Game 2: Capitals 1, Rangers 0 (OT) in review


Happy Cinco De Mayo. Well, your boys are sure in a hole now, and even if it’s one out of which it would be possible to dig, it seems miles deeper because of their inability to cobble together even one legitimate goal in two-plus games in this series, against a goaltender they are making look like Ken Dryden.


Rangers  v Capitals Game 21) This 1-0 overtime loss is on coach John Tortorella as much as or more than the players for two reasons (or at least two): A) Because of the power play that cost them the game, and B) because he kept Ryan McDonagh on the ice in overtime after a long shift, an icing, a timeout and another chance to change, a 3:04 shift, which even if he didn’t throw the puck over the glass, would probably have ended disastrously since a fresh Alex Ovechkin was on the ice. And, yeah, I know that if Brian Boyle can handle a pass that was just off his stick at center ice, he gets it deep and maybe McDonagh get a change.

2) The PP doesn’t change. The lack of movement, the lack of play-making, or getting to open spots. The same failing personnel, starting with Brad Richards on the point. And almost no chance for Mats Zuccarello or Carl Hagelin, but chances for Brian Boyle and Taylor Pyatt. Rick Nash, the best scorer, playing above the circles.

3) After another season of flailing away aimlessly and statuesquely (spell check says that really is a word), the Rangers badly need to hire an assistant coach with a special teams pedigree because this has gone on throughout (and beyond) Tortorella’s tenure. You could probably get a high school basketball coach to draw up a give-and-go or back-door set play that would be better than anything the Rangers do on the PP. It has to change. It cost them games last season, last playoffs, especially in the Eastern Final, all of this season, and it has now cost them a chance to win two winnable games against an opponent that really isn’t that good.Rangers  v Capitals Game 2

4) Special teams will decide the series. Everybody said it. They said it. So far, special teams have decided both games …

5) That and the complete lack of offensve. But, yeah, the Rangers changed the middle of their lineup with that trade. Got rid of their best goal scorer for a third-liner, a No. 5 defenseman (albeit with a ton of potential upside), and a tough-guy fourth-liner who brought some energy in his debut but took two minors.

6) Wall-ball isn’t a terrible strategy. Even the best teams in the league play that cycling game. But the best teams in the league, when cycling, have somebody, whether a forward or a D-man joining the play, always – or most of the time – moving to the front of the net, which A) draws a defenseman or a forward out of the wall battle and B) gives you a chance to, you know, create something off the wall play. You have to forecheck, and there are times when you just want to wear down the opponent (usually when your third or fourth line is on the ice), but if it doesn’t occasionally produce goals, it’s exhausting and, well, unproductive. Meanwhile, the bigger, meaner Capitals forwards are better suited to play the Rangers game than the Rangers are.

Rangers  v Capitals Game 27) Just because maybe you need to be reminded, the Rangers scoring one goal in two games is awful, but not terribly unusual. They scored 14 goals in six games against the Devils last spring, 15 in seven against Washington, 14 in seven against Ottawa, eighth in five games against Washington the year before, and 11 in seven games against the Caps in 2009 (including seven in the last six games).

8) And, I know, a lot of you guys have been screaming it for a while, and I’ve tended to disagree as I watch Chris Kreider go through the Evgeni Grachev phase of his development – and I think he will certainly figure it out and be a legit player – but it’s time to put him in the lineup in an offensive role, give him some chances to shoot the puck on the second power play or break a play with his speed. Too many guys in yesterday’s lineup played as well as they could, and had no chance to chip in even a sliver of offense.

9) How in holy hell do they not call that obvious delay of game penalty at the end of the third period? Not that the Rangers would have done anything with the power play, but they have to call it. Have to. Inexcusable and unacceptable officiating.

10) The Rangers had a much better start to Game 2 than Game 1, but I didn’t think overall that they had the puck nearly as much, even though they were way, way better 5-on-5 than they were 5-on-4 or 4-on-5.Rangers  v Capitals Game 2

11) Henrik Lundqvist was really good in the first, especially on a chaotic PK and a late period breakdown. How about the save on Jason Chimera in behind Derek Dorsett mid-third? Got to feel for that guy. Plays his heart out. Yeah, he gave up a softie in Game 1. He was heroic in Game 2, threw a shutout and lost. This was the first time since 1933 that the Rangers went into a playoff OT tied 0-0.

12) On to Rick Nash, because I have a number of thoughts on this guy. Nash gets tackled and tripped and cross-checked every shift, plus punched and facewashed after every whistle, and I don’t get why nothing’s ever called. On the other hand, great players have to find a way to fight through that crap, like Mike Bossy did and Marian Gaborik didn’t. It’s the difference between success and failure. Mike Milbury killed him after he sleep-walked through the first period, and I didn’t disagree, much as I hate to not disagree with that jackwagon.

13) And that said, Nash sure became a force in the third period when he got away from Brad Richards and with Derek Stepan. And he made one helluva play to stop Ovechkin late third. Then he beat three Caps, hit the post and drew a power play that the Rangers, himself included, wasted. Wonder what the mood is if that exact same 60 minutes is played except that Nash scores on that play, or the ensuing PP.

Rangers  v Capitals Game 214) I got to wondering if Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson – one very crafty, the other very fast, would be any better or worse than Stepan and Carl Hagelin if you switched Ovechkin off their line and onto Stepan’s.

15) Mike Keenan and Bill Patrick on NBCSN last night talking about the Justin Abdelkader leaping head shot, were saying that he’ll be suspended and that they can’t believe these things still happen because “head shots are out.” Um, yeah, except when they aren’t. Except when some are punished, most aren’t and the ones that are end up with pansy one or two-gamers. That’s why they still happen. Head shots are not out.

16) NBC holding up the opening faceoff, with the players in position to start play, for Pierre McGuire’s thoughts, is a disgrace.

lundvist solo*************************************
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Derek Stepan.

RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King … need four of five … I’ve got confidence.
2. Anton Stralman.
3. Cally … time to get the boys going!!!

Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (32.08%).
2. Ryan Callahan (15.09%).
3. tie, Anton Stralman, Derek Dorsett, Mats Zuccarello (9.43%).


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  1. Repost: Torts as a coach has improved the Rangers every year in wins and post season results. Their power-play percentage however; has dropped every year.
    Rank 13 18.3 %
    Rank 18 16.9%
    Rank 23 15.7%
    Rank 23 15/7%
    These stats don’t mean much if they are winning in other ways; even strength goals, great penalty-killing but games like yesterday when they had two late power-play opportunities and couldn’t even get a shot on goal and his apparent unwillingness to try different players on the pp make these stats relevant. I would hope he starts jugging the lineups for the power-play starting in game 3; otherwise this post season run could look a lot like 2010-11 (lost in first round to washington) except this is a much better team on paper. I don’t know if I would fire him (if they lose to the Caps) but that is four years of power-play failure/decline.

  2. candy cane on

    The power play also allows the Caps to play tighter 5-5 since they know it will be 2 minutes of trash time if they take a penalty.

  3. It’s funny: When Renney was at the end of his tenure, the thought was that the NY Rangers couldn’t get any further ahead with him as coach. 4 years of Torts and i feel we are in the same situation…

  4. bull dog line on

    need Clowe to play, and agree that Kreider needs a bigger role, not a 4th line role. on Kreider, if Torts had just played him through his mistakes during the season, they would not be in the spot they are now with him.
    you play the games today, but you are always thinking about tomorrow. Torts did not think about tomorrow with Kreider.

  5. Cousin Tom on

    Adam Oates has again proved my point about what the Rangers need in their next coach, whenever that is, as did the performances last year of Dale Hunter and Darryl Sutter: for the playoffs, a head coach who as a player had a pedigree in the Stanley Cup playoffs, who understands that they are different than the regular season.

    Their inability to move and receive nearby pucks is because they play the game on their heels, and are always reaching.

    Did anyone notice that Stepan yesterday made the same play at the blue line that Gaborik was benched for last year?

    I think Torts has jumped that shark and reached his ceiling here. I just hope a change occurs before it costs an elite talent like Kreider.

  6. Staal Wart on

    Caps are not good, but neither are the Rangers.
    Honestly I’m ready for summer, cause this team was more fun to watch last year, more fun with Prust, Anisimov,Dubinsky etc.
    There would have been no need to fill out the middle of the lineup if the original middle of the lineup wasn’t traded away.
    Dorsett seems like a sideshow….
    How can a professional hockey team not have an even mediocre PP?
    It’s so absurd! I’ve seen high school teams with better PP’s!

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Best review I have read hear ever. Hit all the salient points and, though I wish we were discussing the team after a win, was honest and spot on. THANK YOU!

    Staal, Clowe and Kreider would make this team look and play much differently.
    Pie-hat is slow as molasses and does not contribute much of anything, no hitting, little snarl, has all the emotion of a robot.
    Powe is small and cant stickhandle or shoot, get him out
    Boyle, same as powe, put mo-berries back in.
    While you cant take him out, Girardi is playing horribly and our D is very pedestrian. Switch goalies and that game is 5-0 at least.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    oh and great point on the lack of goal scoring last season If Nash shot goes in we are discussing how we got a split and this is tough playoff hockey, blah, blah, blah.
    Reality is players have changed but results have not. Not saying we have a very talented roster but the coach has made Richie his guy.
    When coaches are very involved with personnel decisions and have vested interest in validating those choices you get Richards at 20 mins.
    Part of dysfunction that is the Rangers. Starts at the top.

  9. Derek Stepan a 3rd star?? The Rangers leading goal scorer has been pretty-much invisible for 2 games. Yea I know he assisted on Hagelin’s “goal” in game one, but man, talk about not showing up.

    Rangers power play = slow movement of puck, and don’t shoot…is there any wonder why they don’t score?

    Why don’t they just shoot from all directions. In a game like that a goal is going to come off a skate, deflection or rebound so just shoot the damn puck! Plus they are not good enough to make some fancy play for a goal, so Rangers please stop trying and SHOOT THE EFFIN PUCK!

  10. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Its funny how the rangers play to a 0-0 end in regulation and gets credit for outstanding play against a non elite team. This is the same old story .. mediocrity..
    And if anyone thinks that professional hockey players can’t figure out a power play. just watch these guys in a practice or on a pond or in an open hockey session, these guys played the pp and pk all their careers and at all levels in games and in practice. What’s wrong is the system.. I can’t believe that the players all of a sudden are clueless..

  11. Gravy, with Swedish Meatballs for Hank on

    If Nash scores on that play of course we’re singing a different tune. But, much like the race to get into the playoffs, it’s about getting actual wins.

    Don’t care if it’s ugly, but game 3 is a virtual must win. I’m not giving up because they have not been dominated by any stretch. They are playing a vulnerable team…just have to figure a few things out very quickly.

  12. Good news is the bad ice at MSG will favor the slower, less skilled, not as deep with an inept Power Play and inferior coached Rangers team……we should be positioned well to make this 2-2….

  13. Did the Rangers have no shots in the last 17 minutes of the game? That’s not good. Nash post I guess.

  14. The Rangers PP has been absolute garbage since Tortorella arrived.

    No matter how many players come and go, it’s always the same.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s THE COACH who has to be a huge part of the problem.

    Having a somewhat decent PP should be pre-requisite number ONE or TWO for anybody who calls himself an NHL coach.

    Tortorella’s act has grown stale with me. I liked him when he came here, I thought he was the best coach since Keenan. But I’m beyond tired of his tough guy act, his refusal to change what Helen Keller can see isn’t working, and his inexcusable loyalty to Brad Richard$

    Richard$ and Torts need to go. NOW.

    Hank won’t say it, but you know he’s disgusted with this team and probably this coach.

  15. “An opponent that really isn’t that good”

    aha… beating up on the Rangers who are even worse. Time to face the music…this club is poorly put together and is poorly coached. Torts is insane because he keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

  16. Extra great review today, Carp. So many aspects of their offensive and defensive game. Especially the PK that I just don’t understand.

    Why they stopped pursuing the puck on the PK and generally on defense is beyond me.

    And that delay of game crap, all of that should have the same consequence as icing. Because its the same idea. No change and a face off in your zone. But a PP is a stupid result. And they have to include laying on the puck as a delay.

  17. So they just miss the finals last year, but you think there is a coach that will take them that one last step CW ? Interesting.

  18. They just missed the finals last year…and I’m starting to think it’s more in SPITE of their coach than because.

    Let’s see what happens when Hank realizes his coach isn’t giving him any help (which is right now)…because I can see Hank faltering when he realizes his team simply won’t ever give him the support he gives them.

  19. Norm Merton on

    This team is all about goal prevention, but at both ends. It’s as though the coaching staff is consulting actuarial tables and forgetting that it’s a game to be won rather a business transaction not to be lost. It’s a negative, scared, joyless bunch out there, grinding it out, avoiding mistakes, creating nothing.

    Coaches around the NHL must have been chuckling when they saw the best Torto could get out of Gaborik, Kreider and Miller was an opportunity to make them look bad. The public sneering at them, the patronizing… it has not been pretty.

  20. Isn’t Nash now 0-6 lifetime in playoff games?

    He will learn. He’s too good and just way too much of an all around player to not adjust somehow.

  21. Excellent review as usual Carp. It really is amazing, its mind blowing to have coaches who know all the answers yet continue to put an anemic power play out there. We’re not talking a shortened season or a few months here, we’re talking years. Miller in for Richards, Kreider in for the skater #14. I’d rather see young guys try and fail than what we saw yesterday.

  22. Carp.. #16. Thought it was clear the holdup was for a lighting issue. Holtby had officials moving cameras or something.

  23. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    But how coupd this be? They got Rick Nash for that one more goal! 6 career playoff games, zero goals.

    I thought Mike Green’s goal deflected off of Stepan. If it did, that’s equal to his career playoff total.

    This team is an effin disgrace. Pathetic. Lundqvist stole this game and they just absolutely refused to win. If I’m him, I’m out of here in a couple of years.

  24. I like Torts but how in the name of God can he continue to run Richards and Del Zaster out there on the points for 70% of each PP! Nash is way too high and wide. It’s madness. And PYATT!? Are you kidding me?

    Zuccarello, Moore, Nash, Callahan, Stepan. There’s your #1 unit. Callahan and Nash low. Moore on left point and Zucc on right. Sedan Center with back to the goal. 2-1-2.

  25. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp…as always, enjoyed the review. As far as the game goes, at least the post goal celebration was appropriate to the moment. Hate watching Ovie & his Craps leaping around like every goal is an OT winner.

  26. The Capitals are finally a better defensive team. Their Forwards are much more responsible and they just take away space at all points on the ice.

    Yesterday’s game was 50/50. Definitely could have won.

  27. Paul in sunrise on

    I hope that Hagelin can recover from the Ovi knee on thigh hit because he looked slower as the game went on. And Ovis elbow sure was lookin for a head shot if Hags had not been able to duck it.


  28. CCCP for Comrade Assistant coach (that really runs the team by intimidating the Head Coach into submitting to his will).

    Actually, I still want LEETCH in that vacant Asst. Coach slot. Really think that would be nice. If not, then let’s get Beukeboom up here.

  29. Owner can’t get rid of the GM, sell the team. Is Messier interested in heading up an ownership group? That guy *loves* to win!

  30. BigBadVinny on

    Love the reviews. As always, your well thought out and surprisingly precise analyses provides some comfort that someone else is seeing the game as I see it. Maybe it’s the coaching or maybe it’s the players, but win or lose, this year’s TEAM concept is not very good.

  31. Very possible to tie this at 2, difficulty I see is we’re smaller and softer which takes its toll as you get into 5-6-7. No PP, small, soft….sounds familiar.

  32. Cousin Tom on

    And BMAC, history shows that teams that can’t score on the PP have liberties taken against them.

  33. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Very honest.
    I found myself emotionally exhausted this morning. Almost ready to give up on them. But I won’t. Changes need to be made if they want to make this series competitive at the very least. Let’s see if they make any adjustments.

  34. iDoodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    By the way, I had Stralman as the 2nd star. Do you know why? Aside from the fact that he played a pretty good game and dented the crossbar early, he was the teams TOI leader through most of regulation (I think it was all of regulation but I forgot to check after the buzzer and haven’t checked anything from OT).

    That leads me to my next point: Oates is outcoaching the hell out of Torts. It’s pathetic. How Stralman and Moore had more TOI than McD and Girardi is beyond me. Oates had Torts guessing so hard on matchups that he got the rangers’ best defensemen off the ice more often than not. And let’s not compare powerplays and getting the most out of star players because they aren’t even in the same league when it comes to that.

  35. Big positive from yesterday was Dorsett. Man he played well. Boyle looked like he still might be feeling that knee issue a bit (or just being his usual humungously soft self).

    Paging Marc Staal!

  36. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    2-0 you are Carpy for the post season. I hope you get alot more whacks at it or we go down quick than most thought.

    Atta boy, Carp!!!

  37. Doodie – this is an exceptional level of animosity from you. Usually you’re much more calm which let’s me know you’re level of upsetedness is genuine. Love the enthusiasm. Keep it coming.

  38. Doodie, Nash has one playoff goal.

    Boyle is like a giant tissue. Hit somebody already!

  39. Miami Pimp on

    Bush-league is as amateur-hour does.

    These no-talents just don’t have it.

  40. While I think Zucc looks a lot more like the Zucc of old than this season’s new and improved hobbit, I respect him because he throws the body when he gets the opportunity. Brassard does too for the most part. They’re never going to lay anyone out, but in a war of attrition, every check counts. Too many times Hagelin and Stepan and Richards and Nash spin out of checks. Unacceptable.

  41. Mark Lesito on

    Im interested to hear why Carp doesnt think the Caps are a very good team. The team I’m seeing isnt half bad.

    – Quality scoring chances favor Wash
    – Power Play/Special teams looks much better for Washington
    – Physical play is there
    – They run 4 lines a bit deeper then Rangers
    – Goalie has let in 1 goal in 2+ games
    – Ovechkin is getting chances, and hitting
    – Caps are patient and faking shots to take away our tendency to block everything (SEE OT WINNER)
    – Wash held Rangers to limited shots in 3rd and OT.

    Im not saying the Caps are winning the Cup, but to say they arent very good sounds a bit bitter.

  42. I actually watched yesterday with my buddy who is a legitimate Capitals fan. Good guy. Good to have those two perspectives discussing everything. And hysterical that the moronic delay of game penalties played such a glaring role in determining the contest.

  43. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    And one last thing, while I’m talking about star players. How could anyone be happy with the return on the Gaborik trade? We got a malcontent, small, 3rd line center that requested a trade out Columbus last season, a 4th liner, and a young left-handed defenseman who was at the bottom of Columbus’ defensive prospect pool and current depth chart. Oh, and don’t forget the 6th round pick!

    Seriously? A 4th liner? As with all 4th liners, he’s worthless until proven otherwise. Given his two terrible (and predicatble) penalties yesterday, including that absolutely disgraceful dive, I’d say he’s got some work to do.

    Brassard sucks. He’s a wealth of untapped potential that will never be tapped because he’s a primadonna. Columbus was happy to get rid of him.

    And Moore, sure, he looks like a legit prospect, but seriously, how many more left-handed defensemen do we need, and more importantly, he was the worst of Columbus’ defensive prospects.

    This is what we got for a bienniel 40 goal scorer that was playing this year with an abdominal injury that required surgery. That trade remains completely indefensible.

  44. Lol@latona .. “Boyle is like a giant tissue”. That’s funny right there.

  45. Doodie Machetto, 0.0 on

    Latona, my mistake. One goal. WOOOOO! He’s really the answer now!

  46. I really miss Michael Sauer. Might not have the capacity for brilliance that Girardi or McDonagh or Staal do, but I certainly don’t remember him making the absolute horrific plays they are apt to make either. We could use his efficiency and physicality.

  47. Well on the plus side Doodie we traded a guy that required surgery in two consecutive seasons. Can’t be a good sign.

    Moore looks good. Very good. Dorsett is what we need. Grit. And he looked better than some third liners. The embellishment call was stupid. Because if he embellished then there shouldn’t be any interference call and the Caps should get a PP. Brassard, well who knows, he certainly shows signs of having star potential.

  48. Or we could just call up Mcllrath and end the whole Eminger thing. He had a crappy game yesterday.

  49. I know he has fists. I know he’s a stay at home guy in the NHL. I know he takes the body first. Even near the blue line.

  50. Cross Check Charlie on

    Piling on:
    No, Dorsett isn’t what the team needed. Neither was Boyle. Neither is Staal. They need offense! They need somebody that when Nash sets them up for shot from the slot can bury the puck in the back of the net. They need for somebody to know that if they all converge on Nash then another player will make them pay.

    It has been this way throughout Sather’s tenure here. Before Nash it was Gaborik and nothing else. Before him it was Jagr. Before him it was Lindros and his mushy head.

    It’s obvious that Sather thinks the team can function with only one star player and have a bunch of grinders to go with him. Even at Edmonton he had guys like Messier, Kurri and Coffey to go with Gretzky, but now he thinks that he can build a team with one star and that’s it. There is the root of this team’s problem. It’s the guy that put the team together.

    But we all know that already, don’t we?

  51. Do you think he’d be afraid to impose his will with the omnipresent threat of residence in Chateau Bow-Wow lurking behind the bench if he takes a penalty?

  52. No Latona. He will probably have to bring Beukeboom up to the NHl with him for backup.

  53. Carp, Welcome aboard! Two words: BRIAN LEETCH. His critic of the Rangers Power Play on the post game was succinct, politically correct, but dead-on.

    Latona, 9:25, I love Zucc’s heart and spirit. He also has shown courage by holding onto to the puck in traffic in an attempt to make a play, which about half of our players seem to have lost. But, unfortunately, yesterday, he had zero room to operate and was physically dominated most of the game. Even when he attempted to initiate contact, he was on the loosing end more times than not. What a shame this guy isn’t 6′”2″!

  54. Personally I like what Dorsett did. He focused on Olesky who has been the Caps most physical D Man. I know he’s not a huge offensive threat but they have to guys for offense they just rarely get clean shots and when they do they miss the net.

  55. Vibin’ Papa. That’s what I said above and have been saying for MONTHS. Leech for Asst. Coach!

  56. If what you tell me is true, and that seems unlikely, then why not call him up? Caps are being extremely physical with our forwards, and none of our defensemen seem keen on punishing theirs in return.

  57. You’re right, Papa. Zucc is one of the few players on NYR who will hold up play. Richards USED to do that.

  58. Great guest review, Czech.

    Stepan sure is consistent! 25 or so straight playoff games with the invisibility cloak on.

  59. Carp- thanks for the spot on brutally honest review. I hope those folks who spend the day ragging you for not getting on the coach enough will read the review and open their eyes just a little ….yea probably not.
    If if if …lots of ifs yesterday. If NASHTY doesn’t hit the post…if we only had a pp…
    I still believe we will make some noise before this series is over. Cally and Nash are going to rise and hopefully torts does bring in the Kreider. I’m actually of a mind to bring him in for pyatt- don’t see how that could possibly hurt us.

  60. Are you all done whining this morning, you downers? Go root for Fishsticks! They seem to be re emerging again. WTB! :-)

  61. Because Torts does not trust rookies at all. That’s why. I think his knee surgery in the offseason contributes to that.

  62. Carp won’t bring in Kreider, won’t change the PP, won’t do anything that will go against his asinine belief that he knows what he’s doing.

    Last year’s run is looking more and more like a fluke.

  63. … doesn’t trust rookies at all … except for those named Stepan, Del Zotto, Hagelin, McDonagh, Sauer …

  64. last year was an over-achievement or a young team arriving a few years too early more than a fluke. They deserved what they got last year, shocking as it was. But even great teams aren’t usually that good.

  65. Well, we wake this morning in a place we longtime Ranger fans are quite familiar with. We sip our morning coffee feeling:

    Despair over another playoff series slipping away in the blink of an eye.

    Concern we are loosing this window of opportunity to challenge for a cup while we have an all-world goalie defending our net.

    Confused by those all too familair questions about where do we go from here and how do we get there?

    And to boot (a little added salt to the wound) the hated Islanders, on the upswing, have evened their series against the pre-playoff-ordained Stanley Cup Champion Penguins by playing an aggressive and gritty “what do we have to loose” style in their game 2 come from behind victory.

    What a difference a year makes.

  66. SufferingSince79 on

    Trying to stay positive but I don’t see a lot of successful Stanley Cup runs start with games like the 2 we just witnessed.

  67. Yea the Rookie comment *WAS SARCASTIC* . You know because people come on here and say that crap all the time.

  68. Last year’s roster was a bit different so it isn’t really a completely comparable event.

  69. But on the bright side, on learned more about Llamas last night on this blog in 45 minutes than I did in my previous, ahem, 26 years. Thanks Latona!

  70. Anytime, Papa. Was just trying to llighten the mood around here. Every seemed so distressed.

  71. I know it was, Nanny, but my response was for the same reason … because people say it all the time.

  72. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks for posting my review as your own. I appreciate it ,though there are some plagerism issues here we’ll deal with at another times.


    I am glad you liked my review.

  73. Yeah, you guys lost me with all the llama stuff. Too bad. Could have used a laugh. Latona, I lump you in with all the trouble-makers.

  74. Czechthemout!!! on


    Seriously though, great review. I am speechless but in a good way. Spot on with every point.

  75. Great review Carp, nailed it. Number 7 and another post showing goals scored by the Rangers in the playoffs last few years. Unacceptable.

    The comments you sometimes see around the league, and even on this board, that mention Hank’s playoff record as if thats some kind of insight are laughable. If he had a good team in front of him he’d be a perennial Conn Sky the candidate.

    I remember him complaining about the power play as the source of their problems- and that was 3 years ago. For the first time I thik it conceivable he’d leave New York as a FA.

  76. They may not have scored yesterday, but they sure played with a lot of jam. You need jam to win in this league.

  77. Cross Check Charlie on

    No, bobo. You need jam for your toast at breakfast. You need goals to win in this league.

  78. Czechthemout!!! on


    A friend of mine pointed this out to me yesterday so I wanted to ask you this question. I don’t know if you even know the answer but here goes.

    Just how much influence does Mike Sullivan have in the formulation of the way this team plays? I know he is the guy who coaches the joke of a PP but is there more?

    I ask this because they play the exact way that the Bruins played when he was their head coach. And also, if you recall who the assistant coach or coaches were with him in Tampa? I am curious to know just how much influence his coaches have on the type of system he employs.

    I stand by the fact that they just don’t play the same way his teams in Tampa played. In terms of offense. They do play like Sullivans Bruins teams though. Sullivan’s demise was also because the Bruins could not score and were just boring.

  79. Country Club Atmosphere on

    I would love Leetch to join the organization in any capacity but it’s been reported that he won’t until Sather is gone.

    Nash started to turn it on in the the 3rd, but he has little playoff experience and it shows. It was definitely a bit of a gamble trading for a player who has been in the league for so many years with only 4 playoff games under his belt.

    Even after his great season, Stepan continues to disappoint in the playoffs. Players like Stepan, Zuke, and Brassard don’t strike me as the type who would succeed in the playoffs. They need time and space to execute and the tight checking atmosphere of the playoffs doesn’t allow for that.

    Special teams has been a total failure. I think the talent level of this team is overstated at times, but the PP should be better than it is. The Rangers could occasionally get away with having a bad PP in past years because their PK was so effective, but the PK has gotten considerably worse this year. The team doesn’t have the PK depth it had in previous seasons.

  80. While one may argue this is purely semantics and definitely subjective, I’ll say it anyway.

    For me, it is clear watching a game whether a team is playing to win or playing not to lose. Watching our boys these last 2, I would characterize their overall effort as playing not to lose. While, on the other hand, watching the Leafs last night against Boston, i would say they were definitely playing to win.

    Is that not a reflection on coach as much or more so than the players?

  81. Is Ribiero FA this summer? If so a quick upgrade would be to buy out Richards and sign him. He hangs on to the puck, draws defenders, and is an excellent passer, exactly what Nash needs.

    Carp I take your point about Nash fighting through but it would have been interesting to see Bossy fight through without having another all time great like Trottier feeding him all that time.

  82. Tom Foolery on

    Carp – Do you think there is a realistic chance that management tells Torts that he has a choice to either bring in power play coach or be fired? I really think it’s the only way he does it. I’ve been a Torts supporter since day 1 but I’m starting to waiver. The power play, the love affair with Richards, the lack of an offense year after year are turning me.

  83. If the boys win the next to its a best of 3. Anybody like their chances I that format!? Game 7?

    Yea. Me neither

  84. I could see Henrik leaving…change of pace from him being hung out like a wet bathing suit year after year…

  85. Regarding the non call….if those refs don’t have the stones to make the right call they should not be working playoff games.

  86. Tom Foolery on

    If I was Henrik I would definitely be heading for the exit unless things change next year. And they might. I would like to see a full season of this team with Krieder, Miller and some others mixed in and the scrubs like Pyatt and Powe out.

  87. Matteau and Carp,

    Bossy also had the pleasure of Clark Gillies riding shotgun when necessary. If you remember, his rookie year, he was destroyed by the Leafs in the playoffs. The next season, anybody who went near him had to deal with Gillies, Howatt, Nystrom and crew.

    Has anyone stepped into a fracas for Nash this year?

  88. Hank’s not leaving. NYC provides him plenty of the off-ice stuff he enjoys so very much.

    NO TO RIBEIRO. NO NO NO. No Thank you.

    But please do buy out Richards ASAP. At least to protect Torts from his own idiocy of always relying on him. Let Miller try to be our #3, Stepan #1 and Brassard #2. Good luck boys.

  89. rangerssteven on

    please mix up the bleeping pp. richards has done nothing. and pyatt on the pp – unless the puck hits his backside we are screwed. powe’s offensive ability makes jan erixon look like wayne gretzky circa 1982.

    we need to mix it up on the pp. get clowe and possibly staal back and get pucks to the net.

  90. Carp,

    During the post game pressed, someone asked Torts what needed to be fixed or changed on the PP and in his usual style, he said something like “yeah, we need to score”. Duhhh. Why wouldn’t there be a follow-on question to that pompous and acerbic answer? Why does he need to play everyone for the fool all the time?

  91. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Torts system can make an average team a playoff team. But it will never make a good team a great team. The proverbial make chicken soup out of chicken poop.

    Turning the entire game into a dump and chase perimeter game, including the PP, is not going to win a championship. Anything less than a Cup is unacceptable, and if we’re going to eek into the Playoffs to get steamrolled by marginal teams, then the Rangers might as well tank and/or start retooling. Losing is the end result either way.

  92. Joe in DE. I agree. However, the other side of the argument is that he did win a Cup with Tampa.

  93. Manny I see Hank out every now and then, very social, apparently loves NYC. Even since he got married and had a baby he still is out, though now you’re more likely to spot him at a big dinner table with his wife in groups of couples, rather than at bars with Avery.

    So count me as someone who thinks he’d never want to leave. But. He is a professional, highly competitive hockey player with a dream of winning the Cup. He has been here for years and has to be frustrated. For the first time I do not think it beyond imagination he would entertain leaving.

    Which actually creates a very concerning scenario next year- if Sather can’t get him signed during the season, then what? Can you imagine losing him for nothing as an FA?

  94. To be clear when I say “see Hank out” I don’t mean I hang out with him or speak to him, just saying I see him.

  95. Czechthemout!!! on

    2-0 is not an in surmountable hole. Plenty of teams have come back from it. I believe the Bruins did it in their Stanley Cup season. We did it against Montreal a while back. So It has been done. In my opinion, they can and should beat the Craps.

    Torts needs to scratch Pyatt,Powe,and insert Kreider and Clowe if he is healthy. If not, Miller needs to see the ice again! He is a gritty and talented forward and is a much better option than either of the scrubs I mentioned.

    Boyle Dorsett and Asham is a good banging fourth line. Though if Boyle was replaced by Powe it would add some more speed.

    Kreider Brassard and Hags would be a very intersting and very fast line.

    Richards Clowe and Zucc were prety effective earlier.

    Nash Cally and Step are a legitimate first line and should play together. They were also pretty good.

    Use John Moore on the first PP unit with Zucc at the point to start. Put Kreider at the high slot on the second unit and feed him passes on the PP. He has a very quick release and a great shot.

    Play big Nash in front of the net on the first pp unit. Also have to play Stralman on the second unit. He has a reall good shot yet rarley if ever is he on the PP.

  96. I just hate Ribeiro. I understand he’s a playmaker and he’s a really good player but he’s soft and would NOT flourish under Torts system. Also, he’s a whiner, hated by other NHL players and a pretty hardcore D-Bag. Just don’t see him fitting in. And he will be expensive.

  97. Egg Roulette on

    Latest numbers from Vegas…

    Rangers 33/1 to win the Cup

    3rd lowest next to the Islanders and Wild

  98. ThisYearsModel on

    They traded a 40 goal scorer, and now they can’t score. Good plan. After they lose game 2 tomorrow, maybe they could give us something to look forward to by mixing some of the kids from the taxi squad into game 4in place of Pysie, Asham, Boyle, Eminger, Del Zotto and Richards.

  99. bull dog line on

    they could not score when the 40 goal scorer was here. it’s tough to score from behind the net. by the way, the 40 goal scorer never spent as much time as Nash does hanging around out side the face off circle. at least the 40 goal scorer went to the dirty places.

  100. I don’t think Hank will be giving us a home team discount, nor should he. But I also think he would like to play his whole career here, like Fatso did in NJ.

    He may be the one player on the team who has the power to influence management / ownership on whether or not to continue on with the Tortorella experiment.

  101. The problem is, Rangers got a few RFA’s that need raises. Richards has got to be bought out, or the puzzle wont fit with Hank.

  102. Cross Check @9:54, vibin’

    Tons of good points today. Lose the first 2 it Lways seems hopeless. Win next one, less so. Win next, we got a shot.

    I am no saying we are able to or are playing great BUTit wi take a loss in one of the next 2 for me to get down.

  103. Papa, agree about Gillies protecting Bossy, who could forget that beating he gave the Flyers’ piece of trash Hoyda after he messed with Bossy.

    With Nash he is roughed up and no one does anything, sends any sort of message, even at a minimum tries the same tactics on the other team’s star.

    The Rangers rarely if ever initiate the nasty, edgy intimidation tactics that other winning teams do. I agree with other posters who say the defense is too gentlemanly. There is no snarl back there, no fear of camping in front of Hank. Part of this is who those players are but some of it is team culture.

  104. Need Clove, Kreider & JT Miller on the ice asap. Deep six Powe, Asham & Pyatt. Dorset notwithstanding stupid penalties could really help this team. We, also, really need a new coach. Don’t we all get tired of the same old crap over these past 4 years. Dam we Ranger fans deserve better. It’s the “Peter Principle” with Tortorella and after a while you got to get sick of it. I’ve seen street hockey played with a better power play. Agree with Carp on the penalty not called in the third period and Nash hitting the post. Could be the most critical point in this series. Also, hate Milbery the jerk but have to agree with him Nash. HE HAS NOT PROVIDED THE NEEDED IMPACT TO MAKE THIS TEAM SUCCESSFUL. GARORIK ON A PP COULD REALLY SCORE FROM ANYWHERE. Must check their freeken asses off, hit Cap player more often and constantly crash the net to have any chance. Specialty teams and Henrik being great in every game.

  105. bull dog line on

    firing Torts would be a mistake. having said that, he has had an awful year. poor job of handling Kreider, and Miller for that matter. first he is a center, then he a wing. team could not score with Gabby , and Nash in the lineup. coach has to make that work. made it personal with Gabby. used Boyle and Pyatt in spots that hurt the team. to much ice time for both, in roles asking them to contribute more than capable offensively. stuck with Richards out of loyalty, or stubborness, to the point where it hurt the team.
    Sather has many faults, but he bailed his coach out at the deadline. without those moves, there is no playoffs.

  106. If we get Clowe back we can possibly get him out there with Nash to at least take bodies away from Nash and protect him after the whistle.

  107. bull dog line on

    Bossy was 5 ft 11. he needed protection. Nash is 6 ft 4. a power forward, maybe he needs to protect himself. what you are leaving out about your comparison, is that Gillies was knocked for not protecting himself early in his career. it was not until he did, that he became a feared player.

  108. The meek will not win Stanley Cups, but they will inherit the earth. So, they have that going for them.

  109. If doesn’t matter what size Nash is he is the star player, he has enough responsibility without having to also answer to the physical liberties other teams take. He is an asset, assets need to be protected.

    Regarding Gillies not protecting himself, can you clarify? Where does his 1975 beating of Schultz fit into his not being feared early in his career?

  110. When you’re so busy playing Torts defense most of the time it really hard to be creative offensively. Just read Czech’s earlier post Brassard, Chreider & Hags would make a super fast line. Two of the fastest players in the NHL. Looks to me though that Hags make of hurt himself yesterday and seemed to be favoring his leg at times.

  111. Manny so a playmaker, a really good player, would not flourish in Torts’ system. Who are you indicting there?

  112. Is This Real? on

    Torts is a stupid stubborn silly man. The love affair with guys like Pyatt I just don’t get..i forget who it was last year but it another career scrub on the powerplay at crucial times.. Gonna go watch and root for the Icelanders now. At least one team from NY can score and play entertaining hockey…sigh

  113. Gillies was knocked for not protecting himself? He already had a rep in Juniors with almost 600 penalty minutes, and as Matteau said, pummeled Schultz as a rookie, signaling the end of Schultz’s reign of terror.

  114. Bull Dog, in a way I agree. if Nash stood up and KO’d the next idiot that got in his grill, he’d probably get a lot more space and respect from opponents. But it’s pretty obvious at this point, that will not happen. He doesn’t fight.

    I’m not even sure its accurate to refer to him as a “power forward”. To me, his game seems to be based more on speed and finess than it is on power.

  115. bull dog line on

    don’t agree, Nash needs to protect himself. if he wants more space on the ice, he has to get it himself. drop the gloves and kick one of the Caps Dmen’s ass. that will get him more space. be soft as tissue paper, and hang out on the perimeter, that will get you 0 and 6 in the playoffs.

  116. The one and only reason that hapless goons came into the NHL was the need to protect star players. A decent player who also plays with snarl and will drop gloves is a godsend. Thus, you have the Clowes, Dorsetts, and etc. here now.

  117. Anybody really believe that Nash spending 10 minutes a game in the litter box is the answer to anything?

  118. Messier got his space and he never had to drop his gloves. His stick, Dave Semenko, Kevin McClelland and Adam Graves worked wonders for him!

  119. Coos, if he spends 10 in the box, let’s hope it’s in the 1st period and not the 3rd!

  120. I think I see a glimmer of what Torts is thinking, but his blindness re: Richards and Pyatt, for starters, is disturbing.

  121. Cooscoos, the reason goons came into the league was that the NHL allowed the Flyers to get away with that nonsense to the tune of 2 Stanley Cups. The 1974 Semis still give me heartburn.

    The really sad part is that the winners in ’74 and ’75 would have been a classy Rangers team, and the French Connection. Much better for hockey, likely no loss of network TV.

  122. bull dog line on

    Messier dropped his gloves plenty. and when did a fighting major become 10 minutes? Graves, by the way, is a perfect example for Nash. how much space did Graves create for himself by playing the game that way. how much space did he create for his line mates. Nash needs to put on his big boy pants.

  123. Cousin Tom you’re assuming the 1974 Rangers would have beaten the Bruins and Bobby Orr. Possible though far from a sure thing.

  124. 2 fighting majors = ten minutes. I thought that was fairly implicit in my remark. Agree on Graves. Agree on Terry O’Reilly and others that they created space with their toughness. The hardnosed fighter/scorer is one of the most coveted players in hockey. Ain’t a ton of them.

  125. If Nash was Lindros and actually had the ability to kick someone’s ass this would be a different conversation. But he doesn’t, so the last thing we need is for him to try to prove a point, fail, and end up in the box.

    Though I don’t agree Nash is soft. He gets hassled, slashed, and held and still bulls through. He does pick his spots for taking the body but that is smart when the team relies on you to be their scorer.

  126. Stranger Nation on

    I really miss Michael Sauer. Might not have the capacity for brilliance that Girardi or McDonagh or Staal do, but I certainly don’t remember him making the absolute horrific plays they are apt to make either. We could use his efficiency and physicality.

    May 5th, 2013 at 9:39 AM
    Truer words were never spoken

  127. bull dog line on

    Nash has approached 100 PIM’s a few years. I assume they were not all minors for hooking. Asham, and Dorset are here to play a tough style, and to protect the Stepan’s, and Hagelin’s of this world. a Rick Nash should be able to protect himself.

  128. Is This Real? on

    The Icelanders are awesome.. Can’t help but root for this team especially against a team like pittsburgh. go isles!

  129. Thanks, Stranger! Glad somebody thinks I know what I’m talking about. I don’t even think I know most of the time!

  130. Stranger Nation on

    Manny I see Hank out every now and then, very social, apparently loves NYC. Even since he got married and had a baby he still is out, though now you’re more likely to spot him at a big dinner table with his wife in groups of couples, rather than at bars with Avery.

    So count me as someone who thinks he’d never want to leave. But. He is a professional, highly competitive hockey player with a dream of winning the Cup. He has been here for years and has to be frustrated. For the first time I do not think it beyond imagination he would entertain leaving.

    Which actually creates a very concerning scenario next year- if Sather can’t get him signed during the season, then what? Can you imagine losing him for nothing as an FA?

    May 5th, 2013 at 11:25 AM
    Hank can leave Rangers and not have to move out of NYC – Devils and the Brooklyn Ice Mets are close by…
    Rumor has it Isles like to pay goalies monster contracts…

  131. Agree about the Isles – they play with so much heart. Our team has none, zero. How many years do we have to endure this inability to score goals? The team is just not that bad talent wise. Is it that if they pursue scoring chances they are going to automatically give up opportunities going the other way? That doesn’t seem to be a problem anywhere else. At some point the system they are playing has to be some part of this, it just does.

    I am just so disillusioned with this whole franchise. Its the same bad story over and over.

  132. Stranger Nation on

    Coos – agree on your 12:27 – unleash the hounds!

    Also – Kreider def playin with more snarl – him over Pie-hat is a BIG no brainer to get a forecheck going. Has Pie-hat even been in the offensive zone this series 5v5?

  133. Like to see the Isles put some hits on Cindy. To much reverence being paid.

  134. Regarding Nash, he’s just simply a soft player. A very, very talented player. A large player. But a very, very soft player. Poti-like soft.

    Islanders beating the Pens. Anybody doubt that we’d be getting destroyed by the Pens if we were playing them?

    Just met my new neighbor in the apartment downstairs. He noticed my wife’s Rangers t-shirt and said “I’m a Rangers fan, too. Don’t get me started. They make me sick to my stomach. Never in my life seen a team that can’t even come close to scoring. Minor league teams could threaten more offensively. They’re an embarrassment. Anyway, nice meeting you!”

    Watching the Islanders, they look ten times better than we do. Next year with realignment I am beginning to doubt very highly we will make the playoffs. Lots of teams getting better in the NHL…we aren’t one of them.

  135. Root for the Long Islanders. If we somehow get by DC, when the day comes, we’ll eat the fish like shrimp cocktails.

  136. It’s just astounding to watch a team that is able to handle passes…or shoot off the pass.

    The Rangers play in slow motion…passes bounce off their sticks or are a few feet past the intended man…and never, ever take a shot off the pass. Always hesitating. Always tentative.

    How much of that is on a coach who pouts and is as demonstrative as a five year old when his team makes a mistake?

  137. Wouldn’t say Gilles Gilbert wasn’t good, but yes Rangers had the edge there. Would have been a great series. Rubber match after Bruins beat them for the Cup in 72 and Rangers ousted them in first round in 73.

    The 75 trade was earth shaking for both teams. Best analogy I can think of would be if we traded Hank and Nash for Crosby and Fleury.

  138. Amen, Papa Bear…no way does Bettman allow Cindy Criesby to be embarrassed on National TV

  139. Two players who will crash the net and have done so are the Captain and Nash. That’s not soft. Some fans would like the satisfaction of a Gaborik or a Nash kick some doofus’s azz and end up with a broken hand.

  140. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I don’t think nash is soft, your never going to confuse him for lucic or anything, but I don’t think he is soft.

    I think he played a fairly physical game until his concussion (this also worries me about clowe coming back) and now he just doesn’t quite play right (this also reminds me of boyle a lot)

    I also think after being in the league for so long, being so good, but only having four playoff games under his belt, he is a bit wide-eyed if you will!

  141. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    wow, I’m letting out two almost rangeresque cheers for the 2 pens goals


  142. Carp, excellent review. You are able to touch on so many key points. I totally agree with the Grachev comparison of Kreider. And, at this point, it won’t hurt to put the kid in the lineup in an offensive role. But, I still think he is far away from being a regular contributor.

    And, as negative as it is, Doodie is “on the money” as far as the Gaborik deal. No matter how you slice it: The Rangers lost a 40 goal scorer and didn’t get anything close to that in return…I miss Gaby and Nash isn’t making me forget aboot him…

  143. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I hate the fishies, never rooting for them!! (maybe against the flyers, but that is it)

  144. Regarding playing younger players.

    When your organization has set the goal of not simply making the playoffs but contending for the cup, you must have a short leash on younger players/prospects.

    From any coach’s pov he needs to win to keep his job especially with a has been like Sappy for a boss.

    Neither Miller nor Krieder has shown they should be given regular minutes.

    The real problem with the off season Ranger hype is exactly that.

    They had a fairy dust season last year and by adding a proven scorer the hype increased for this year.

    Accept the facts, they made a mistake thinking Gabby was the scorer they needed and that the successful tactic of shot blocking and goaltending would be repeated.

    Bottom line is, they do not have enough proven scorers on their lines or defense and the bottom six was woeful until the “trade”.

    They are average and in need of a better talent base!

  145. Nash turns away from opportunities to hit players more times than he delivers.

  146. Stranger good point about Hank to a Tavares-led Brooklyn and thanks for giving us something new to worry about.

  147. as Ihave said 50 times play Kreider. You know what yo uget with Pyat, powe, asham, boyle, etc.. You get nothing from them offensively.

    Powe in the lineup is inexcusable now that boyle is back. Boyle can kill penalties, can take faceoffs and is bigger.

    Powe in the lineup shows Torts arrogance.. Clowe should play tomorrow and kreider. take out asham and powe from yesterdays lineup. they will be more skilled and deeper…

    staal in and emminger out…

  148. Nash is 28, talented and healthy and actually participates on D. Any rational GM would today take him over Gabby.

  149. I’d be more than surprised if the Rangers ever are able to sign a player of Gaborik’s level of talent in the future. The Rangers lucked out…and then, they threw Gaby away like a piece of trash and picked up some role players…

  150. Papa those hits sap energy and take their toll. Notice how Cally hit everything in sight first period and then it seemed to stop? Nash is smart to pick his spots.

  151. Is This Real? on

    If Henrik jumps ship I think it will be out west, I doubt he sticks around NYC if he is changing teams.. Hate on the Islanders all you want, they’ve scored more goals in 6 minutes than the NYR have scored in 2 games + OT. pathetic.

  152. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    again, no way asham comes out…powe and pyatt maybe, asham NO

  153. I really like the gaborik deal for the rangers. I disagree with you totally. If healthy this team is deeper and better after getting zucc, clowe, brassard, dorsett, and moore then with gabby…

    you can say clowe was a seperate transaction but I assume they planned on the 2 moves together ..

    they are deeper…

    it is up to torts now…12 forwards tomorrow should be; cally, stepan, hagelen, Richards, nash, clowe, brassard, zucc, kreider, boyle, dorsett, and pyatt. 4th line is boyle, pyatt, and dorsett… that is a pretty decent top 12, size, speed, and some skill…

  154. Coos, you can’t keep up that pace. Even Ovie who has the capacity to inflict damage, he does it a couple of times a game even though he could do so much more. But his job is to score and he’s not going to burn his energy hitting for the sake of hitting.

  155. Clowe and Zucc have nothing to do with Gaborik. I don’t like how those moves are lumped in with the Gaby salary dump. Totally separate transactions and we didn’t bring in a $7m dollar salary.

  156. Gabby’s better days are in the past, he would not have been re-signed after next year, and we got more value for him now than we would later. That being said, if Brassard is the player we have seen the last 2 games then all we got was Moore and Dorsett, Brassard will not last long. And I was someone who thought Brassard had more upside than Stepan.

  157. Papa why wouldn’t Brooklyn be that team after next year led by a prime Tavares and possibly an energized and active ownership group?

  158. Coos, Matteu,

    If the whole team engages in dishing a physical pounding, you wear the other team down, forcing them into turnovers. Pound the opposition DMen all game long, see how they respond in the 3rd period. Tis better to give than to receive.

  159. Forget Butt-Chin. If he was still on the team, we’d all be complaining that he’s missing the playoffs or doing nothing in the playoffs with *another* injury, and I bet my left nut most here would be saying “trade him, he only has one year, blah, blah”

  160. Matteau, it could very well be the Boys from Brooklyn. Especially if the Boys from Manhattan are on the downward slope.

  161. Papa, absolutely 100% agree. But you have to have the personnel to do it.

  162. Norm Merton on

    To this business of the Big Trade turning the season around, remember that in early April the Rangers were in the same clump they found themselves at the end. No way of knowing if they would have remained in that clump — as they did with the new guys — without that last trade, but the Rangers making the playoffs was at least as much about the Devils’ collapse and the Jets’ early April slump, even if those late stinkers against the Flyers and Panthers made it interesting.

    If only management, coming off the Jets win, had stopped at the Clowe addition and not run Gabby out of town, there would still be an actual offensive threat in the line-up, a player who actually knows how to accelerate through the neutral zone, one the Caps would have to guard against. I’d love to go back to the forwards line-up of the Jets game, and decide whom Clowe goes in for against the Pens. Zucc had arrived, Kreider and Miller were still here, and it was simply a question of Powe, Boyle or Pyatt sitting.

    I do hope the three Gabby replacements might still yet come good in the next game, but I still think all the Caps have to do to beat NY is to stay compact, keep pushing Nash out wide and screen Lundqvist. Not a complicated game plan, and not one you imagine the inflexible Tortorella will do much to counter. Hope I’m wrong about that.

  163. You’re right, Papa, but Cally does start out like a ball of fire, then, no fault of his own, tires late. We need others to contribute game long. Ash will do it on the 4th line; I think Dorsett will do it. A few more and your theory works. Richards is a waste of space.

  164. Matteau, jury is out on Brassard for sure. Reminds me of former Ranger from way back, Lance Nethery. Lets see who remembers good old Lance.

  165. I was disgusted when Sather and others actually thought Asham was a replacement for Prust but I will say as a 4th liner Asham is perfectly solid, have no problem with him. Hopefully soon we’ll see if Dorsett can be that guy, I like him yesterday even with his bad penalties.

  166. Someone posted the question of whether the players play tentative, scared of Torts’ wrath. I’ve been starting to wonder about this.

  167. Team not poorly put together, they are poorly coachesd. No matter who has played for them over the last 8 years they cannot score. It’s almost as if since they have Lundqvist back there they have decided as a franchise to devote all their energy to allowing 1 or fewer goals per game.

  168. Coos, IMO, Cally and Stepan as well, lose their stamina more as a result of being on the PK. That is why most teams refrain from using top 6 forwards steady on the PK.

  169. Team definitely does not play instinctively at all, everything happens a few seconds slower than anyone else in the league.

  170. Just saw that Tortorella’s response to McD’s 3 Minute long shift “I’d do it 10 times out of 10”

    John Tortorella – Never admits he makes mistakes, never takes blame for problems that are his fault, never accepts responsibility to fix what’s obviously broken.

    I used to be a fan of his. Now I see clearly what other see in him – A petulant child without a clue how to coach in today’s NHL. Adam Oates is schooling him HARD so far in this series.

  171. I do think a number of Rangers, especially the young, are confused and play somewhat too tentatively with Torts’ system, worried more about a defensive mistake than an aggressive offense.

  172. CJP, if you had a chance to see Oates posts game pressors on the NHL network from yesterday, night and day with Torts act. It really is disturbing why he carries himself with such arrogance. You would think he was the second coming of Scotty Bowman or Toe Blake.

  173. Your right, Orr. Most people here (if not half) wanted to trade him.

    I was complaining about him in the playoffs last year before I knew he was playing with a torn labrum.

    My only point was I think he earned his stripes as a player on this team and deserved play out his contract scoring goals. Injuries aside, he was a great Ranger.

  174. Norm Merton on

    Matteau, (!) the signature of this season so far has been the Tortorella-Gaborik bust-up, one which brought me to this site to see what others thought. I thought it was remarkable and entirely unnecessary, though I did not anticipate it would end with Gaborik asking Nash if Columbus was a good place to play, if that story is true. There is still time for that headline to be replaced by new, better one, but talk about setting the tone for the rest of the team: I don’t care if you’ve scored 300 goals — if you make a mistake, you’re benched. Can you imagine how the younger players might react to that? Tentative might not cover it. Me, I’d dump the puck and start back-checking. All the way to to Hartford.

  175. Wow Papa there’s pulling one out of the past. I remember him didn’t he wear #6? He had good skills.

    Brassard reminds me more of Alexandre Daigle, you could see the talent every now and then and there would be this constant hope he’s ready to break through but he could never be consistent.

  176. bull dog line on

    Lance Nethery actually had a pretty good playoffs for the Rangers in 81. centered a line that had Jere Gillis on the left, and Peter Walin on the right. Nethery made the team in 82, bit did not last, Brassard has already had a better career than Nethery.

  177. No doubt that Torts is an egomaniacal Napoleon. As a Ranger fan, IF he wins, I couldn’t care less.

  178. Is This Real? on

    Can you imagine the NYR trying to keep pace with Pittsburgh? Laughable.

  179. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    this may come as a shock but I completely agree with you and your 12:55 post.

    in the dropping salary cap world, it was a no brainer for the rangers and it improved the team.

    I also agree with orr (not so shocking) and his 1:04.

  180. The bottom line, it was either Torts or Gaborik. They couldn’t co-exist.

    Everyone who rues the loss of Gaborik as missing a 40 goal scorer, not sure what games you were watching this year, but it certainly wasn’t the Rangers.

  181. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    brassard looked good with nash and clowe, not so good with pyatt and dorsett/whomever…hmmm

    just saying

  182. Whadja shoot, Carp? You know, an albatross is only a 310 yard drive and an accurate 230 yard three wood. What’s the big deal?

  183. Stranger Nation on

    Stranger good point about Hank to a Tavares-led Brooklyn and thanks for giving us something new to worry about.

    May 5th, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    Thats why the pay me the big bucks! :-p

    Re Gabby trade – like almost every trade in NHL history, lets wait a year or two before we declare the impact.
    next time you see Moore, remember Hamr…
    next time you see Brassard, remember Boyle on line 3..
    when Dorset gets his mojo going and starts smacking people around, think about Gabby getting his hernia massage by Slovakian models
    nough said

  184. No matter how you slice it, even if you aren’t a Rangers fan and haven’t watched a game all season, this lockout-shortened season sucks from head to toe…

  185. Norm Merton on

    Cooscoos, you are a better man than I. There’s no question that if the Rangers suddenly went on a run, I’d be feeling the pain of Tortorella’s pleasure. At least when Keenan went strutting about in ’94, there was no question that it was Leetch, Messier, Zubov, Graves and Kovalev who won the thing.

  186. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    IF they buy out richards, might they go after a bobby ryan trade?

  187. Gaborik on his worst day always had a chance to pot one or two or three. Got shots. Created chances. No matter what else he did or didn’t do. But if you’d rather have Brassard the ghost and Dorsett the penalty machine in a series in which you’re starved for offense and need to stay out of the box, OK.

    The legit argument for the Gaborik deal is the salary cap hit that was necessary to remove. But it will cost a lot more than $7.5M to get even a 30-goal scorer, if there is one available, next summer. More likely, they will be counting on the same mid-level scorers to score more than they’re capable of scoring, which is what you’re seeing now.

  188. Bull dog, let me be clear. When I say Brassard reminds me of Nethery, I mean his skating style and the way he holds himself on the Ice, I am not attempting to equate either the value each bought to their respective teams or their career accomplishments.

  189. Have to wonder if Torts’ program is, to use his word, “stale.” I’d give him another year but only if Richards is bought out.

    I do agree with those who say Hank is going to have some pull with management, especially when Brooklyn starts becoming a possible destination for him. So it will be interesting to see where Hank is on the Torts issue. It’s hard not to wonder about that Avery tweet.

  190. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    just a question here for your all knowing mind, but is it possible that a lot of the players are “nervous” about taking a few offencive chances due to possibly making a defencive mistake and finding the bench the rest of the game??

  191. Carp, thank you for brilliantly articulating the problem the Rangers are facing finding another 30 goal (you can forget 40 goal) scorer and the role players trying to score in Gaby’s place.

  192. I very much doubt it, Wick. Especially the offensive guys in a series like this. They need to create, and if that means the d-men and the goalie have to bail them out, so be it. Especially now.

  193. Good riddance to Gabby and his paycheck. Next is Richards and his direct deposit. I assume you shot a 99.

  194. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Agree with your 1:27. Bettman screwed us yet again!

    I honestly don’t think Hank leaves (not the maple kind).

  195. Best line after practice today from one of the reporters: Guess I’ll drive home and listen to the Islanders game on the radio … oh, wait …

  196. Is This Real? on

    I think the NYR needs a little more “jam” yeah that’s the ticket

  197. Stranger Nation on

    We talk offense, but the challenge is D. The D is continuing to be beat in the corners and none of them are playing well, but in particular, Dan “Monster Brain Fart” Girardi looks old and frail.
    If D canoot control their end, forwards come down to support so no break out,
    wash, rinse, repeat..

  198. Norm Merton on

    Mr. Bear, if it’s true that one of them had to go, what kind of reflection is that on this coach? Why would any coach want to bring things to that point, to have anything but the success of the team be the focal point? And what was that patronizing parting shot about, the Marian-is-a-good-man-who’s-about-to-catch-fire-in-Columbus speech? Whatever happened to him telling the media to calm down, to wait it out, that these slumps occur in any great players’ careers?

  199. bull dog line on

    all your points on Gabby are fair Carp, but it seems to me that either Gabby had to go or Torts had to go. if you wait till the off season to trade him, you are not even going to get the value you got at the deadline. the cap is going down. now was the time to trade him.

  200. Talking about Gaborik as a 40 goal scorer is living in the past. The decision was made to upgrade him with Nash and it was the right one. The offensive issue for the Rangers not having a puck distributor at center and at defense, not lack of another 40 goal scorer. The far bigger issue is Richards isn’t Richards, or even an NHL caliber player.

  201. And yes Carp, I agree, Gaborik had a lot of “worse days” this year.

  202. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    ok, thanks. I really wish our d men would step up sooner on guys (top of the circles) and if they miss or the guy gets by them it isn’t like we have an all world goalie back there to stop the puck or anything.

    I know we are talking about lack of goal scoring here, but if the d would stand up sooner and not collapse into hank’s field of vision and require the forwards to come back so deep, it would open up things the other direction considerably.

  203. Agree on Richards being the far bigger problem. But I’ve said all along, this season started out with three first-line players and it’s ending with one.

  204. Duguay is a 40 goal scorer and also played in a Stanly Cup Final for us in 78/79.

  205. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    fact is the way we play D, especially our constantly retreating D men, makes it certain when we do retrieve the puck we must go 195 feet instead of 160 or 170 and that 20 or 30 feet makes a huge difference

  206. Norm Merton on

    Brings to mind the first week, when Torto cautioned the media that you might not want to put all three of your big guns on one line. Now, you might like that group as a legit second line.

  207. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    woo hooo 4-2, go pens go!!

    hope we get murray or engelland in the offseason as a free agent

  208. Norm @ 1:37….Sorry, cant help you there. Definitely asking the wrong bonehead to defend or justify Torts. That I will not do.

  209. actually about 20 strokes below that, coos. don’t know why you’re interested, but I appreciate it.

  210. Gartner scored 49 & 45 goals for us and they traded him the year we won the cup.

  211. Yes not enough top line talent. I don’t think Gabby qualifies as such any more. They need puck distribution, all players get a few more that way, much better than one guy roaming around looking for a breakaway.

  212. Norm Merton on

    I’ve always wondered about the Gartner-Anderson trade. It obviously didn’t prevent the Cup from coming to NY, but who knows, maybe not so many Game Sevens if they’d held on to his scoring. Moot point, but tough on Gartner.

  213. Pidto-phile.

    Has anyone let Doug Weight know that collar stays exist? He’s curling up there like Crosby’s lips.

  214. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    atta boy carp!!

    anyone know how many mighty duck movies there are?

  215. Where is JT Miller? Put him in! He actually chases down the puck and plays hard. Krieder is too tentative. He seems to not want to fight for position to make a play. He wasn’t missed in game 2. I would make them shoot at an open net all day. Adjustments have to be made (I’m not holding my breath one that one.) Don’t be fooled with a game 3 win (if that happens), game 4 will be the real test.notes see who shows up…

  216. Just playing Devil’s Advocate…and I think I can guess the responses, but isn’t there some inconsistency in the criticism of a coach for not permitting players to commit (or have the chance to learn from) mistakes, while wanting the same coach fired when there is an argument to be made that this year is the first where his team has performed significantly below expectations?

    (Special prize for the first to confuse “expectations” with “success”.)

  217. I’m about to put up the Tortorella audio … practice was a giant clutterbuck. Wrong times bandied about, so pretty much nobody saw them practice, and all I got was Torts’ presser.

    When he said, about the McDonagh shift: “You guys are really beating that one up” he looked directly at me and smiled.

  218. They way Torts lost his faith, trust and confidence with Gabby, I wonder if Sather may be heading down that path with the coach who doesn’t know how to 1)coach a power play, 2) talk to the media, 3) reduce the role of his underachieving over-paid washed up center and who prefers the company of animals to people.

  219. Yea. Definitely need JT Miller coming back from injury and nothingness to inject some idiocy into the lineup.

  220. whatever or whether those things are going around in Sather’s head, he’s not going to fire his coach in this effed-up 48 game season, just as Philly won’t fire Laviolette and many other teams won’t fire coaches. Who knows what Lamoriello will do, but his guy will probably get the lockout reprieve too.

  221. Keenan hated Gartner and that trade was purely personal. Keenan told Smith to get rid of him, even if they got nothing in return. Smith did well to get Anderson. I think they win the Cup with Gartner, without a question.

  222. Boy, if I were JT miller and Kreider (the fastest skater in the building yesterday after the ovi cheapo on hags), I’d be trying to get out of town and away from this coach as quickly as possible.

    Dorsett – only one game, but he sure looks like a very poor man’s Sean Avery (not what we need, right now, in the playoffs).

    Boyle- Liked him ALOT better on the fourth line yesterday. That’s where he belongs.

    Top 6 forwards – weren’t hungry enough to score. Cally was all game; nash showed flashes of hunger pains late in 3rd, but that’s it. Unacceptable.

  223. I would hope DeBoer would not be fired no matter what the Devils did this season, considering they won the Eastern Conference a year ago.

  224. Like we need Dorsett taking penalties. Or Powe standing around. Or Richards passing out of the offensive zone..

  225. Is This Real? on

    Okposo is all that is man!!

    Man can the Icelanders and Rangers switch jerseys?? (except for the goalie)

  226. Rightly or wrongly, I think Laviolette gets a much shorter leash than Tortorella, if only because Mr Snider and his underlings appear that much more engaged/desperate/impatient than the Dolan/Sather axis.

  227. Not that Holtby has been tested much at all, but the Rangers would have 14-15 goals already if the Caps and Pens had switched goalies.

  228. ThisYearsModel on

    Torts threw Gabby under the bus all the time. The most egregious was after the Devils eliminated us last year. The guy’s shoulder was shredded and he sucked it up in an attempt to play through it. He ran the guy out of town, and now we are what we are. The guy who scored most if our OT goals over the past 5 years is in Columbus. We get lines like Boyle-Richards-Pyatt, and zero shots in the last 18:00 of the game, including 2 PP’s. The future is bleak with this GM and coach.

  229. Like Michael Corleone said to Tom Hagen, “You’re not a war-time consigliere, Tom”…I say to Tortarella, “You’re not a war-time hockey coach, John.”

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