Game 1: Rangers-Capitals in review


Down 1-0 in a series isn’t the end of the world ever, at all. I fully expect this series to be 1-1 after two, 2-2 after four, only because most series are that way, and you know what we saw last night? We saw that these teams are pretty even.

The Rangers had chances to win this game, could have won this game, had a breakaway, a couple of posts and crossbars, had an obvious goal disallowed only because there wasn’t conclusive video evidence, and had a 5-on-3. They had 36 shots on goal, 25 more blocked and 18 more that missed the net. And yet scored once, on a deflection off a Washington skate.

Rangers  v Capitals Game 1 Thoughts:

1) … the Rangers aren’t going to win many playoff games at all, maybe none, when they allow three goals. Or when they need to score four. That’s a pretty simple fact. Do you know how many games the Rangers won in regulation this season when they allowed three or more goals? One, the stupid 8-4 game in Buffalo. They had three 4-3 OT wins, two against Boston and the clincher in Carolina.

2) Special teams, special teams, special teams. How many times this week did we say/hear/read that special teams would decide the series? Dan Girardi said that and play around the net would decide the series. We all knew it. The Rangers lost the special teams, lost around the net.

3) They also lost important faceoffs, especially on their own power plays, which made a power play that is mediocre at best, worse.

4) And I’ll tell you again, I didn’t think the first two PPs were terrible, but thereafter they got into the regular-season habit where the puck is at one point or the other and a forward drifts toward the puck, and it ends up with three Rangers above the circles. And that is not ever going to work at all.Rangers  v Capitals Game 1

5) Speaking of areas where the Rangers fell short, in the nasty department Washington won in a rout. And that didn’t happen last season much at all. I’m not saying that won or lost the game, because plenty of Rangers were physical and plenty of them tried. But Washington was downright nastier, by quite a large margin.

6) Rick Nash, Brad Ricards, even Ryan Callahan, and especially the Rangers defensemen, got tossed around a lot in this game by the likes of John Erskine, Matt Hendricks, Troy Brouwer and Jason Chimera.

7) Nash had some good chances, one great shot short side off Braden Holtby’s shoulder. But he needs to do more, obviously. Richards too.

8) The penalty kill and Henrik Lundqvist kept the Rangers in the game early – and that cannot be exaggerated enough – but later on the PK and Lundqvist, I thought, let them down.

9) Carl Hagelin, who failed to score a goal in the entire playoff run last spring, is off to a flying start. Man was he good. He was one Ranger who understood that you’ve gotta put the puck in Holtby’s fee, whether with wrap-arounds, bad-angle shots, whatever.

10) The penalty on Arron Asham=pansification. But it was a monstrous turning point.

11) Dan Girardi=Monster. But Ryan McMonster, I thought, had a rough start. They both got caught flat-footed on the 2-1 goal breakaway goal that never should happen.

12) Mathieu Perreault took down Anton Stralman, who had the puck in the D-zone, causing a turnover … 99 times out of 100 that’s a penalty. This was the one, for some reason, that wasn’t … 3-1. Game over.

Rangers  v Capitals Game 1

13) I thought some of the young guys, the smaller-role guys – John Moore and Chris Kreider – were really good most of the night. Both had some stumbles, but who didn’t? Moore scored a goal that didn’t count.

14) MSG Network has just become a nightmare with the NBC-like habit of cutting away an instant after the whistle and missing stuff on the ice while going directly to an unrelated closeup of somebody. What a shame. No idea that real hockey fans never look away after a whistle.

15) Andrew Ference, multiple-repeat offender, elbows a guy directly in the head, an indefensible assault, and gets one game, a year after Hagelin, no rap sheet whatsoever, elbows a guy while finishing a check and gets three games. Absurd justice. A joke. (Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist who realizes the influence Mr. Jacobs has with the NHL after helping shut down the sport for four months; or that it’s still easier, in this day and age, to punish a young non-North American than it is a good ol’ North American boy).

*******************************New York Rangers v Washington Capitals - Game One
My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. John Moore.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Hagelin.
2. Nash-reaching here.
3. MZA-really reaching.
Poor effort…dumb penalties…Caps looked hungrier… and got much better goaltending. Erskine make you all look like pansies … all game long! As a fan it was difficult to watch… embarrassing!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin (18.57%).
2. Tie, Ryan Callahan (10%).
2. Tie, John Moore (10%).

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  1. I wasn’t too depressed by this performance.

    I found myself yelling at Brad Richards and Tortorella a little. Some really questionable calls and some bad bounces.

    I bet there are personnel changes coming before Saturday.

  2. I see so much potential in Kreider, but I think Torts ruined him. Kid is terrified to make a mistake. I love(d) Torts as the coach of this team, but the power play and the handling of Kreider (not to mention the constant use of a washed up Brad Richards) is indefensible. He had Rick Nash AND Gaborik, yet still had one of the worst power plays in the NHL? Nearly impossible. Put Nash on Brassard’s wing. Let Brad drop to a line with Pyatt and Kreider. His “leadership” will be great down there.

  3. And another thing, if I am Dolan I am a little pissed at guys like Richards. If I am giving $6 mil+ to a guy to play hockey, forget the stupid side businesses. Richards started a company selling “Untukt” shirts? WTF is that? Tuck your god dam*ed shirt in and focus on hockey.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    It looks like there is a formatting problem on this post that is hiding 9-12 and making everything bold after the missing numbers. Somebody forget to close an HTML tag or something?

  5. Walt P Dub on

    It’s even worse, didn’t Hagelin get 3 games for his accidental elbow last year?

  6. The other thing that historically drives me crazy about the Rangers is that they NEVER have enough confidence and swagger. Purely pedestrian NHL players and goalies make big plays against the Rangers because they just have too much damn respect for their opponents. That pass to Johansson – that defenseman never makes plays like that, the Chimera goal when he never scores against anyone but us, those are plays that only happen against our team. And I don’t mean dont respect these guys and ignore. Dont respect these guys and run them over and beat them. Braden Holtby, what a joke. If the Caps get through us, they’ll go to the next round and all these weak players will be exposed and taken down by a team with some cajones.

    Just once I wish the Rangers would be the kind of team to show up wearing black to a game. Instead of always being the league’s, well, b’s, if you know what I mean.

  7. If you think about it, this game should have been 2-2 heading into OT since the Chimera goal came after a blatant hook by Perreault on Stralman and the John Moore goal was clearly just that, a goal.

    Thus, 2-2.

  8. Yea, Rob. Not surprisingly. Richards is the culprit due to that picture of him.

    Tomb – agree. Didn’t play poorly. Easily could have won. Bad bounces, horrendous officiating (both ways) and we look to restock out lineup for Saturday.

  9. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    They have been up and down all season with no real consistency.. never mind the last week of the season when they beat the NHL patsies and the lack of scoring seems to be a reoccurring nightmare.

    way too many passes on the PP.then they make a pass to zuccs who skates in and shoots.too long of a play to develope..

  10. manny – and carseat doesn’t score if asham’s clean hit isn’t called a penalty. The rangers were throwing the body around big time on that shift and that call took any momentum away from them

    also, has anyone EVER seen a penalty changed a period after it happened? last night was a first for me in 21 years of watching 82+ a year

  11. I must say I really was NOT impressed by the Caps. Somebody needs to wipe that smirk off Holtby- perhaps Mr Nash. Looking fwd to Saturday, LGR!!!!

  12. The Caps played better and created more turnovers due to their better forecheck. It is not inconceivable that the Rangers will win this series, though.

  13. OK, the review post is fixed. Suddenly thoughts No. 8-13 are back and the boldface and a photo are gone. Fore!

    Good morning, Sally!

  14. Ryan Bourque tweeting about golf already. That’s his NHL career over.

    Not sure if MSG had the same replay as NBC on the Perreault/Strålman thing (and might change my mind if I see it again), but it didn’t look as much like a penalty as it did in real time. Looked like hip-on-hip contact that mostly caused the fall.

  15. Carp, It’s great to see someone in playoff form. *Best re-cap of the year*. Great stuff!

  16. Oh, stop being accurate and fair, and start ranting like a maniac, like me.

    Yes, P Dub, it was three games. thank you.

  17. And having just seen it again (from the main camera shot only)…looks like Perreault’s stick wasn’t actually in contact with Strålman when he went down. Really just looks like he was knocked off balance making a tight turn when he should’ve just held the puck in the corner or got rid off it instead.

  18. Accidental or intentional, a player can not skate around recklessly delivering elbows to the head. Three games was a fair suspension.

  19. Is there ever a Ranger Penalty Kill when one of their forwards ( usually Cally, but sometimes Step, Haglin or Powe) doesn’t break or drop their stick immediately following a face-off loss in the d-zone? Try some better brand of stick or stick’em please!

    Regarding last night, I think Ovie is allowed to move a broken stick away from the play. If he moved a dropped stick away from a player trying to retrieve it, I believe that would result in a penalty.

  20. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Agreed with so many points. Upset they lost. But we can beat this team.

    Wash is pretty good up front. Some elite talent for sure. Then they have one good point defenseman (who threw some good checks, surprisingly, too, last night), another that’s pretty good, and 4 big guys (get the point, Glen?). Their goalie is big and gets in the way. But let’s not compare to ours, shall we?

    That said, we had all kinds of chances. Hank let at least one awful, pee-wee goal in and goal 2 was one ‘The King’ should have had. He also kept us in the first 10 minutes, singlehandedly. BUT, he gets paid as an elite player. He is supposed to be a stopper. He needs to win games at his salary. Otherwise, we could pay a goalie $2M, like Holtby, and put the other $4-5M towards front talent. Just saying. He needs to be better for 60 and steal a game or two.

    I liked our 4th line. The shift Ass-em got called on for whatever the BS call morphed into, they were hitting anything in sight, and hard. Ass-em has some talent and I wish, just wish, Torts would give these guys, Kreider (who clearly has matured, needs more, but is playing ‘Torts scared’) and Moore (could be the steal of the Gabby deal, kids got smarts, legs, and an eye for the net) more time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of them score more than Richards IF they got all the ridiculous time he is getting.

    Torts learned last year you have to roll lines. Didn’t he?

    So great to see Hags come back after that BS call and suspension last year and have a great first game like this!! Many guys played really well. Support players like Powe (wow, was he hitting!), had solid games.

    We are right in this and with a total 60 from Hank, no stupid penalties, we can beat this team. We can.

    Oh, and how many times did Richards, our $6M waste (just talking annual salary and not all the stupid bonuses) look like a ‘rag doll’? The game has passed him by in a hurry.

  21. LW, not to clear here, but I thought the hook happened on the way in, before the play went into the corner?

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It is obvious part of the Craps game plan is to go hard after our D-men. I think that’s really smart. And, it scares me.

    Two things they can do. Tire them out. I know. No one gets tired, right? But seriously, G-man and MacD will, playing 30 minutes a game and getting pummeled like that.

    The other thing is that we are one hit away from oblivion. We are already way too thin for a deep playoff team on defense. One more injury and we are like the Monty Python character with two legs and an arm cut off saying “I can still move my arm, now can’t I???” We are cooked.

    Oh, I forgot. We have Hamrlik, don’t we.

  23. Now perhaps you will see the reason for my apprehension in a prior post about the officiating. I felt very disappointed in Nash’s play all thru this game by the way. These officials seem to have too much sway over the results of these games.

  24. SufferingSince79 on

    I think the point might have been Ference deserved at least the same or more.

  25. Admiral Akbar on

    Mothman —

    No hangover from your team’s “huge” win last night over the somewhat hapless league doormat, forever underdog, perennially underacheiving NY Rangers??

    Hagelin may or may not have deserved 3 games – but he is not a reckless or dirty player. Why less games for Andrew Ference, who play much more on the edge? Double standard there, no?

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Anyone thinking if we get some of the injured players back we could be a good playoff team? Seriously, WITH Staal? We’re a different team.

    WITH Clowe?

    WITH Boyle?

    Even WITH Dorsett?

  27. I just don’t understand the lets “blame Hank” mentality pervasive with Bonehead Nation. That’s why parents should never advocate for their child to be a goalie.

    How about our boys bring as much pressure in as many waves against Holtby in game 2 as the Craps did to Hank in game 1.

  28. Hagelin was flying like a wild bird last night and we have Richie Rich on the PP. Nash touches the puck when he goes and gets it.

  29. Admiral Akbar on

    It stinks we don’t have Staal, who returned to being the Rangers’ best defenseman this year for this series. He was a beast, and would take ton of pressure off Danny G and McDonuts, as well as minutes away from the lesser guys.

    Boyle was missed as well. Can’t score into an ocean this year, but is tough, and for chrissakes can win a face off or two.

    It would also have been cool to see what Clowe could do, especially since I feel it was intended for him to be a big help in the playoff grind.

    And Dorsett…. We could have used him too last night, to counter some of the caps’ nastiness.

  30. Admiral Akbar on

    Wow Matty – we are on the same wavelength, with nearly identical posts!


  31. For me, the most frustrating part of our PP is the total inability of our players to hit the net with their shots

  32. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Is it me, and there have been a TON of them this year, but does Hank give up a little bit on the obvious defensive breakdown odd man’s or breakaways, like goal #2 last night, letting in more goals than:

    1. he did in the past?
    2. other elite goalies give up?

    I feel, and could be way off target here, that he see’s the break down and gets pissed and it gets in his head, emotional goalie that he is, it throws him off, and his percentages are lower than they should be.

    Look, they shouldn’t happen. But stop more than you have, ok? Ricky did. Other top goalies do. Deal.

    Just my, probably way off target, two cents.

  33. You could talk about the officials missing a lot especially stralman however the beagle and asham calls were just as bad. The rangers in a winnable game after weathering the storm early had a chance on the hags breakaway and the 5-3 to stabilize the game. They blew it. Hank allows the 3rd goal after the non call because he is still thinking about the 2nd goal he feels he should have stopped after Mac and Danny just fell asleep.

    It’s an empty feeling today because
    I feel this was a game we could have won and now we need game 2 otherwise we are not winning 4 of 5.

  34. Admiral Akbar on

    I’ve noticed that too about Hank, Matty.

    It seams like more often than not, he is not great at bailing out the most obvious mistakes of his teamates.

  35. Admiral Akbar on

    While Staal (and Sauer) sit, all night we had to hear from Salmon Joe was “how great it is to see Mike Green back from his injuries the past three years…”

  36. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hey, Papa, I agree and I disagree:

    1. for us not to hit the net from the point, or circles is ridiculous. No, it’s not normal. And it effects our winning percentage. If these guys can’t shoot on net, replace them. Period. The good teams all have great, accurate point shots. It’s killing us.

    2. Sorry. On Hank. I like him. I want him resigned for more than he makes. He is elite. But gotta call a spade a spade. He kept us in, no doubt for the first 10 and made some other good saves during the game. That being said, the 3rd goal was awful. Was it emotional residue and lack of concentration from the 2nd? But that crap shouldn’t go in. It can’t, or you lose. The second goal goes either way.

    He is here to be a game breaker. He’s not a Holtby. As such, the standards to which he is held have to be higher.

    And, if you asked him, he would tell you he messed up, at least, on goal 3. I don’t think that’s being hard on him. Just realistic.

  37. Wow, Matty, Admiral, if that’s the case with Hank, turnout the lights, we aren’t going anywhere.

  38. You guys are going to have to follow the widget ——–> for news out of D.C. today. I have a meeting at Mr. Green’s office.

  39. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    AA, vibin’ on Hank, too!!!!

    Those of us that had a chance to see one of this organizations most heroic goalies, Richter, he made the big save over and over. He had so many odd mans on him it got silly. He was there, a huge percentage of the time.

    Like the famous Bure penalty shot, etc. etc. He was clutch.

    There were very few BIG games that Ricky let a soft one in. Sorry, but I know Hank can play that way. He is that good. It’s the one thing he needs to do when the times call for it. In the playoffs. I thought his first 10 minutes showed he was there. I still believe he can get there.

    But, until that point in time, I’ll call a spade a spade.

  40. Carp – the first time you mentioned Mister Green, I thought you were negotiating a raise. But, golf on a day like this is second best. :)

  41. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I saw that, Carpy. He has been completely honest and he is tough on himself. No doubt. And he kept us in the game and did many games all year and his career.

    It’s unfortunate that he lets a soft one in every now and then.

  42. Matty, I thought he was screened on #3, but I may be wrong.

    Story of this game for me,

    cwe only scored 1 goal on Holtby.

    Craps out muscled us in all 3 zones.

    Richards and Nash (superstars?) = invisible offense

    Oates out coached Torts. Torts failed to make in game adjustments

  43. Asham call changed game…..horrible call…if refs continue incompetence will be tough series to win

  44. Right about the third softie, but Henrik has nothing left to learn, unlike some others.

  45. Good morning, boneheads!
    That’s playoffs. Was a winnable game after they weathered the storm, didn’t work that way. Move on. Look at the big picture. NY now has 3 lines that could be a real threat. They didn’t do much last night, for many reasons. A lot of hesitant, delayed shots and passes. Nash looked nervous, so did MZA. Not enough PO experience. They will get better, I like our chances.
    One thing bothers me. The physicality of Washington that wasn’t matched by NY, except when 4th line was on the ice. That needs to change. Appears to be a 180 from last year. Washington just looks bigger.
    A lot of ledge jumping last night, not surprised. But was there anyone who predicted Rangers would win this series 4-0? I don’t recall..

    Lastly, please, please, *DFTT*. This one may be one of the worst we’ve had for a long time.

  46. At the very least, put McD out there, or even Moore. McD, especially, has moves to find the open lane. The rest of them just futily blast away into oblivion and the shot gets blocked or rockets wide.

  47. Thanks for remembering, Kenny. I’m sick of this whole, “they are just waiting for the playoffs” type attitude that a lot of media people have given Boston and LA. When teams aren’t playing well they just aren’t.

    Would anyone truly say the Rangers were just “waiting for the playoffs” ?

  48. Officiating doesn’t matter if we STILL have no power play. Heck, I’d rather see them play 4 on 4 than 5 on 4. How about that 5 on 3 again? Make it 3 on 3, lets see what the real Lundquist and Holtby have.

  49. Holtby made one good save- on Hagelin’s breakaway. He rarely had to face difficult shots. Carp is absolutely right, get him out of position, wrap-around, sharp angle shots. That will change, I’m sure. Washington is very aggressive, prone to making mistakes. Torts needs to adjust, and he will.

  50. Papa

    Yeah, maybe a hook a split second earlier – not sure the replay shows – but doesn’t look responsible for the fall and would’ve been a really soft call if so.

  51. Bright side…. 3rd period was easier to watch down 3-1 than it would have been down 2-1 and…we didn’t have to see Holtby’s parents in the stands the entire game.

  52. Here is something to complain about: Why, after so much success on the first three, even generating some of our best scoring chances, did the PK decide to sit back, drop the forwards low and allow the Capitals to set up in the zone so easily? What happened to attacking the puck?

  53. Yea, ilb. Holtby is *not* very good. He’s very easy to get out of position. He plays the net much wider than it actually is.

  54. Some Yergs Blurbs:
    1.) I’m not sure who I hate more: Caps fans or Devils fans. Neither of them know their hockey. You ask any current Capitals fan who was the captain before Ovechkin, and I can guarantee you they won’t know the answer. Try it, I’ve done it. These fans last night, with their silly cheers and their horns, are like that obnoxious mom at a little league game, who is the loudest in the stands and cheers for her son who can do no wrong. Every time the Rangers made a good clean check, the fans would boo. Can’t you appreciate a good hit when you see one? That alone tells me these fans have no idea what they’re watching.

    2.)The officiating last night was horrendous. LET THE BOYS PLAY! Don’t they understand the situation? It’s gonna get emotional, it’s gonna get chippy. The Rangers should never have been awarded a 5 on 3. Pansification to the max, if I do say so myself.

    3.)That said, they made the right call on that no-goal… unfortunately.

    4.)I’m not sure which Henrik you were watching, Carp, but I thought he was excellent last night.

    5.) You’re not going to win games when you take all those dumb penalties, especially in the first freakin’ minute.

    6.)Hit the freakin’ net!!!

  55. One more thing: all this talk from Torts saying things like “The team is ready to play” and “we’re sick of practicing,” and yet, the team did NOT look ready to play last night. Perhaps they could’ve used some more practice.

  56. Shoot the puck on the pp!!! The boys were pushed around last night. The Rangers need Clowe back—a guy that’s gnarly and actually gets a lot of minutes. Overall, to me, not a horrible game…..

  57. Maybe all the “we need to stay out of the box” talk made them very much the less physical team.

  58. I was looking at the stat box from last night and the thing that stood out to me was Richards with 22 minutes + on ice vs Kreider with 8+. Not saying those should be reveresed or anything like that but I will say I noticed Kreider in more positive moments in his 8 minutes than Richards in his 22.

    I completely think Brassard should be centering Nash not richards. Watching last night i saw multiple times Nash had to slow down, or reach behind himself to grab pucks coming from Richy rich. Zucc however seems to get it and i like him with Nash.

  59. I just watched the Eric Gyrba hit on Lars Eller. That’s what they call a “hockey play gone wrong.” I don’t even think the hit is high. I don’t even think it’s a penalty. It’s just a terrible, terrible, borderline horrific result.

    If you haven’t seen it, it’s here:

    If you’re squeamish about blood then I would recommend not watching. Because, wow.

  60. @ Manny I agree about the hit, horrific result of a play that I feel was clean. The bigger perpetrator here was the guy who gave him that outlet pass

  61. I agree Manny. The result of his face hitting the ice and breaking his nose made it look worse. It looks like he barely touched him!

  62. Rafael Diaz made that pass. Brutal. He must feel like a big time jerk.

    But Lars Eller should probably keep his head up there. Kind of a hockey rule about keeping your head up when crossing blue lines.

  63. Egg Roulette on

    Nash will get better as the series gone on, but he looked a little tight and a little scared out there. Hank has to be better…that was a garbage sandwich in the 2nd….win the next game, or we have about a 10% chance of coming back and taking the series.

  64. I thought Nash looked better last night, than he did in the home stretch of the regular season. He looked physically engaged and fell down fewer times. I even remember seeing him throwing his body around a bit.

    He didn’t have any prime scoring chances but no one outside of Hagelin really did last night

  65. Carp,

    Great writeup…as usual.

    I got the NBCSN feed last night. Anytime Kreider went on the ice last night, Pierre McGuire kept saying the Rangers have to “let him loose” and let him play his game.

    Is this a valid point? Is Kreider that much of a hazard if he is “let loose”?

    One more comment…it’s frustrating watching the Rangers PP when I’ve seen the Blackhawks PP move like clockwork.

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  67. (A) Boyle is missed on faceoffs and along the boards, so to all those who like saying he has no place on the team and have had success without him in the lineup lately – enough already. The guy is missed in key situations.
    (B) Soft goals allowed, bad officiating and a goal not seen, disallowed or whatever they want to call it – game could of been a lot different. (Hank also made a lot of great saves and kept them in it, so not blaming him at all)After the Rangers scored, they stepped up and played a lot better and this game really could of went either way. When you take the the above mentioned out of the equation, this was not a bad loss on the road.
    (C) Boyle, Clowe, Staal, Dorsett – would help balance the physical play and if and when they make it back, should help tilt the ice in the Rangers favor.
    (D) Enough with the miss handling of Kreider by the coach! The kid is learning while getting some playing time, but is not being put in situations to fail and hurt his progress or the team. He will be a stud, but he is not ready for top 6 minutes. One thing you always hear from the players is that Torts talks to them, they know what he expects and were they stand with him. So do really think he is not communicating with one of the future top players for this team? The coaching staff has yet to have real time to work with kid in this short season with no training camp or preseason. I fully expect him to be more of a key player next year- when he is really ready for it.
    (E) My only real complaint with Torts, he needs to fix the power play and that falls on him! Find and hire a power play coach already, there really is no excuse for the on going poor results year after year. If you don’t have the answer to fix, put your pride aside and find someone that can.

    I’m out

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Draxen – completely agree on your 9:18

    Bros-hard gets 12 TOI with Pie-hat and Kreider and Richards gets 22 TOI including prime PP time on 5v3 with Nash on his wing

    Nash looked disinterested knowing he would play on 4v5 man down all night with Richards as his center and the wee-man on the other wing

  69. Stranger Nation on

    27NYR94 – completely agree on your 9:52 – come back more often and post!

  70. This version of Zucc is someone I want to resign. Unlike the previous version of Zucc who left me unimpressed

  71. Stranger Nation on

    And finally – John Fippin Moore should play moore – put him on PP over Dan G so we can both reduce DG TOI and get a moore talented player on the unit.

    More Moore? Yes, more flippin *MOORE*

  72. Carp, I usually agree with you, but I didn’t see the game the same way you did. The Caps had better chances and were more interested in engaging. Rangers struggled early then started throwing pucks at the net, but it wasn’t much of anything quality. They might’ve had 36 shots, but is argue that most of them were floaters from the outside.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but this is gonna be over in 5.

  73. You guys are crazy saying Hank gives up goals too often on major breakdowns. Johansson had a break from the blueline in and all the time in the world to shoot, definitely not a soft goal. Don’t forget the save on Ovechkin on the breakaway or the slapper from 15 feet out from Martin Erat that Hank didn’t give up so much as a rebound back. Hank also manages to save a huge portion of tipped shots and second and third chances when his D fail to clear his crease. The guy IS elite, and PLAYED elite last night. The fact that the Rangers were even in a position to compete for a win is a testament to it.

    You can look at shot totals all you want. That doesn’t tell the story. The Rangers had only a handful of quality scoring chances, the rest were weak wrist shots with no screen, bad angle attempts, and generally low percentage shots. The Caps on the other hand were able to fire at will from the point, get into the slot, create traffic and chaos, and create many high quality chances. This is especially true when the Caps had 10 minutes of PP time, with the best PP unit in the NHL.

    Girardi and McD had a colossal brain-fart on that second goal. It was one of many throughout the game for NY, not the least of which was that absurd too-many-men penalty 30 seconds in. It wasn’t even close.

    The third goal was a bit soft, but there was traffic going to the net which I’m sure distracted Hank. Amazing what getting bodies to the net will do.

    I’ll echo the sentiments of those on here that feel that the lack of a hard, accurate point shot is killing our PP. Neither Richards nor Girardi can really shoot. Both have good wristers effective in close, but once on the point they become a non-issue for defenders. MDZ can shoot but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He’s also a defensive liability, thus making him ultimately expendable at the end of the year.

    I wasn’t impressed with Nash’s compete level last night. The guy drives hard, but then if he loses the puck, he peels off instead of fighting the defender for it. Not OK for the playoffs

  74. I don’t think anyone was saying Hank isn’t an elite goalie. Even elite goalies let in stinkers. I don’t even think most people here are saying we win if he makes the 2 stops (specifically the 3rd). We are just expressing discontent with the fact that he let those in.

    He absolutely was our best player in the 1st period, not even close, but 20 minutes does not a hockey game win.

    I’ve noticed this year that he has a hard time, not sure if it’s a focus thing, when we pick up our play and start playing in the offensive zone for a while.

  75. In regards to Del Zotto, and people talking about moving him at the end of the season. I don’t understand. The kid is 22 with 110 points in what amounts to 3 seasons worth of games. (2 full seasons and 2 half season).

    I was looking around for a player to compare him to and the closest I could think of was Scott Niedermayer. In Niedermayer’s first 3 Neidermeyer had 130 pts ( I removed the strike shortened season only because of the games played disparity)

    Does DZ have a lot of things to learn and alot of improvements to make? Absolutely. Do you trade or not resign a 22 year old puck moving defensemen who has still not come into his own totally, I think you are crazy to do something like that.

  76. Stranger Nation on

    Re Hank – without him we are toast, he makes middle of the road Dmen seem servicable (see Stralman) and struggling young ones seem promising (See MDZ). Girardi monster? Monster Brain Fart…

    He let in two stinkers and we lost the game, not because Hank let in two stinkers, but because of Torts’ infatuation with Bucky Richards giving him both more 5v5 time and PP time and play Nash on his wing. His recent spike in scoring was a flippin mirage.

  77. Stranger Nation on

    draxen – you do not move MDZ unless you have a suitable replacement – another young left handed Defenseman who can skate better and has better puck handling and makes better decisions – sound like anyone they recently acquired?
    All that being said, MDZ is a solid 2nd pair guy, when playing with a defensively minded Right handed Dman who can cover a lot of ground and clear the crease- something we don’t have now.

    re Neidermayer – he was possibly the best skating Dman after Leech in recent NY hockey and MDZ can only dream of having that skill level.

  78. I know neidermeyer was a better player than MDZ at least at this point. Was just trying to point out that young defencemen have an upward arc and MDZ is too young to “give up on”

  79. Guys. We love Hank. He’s our window for winning the cup. Without him we’re stuck with Cam Talbot and Jason Humungous Person Missiaen in net and we don’t ever make the playoffs.

    But last night, by his own admission, he let his team down. Goals 2 and 3 have to be stopped. Have to. I understand 2 more than 3. But he has to stop those. Hank has to steal games. Watch the playoff run last season. Hank steals games.

  80. On clear breakaway, Manny? We expect him to stop it, doesn’t mean it was a softie. He was upset because he almost had it. Was still upset about it when the third goal was scored.

  81. I don’t see MDZ as Scott Niedermayer. MDZ has an issue with coverage and with putting shots on net. I also don’t really look at him as a “puck-moving” defenseman. He likes to make long stretch passes which are often picked off leading to neutral-zone turnovers. He doesn’t skate the puck well through the neutral zone, since he’s not a strong enough skater and stick handler to make those moves. I don’t think he’s a bad player, but he’s not what the Rangers need. The Rangers need a Weber/Doughty/Subban type defender that can reall bring the heat or even a Mike Green type of rover (though the latter would drive Torts up a wall with the softness and defensive lapses). But at least Green with all of his defensive shortcomings is a legitimate offensive threat that must be respected at all times.

    The issue with MDZ and the Rangers D compounds the PP issue. The Rangers go into that 3-men-high PP structure, but without a good point shot, the defenders can just collapse around the net and let the Rangers pass up high. Nothing filters down low, and if it does, passes can’t go across (to get the goaltender to move laterally and open him up) because the slot is clogged with defenders. With the slot clogged, there is not only nothing to shoot at, whatever shots are coming are weak and easily blocked or deflected away, then cleared.

    The Rangers work the PP like they do even strength; hammer the puck in and go chase it. It’s crap. There needs to be someone who can skate the puck up, gain the zone and set up the PP. Hell, it was the one thing Gomez was good at. Making the entire Rangers offense a perimeter game not only keeps the puck where they’re least likely to score with it, but it wears the players down. Do you think the Rangers are going to go deep playing hockey like they did last night for 28 games? Forget it. They’ll be out of gas before they know it, just like last year.

  82. I love me some Rangers, and I’m not trying to be a fat fatalist here, but I think can all agree that we’re missing a few of the ingredients that make for a Cup winner. Another year of experience under the belts of our young guys, and we’ll certainly refine the roster, but I have no clue how our PP will be any better next year.

  83. Great review Carp – thanks

    1. Not a bad compete level overall but need more – especially on draws and in front of the net.
    2. Need more pucks thru from the point & less at Holtby’s logo – sorry but he isn’t that good
    3. PP – why do they continue using Richards on the point??? Second unit points DelZotto & Moore should be 1st pair with MacMonster & Stralman getting 2nd unit time
    4. Pyatt should not be playing w/ Kreider – and if & when Clowe, Dorsett or Boyle come back Pyatt must sit.
    5. Totally missed trip led to 3rd goal – but continue to call cheap ones that have no chance to lead to chances
    6. if Erskine is going to continue to cross-check & hack the Rangers and get away with it the Rangers need to address that with direct confrontations with him

  84. Fat Guy, the only way this Rangers team gets better is to change the leadership and the system. I like Torts, but I don’t think his system of grinding is going to bring a Cup. Grinding out wins is all well and good, especially when there is a roster that is a bit short on talent but has enough size to push around more skilled players. But I cant think of a single team in recent history, going back to at least 2000, that “grinded-out” a Stanley Cup. Detroit certainly didn’t in 2002 or 2008. Chicago didn’t. LA didn’t. Boston and Anaheim were the closest, but even they overwhelmed teams with skill and offense in addition to grit. The Rangers have a load of talent, and some in the works, that needs to be unleashed. The D corps and goaltending is good enough to let it hang out a bit.

  85. Is This Real? on

    Stupid me for thinking a goal and lead in the first period would take some pressure off and allow the NYR to play their game. Last night’s game felt incredibly familiar, all the hallmarks of 2013 NYR: Can’t score to save their lives (even the Hags goal was flukey), LQ lets up a goal that would have gotten him benched in the AHL, power play is borderline comical, and just a general air of malaise and complacency. would it have killed somebody to run Holtby or take a shot at Ovechkin at some point? and then bunch of cliches after the game- we did a lot of good things, we know how to play them now, blah blah blah. wake me up when Kreider is captain

  86. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) MDZ
    3) Nash
    4) Pyatt
    5) Powe

    Surprisingly, cooler heads and reason have prevailed with most boneheads so far. I would have thought we’d have a lot more jumpers and fire Tort(s).

  87. sigh, never trying to say they were the same player, just wanted to bring some perspective to people who are on the fire DZ bandwagon.

  88. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!!!

    That game could have gone either way last night.

    In the Grand scheme of things I was going to be happy with a split. Taking one game out of the two on the Road.

    In fact I think Washington will win one more game before the series is over.

    Washington had a better start than the Rangers, but the Rangers won the first period on the scoreboard. Hags goal had some puck luck to it, but that’s what happens in every game.

    The ledge should be empty today, we can beat this team.

  89. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – is it just me, but the Rangers need to be tougher to play against.

    Clowe’s size was missed last night.

  90. Gravy, glad to see you are not including Hank on the updated WBM. Was a little worried you may have jumped on the “Hank let us down” bandwagon.

  91. Holy smoke……About the only common trait between Neidermyer & Delzaster is they both are left handed. End it there. Please.

  92. DZ is getting almost 3 mil this year. What will McD want? Good idea to give him a long contract.

  93. Yep it’s all Lundqvist’s and Hank’s fault. Disregard the fact that Callahan and Stepan were invisible and McDonagh played like crap. We’re not going anywhere if Callahan and Stepan play like that. Stepan has become the #2 offensive weapon on this team and if he plays like he did all of last year’s playoffs he is more of a playoff choker than everyone’s other favorite whipping boy Mr. Marian Gaborik who, by the way, was leading the team in offensive dept last year’s playoffs on one bad shoulder. If Nash plays like he did yesterday he will have a pretty good postseason. If Stepan plays like he did yesterday he will have 0 goals.

  94. And guess what, i bet next year Delzaster will be 23 years old. Big deal. He’s had 4 years to develop.

    I’m on record with my assessment of him as a defenseman. If they can move him *for value*, they should do it, just like they moved Gabby.

    BTW, he’s pretty awesome with the post game handshake, although that has slipped some as well since Brandon left and Boyler is hurt.

    Funny how he is always the last guy off the ice at the end of the game.
    Truth be told, during games, especially when he is having a bad night, I usually prefer to see him as the last guy on the ice.

  95. At this point I have more confidence in Moore getting a shot through to the net and being able to get back on D with his skating ability than I do in Del Zotto.

  96. Just noticed that I wrote “Lundqvist and Hank’s” should be “Lundqvist and Nash”

  97. Doodie Machetto, .5 on


  98. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Honestly, I’m surprised there’s only about 125 comments to this point in the day.

  99. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Gravy, glad to see you are not including Hank on the updated WBM. Was a little worried you may have jumped on the “Hank let us down” bandwagon_

    Papa, I don’t let my personal opinions influence the WBM(c). This is strictly based on the amount of times I see negative comments regarding specific players. It’s kinda the bonehead +/-.

  100. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    I didn’t think they were as evenly matched as Carp suggested.

    First, and I don’t think there is any debate, they beat the pants off of us for the first ten minutes of the game and if it wasn’t for Lundqvist, this game is over about as quickly as the Islanders game was two nights ago.

    So right now, we are talking about the other 50 minutes. We got that absolutely BS PP and managed to stem the tide a bit. Then Hagelin’s lucky bounce goal and we had the better of the play for the remainder of the first.

    In the second, Washington again came out strong but some really terrible officiating led to our 5 on 3 which is just brutal. I say it every time, and I will not make this time an exception: it’s so simple! TWO PASSES: 1) high to low; and 2) immediately across the goal before the triangle rotates to two men down low. That’s it! Yet we play three men above the circles on a 5 on 3. Ridiculous.

    Washington withstood the tide in the first quarter of the second and then took over, first with the Johannson goal (bad coverage), and then with that absolutely dreadful Chimera goal. It’s hard to blame Lundqvist when he is the whole reason the team was even still in the game at that point, but yeesh, that was a bad goal.

    In the third, the Rangers, other than Nash and the Moore goal that wasn’t, just absolutely failed to produce any meaningful opportunities.

    Washington was more physical. They were hungrier. They won all of the 50/50 battles. They just beat the pants off of us. If the goaltenders had been switched, this would have been Penguins-Islanders.

  101. Gravy, you are a man of high integrity. Where did you learn your polling skills? Quinnipiac University?

  102. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Everything I know about polling, I learned from -porn- Carp.

  103. Looks like Boyle, Dorsett, and Staal may be just about ready to go tomorrow for Game 2. Clowe perhaps for Game 3?

  104. Caps played an aggressive up-tempo pace compared to there defensive/passive game of last year. BTW, if they played this way last year, I think they may have won the series.

  105. DelZ is signed for another year at large bucks. When it’s done, he’ll want more. Can we expect an upside any more? Sayonara.

  106. Also worth noting on Delzaster….if Staal and Sauer were in the line-up, he is a 3rd pair DMan, getting 8-12 minutes a game.

  107. Wow. Can it really be!? Are they possibly ALL coming back (and for Dorsett just joining the lineup for the first time) ?

  108. Not wanting to sugar-coat things too much (unlike the Brodeur family patissiere), Doodie, because they basically have to play better, but Hagelin hit the crossbar in the third as well, so that’s at least one more “meaningful opportunity”.

    There have been far more barren offensive displays than last night’s over the last few playoff series.

  109. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Great, just what any lineup needs: a lot of new parts.

    I say Staal for sure, Boyle for Newbury, and anybody on Earth for Pyatt. Even pizza-pants Drury.

  110. Paul McLean blames Ellers teammate for giving him the “dangerous pass” which led to the hit and subsequent injury.

    Brandon Prust’s reply to McLeans comments is legendary and why the guy is so loved by teammates and fans alike.

    *Exact words by Prust about MacLean:*

    “We don’t really care about what that big eyed fat walrus has to say.”

  111. ThisYearsModel on

    Clowe is in white jersey, that is non-contact. Dorsett in contact jersey, so he might play tomorrow.

  112. And if MDZ was playing reasonably well in a limited 8-12 minutes in the bottom pair, presumably we’d be hearing “Why does the stubborn jerkface coach *fatigue* his top-pair so much instead of playing this guy mo(o)re?”

  113. When is break up day. This pp for the last decade is just beyond brutal.

    Why no blame for hagelin not converting on breakaway.

    He scores there we win 3-1.

    The most misleading stat in hockey is shots on goal.

    Of the 35 shots did holtby have to make consecutive stops.

    We need more scoring chances.

  114. for now the livestream has gone down.
    maybe Torts is going to try out some pp plays
    and just went upstairs and punched out the camera

  115. I get the sentiment, Doodie but three of those guys aren’t really “new” parts. Boyle and Staal know the system better than many guys playing. Clowe over Pyatt would be a HUGE upgrade and Dorsett over Newbury, well, wow.

  116. good to hear about Clowe and Dorsett. here’s hoping they’re really good enough to see productive time tomorrow or very soon.

  117. Yea, Papa. Yellow is non-contact. Clowe is in White. Which means “hit me as hard as you can, please”

  118. LW, 12:25. good point. I also don’t think he’s affordable as a 3rd pair DMan, not making $2.55 million a year.

  119. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    Nothing like a nice injection of speed that Ryane Slowe provides.

  120. Clowe isn’t in the lineup for speed. He’s there for fists of fury and hands of grace.

  121. Agree with Hedberg15’s 10:53 analysis. I’m not going onto any ledge. Just to the edge of my seat for the run of this series. I think, after that first onslaught from the Caps, our compete level was very good througout. Sure, the Caps had some big hits, but we dished it out, too, and it wasn’t just from the 4th line. The breaks didn’t go our way. If Hags doesn’t hit the cross-bar, and Moore’s goal not disallowed, and if Ovie wasn’t there on the PP to receive that shot (that missed the net and went right to him) we win this game! We can definitely beat the Caps.

  122. Stranger Nation on

    Clowe is there for the corner battles – so Mr. Erskine will not have Mr. Clowe to contend with and not be cheap shotting Hags all over the ice.

    If you are the opposing team’s Right Dman and see the LW line-up of Hags, Zucc, and Pie-hat, you are not really worried about getting jacked. Add Mr. Clowe, Sr. Boyle and Dr. Dorset, and now you got your head up more and the passes don’t come out as clean. Puck stays in zone…D starts scrambling…ba do boom…ba da bing!

  123. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Papa, I have always liked MDZ’s act and been wanting to see him succeed. He had his moments in last years playoff games. Loved that tango with Neil.

    Last night was one playoff game and he wasn’t all that good. All season he has been up and down. The inability to take precise point shots may equal his ability to break down defensively. He is also SLOW as hell and it was that that caused the penalty called on him last night.

    I agree with you. Hate to say it. With Moore here. Hopefully, McIlrath ready, if value can be found, he should be traded. If not, he’s not bad. But in our system, he has been given the time to achieve.

    I just worry that some other well coached team will teach him how to put the puck on the net and better positioning and voila, a much better defenseman.

  124. Stranger Nation on

    Rumor is Rangers fired team doctor and brought in Dr. Fine and Drs. Howard to clear all ‘injured’ players…

  125. Stranger Nation on

    Most likely if Clowe is in, he goes in for Kreider on line 3

    Boyle for No-berries
    Staal for Em
    Dorset for Pie-hat

  126. Stranger Nation on

    You knew things for iffy last night when Pie-hat and Richards were on PK…i mean…cmon – did Tort’s bet the Caps?

  127. For the five-on-three, I would have put Nash and Kreider at the tops of the circles, Callahan in front, and Stepan and Zucc on the half boards, drifting down towards the goal line and cycling behind the net.

  128. Strange, Torts may keep Eminger in and go with 7 DMen for insurance in case Staal can’t hack it. Eminger might then see time up front on the 4th line.

    I thought ( probably in the minority) Eminger played better, albeit in limited minutes, than Strallman last night.

  129. The problem with Del Zotto is he is an offensive-minded defenseman, but he lacks the IQ to be able to effectively run a PP.

    He has talent, but just doesn’t read the game like a top notch offensive d-man does…

  130. Lloyd Braun on

    and again we’ve got people banking on Derek Dorsett without having seen him play a game. can you at least let him play a few shifts before saying “what he brings to the team”

  131. Matty, 12:43, the only concern I have in trading him is the status of Staal. First, we he be able to play effectively with the eye injury and second, if he can, will he be bolting to Carolina to play with his brothers when his contract is up?

    The lefty DMan they drafted last year who is playing at Minnesota is a long way off.

  132. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    MDZ’s best games seem to be when he gets roughed up a bit early on. Then he pushes back, and it carries over to his offensive game.

  133. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Yeah, I don’t think MDZ is going anywhere with Staal likely to be gone after the next two years (possibly sooner). McIlrath replace Eminger, and hopefully they develop 1 or 2 d-men.

  134. Gravy, excellent point. He does have the ability to step up when challenged.

    Please, don’t get me wrong, the kid is no Tom Poti.

  135. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – agree on 12:53 with 2 caveats

    1 – Em will not be the 10th forward, Torts will probably bring Gilly in (holy Smokes!) or even Bickel IMO

    2 – Staal will not play 20 mins out of the gate

    Finally, what they really need is stall and SAUER – man we miss that guy!

  136. Is This Real? on

    When you see a guy like Pyatt on the power play, you gotta ask yourself- why bother watching?

  137. Delzaster seems to has leveled off. I’m not sure, but perhaps his upside and potential have morphed into “whatcha see is watcha you’re gonna get”

  138. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    SN, I think it’s too early to tell. From what we’ve seen to this point, Moore has the skating ability of McD, but is a step ahead in offensive awareness (whereas McD is better defensively).

    I think Moore can be as good as MDZ, which is a compliment because I really think some boneheads undervalue MDZ. I think they expect him to be Leetch. He’s too inconsistent for that, but he’s above-average. I’ve said before that 25 teams would be happy with MDZ as their #4. I think Moore and MDZ both have potential to be more than they are today.

  139. Chris Letang is a UFA after next season. If I had my choice……, that kid is some player.

  140. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    And let’s not forget that MDZ is still only 22. I don’t think you give up on a 22 year old defenseman who’s put up over 40 points in a season.

  141. Hoping there is no way Pens can sign both LeTang and Malkin , with Crosby on payroll already.

  142. Stranger Nation on

    current MDZ is like a ‘some-what’ “poor mans” Mattieu Schneider without the shot from the point

    Schneider first 4 full seasons:
    year team/Games/Goals/Assists/Pts/PIM/
    1990–91 Montreal 69 10 20 30 63
    1991–92 Montreal 78 8 24 32 72
    1992–93 Montreal 60 13 31 44 91
    1993–94 Montreal 75 20 32 52 62

    MDZ first 3 seasons

    2009?10 New York 80 9 28 37 32
    2010?11 New York 47 2 9 11 20
    2010?11 Whale 11 0 7 7
    2011?12 New York 77 10 31 41 36
    2012-13 New York 46 3 18 21 18

  143. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great review, thanks.

    Unfortunately for you I agree with you yet again ;)

    I’m just going to repost my thoughts after I watched the dvr’d game later last night…

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    I expected the series to be 1-1 after d.c. (Sound familiar carp?)

    That being said 3 things killed us IMHO…

    No pp goals, especially 5 on 3

    No short handed goals on all those opportunities (including hagars breakaway)

    Stralman (I’m serious as hell here, I’d rather see mcilrath than him on d, inexperience and all)

    Notice how everytime erskine is on the ice and there is a save by holtby at the goal mouth and a stoppage, rangers end up on the ice and a scrum ensues, our guys need that same mentality in front of hank)

    We got pushed around, need clowe, dorsett, Boyle badly!! I’d rather see Haley than kreider

    All that being said LGR!!! We even the series Saturday!!

    Torts needs to pull a teddy Roosevelt and muscle up his line up after game one (I know they ended up losing the series, but…)

    May 2nd, 2013 at 11:33 PM

  144. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    And this repost

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    All the sliding around on their stomachs the rangers d does and the one time they should (caps second goal) and neither guy dives.


    May 3rd, 2013 at 12:50 AM

  145. Prust sounds like he’s been trained by Tortorella. Clean hit with a bad result, your goalie (not so Vezina now eh?) gave up 3 goals in the 3rd in a playoff game at home, and you decide to take personal shots at opposing coach. Keep it classy. Not so much of a difference maker last night huh?

  146. @KatieStrangESPN

    #NYR Also, Tortorella confirmed a healthy player will return regardless of conditioning level, “because if we don’t win, we’re done.”

  147. Stranger Nation on

    Did every one catch Richards approaching Chimera on the infamous 3rd goal and proceeding to protect against the pass to the point (of which he was already on)

    Tricky Richards to the rescue again!!

  148. How does callahan get two minutes for roughing during that scrum and Karlson got nothing whatsoever after he punched Nash in the head from behind at least 6 times and Nash was trying to get up….absolute joke

  149. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not to mention none of our d men try and separate the man from the puck in the slot, they just continue to go backwards until they screen hank

    How about the lack of response from any ranger after hank gets his skates taken out from under him behind the net…very buffaloesque and embarrassing

  150. A returning Dorsett can only help the Rangers, conditioning level be damned.

  151. Stranger Nation on

    We are on a PP putting pressure on Caps, down by 2, great pass to Bros-hard from Moore leads to shot which clips Caps Dman in face. He falls to ice and ref blows whistle before he even hits the ice with 10 secs on PP.
    This same PP when Erat takes Hank’s skates out behind the net

  152. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Well, well, with Clowe and/or Dorsett coming back, we have a new look.

    Rangers in 5. You heard it here.

  153. who sits If we get 2 of clowe/dorsett/boyle back? Prob Kreider and Newbury?

  154. I would think Newbury is the first to sit. Kreider (unfortunately) might be next, although Tort has moved him up when people get injured and he showed some real offensive prowess in the 3rd last night. So hopefully it’s Pyatt second.

    Does Dorsett Kill Penalties? Because if he does I might be fine swapping him and Powe.

    But my three are:


  155. i believe dorsett killed penalties in Cbus, but not 100% sure. I’ve liked what i saw from Newbury but that style of play is probably replicated by clowe/dorsett/boyle so he may be expendable in that regard.

  156. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Mannu, is it too late to submit my before picture? And if not, where do I do that?

  157. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Manny.

    I’m thinking Clowe, Dorsett, & Boyle should all be in when healthy.

    Powe – how do you play 35 games for the Rangers and NOT get 1 point???? I get it that he in there to kill penalties, buy you have to chip in some on the score sheet don’t you?

  158. It’s shocking isn’t it, Sioux? I mean the guy hustles like crazy and gets around the net. He just never, ever comes even remotely close to scoring.

  159. Sioux-per-man on

    Dorsett > Powe
    Boyle > Pyatt
    Clowe > Newbury

    We just need to be tougher to play against.

  160. I like Newbury a lot, Draxen. I just think he’s out if someone’s ready.

  161. Sioux-per-man on

    Much better penalty killer than Rupp.

    Are weakness last year it that we didn’t have 4 lines, this year we do.

    But we need more GRIT in the playoffs. We are just not hard to play against. Clowe / Dorsett were brought here JUST for this. Boyle can help here as well, if he plays physical along the boards.

    I still think we split the first two games. But we need to come out like hornets, and put some pressure on them right away!!!

  162. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – I think if Staal is close, he should give it a go. Nothing against Eminger, but Staal is one of our top 3 defensemen.

    Stall in
    Dorsett in
    Clowe in

    Boyle if he’s knee is 100%, because he needs to play BIG and PHYSICAL.

  163. Let’s be honest, the Rangers did not play badly nor did they play very good.

    Basic math, divide good by bad and what do you have……..average!

    Go to the head of the class !

  164. Sioux, besides Asham who do you consider tough on the current roster?

    Do you know any retired Sioux warriors willing to give some “coup”?

  165. any help out there? tomorrow is 12:30-4pm on nbc…at 4pm is Kentucky derby coverage…if there is overtime(s),where will the game be picked up? cnbc? I have a family function at 2pm and need to record the second period on,so any help will be appreciated….

  166. Sioux-per-man on

    Correct Comn – and the King well….. let’s say he’s human.

    So much room for improvement, and we still had a chance, had a couple of things worked in our favor.

    Moore’s goal, a power play goal, hank stopping the 2nd & 3rd goal. Which he “normally” does.

    Now if we up grade the defense with a Staal addition. It’s going to help.

    Clowe – we brought him in for size and toughness, we were missing that around the net. If he’s 100% don’t want to mess with concusions.

    Dorsett – Boyle – Asham as a 4th line could be as tough as nails to play against. And we NEED this element!!!

  167. Balcony Bob on

    The keys to a Ranger victory were:

    Stay out of the penalty box – didn’t do it.

    Shut down Ovechkin – didn’t do it.

    Score on the power play – didn’t do it.

    Never allow Chimera a shot on goal – didn’t do it.

    So, what was it that they worked on during the 4 off days?

    Sometimes, they seem to be collectively numb between the ears.

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    Comnsnse – as far as toughness. Clowe size and grit in front of the net.

    Dosett – is “a little ball of hate” and an assistant Captain, he’s going to be our “Pruster”.

    Boyle – Just seems to play “Bigger” than Pyatt, even though I think both of them are interchangable.

    Staal – is tougher to play against. Even at 95%, I think he is a top tier shutdown DMan.

    Now – I don’t know the recipe for fixing it, but we just need to be tougher, not nasty, but 5 or 6 hit you so HARD “your Mother” felt it.

  169. Wll. as I agree totally with Bear about the inability to hit the net, ( I’ve been
    groaning about this for some time now,) and thought I was the only one who noticed…..
    what do they do in practice just skate and have fun?

  170. Sioux-per-man on

    Special Teams will make the difference in this series!!

    Last night, the Caps clearly won in this department.

  171. Sioux-per-man on

    My Bad. I’m yawning already. That and I have a 300 mile drive home. Yuck.

  172. Doodie Machetto, .5 on

    My “add your comment” was supposed to say:

    such a hockey pet peeve of mine.

  173. I agree with CW.

    Torts shortcomings are seen in the power play and the handling of Kreider (not to mention the constant use of a washed up Brad Richards) is indefensible. He had Rick Nash AND Gaborik, yet still had one of the worst power plays in the NHL? Nearly impossible. Put Nash on Brassard’s wing. Let Brad drop to a line with Pyatt and Kreider. His “leadership” will be great down there.

  174. I’d love to see Kreider get more time to grow/learn but I understand Torts usage of him.

    Why he keeps going back to Richards though boggles my mind.

  175. Anyone have any thoughts on the Derby? Pretty tough to bet against Pitino, has had a lucky year! I know nothing about the ponies but heading to places some bets now.

  176. I think the only way we see Hamrlik is if Girardi takes a puck between the eyes that then bounces off and hits McDonagh in his mouth and while spitting out the puck it hits Stralman in the bickels at 60 mph. And even then youd probably see Biron playing defense before Hamrlik.

  177. Lloyd Braun on

    kind of feel you’ve lost the plot a bit when you feel 4th-liners coming into the lineup are going to make that much of a difference

    bottom line is this team doesn’t win without their best players playing like their best players – and about 75% of that is Lundqvist

  178. what this team needs is a bomb of a shot from the point of the pp. a decade without one

  179. But yea I too think that all 4 of the injured guys will be in tomorrow. My guesses for who comes out: Staal for Eminger, Dorsett for Powe, Clowe for Pyatt, Boyle for Kreider. Though I can easily see Powe staying in the lineup for the PK (with Washington’s PP being as good as it is) as Dorsett hasnt been Rangers tested for his PK skills yet. I guess that would mean Asham would come out?

  180. Was watching the live feed practice this morning before the feed was lost and the D was practicing one timers and shots from the point. 2 out of roughly every 3 shots went wide of the net. That is with no goalie in net. IN PRACTICE!!

  181. Lloyd Braun on


    You’ve seen the pre-game shootaround, right? On an average night, I’d say 80% of the shots from farther than 15 feet are going well wide of the net – you always know the end the Rangers are shooting on because the sound of pucks hitting wood and plexiglass is markedly louder.

  182. NHL Wheel of Justice strikes again! Two games for Eric Gryba. This league is a disgrace.

  183. Clowe might be back next game. Boyle? Dorsett? Staal? If all four are back, that should make the Rangers much tougher. Boyle and Dorsett (may) = Boyle and Prust. When Boyle plays with a tougher player he always seems to play more like he’s 6’7″. They could use that.

    Dorsett-Boyle-Kreider or Asham
    Tors should be able to roll four lines this way.

  184. Maybe Im debbie downer, but throwing 3 maybe 4 guys who are coming off injuries and havent played in a while is a disaster…3rd period legs…god forbid OT…

    I dont like it….bad time to throw so many rusty’s in the mix..and dont think the Caps wont target them.

  185. Rangers West, i like those lines. However i really like what Zucc brings to a line with Nash

  186. Lloyd Braun on

    you guys are upset about the 2-game suspension are pissed because you know there’s no way that was even a penalty let alone a suspendable infraction right

  187. Sioux-per-man on

    Have a Siouxper Weekend Boys!!!!


    Liquid – 4th line won’t play but 5-8 minutes. Not a problem.

    Need more GRIT, and a Hat Trick from Nash would help as well :)

  188. Gryba getting two games is an absolute joke. That his was 100% squeaky clean. Sorry for Lars Eller who sustained a vicious injury but that is a hideous determination.

    Poor Gryba. Imagine if, as a fringe player who was lucky to get into the lineup, he let’s Eller skate by or tries to poke check the puck (like a Rangers Defenseman) instead of taking the man? Guy doesn’t see one second of ice time for the rest of the playoffs.

  189. Manny – Blonde highlights and dark beard? The curtains don’t match the rug?

  190. Even worse, Fat Guy, my beard has some dark parts, red parts AND blonde parts that turn almost clear in the sun! I’m a FREAK

  191. dude – you’re like an alley cat…do you even know who your parents are?

  192. Paul MacLean played 11 years in NHL and scored over 300 goal while getting nearly 1000 penalty minutes. Prust can only dream of being a player MacLean was. Very disrespectful on Prust’s part. Not to mention that MacLean has a point there. That was a suicidal pass.

  193. I think to make his point, Prust should absolutely kick the snot out of that Paul McLean look-alike guy

  194. Agreed, Fat Guy. And, ilb. Easy on The Prust. These are different eras (especially in hits and scoring) and coaches whining about anything is annoying. Almost as annoying as ANYONE mouthing off in the media. Which sucks. Pull a Steve Ott on Peter Lavi-eau-de-toilette or shut up. But MacLean got his suspension of a fringe player who didn’t, at all, deserve a suspension.

  195. I like Prust. It doesn’t sound like him. That was a classless comment. Go on the ice and show what you can do in NHL. Hit, fight, protect your teammates. Score, if you can. Keep your mouth shut. Some of those guys start thinking 10 min after they say stuff. Some take longer than a week. Somehow Duncan Keith crosses my mind.

  196. Lloyd Braun on

    I feel like Manny believes Prust already has 300 goals and 1000 penalty minutes

  197. Paul Maclean didnt do anything wrong. When asked to comment on the incident he said “Player 61, i think it was, made a suicidal pass to the guy that got hit i think it was Eller right?” Prust and the Canadiens interpreted that (running on emotion after seeing one of their own getting taken off on a stretcher) as disrespect because Maclean didnt name their guys by name.

    Well guess what Dan Bylsma refers to his players by number and not by “Malkin, Crosby, Neal, etc” and not by “Dupper, Orpy, Nealer”.

    And Prust is only a fraction of a player Maclean was. Shut up and make a difference like you are paid to do. Didnt exactly stand up for your guy last night.

  198. Actually really hoping the Sens win again tonight. Habs got booed off the ice last night after the game ended. Also did you guys catch that when the doctors were treating Eller on the ice as they brought the stretcher out and the crowd was booing after the clean hit how the doctors motioned to the crowd to be quiet? Eller most likely has a concussion on top of the broken face so that loud noise probably didnt help. Morons.

  199. welcome to the playoffs. prust calling out mclean no problem in my book. mclean was right in his assessment but prust is doing what he feels is needed.

    no gionta no pacioretty no eller prust may have tried to ignite his team.

    only words now go play

  200. A 4th liner for Montreal going after Maclean is basically the equivalent of Avery going after Tortorella.

  201. By the way, watch the hit again and listen to the commentators. One of them says:”This is a serious head contusion, for sure”. This guy, whoever he is, must have a permanent residence in Holiday Inn Express.

  202. The announcers also barely noticed that Eller got destroyed for about 45 seconds. Head Contusion.

  203. The game of hockey is in a strange place in that no one knows what is good hard play vs a penalty/suspension. I was watching with some hockey player buddies the other night and we were all saying how when we were brought up as defensemen you were actually taught to lay someone out who was vulnerable like that. Forwards do not skate with head down ever, and don’t send those kinds of passes to get your teammates killed. I’m sure those of you who played learned the same way. Make them pay for a suicide pass and send message about playing against our defense. You would salivate at the opportunity to catch someone head down, vulnerable. Now it’s a suspension. Which I’m not saying is wrong, probably for the better, just pointing out how things have changed, while at the same time it is not clear what the change in the rule actually is.

  204. Most playoff games I’ve seen so far (last night’s Rangers game aside) have been refereed well, or at least up to the playoff standard, which typically lets teams get away with more physically. The Asham call and non-call on Stralman were just absurd. I didn’t think the Gryba hit was illegal; Eller just wasn’t expecting it and couldn’t brace himself for contact … and Gryba is huge. I feel terrible for Eller, who was finally establishing himself alongside the rookie Galchenyuk. Bieksa hammers Havlat in the groin and it’s not reviewed. The suspension system is totally arbitrary.

    As far as last night’s game in D.C., I just can’t fathom how Zuccarello missed the net so many times in this game. Caps proved that you get the puck ON net and you will be rewarded in the playoffs. Nash needs to spend less time behind the net or on the boards and more time in the slot. Clowe and Dorsett would be a huge boost for Game 2 if both suit up.

  205. Paul in sunrise on

    No way Hagelin was the worst offender of the three. And gyrba made contact with the head first. Slow replay down and it’s the head that snaps first then body. It was not squeaky clean.

  206. pass was no different than a quarterback setting up
    his wide receiver to get hammered by throwing the
    pass in the middle of the field.

    thought it was UNclassy statement by Prust

    thought it was interesting that Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick both felt the same way as MacLean. they actually seemed angry about the montreal player passing in that area.

  207. btw
    what’s the thought that he got suspended because
    it was a montreal player that was injured.
    if it was a Ranger
    i’m sure Shanny would have twisted logic into a pretzel
    to NOT give a suspension

  208. Just posted this on the Yankee blog.

    An authenticator for a site selling a Mantle bat has determined it was corked.

    While it would be improbable to determine if he ever used it ,it does bring into to question man’s quest for the edge.( When of course we all know that women have the edge!)

    Next thing you know we’ll find out that Bobby Orr had a stick that attracted rubber substances!

    For criminny’s sake is nothing sacred? ;)

  209. saw the replay. not the superduper slow mo
    but in the replay it looked like it was shoulder
    to clavicle
    if you have a link post it

  210. i try not to post during games
    cuz i get to emotional
    but was it just me
    or did it look like the caps players
    did something to knock Stralman down?
    (thought he was pulled down at first but replay didn’t look like that)
    looked like Brad was held, pulled down in the closing seconds of the game
    Hank get knocked down
    the stupid penalty on Cally for the scrum
    in most case NBC barely showed a replay

  211. 100% disagree with the “if he was a Ranger he wouldnt be suspended” attitude. Shanny has been plenty nice to the Rangers this year in regards to suspensions. For starters: Nash on the Florida player and MDZ on Neal.

  212. Prediction. We are going to win Game 2 and then come back home and win both games at home. As soon as we took a too many men on the ice penalty I just knew it was a bad omen. We will regroup, play with discipline, and win tomorrow. We will see some new bodies in the lineup as well. Let’s Go Rangers!

  213. Lyv @ 4:50, technically MacLean was wrong. He should have referred to 61’s pass as HOMICIDAL, not suicidal.

  214. I’m so sick of lame, inconsistent NHL disciplinary actions…At this point, how can anyone have any faith that the NHL will fix this or that the players understand consequences? I mean, are we at the point of no return?

  215. oh yes,
    VERY surprised at non-suspensions
    in those cases — Nash on panther and MDZ on neal
    but there were multiple occasions
    where others got away with stuff on Rangers
    i.e. lucic on Nash
    sanguinetti elbow on Clowe (didn’t see it but it was an elbow to the head so…it’s possible)
    just 2 that come to mind
    as well as giving Hags 3 last year’s playoffs
    in the end
    the bigger problem is how these things are handled
    and it rarely looks good

  216. I saw the play live as it happened and didn’t think it was a penalty. I’ve watched it several times since and stil don’t think it was.

    It was nasty, maybe viscious, and Eller was certainly vulnerable. But to my eye, it wasn’t charging, elbowing, head hunting or leaving the feet. I think Giourox’s hit on Stepan in the last Philly game was illegal, dirty and more suspendable.

    As for a suicide pass, I think Eller has some culpability as well. He should not be putting himself in such a vulnerable situation. Wasn’t he cutting across the ice looking for a breakout pass?

  217. MacLean , “ok boys, watch out for 61 out there. He’s a homicidal maniac”

  218. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    So the Rangers went 0 for 6 on the powerplay in the last game against the Devils without a single shot on goal the entire time, including a couple of 5 on 3’s. Tortorella played the 4th line for at least the first half of the 5 on 3 that was almost a full 2 minutes.
    I argued after that game that torts should’ve played the 1st and 2nd PP lines and not the bottom feeders so as to work on the power play, hopefully score a couple goals (or at least some shots finally) and get some confidence back. Many people on here (including Carp) said it was nice to see torts give the 4th line some pp time. Any of those people feel any different now?

  219. Yep Eller deserves some blame as well for skating with his head down. Anisimov has done this way too frequently himself and it’s caught up to him this year as he suffered 2 concussions this year I believe. Some just never learn for some reason…

  220. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I like how Shammy mentioned that the pass shouldn’t be taken into account for the hit. He only did that because Jones and Midewy discussed it during the intermission of the ranger game.

  221. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Do you think that Gryba wouldn’t have been suspended if the call on the ice was no penalty? it was a lot like goal/no goal decisions. There really want s lot of conclusive evidence that the head was the primary point of impact. If the call on the ice was no penalty than there wouldn’t have been enough conclusive evidence to rule otherwise.

  222. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Eerily similar to Moore’s goal. If it was ruled a goal there wouldn’t have been enough evidence to prove it wasn’t.

  223. Butch Goring is as homerish as they come. So nice seeing Pens destroying the Isles

  224. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I don’t want the pens destroying anyone. Why would you want Pitt to have an easy time cruising through the first round? If we win and Ott loses guess who our next opponent is?

  225. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I felt embarrassed for the isles when they didn’t at least get physical toward the end of the game. Then the Rangers did the same thing.

  226. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Why didn’t they let Crooke and Hamonic fight? Oh wait I forgot, Crooke’s a punk and only instigated now, having others fight for him. Punkass.

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ottawa will win their series. Rangers get by the craps and we get Boston/Toronto winner.

  228. Because I hate the Islanders more than I hate the Penguins and I believe in you have to beat the best to be the best. Worry about Washington first.

  229. watching that Montreal game…..

    sure wish we could get someone like that #8 for Montreal…..

  230. SufferingSince79 on

    Typical night. Had to pause game whlie putting kids to bed. Came back right before the 5-3 “Power Play”. All down hill fom there. Disappointed in the outcome. Effort was meh. Looking forward tomorrow but they need to match the Craps snarl. A lot of late nasty stuff and Ovie the “predator” (did anyone catch that stupid comment?) was his old dirty self. Clowe will help but concerned about him initiating if he’s coming off a concussion. Don’t think Craps are all that great. Need to step up, play a little smarter and meaner and shut their fans up.

  231. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Let me weigh in with my 220lbs on this gryba suspension…


    Here they go punishing the result, not the act.

    Remember ladies this is the N (non-contact)H (hockey) L (league). If you get hit with a good solid body check, stay on the ice and embellish all you can.

    This is no longer a sport of men, it is a league of disciplinary action that punishes any bloody or “seemingly” painful result of a hit, clean or not!

    What a fuggin joke!!!

    I am not insinuating by any stretch of the imagination that Eller embellished the result. I just think the result was punished not the hit!!

  232. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t know who said the fishies are an up and coming young team but some one should push that person off the “ledge” so they don’t procreate!!!

    They are Tavares and a bunch of 3rd/4th liners, an avg goalie, and bottom 4 d men.

    In a normal length NHL season they don’t even sniff the playoffs!!

  233. SufferingSince79 on

    Watching the Gryba hit on A lot of different angles. Most don’t look like there’s a lot of contact with Eller’s head but at no point does it look like the head is targeted and the principal point of contact. What a league. The WWWF is more consistent.

  234. SufferingSince79 on

    Hey, hey…lets not insult the Isles. The’ve always got goalie of the future Tim Thomas waiting in the wings.

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the Islanders can win the third period and the rangers win tomorrow, it gets very interesting…

  236. Olga Folkyerself on

    “you have to beat the best to be the best.”


    Whoever wins the Cup is the best. Doesn’t matter how… or who they meet along the way.

  237. Nice write up Carp, it’s been that kind of day that I am just now reading it after 9.

    Your point #5 is the big one. When the Rangers win that battle they almost always win the game.

    #12 Sheesh. Could that take down have been more out in the open?


  238. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Holy shiznit! I stopped watching at 3-1! What the……?!

  239. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Woohoo! just saw the replay on the fourth goal. I love it when Fleurish defends his mediocrity with his play.

  240. I am still playing catch up today. Love that comment by Pruster.

    In case you wandered, in French it’s:
    Les yeux exorbités, le morse graisse

  241. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Anyone else see those dysfunctional playoff numbers for Kane? 53 points in 52 games……. -11?

  242. Karlsson with a horrific giveaway on Montreal’s first goal. Hasn’t looked so spectacular to me since his return.

  243. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Holy freakin’ moley. Frolik is on the 4th line in chi? Talk about depth. He was a first and second liner with the Panthers (not that that’s anything to write home about).

  244. I hate the Penguins more than the Islanders. Penguins, Devils, Flyers, then Islanders.

  245. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Well to quote Col. Jessup, “don’t I feel like a fuggin a-hole”. Re the fishies.

    I still think they are a joke

  246. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I really despise the flyers but my hatred for the penguins borders on the unhealthy.

  247. Olga Folkyerself on

    When I interviewed for my current job, the Plant Manager had a Penguins hat in his office. I told him I was a Ranger fan- he didn’t smile.
    So I said “Hey, at least we can both hate the Flyers” He smiled at that…

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – is your plant manager a front runner fan? Had he heard of hockey prior to the skid’s arrival?

    Hawks look good.

  249. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3- I don’t know him all that well, but the plant he came from was in Charleroi PA just south of Pittsburgh. So I guess he got it honestly…
    I’m keeping my Hawks jersey handy, just in case they meet Pitt in the finals, I want to wear it to the production meeting before game 1.

  250. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks are a dominating offensive force. Their skill level reminds me of the rangers….

  251. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks have no one that can light the lamp like, say, Brian Boyle as example. BB had 2 goals. How many did Sharp, Tays, and Kane have? Just sayin…

  252. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boyle sure can light the lamp. He should be running a lighthouse somewhere. Maybe along the coast…

  253. I hate the CAPITALS more than any other team. I will then hate whoever we play next.

  254. how miserable was it to be a Chicago fan while they tanked to get Kane and Toews? that must have been real hard :)

  255. Olga Folkyerself on

    Almost as miserable as the Rangers missing the playoffs 7 years in a row and Sather not getting crap out of the draft all those years.

  256. Olga Folkyerself on

    It was miserable to be a Black Hawks fan until old man Wirtz died. There is a reason that Chicago fans booed during his moment of silence. Once they got someone that knew about hockey they did all right. Someone that knows the difference between Toews and Jessiman?

  257. toews was a top 3 pick. rangers have not had a top 5 pick in a long long time…

    rangers will win tomorrow.

    dorsett in a contact jersey can they play him? has not played in 6 weeks and you just put him in the lineup.

  258. I live in Alaska now. I played hockey with a guy from Chicago who also coached Hockey in Harlem.

    that guy is fast! and I was always the fastest guy on any team. He played at UAF with my brother who was captain.

    i saw the bleak years. Enjoy the fat times. That is all he will talk about.

  259. Enough about Chicago. The Rangers Have to even it up today.

    I expect a big game from Nash….l I always do…..

    better drink a few more… sleep is overrated I hear…

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