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  1. jpg's sister on

    heard rumors Marc Staal might come back, that’s not true is it? Would he be available for the playoffs?

  2. Stranger Nation on

    C3P – agree with your 2:29 with amendments

    Update on Dorset?

    Update on Miller?

  3. I am a die hard ranger fan for 40+ years and you can call me crazy or any adjective you want to call me but I have no excitement for this team this year. I really don’t care if they make the playoffs or not. Maybe it’s the 48 game Buttman lockout season special, maybe it’s because I know this team isn’t that good and will be 1 and done. If this group of rangers don’t make the playoffs I know one thing, the Columbus bluejacket fans will be very excited because they will have a chance at the lottery, worse case scenario 2 1st round picks in this years deep draft.

  4. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Tommy, I was thinking just about 20 minutes ago….”well, there’s always the draft”


  5. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Nash hat trick, Step hat trick. Moore a goal and there ya have it 7-2 easy win tonight, fellers. No problem. It’s over before it starts!!!!

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    I don’t think we’ll see Miller even if he is healthy.

    Dorsett isn’t even cleared for Contact, but it would be nice to see him against the Devils. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, with every point meaning so much right now.

    Staal – would be the 1’st player back – when? nobody seems to know.

    Any Chance he makes it in tonights ALL STAAL game Carp?

  7. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Karlsson back tonight. Good for him. He’s a good player and it’s much better to see stars back than to have Matt Cooke injure them all.

    Now, as a Ranger fan, I hope he is out of shape and awful!!!

  8. LW3H,
    not really, actually it makes me sick. The jackets future looks good and they will be in the rangers division with the red wings. It’s possible the rangers might not see the playoffs for a while.

  9. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Sioux, NHL radio says Mark will be ‘in the building’. And the parents are flying in, too.

    In other news, asked about his injury, Rangers spokesmen said, “He is out for a while with some kind of injury”. “But, we are not telling you squat”.

  10. Playoffs? Did you say playoffs?

    If by “making playoffs” you mean “playing golf on the Westchester municipal course” then I think their chances are spectacular.

    If you mean “getting swept by PITT or MON”, then their chances are as good as Team Mexico winning the gold in men’s ice hockey next year in Sochi.

  11. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Tommy, I will bet 2 hot dogs that the Fishsticks win a cup before us. Gentleman’s bet.

  12. Staal’s eye is still not healed, still has blurred vision. I don’t think you will see Staal play another game this year.

  13. Matty,
    I can’t make that bet because I agree with you and to take it one step further I don’t think the fishsticks are the only eastern conference team that will win a cup before the rangers win a cup.

  14. I’m disappointed I can’t watch the next 1st round selection by the rangers in this years draft that will turn out to be a 3rd line player (s).

  15. Hi Carp,
    Too bad couldn’t join the chat…
    My question/observation:
    Why are we always talking about the Rangers like it’s a sick child? Why is it always so much drama about this team?
    Richars crying in locker, all this confidence crap (they ooo, so fragile, like small children), the way they play 2 decent games in a row against weak opponents and all of a sudden get so cocky and forget to show up the next game?
    Good teams are (like Torts say) ‘going about their business’, the Rangers on the other hand are ALWAYS in a middle of some drama.
    Is it us, the fans, who create this soup opera, or is it just a soup opera of a team???

  16. most important game of the season tonight and quite frankly, if they don’t win this game, they’d better be praying for Winnipeg to crap the bed against Montreal because I will (almost) guarantee the Rangers lose on Saturday.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, Eric, and Sioux= my 3 favorite boneheads.

    Honorable mention to Sally.

    Miami Pimp is disqualified from consideration. It would not be fair for a pro like him to compete with amateur-hour, no talent, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Cookie Monster, bush league, dog-breakfast, dinky, small-time, unshaven clowns.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and honorable mention to wicky for getting me that Girardi hit on D’Agostini.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, gotta bump Sioux into the honorable mentions. I forgot about ilb. Sorry, Sioux. Go back to school.

  20. If Wikipedia is reliable – and why wouldn’t it be? – the Rangers have their own 3rd, 4th and 6th round picks plus Nashville’s 3rd. Plus a 3rd from Columbus if the Rangers don’t make the Cup Final.

  21. Game is at 7. By the time Winnipeg takes the ice at 8 will be down 2-0.

    I have more confidence in us winning Saturday then I do tonight.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Hard to say, Manny. “Eric” has expressed some level of confidence in the Rangers winning a true “must-win” game. I’m not so sure “eric” would ever express any such confidence.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona has been saying “eric” makes stupid comments. For example:


    “No semin for canes concussed.”

    Comment number four..@

    Not nice.

  24. Funny, I think the vast majority of the drama is a result of:

    1) NYC Media.

    2) Rabble, rabble, rabble from bandwagon fans on websites that aren’t happy unless their team closely resembles the Pittsburgh Penguins (w/ Cindy).

    I for one am confident in a W tonight. You KNOW Staal spoke to the team about this, right? You KNOW the Captain (or do we dislike him to) was ashamed. You KNOW the KING is wise enough to want the lock tonight…

    I personally have enjoyed this team over the past month. I’ve enjoyed watching Brassards hands – kids got potential and unlike other Rangers, is already contributing. I also liked his attitude around his Florida goal. Good stuff – he’s done it before. I really like Moore. Strong skater, feisty, etc. Step? PLEASANT surprise. Captain is the Captain and the same goes for Hank and Nash.

    Question: How is this NOT what hockey is all about? Sure the Cap’s have a prettier storyline as a result of sucking worse and then playing lights out but fundamentally, it’s the same. We’re earning our ticket just like everyone else. When we get to the playoffs, its a different game – this is true in any sport. EVERYONE is hungry and I’m excited to see how this team responds. Optimistic.

    Oh, haha…. No Devils, No Flyers…. AWESOME.

  25. If the best we can do is root for Winnipeg to lose then we have the team we deserve. Rangers win tonight, no other way is acceptable.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    @I for one am confident in a W tonight. You KNOW Staal spoke to the team about this, right? You KNOW the Captain (or do we dislike him to) was ashamed. You KNOW the KING is wise enough to want the lock tonight…@

    It shouldn’t take all of that. The team should be up to play hard every game right now. And they should be beating the pants off of a team like the one Florida iced on Tuesday. And they should beat the pants off of the team the Canes will ice tonight. But how can you feel confident after that rotten display against Florida?

  27. Doodie Machetto on


    Those 2 losses vs. Fla.: If Rangers won one, they’d be in playoffs and 6th seed. If they won both they’d be in and 5th seed.@

    GREAT tweet.

  28. Doodie, I know that’s Carp’s tweet but reading for the second time made me vomit in my mouth a little bit

  29. Great job Sally!!!!!

    Another charp bites the dust for me….missed again. Hartnell…


  30. Yes, and as the 5th seed would have the luxury of playing the Canadiens in the first round, who presently have a goaltender that is unable to stop anything.

  31. Peter you are right but I have to say – and fully admit this is superstition – the Rangers utter ineptitude in Montreal worries in a series where they’d have no choice but to win a game there.

  32. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The problem with playing in mtl is we never have any French Canadien skaters on our club to get all amped up in the Mecca for a game.

    Hopefully that changed with the acquisition of brassard and the hopeful offseason acquisition of lapierre as well ;)

  33. Doodie,

    How should it require anything less than that? THAT is what your Captains and Alternates do…

    Teams lay eggs all the time, hence the concept of upsets.

    They played poorly and lacked fire against Florida –> that doesnt mean they lack fire (jam) as a team. If I gave up on my friends every time they under-performed…. well, I’d be a lot lonelier. Instead, I value their body of work. I get excited about where the relationship is headed and I enjoy the memory of a multitude of good times on the occasion that someone slips up.

    I have no illusions of grandeur. This Rangers team hasn’t played the way I’d have hoped… but I still believe in the players, the coach AND the sweater. You can be damn sure I’ll make a nice bet on whomever we face in the P.O’s (I mean, c’mon, favorable odds right?).

    The hustle is the best part of this game and I’d urge anyone who’s acting like someone pee’d in their cheerios to look at their record over the past 15 games.


  34. I guess to get a little more granular – Do you picture Nash, Hank, Cally or G ALLOWING this team to fail to make the playoffs? I think it’s a lot more likely that Marty goes anorexic… we have strong players that win – why assume the worst? They’ve played great over their past ten and laid a single egg against a goaltender that played out of his dome.

  35. Rangers have exactly 4 wins against +.500 teams in the last 15 games. The points are important (and those two games against Pittsburgh were two of the most important games of the season) but let’s not pretend they’ve been doing much more than beating lousy teams.

  36. Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.

  37. You mean the New York consistently inconsistent Rangers. What I’ve seen out of this team this year is they still struggle to score and there still a bit soft, not a good combination for the playoffs.

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