Post-practice interviews (audio): Tortorella, Lundqvist, Girardi, Staal, Dorsett


The Rangers began practicing for their series with the Washington Capitals today, with a double session, the second part of which was spent on special teams.

Derek Dorsett (broken clavicle) has not yet been cleared for full contact, and Marc Staal (eye) said he is holding out hope that he can return at some point in the series. Ryane Clowe (probable concussion) and Brian Boyle (knee) did not practice, but the Rangers are hopeful that any or all of their injured players could return during the series.

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  1. Wish we knew what was up with Clowe, other sites reporting knee issues which is probably better than concussion

  2. can’t say this out in the main part of the blog, but all indications I’ve gotten are it’s a concussion.

  3. Wow! You’re there, Carp. They should take that award back from Callahan and give you the Extra Effort award.

  4. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Clowe appeared to be concussed when he skated off the ice…like he was really concentrating on looking straight ahead.

  5. Carp – how much money do you think the Elbow to the head is going to cost Clowe come contract negotiations?

  6. Still depends on the one-dumb owner theory, Manny. If his head is clear by July 1, it might not cost him a penny.

  7. Seriously, though. Hockey-Reference is going to need a new stat column for “Concussions” soon. It’s becoming so relevant.

  8. Carp,

    When are your predictions coming out for the playoffs? Just interested to get your take.

    Caps in 7…IMO.

  9. Unless the rangers go deep I don’t think you will see Staal play this year and the same for Clowe. There is no doubt Clowe has a concussion. Apparently he hit Sanguinetti’s elbow, not sure why that wasn’t a penalty or a review from shanigans but than again it appears the rules are different when it happens to a ranger player.

  10. Carp, I have an issue, to whom do I direct my complaint?

    When I contact the writer I receive a failure to function notice! ;)

  11. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Boyle missed about a week with his concussion last year, and Powe was about 10 days. So, it would be premature to say Clowe will definitely be out for the series.

  12. Gravy,
    it depends on the severity of the concussion and the individual. There is a possibility Clowe will be back in this series but the way this season has gone I’m not confident Clowe will be back in time to play in this series. Time will tell, see what happens.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the current audio technical difficulties aside, what is the status of getting iDevice friendly audio clips?

    We were promised this prior to the blog redesign, so I bit my tongue and swallowed hard through all of the rotten design changes (especially on the mobile site). But I need the audio to be changed. Please.

    Also, can we move the post scrolling buttons down to below the comments instead of at the top?

  14. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Yes, I think we should assume that he will not play in the series, but I also wouldn’t dismiss the possibility.

  15. agree, unfortunately Sauer’s career is done. Sauer would have been back by now if it wasn’t a severe concussion. I feel even if Sauer came back it wouldn’t take much for him to get concussed again, it’s a shame because he is what the rangers are lacking on the blue line, right handed shot, physical defensemen.

  16. Sioux-per-man on

    Rob – More of a Conspiracy theory than fiction.

    But at this point, anything is possible.

    Now if they only predicted the Kings win last year, they would have a history on picking long shots.

    What he writes about the Rangers beating Pittsburgh, I agree with them, if there’s on team that CAN do it, it’s the Rangers. We shall see…..

  17. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Doodie Machetto,

    i totally agree. it’s harder to read the blog on iOS now. it takes forever to load. And still no audio for iOS!

  18. tommy, but you are speculating without info while the club believes all the injured players have a shot at returning as the series goes on.

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    Not sure if we have Cake in a Dogs Breakfast, but it could be if its left out :)

    Caps have knocked us out of the playoffs in past years, and came close to knocking us out last year. IF it wasn’t for a late high stick penalty last year they might have. Remember when Richards got a goal with 6 seconds left, and the Rangers win in OT.

    Anything can happen in the NHL.

    That said – I think the Rangers win more than they lose in this series.

  20. I never wanted Gaborik in the first place and the main reason was he always gets hurt, not to mention he is a 1 dimensional player, goal scorer, that’s it, good riddance.

  21. Carp, of course I’m speculating, I know more or less than the next fan. My feeling is the way this season has gone with injuries I expect the worst.

  22. I read Gaborik might have a groin problem. What a surprise, same injury he has been suffering from since the days he played with the wild.

  23. Afternoon all,

    The Caps are coming into this series with lots of swagger – deservedly so after the second half they’ve had, coinciding with the resurgence of #8.


    The Rangers have the decided edge in goal – they would in pretty much any series. And it seems as though they could get all of their injured players back at some time in the series. If the Caps take this opponent the least bit lightly, they could be in for a result they may not expect.

  24. carp, I hope Clowe and Staal come back, the sooner the better, gives the rangers a better chance of going deep into the playoffs.

  25. Best line I heard at practice today … can’t say who said it:

    “Richards has five goals, six assists and zero scoring chances in his last six games.”

  26. Sioux-per-man on

    #8 has all their goals. If the Rangers can contain him – they are an average team.

    Defense win Championships – and it will win this Series.
    A.O. going to get a few goals that’s for sure, and he might win a game or two, but Ranger will win 4 out of 6 of them.

    NO need to even think about game 7. It won’t be played.

  27. Sioux-per-man on

    That’s funny stuff!!!

    If it weren’t for puck luck, he would have no luck at all :)

  28. Carp

    Where did you see msg covering games 1 3 4 5 and 7. I know 2 is NBC but where you hear 6.

  29. Doodie, apparently you barked and they answered. You should now have audio for your mobile device … and thanks to you I now have to go to the office to get trained on how to post the audio the new way. You owe me big-time for that last part ;)

    I’ll let you know if I need you to twist any of the tech-team’s arms in the future.

  30. @SWhyn #Caps’ Backstrom on #NYR: “Me, personal, I think we were better in 7 games against them. But sometimes hockey isn’t fair.”

    I hate the stupid Capitals. Hate.

  31. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – they are not good enough to HATE. Don’t waist the energy :)

    Pittsburgh on the other hand is.

  32. yeah, and supposedly Ward is talking about getting revenge … maybe he should keep his stick down this time.

  33. never too early for bulletin board material

    can;t wait for Backstrom to get leveled by Sauer, er, Prust, er, Rupp, er, Bickel, er Clowe, er, Asham, er, Kreider?

  34. Joel Ward was still peed off at me when he was swinging his stick for telling them they’d go down evening before game 7 at Il Mulino.

  35. #Caps’ Backstrom on #NYR: “Me, personal, I think we were better in 7 games against them. But sometimes hockey isn’t fair.”

    this dude has been crying about this the past 48 hours nonstop. He scored 1 goal in the series last year. Cry more.

  36. if they were better in 7 games, they would have advanced.

    That’s why series are 7 games instead of one or three

  37. Better throw Bickel on the ice for the warmups before Game 1 to piss everybody off. Certainly worked with John Scott last year.

  38. No need, Carp. That was directed more toward ilb than you. Are you posting by/from NYR practice facility?

  39. So I was listening to hockey night in Canada radio and elliot Friedman had bill daly in studio for half hour. At the end elliot asked bill what in your mind is the most intriguing series.

    Bill response was rangers/caps. Elliot starts laughing saying you chose that one because you are a ranger fan and 94 was very meaningful to you.

    Did anyone know bill daly is a ranger fan.

    How come we still get screwed half the time.

  40. won’t you come home Bill Daly?

    I’d be more confident in this series if we knew we’d have Clowe’s size up front…who do we have that is going to bang with these guys? Nash is scared, Cally and our D-men are too small, …

  41. Can you imagine the ferocity of the Wang jokes if we end up dancing with the Isles again?

  42. lmao, Manny. They did give us bagels, coffee and juice today … playoff time, you know?

    Fat Guy. No shot, dog bite.

    Is this going to hurt?
    Yes, very much.

  43. Sioux-per-man on

    PHAT Guy – now that’s going to take an act of Congress for these two teams to meet in the finals. Sure would be fun though.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Ward is still on the hook for his high sticking penalty. I’m sure he wants a second chance to beat the Rangers, too bad it isn’t going to happen.

    Someone should have a sign made. Ward – stick it to me!!!

  45. Stranger Nation on

    The time off will help us (injury healing time) more than it will help them (mojo deflating time) IMHO

    Is Ray Liota still behind the bench for the Craps?

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