It’s Go Time! … Devils at Rangers


As you know, the Rangers can finish anywhere from sixth to eighth seed, the latter of which will bring them the dreaded first-round meeting with the top-seeded Pittsburgh Penguins.

To get that, the Rangers will have to lose in regulation today. If they get a point in any manner, the Islanders will get eighth place and the Penguins.

In order to finish sixth, the Rangers need to finish tied with Ottawa, which has two games remaining after the Rangers’ season is over — tonight against Philly, tomorrow in Boston. So if the Rangers get two points today, they need Ottawa to get no more than two. If they get one, they need Ottawa to get no more than one. If they get none, they need Ottawa to lose twice in regulation. Got it?

Also still unknown is who will be the No. 2 seed. It could be Montreal or Boston. The No. 6 seed will play No. 3 Washington in the first round.

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Game 48.
Devils at Rangers.

Ya boys have won one in a row, four of their last five and are 9-3-1 in their last 13.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal. Arron Asham returns, and Kris Newbury replaces Ryane Clowe (undisclosed, but people think it was a leg, not a concussion). Marc Staal (eye), Brian Boyle (knee), Derek Dorsett (clavicle) remain out. Matt Gilroy and Roman Hamrlik are prucha’d.

No Martin Brodeur. He doesn’t want to be harassed. Um. …

Other games that matter tonight (for seeding purposes):  Philadelphia at Ottawa, Montreal at Toronto, Boston at Washington.

Game that might matter tomorrow: Ottawa at Boston.


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I’m sure we will be doing some live chats, etc., during the first round of the playoffs, if not prior.


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  1. Ok…will comment since it’s the last game of the regular season.




    low scoring tight game vs bruins possibly or get outscored by pens game to game. there call. if we lose and play pens may need min 3 goals a game to win.

  3. Gotta go into the playoffs on a tear…no pansification today!
    I can hear the garden crowd chanting once again: “Season over!”

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Nice Spring Sat aft in Nyc with POs clinched…curious of size and make up of crowd

  5. Postponed dinner for this (and the fact that normal people dont eat dinner at 3 pm)!!! Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!

  6. Seriously hoping the MSG crowd is awake today, creates a real playoff atmosphere in the last game of the season, and mercilessly chants “MARRRRRRRR-TYYYYYYY” the entire game. He thinks he can escape the booing by riding the pine on the bench? HA!

    oh, and we better win this game too. 7th seed vs (hopefully) the Bruins is much better than 8th seed vs Pens

  7. Never Carp…it would be like Kramer moving to the East Side!
    Just moving across the river to Jersey City…yikes! It’ll actually be easier to get to MSG though.

  8. Martin Brodeur is a fine, successful athlete and a proud professional. I shall not be participating in the witless barracking of the man by the envious, macro-blind hordes of mediocrity-loving Rangers fans.

  9. Did someone deliver Hedburg the briefcase full of cash or did they leave it down in Raleigh?

  10. I just had a good minute of Emrick and Edzo talking in front of camera when they were off-air, waiting to go on. Neither swore, sadly.

  11. Edzo credits Callahan for always having his nose over the puck. Still lags behind Brad Marchand in that category.

  12. Anyone else throw up a little when they had to start that pregame video with Henrique’s OT goal?

  13. Stepan is the best all around player on this team. His development has been magnificent. He has all the skills to be very good for a long time.

    It must be noted that the fluidity of the Rangers on the ice without Brian Boyle is amazing.

  14. It might be the pain pills speaking but……I love the idea of dressing 7 Defenseman. Still love it.

  15. Clarkson cross-checked Zuccarello in the back on the way to the bench, long after whistle. Tough guy.

    What’s Torts saying?

  16. Thanks for asking, Mama. Just some pulled muscles that make it impossible to act like a regular person.

  17. Johan Hedberg having a good game so far. Something for the youngster to build on as the Devils begin the transition from Brodeur./

  18. I know it seems lame to whine, but I really wish I were at the Puck with the crew….oh well.

  19. Kreider probably feels more comfortable now that he’s headed back to the playoffs. That’s what he’s used to.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Excellent hustle by Zajac on that Shorty…. Looked like Gaborik backchecking there.

  21. Yes we want marty chants it was.

    huge goal at the end of period.

    it wouldnt be me without a few negatives.

    1. stop the damn hooking
    2. too many turnovers at devs blueline

  22. If the rangers want to make noise in the playoffs they need Nash to wake up. They need Richards also to wake up but that might be asking to much.

  23. A Winnipeg columnist argued that the Jets need to trade Dustin Byfuglien.
    Byfuglien’s defensive struggles, fitness, and consistency issues were cited as reasons to deal him. Who knows if a trade will ever materialize, but he’s a remain a great offensive defenseman from a fantasy perspective.
    Source: Winnipeg Free Press

    you want del zaster winnipeg?

  24. Was anybody at the flying puck thursday night? I stumbled into the viewing party un-beeee-knowst to headzo..

  25. Thomas Vanek thinks that it might be best if Buffalo trades him.
    “Let’s be honest,” Vanek said. “I’m not stupid. I know I have a year left and they can probably deal me for prospects, young guys, whatever else is out there. Yeah, I’ve thought about it. If it looks like it’s a long rebuild, then it probably makes sense for both parties to move on.” Buffalo will probably attempt to build through the draft after failing to make the playoffs for two straight season. Vanek would probably command a fair price, although his $7,142,857 annual cap hit might complicate things a little. Buffalo can probably increase their return if they agree to retain some of that cap hit.
    Source: Buffalo News
    Apr 27 – 3:23 PM


  26. eric,
    now that the rangers have John Moore I would look to trade Delzotto. I wonder if the rangers could trade Delzotto straight up for Byfuglien. I would make that trade in a heart beat.

  27. bull dog line on

    Nash looks like he’s out for a walk in the park today. how about a little effort.

  28. Yea. No thanks.

    Tommy. I’m fine with that if we get a very physical D-Man in return.

  29. bull dog line on

    I think after the season, trading a Dman will be a interesting topic. I would not.

  30. Manny,
    Byfuglien is a offensive physical D-Men, little concerned with his defensive play but he can fight and has a hard shot whether it’s the wrist shot or slap shot which would help the rangers struggling power play.

  31. I know Wicky has brought it up before but Engelland is a UFA in 2014 and is super cheap.

  32. I do feel that Delzotto could be a trade chip since the rangers got Moore in the Gaborik trade.

  33. I know it’s far from a full picture (and probably pure conjecture from the Winnipeg writer anyway), but quite amusing to imagine trading for a player with “defensive struggles, fitness, and consistency issues” because he’s “a great offensive defenseman from a fantasy perspective” as a good thing.

  34. following the Devils and Isles blogs today just for fun…after that 1st period Devils fans saying “how about we get Hagelin or Stepan from the Rags for a 3rd/2nd round pick respectively”

    and i thought we had delusional trade proposals!

  35. Manny, I like Engelland, the guy can throw them when needed and is solid but I would be surprised if the pens didn’t resign him.

  36. I want Mcllrath as well. Need that physical kid up here. Chain him to the goal post like a junkyard dog. And bring back Chris Simon (for Wicky).

  37. yea, Nash has been off his game. Rangers need Nash to be Nash in the playoffs if the rangers want to make some noise.

  38. These offensive zone hooking penalties will give me an ulcer by end of the game enough already

    starting to lose patience with nash.

    32 mins to go

  39. ilb2001 & lw3h, you two subtle devils!

    The Nash gnashing is no different than the Marty one.

    He’s taking the game off but didn’t mention it publically.

  40. as he went to the box, McDonagh hacked Clarkson. And when Clarkson turned around, Asham cut him off and got in his face. Clarkson wanted none of it.

  41. Another turnover inside the blueline leads to a penalty by asham. GET THE FREAKING PUCK DEEP YOU MORONS

  42. The rangers power play is the reason why they won’t go far into the playoffs, it’s horrendous to say the least.

  43. Clarkson is a punk. He only goes after guys he knows won’t fight him or aren’t good fighters.

  44. And i don’t hate Clarkson in the, “I hate him but would love him on my team” way (e.g. Neil). I actually hate him…like I don’t want him on my team. Ever.

  45. Trade DelZotto? The guy is having a terrific season and while not a finished product offensively is the best puck handler and a very good passer.

    The roster on D needs an addition of big&mean not a subtraction of a good not great D.

    Hope that McIllrath can finally make it next year as the #6.

    Keep the core group of Girardi, McDonagh, DZ, Moore,And perhaps McIllrath and definitely resign Stralman who has also had a very good year.

    Staal could be the trade bait.

  46. Carp, you must be dreaming if you think Clarkson won’t drop the gloves with anyone.

    He has been told that because of his new found scoring prowess he needs to stay on the ice.

    Have you actually watched him play the last few years?

    He’s exactly the type of power forward the Rangers need.

  47. Check the site Manny posted for Clarkson’s fight cards over the last few years for some reality!

  48. Manny 4:40,,agree.

    if I were Ranger GM and someone out a gun to my head ordering me to take a Devil forward, Clarkson would be at the bottom of my list. I have no respect for him as a player, and after a fast start, he has 5 goals in his last 35 games. Overrated and going to probably be vastly over paid.

  49. the dreaded 3 goal lead. great pass by richie, great shot by nasher. needed that to extend his consecutive 20-goal season streak

  50. Comnsnse,

    Between your earlier love poem to Brodeur and your completely wrong assessment of Clarkson — power forwards have to be able to skate —
    one would think you were trolling

  51. screw Clarkson, agree with Manny, don’t want that guy on my team for the money he will demand.

  52. I sure hope Henry doesn’t throw a shutout… The guy I’m playing in cccp’s fantasy league has him :-)

  53. Bye bye toxic waste debbies. For all the good Lou has done for this team he screwed them forever with Kolvapuke. Never going to win going forward with that albatross contract.

  54. Far from sure the rest of his game is anywhere close to where it should be, but Richards is at least making plays that directly lead to Rangers goals over the last couple of weeks.

  55. Clarkson is a sucker pin. Fool’s gold. Someone stupid is going to pay him a lot of money and get taken. Not worthless, but an 8th forward on any team that isn’t horrible.

  56. Maybe Clarkson found a different new scoring prowess to replace the one he lost after the beginning of the season.

  57. Clarkson isn’t a stellar fighter by any means. He’s mostly defensive. But he’s smart. The guy can use his arms to hold off almost any opponent. He also knows the value of a good body shot. And he’s very smart about how he pretends to try to break their hold while throwing some not so heavy fisted right hooks.

    He’s not going to have bloody, gangbusters fights but he will fight almost anyone. (e.g. L. Schenn, Konopka, Phaneuf (with a visor), Simonds).

    Still, I don’t want him on my team. But I will give him that.

  58. Who ever told Clarkson to pick his spots because of his “scoring prowess” better tell him to start dropping the gloves again, as often as possible.

  59. win today is huge. they can beat boston or montreal(don’t laugh).

    Stepan best forward for the season.

    Kreider playing better..

  60. Doodie, Eddie O said it should have been a penalty. It wasn’t a hook though, it was more of a cross check to the hip from behind.

  61. Not only was that a play, LW, but it was a hustling, aggressive play by Richards. How many times have we said that?

    Papa, a lot of Boneheads here today. Matter of fact, I just met a Bonehead and his 8-year-old Bonehead Jr., who is going to pick the three stars for me tonight.

  62. Papa, and exactly how would Clarkson dropping the gloves help a team that is not scoring?

    See Manny’s fight card sight please.

  63. Manny, your Clarkson candor is refreshing but fail to grasp why any team would not want this guy.

  64. I don’t want Clarkson because he’s going to get way too much money and I don’t think he’s the 30 goal scorer people think. I think he’s more like a 12 goal scorer.

  65. So is Nash still having his worst game of the season like some of you made it out to be? Just because he doesn’t score on every shot doesn’t mean he’s off or having a bad game. Hockey is more than just stats…

  66. Clarkson is a decent enough and much improved player, but he’s also exactly the sort of player I’d be wary as hell about going near as a UFA (in a thin market, with the cap going down…)

  67. On tHe Nash 2nd goal, the little fade to the right at the blue line by Zucc which bought him time and space, that is a play that Gaborik hardly ever made.

  68. I get not wanting to pile on here but it’s not like our 5-3 couldn’t use a little practice

  69. fans are idiots. 4-0 lead and a 5-on-3, and the coach lets the fourth and third lines get some PP time, and they’re screaming “shoot” and booing.

  70. wow. in the playoffs a 5 on 3 like that is a confidence killer. how bout newbury? he lights up the ahl but just cant catch a break up here

  71. I think they do not want to embarrass a back up goalie who is playing in place of the best goaltender ever played this game. Respectful, that’s all.

  72. Wait…Who doesn’t want to pour it on? These guys knocked us out last season. POUR IT ON ‘EM BOYS

  73. If Elias has the highest hockey IQ he will get the he’ll away from the Titanic that is the Devils

  74. With all due respect to Mr Lamoriello, his team has served up undisciplined hot garbage these last two games at MSG.

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    Thank God, no Pittsburgh.
    Lundqvist would look so much like Swiss cheese, he’d need a passport to get back to Sweden.

  76. Thanks NBC for ruining the three stars and interviewing one of those three stars. Jackwagons.

  77. Carp who’s the 3 stars, since NBC refuses to cut away from their closeup of Nash’s mug?

  78. bruins caps habs is the order i want.

    i dont know if we will ever score again in montreal

  79. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers take out the Washington
    Boston Catches Fishes
    Pittsburgh SlaughOttawa
    Toronto Creams Montreal
    Rock beats Scissors
    Scissors cuts paper
    Paper Covers Rock

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers will get 6th. The 7th seed will beat either Boston or Montreal. Rangers vs Pittsburgh in ECF assuming Pittsburgh gets that far.

  81. devils did not show up today, THANKS.

    we will take it worse case scenario 7th seed…

  82. It was a pleasure going through the ups and downs of this season with this group of crazy boneheads. Thanks for putting up with us (especially me) Carp!!!

    Now the real fun starts!

    Disappointed we don’t get first crack at the almighty Penguins. Oh well, we can only hope they make it to round 2.

    First round….. Rangers in 6.

  83. Believe it or not, I met a Ranger on the golf course this morning. He told the foursome in front of us to pick it up.

  84. Is Richie Rich starting to re-develop some peripheral vision and puck control on the ice again? Great googamooga!

  85. Yeah I know Olga. Pittsburg will go 12-0 as they storm through the east enroute to the finals…just like they were gonna do last year. The almighty Penguins…..Blah, blah, blah…….Blah, Blah, blah, blah.

  86. E3 – My liquid is also awaiting moderation. You can use Martini, but not the V word.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    Devils did not come to play today. If I were an Islanders or Senators fan I’d be upset. Bush league amateur hour from the first puck drop

  88. I really wish some of the Garden fans would start positively chanting our players names instead of denigrating the opposition’s.

  89. Thats why i stick with bushmills Black Bush. No problem getting through immigration.

  90. Rob, i don’t think a team on the cusp should have expectations that another team will step up to the plate in a game like this. Isles and Sens gotta take care of their own business. Sens may still yet. Ball is in their court.

  91. I like this team going in. Zucc’s play is a major upgrade over Gabby’s play. As is Brassard’s. Hope Clowe comes back. Looking forward to seeing Dorsett as well. Don’t think we are gonna see Staal for the 1st round.

  92. Great trade. Nash is worth the price of admission. With Staal out, we’d be in deep doodoo without the new D kid. Dorsett should give us added talent, grit and toughness.

  93. Eddie, Original 6 final would be nice. Also, might be nice to knock off the defending Cup Champs. Or maybe the Sharks so you can get to a game or two in the finals!

  94. Unless MDZ gets his act straightened out pronto, I’d like to see more of Moore, less of MDZ

  95. Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen a full slate of NHL games and thought “I think I’ll watch Nashville-Columbus”.

  96. HUGE sigh of relief in Pittsburgh – they won’t have to face the Rangers juggernaught in the first round!!!!

  97. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    I hope all of the boneheads who went to the bar instead of the game had a great time. I know I did (at the game).

    Loved the chants directed at Marty. I definitely started a good MAAAAAAAAAAAARTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYY in the 3rd period.

  98. Difference between Gaborik and Nash… Gaborik asked for an enforcer, Nash brought over some valuable talent and grit in Brassard, Dorsett and Moore from his former team. No brainer. Gaborik was a top tier sniper who needs size alongside him, but Nash has the size to build around. this was obviously not a typical hard-hitting, hard-fought Rangers-Devs game, but a nice way to end the season.

    I think Lamoriello has done a remarkable job for many years with a limited talent pool and gets the most out of his players…if Kovalchuk had not gone down when he did, they would be in the playoffs. K’s obviously not yet 100%. They’ll be back next year.


  99. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    LW, I think it’s the first time anyone has thought that, including in Nashville and Columbus.

  100. Doodie MaFezzik, unemployed in Greenland, 1.5 on

    “Gaborik was a top tier sniper who needs size alongside him”

    Sometimes I wonder if people ever actually watched Gaborik or whether they just make things up to explain why he struggled this year.

    Pray tell, who was the size alongside of him in either of his 40 goal seasons? Christensen? Prospal? Stepan? Richards? Hagelin?

    Anisimov played some with him, and he is a big boy, but I wouldn’t call him “size” or “grit”

  101. Since trading deadline player exceeding or living up to expectations : Moore, Hank, Cally, Step, Brassard, McMonster, Zuc, Stralman, Clowe, Hags. Guys that have been ok but can go one more gear Danny, MDZ, Powe, Asham Emminger. Long way to go Boyle n Richards

  102. You saying Crusher Christensen wasn’t a tough guy, Doodie (by the way, I have no idea what your screen names mean anymore).

    *new post.*

  103. and you forgot Wolski, who was going to be the first-line left wing with Richards and Gaborik. hahahahahaha.

  104. OK, Doodie, but he did ask for his former enforcer to be brought in from MN…and everyone seemed to think he needed one for protection. Gaborik seems to be clicking with Dubi and AA, who are not Marty St Louis-sized linemates. Nash worked well with ZA yesterday. In addition, Sather brought in Richards to be Gaborik’s center. I think Richards will turn his game around next season, but he is not having a stellar year and his play has been inconsistent, to say the least.

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