Rangers 18-1 odds to win the Cup, 17-2 odds to win the East; Penguins favored at 7-2


First, I rounded up some cheap prizes in case I have time tomorrow between practice, interviews, audio/video training, writing my matchups and predictions, etc., (and my other job) to set up a predictions contest. So stay tuned.

Below are the odds for each of the NHL’s 16 Stanley Cup playoff participants to win their respective conference, and to win the Stanley Cup.

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup      

Pittsburgh Penguins                  7/2
Chicago Blackhawks                 15/4
Boston Bruins                           17/2
Anaheim Ducks                         12/1
Montreal Canadiens                   12/1
Los Angeles Kings                    14/1
St. Louis Blues                          14/1
Vancouver Canucks                   14/1
San Jose Sharks                       16/1
Washington Capitals                  16/1
New York Rangers                     18/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                 20/1
Minnesota Wild                         22/1
Detroit Red Wings                     28/1
Ottawa Senators                        28/1
New York Islanders                    40/1 

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Eastern Conference           

Pittsburgh Penguins                  3/2
Boston Bruins                           4/1
Montreal Canadiens                   11/2
Washington Capitals                  8/1
New York Rangers                     17/2
Toronto Maple Leafs                 12/1
Ottawa Senators                        14/1
New York Islanders                    18/1

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Western Conference          

Chicago Blackhawks                 7/4
Anaheim Ducks                         11/2
Vancouver Canucks                   13/2
St. Louis Blues                          7/1
Los Angeles Kings                    15/2
San Jose Sharks                       8/1
Minnesota Wild                         10/1
Detroit Red Wings                     14/1

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  1. We just finished breaking in the last post, and now we have to start all over with a new one? Fine, get me the linseed oil, a softball and a belt

  2. Alex Ovechkin’s shirt this morning: “I Will Step On You To Win.” #Caps

    or run you over with my car seat

  3. I’d say the oddsmakers are usually unbeleivably accurate…but I’m not sure I agree with St. Loius so high and Toronto so low

  4. Carp, Kudos to your IT techs for the audio files that are now compatible with our iphones. Let them know that I approved them taking the rest of the day off.

  5. Toronto has goaltending problems. And Kadri (who is their Stepan) got hurt at practice.

  6. It’s a good thing for all of us that Manny has his fingers on the pulse of our country’s Canadian teams…then again, who knows where else his fingers have been

  7. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    From last years playoffs:

    eleven..ten…nine…eight…Ovie sucks!!! Ovie sucks!!!!

    One of our best MSG chants!!

  8. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    interesting the Rangers have lower odds than Toronto, even though we finished behind them. Guess that’s because we have a Vezina winning goalie, instead of a flopping pillow with hands and legs???

  9. Ha. Thanks for the gentle rib, Fat Guy. It was pretty good.

    The Maple Leafs were on fire in the beginning of the season. They hung on just enough to grab that 5th spot. But they certainly weren’t good. And they continue to try and get a goalie to replace Reimer so that doesn’t scream confidence in their goaltender situation. Their backup, Scribbles, is not as good or cool as his nickname.

  10. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Shouldn’t the Rangers, at worst, be 16-1 to win the Cup? (s)

  11. Manny – You are right about Toronto, but I still wouldn’t like our chances against them…too much size for the 2013-2013 Rangers…now, the 2011-2012 Rangers would have a great series against them, clunking peoples’ heads together like Curly and Larry. Not sure how we’d score, but we’d definitely clunk

  12. Yea because if we played them JVR would net 5 goals or more and Lupul would annihilate us. And yea, they have like 3 legitimate playable thugs.

  13. I have decided for the post season to take the positive approach. I think for me to get through this series is that I have to think we will win otherwise I may lose it after game 1 if we lose.

    So for the rest of the postseason I am now known

    Like manny Sioux and ilb.

    That said rangers in 7 on a del zotto not del zaster game winner

  14. A million to one,
    That’s what some folks think about this team of ours.
    A million to one,
    They say that our team will fade like yesterday’s flowers.
    They’re betting everything that our team won’t survive,
    They’re hoping
    In time, we’ll forget
    Our blogger lives.
    But, we’ll forgive them
    And we’ll outlive them,
    After all is said and done,
    ‘Cause we’re one in a million,
    A million to one.

  15. Good to have you aboard, eric. I have taken a negative turn actually so we might balance each other out.

  16. Yeah, I agree. If Ovie plays out of his mind, we’re toast. Most teams would be toast, but not all

  17. Manny, I always root for the Pansies in those things. I would rather watch the McDowells, Poulters, Garcias, etc., than the boring clowns, chokers and Tiger (who, in addition to being a cretin, always sucks in team play) on the U.S. team.

    I covered DLIII’s under-the-rainbow PGA championship at the Foot.

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