting was a mixture of Ottawa fans cheering and Montreal fans wanting a penalty.

  138. John S. … again, my job would be easier with a Renney type of guy as coach, and again, I have had much better relationships with other Rangers coaches going back to Herb Brooks and beyond and since. But most of the time Tortorella does answer the question and sometimes with brutal honesty. He doesn’t suffer second-guesses, and he hates dumb questions (why did you call timeout?), and he’s not going to go into detail about, for example, a PP failure after a tough playoff loss. He’s certainly not the best, he may be even the worst, but he’s not like that anything close to 100 percent of the time.

  139. Lats, I just had a mental visual of Ddollie skating through the neutral zone. Guffaw!

  140. and, ps, I know all of the regular beat guys and I don’t think any of them are intimidated by him. In fact they laugh at him sometimes. It’s just that you know what questions he’s not going to answer, so you don’t go there. What’s the point?

  141. Responsorial guffaw from me, Papa. She could easily nullify Conacher with a well-placed hip check.

  142. CTR, that’s fine, but tell me what one thing Kreider has done since last spring’s playoffs to earn more ice time. You guys make it out like I’m taking sides against Kreider. I like the kid, I think he’s going to be really good, I’d like to see him play. But he sure hasn’t done a damn thing to earn it in the AHL or here this season.

  143. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp —

    Agree with you about Kreider. He does not deserve extra time, because he hasn’t done squat this season on Rangers or AHL. He has great potential, but he isn’t ready yet.

    Playing him now is not gonna turn this thing around.

  144. and I said in the review today, I’d like to see him out there nevertheless, because there’s a chance he breaks something and turns it into offense, unlike most of the other bottom six who have no chance to contribute. But if Kreider gives up one and doesn’t score one, that’s a bad night for a kid to endure, as he did in D.C. last spring when he gave up two.

    Much as I want to see him play, it might not be best for him or for the team in this situation. I don’t know. But it’s not as cut and dried as some people make it to be.

  145. Tom Foolery on

    I just think Torts is super paranoid about giving out info during the season. His press conference and interviews on break up day are always great. He is totally honest and open in his assessment of the team and specific players. Wish he would give a little more of that during the season.

  146. bull dog line on

    what has Pyatt done to deserve ice time? what has Boyle done to deserve ice time? what has Powe done to deserve ice time? what has Richards done to deserve ice time? if we are giving out ice time this way, then those 4 players should not even get sweaters. Kreider is held to a different standard.

  147. I’ve actually told him that in private, Tom. He’s really good at answering questions when he allows himself to be.

  148. Lats, Zdeno Chara looks like he may have a little Llama blood coursing through his veins, no? I wonder if he is a distant relative of Ddollie?

  149. Stranger Nation on

    just wondering if anybody can tell me who was the last Ranger benched for a turnover or a mistake. Anybody?
    May 5th, 2013 at 2:56 PM
    Definitely not Richards – ba da boom!!

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp: re what had Kreider done to derseve ice time? Fair enough, but what has Pyatt, Richards, and especially Boyle done to deserve ice time? Boyle is horrid. He cannot even corral a loose puck when passed to him.

  151. Stranger Nation on

    Admiral Akbar
    Agree with you about Kreider. He does not deserve extra time, because he hasn’t done squat this season on Rangers or AHL. He has great potential, but he isn’t ready yet.
    Playing him now is not gonna turn this thing around.
    May 5th, 2013 at 7:53 PM
    Admiral Akbar = Torts???
    Seemed ready last season during POs when they needed goal scoring…guess they don’t need that goal scoring now they have Pie-hat on PP and PK.

  152. That Islander game was a great game to watch. Exciting, fast paced, scoring, hitting. They have some players who have both skill and grit on that team.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Torts wants to play responsible, controlled 3 zone hockey and have players start with accountability to defense, which on the surface makes tremendous sense when your best player is in net, but also heavily influences personnel decisions – Pie-hat over Kreider; Powe over anyone to the detriment of the offense.

    But Richards is a turnover machine and, frankly, has become a liability on the PP and 5v5. But is not treated the same way, that is the problem with Torts, he is playing favs or he got a commission on the Richards’ deal…

  154. Admiral Akbar:

    I agree he is a pretty good coach and has indeed succeeded in making them play better than they probably are. I am not lobbying to have him fired. It’s just getting tiresome to listen to his press conferences where the media are there representing us to try to find out some basic information (e.g., what can be done to get the powerplay, which has been non-existent most of the year, going?) and all they get are sarcastic and downright rude responses, bordering on contempt. That’s why I say this is unbecoming and unprofessional of an NHL coach. Again, I dont expect him to give away any strategies, although regarding the powerplay it does not look like one even exists, but say something so we can go away thinking, “Oh now I get it.” And I just have to wonder if a lot of his pettiness seeps into his decision making at times which will have an impact on the team and player attitudes.

  155. These teams are playing like they want to win. Sens power play was ofer the series coming into the game.

  156. Stranger Nation on

    Sens-Habs is Exiting hockey
    BTW – this is the same form of hockey we saw last season. Water boarding feels better than watching Ranger hockey

  157. Torts is responsible for NYR having only 1 first line player. Losing Gaborik is water under the bridge at this point. Can’t cry aboot it. I know. The jury is still out on how much of a negative impact this will in fact be for the Rangers in the seasons to come. I’m more concerned with looking forward and the Rangers’ plan for an offensive, fast puck possession team in the seasons ahead.

    Obviously, they need to figure out how they are going to score next year and fix the PP. Nash certainly can’t do it on his own (see Blue Jackets) and Stepan isn’t going to put up 90 points even though he is a very good player…

    First necessity is that they must the RFAs Sauer (if healthy), Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh and Zuccarello. Then, the Rangers must figure out how they are going to obtain more first line talent. That means they have to buy out Richards and sign, or more likely trade for, offensive players. If they don’t, then we can expect more of the same next year.

  158. Norm Merton on

    Why, again, is the first commitment to defense if your best player is in the nets? Obviously needs to be the first commitment when your goalie stinks, but it seems to me the standard goal against the Rangers this year comes when they pack it in in front of Lundqvist, give the points space to shoot, try to block those shots, and accidentally tip one past their unsighted goalie. Open ‘er up, boys!

  159. JohnS at 8:19pm, very insightful point about the pettiness and whether that seeps into the coaching decisions. Ties into the comments about players playing scared. By the way it’s not about getting benched, I think players can handle that, it’s the public berating in front of teammates (and sometimes cameras) that you wonder about.

  160. Admiral Akbar on

    Torts won a Cup with Richards. I suppose that’s where the loyalty lies.

    Pie-hat, Boyle, and Powe are experienced veterans that can be trusted in pressure situations.

  161. I watched Kreider closely at the last game at MSG against the Devils. He is so far from NHL-ready it’s not funny.

    Regarding Kreider’s 5 goals last year. A career minor leaguer named Chris Kontos once scored 9 goals in 11 playoff games. Remember John Druce? He got 14 goals in 15 playoff games one year, broke 20 goals ONCE (22 goals) in his entire NHL career. There are other examples like this.

    Which is not to say Kreider doesn’t have a chance to be good. But not now. “Handling of Kreider” is one coaching decision I am fine with.

  162. Yep, Orr, said it yesterday, Rangers-Caps is by far the most boring series out of all.

  163. Seriously that was 5 on 5 brawl and I dont think the Habs even were close in winning a fight.

  164. been gone for 24 hours since the loss yesterday. needed a mental break from the blog and the rangers. still over 24 hours later i am disgusted by this pp of ours.. its an utter disgrace.

    season hanging by a thread. will be there tom to see it end.

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Remember John Druce? He got 14 goals in 15 playoff games one year, broke 20 goals ONCE (22 goals) in his entire NHL career. There are other examples like this.

    I think all of those goals were scored against Rangers…

  166. anyone want to sum up what the blog is saying today wihtout reading 1000 posts

  167. Bob Cole channeling his inner Joe Mich by/from calling Subban a “big strong boy.”

  168. Seasons over Eric.

    Sub ban jumps turris. Ho lee.

    I for one think it isn’t over. Will check back in tomorrow to confirm.

  169. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t think this season is over, either.

    I believe in this team and its coach.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Habs and senators have about 5 guys on the bench while play goes on… Never seen that before.

  171. Prust trying to Bertuzzi a Sens player there? What a difference maker he was tonight.

  172. Eddie, Pens-Isles last year or the year before that. When Dipietro got beat down by a Pens backup.

  173. Pierre Lebrun: Don’t care what anybody says, I hate when the game gets ugly like this. Senseless. Stupid. Adds nothing.

    seriously? Go cover curling or something.

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are getting a lot of help. If they could just help themselves by winning these next 2 games.

  175. notice how every fight has been started by the Habs and they each got their butts kicked

  176. That’s the best part of hockey. Games can remain exciting even when the outcome is out of reach. Blowouts in other sports are so lame – this was awesome!

  177. what would have to happen for the Rangers to have this many fights?

    Pageau was a fourth-round pick. Rangers got Steven Fogarty ahead of him.

  178. Love the bug-eyed walrus sending out his top guys. Habs taking a run at their guys so they deserve every bit of those 6 goals and more. Josh Gorges acting all tough there..

  179. Stranger Nation on

    With Clowe, Dorset, Asham – I like our first line brawlers – after that, pretty thin
    We have no Dmen who fight (and rarely hit or clear crease) – big issue in POs.

  180. Fun fact about Teddy Roosevelt is that New York political machines and crime bosses actually advocated him to run for vice president with McKinley to get him out of the governorship so he would stop thwarting their unwholesome agendas. McKinley got shot, and TR became president! That plan backfired – literally!

  181. A bunch of pansies that’s what the Habs are. Prust right in the middle of that.

  182. It’s not about winning the fights it’s about showing up. Habs are a much smaller team and you can be sure they will not be in the lockerroom licking their wounds, they will patting each other on the back for standing up for each other and the sweater. Kudos to the Habs for having the balls to stand up to the bigger team.

  183. ThisYearsModel on

    Teddy Roosevelt is a scream. Talk about the throwback. Seems to do a pretty good job working in kids and implementing an exciting system. I would trade coaches with the Sens in a heartbeat.

  184. Maybe we can get a piece of the action tomorrow, have an exciting game on home ice in our series. Oh wait, Torts is still coaching. 4get it.

  185. Who did they stand up to? They elbowed to the head, Bertuzzi’d from behind, slashed to the ankles, yelled at opposing coach (that’s always a good idea), and shot purposely at opposing players. And then proceeded to get destroyed in every part of the game.

  186. Always hated the Habs growing up-for a while they had more Stanley Cups than the Yankees had championships & I knew an obnoxious Habs fan who would always rub it in. They would always cry to the league when they didn’t get their way. Glad to see them get hosed tonight & lose their composure.

  187. Think Sharks-Nucks may actually be a sweep. Anyone know what the contract status of the Sedins is?

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seeing the Habs lose and get beat up at the same time helped me out of my depression from rangers loss yesterday.

  189. Bryan Murray, Sens GM could pass for Woodrow Wilson, political opposite and opponent of Teddy Roosevelt.

  190. Wonder if Shanahan will have the nuts to do anything about the clown who shot the puck at a player at the end of the game. Or the elbow to the head earlier.


  191. Also not a fan of Habs fans, culture or influence. And hope they lose this series because for no rational reason I still have hope the Rangers win the next 4. But the Habs players get credit, they took pride in their sweater and stood up for it.

  192. Dont think so either (dont even think theyd do anything about the puck shooting at player in regular season). But seriously I can only think of slew-footing as being on same level as purposely shooting puck at opposing player. Sickening.

  193. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    That was an exciting game up in Canada. Someone’s been doing an excellent job up in Ottowa drafting solid players up and down the draft and working to keep potential FA’s, offering contracts in advance of expiry and resigning and luring others that want to be there. That team has size, speed, talent, AND a solid goalie.

    We saw last year what a battle they gave us. Anyone who watched remembers their unity and strength. This year, they had a ton of injuries in the regular season and most are back.

    They are a serious team for the next few years.

    Nice job, Murray!!

  194. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    One thing for sure, any team that plays a series with Ottowa, knows they have been in a series.

    Mr. Gallagher, welcome to the NHL!!

  195. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Orr is correct, girardi can throw them. Unfortunately, it takes his manhood to be questioned for several days (the gabby/carcillo incident) to get him to drop them.

  196. Carp, remember when Alfredsson shot a puck at Niedermeyer in the finals? That was hilarious!

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lyova – let’s hope our boys come out fired up tomorrow like Ottawa did today.

  198. I remember Bernie Nicholls shooting a puck at Kovalev in the ECF, and Anderson shot one at somebody at the end of one of the games, Game 6 I think.

  199. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Papa @ 10:24, good point. Nor does our team have it, up front, to go toe to toe with many teams. If you look at Montreal up front, they have 2 guys that weigh less than 180. 4-5 less than 195, they are small. It makes sense that a big team like Ottowa play them tough.

    I believe we are seeing some of that from the Craps, too. Our top 2 lines, sans Nash, are relatively small, too, no?

  200. Was that a gerbil I saw poking his head out of MacLean’s -nest- mustache during the post game pressor.

  201. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – believe me – I need to be medicated when the rangers lose in the playoffs. Totally unhealthy and probably silly – but it is what it is….

  202. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I watched pieces of the first two games today. Most of the last game. And this one, too, SJ v. Vanc., is so much more hard fought than the way our guys have played so far.

    I hope they’re watching. Their level of compete has not been even close to any of these teams. They need a major attitude adjustment.

  203. Lloyd Braun on

    are people still talking about how important Derek Dorsett is to this team – now that he’s actually played – because he was not good yesterday

  204. Paul MacLean on Therrien’s comment that timeout was to humiliate Habs: “They did a pretty good job of that themselves.”

    BAM! This guy is awesome.

  205. Lloyd Braun on

    Prust had an Aaron Ward game tonight, good for him. guy is obviously an elite player.

    guess being on the ice for most of the goals is one of his intangibles

  206. Matty yes we are small and that needs to be addressed but in the meantime you stand up and show something against the bigger guys even if you get your butt kicked. Show some pride, some fire.

    Ottawa is really good and they are big but good for the Habs, don’t count them out.

  207. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, you can see why Montreal went after Prust in the FA market. They needed some jam. They still need more jam. They had no jam.

    One player doesn’t give you ‘jam’.

    They got humiliated, beaten, and beaten up tonight. Can’t imagine how they can possibly respond on Tuesday.

  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – how many hits did Dorsett have yesterday? Seven? Did he lead the team in hits? Has he played in 8-9 weeks? Sometimes you say things that are not so bright, IMO.

  209. Admiral Akbar on

    I still feel really bad that Sauer can’t play. It’s too bad. We could really use hum now.

  210. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    That was pretty funny at game’s end, Gallagher with the sucker punch. Yea, I guess they stood up as best they could. Man, that Subban can sure throw them.

    Still, it’s gotta be a bit hopeless knowing you are smaller and not able to defend yourself, as a team.

    I hope for their team they can pick themselves up.

  211. Lloyd Braun on

    so you think derek dorsett had an impact on the game other than taking horrific penalties. do you think Brian Boyle is a physical presence because he consistently has high hit totals?

  212. Judging Dorsett on one game is like judging Kreider on the handful of impactful games he’s had.

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – he had one penalty causing the rangers to be SH. The other he took someone with him. He had 7 hits and only Richard, Cally, and Nash had more shots on goal. If you are looking to find fault there are at least 10 other rangers ahead of Dorsett.

  214. Admiral, if Sauer and Staal were healthy and playing, world of difference on our blue line. Moves MDZ and Strallman/Eminger down to 3rd Pair minutes. What a shame.

  215. ThisYearsModel on

    Teddy Roosevelt with some terrific chirps on Therrien in the PC. Montreal humiliated themselves and their organization by their behavior in this game.

  216. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lloyd – I wouldnt dress Boyle even if half the team was injured. He sucks.

  217. LOL – After all that has come down, someone singles out Dorsett as the problem.

  218. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    If you look objectively at the deadline deal with Columbus, our front office might have done what Calgary did not with Iginla….get something for him. Some value.

    Maybe they realized he was going to need another off-season surgery this summer, or not, but given that he asked out (which, of course, is a whole other story), they, at least got something. What if they waited till the summer, would anyone want Gabby off of the surgery, second in two years?

    I agree with E3 in that Dorsett needs some time. And Moore, although one of their lower D prospects, could turn out ok for us.

  219. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa Bear,

    We could only dream away, right?

    Maybe someday, that WILL be our blueline.

  220. Dorsett added a much needed element. Took a couple of bad penalties, probably rusty. I’ll take Aaron Portzline’s word for now, one of the more knowledgeable hockey writers.

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    So Gabby is hurt AGAIN? He is injury prone. He’ll probably pull a groin in October and miss 30 games next year.

  222. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    This line up needs some smart jam. If Dorsett can provide that, that’s a good thing. We could use Clowe, too, about now.

  223. I’ll say this about Teddy Roosevelt. What goes around usually comes back around. Maybe not in this series but it will at some point. That timeout was real ECHL bush league.

  224. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Teddy Roosevelt may have been a little pissed by Prust’s comments. But it was a stupid call. Classless.

  225. Admiral Akbar on

    I think we got off lucky with Gaborik – he was relatively healthy with the Rangers compared to his time with Minnnesota.

  226. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Good point AA. He has been a house of cards all his career.

    It just is really hard to trade away a potential elite goal scorer. Those guys don’t come around too often.

    And, the other option would have been to consider resigning him? From what I have heard, he wanted nothing to do with that. Hence, logical to move him, and before he got hurt badly once again.

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What Teddy Roosevelt was saying was basically keep it up with the nasty after the whistle cheap shot nonsense and we will rub it in your faces. Good for him. I hate the Habs.

  228. Admiral Akbar on


    I recall Al Arbour taking a timeout when the Isles were up 3-0 against the Rangers. It was classless totally classless. This game was during the late 90’s…

  229. Well Hello Ddollie,

    Your looking swell Ddolliie,

    Now put your skates on, you’re on the 1st PP unit.

  230. Still taking about Kreider eh?

    He’s been so bad this season that I question how he was capable of scoring 5 goals in the playoffs last season.

    23 games 2 goals 1 assist. That’s the guy some of you want playing top 6 minutes in a playoff game?

  231. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – And Moore, although one of their lower D prospects, could turn out ok for us. – don’t believe the doodie that Doodie spews about Moore and Gabby trade in general.
    We got three key parts of the team for next year for a oft-injured, one dimensional ‘sniper’ who did not want to play patty-cake behind the goal for Torts.

  232. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Stranger, there are times a player doesn’t fit into a teams plans and is good for another team. Moore could be that guy.

    MacD was another. :)

  233. Admiral Akbar on

    Stranger – exactly. I think we lucked out with Gaborik’s health. He was injured more often for Minnesota.

    Ask Stuart what HE thinks of Krieder…

  234. Eddie, then Teddy should be a man and say that after the game. Don’t spin some cockamamie bull about protecting your players. I’m not making excuses for the Habs. In fact, I find it humorous that they initiated the nonsense and got their heads handed to them as well.

  235. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    you guys hear that stat? 86.7% of the time, the team that goes up 2-0 wins the series>

  236. Class went out the window in the Montreal-Ottawa series when Prust made those comments running on emotion after the clean hit on Eller. Nothing wrong with the timeout from my perspective. If there was nothing that preceded it then yes it would have been classless. But at this point not at all.

  237. I too give Aaron Portzline a lot more credibility than most other reporters. He has repeated on numerous occasions what he and the Blue Jackets fan base thought of Dorsett.

  238. Lloyd Braun on

    the point is that Dorsett ultimately has about as much to do with this team advancing past Washington as you do, eddie.

  239. Stranger Nation on

    Matty”Monster Nash”Boy
    Stranger, there are times a player doesn’t fit into a teams plans and is good for another team. Moore could be that guy.
    MacD was another. :)
    1000% Matty – I like what i see – had some hiccups in Game 2 playing a full complement, but they moved him ahead of MDZ which means I wasn’t the only who thought he deserved more time.
    Now – he needs to be on PP – was a PP stud in Jrs.

  240. Matty, not to dampen your spirit even further, but it’s even worse for the Rangers. We have won 1 series of 20 in which we’ve fallen into an 0-2 hole. (a 95% probability we are going to lose.)

  241. Admiral Akbar on

    Who can’t take Richards’ ice time off the power play to try out Moore…

    (Just kidding)

  242. Reginald Dunlop on

    Carpy………Nicholls shot it at Anderson………triggering penalties…….good looking guy in an inside out rally suit jacket in the corner when Anderson leaving………ha ha ha

  243. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hey LW – Pavelski just scored his second goal in the game. I guess he isn’t so clutch after all.

  244. The Press IS intimidated by Torts whether, like schoolboys, they laugh at him afterwards or not. They DO ask stupid questions, and one can sometimes understand his pique, but it’s a battle of the duality of uselessness.

  245. Lloyd Braun on

    ultimately the press caves to Tortorella not because they’re afraid of him but because they know the guy will simply freeze them out. pretty hard to do your job once the coach decides he’s no loner going to acknowledge your existence.

  246. Nicholls shot one into Kovalev’s face, too, behind the net. I remember the guy in the rally jacket pretty well.

  247. The guy is contractually obligated to take questions. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t even show up. What’s the big mystery here? No matter what his answer, no matter how rude and condescending, pertinent questions must be asked. Otherwise, don’t televise the thing and let the “reporters” make up their own printed dialogue.

  248. They often ask two questions and then silence. They can’t think of a question? Ridiculous.

  249. Yeah, Carp. If it weren’t for you sometimes being in that room, it’d just be an epic fail.

  250. Czechthemout!!! on


    Dorsett did not do much but in his defense, he did miss 2 months. At least he takes the body and he does go to the net. That of course will change soon as he gets more ” coaching” . Pretty soon he will be right where he belongs, behind the goal with the rest of his line mates, pinning the puck to the wall and than skating off the ice to change without generating one shot on goal.

    Be patient.

  251. Stranger Nation on

    When you have the masquerading Funeral Director played by Silent Sam Rosen tossing out softballs and Torts tossing back spitballs, well, that spells ‘school in the summertime’…

    No Class

  252. Stranger Nation on

    Papa Bear
    Matty, not to dampen your spirit even further, but it’s even worse for the Rangers. We have won 1 series of 20 in which we’ve fallen into an 0-2 hole. (a 95% probability we are going to lose.)
    May 5th, 2013 at 11:19 PM
    Lies, damn lies….I hope

  253. Czechthemout!!! on

    Kreider 2g 1 a in 23 games. Toi 100 minutes or so.

    Brian Boyle 2 g ( one empty net ) 3 a in 40 games and 600 minutes +

    Yup, Boyle is the guy you want in when the games are on the line. You want him on the PP,the Pk,even strengh and even in goal!

  254. Stranger Nation on

    Richards centering Pie-hat and Boyle would have been hilarious if I hadnt been crying in my mint julep at the time.

    Slow, slower, and slowest

  255. Stranger Nation on

    i am telling ya, that Boyle has puck repellent on his stick. Should switch with Gorilla Glue

  256. Czechthemout!!! on

    Future hall of famer Brandon Prust sure was a difference maker tonight and in game 1 wasn’t he? Those intangibles really helped!

    Bottom line, if you dont have enough talent than guys like Prust are a dime a dozen. He is not a difference maker, period!

  257. Stranger Nation on

    Sharks missing Clowe and Murray,,,,not

    Rangers missing Clowe and Murray-like Dman…yes

  258. Stranger Nation on

    I liked Dorset in Game 2 – played with reckless abandon and looked like he was having fun.
    Torts will put an end to that right wawy!

  259. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Funny as hell. I was just watching the recap of the isles game and they mentioned that Pittsburgh has scored a power play goal in each of their last 8 playoff games. Rangers can’t even SCORE in 8 straight playoff games.
    And I still say that Crysby’s new helmet makes him look like the guy who powers on the Death Star weapon.

  260. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Crysby now looks like a redneck with that bottom row of (not many) teeth. At the very least he’d fit right in in England.

  261. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say this…

    Zuccarello should be on the 1st power play unit over Richards. Richards sucks. IF the PP was truly based on merit and performance, Richards would be playing golf instead of playing the point on the PP…

  262. By the logic of some of our more esteemed posters, If the Sharks are winning without Clowe, then Clowe must not be a difference maker and easily replaceable. And Canucks losing must mean Sedins aren’t difference makers and easily replaceable. Heck the Hawks lost, so I guess Kane and Hossa must not be difference makers. Until the Hawks win their next game and then Parise isn’t a difference maker!

  263. While every hockey professional on the planet including his ex coach acknowledges what Prust brings to his team, and while the Rangers still have not replaced that element( hopefullyDorsett but lets see), some posters would rather mock and ridicule than admit they were and are flat out wrong.

  264. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Does Brodeur still have the same amount of playoff goals as this team?

  265. Admiral Akbar on

    Didn’t the islanders score 3 total goals in 4 playoff games in 1994?

    Are we headed toward that level of futility?

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