Rangers 4, Devils 0: Post-game interviews (audio): Tortorella, Lundqvist, Richards, Nash, Stepan, Girardi


In case you missed it, Henrik Lundqvist, who broke Eddie Giacomin’s team record for total (regular-season and playoffs) shutouts, was named the team MVP (voted by the media) in a post-game announcement. Ryan Callahan was named the Players’ Player (voted by his teammates).

Also, John Tortorella, in his post-game presser, said that Derek Stepan is the  team’s most important player.

Here are some post-game interviews

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist (Part 1):


Henrik Lundqvist (Part 2):


Brad Richards:


Rick Nash:


Derek Stepan:


Dan Girardi:



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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks for the appropriate d men listing in my stead on the last thread. Appreciate you looking out for a brother!!

    I hope the pens let engelland walk, I’d love to sign him to be in our top 6 next season along with Moore, mcilrath, girardi, mcdonut, Staal.

    Yes, I’d trade mdz and kreider to the ducks for Ryan.

    I’d take clowe over clarkson any day including today!!

  2. What’s my opinion of his performance? Is that what you’re asking me, what’s my opinion of his performance?

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    A win is a win is a win, but the Devils didn’t look like they were interested in playing any hockey today.

  4. Funny about Stepan being most important player, yesterday w Michael Kay and Don LaGreca tortorella said it was between anisimov and stepan in the nash trade, and he had a hard time choosing between them

  5. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Carp, when will we have iPhone friendly audio clips?

  6. Stepan had a pathetic playoffs last year but has followed that with a fantastic year. If he continues the way he has played the past 30-35 games and if Brassard/Callahan can score every so often this team has a chance.

    Ill just say that I have more faith in THIS team than in the team that was assembled prior to the trade deadline.

    If Staal gets back it will be an interesting dilemma to have as to who comes out.

  7. Who would Dorsett come in for? If he is ready before Boyle and Clowe I would guess it’d have to be Kreider (i imagine much with Czech’s full support)…. then Boyle/Clowe for Asham? Pyatt? Cant take Powe out because of PK.

  8. Cross Check Charlie on

    What is interesting is that at the beginning of the season we were looking at a monster first line of Nash, Gaborik and Richards. Turns out the monster first line is Stepan, Callahan and Hagelin.

  9. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    The Rangers have more goals on the powerplay than they do shots.

  10. Howie Wirtheim Howie Wirtheim ?@HWirth 23 Apr
    Rick Nash is the most overrated player for his salary I’ve ever seen. Alexei Yashin played harder and wanted the puck more than him.

    What a fuggin moron. Worked for the Islanders so not surprising. Figures he hasnt been here when the team started to turn it around here.

  11. Cross Check Charlie on

    Rick Nash is everything he was made out to be. I may be disappointed in the Rangers play this season, but not with Nash.

    Howie is a dope.

  12. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    I wonder how butt hurt Greg Wyshynski will be when Columbus misses the playoffs.

    At least it will put an end to all of the ridiculous Bobrovsky for Hart talk.

  13. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    I couldn’t tell what was said in a single change today and the announcers didn’t even acknowledge it. Please tell me I heard the fans chanting “Marty” even though that bum didn’t play, cuz that would be awesomely hilarious. I think I also heard “Season’s over” again. What else?

  14. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Doodie, I hope Bobrovsky wins as many awards as possible. Insult to injury for Philthy. I’d rather stick it to the flyers.

  15. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Rangers in 7?
    7 years after Sather is gone. That’s how long it will take to undo…

  16. That Colorado / Minnesotta rivalry is intense, LW. Could happen. (S)

    Who are we rooting for tonight?

  17. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Dubi with just his second goal of the season helps put Columbus in 8th.

  18. Evening all,

    Four losses to non-playoff teams: two to Florida (one at MSG), one in Buffalo and one to the Jets at MSG kept the Rangers from gaining home ice in the first round. The Rangers have never lost a game 7 on home ice. Just sayin’.

  19. One more thing,

    Is anyone rooting for the Orange Crud to beat Ottawa tonight?

    What’s the better match-up right now – Montreal, Boston or Washington?

  20. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Evrock, I get the anti- Philly sentiment, and I would want him to win for that reason, but I still think its ridiculous.

    You heard those chants correctly. I started a good Marty one during the 3rd. There were also chants of “We want Marty” especially near te end of the 1st.

  21. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Best thing that could happen for the Wild is that the Columbus won during the 3rd period of the Wild game and not during the intermission.

  22. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Pie hat.

    Manny, did you go to boneheadcon 2013?

  23. Manny,

    You want the Caps in round one, the way #8 is playing?

    If Staal was in, I’d say yes – he always does a great job on Ovechkin.

    Not sure without the big guy back on D.

  24. Didnt say I would sit Asham but who would come out? Asham is more likely to come out than Pyatt seeing as Pyatt has been a) passed over for scratching over others and b) playing better. Cant take Powe out due to PK. Kreider is the obvious choice but Im not looking forward to the uproar from so many here….

  25. I didn’t Doodie. I have a stupid neck/chest/back muscle strain. I don’t think many ‘heads were there.

    Brandon Dubinsky has won fights against David Clarkson.

  26. Folks, “?” means question mark. “!” means exclamation. I said “Asham?” “Pyatt?”. Asking, not proclaiming.

  27. I’m with you, Lev. Kreider comes out over Asham. Asham has enough of a leash to be responsible and score maybe a goal or two. Plus, experience.

  28. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    So why did fatso sit this one out? The real reason, not the funny ones. Lol

  29. Right but let’s say at some point Dorsett, Boyle, and Clowe are all ready to return. Let’s say Dorsett for Newbury, Boyle for Kreider, who is Clowe replacing? And if Staal is ready who is he replacing? Everyone including Eminger has played well.

  30. Brodeur admitted that he didnt want to start a meaningless game and be booed for 2 hours. Not kidding. Professional professional.

  31. Is This Real? on

    Rangers vs. Caps again.. I wonder if the Sadam Hussein guy will return to torment Torts

  32. Three more goals for the Caps’ league-leading PP tonight. Think staying out of the box might be important if that series happens?

  33. There is still the Sens/Bruins makeup game tomorrow. I think that can change stuff. Actually, whoever wins will change things.

  34. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    I want Minnesota to go to a shootout so that a playoff spot can be decided in the breakaway contest.

  35. Yea. If the Senators beat the Bruins we get the Habs and if the Bruins beat the Senators we get the Caps.

  36. Senators play tomorrow and thus could beat the Bruins and overtake us, right? I am simply looking at the standing and doing math. Am I wrong? If the Senators win then the Bruins lose tomorrow and the Habs remain in 2nd and we fall to 7th thus playing the Habs.

  37. Is This Real? on

    From Andrew Gross twitter: Rangers will face the Capitals for fourth time in five years in a playoff series as Flyers down Sens, 2-1 in regulation.

  38. Yep youre right. If Ottawa wins we are tied in ROW but they won the season series and thus overtake us.

  39. Wasn’t sure if COL would go for the empty net. Practically guarantees MIN a playoff spot if they pot another goal.

  40. actually no youre wrong lol, im right. I think. Probably not. If Ottawa wins they have 21 ROW. We have 22 as of now. Unless what im looking at is wrong.

  41. No, it’s definitely the Caps again. Sens one short in ROW at best.

    Tomorrow decides all the other East series though.

  42. We are playing Washington. Sens have 20 ROWs, the Rangers 22. So it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow. We clinched 6th place.

  43. I read that Ottawa needed 3 or more points in their last two games to take 6th. But it sounds as if this is not correct? So the Rangers-Caps talk is just speculation right now?

  44. Sad thing, Olga, is that tonight’s CHI would probably beat NYR. Especially if there are any players who haven’t scored NHL goals before on it.

  45. The Bruins have to win tomorrow for the Leafs-Habs series to happen. Don’t actually think the Bruins would be too upset about facing the Leafs themselves if they don’t though.

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    Columbus never makes it. No sympathy for the underdog? I was hoping JD had a good first season to work with.

  47. Living in Md got tix for the series n haven’t seen them lose this yr. 4-0 good Karma. A little blue in the sea of Red

  48. Rangers can beat the Caps.

    #5 in the league in GAA.

    King playing well.

    Keep the game 5 on 5 – Caps power play is off the charts right now.

  49. McKenzie just listed all the permutations, no, Latona? I’d still expect the Bruins to win tomorrow. Doubt they’d fear playing the Isles or Sens in the first round either.

  50. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Only disappointed about the Caps because they’ve played them so many times the last few years. On the bright side, they’ve beaten them before.

    Ottawa has struggled, but they would give the Pens a run for their money. Isles should have no chance against them.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    Doesn’t matter now who you want. Caps it is. I think NY can do it. Let’s hope some of the underdogs make it easier for us in the next round. Boston would work…

  52. Excitement wise Id have preferred the Bruins but that would have been a much more physical and brutal 1st round series than against the Caps. We get the “easiest” of the 4 possible teams. We’ve had a pretty good year against them from what I remember so Im not really concerned. Girardi and McD have contained Ovechkin pretty good so if they do that it shouldnt be a problem.

  53. Penguins-Islanders (wonder how much that brawl from last year or was it 2 years ago will have an effect on the series), Rangers-Caps, Bruins-Sens, Habs-Leaves…great matchups all around. Penguins-Sens Bruins-Isles Habs-Leaves not as good. Penguins-Sens Habs-Isles Bruins-Leaves is the worst.

  54. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Just saw that on delay Orr. The buffalo play-by-play guy keep calling him Ryan McDonald.

  55. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Both teams running hot into the first round. For all their inconsistency the Rangers only finished 1 point behind them. Expect a 6 or 7 game battle again.

  56. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    The second, fourth, seventh and eighth seedings still aren’t set in stone.

  57. both teams are pretty hot going into the playoffs…should be a good series it’s just getting annoying playing them every year.

  58. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    The gameplan for the Rangers in the first round is to not give the craps any powerplays AND to not get any powerplays of our own.

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I wasn’t directing the why would we sit asham at you directly, it was more of a statement in the form of a question.

  60. Mr. Snider’s boys did ya boys 2 favors this week. Maybe we should light up the Empire State Bldg. in Crud again.

  61. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t disagree with you re eminger, I would sit Stralman first personally

  62. home from dinner with the wife. my friend and his wife are big islanders fans who we went with. they want boston not pitt

    rangers caps yet again 3 yrs in a row 4 in 5 years

  63. No hard feelings wick. The Eminger/Stralman debate is interesting. Eminger has been pretty physical and played well overall here the last few weeks. Stralman has at times played over 20 minutes for us. His play last playoffs was tremendous (one of the best if not THE best player), he started off well this year then dipped considerably, got banged up a lot but looks like he is back to playing pretty well.

  64. Hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    He Hedberg what part of MD do you live in? Obviously I live in Hagerstown. Would like to make your acquaintance.
    Maybe some day we could hook up for a game.
    Call me crazy folks but Rangers in 6. It’s good to be an optimist. Remember Duguay said anything can happen. I don’t know about you but I take comfort in that. (sarcasm)

  65. This “team” is going down in 3.

    So embarrassing will the first three games be that they’ll just forfeit.

    NYR belongs in the A(mateur)H(our)League and that’s all there is to it.

    See you next year.

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Thank God the people that said “Bring on Pittsburgh” are asleep. They need A LOT of rest.

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now, I see the people that say “Sit Delzaster” are still up. Now THEY should be kept awake, until there is a psychotic break…

  68. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago will win it all. I just hope that it’s the Rangers that get to meet them in the finals.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – you better hope the ducks lose along the way… They owned the hawks this year…

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – Eminger has been the rangers most physical D man. He has been playing with snarl… Me likes….

  71. Great to see the Rangers finish in 6th. I don’t care how hot Washington is right now, the Rangers are a better team than they are. Only 1 point more than the Rangers despite playing in an inferior division.

    We should next be rooting for Boston to beat Ottawa as I think Ottawa gives Pittsburgh the biggest challenge…

  72. Olga! This is the playoffs so play time is over. Besides, I would never play with fire because It scares me as much as Penguins scare some who choose to babble here. :)

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    eddie, Chicago won the Presidents Trophy. Number 1 overall. I don’t want them any better than that.

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    Still, there are 16 playoff contenders each year, only one President’s Trophy winner. If they win 5 times in 23 years, that’s still the best percentage going in. I’ll take it!

  75. LW, McKenzie initially listed the permutations as only having different 1/8 and 2/7 series.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Whole things seems anticlimactic to me… Might as well hand the cup to the rangers

  77. Anyone notice Pierre McGuire yakking yet another inane, unanswered question at a disappeared Torts as the face-off puck was being dropped?

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre – “coach, remember that oatmeal breakfast you ate when St. John’s prep played Holy Trinity when you were in 11th grade?

  79. How many copies are there of that cup? Last time the MSG boys won it, it seemed to appear in bars from Manhattan to Westchester to Rockland all on the same night.

  80. Papa Torts: “If you’re gonna insist on riding in the front, pop the latch on that glove compartment and sit there where I can see you.”

  81. Pierre to Tots: ‘In the first period, your power play seemed anemic and there didn’t seem to be any fire coming from the players. What do you plan to do about it?”

    Torts: “Everything I possibly can, hemorrhoid.”

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I cannot believe some on here are still against the gabby trade. Babe Ruth hit 714 HRs but not so many lately.

  83. eddie, when they drag out that cup for the winners, they have it surrounded by sixteen state troopers and a bevy of surface to air missiles. That night, it appears simultaneously in 14 local bars.

  84. If Gabby were in MLB, he’d be an ideal designated hitter, but don’t let him anywhere near a glove.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – don’t get mad, but I think the hawks won’t make the finals this year.

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Black Hawks will be there. You just make sure the Rangers show up. This Rangers-Black Hawks Final was your idea!

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally/Stepan have some serious chemistry. Richards showing great patience with the puck.

  88. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    The key to the Rangers/Craps series is powerplays. They need to do their best to not get any.

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – I want Chi/NYR. It’s just that the hawks may have peaked too soon. A bunch of teams in the west have had to play playoff hockey for about a month now.

  90. Soon as Richie saw anyone come within five feet of him, he would give up the puck. Lately, he seems to have an idea and some vision. Can this last?

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Craps PP has been murder. Game 1 would be a great game for hank to steal. Rangers win 3-1.

  92. In any other professional sport, Ovechkin would get a uniform violation for his car seat.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Ottawa can beat Boston tomorrow and then beat the Habs in rd 1. Rangers get leafs/bruins winner in rd 2.

  94. Olga Folkyerself on

    Black Hawks haven’t peaked yet. The game against St.Louis, they rested most of the first team. A little R&R and avoiding injury is a smart play on Quennville’s part.

  95. Reports emanating out of Ranger locker-room, Zuccarello’ balls of steel and hung like horse, nickname of “Donkey C#ck”

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Hawks have not had to play with any urgency this year once their streak ended. It’s hard to maintain focus when you clinched 4 months ago.

  97. Zucc carries the puck well, often gaining the blue line without having to dump and chase. He is very heady, changes direction, fades and curls, goes against the grain, buys time and space. I’m impressed.

  98. Bluto Belushi: ‘Holy crap, it’s almost May and I haven’t cracked a book all year. Finals in two weeks. Got a couple parties tomorrow, but Monday I start the push. Definite.’

  99. Kreider was hustling today, especially in the 3rd when he was getting a regular shift. But (there always seems to be a but with Kreider) I also noticed he played way too much with only one hand on his stick. Elementary, hockey 101. I don’t get it.

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dubi finished with 2 goals but I’d take him back over Gabby if given the choice.

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Btw, how many franks does Eric owe you? You might not be buying till August.

  102. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not convinced that Pittsburgh wins the EC…. The rangers will be in the finals.

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If a 7th or 8th seed could win round 1, it will be as though god is speaking to me.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think we will be back at Christmas time. We could have a mid season bet as well. Say after x number of games, he has y goals.

  105. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    I still want to know why torts went with the 4th line on the long 5 on 3. I understand it’s a nice gift to them and all but the rangers pp is for shizzit. Wouldn’t you want to give the pp a chance to score a goal and gain some confidence going into the postseason? Even after the regular powerplay unit got on the ice they still couldn’t get a shot on net. Once again ZERO shots on net on the pp.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Evrock – he was gifting on that 5-3. Good for him too. Newbury just missed getting his first NHL game. I also think Newbury will score the GW in Game 1.

  107. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Wow. Just heard that Stepan had 23 points in the last 30 days. Ovechkin is the only player with as much points in that span.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Balanced lines. This year’s team better than last year’s PO team IMO. Lets hope we catch a break or two. I’m ready for a deep run.

  109. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    I knew it was a gift but I still think the best way to practice the powerplay is within a game, especially within a game that was pretty much already decided. The Rangers have about as many shots on net on the pp this season as they do goals. Maybe torts could’ve gone with a scoring unit while keeping Richards nailed to the bench or at least not on the point. How does anyone gain any confidence without being successful?

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The psychology gained via the 5-3 gift to the 4th line far exceeds top line practice. Good for Torts. That was a good move.

  111. I have an emotional and personal attachment to Dubinsky and AA.

    I am glad they had something to fight for. But I want the Rangers to dowell.

    If it’s all Hank, I feel guilty. please score some goals…………..

  112. Stranger Nation on

    No Po schedule until at least till after Bs/Sens game is over, correct?

    Guess we will be good for at least one of the Sat aft NBC games

  113. Stranger Nation on

    Love Cally’s heart and play, especially on last 12 games, but this team finishes 13th without Nash, who basically carried them for stretches at a time when Richards, Gabby and, yes, Cally, were not scoring.
    MVP Rankings (IMHO)

  114. Carp – what gives?? And on the last game carp rested ?? I can only spend so much time doing the crossword puzzle on Sunday!!! HELP I NEED A RECAP!!!

  115. I agree with Hedberg, Eminger will sit most likely when Staal comes back. I looked at the games over the last two years when the Rangers played the Caps.

    With Staal in the lineup: Ovie 0.60 PPG
    W/O Staal in the lineup: Ovie 1.25 PPG

  116. >>I still want to know why torts went with the 4th line on the long 5 on 3.

    Hockey culture! It’s frowned upon by the hockey gods to use your top guns in that situation in a match that’s pretty much a blowout. The opposing coach would have a hissy fit and accuse you of trying to “pile it on”.

  117. Stranger Nation,

    I agree Nash was valuable this year and carried the team for a few stretches, but I think Hank is the team MVP, followed by Stepan. With Richards taking the better part of 40 games to work his game into something resembling playoff form (still below his level of play before coming to NY)

    Stepan was the only productive center on this team. Nash did what we expected and actually exceeded his career PPG rate this year. But Step took a major step forward this year, grew beyond many of our expectations and should be regarded and as No. 1. Now, let’s see how he plays once he gets that big payday (cough Dubie).

  118. nhl network tonight at 11 pm has the playoff schedule show for those interested.

    exepect tues and thurs in dc sat afternoon at garden around 1230 on nbc before kentucky derby coverage

  119. bruins win in regulation

    pitt vs ottawa
    bruins vs isles
    habs vs leafs

    bruins ot/shootout win

    pitt vs isles
    bruins vs ottawa

    ottawa win period

    pitt vs isles
    montreal vs ottawa
    bruins vs leafs

  120. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    I hope I get that game. I wouldn’t be able to stand listening to Edzo talk about how he likes to bang horses.

  121. nbc schedule next weekend

    1230 game on saturday

    1200 and 3pm game on sunday.

    my brother in law works at nbc

  122. Just because Sens gave us all sorts of problems last year it does not mean the Pens will struggle the same way we did against the Sens. I think Ottawa will be an easy out for Pissburgh…I would rather see Pens play Isles because i think the young and hungry Isles can really give the Pens run for their money…

  123. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    I think the every one of the three (now two) possible matchup for the Penguins would have been easy for them.

    I think Boston is a much better matchup for the Islanders than it is for the Senators. Boston beats teams with structure. The Islanders don’t have that and I think it could take the Bruins by surprise.

  124. Biggest concern i see with facing caps, their coach. He is the biggest reason for their success and how well 8 is playing. Still think we can take them, but having Staal would help a lot.

    Don’ t get the hate for CBJ I’ ve read by some people here.That team is made up of a lot of former Rangers that gave there all for us, not to mention JD. I could understand if it was next season and they were battling us for a playoff spot. But this year? Give me a break. Not one of those guys left by choice. All were traded and am sure would of loved to have stayed Rangers. Personally I wish them all well and would take any of them back in a heartbeat. Not to mention Dubi would help contain Ovi, win face offs, and improve the pk against the caps.

  125. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    Dubi and his 2 goals on the season at over $4 million.

    I miss Anisimov and Erixon. Good riddance to Dubi.

  126. Carp, you blew the shutout. You were 47-0 going into yesterday, but no game review = 47-1. Still a great run though pal.

  127. Agreed, Dubi gave us bang but not enough bang for his buck. He did talk a good game. Can we see something OTHER than Rangers-Caps? …and for Staal to jump in right away (with vision issues) and shut Ovi down would be a miracle. Its Girardi’s turn again this year.

  128. Isn’t Ovechkin playing the other wing this time around? McMonster might have to take him.

  129. SufferingSince79 on

    I know, I know…+/- is not a great stat but look at the top 10 goal scorers & their +/- Could we at least say that some bad things happen when these guys are on the ice too? Ovi at +2? That’s a lot of goals the other team is getting at the same time.

    1 Alex Ovechkin/WSH 32 +2
    2 Steven Stamkos/TBL 29 -4
    3 John Tavares/NYI 28 -2
    4 Jeff Carter/LAK 26 +0
    5 Patrick Kane/CHI 23 +11
    6 Jonathan Toews/CHI 23 +28
    7 Jiri Tlusty/CAR 23 +15
    8 Chris Kunitz/PIT 22 +30
    9 Jakub Voracek /PHI 22 -7
    10 Rick Nash/NYR 21 +16

  130. Anyone know what the status of the Theatre at MSG is, what with the reservations? Hoping NYR will throw a viewing party or something considering playoff tickets are probably out of my budget until I impulsively look them up and buy them anyway.

  131. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    SS79, you need to take PP goals out of the equation to put everyone on a level -playing field- ice surface since you do not get a plus for that. Or, add a plus to the numbers.

    It is somewhat a decent indicator of even strength value, but completely ignores PP or PK effectiveness of a player.

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