Rangers-Capitals playoff schedule (updated)


Here’s the schedule, which was delivered by the NHL too late, which starts too late, is terribly faulted (Games 6 and 7 on consecutive nights after four days off to start the series). Also, every Eastern series has Games 5, 6, 7 as three games in four nights. Great for best possible competition, right? A total joke. Completely absurd.

What, the league didn’t know that the playoffs start this week until after Ottawa-Boston ended?

Game 1 – Thursday at Washington 7:30.
Game 2 – Saturday at Washington 12:30.
Game 3 – May 6 at MSG 7:30.
Game 4 – May 8 at MSG 7:30.

the rest is now official:
Game 5 — May 10 at Washington 7:30.
Game 6 — May 12 at MSG TBD.
Game 7 — May 13 at Washington TBD.

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  1. this schedule show is a disaster.

    the building is open tues and wed. why no start time there.

    the three nbc games this weekend

    rangers at caps game 2 sat 1230

    pitt at isles game 3 sunday at 12

    chicago at minn game 3 sunday at 3

  2. Yup, Carp. Will this late start allow Dorsett to be ready for Game 1? Does he have an automatic spot on the team soon as he’s ready?

  3. Game 6 and 7 on back to back nights? Biron to start Game 7 because Hank will be *fatigued*? :)

  4. Lyova

    I am super excited for Prust and the Habs and their magical run to the ECF on Prust’s back!

    People forget Brandon Dubinsky too fast and how much he stood up for his teammates and fought much more meaningful fights than Prust. Dubi actually WON a good share of his fights! But somehow Prust is GOD! I just dont get it…

  5. every eastern conf playoff series ends in 3 games in 4 days with all series having game 6 and 7 as back to back

  6. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    You know they’ll think they’ve deflected the backlash (mostly by fans) over the scheduling when they blame it on the shortened season.
    It’s the same league dumbasses that caused the shortened season in the first place.

  7. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on


    Don’t know if anyone’s posted this yet or not but here’s NHL.com’s Rangers/Crapitals series preview:http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=668178&navid=DL|NHL|homeMy favorite part is when they refer to Joel Ward as “game 7 overtime hero”. We Rangers fans only know him as “the game 5 hero”. lol

  8. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Am I reading the posts right… there was a LeBron James style scheduling show?

  9. Garden Fitty Cent concert to coincide with Rangers/Caps Mon. night meeting. 10,000 sky seats to be installed, 5,000 additional SRO. James Dolan quoted as saying MSG is, and always has been, pioneer of diversity and paragon of inclusion.

  10. Carp you messed your full schedule tweet up. Unfortunately Game 7 is at Verizon Center not MSG.

  11. I cannot keep up with all the ins and outs here, and my facility doesn’t carry them all to make things even worse. I agree about Dubinsky…there’s just two folks I can think of off hand that I’d like to see with Rangers, and one is Mike Green on defense, and Dubinsky coming back. And don’t forget …I barely made it past 3rd grade, so you can see that I’m at a much lower intellectual level than most of you all, so take that into account.

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