Rangers-Devils in review: Rangers sew up sixth seed; will play the Capitals again (updated)


So, in case you tuned out after the Rangers thrashed the Devils, your friend Mr. Snider’s Orange Crud did the Rangers a favor for the second time in a week. The Flyers beat Ottawa in regulation to clinch the sixth seed and yet another meeting with the Capitals (fourth time in five years) in the playoffs for the Rangers.

Maybe they should light up the Empire State Building in orange again.

All the other first-round matchups in the East are to be determined by the Ottawa-Boston game today. The Senators could still finish seventh, ahead of the Islanders. Boston could still win the Northeast and the third seed ahead of Montreal.


NEW YORK, April 28, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled 10 players from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL) – Stu Bickel, Ryan Bourque, Micheal Haley, Brandon Mashinter, Dylan McIlrath, Jason Missiaen, J.T. Miller, Brandon Segal, Cameron Talbot, and Christian Thomas.

(Of the 10, only Micheal Haley will practice with the team and travel to D.C.).


1) Captain Callahan. About time he did something. We’ve kind of mentioned him right up on top of these reviews a lot lately. The guy goes out and chases down a John Moore rebound behind the net, takes a big slash and makes the pass to Derek Stepan for the quick 1-0 goal. Then he has two short-handed breakaways, the first one of which was stopped – he was out of gas at the end of a penalty-killing shift. Then gets another, off a Stepan steal-and-pass, and scored. Won the Steven McDonald award, then the Players’ Player. Just a great captain.

2) Derek Stepan=Monster. Seriously, I’m not going to mention any areas where I think he might need work because some of youse take that the wrong way when I do. The kid’s been absolutely terrific this season. On both sides of the puck and in all situations. I mentioned last year about his hockey IQ which is his greatest asset, IMO. And if he decides to shoot it more, I think he might be a 30-goals-plus guy.

3) And just to be clear, he is their No. 1 center this season. The reason I have said otherwise is that A) I want to see him produce offense like this over a full season and B) the real No. 1 center should have been their No. 1 center, and if he had been this team would have been hosting two home games this coming week.

4) That said, Brad Richards … made a play. Well, he made a few plays, but the one I mean was his hustle play after losing the draw, when he chased the puck behind the goal line, took it away from, I think it was Larsson (one of many non-competitive Devils in the game) and made the terrific pass to Rick Nash, who was kind of ignored by the other disinterested Devils. That’s the kind of plays the Rangers need from Richards more than the banked-in goals.

5) That penalty vs. Pyatt=Pansification.

6) Then, for the second game in a row, Rick Nash was pretty much tackled driving to the net … and no call. I don’t get it.

7) Never mind. I edited this one out because I realized in my rush I kind of already said the same thing earlier.

8) By the way, that was just an embarrassing half-hearted effort from Devils, starting with the Hall of Fame goaltender who – I was told definitively that he was joking when he said it – should not have said he doesn’t want to play because he’d be harassed and heckled by the Garden fans. He should have sucked it up and played. It set a bad precedent. Then Ilya Kovalchuk went out and failed to perform at all – his lack of effort on the first Callahan shorty breakaway was abysmal And it trickled through the lineup.

9) Last year the Rangers power play suddenly woke up in the playoffs, or at least some of the time, in big situations, it did. I really think it could be a major problem going into this postseason. If John Tortorella and/or Mike Sullivan have any set plays up their sleeves, now’s the time to show them. I think they might. We’ll see.

10) Nice to see the third and fourth liners get some power play time in this game. They deserved it, and Kris Newbury hit the post during the 5-on-3. Shows you, though, how simple a good power play can be. Move feet, move the puck. Get to open ice. The better players don’t seem to get that.

11) Henrik Lundqvist. Talk about a guy who gets it. He was honored to break the shutout record (season and playoffs) of Eddie Giacomin because he’s gotten to know Eddie, Eddie, Eddie and because he thinks it’s so cool the way some of the all-time greats in this star-crossed franchise remain part of the family. I think he wants to be one of those.

12) OK, that was a tangent. What I meant to say was, this guy is really, truly, more important than Callahan and Stepan and anybody once Game 49 arrives, and he’s really playing some kind of goal right now. Loved playing all the games down the stretch, and appreciates and welcomes the challenge of playing bigger games now.

13) I know it was just a coincidence, but at MSG, while they were doing one of those things during a stoppage where they were saluting fans, they played Cee Lo Green’s best-known song. Which is titled “Forget You.” And which, originally, was titled something similar, but the first word was a different F-word. Anyway, that was pretty much the song the NHL sang to all of you from September through January.

14) Gotta say, Washington wasn’t my first choice. But it could be worse. Wonder if NBC will fall in love with Alex Ovechkin again, because he and his car seat were on the outs with Mike Milbury and Co. most of the season.

15) The Rangers closed on a 10-3-1 run, had a better record than pre-ordained coach of the year Teddy Roosevelt in Ottawa, had a better record than the Miracle Islanders. So, to repeat the rallying cry: “Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and won’t play for his BS.”

16) Also, I met Tobi, the eight-year-old son of a loyal Bonehead, at the game. So he’s picking Three Stars for me today. And maybe again during the playoffs.

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Tobi’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King.
2. The Captain.
3. Stepan.
HM: my Dad for bringing me to so many games this season.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King
2. Nasher
3. Stepan & Cally
HM-Carp….actually our first star… for another great “regular” season … what ya got in store for us for the playoffs? Waiting for your next book…”Psychiatry from the Ledge!”
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan (25%).
2. Tie, Derek Stepan (18.27%).
2. Tie, Rick Nash (18.27%).

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  1. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    First. Carped.

    SS79, you need to take PP goals out of the equation to put everyone on a level playing field ice surface since you do not get a plus for that. Or, add a plus to the numbers.

    It is somewhat a decent indicator of even strength value, but completely ignores PP or PK effectiveness of a player.

  2. Nice review, Carp, except for the fact that #4 and #7 are essentially the same thing.

    Anyone know what the status of the Theatre at MSG is, what with the reservations? Hoping NYR will throw a viewing party or something considering playoff tickets are probably out of my budget until I impulsively look them up and buy them anyway.

  3. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Carp, great review as always. My mantra this season has been to just get in. Rangers were the 2nd hottest team (believe it or not) down the stretch. Of course, the hottest was the Caps, but they had most games their weak division rivals (let’s conveniently forget how the Rangers played in Florida and to a lesser extent, Carolina).

  4. bull dog line on

    I like the Rangers in this series if, Clowe, and Boyle are healthy. otherwise not so confident.

  5. Add your Carpuano

    Nice write up

    Re: #4 the Devil who was busy watching everything but the slot on the first Nash goal was #17.

    Could not agree more with #2. As I said in the last thread, he will get a big payday next year.

    Carp, If you had to rate who we would be most likely see return to the ice in this series would it be:


  6. So it seems that the Rangers game will be on NBC Saturday afternoon. Suppose the game goes to multiple OT periods. Will NBC cut away from the game for 2 hours of pre-race hoopla (and the incessant commercials)? Don’t doubt for a moment that they won’t.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t doubt for a moment they will switch to Derby coverage, but they probably have a contingency plan for the game too

  8. Good point Balcony Bob. No doubt at all Hockey will be shoved aside so that nation can view and wager on large animals wearing bright colors with small humans on their backs.

    NBCSN, CNBC, MSNBC, AEIOUY, EIEIO or one of networks in the NBC family will pick up the game.

  9. Add your favorite Commadore: Lionel

    Thanks, Carp
    Now I cn go to Church
    Actually that was my Church

  10. Ps. How cool is it that Martin St Louis, at age 37, won the scoring title? Wish we had him on this team.

  11. It’s time for the annual Wash-NYR Spring Classic. It wouldn’t be spring without nerves, breakdowns, and game sevens.

  12. Both Dorsett and Staal have been skating quite hard in practices from whats been reported, hes waiting for an extra and then he will be able to go. Staal is waiting for the blurry-ness(is that a word?) to go down and he should be ready too.
    And if Boyle and Clowe havent been near the facilities, you can count them out for the cup run.

    Been waiting all morning for the review Carpy can’t start the day after a game without it.
    Paul Mara Beard-a-thon 2013! LGR

  13. Romeo, total guess: Dorsett. The reason I can’t guess on the others is there’s no inforation. We know Dorsett is healing and just waiting an MRI or CT-scan and then the OK to resume contact.

    Tortorella did talk about the possibility of the other guys returning, but no idea if it’s close. Clowe, some people are convinced and as I suspected from the start, might indeed be concussed.

  14. Great review Carp. If BRich plays like a no1 then we are legit. Two lines are a real threat. Though Caps are better team than last year, big difference is Mike Ribiero, quietly a great add.

  15. I watched Kreider a lot yesterday I’ll be generous and say he has to work on some things. That being said, power forwards take time and I would not give up on him.

  16. Update:
    NEW YORK, April 28, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled 10 players from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL) – Stu Bickel, Ryan Bourque, Micheal Haley, Brandon Mashinter, Dylan McIlrath, Jason Missiaen, J.T. Miller, Brandon Segal, Cameron Talbot, and Christian Thomas.

    (Of the 10, only Micheal Haley will practice with the team and travel to D.C.).

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    Caps fans on this board I’m reading are licking their chops. The only thing they’re worried about is Lundqvist

  18. “Maybe they should light up the Empire State Building in orange again.”

    Lol. It never gets old.

    Otsukaresama desu Carp!

  19. Caps fans saying only thing they’re worried about is Hank would be like us saying only thing we’re worried about is Ovie. Just silly…as if the goalie doesn’t count as a player.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    Pimp – add it to your menu…”Rangers in 5″ – “A devilsh dish guaranteed to set your taste buds aglow…..”

  21. Don’t care if Richie never scores again so long as he battles, keeps moving, and sets some tables. A few goals along the way couldn’t hurt.

  22. Show of hands … or typing fingers, do you guys want me to add some Washington reporters to the widget for the series, to see what’s going on over there. Or maybe just one or two? or none?

  23. I think they can take the Caps. Problem is they NEVER make any easy. Just for that fact I say Rangers in 7.

  24. Sure Carp, why not.

    I just hope I don’t have to watch Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin for the entire seven games.

  25. I remember last year the NHL allowed local telecasts in the first round only. They blacked out MSG here in PA and we were forced to watch NHL network with the Canadian feed. I assumed this was the case everywhere outside the NY market. I wish that would change.

  26. Kreider looked very apprehensive and scared out there yesterday. Almost as if he had a little torts bobble head sitting on his shoulder whispering in his ear the entire time. We need the baptism-by-fire player that was thrown into the mix last year.

  27. Also, the big question in this series, besides the goaltending is: will we see the scary good Mike Green or the Mike Green of last couple seasons?

  28. I’m all for the adding the twits and tweets of Washington Capitals websites.

    It will definitely increase the excitement.

  29. So just to be clear, during the Caps’ 15-2-2 push to end the year, they did the following:

    Beat Winnipeg 3 x
    Beat Tampa 2 x
    Beat Carolina 2 x
    Beat Florida 1 x
    Beat Canadiens x 2
    Beat Boston
    Beat the Senators
    Beat Isles, Rangers, Sabres in SO
    Lost to Isles, Flyers and Ottawa twice

    Not that the Rangers late season schedule was hard either, but the Caps did have it pretty easy there.

  30. NYR passing seems greatly improved. This usually happens when the fierce, rapid game pace on ice is magically slowed down in the head, an attribute of the good player turning the page into a very good player.

  31. Regarding # 8 and Kovulcuk….not surprised by his game yesterday. That was his M/O for years with the Trashers. That’s why he isn’t a top
    5 player in the league.

  32. And an addition of MZA, Carp and coos. I think Holtby and Co. will face a much more balanced offense this year comparing to last spring. Three lines that can score. If they can minimize OV’s impact, I like our chances better this year.

  33. Good afternoon, Carp! Did you ask Richards if he’s going to ride his bike to the Garden during the playoffs, too?

  34. Rangers in six
    ovie will need the carseat fixed
    Pee – dough will talk Knicks
    the king will show his tricks
    And onward we will go ..

  35. The fluctuations of confidence and absence of confidence that haunt the human condition, especially in sports, even among the most talented, are bewildering.

  36. Sally, are you doing a Paul Mara contest?

    Maybe we can do a first-round predictions contest too … depending on how soon they start and if I have time to round up a prize or two.

  37. Frerd Shero’s opening line: Newbury, Haley, Asham, Bickel, McIlrath. Down 2-0 early, but the tone is set. :)

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “who the **** is going to strap me the **** in my ******* car seat?”

  39. Sunday car call from Torts to old Mister Torts: “Papa Bear, fire up the grill, I’m on my way.”

    Mister Torts to wife: “I got this guy forever, I guess.”

  40. I guess most are relieved we didn’t get the Penguins.

    Well we are certainly familiar with the Capitals, which is a positive, and we are in a stretch, since the trade deadline, of playing our most consistent competitive hockey of the year. If we can return some of the injured, we’ll have excellent depth as well. No doubt, we have the edge in goal.

    However, its hard to argue that the Caps are not the hottest team in the East, whose superstar forward and former all-star defenseman are playing at the top of their respective games. Also, the Caps are no longer coached by the conservative, defense first Dale Hunter.

    IMO, key to the series is going to be Special Teams. If we can match or better the Caps on special teams, we’ll win in 6.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts mom – “care for some tater tots?”

    Torts – “shove those ******* tater tots up your ******* assen”

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts mom – ” would you like some baby back ribs?”

    Torts – “what kind of ******* question is that?”

  43. Torts’ mom: “Johnny, eat your peas. Don’t you like peas?”

    Torts: “I’m not going to break down the entire meal for you. Ask me a question about the ****** game.”

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts mom – “try these baby carrots”

    Torts – “try shutting the **** up for a change instead”

  45. Lieutenant Joe Kenda going through Donnie Murdoch’s locker: “Well, my, my my. Looks like someone’s been a bad little boy.”

  46. Truthfully Papa, the goal is to beat them all, so I think you just have to say bring ’em on, whomever it is.

    Part of me thinks ‘what if’ they had different matchups last year? In hindsight Philly or Pittsburgh would have been a nice round one match up last year.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts mom – “get in your car seat right now”

    Torts – “go jump in a ******* lake”

  48. Mom: “Can we expect you for the 4th of July cookout?”

    Torts: “I’m not answering questions about my schedule.”

  49. One of the things you learn from years of dealing with drug people, is that you can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug. Especially when it’s waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye.

  50. *special teams*

    Power Play Rank: Caps #1 and Rangers #23

    Penalty Kill Rank: Caps #27 and Rangers #15

    Rangers took the fewest penalties in the league this year.
    Capitals 13th fewest penalties.

  51. Rangers in 7. There will be another 3OT game. Brassard scores the winner in that one.

  52. should the celtics hold on to this lead vs knicks game 7 is scheduled for sunday afternoon. since nhl is announcing schedule tonight at 1100 on nhl network they wouldnt be able to put rangers/caps on sunday afternoon at 12 or 3 . nbc has a doubleheader in afternoon next sunday.

    expect then to see tues thurs and sat afternoon at msg before the derby

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have the 2nd highest win % when they score first. Only the Hawks are better. The key is getting that first goal.

  54. I like that Torts may throw Nash into the PK rotation, like he did yesterday. Caps points and Ovie will have to be wary when Nash is out there on the PK.

  55. Carp, on 15: Ottawa missed Spezza, Karlsson and Anderson for big portions of the year. I think I’ll take Teddy R over the man who plays No. 5 on the PP point and runs your favorite 40-goal man out of town. And we had a better record than … the Islanders? This is a bragging point? Yeah Avery is an asshat, but so what? On 14: What IS that ironing board flapping out of Ovie’s pants? That thing irks me also.

  56. I think Teddy Roosevelt is terribly overrated, Tangerine. I’m just saying, everybody’s on the NYI bandwagon (not here, but everywhere else) and the Rangers had this terrible season and they finish ahead of them and the Senators and barely out of fifth. I’m just pointing out that these teams around them aren’t all that good, that there’s rampant mediocrity.

    And despite his PP deficiencies and a few others, I think Avery’s favorite clown is better than the guys coaching the aforementioned teams, not to mention Washington, Montreal, among others

  57. good job, eric. I also think that the two series involving Boston and Ottawa (unless they’re the same series) have to start Wednesday because of the day off they lost due to the postponement. So the Rangers-Caps pretty much have to start Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday makes all the sense in the world, having the NY market on the network.

  58. Carp- all the matchups favor us. We have superior goaltending.we have superior next day reviews . We also have superior Katies too!!!

  59. I don’t know if I can take another series against the Capitals. Especially if we don’t have Staal to shut down Ovechkin. Is Staal back yet?

  60. those matchups I’ll give you, dc. We have better blog readers by far. And I’ll take “our” katie.

    but not sure about the forwards matchup, and though Lundqvist is clearly superior to Holtby, the Rangers have sure made Holtby look like Georges Vezina at times.

  61. >>What IS that ironing board flapping out of Ovie’s pants? That thing irks
    >>me also.

    Doesn’t Hagelin wear one of his own?

  62. Exactly, Carp. Overall, the key to shutting down the Caps is to shutdown Ovechkin with one quality D-Man and don’t get beaten by guys like Chimera, Ward and Hendricks who, I have a feeling, will probably shine in this series.

  63. manny

    if you rememeber correctly two years ago chimera scored in game 4 at the garden in double ot when hank and gabby got mixed up when hank tried to clear puck and hit gabby and chimera banged in rebound. we go down 3-1 in series and it was over

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Unfortunately I think clowe would have been a huge plus in the playoffs!

    Could you guys see torts in the movie snatch?

    Brad Pitt “Do you like dags??”

    Torts “what the &$:$:)):@ is a dag?”

  65. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Can the guys on the taxi squad be used at anytime in the playoffs?

  66. Teddy R may be getting a bit too much credit (I dont think he is) for running a team of AHLers while all his stars went down but it’s kind of funny (maybe ironic or interesting would be better words) the length you have gone to defend just about everything Torts has done or hasnt done this season and yet you think Teddy R is “overrated”.

    We finished just above the Islanders who you also have mocked pretty much all year saying that there is no way they can stay afloat with only Tavares leading them. Not exactly reason to jump up and down.

    Overall it’s been a disappointing season thus far as a whole for the Rangers. Looking at it in depth, and i count the pre and post deadline teams as 2 different teams, we’ve been playing much better hockey as we have scoring more spread out. The past 4 weeks have been more “Rangers hockey”.

  67. Lyova, I’m just being true to my belief that this guy is the best Rangers coach I’ve covered, all things considered. Especially the track the organization is on, and his input into that. Last year they overachieved — or arrived a year or two ahead of schedule. This year has been a step backward, no doubt, and Tortorella deserves plenty of the blame for it.

    But his guys play for him. And the core that he’s helped establish and nurture is going to be good for a long time.

  68. Don’t know how much it counts considering NJD didn’t give a cooke, but as a live viewer of yesterday’s game it seemed to me that when NJD had extended puck possession, they were rarely able to generate high quality scoring chances. Most things were kept to the outside, and the point men seemed to have slightly less time. Let’s see if we can keep that up.

  69. and I do think Teddy’s done a good job this year. I thought he was terribly overrated last year, and I think he has a lot more overall skill (when healthy) than the Rangers have. I thought he blew Game 1 by dressing his soft lineup against the Rangers team that had such a rugged identity. Maybe cost his team the series?

  70. Carp,

    I’d recommend adding Stephen Whyno (Wash Times) to widget as well, pretty good reporter on the Twitterverse.

    Will be interesting to see schedule because the Verizon Center has Taylor Swift concerts scheduled for May 11 and 12 which is when a Game 7 would/should take place if you assume games every other day beginning this Tuesday or Wednesday…

  71. I will agree on the point that he’s done a better job this year than last. Will disagree on the more overall skill part though. When healthy and playing to full potential I dont think it is even close.

  72. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think bylsma deserves the jack Adams every year until he doesn’t have Sid and Malkin

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No sure bro, the carpinator probably has a better idea than I do.

    In this case I would say no news is bad news.

    I would have mcdonut shadow car seat #1

    I hate to ask this, but who is Taylor swift?

  74. i think clowe is vital in this series along the walls. lots of board play and we need to win the puck battles.

    now as for as tonight goes here is what i think is best for the rangers

    have ottawa win

    pens vs isles
    habs vs senators
    bruins vs leafs

    the reason i say this is if we forecasted to 2nd round and we survive a big IF. I do believe ottawa will beat montreal making them as the 7 sees play penguins in round 2.

    i also believe isles have better shot at pitt then ottawa does should ottawa lose in regulation tonight

  75. taylor swift concert in wash dc sat may 11th and sun may 12th at 7 pm both nights.

    a game 7 weekend. who knows what they do

  76. Admiral Akbar on

    IWicky & Manny –

    I will attempt to secure this as my Avatar.. It is most excellent – thanks! Ha!

  77. Admiral Akbar on

    Disaster averted, Rebels saved…

    The Bonehead Rebellion has but only Jedi Masters iWicky and Manny to thank!

  78. I got my daughter Taylor Swift tix for her 12 th B day on that Sunday. She doesn’t know so don’t tell her, boneheads. Me and my boy are dropping them off then off to a sports bar in DC. Can’t cancel the concert just do a Bettman shoot out at the end of game 6. Everybody ok with this?

  79. Rangers did what they had to do and got it done at the end of the season. Failing to register a shot on 6 power play opportunities against a team that phoned in the final game of their season along with the utter PP ineptitude we’ve seen from this team throughout the past 48 games worries me but they are certainly worse matchups than Washington. Also somewhat mystified how what the Rangers did up a man could have translated in any capacity as an example of “how simple a good power play can be.” Feels to me like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when hitting a post on a 5-on-3 and failing to register an actual shot is evidence of anything.

  80. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Has carp posted a link to our season prediction thread yet?

    I wonder if anyone had the top 8 right?

  81. Isles beat Penguins in 5. Cynthia never sees the ice. MAF suffers a relapse of the Playoff “yips” and gets destroyed by Tavares, who has a series similar to Giroux’s 1st round last year.

  82. i had blackhawks over bruins in 7 games on an ot goal by michael rozival was my prediction back in january

  83. If the Los Angeles Kings did it last year, the New York Rangers can this year.

    That’s the Rangers’ rallying cry, right? It should be. There’s reason to believe in it. It actually makes a lot of sense.

    The Rangers battled their own inconsistent play all season, much in the same way the Kings did last season. Both were considered locks for the Stanley Cup Playoffs before the season started but didn’t clinch until the regular season was down to few days remaining.

    The Kings made it as the eighth seed in the Western Conference with 95 points in 82 games; the Rangers got in this season with 56 points in 48 games, qualifying as one of the final three teams in the East during the week’s final season. The points-per-game average between the teams was almost identical, as well.

    Wait, there’s more.

    The Kings had (and still have) high-end talent in their top-six, enough grinders who could be offensive threats in their bottom-six, a fairly stout defense, and an all-world goalie.

    Ditto for the Rangers this season, especially in goal with Henrik Lundqvist.

    The Kings were hot going into the playoffs last season, 9-2-3 with 41 goals scored over their last 14 games of the regular season. The Rangers are hot going into the playoffs this season having gone 10-3-1 with 51 goals in their last 14 games.

    The comparisons stop there because what the Kings did in the playoffs last season, when they took a 3-0 lead in all four rounds and went 16-4 overall to win the Stanley Cup, isn’t likely to be matched any time soon. The Rangers can’t be expected to do that, but they don’t have to try to be the Kings because they’re good enough to win the Stanley Cup by being themselves.

    They’re experienced. They grind. They defend well. They trust their goalie. They have the potential to excel on the penalty kill. And, throughout April, they were scoring enough too.

    The Kings did it last year; the Rangers will do it this year.

    DAN ROSEN on nhl.com

  84. Add My Concern
    Add My Cognitive Condition
    Add My Complexity
    Add My Consumption
    Add My Confusion
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    Add My Compunction
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    Add Your Consideration
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  85. Pens over fish sticks
    Sens over habs
    Rangers over Caps
    Bruins over leafs
    Pens over Sens
    Rangers over Boston
    Then it gets interesting

  86. While the Caps PP is very very good the simple answer is to just leave Cally out there for the entire 2 minutes, without a stick. Problem solved

  87. Oleo, what’s the over / under on the number of times Cally breaks a stick killing a penalty in the playoffs?

  88. Dream Scenario:

    Rangers beat Caps
    Islanders beat Boston
    Sens beat Penguins
    Leaves beat Habs

    Rangers beat Islanders
    Leaves beat Sens

    Rangers beat Leaves

    Rangers beat Red Wings

  89. I’m sorry guys, but the Capitals really scare me. I think it’s because i am horrified of losing to them.

  90. manny

    sens want this win and montreal and avoid pitt. problem is they are chasing puck all night. lehner been the diff. i just want sens to at least get a point

    have the isles play pitt

  91. Manny, Caps are hottest team in the league with the #1 PP. Anyone who isn’t scared facing this team probably doesnt really care.

  92. no matter who we played pitt wash boston we are going in as underdogs.

    i see us losing a 6 game series tight games though

  93. i am afraid of any of boston washington or pitt because we are inconsistent and our pk isnt as good as last year.

    i see the rangers losing in 6 but tight games.

  94. The only team in the entire NHL I am scared of is the Penguins. Yea Ovechkin is a monster when he wants to be and they have an awesome PP, but we have the far superior defense, grit and of course, goaltending.

    Not to mention that our offense has been clicking recently

  95. Paul in sunrise on

    Exactly Romeo. If they win 3 of every 4. Mahjong. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    Sure home ice would be nice but rangers should be a good road team. I have high expectations because I think this team is actually better than last years.

  96. Lots of fear on this blog tonight…

    I too, am afraid ….that this Ranger team, given a new lease on life by finally reaching the playoffs after having doubt in the back of their collective minds (and in their fans and media’s as well), all season long, that they might miss the postseason and be labeled a colossal failure….

    Afraid that they might actually start playing without fear and playing like a group that had half of their lineup make a deep, unfulfilled run last year that is still leaves a bad taste in their mouths and the other half of their lineup made up of guys who have been dying for the chance to make such a run….

    Afraid that it all comes together and they beat the Caps in 6, surprise the Pens in 6 as well and survive Boston in 6 only to have a rematch with Canucks, that ends (in game 6 of course) with an overtime winner by the guy we love to hate: Richy Rich…

    Afraid that I might see our sweaty-palmed commissioner utter those seven words we have been dying to hear: “Ryan Callahan…Come get the…”

    But mostly afraid I will wake up from this dream.

  97. I would be shocked if the Leaves beat Boston. Now Ottawa beating Montreal. That I could definitely see.

    Gotta hope the Isles pull off a miracle and beat Pitt…

  98. Jesus, bad waves of paranoia, madness, fear and loathing – intolerable vibrations in this place. Get out. The weasels were closing in. I could smell the ugly brutes.

  99. Paul in sunrise on

    Where is Boston getting the goals from. Seems like the leaves could give them all they can handle and take it in 7

    Montreal is not that good. Sens could take that

    Isles not going to win. Just hope that they can take the pens to 6

    If rangers take game 1 then rangers in 5. Otherwise rangers in 6.

    Rangers take leaves in 6
    Pens take Sens in the ens match in 6

    Rangers over pens in 7

    Rangers over Blackhawks in 7

  100. According to Gord Miller of TSN, the Rangers and Caps series may not start until Thursday in Washington

  101. if that is true it is all because of taylor swift at verizon center on sat may 11th and sun may 12th. game 7 would have to be monday may 13th thats why they may delay start of series

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – Neil landed a couple of nice shots… Lucic was happy it ended…. A rare loss for him… Lucic look like Neil staggered him….

    Boston is one and done. They are not that good right now.

  103. _best part of round one is prust vs neil again_

    I remember Neil being a factor but i do not remember Prust doing anything special… let’s see if Prust is more involved for the Habs than he was for us.

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    After watching the Rangers this season all I’ll commit to is four more games…

  105. Cccp you don’t remember Prust starting a fight with Neil down 1-0 in game 6 at Ottawa facing elimination that turned the series around?

    Some stats from my other favorite board:
    Caps gf 149 ga 130
    ppg 44 ppga 36 empty net against 2
    even strength 105 gf 94 ga

    Rangers gf 130 ga 112
    ppg 24 ppga 28 empty net against 6
    even strength 106 gf 78 ga

    Rangers better 5 on 5
    Stay outta the box!!!

  106. Bettman’s picks:

    Pens over Isles, Caps over Rangers, Habs over Sens, Leafs over Bruins.

    Hawks over Wild (what’s a wild?), Wings over Ducks, Canucks over Sharks and Kings over Blues.

    Bettman’s 2nd round dilemma: Do I want the Ovie and the Caps or Montreal to advance? When in doubt go Canadian (unless it’ against s the Pens): Montreal over Washington(sigh), Pens over Leafs(‘nother sigh), Chicago over Detroit(one more sigh), Canucks over Kings.

    From here on out as long as all the remaining series go 7 games (and the Pens win) we’re happy.

  107. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, a little late, but that review makes you 48-0!!!!!!!!! A perfect season for you!! Ata boy!!!

    Better than Hawks!!! Thanks for a job well done!!!

  108. Thanks Carp & E3 on the Lucic / Neil report. That’s definitely one I would have liked to have seen.

  109. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    congrat’s to our boys for making it in. Not only that, but the hockey gods were kind, letting us flail our legs and arms, show the world what a lousy PP can look like, have stars not perform, and STILL finish in the best spot possible, 6th place.

    Oh, thank you, Flyers, Icelanders, Devils, Sen’s, and a host of others. Couldn’t have asked for more!!

    Hate to say it, but I’m feeling we can take this team. They’re darn good, better than last year, but we have the Hankster, who needs to shine and, I believe, will.

    Should be fun. Happy to be where we are!!

    LGR!!! LGR!!! LGR!!!

    PS. Hope the Derbils enjoy the early golf!! Chumps!!!

  110. You talking about this fight? right?

    Brandon Prust wanted a piece of Chris Neil earlier after a big hit by Neil in the last game injured Brian Boyle and put him out of the lineup for this game. Neil ignores Prust at first but later on meets with him and they drop the gloves. Prust and Neil squareoff and then come together in close. Neil grabs Prust’s helmet but then after Prust misses a right, Neil lands a right that sends the helmet of Prust flying off his head. They get some space from each other and Neil misses two follow up rights before pushing Prust to the boards. Neil misses a right, then lands three lefts before missing another right. Prust gets off the boards and then misses a right. Neil misses a right and Prust misses two rights afterwards. Neil then throws three rights and lands two and pushes Prust to the boards again. They get back in close and wrestle. Neil lands a left and then Prust fails with an attempt to get Neil’s helmet off and throws two rights, landing one. Prust’s second try gets the helmet off Neil and they move away from the boards. Neil gets his elbow pad off and then the wrestling stops as they gain some space from each other again. They spin around and Prust misses two rights before Neil throws two rights and lands one. Prust then lands a right as Neil lands a right and then Neil misses a left before Prust misses a right. The spinning continues and Neil lands a right. Prust lands a right while moving back in close on Neil and they wrestle a little bit. The referees step in and end the fight there. Okay scrap between these two tough guys. Neil got the best of this one, he landed more and better punches for the clear win over Prust.


    count how many punches Prust missed… typical of Prust fighting

  111. Paul, I don’t follow that remark. sorry.

    This from Melrose, for whom English is obviously a second language:

    “I would not be the team that wants to play the New York Rangers in the playoffs.”


  112. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eric @ 6:44 pm, vibin’.

    I am rooting for the Sens. I, too, think they can take the Habs.

    If we get our act together, and get some of our injured back, this could be an interesting playoffs for us.

    Let’s remember how easy the road was for last year’s sixth place team. A pitiful SE division winner that stretched them to OT and 7 games, an exhausted Flyers that beat the team most thought was the best, and a war-weary Rangers after a tough two series of real opponents.

    6th place is a good spot this year, too.

  113. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, based upon what he said about Richard’s play a few weeks ago, Melrose definitely doesn’t watch us closely. Regardless, it seems he was trying to say the Rangers are a good team to avoid.

  114. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    CCCP, it almost doesn’t matter who won that fight. If Neil won, does that mean his team was tougher or we should fear him or the Sens? The point was that Prust stood up for the team by engaging like that. That’s all.

    I don’t think Prust won many fights, if any, while a Ranger. Unless he got decimated and knocked silly, I don’t care how it went. But he did stand up for the logo, his teammates, and what he felt was right.

    It must be nice to have a teammate like that.

  115. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Glad Wed is first game. More time to heal. Torts said our team was beaten up.

    Hope and pray the injured get better.

    G’nite all. :)

  116. Game 1 – Thursday at Washington 7:30.
    Game 2 – Saturday at Washington 12:30.
    Game 3 – May 6 at MSG 7:30.
    Game 4 – May 8 at MSG 7:30.

  117. “I don’t think Prust won many fights, if any, while a Ranger. Unless he got decimated and knocked silly, I don’t care how it went. But he did stand up for the logo, his teammates, and what he felt was right.”

    Im willing to bet you wouldnt hold the same standards for Asham.

    CCCP, are you as excited as I am to see Prust fight Neil again as a Hab and push the Canadiens all by himself all the way to the ECF?

  118. Rob in Beantown on

    Later start maybe gives us some time to heal up. Also gives Washington some time to cool down. I like it.

    The meaning of Melrose’s comment about the Rangers is completely unclear. Does he think we’re good or not?

  119. Soo again with twitter we had false information spread way too fast. Game 1 is Thursday not Wednesday. On the plus side more time to heal up for Clowe/Boyle/Dorsett/Staal and banged up 30 min guys Girardi and McD… on the down side im kind of nervous that it will ruin the *momentum* of past few weeks. Way too much time off.

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