The clincher: Rangers-Hurricanes in review


See? I told all y’all that the Rangers would make the playoffs. (I won’t say how much doubt I’ve had these last three nights, though).

And I must add that the last two games the Rangers – as always whenever they have struggled over the years – looked like a team that still has all kinds of trouble finishing, and that’s not going away when things get tighter against better opponents in the postseason. So, though I think they’ve played hard and played, for the most part, well the last month, I’m not convinced they can make noise once the playoffs start.

The Rangers have a chance to finish seventh and avoid Pittsburgh in the first round if they can beat the Devils Saturday, and I think that’s crucial. I also think it’s comical that these mediocre and flawed Rangers will then have a better record than the Islanders, who are having such a “magical” season.


1) The Captain started it and finished it. He was great early in the game, heroic late. Thought he hurt his hand there on the PK with no stick – well, he did hurt his hand, but wondered if it was serious. I thought he was off in Florida. He was huge vs. the Devils Sunday and huge again last night.

2) Have you ever seen a player on such a lucky streak in terms of goal scoring as Brad Richards has had lately? Seriously? Not knocking him, but man, he’s managed to bounce a few indirectly into the net lately. It was total luck that it even got to OT. Things weren’t looking good, either, with Carolina playing the OT with nothing to lose, and Winnipeg going up 2-1 against Montreal at that moment.

3) Biggest concern going forward: Special teams. Difference between Rangers’ special teams and other special teams Exibit A: Ryan McDonagh chases a puck needlessly out near the blue line, Carolina gets a 3-on-1 down low, Dan Girardi does the snow angel and doesn’t stop the pass (he had no chance). Big goal changes game. Exibit B: Rangers have a power play, move the puck well … but move it with three players, including Rick Nash and Brad Richards, their two most experienced first-line players, out at the blue line. Well, opponents will let the Rangers play out there all day long. And why not?

4) If the Rangers do get in and play Pittsburgh, and their PK plans on chasing the puck like that, well, the Rangers better take zero penalties in that series.

5) The start was just so crucial and Derek Stepan provided that first goal … after Henrik Lundqvist prevented them from falling behind quickly.

6) We discussed Stepan as a No. 1 center on the Live Chat yesterday and somebody suggested that he needs to clean up his faceoffs to be that, and he had lost one just before the 1-0 goal that resulted in a couple of Carolina chances. But the kid sure has some skills, a really good shot – I’d like to see him fire it more – and his overall game has been terrific most nights.

7) That all said, how about the outlet pass by Michael Del Zotto to start the play, and then the pass by Carl Hagelin to set up the goal? Hagelin’s been strong lately after I thought he dipped for a while. Of course, a lot of you will completely dismiss the Del Zotto pass because, yeah, he made a huge mistake in the game, and because he never gets credit here for some of the good things he does. Only the bad.

8) Mats Zuccarello. Not only did he distract the ballerina/figure skater/whatever Jeff Skinner and then the clowns Larose and Bergeron, to allow Derick Brassard to score the 2-0 goal, but he also threw a big hit right at the start of the shift to pop the puck loose near the blue line. I’ve said it before, It think he’s been a bigger addition that Ryane Clowe or Brassard or John Moore. And I wonder if there’s any doubt that he has to be re-signed.

9) Carolina did a good job shutting down Taylor Pyatt most of the night.

10) I hate to play doctor, but it sure looked like Ryane Clowe was knocked silly by that Bobby Sanguinetti elbow, which means concussion. Which means we probably won’t be seeing him for a while. Some are speculating it wasn’t a head injury. Maybe I’m seeing something else. I hope it’s not his head.

11) During the first Carolina PP, when Callahan lost his stick, Eric Staal swept the stick toward the boards. Now, I’m not certain it was broken, because Callahan at one point made a move toward the stick as if he would try to retrieve it. I just don’t think it should be legal for an offensive player to move a stick away from the defensive player.

12) Wait, the Staals are related?

13) Seeing these teams eliminated in a 48-game season like this, I can’t help but think what a joke this is. There are so many mediocre teams in the middle of the pack in both conferences, teams in that might be out in a legit season, teams out that might be in in a legit season.

14) In case you missed it, Kris Newbury was recalled from Connecticut (AHL) after the game.

15) I felt bad for Matt Gilroy, shoved into a difficult spot. The first penalty was legit, a no-brainer. The second, without benefit of a good replay, looked like a push that didn’t need to be called — that’s the one on which Carolina scored. And if you call that, how do you then not call the takedown of Rick Nash in the third?

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derek Stepan.
(the real) Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Brad Richards.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Captain Cally-World Class Shot
2. MZA-solid effort and tough!
3. Hags-good energy tonight
HM-The King…many key saves…again
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan Callahan (27.06%).
2. Mats Zuccarello (15.29%).
3. Derek Stepan (11.76%).

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  1. No mention of Richards… didn’t he score the goal to tie it when they were behind.. that was clutch. Not as lurch as the over time winner though , or was it ?

  2. I guess the Clowne injury opens the door for Dorsett to make his debut? In the playoffs…where have I seen this before?

  3. Who’d a thought that Richards’ problem could be solved so easily? Just stop shooting at the net, and the pucks will go in? Brilliant!

  4. If I knew how to do it, I would put Richards goals from this season in a highlights reel with circus music playing in the background. Luck, but it’s working.

    Carp- yay! While Saturday is still important, I can at least go to the wedding this weekend and not worry about us being eliminated.

  5. Good write-up Carp. Thanks for another analytic review of the game. I agree on Richards, and think he came close to allowing another breakaway in the second, or was it the third period by not taking his man and missing his hit. At least he didn’t commit a penalty this time. That’s as lucky a bounce as I’ve seen! OTH, I think he may turn his game around in a full season. I remember that he did not play during the lockout, and teeted consistently about golf clubs and personal prizes for his twitter fans…perhaps a John Tortorella training camp will whip his psyche back into shape. Let’s hope this is in his future. In the meantime, please don’t play him in critical situations! Also, the Rangers have to figure out how to free Nash when he’s hounded the way he was by Gleason all night. Yes, that trip should have been called, but you’ll never get all the peanalty calls, even some of the obvious ones. Need to figure a way to free him up so he can maneuver in the offensive zone. He’s an awesome player when that happens.

  6. bull dog line on

    another back handed compliment for Stepan. why are you and your followers refusing to acknowledge what Stepan has become. a legitimate first line center. and what makes it all more laughable, is that you still call Richards a first line player.

  7. Great recap, Carp! I am not sure who is more pissed we won…the Jets or Devs! Prob the Jets…but what are we going to see on Sat….anyone resting? Time for some Hartford guys to play…or does the fear of the Pens require another must game? I think Volkun makes the Pens dangerous becausr u cant hope for a Fleury meltdown….and of course they have their world class assassin in Matt “no balls” Cooke…but I think MZA can handle him. So my thoughts are this….we need to be ready to handle any team…so bring em on….

  8. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Richards has been so lucky this last 10 days….I had this image on his ‘goal’ that tied it at 3-3, that he twitched his nose back and forth like Samantha Stevens in ‘Bewitched’……..and all was good!!

    They need to do a close up on his face after he shoots. Please let’s make sure he’s not a ‘warlock’.


  9. Here is my review from last night. Of the seven goals scored, 6 were scored in front of me, so I saw just about everything.

    1. Has anybody every really asked Girardi and McD why they like to do the slip’n slide that essentially takes them out of the play and usually never works? My 11 yr old son plays D. Fundamental rule #1 – never pass through the middle. Fundamental rule #2 – stay on your feet. Girardi also had a couple of passes through the middle picked off last night. Against the Hurricanes they amounted to nothing. The Pens will eat those alive.

    2. Richards was HORRIBLE at times out there. He was an offensive blue line turn over machine. I was watching him try to stick handle through 2 or 3 guys at the blue line and thinking that he has no real plan. Guys open on the wing? Nah, I got this. Also, a couple of dumb drop passes.

    3. Brassard had a couple of dumb drop passes, as well.

    4. Hags-Step-Cally were very active and showed up to play. A joy to watch.

    5. Zucc at one time had the puck in the middle of the shooting lane between the hash marks and threw a pass off to Richards (I tihink) who was off to the side with a poor shooting angle. He has to take that shot there. Other than that, he made things happen while he was out there.

    6. Nash almost had that one goal, and there was a very subtle hook on his arm that prevented him from completing the play.

    7. Henrik gave up two goals (2, 3) that he really could have had. The first one was not his fault at all. The second one was not a position that you want your goalie to be in, but he wasn’t out of place on the shot. Everybody in the building new the shot was coming. The third goal was the weakest of the bunch. Yes, the Rangers had trouble finishing, but Hank had an .857 save percentage, and it would have been even lower if not for some over-time saves. If they are going to go anywhere, he needs to steal games. STEAL games. This is not the Hank of last year, just like this is not the team of last year. Still a great goalie, and I would bet that many goalies would like to have their best year be like his worst. However, they are going to need more, and I am not seeing that in Hank or the rest of the team, except for Hags-Cally-Step.


  11. Sioux-per-man on

    I think Hank should play on Saturday! We are in 7th and should do everything possible to stay there!!

    Stepan has been our #1 center all year. And NOW he is our point leader as well! Perhaps we should have him on the power play with Moore on the Blueline.

    Captain Clutch! The hockey gods got it right last night.

    Have a SIOUXper day boys!

    PLAYOFFS – a whole new season! Time to put the razor away!!!

  12. LGR!!!

    Sioux, the cool thing is the Islanders play tonight, so we can wait to see what they do and then make the decision off of that. Is the Islanders lose tonight, Biron will play tomorrow.

  13. DZ is the only one of our 6 D who make that pass, its high risk, even higher reward and i like that about his game. And what a pass from Hags to Step. When you have guys with speed like Hags and skill like Nash who can break into the zone and occupy 2 or 3 defenders he has to take the risk as it opens space up for the trailing players like Step.

    What a goal by Richards, how he fooled Ellis into that “whoa were’d it go?” shot off the boards and skate into the net, only a magical player can score like that – pay him more !!

  14. seriously wasnt last night the season in a nutshell?

    Making noise depends on henrik. He lets in softies we’re out no matter who they get Boston, Washington, or the Bettmans.

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I had a meeting and got home for the 3rd and OT. Dan, I agree on goals 2 and 3 for Carolina. Playing Devils advocate, they were odd man rushes.

    I have felt that this season when he sees yet another odd man coming from this team that lacks team defense, it ruffles his feathers, like ‘OMG, again?’ and his percentages decreases. To be fair, there have been a lot of them this year. He has been asked to do a lot. This team really sucks, especially on ‘d’.

    But, as you say, he had one shutout all year. He came close 2 other times. Last year there were GAMES that he stole. I’ll never forget the one in Boston, 3-0, he stood on his head. Mid-season.

    He never reached that form this year.

    But, he is better than most. And the ONE thing a good goalie does for Sather is that he makes up for some of the mistakes in front of him, of which there are a lot. As such, I expect Sather, who has put together a putrid team, for all this $$$$, to go after Hank with both fists holding bunches of thousand dollar bills, if for nothing else, more job preservation for himself.

    He makes Sather look less bad.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Moore had some better plays than MDZ again yesterday. The kid is impressing. He’s much more steady on the puck, stays on his feet and reads defensively better. He could be a second pair defenseman on this team.

    I like MDZ. I like his offensive skills. He is still young. But, given his lack of speed (seems like a given for one of our draft picks, unless they are chosen solely for speed like Hags, Fast(h), etc.) he needs to excel elsewhere.

    Far too many times our point men, including him, can’t hit the FREAKING net with a hard shot. Freaking ridiculous. I am so done with Sam saying “shot it wide”, “hit a skate”, “it’s blocked”. Watch other teams and how much more formidable they are with point men that throw hard shots on net repeatedly. Karlsson, Subban, Bergeron, Chara… common bond.

    Not a hard concept. If he (and other d’men) can’t learn it, get outta here. Moore seems he understands the concept.

  17. Carp, your statement (#7) that MDZ “never gets credit for any of the good things he does” is over the top and certainly not true. Case in point. If you noticed, regarding the “stretch pass” to Callaghan on the first goal, it was mentioned last night by more than one MDZ “hater” as being a very nice play. In fact, he also made some other heady plays as well. But overall, his game last night, minus the stretch pass, was about were it has been for most of this season, maybe slightly better.

    Why some Boneheads are frustrated with MDZ has been clearly articulated often here. Up until now, I’ve tried to be constructive in my criticisms by framing my assessment of his play around the areas which I believe he needs to improve: technical (skating & shooting issues) and inconsistent performance based in-game play (d zone coverage, positional play, nuetral zone reads, etc.). Now i’ll simply say this: IMO, his overall play during the last month and a half has regressed to a point that it is closer to 2010/2011 levels than to his play in 2011/2012.

    I have nothing to gain by grinding this axe and selfishly as a Ranger fan, I’d rather see him do well. However, trying to be as objective as possible, it is very difficult to be anywhere close to satisfied with MDZ’s overall play this season, other than his occasional willingness to be physical along the boards and behind the net.

    In closing I’ll add that I think it is an extremely important responsibility of the coach moving forward to make sure MDZ and his partner are on the ice with the right group of forwards. MDZ and Richards defending together in the DZone is a recipe for failure.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I like MDZ, Papa, but I agree with you at this point. He needs some control in his game. Time for a coach from anywhere to reel him in and set him straight.

  19. Yup, they were odd-man situations, but that pass on the 2nd goal was obvious. Everybody in the building saw it coming. The 3rd goal was not passed. Hank was just beaten. He is not going to make all of the saves, and the team should be able to rescue him sometimes. Only fair. I want Hank to retire a Ranger, so I am not bagging on him. I am just trying to state the obvious: this team goes nowhere with Hank playing like last night.

    Also, I was really troubled with some of Girardi’s passes through the middle.

    I also noted that their defensive system has, by design, both D going behind the net to take forwards. You will usually see 4 Rangers behind the net at one time, with a winger occupying the front of the net. Basically, trying to win a 4 on 3 battle behind the net with 2 D and 2 forwards. Made me cringe all night. I am a fan of the D taking care of his corner while the other takes the front. When it moves to a different corner, they switch. The winger or center also moves in to help out. It doesn’t create a situation where you outnumber the opponent, but it doesn’t leave a winger alone in front of the net trying to keep an eye on two players, either. That is how the Rangers get caught in their zone so often. There is no pressure on the other team’s D on the blue line. So, they have no problem keeping the puck in the zone. You overload the puck in the corners, but there is no support on the points. 4 on 3 down low, but 1 on 2 up high.

  20. finish 7th and avoid pittsburgh. stepan is not 1st line center material just yet but he is close. needs to still develop.

    dorsett prob to replace clowe it looks like for playoffs.

    maybe staal replaces stralman who looks terrible lately but most likely eminger comes out

  21. Matty”Monster Nash”Boy – There was one play that Moore made a bad choice, but I think he is a true keeper. He got the puck at the point and had a clear shot on net in the second period. Two forwards down low by the goalie. He shot the puck high and into the chest. The best move there is to shoot it low. You have two forwards there for rebounds. A high shot with a goalie that has a clear view of the shot means that he will glove it and there is no rebound. High shots are better when you are much closer, or the goalie is screened. Low shots are far better when the goalie is not screened and you have rebound possibilities.

  22. Agree with 15. I feel for Gilroy. He brings it on himself though with his lazy play. Though you wonder what these refs are looking at. Maybe the Carolina cheerleaders?

  23. Best line of the night was by Canes TV play-by-play announcer John Forslund. “a little exchange in the center zone a battle of giants Jeff Skinner and Mats Zuccarello”.

  24. I too have notice a lot of snow angels by our D, esp. Girardi. Not sure why since it almost always takes you out of position. And can Torts fall out of love with Richards on the point for the PP!!!

  25. I really hope we get Marc Staal back soon. Especially if we play the Penguins. We need a shutdown D-Guy.

  26. Also, has anyone made T-Shirts yet that say “Our 1 Staal is better than your 3 Staals”

  27. don’t know why folks are down on Hank…2nd and 3rd goals were pretty good shots …Tlusty is top 5 in goals for a reason ….Hank also stoned them in OT…think its time to move Zuccarello to 1st unit on power play …and Stralman on point instead of Girardi

  28. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    The only noise in playoffs this team will make is when they crap the bed in the first round.

  29. Is Dorsett going to be ready to play by Tuesday? I haven’t hear any timetable.

  30. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    But then again…what’s the point of growing a beard if Sally always wins no matter what :)

  31. Exhibition is over, regular season starts next week. Different game, certain guys step up. Hope Clowe returns. Would like to see his playoff before signing (or not). He’s the kind of guy that could make a difference. Doesn’t matter Pens or Bruins, play Biron Saturday. The hope this year is different, last year it was guarded, this year its prayer.

  32. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on


    Those would be obvious moves…not so obvious for Torts, tho…

  33. Obviously we are having the beard contest. Also, obviously I am growing a playoff beard. I always have a beard. ALWAYS. I’m trendy, gosh darn it.

    You have to shave/trim the day of the first playoff game. Then let it go as long as it takes for the Rangers to be eliminated.

  34. bmac

    the only way i play biron tomorrow is should the isles lose in regulation tonight which will mean we clinch 7th mimnimum. if you play hank tom afternoon he has sat night sunday monday and possibly tuesday off if you open wednesday.

    im sorry i totally treat tom as a game you want to win unless the isles lose tonight.

  35. Stralman on most nights, has played very solid for us this year, certainly above

    Girardi and MDZ have been inconsistent and underachieved.

    McD has played solid most nights.

    Staal was coming on when he was injured.

    Eminger does a lot good, some not so good., but overall I like his skating, willingness to be physical, energy and effort. He gets in trouble and loses his defensive position when he starts to chase too much in the DZone. With his skills though, he should contribute more to the offensive.

    In a very small sample, Moore looks okay so far.

  36. 3CP re: 8:48…..if a man craps the bed, and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a noise?

  37. 8) Topo Gigio baby! Love that little man’s game! He played great last night, and dare I say, he has a little Avery in him. He was an effective pain in the arse to Jeff “I’m just like Johnny Weir(d)” Skinner and did a lot of dirty work in front of the net. So glad this guy came back.

  38. Carolina feed was saying Clowe had leg injury, was complaining about knee/hamstring..

  39. I’d think you’d rather have Pittsburgh in the first round. Crosby hasn’t played in a month, neither has Neal. Malkin has been in and out of the lineup, hasn’t been sharp the last two games. The path to the Finals is going to go through Pittsburgh at some point. I’d rather face those guys now, when they’re not on top of their game than after a playoff series or two. Plus the confidence factor for knocking off Pittsburgh would be huge.

  40. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congratulations on another playoffs birth! Three years in a row.

    Great review, Carp!
    Clowe’s injury may hurt them big time. Looked like concussion to me, but you never know. He would be a big loss.

    Loved Callahan’s reaction to his GWG. He deserved this one.

    Aren’t you all surprised how emotional and determined Carolina looked last night? I am. Not sure how to explain, but I totally expected them to fold after they went down 2 goals.

    Last night’s “Go Time” thread looked disgusting after Carolina tied it, and especially after they scored the 3rd goal. And I’m not talking about regulars who tend to be bipolar- I understand it, even though I don’t agree. I’m talking about those posters who come out of their holes to bash the team, and especially the coach. I was that close to using my shinebox Avatar last night. Something tells me it’ll be used often starting next week.

    Lastly, for everyone who’s been saying they won’t make the playoffs- use a lot of cilantro while cooking your crow!

  41. Even if the Islanders lose tonight and the Rangers clinch at least the 7th spot, I want to see Hank in net again.

    If the Rangers win and Ottawa loses one of their two remaining games, the Rangers get 6th…

  42. Carp, no concussion just an upper body injury. Without him or Dorsset I don’t want to deal w Pitts. Bet NJ would love to make that our fate tomorrow though.

    Stepan is on pace for what would have been a 30+ goal season. Didn’t realize that til last night.

    Are you jokers actually doing the Walters thing?

  43. Cross Check Charlie on

    View from the cheap seats:
    1. Ryan Freakin’ Callahan! ’nuff said.
    2. John Moore was their best defenseman. He’s going to be a good one if he continues to develope.
    3. What in the world was wrong with Girardi? Time and again he tried dumb passes that had no chance of connecting.
    4. Brassard can be a legitimate second line center.
    5. I called the second Carolina goal. The puck was at the Carolina blue line and there were 4 Rangers just standing around the puck. I said at the time, this is trouble. And, it was.
    6. I realize that lucky goals count just as much as any other, but it took a lucky goal for them to make it to overtime against a really lousy team. Don’t be fooled by the Staals and Tlusty – the rest of the team stinks and the Rangers needed a lucky goal to beat them.
    7. Clowe isn’t a slow skater. He’s just deliberate. :)
    8. Brad Richards did some really good things and then some really dumb things like trying to stickhandle through 3 players at the blue line. I think that’s what you’d expect of a rookie and not a first line center.
    9. Interesting 4th line to start the game – Powe, Kreider and Gilroy. Was Torts drinking before the game when he came up with that one?
    10. Kreider did nothing when moved up after Gilroy got benched. I know some of us had too lofty expectations of him prior to this season, but he’s got a long way to go.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s just a 48 game joke of a Bettman’d season, how tired can Hank really be? I say play Hank until you can’t move up any farther in the standings.

  45. Kreids- you see flashes of his incredible shooting and skating potential…so I am still a believer…and he’s our post-season his time is now!

  46. Good great grand morning all! I’m off to see Krisy in Wegianland tomorrow so won’t be around much, but LGR!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Cross Check Charlie on

    You know Zuccarello should make Fran happy with the way he passes the puck. The rest of the team can take lessons from the guy. He needs to shoot more though. It seems to me that he’s always looking for the pass first instead of attacking the net.

  48. i am the pessimist of the blog. that wont change ever. doesnt mean for one second i dont want anything but the best for this team.

    i bring balance to this blog.

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m going to be on the Best Coast next week for a business trip. Anybody know a good place in SFO to watch playoff hockey?

  50. Girardi played over 30 minutes last night. Something tells me he did something right.

    Miller’s probably last game as a Sabre tonight. Would expect him to put on a show.

  51. You guys know how I feel about Newbury. Especially with Clowe out. Need some 4th line grit and the guy wins faceoffs. Love it.

  52. Rob in Beantown on

    Kenny, wow, ask and ye shall receive. These places look like they’re worth checking out. Thanks!

  53. Girardi does a lot of things right. More right than wrong. However, that sliding stuff has hurt far more often than helped. McD is guilty of it also. That is the sign of a player being out of position or is panicing. Also, the passes through the middle being picked off is a hockey 101 no-no. That is like throwing to a receiver that is double covered. When it works, it looks like a genius move, but most of the time it is failure.

  54. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Would youse guys rather have Richards playing terrible and getting lucky goals, or playing great and getting no goals?

  55. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    No one will admit it, but it Clowe is out any length of time, the Rangers need Boyle back sooner rather than later.

  56. I want to slap our defensemen when they cannot effectively defend a two on one rush. Take away the pass idiots! They all just kind of end up in no man’s land drifting in between the two players, screening the goalie and then sprawling on the ice. Great job, idiots.

  57. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Nice Pic of Cally. Do they have a spare Ref on standby for all the games?

  58. Sioux-per-man on

    Tort’s has 5 Days to work on nothing but the POWER PLAY.

    Any suggestions for him?

  59. 2-1-2 that folds into a 1-2-2 or 1-1-3 when we get good puck movement. Have to work on getting the damn puck LOW where we have a numbers advantage. I really like when Stepan is in the center of the ice facing the point (back to the net). It created quick puck movement and should be a pass, pass, shoot kind of situation. If they can do it properly.

    Like last night, when Richards and Nash were playing pass at the left side blue line. They finally drew the defender out but then didn’t get the puck low for a quality shot. Instead they passed weak side allowing the Defender to recover and defend. EPIC FAIL.

  60. Sioux-per-man on

    I think we should put the little ball of hate Dorsett out there if he can skate 5:00 minutes.

    Let’s face it the 4th line didn’t really play last night. Gilroy in the box for 4 minutes. I’m almost certain this is the last time we see him in a Blueshirt.

    So who do you think our 1’st round will be with Boston?

  61. iDoodie Machetto on

    Given what you’ve seen of Kreider this season, how many of you would have preferred it if they had traded Kreider instead of Anisimov and Erixon?

  62. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    _Tort’s has 5 Days to work on nothing but the POWER PLAY.

    Any suggestions for him?_

    The Garden faithful says “shoooooooooooooooooooot!”

  63. Doodie, no chance I’d trade Kreider. We haven’t even seen enough of him to make a decision. He’s so young, there is no way this season was a picture of what he can be. Give it time…

  64. My question of yesterday having been answered by the win and making the playoffs, One has wonder if it still wouldn’t have benefited the organization to have failed this year in the long term?

    Of course this presumes that Junior is actually paying attention to anything but gross receipts!

  65. Staal-Wart, how much did anyone see from Erixon?

    Too small a sample at the NHL level with the Rangers.

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    How would missing the playoffs have benefited them? That makes no sense– they wouldn’t have even gotten a lottery pick in the draft. Even if they go 4 and out it will be more of a character building experience to build off of for next year than missing the playoffs completely.

  67. iDoodie Machetto on

    “And so far I like what I see from Moore alot moore than I like what I saw from Erixon.”

    Have you seen Erixon this year? He was above Moore in Columbus’ depth chart.

  68. John Tortorella said on MSG that it “couldn’t be more fitting than the guy who scored the winner. Couldn’t be more fitting. It’s funny how the hockey gods work in these types of situations.”

  69. My point is I’d rather have Kreider.
    Don’t understand how you give a player so little time before wanting to get rid of them…
    I’m sure if I look back to last season…there would be comments about how Erixon looked soft or that he should be traded…just sayin’

  70. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had to listen to the first and half of the second on the radio. Unfortunately, the only radio feed I could get on my phone was the Hurricanes feed. This is almost a verbatim transcript of what the radio guy, who broadcasted alone (he was his own color man) said when they showed the Staal Parents on the board:

    “It’s like they said in that movie Sleepless in Seattle, or was it You’ve Got Mail? It was one of those two movies. Anyway, it’s like they said in those movies ‘I will also have what they are having.'”

    Can you count the mistakes in that statement?

    He also broke Lundqvist down as follows:

    “He plays a little bit of an unorthodox style in that he plays very deep in his goal, and relies on his reflexes to make saves. His glove hand is average. He didn’t play baseball growing up in Sweden.”

    While a weird breakdown. sure enough, Lundqvist got beat twice over his glove, on two goals I’m sure he wishes he could have back.

  71. iDoodie Machetto on

    Staal, I didn’t say I’d make the deal, just questioning who would.

    Honestly, the more I see of Kreider, the less I want to see of him. He’s not even doing well on the offensive side of the puck anymore. I’m sure some will blame the coaches for that, and to be honest, they should absolutely share in some of that blame. But at some point, Kreider has to put it together a little bit. He hasn’t really shown me any improvement this season, at all.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    That stock description of Lundqvist always kind of bugs me. He does play deep in his net, but I don’t think its accurate that he relies on his reflexes to make saves. He’s positionally very sound– you almost never see him in the wrong position to make a save. That’s easily as big, if not a bigger, factor in what makes him so good. The “reflexive” descriptor sounds more like The Flower on Pittsburgh

  73. iDoodie Machetto on

    I agree Rob. Lundqvist plays really good angles, even if he is too deep in the net.

  74. Sioux-per-man on

    IF we were to trade Kreider – it should have been last year. Nash on last years team gets to the finals! And then some!!!


    We have both now! Kreider at 22 will get there. Not the way Torts is using him now. Now wait and see. Newbury and Kreider played well together for the Whale. IF they can get a spark with Powe, we might have a 4th line that can play 10 minutes a game, and get a CHANCE to score.

  75. Sioux-per-man on

    If Clowe is injured, Kreider can score on a top line. He has the speed, and the skill.

    At 22, a full year of Torts training next year, Richards & Nash to learn from, he will be a special player.

    Now if he could find his “Playoff” self from last year, that’s all I’m looking for.

  76. iDoodie Machetto on

    Actually, I think the first goal I’m thinking of was stick side. Still high though. Glove isn’t his problem. Dropping to his knees is.

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s part of why the thought of playing Washington right now is scary. Number 8 if he gets space is the best in the world at hitting those corners. He can be a Hank-beater himself

  78. iDoodie Machetto on

    Which is why when he gets beaten low, it’s completely unacceptable. His whole game is predicated upon taking away the bottom of the net.

  79. Cross Check Charlie on

    I would not be an advocate of getting rid of Kreider, but I am disappointed in that he hasn’t shown more than he has.

    Doodie – Chuck Kaiten not only does the broadcast alone, but also the between periods stuff and I kind of like it that the broadcast isn’t cluttered with two guys trying to talk at the same time. However, when in the car listening to him I sometimes have a hard time understanding what he’s saying.

  80. Agree, Rob. I hate that crap. Team would have benefitted from missing the playoffs. As annoying as saying you wish the team didn’t make it. Which is as annoying as saying the don’t _deserve_ it.

  81. iDoodie Machetto on

    Also, with how lousy our special teams have been? #1 PP unit in the league? No thanks. Also Pittsburgh, #2 unit in the league? No thanks. Boston, #25 unit in the league? Yes, please.

    Sure, they’re all basically inverted on the PK, but who are we kidding? Our lousy PP can’t score without it being a lucky bounce, and we are just as likely to get lucky against #1 as we are against #30.

  82. iDoodie Machetto on

    Teams only benefit from missing the playoffs when they have a 1st round draft pick, which we do not have.

  83. iDoodie Machetto on

    Cross check, during the 1st period intermission, he interviewed Jordan Staal for like a solid seven minutes. How can a player be in an interview, especially one on the radio, for that long in between periods?

  84. Lundqvist doesn’t really have any problems. He’s the best goaltender in the world. Even the best guy is going to have a bad game from time to time. Even the best is going to let goals in. It happens. It’s about minimizing the damage.

  85. Cross Check Charlie on

    Doodie – taped before the game? Did they mention anything that happened during the first period? If not, it was taped.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Cross check, maybe it was. I was on the bridge at that point and the signal was cutting in and out.

  87. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    “and IMO, I don’t care who we play because we can*’t* beat anyone.”


  88. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    “and IMO, I don’t care who we play because we can *‘t* beat anyone.”


    fixed my fix.

  89. LMGO @ giving up on Kreider!
    So, he comes in during last year’s playoffs and scores more goals than anyone else. This year, while he is trying to learn how to pla

  90. LMGO @ giving up on Kreider!
    So, he comes in during last year’s playoffs and scores more goals than anyone else. This year, while he is trying to learn how to play properly in NHL and, as expected, struggles, he is done? I hope this organization gas more patience than some of the fans.

  91. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    ““and IMO, I don’t care who we play because we can*not* beat anyone.”


    fixed my fix.

    fixed the fix of my fix.

  92. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    and IMO, I don’t care who we play because we can *not* beat anyone.


    fixed my fix.

    fixed the fix of my fix.

    fixed the fix of my fix of my fix.

  93. Scheduling note

    If we finish 8th and play Pitt we open Wednesday(consol center has concert tues)

    If we finish 7th and play montreal we open Tuesday(bell centre has concert Wednesday).

    If we play washington as the 6 there arena open both tues and wed.

    If Boston tues or wed.

    Next weekend may 4th Saturday or may 5th Sunday is first home game. The Knicks are scheduled for a game 7 in afternoon on Sunday. So figure a night game unless the Knicks sweep and then NHL can put rangers in afternoon.

    For next Saturday should we play Boston or Pittsburgh we could potentially be on NBC at 1230 leading right into the pregame of the Kentucky Derby. That’s a big ratings day for NBC.

  94. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Yeah, that goal really helped us stretch out our playoff run to a cool five games.

  95. Sioux-per-man on

    LOL Doodie.

    Time to make a 2013 Version!!!

    History? One cup in 73 years, that’s alot of history?

    Time to look to the FUTURE :)

  96. Well, that happened. Woo-hoo. I left the room when Sathorella went a bridge too far and traded their best player to Rangers East, turning this, “our year”, into a rebuilding year, with a side order now of a round of playoffs. Hated the Clowe deal but thought the team could live with it, but the next one — well, now they have some promising young players instead of the proven Gaborik. So while rooting for Columbus over the last month (a team now on the rise whether they get in or not), I did check MSG to see some of the fool’s gold in the form of wins over Pittsburgh and Buffalo, built on comically bad opposing goaltending, like that which we saw again last night when Ellis gifted NY its playoff berth.

    So, yeah, rooted against the Rangers for the first time in my life, praying that elimination would get Tortorella, who is so evidently past his sell-by date, out of the building, if not the dread Sather. Now, blinded by the playoff berth, will fans be OK with this gang running the show again next year, with only Lundqvist and Nash returning as elite players? Can an overused Lundqvist carry this year’s team any farther? That’s what I’m coming crawling back off the ledge to see, sort of like a rubbernecker I guess. The Jackets are probably out — can’t see Dallas beating the Wings — so it’s back to rooting for the current Rangers. Groan. Jam. Block. Snow Angels.

  97. Rob in Beantown on

    Boyle update? It’d be good to have him in the lineup if we play Boston, especialy if we don’t have Clowe

  98. Sioux-per-man on

    Kenny – I’m affraid the Rangers JV team will not get in.

    I’m thinking they should have a Jets/Jackets Bubble Wrap Playoff. Perhaps they Jackets could wrap Gaby up for a couple more years, so he doesn’t get hurt :)

  99. Rob in Beantown on

    Tuukka Rask is listed at 6’3, 165 lbs. How is that even possible? It seems like he should collapse in on himself or something. Engineering marvel there

  100. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    I hope the Jackets get in. Just to torment the Flyers when Bobrovsky gets a Hart nomination.

  101. Wow. Hedberg in for NJ tomorrow.

    Honestly if the Isles lose in regulation tonight it is probably better for the Rangers to lose Saturday and take the default #7 seed to play either Boston or Montreal. I want nothing to do with the Caps right now and am frankly sick of Ovechkin. So my guess is if the Isles lose, Biron goes tomorrow and anybody hurting gets a break.

  102. Really dont expect any resting of anyone. I love the NBA and NHl but that is the difference between the two sports (along with many others obviously). Playoff teams dont rest much after clinching. Tampa played their hearts out against Carolina a few years ago in a meaningless game for them.

  103. Awesome video, Sioux. Too bad they put that Hank glove save that probably was in the net in there though…

  104. Wow Norm that’s uplifting. Guess if they had missed you’d be gloating until you realized Tortorella isnt going anywhere? And FWIW Gabby has 3 goals and 4 assists in 12 games for Columbus, and one assist in his last 6 games. Was stoned on a breakaway last night that would have made CBJ’s life easier. Dont get me wrong I love Gabby and didn’t like trading him but Derick Brassard has outperformed him by himself and Moore has also been a huge upgrade on the blueline.

  105. I probably wasn’t paying enough attention to the limited replays the Canes broadcast showed, but Lundqvist’s standards must be astronomically high because we’re at the point where every goal that beats him over the glove or stick qualifies as a *bad* goal, wherever it’s taken from, however accurate, however hard.

  106. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    so, what’s the status of:

    Boyle (is he alive?)??

    And, what about Naomi??

    Thanks, in advance, NYR, for all the information!!!!

  107. Peter, do you seriously think Brassard is a better player than Gaborik, that his stats over the last month, his goals against the Panthers and Canes of late, are causing other teams to game-plan against him, to make sure there’s someone keeping an eye on him at all times? He’s a nice player who needs about 300 more goals to catch up, no? He’s a nice addition to the rebuilding process.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    not a Gabby v Bros-hard trade, point is we needed more talent in the pivot with Richards’ old man river look and he has provided that, and then some.

    IMHO his presence has woken Richards up, who now realizes he has to hustle and produce or be relegated to playing with Piehat the rest of his Ranger days…

    except on PP which he gets an automatic free pass by ‘car seat Johnny’ on the point.

  109. Rebuilding process? Did I miss something?
    And while they will miss Gaborik’s goal scoring next year for sure, he was NOT their best player. And the trade is working in their favor so far. Long term- the jury is still out. But I’m much more optimistic about it now than I was when it happened. Without seeing Dorsett play either.

  110. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    FWIW, I’m not giving up on kreider, I was never sold on him like many of you (not saying that in a negative way). He is fast no doubt, but speed means nothing if you don’t know what to do when you get there.

    Do I think he will be a good NHL player in his career, yes. But I don’t think he should be untouchable. And I would certainly move him in a deal that addressed an immediate need on this team.

  111. Did anyone catch the _Behind the Bench_ episode where Brassard wore a microphone during practice? He was asking a lot of people if they wanted to have dinner with him. I really feel like he might be kind of an outcast/tag-a-long. Poor guy.

  112. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I think the trade simply made us a 3 line team instead of a 1.3 line team.

    I would have made the trade everyday of the week and twice on sunday.

    I liked gabby, but the trade made us better and I’m not so sure it doesn’t make us better in the long run as well. I don’t think we will miss gabby’s goals as much as some of you think.

  113. Nice that Ash was present for his child’s birth, but we could have used him last night. Wonder what his future is now that Dorsett is close. Might need them both – playoff hockey is a different game. Bickel might come in handy along the way for the gorillas those two can’t reach. That said, stars still MUST score. Playing an ice-cold Gilroy up front burned us.

  114. Yea, coos. Latona and I were both equally mad that he left his real family (the team) for his wife and new kid. Weaksauce on his part.

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    Norm – maybe not. But he’s better THIS year!!!!

    Helps the team win, by scoring clutch goals. Moore has been a God send for the Blue Line (and is going to be another McDonagh in the deal) Dorsett will speak for himself sooner or later.

    This trade gets the Rangers in the Playoffs!!!
    It did not get Gaby’s team in now did it. If only he could score a game winning goal for them…..

  116. Rob in Beantown

    Kilowatt 16th Street in the Mission District, best hockey bar in San Francisco.

  117. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m not sure where the cards are going to fall here. I’m just glad they are in! Anything can happen.

    The Kings did it last year, when their whole season was a struggle just to make the playoffs.

    In Hank we TRUST!!! If he can steal a game every other night….this team will go farther than you think.

  118. If Bickel, Asham, and Dorsett are all in a playoff lineup THEN we are in trouble. Actually even with just Bickle.

  119. Asham can play regular shift, so can Dorsett, apparently. Fights are very rare during playoffs anyway.

  120. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    I’m all in on Columbus. I hate hearing about them and the idiocy and hypocrisy that is Bobrovsky as a Hart candidate, but I know Flyers fans would hate it even more to see Bob get that attention.

  121. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    “rebuilding process”???????????

    That’s what get’s me. We WERE a step away from the cup finals. Usually teams that accomplish to that degree, are in 1st place much of the year…they try to maintain their core with a tweak here or there.

    No doubt we needed to add scoring. The Nash trade did that.

    Now we are in a ‘rebuilding process’?? It seems Sather feels that way, too, I guess.

    Realize, 9 of our 15 forwards are NEW this year. 3 of our 10 defensemen are new. Our goalie is the same.

    Did we really need to overhaul a team that almost made it to the cup finals?

  122. You know what isn’t rare in the playoffs, ilb? Getting jumped by Matt Carkner or someone similar. Or attacking Gatorade coolers. VERY common.

  123. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    No one talks about it, but what an absolute waste of cap space HAMRLIK is. Ranks up there with Brashear and so many other plain stupid moves. The Craps must be laughing about pulling the string on Sather…again!!

  124. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Matty, what cap space? we didn’t need the space over the rest of the season and he is an impending UFA.

    Who cares.

  125. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Matty: no. Clarkson will be elsewhere next year.

    Now there’s a guy I would prefer over Clowe.

  126. those lower line guys – especially on a Tortorella team where they only play 5 minutes a night – become very valuable in overtime games. Asham, for the amount of time he missed this season, turned out to be a poor signing for the regular season but as long as he’s healthy, he is a decent player and will help this team in the playoffs. I know nothing about Dorsett and we’ve never seen him play a game in a Ranger uniform so who knows what he’ll do (if he even plays).

  127. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    After the Derbil game, Fishler and Deb did a half hour show about all the young talent the Dev’s have in their system. Loaded they are. Some of these kids are seriously good. They may have missed this year, but they will be back with a vengance BECAUSE they know how to manage and draft.

  128. I’d love if they signed Clarkson but he’s not going to come cheap. What do you pay him, $4 million per? He could even command more than that.

  129. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    2011-12 Kings last 12 games (9-2-3)
    2012-13 Rangers, if they win tomorrow (9-3-2)

  130. I thought about Hamrlik last night. Like, what if Tort decided to play Hamrlik at forward instead of Gilroy? Haha.

  131. Hamrlik and Gilroy should both be left wherever they were at at the end of the game last night

  132. Rob in Beantown on

    Thanks obliteron. I’ll look into that one too. Unfortunately with the games being so early over there I might have trouble getting away from work but I’ll see what I can do

  133. Hamrlik is history. They were desperate when Stall got hurt. Didn’t work, didn’t hurt their cap either.

  134. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    $3.5M, Doodie that precluded us from getting someone else. Where is he? Still ‘conditioning’?

    Like, our front office didn’t know he was ‘spent’? They couldn’t find it out before the money waste?

    We could have used someone that could actually help us, no?

  135. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    As Miami would say, that was a bush league, amateur hour, impulsive move. Would not expect that of a good GM.

  136. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Clarkson. He has had some really good moments over the last year. He was exceptionally quiet in this most recent stretch when the Dev’s needed scoring and lost a ton of games. He is stand up and can fight.

    I dunno. I’d pass. Ex-Derbils are a system fit group. As we’ve seen, many can’t stand on their own 2 feet

  137. dunno how you can really knock the Hamrlik move. this team was playing Stu Bickel and Matt Gilroy and if Hamrlik had anything left at all, he’d be an upgrade. Obviously, he had nothing but whatever. He’s gone and won’t impede their moves going foraward.

  138. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – Hamr would have been so far behind, he wouldn’t be able to trip them :)

  139. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    “After the Derbil game, Fishler and Deb did a half hour show about all the young talent the Dev’s have in their system. Loaded they are. Some of these kids are seriously good. They may have missed this year, but they will be back with a vengance BECAUSE they know how to manage and draft.”

    They had their PR machine spinning to help sell tickets. I’ve got news for you: their cupboard is pretty barren. The only worthwhile prospect that they didn’t have on their team at some point this season is Jon Merril.

    But all of the other legit prospects they have, you have already seen: Henrique, Larsson, Matteau (who looks as if he may have an attitude problem), and Loktionov.

    I don’t count Josefson, Urbom, or Gelinas as legit prospects. Especially Josefson.

  140. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Hamrlik is still finishing his first lap from the Rangers’ last practice before they went on their road trip.

  141. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Nice stat as well KAR! Stepan is “emerging”.

    The Kings were also only 4 points better than the 9th Flames over their last 10, and finished 4 points ahead of them overall.

  142. Gracy, if there is still some way that Pittsburgh can get the first overall pick, the Commissioner will see to it.

  143. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Matty, who exactly did that 3.5 prevent us from getting? They added Clowe and Zuccarello, plus dumped Gaborik’s 7.5 while only taking back 5.8.

    Seriously, what are you talking about? Hamrlik is useless, but it was worth kicking the tires on him, especially after Staal went down.

    What I can’t understand is how did Chris Campoli not get a tryout this year? Oh, right, blacklisted.

  144. Siouxser,

    To your comparison of the Rangers and Jackets since the trade, which team do you think has been more impressive? The notion that the Rangers could not have backed in to the 8-spot without the new players is a tempting one, but I think that the back-in has far more to do with the creampuff schedule down the stretch, and even then it took a terrible call from a ref half a rink away, a goal off the back boards and terrible OT goaltending to get in.

    The team that skated Gaborik and Nash is one playoff opponents would have had to plan for. Now the plan is much simpler: keep track of Nash and screen Lundqvist. The Panthers and Sabres could not handle that task, had no real interest in it, but I’m fairly confident the Bruins, Penguins and Canadiens can. That said, now that I’ve come crawling back, I do find myself rooting for the unlikely, even if it does bring Tortorella back. Does he go, though, if there’s a first round sweep?

  145. He doesn’t, Norm. Luckily. Even if they lose five in a row from this point on. Any suggestions for his replacement, anyway?

  146. Norm, you’re forgetting that Stepan is a top line center, Brassard is better than Gaborik, Moore is a brick wall and Callahan is the reincarnation of Mark Messier.

  147. Torts wouldn’t have gone if they missed the playoffs.

    They lost to the Panthers which was lame but found a way to win last night which is more important than whether it was lucky. Very often this year the show has been on the other foot.

    They were 9-3-1 over their last 13. You can definitely consider that they should not have needed to do that to get into the playoffs but they ended up not backing in. They were playing their best hockey last week, maybe the notion of clinching had them clutching their sticks too tight. Definitely could use a few more older guys for leadership in spots. Doan would have come in handy this year.

    Do I think they’re going anywhere? Depending on who they play in the first round (Habs or Boston) they could advance to round two and then it is really anyone’s guess.

    If the team hadn’t made the deadline trades would they even be in? Brassard, Clowe and Moore certainly all contributed alot and may do so going forward as well.

  148. And I am a strong believer that under Torts, Brassard can turn into legit 2nd line center, Kreider, while it may take time, will turn into a solid NHLer, and you can bet that Moore will be very solid D-man, you can give them at least that much- they know how to develop defensemen.

  149. James Neal (concussion) will be back in Pittsburgh’s lineup on Saturday.
    Neal hasn’t played since April 5. Getting him back in time for the postseason is obviously a huge boost for the Penguins. He has 18 goals and 32 points in 39 games this season.
    Source: on Twitter
    Apr 26 – 1:43 PM

    Paul Martin (hand) will return to the Penguins’ lineup on Saturday.
    Martin previously seemed optimistic that he would be available for the season finale, so this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He hasn’t played in roughly a month, so this will be a chance for him to shake off some of the rust before the playoffs start.

    Sidney Crosby (broken jaw) has been ruled out for the Penguins’ season finale on Saturday.
    The good news is Crosby participated in Friday’s practice. It’s not yet known if Crosby will be available for the start of the playoffs.


  150. Johan Hedberg will get the nod against the New York Rangers on Saturday.
    The Devils have nothing left to play for, but this is still mildly surprising because Martin Brodeur also served as the backup on Thursday. Hedberg has a 2.69 GAA and .886 save percentage in 18 games this season.

  151. eric, I’m totally guessing that any series with the Bruins will start Wednesday (don’t know about Gah-den availability) because, in fairness, their season has to end Sunday and the other teams would get more rest.

  152. carp

    see my earlier post on schedule

    bruins arena available both days tues and wed but i do believe they will open wednesday and get extra day of rest for playing 6 games in 9 days and having to play sunday.

    if that is the case I could easily see rangers at bruins game 2 on saturday at 1230 on nbc leading right into 3 hours of kentucky derby coverage next weekend

  153. Sioux-per-man on

    Easy fellas!

    I was saying that Brassard has scored more than Gaborik since the trade. Better on the score sheet, has helped the Rangers more, than Gaborik has helped his team.

  154. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    sioux, but that is a bit of a misnomer. Who knows how many Gaborik would have potted against this soft schedule. He tended to excel against bad teams.

  155. Anyone who thinks the Rangers are not rebuilding needs to look at the preseason expectations, the season performance, the trades and the standings. It could be a quick rebuild, to be sure, if all this youth comes through and Lundqvist maintains his elite form. I’m as much a wishful thinker as anyone in the upcoming playoffs — goalies have stolen cups before — but this team is demonstrably a step down from last year’s model.

    And what coach other than this one would not have salivated at the prospect of beginning this season with the Rangers’ roster? What coach and GM would not have welcomed that line-up and the challenge of adjusting to it and feeding Kreider and Miller into the mix? What coach would not have ridden out the Gaborik slump, recognizing the player he is, rather than create the benching dramas to help force him out of town?

    Is it unreasonable to give Torts another shot at this with a camp and team-building and all that we perceive to be his strengths? Not at all, and I’ll be rooting for him by then once this bad taste has worn off. But if there’s a change, I’ll make the same suggestion to ‘ilb’ that I’ve made here previously: Get Keith Allain. Experienced NHL assistant and goalie coach, NCAA champ this year with Yale, Olympic experience, perfect fit for this young team.

  156. or perhaps my definition of “rebuilding” is different. They did, and probably still do, have to remake some of the lineup that failed for so much of this season, but they’ve already done a lot of that. And there will be some rookies on the team when they break camp in September. But they aren’t trading any more star-type players for draft picks or prospects at this point. A rebuilding team is dealing Nash for a bundle, and maybe a Girardi or a Staal.

  157. Doodie Machetto, 1 on

    Carp, I think rebuilding is the wrong term. I think they are thinking long-term as much as they are thinking short term.

    If they had only been thinking short term, then they probably would have moved Kreider for Nash last year. Truth be told, it may have won them the Cup had they done so.

  158. Gaborik better than Brassard? …. Brassard better than Gaborik?

    Brassard is useful player, not close to being an all-star/superstar……..

    Gaborik is a weak shadow of the all-star player he once was…..

    On my team, I’d rather have Brassard than Gaborik.

  159. To Gabby’s propensity for excelling against bad teams, it’s a down year for him, yes, but two, count ’em, (2) goals against non-playoff teams. Way too many goalless games, though I’d bet on that changing next season.

  160. Sioux-per-man on

    As a Gaborik Fan, a huge one at that. I wasn’t a fan of it for the 200 mile drive home that day from the oil fields of the wild wild west.

    But now, I GET the deal! It works, It makes sense if you’re not going to resign him next year. What would you get next year at the trade deadline a late 1’st round draft pick and a prospect? At best?

    This year we get a 1’st rounder in that is NHL ready in Moore! He is a huge upgrade over Bickel, Gilroy, & Hamr. Ever game we watch he is just getting better & better. Tons of upside with this kid all of 22 yrs.

    Brassard, another 1’st round pick – what 6th overall? Seems to have alot more skill than I thought. But I’m not one to watch alot of CBJ games, I like what I see. And he gives us much needed depth at center. NO pressure on Miller or Boyle to be the 3rd Center. Richards can handle that at $6M per year.

    Dorsett – wore an A for the Jackets. He’s a fan favorite, and the Prust we sent away. We need this type of player, MSG needs this type of player, as well as the bench.

    Through in the 6th round pick, and a $1.7M in salary that they can use for contracts next year, when the cap goes down. It makes alot more sense.

    Now if Gaborik and Richards had 40 pts each this year it would be different. But they didn’t, we needed depth at center, ALOT more toughness, and I think we got lucky with how good Moore is.

    Would I like to see Gaby get into the playoffs? Sure, but NOT as much as I want to see Parise get in. Parise & Toews is a first round ticket I can watch live, in person, AND wear both of their Fighting Sioux Jerseys to.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Matty”Sather should have known better”Boy
    Clarkson. He has had some really good moments over the last year. He was exceptionally quiet in this most recent stretch when the Dev’s needed scoring and lost a ton of games. He is stand up and can fight.
    Clarkson is not the last sentence. Also when derbils had 2 balanced lines and the other line had Kovi and faced the opponents checking line and top pair, he had plenty of scoring ops. Then, no Kovi, no scory.
    Do not get on the last train to Clarkson

  162. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    so torts thinks clowe will be an important playoff contributer..not out long hopefully??

  163. OK, since I’m the one who threw “rebuilding” over the transom, I’ll withdraw the loaded term since it carries a break-up-the-Marlins sort of connotation. Let’s just say the Rangers are re-tooling, putting together a new version that will not have anyone picking them, as they did last fall, to do much next season.

  164. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I like clarksons style of play a lot, but an absolute no to signing him…no more career devils…please!!!

  165. Sioux-per-man on

    Doodie – I know. I agree.

    I’m looking at the over all picture of team. I think the trade made this team better, granted we haven’t seen on minute of Dorsett. But we will.

    Gaborik helped only on the score board. If he scored.

    Blue line addition NEEDED. And a good one. Could be a top 4 with a shot that could be used on the Power Play.

    Center needed – Brassard is going to be the biggest winner out of the deal. His points may not be as many as Gaby’s, but I don’t think he will be to far behind.

    Dorsett toughness is still missing on this team. Hopefully we get to see it in the playoffs.

    Cap goes down next year. Money saved will be needed for Hags, McDonagh, etc.

    We are a better team, even if we lost one of our Biggest Stars.

  166. I listened to end of last Ranger-Devil game on radio and Dave Maloney was analyzing various Devils and the decisions coming this offseson, was saying Clarkson is the kind of player who thrives in the Devils system and that if he was Clarkson he’d get the best contract he could from the Devils and stay put. Clear message was buyer beware on Clarkson.

  167. Maloney also said he thought special teams were the difference in the Florida game. I tend to think Dave’s best assessments have to do with the local watering hole.

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    Clarkson plays such a good blue collar game. He brings a toughness that can score.

    Out of Clarkson or Clowe who would you want more?

  169. boggles the mind that people can say the Rangers miss the toughness of a guy who’s never played a game in the uniform

  170. Sioux-per-man on

    Lloyd – team toughness.

    Since Prust has left.

    No one to stick up to hacks, wake up the bench on a slow start, hit the Kaleta in the mouth, get a sleeping MSG crowd into a game.

    That type of player hasn’t been on this team all F’n year. And it’s needed. That’s what Torts was looking for in this deal.

  171. would say Asham is that type of player but he’s hardly since the ice this season

    and again, it’s all speculation on Dorsett – a guy who’s yet to play a game in the uniform

  172. Sioux-per-man on

    Clarkson is a better player than what you give him credit for Papa. Are you sure you don’t hate him because he plays across the pond?

  173. People have been crying all year for Brandon Prust. Clarkson is several times the player Brandon Prust is.

  174. Sioux-per-man on

    Lloyd – He’ll play. You’ll love him when he does. Heart & Soul type of guy. A true “Little Ball of Hate” every team wished they had. HEATHLY.

  175. Way to read the article before commenting, Lloyd. Hockey is becoming diverse though. I promise. I don’t have to go through all the countries and ethnicities now represented in the NHL.

  176. I played with black and hispanics in juniors over 15 years ago. Hockey is not as monolithic as the NHL suggests.

  177. Stranger Nation on

    The NHL is very diverse – the league has white Canadiens, white Americans, white Euro-trashy-peans and some black Russians.

    Diversity Now!

  178. I didn’t know we were fighting

    but you’ll need to admit that David Clarkson is a better player than Brandon Prust

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Clarkson v. Prust – 2 very different players; one a second line winger now going to be paid to score goals, the other a grinder/fighter 3rd liner who can pk.

    Clarkson v. Clowe is more apples to apples. While i like both of their games, IMHO neither will live up to their next contract.

  180. can we have both Clowe and Clarkson without getting robbed blind because that would be ideal

  181. All I can admit is that I like Prust a lot more than David Clarkson. Clarkson can score more goals. Prust does more of the other stuff.

  182. Ok. Well this onion has many layers to it. First, I don’t think Clarkson is nearly the player he appears to be on paper. I think when he leaves the Devils he is going to be a 12 goal guy. Max. Seriously. Just don’t see him as a 30 goal guy. Second, Clarkson is a whiny, annoying man. Sure he can mix it up but he is not nearly the effective fighter that Prust is. Clarkson does not kill penalties at Prust’s level and he does not have that attitude that Prust has which makes teammates, cities and coaches adore him.

  183. Eric is it possible to ask you a question? I got my playoff strip posted by the Rangers so I can print the tickets, but one thing seems odd. Thanks!

  184. ok so an opinion on future performance, penalty killing, and speculation on locker room presence

    let me call Sather

  185. Clarkson is going to get overpaid like crazy. I do not want to be the team that pays for him.

  186. he’s definitely going to make more than the $2.66 million he’s getting now and based on what he’s done, he definitely deserves the raise. my concern is that he’s going to get stupid money at which point he becomes overpriced. for $4 million, I think he’s a good signing but given some of the contracts we’ve seen of late, I could see him getting $5.5 mil which is insane.

  187. Yes, Lloyd. My assumption is he crosses the $4M mark for something like 4-6 years. Something offensive.

  188. Truth is everyone needs to ask themselves if Prust, Fedotenko, and Mitchell would have continued to bring everything they brought all of last year again this year. It is entirely possible that if they’d re-signed all of those guys the same exact scenarios would have played out, and then people would just be pointing at the Nash trade as the problem.

    And no Brassard may not be better than Gaborik right now but I will say he not only outscored Marian since the trade, he outscored him so far on the year. Problem is its a down year for Gabby and a good year for Brassard.

  189. Clarkson would not sign with the Rangers for any amount of money and I can’t believe you guys even would want him. I dont care how good he is, and he ain’t that good.

  190. I actually don’t like Clarkson as a player. He’s not nearly as good as people pretend he is.

  191. I think Clarkson would be adored as a Ranger by fans…once they get over the fact he was a Devil

    But, I don’t necessarily want him if we have The Clowe…

  192. Sioux @ 3:27:regarding Clarkson.

    First, you are right, I don’t like the guy at all.

    Second, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times, shoot me. We have had zero success with former Devils jumping across the river.

    Finally, I don’t want to give the bank away for Clarkson. IMO, he will cost way too much in cap space.

  193. WOW. Torts just said on Michael Kay that at the time of the Nash trade, he was unsure wether the Rangers should include with Artie or Stepan in the deal!

  194. Rob in Beantown & Manny, ludicrous responses to my “what if they didn’t make the playoffs” etc.

    The point which you “characters” miss is and always do is would ownership have finally bailed on Sappy and staff!

    As for the character issue this is hilarious considering this organization has apparently been building “characters” and little else for the last 72 years.

    And for all this character building they have been and are average!

    Now remove the cheerleading skirts and pom poms from your posdts and just for once try the macro view!

  195. Rob in Beantown on


    1. Sather isn’t going anywhere
    2. The playoffs are a brand new season and anything can happen
    3. We have the best goaltender in the world. See #2
    4. The team is 7-3-0 over the last 10 in spite of the bad loss to FL. Not exactly backing into the playoffs.
    5. Did I mention it’s a new season and anything can happen?

    The goalie won’t be around forever. This young core of Rangers players won’t be around forever. None of will be around forever–I could get hit by a bus or something. Why would I write off a precious whole season of my life? Out of spite? No thanks.

  196. Rob, at the risk of noting the obvious, I would conjecture that the flatulence from all those beans is creating a synaptic distress signal to your brain.

    Do you actually think that other teams in the position to blow up the bus and draft wisely have not and will not do so? Big picture?

    Perhaps you should poll other posters about whom they believe to be the architect of doom lo these 13 years.

    And why it is necessary to remove his addled self from the premises.

    That is unless you view 13 years as insufficient time to put an organization in annual order.

    I asked a rhetorical question and the cheerleaders responded with the usual fluff!

    You should excuse the expression!

  197. 1) I’d love to see the Sens as the eight seed because I really believe they could beat them- especially with Karlson back.
    2) If I’m any of the top three seeds, despite the presence of King Henrik, I want no part of either the Isles or Sens- you draw the conclusion there.
    3) Clarkson? I’ve been drooling all year at the prospect of him being a free agent- so he can go somewhere and be exposed- my God don’t let it be here!
    4) Glad my greatest fear diid not come to pass- having the Devils return the favor of last Sunday and send us home, beating us like 4-1, while the remaining Debbie faithfuls serenaded us with “Season’s Over” in our own building- though I’m still curious if some disgusted blueshirt fans might not have joined in on the chorus.

  198. ilb2001, you think I’m funny, I amuse you?

    May I refer to your posts in the future as simply “A Spaced Oddity”?

  199. All you psychokinetics who would prefer a micro brew to a macro view, please raise my hand.

  200. NYR fan, absolutely correct about Clarkson and no the Rangers have not stolen someone like Clarkson from the Devs,yet.

    A power forward who has become a solid goal scorer, goes to the front of the net and can and will drop the gloves and acquit himself properly.

    Actually someone whom Krieder should emulate.

    But surely we are not comparing Clowe and his skill set with Clarkson are we?

  201. Aren’t you retired, Comnsense? Let me ask you this- does your view of this team as mediocre for 13 years help you enjoy watching the game more or less? What is the purpose of watching an entertainment if you constantly make it less enjoyable by design? You see, I employ the “macro view” at work. That helps me make serious decisions. Hockey is a part of my life that I try to enjoy. Can’t imagine myself still watching this team if I try to convince myself constantly that they’re just mediocre, even after they produced one of the better seasons ever. Enjoy your retirement, will ya?

  202. Coos, “an activity induced by light”!

    I couldn’t have said better myself……and wish I had!

  203. 2001, yes I am retired which I add allows me to observe, contemplate what I observe and come to conclusions based on the aforementioned actions.

    This btw is as good a definition of wisdom as your likely to see.

    Therefore while I always root for my teams it does not distract or confuse me from being objective.

    I could go on since I suspect you mean well but seem to object to my description of this franchise as average when stats clearly show they are at least for the last 72 years.

    So I ask the obvious question, are you satisfied with average whether you’re in a dining facility, your work product,your personal performance in any area of your life?

    Of course not, so why apply this criteria to sports, surely you can’t believe that this constitutes anything but cheerleading and viewing the world through rose colored glasses.

    I apologize for occasionally being a wise a++s but maybe when you’re retired and have seen one of your favorite teams continually be average the concept will be more appealing.

    Have a good day.

  204. Of course I meant well. I suppose I didn’t explain it well, because you just did it again.

    To answer your dining and work questions- I would change both if it were mediocre.
    But all of us come back to watching this team. Don’t confuse being objective with pure negativity, and cheer leading with an attempt to enjoy what we have. It’s an entertainment at the end of the day.

    And, no, I don’t think I will find the concept of constantly diminishing their performance appealing, no matter what this team does. Unless I’ve had masochistic tendencies within myself I wasn’t aware of.

  205. Oh, the eagle fly on Friday,
    Sadday, I go out to play.
    The eagle, he fly on Friday
    Sadday, I go out to play.
    Sunday go to church
    Fall down on my knees
    And pray.
    I say, Lord have mercy
    On da boys.

  206. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d rather have clowe than clarkson.

    Clowe will fight anyone and clarkson won’t.

    I think clarkson is a good player, but I think his stats are a bit inflated.

  207. Lyova, I don’t think it’s that obvious that he made the decision about Prust. In fact he is suggesting later on that he wanted to keep him. And the phrase “it’s not like we didn’t try to sign some of the guys”, and “other teams were interested” suggest that he is just merely describing what exactly happened. Having said that, there is no secret he has a lot to say about who the get, and who they trade. I don’t think he makes any decisions about what they are paid though.

  208. jpg's sister on

    Carp, it was hard during the season, but you were right, we should have believed Rangers made the playoffs

    I felt bad for Gilroy too, didn’t think 2nd play was a penalty, Nash take down was.

    oh I think of him as Mats “I Won’t Back Down” Zuccarello. Great takedown on Skinner.

  209. jpg's sister on

    ilb, did you hear the Hurricane announcers mention they don’t care that much that torts isn’t great with media, but he is really the players coach, which they admire?

  210. Right but all year long Prust has been “the one that got away” and it’s all been Sather’s fault. Torts agrees that Prust is very much replaceable (note difference in replaceable and already being replaced) and that they should not have signed him for what he signed with Montreal. Basically if youre going to blame Sather might as well blame Torts because he has at least as much if not more influence on the roster.

  211. Wow that was a revealing interview Torts gave. Guess if Torts posted on this site he would get told Prust sucks and he should forget about him already.

    Btw Manny you nailed it on the Clarkson-Prust comparison.

  212. Could have sworn Hodgson’s sweater morphed into that of NYR as I watched him whiff those two glorious chances from the slot.

  213. Is it too early to start comparing Evgeny Grachev to Chris Kreider?

    I mean, 2 huge guys drafted by the Rangers that can skate and shoot with the best of the NHL pros…but little to no hockey IQ or toughness…Both still finding their respective pro game…

  214. Sorry. Got hectic at work. Eric, I went onto my acct manager. I have a half season plan, so I get every other playoff game with the order switching each round. Round 1is game 3 and game 6. Round 2 is only round with one game (game 4). Is that because no matter what, no home ice in round 2? Thank soft your help.

  215. I was just reminded of Grachev because Latona mentioned Cody Hodgson. Hodgson, Duchene, and Grachev made up one the more legendary lines in Brampton Battalion’s history…

    Back then, Grachev was compared to Nash! (Nash also played for Brampton)

  216. Just to go back a few hours and put this out there: Stepan may not be a #1 center but he is currently 12th among NHL centers in points.

    Just putting it out there.

  217. jpg's sister on

    just an update: Baby buffaloes beating islanders right now. john scott got in a fight with carkner

  218. sabres arent holding this lead in regulation. there d play is awful.

    oilers 3-0 over wild in minn after 1. wild need win to clinch. feeling the pressure

  219. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Anyone notice Buffalo, a team work nothing to lose, in the last minute of regulation playing it safe to get to overtime and get the point? smh Thanks a bunch Miller. Just now in overtime, Miller made a save and no one told him where the puck was and he froze at the net. Miller’s flopping around like Dan Girardi on a 2 on 1.

  220. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    Buffalo reminds me of the rangers in their last two games. Controlling the game, give up a tying goal and hand the game back to their opponents.
    They also controlled the puck in the isles zone for a long time and couldn’t finish. Rangers, meet Sabres… Sabres, Rangers.

  221. Evrock Around The Clock Tonight on

    My prediction: isles win, scoring 2 in the so to 1 for buffalo.

  222. Looks like everyone that can will play tomorrow for us. Need at least a point to avoid Pittsburgh.

  223. Hey Carp :O)
    The little kid who could have taken the ballerina, is not italian, he is a Norwegian.
    That is important. Ok, so his grandmother is Italian,and that makes him 1/4 Italian, but he is borned and raised in Oslo,Norway, and it was there he learned his hockey.

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