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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Not possible to do two videos in one post? Mandate to sell more ad space?

  2. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Well I guess i’ll have to find another blog to get Rangers info as the past 3 days I haven’t been able to watch any of the videos you posted Carp )-: Me not happy ! Now I can’t even listen to the audio. You tech guys are on my CARCILLO List!!!!!! BIG TIME.

  3. I’m 100% exhausted keeping up with these posts. Thanks for coming to get me, Doodie. You’re a pal.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Such is the curse of not having the post-scrolling buttons at the bottom, where they belong.

  5. Holy Carcillo Carp, slow down with the trigger happy postings! Some of us that work and play along can’t keep up.

    REPOST from 3 or 4 posts ago that I was last on just a little while ago:
    With Step proving he is a #1 center, Brassard playing well and odds are in favor of Miller making the team full time next year – does that make Richie more expendable this summer as opposed to next? None of these guys are 4th line centers and it seems that Boyle would fill that role very well while also PKing. So why keep Richards and his cap after this season?

    Manny I got my beard on!

  6. Stranger Nation on

    I thought ‘change’ was good…
    Wild getting their money’s worth with Suter
    O/U on DG/McD TOI tomorrow, regulation +/- 30 mins??

    Beware of *FATIGUE*

  7. The way I see it is if the rangers are going to resign clowe, (hopefully not since rumored he wants 4 mil 8yr deal) and need to resign stepan, McDonoaugh and Hagelin, I don’t see how they will have the cap space to do it without buying out Richards and freeing up the cap space. Cap next year is projected to be 64 mil.

  8. I have been rashly accused, in print, of being a feather duster. I presume that means that I am being ostrich-ized.

    Is there anyboby out there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anybody home?

  10. Especially in Half Baked!

    “You know uh, I never thought I’d say this to anybody, but you two smoke entirely too much reefer.” – TG

  11. actually it’s “is anybody in there” but pink Floyd is great head music.

  12. Ok. So the Semi Annul Paul Mara Beard Contest has taken an unusual turn. As usual there will be prizes but the always wonderful Sally has been swamped with actual work and I have thus taken over as coordinator (and thus been barred from competition).

    If you want to enter the contest please email me your before pictures ASAP at: paulmaraplayoffbeard@gmail.com

    The pictures will be posted at my amazing new website: http://semiannualpaulmaraplayoffbeardcontest.wordpress.com/

  13. Yes, it is, tommy.

    27, I’m sure that argument will ensue the moment Washington scores, of if the Rangers go a few minutes without a shot on goal. I can even predict who will start it.

  14. That’s nonsense barring yourself from the competition, Manny. Show a little conflict of interest.

  15. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – What’s your take on Clowe? He’s not around at all? Could he be out this whole series or longer?

  16. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Manny, if you compete, I will compete!!

    I think torts looks like the guy from Indiana jones and the last crusade

  17. Just put up a new post about tips and rules for growing a playoff beard over at the *official contest site*

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    My corporate masters forbid such an endeavor.

    I’m disappointed that Sally isn’t running it. I love her creativity, especially in the flyer advertising it.

  19. I made a website, Doodie. I put up posts. I colored in my Avatar. I’M DOING ALL I CAN!!!!!!!!

  20. Apparantly, growing a scruffy beard is frowned upon in this establishment. (my version of the etrade commercial, ok so it was funny in my head)
    No can do Manny, Sorry my avatar is it.

  21. what i miss today. work been real last two days and then i find out last night my grandmother of 95 yrs passes. no way ever rooting for the rangers do i live to 95.

  22. Maybe you guys who think you actually have to GROW the beard yourself are not really thinking this through…..

    Perhaps you could buy and grow a fuzzy plant? Just use hilarious pictures from the interweb?

  23. Sorry about grandmother Eric , but95 is one hell of a run!! Lemme guess- gpa went twenty years earlier?? The guys always go first, ESPECIALLY if they’re rangers fans!!

  24. thanks guy. she lived a great life. funeral tom. still plan on being nuts tom night as i know she wouldnt want me to change.

    that said 4-1 caps season over

  25. Grannys have special pull. Mine passed before game three of rangers-thrashers 2007. She loved the rangers. Lived to 82. Plus she had to deal with “1940” way longer than most.

    Truly sorry for your loss mr. Baum

  26. Eric, Sorry for your loss.
    Maybe she could show you some puck luck from above tomorrow – since she knows you will be watching. If a freak goal goes in to help the Rangers win – we will all smile and think of ya Eric! Not many are lucky to have their loved ones around until 95.

  27. Tortorella with Francesa (or as he would say, Tortoreller with Franceser) at 5:30.

    Should be some high comedy.

  28. Soon one will have to employ a secretary of posting to keep up with this shotgun style of blogging.

    I’ll check with Medicare to see if they will pay for it! ;)

  29. Is This Real? on

    Fatcesa is going to go on about the power play and how important it is. what a blowhard

  30. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp. Oh captain my captain carp. Not only do you fix my iphone audio problem. You give me he video interviews. You are the best. As a ranger fan living in Florida you are my link to rangers everything and everything just got better.

    Thank you!

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Loafs and Ice Mets victories would be a good thing

    Saw Gabby on back Nine of Winged Foot yesterday

    Does Biron start tomorrow? Discuss amongst yourselves…

  32. WOW! 1 more day…..I’m am playoff pumped! I’ve cleansed myself of all negative thoughts. I am completely behind this team, this coach, this organization.


  33. Sorry for your loss, Eric!

    So, Gaby needs surgery? Good thing we traded him…of course, if we didn’t, we would have missed the playoffs! Oh, what a tragedy that would have been!!

  34. Wait to you boneheads see my Stanley Cup Playoff Avatar, which I will unveil tomorrow before the game!


  35. Kenny Albert doing the Isles-Pens game. These aren’t his two favorite teams but you would never know it because he isn’t a blatant homer like the Isles or Pens announcers. I’m thinking he is pulling for the Isles…

    Kenny Albert = True Professional

  36. Wouldn’t be the playoffs if PIT didn’t get a power play in the first five minutes of a game..

  37. Butch Goring just said that Bennett’s goal went in an opening “maybe the size of the puck.” No, Butch, I think it was smaller.

  38. Czech: Are you entering the beard contest or getting an avatar anytime soon?

  39. Czechthemout!!! on

    In that first period, Wade Redden did more for Boston than in over 250 games as a Ranger.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    Get me that link for an Avatar please. No beard. Not an appropriate way to appear at work. I am one of those evil greedy financial professionals that some of yoos rail against .

  41. What the hell was Nabby doing 10ft in front of the crease looking at a puck behind him?

  42. What a dumb call…good to see the Isles get a call against this team, though…

  43. Manny, I will take part in the annual Paul Mara playoff beard extravaganza…I need to just send out the “before” pic

  44. Wow. Toronto broke up an odd-man rush and decided to give it to Krejci right in front of the net.

  45. Good evening, Carp!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA! I was without computer in NYC and then Albany, but now I’m BACK.

    Hope no one is too disappointed about my lack of Beard-a-thon-ing this year, but MANNY is gonna rock that 4th Sometimes Annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Competition (4SAPMPBC)! I’ll try to get it together to draw some kind of poster thingy (prize?), but can’t make any promises. Thanks for filling in, Mannu!


  46. Sally is always tough to beat in the beard contest…is she guaranteed a win this year?

  47. I guarantee nothing. The voting will be fair and balanced. Kind of like the post-Assad Syrian elections.

  48. Yes, just need to send out the “before” pic! FYI – I’m rarely totally clean shaven

  49. Butch Goring stated at the end of the first period ” at least the Islanders didn’t get blown out” and I thought to my self, it’s 2-0 after 1 period Butch, 2 more periods remaining. Pens leading early 2nd period 4-0. Butch Goring makes some of the most dumb founded remarks I ever heard a analyst say.

  50. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I guess it’s time to consider one of Carp’s many smart statements: The teams up top of the conference are much better than the bottom 3 or 4 playoff teams. Correctamente!!

  51. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Does anyone else think that Letang hit on Tavares should’ve been interference in “the new NHL”? He waited for Tavares and just hot him without ever going for the puck. Didn’t he impede Tavares path to the puck without regard to the actual puck?

  52. That was 100% interference with the ref standing 10 feet away, ridiculous.

  53. I had pens winning in 5 but isles down 5-0 has pens sweeping this series written all over it.

  54. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    And why am I not surprised that both Herb Alpert and Pierre Mcguesser didn’t even mention it.
    I wish I lived closer to Pittsburgh. I’m pretty sure I could score a goal in this “Festival of Goalie Lights”.

  55. What I hate about Letang is that he makes it look so easy, and he knows it.

  56. Fishsticks should go WWE on the Ice Chickens. At least make the game interesting!

  57. DC Mayor, council propose resolution to have Redskins name altered to Redtails. Get out of our sports!!

  58. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Wow. That was ridiculous. I’ve never seen refs feel so bad for a team that they don’t call one of the most blatant too-many-men penalties in the history of the game. Wow, just…. wow.

  59. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    With the joking about the Knicks, does their schedule conflict with the Rangers? Haven’t really checked the scheduled of both.

  60. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Even the Fishsticks parents are now wondering things like:
    1. Will we score a goal in these 4 games?
    2. Will my son need psychological treatment after these 4 games?
    3. Can we hold this team to less than 5 goals a game?
    4. Is there such a thing as a white flag in playoff hockey?
    5. How much worse does it get when Sid comes back?

  61. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Wow, I’m so happy I’m not an Icelanders their fans probably have more life in them than the players do.

  62. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, if I’m Capuano, I go into the locker room after game and say, “Guys, we can’t win this. Let’s go home. “

  63. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    I hate when teams make crappy goalies *cough* Fleury *cough* look like Patrick Roy on steroids.

  64. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Reasoner did follow through. Uh..oh. Can you imagine if SHanahahahahan gets a hold of this one? Spin the wheel. We have regressed to ankle on ankle hits ONLY if it’s against the Pens. America’s team.

  65. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    A bogus call like that AFTER you have proven you are totally overmatched = sweep.

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where are all those “I want the Rangers to play Pittsburgh” guys?

  67. iDoodie Machetto, 1.5 on

    It’s like everyone forgot that Nabokov sucks in the playoffs.

  68. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, the first two EC games were NOTHING like last year where the first round was awesome. This was lopsided, boring hockey. Not a good advertisement for the NHL.

  69. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    So far in the last two years MAF still has a 17.26 GAA.

  70. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    That was the first time i’ve ever commented and the next comment after mine got through when the page refreshed. Lol

  71. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Think he’ll be at MSG on Monday, or trout fishing? I’m thinking the latter. Just a guess.

  72. OMG! Stop the press! Stop the earth! Crosby-less (but still loaded with talent) Pens beat the Islanders!


  73. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Wade Redden scored and assisted on the winning goal in Boston. I knew we should’ve never let him go.

  74. We Will, We Will Evrock You! on

    Gabby’s having abdominal surgery in the off-season. I have no idea what that means in terms of his play this season though.

  75. Admiral Akbar on

    Fishsticks are toast.

    They peaked too soon.

    In an 82 game season, I wonder if the Stinkin’ Fish would have made the top 8 in the conference.

    It would have been cool if the Fish were OUR first round opponent last season, instead of the much better Ottawa Senators… Maybe the Rangers would have had more in the tank against New Jersey.

  76. Admiral Akbar on

    Ricky Caps telling his players after the second period in this game:

    “Boys, its a trap!”

  77. Weise just DESTROYED someone. Remember when he wasn’t good enough to be a member of NYR?

  78. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Good point

    Anyone have a vid link to the pens isles dust up tonight?

  79. Was it Renney who couldn’t deal with Dupuis’ skill and speed? Remind me, please.

  80. Wicky,
    there’s nothing much to see, the Isles were thoroughly intimidated, did not hit, didn’t skate, were nervous and will be watching this tape tomorrow.
    After that, it should be a much better game for them. I am not a fan, but they can beat the Penguins if they only try.

  81. YEWWWWWWW! So pumped for tonight. Thought about heading to DC for the game and then remembered that there are few cities so full of young men talking about what their dad’s do / $. So….. yea, stoked to watch it at home or the bar. BIG game for our boys.

  82. Is there a *new post* we don’t know about or something? It’s Game Day Jackwagons! Come on!

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