It’s Go Time! … Devils at Rangers


So the Rangers obviously have bigger fish to broil, or whatever, needing a win for their own best interests. But how often do you guys, as fans, get chances in consecutive games to eliminate the Flyers (as the Rangers did in  Buffalo a couple of nights back) and then eliminate the Devils with a win today? It won’t make up for the Eastern Conference final and Adam Henrique’s goal from among the snow angels, but it would surely be sweet for their faithful, no?
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Game 45.
Devils at Rangers.

The Rangers are 7-2-1 in their last 10 and have won two in a row, scoring a mind-boggling 14 goals in the last two games.

They can still move up in the standings in these final four games (Devils today, at Florida Tuesday at Carolina Thursday and the Devils back at the Garden Saturday). In addition to the chance to eliminate the Devils, the Rangers can still catch the sixth-place Islanders and/or the seventh-place Senators, and they could, actually end up fighting for the final spot with Washington if Winnipeg goes ahead of the Capitals in the SouthLeast Divsion (they play Tuesday in D.C.).

It’s an NBC game, so pay attention because the replays will stink and Pierre will be talking about somebody’s high school while stuff is happening on the ice.

Henrik Lundqvist faces Martin Brodeur; Lundqvist is 23-7-5, 1.77 in head-to-heads with Brodeur.

Brian Boyle (knee), Marc Staal (eye) and Derek Dorsett (clavicle) remain out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d. The Devils got Ilya Kovalchuk back Saturday, and Anton Volchenkov returns from his suspension today.

Other games that matter today:  none.

Games that matter tomorrow: Winnipeg at Buffalo, Pittsburgh at Ottawa.


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  1. eddie eddie eddie

    carp – is the vibe inside the garden at all electric?
    April 21st, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    9 Volts

  2. chances the Rangers come out ready to play, get a quick start, score a quick goal, and put away the Devils for good?

  3. Chances are Rangers will make the playoff race a lot more interesting than their fans would care for.

  4. So, the real question remains … will we me down 3 or 4 goals at the end of the first?

  5. I see Devils keeping Rangers to a low 15-20 shots and Uncle Daddy getting credit for another shutout.

  6. >>Why Avery isn’t on this team is beyond me …

    Because he’s thrown his skates in the Hudson River? Or was it the East River? Actually, it might have been the Long Island Sound. Anyway, no skates, no playing for Rangers!

  7. Kate, Hannah or Genesis??? wubwbbwbwa whooo
    Where were we?

    oh Yeah

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  8. Afternoon match, Heritage sweaters, NBC broadcast, John Amirante: Rangers are doomed today.

  9. Nice big hit by Del Zotto to separate Zajac from the puck … maybe they should have traded him right then while his value was high.

  10. Asham just told Carter he will answer for that. I Hate when this team takes people’s BS.

  11. Caro, Was that before or after his giveaway on the attempted stretch pass at the blue line to zubrus creating the 3 on 2? :)

  12. Czechthemout!!! on

    Terrible PP! Chance to really put the Devils away early and nothing. MdZ with another crap sandwich of a game so far. Thats five in a row!

  13. PP hasn’t been _that_ bad. Del Zaster not moving his feet defensively at the point is bad, but a few good chances with traffic.

  14. Any quality team would have put 4 past Marty at this point. Bush-league as usual.

  15. truth be told, we got the benefit of a few calls. Officiating has been awful for both teams, and that’s not even close to why we’re winning this game, but I’m sure our next door neighbor fans to the west of us will use that as an excuse for this game

  16. Czechthemout!!! on

    Yeah! Officiating has been awful! We should have had more PP and they should
    not have had any.

    We really miss Brian Boyle and all the things he does. :)

  17. czech-
    “Thats five in a row!”

    Complaints about penalty calls so far

    I may me wromg, I was once, but I’m not

    BTW awesome on the Muse concert

  18. Doc reminds me of the guy you run into outside Church after Mass who wants to tell about his week at work, in very fine detail, and your thinking, how can I get away?

  19. All the things Brian Boyle does that leads to goals against and does not lead to goals for…

  20. Why didn’t NYR let that Brodeur-launched puck sail out of play? Also, why hasn’t Stepan tried that trickful dump-in slapshot that he almost scored on Price with since that incident?

  21. Could be, Papa, but if it wasn’t, you’d think that someone on NYR would have pointed it out and should have become part of their repertoire. How many goalies expect that nowadays?

  22. mothman- You do understand that Boyle is probably put on ice in defensive situations as much as any other forward?

  23. Blogmamma-
    Alone in the press box, on the healthy scratch list, is where he belongs. Unfortunately, that will not happen when he returns to full health.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on


    At the end of Hysteria, Matt Bellamy did the National Anthem and it was goose bump worthy!

    And Pyatt! Even he can score. Some others not playing today, not so much.

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    It would be awesome if Richards really is heating up for the stretch run/playoffs

  26. It seems that Rangers have been doing a much better job getting in the shooting lane and staying up on their skates.

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider hitting anything that moves… I think he’s playing a good game.

  28. struggling with his game. He’s been involved. Twice in situations where he had to get it deep he couldn’t. Twice was on for long shifts in own end.

  29. Czechthemout!!! on

    Damn it! Can we seal this game without our best defensive forward and face off man in the line up? That is the question.

  30. Maybe The Kreider is buckling a little under the pressure of being The Kreider and just needs some time to adjust. I’m OK with that….the pressure people put on the kids sometimes really rankles me…..

  31. Carl’s right. Kreider is struggling. The puck being pinned deep is usually on him and he’s not able to get it out effectively or toss it in deep. Both times it was his lack of getting the puck deep that trapped his line on the ice.

  32. You’re right, Mama. He’s 21. Everyone needs to stop expecting him to score 30 immediately and be more important than the coach.

  33. Team is looking pretty solid. We will be a juggernaut when BB comes back from injury!

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – if dissect every play you will find hundreds of mistakes. Kreider is throwing the body and jumping any chance to be involved. Kid’s hustling.

  35. I’m just really curious to see why he got called up over, say, Newbury or Haley or someone that can completely handle 4th line minutes.

  36. I’m with you Eddie. I like that he hustles and I want to see him succeed. That’s why calling him up to replace Boyle is odd to me since we have two guys that completely could fill that role more cleanly. And before you all freak out I know that Pyatt was moved up and Kreider isn’t a replacement for Boyle but you get the drift…

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But I see a Kreider using his speed, throwing the body, and hustling his assen off…. That first period scrum near Pierre – Kreider gave someone a nice face wash.

  38. ThisYearsModel on

    Botle goes down with an injry and suddenly, we are filling the net. Coincidence? Discuss.

  39. Kreider lacking confidence? Why would he have any confidence? Certainly not coming from the coaching staff.

  40. How many more goals can the Rangers score this season and playoffs without Brian Boyle in the lineup?


  41. Just saw eric. He’s so awesome. Got it all figured out when they clinch, even though he probably doesn’t think they’re going to make the playoffs still :)

  42. Agree. He’s going to be good. He has the tools. I don’t se Tort ever going away from “what’s working” or getting away from playing “the right way” regardless of the score. He didn’t do it at 5-0 or 6-1 he’s not doing it now.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are undefeated the last whatever number of games Boyle has missed.

  44. Eric does rule. Especially in person or on the phone or when you hear his dulcet tone on WFAN or NHL Network Radio.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – agreed. The better question is why does Kreider feel like a yo yo?

    Carp – indeed. Next year will be Kreider’s break out party assuming he works his assen off in the off season.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie

    Stuart called me stupid and insane yesterday.
    April 21st, 2013 at 4:45 PM

    He was half right :P

  47. can’t until they clinch, Rob … plus I want Walter’s. He might have to take a day off to pay that debt.

  48. It is not just the wins, it is the goals scored. Well beyond the norm for the Rangers.

  49. Devils playoff run last year appears to have been a fluke. Man, if we would’ve scored in OT in game 6.

  50. Admiral Akbar on

    Stuart has called me similar names in the past couple of months as well.

    His posts are often… amusing.

  51. Admiral Akbar on

    Then the numbers are misleading, Carp.

    I blocked that debacle from my memory, pretty well I suppose.

  52. Really great to see Nash on the PK. Even if it is only because the PK boys are taking a lot of penalties lately. I really want our most dynamic player on the ice as much as possible. Also, want him on when there’s more space for him to be amazing.

  53. Wow. Bench Minor and an Unsportsmanlike minor in the same game. A MUST WIN game for the Devils. OUCH.

  54. Admiral Akbar on

    McDonagh and Girardi very effective today.

    Moore also playing well. Would love to see him playing more

  55. Admiral Akbar on

    Marty instinctively flopping on the ice for that little piece of cake…



  56. Again, Richards makes the crucial play right there. Passing instead of shooting. definitely heating up at the best time possible

  57. Guess it’s time for the fans to chant “RETIRE” since this might be their last shot.

  58. Admiral Akbar on

    Miller is worst.

    Brodeur’s team has quit on him, most notably the “great” Elias.

  59. It’s true, Jeremy. Great point. Richards getting hot right now makes this team REALLY dangerous.

  60. Admiral Akbar on

    Gosh, I could watch Callahan flipping that puck over a flopping Marty from the net cam view for an hour and still be laughing!

  61. Brad Richards…..oh so nice watching him get some confidence back and at the right time.

  62. Admiral Akbar on

    NBC announcers stating the Rangers have “swagger which they haven’t had before this season… If they make the playoffs, I would not want to be one the teams playing against them.”

  63. Manny if they want to serenade Marty they better do it today. I bet he doesn’t play next week.

  64. Admiral Akbar on

    If Richards gets his game back, and it looks like this may be happening, it is like adding a free agent number one center to this team a week before the playoffs.

  65. Isn’t next week in Jersey, Papa? I haven’t looked just assumed this was their last shot at that fatso.

  66. America Strong. God Bless America. Great tribute to America after the recent terrorist attacks.

  67. Boyle gets first start tonight. 6-0 without him. Keep him on the effin bench. He can keep his 56% face off percent. Actual trade him to the habs so he can reunite with his “buddy” prust.

  68. That chummy interaction with that nice lady Bruins fan will go away fast if the Rangers finish 7th.

  69. I don’t mean it’s worse. I mean it’s better. Being knocked out in the ECF is at least an accomplishment. Being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs a season after making it to the Cup Finals is “fire [blank” territory.

  70. Admiral Akbar on

    I think being knocked out of the ECF is much tougher to take emotionally, but being knocked out of playoff contention is more pathetic, and more devastating since it means you have won very little during the regular season.

  71. SHHHHHHHH!!! Admiral, no jinx!!!

    Loved loved loved the Boston tribute, and how fans responded.

    Olga, you here? I salute you!!

  72. >>God Bless the people of America. We stand together. One nation.

    People in every nation always stand together whenever there’s a common threat/enemy. The problem comes when everything is going well; that’s when they turn on each other for one reason or another [usually religion, race, politics].

  73. In fairness to Brian Boyle, it is not his fault that he is miscast by the coach and on the ice for too many minutes per game.

  74. It was a terrific, inspiring tribute to America after the latest terrorist attack on our great nation.

  75. Kreider giveaway on that goal. Poor Hank, God knows he deserves more than 1 shutout this year

  76. Don’t get me wrong. It was a beautiful moment. I was singing along and smiling here. But it occurred to me the Rangers and B’s could meet in round one.

    So I wondered if that feel-good love for our Beantown brothers would withstand a playoff series.

  77. Admiral Akbar on

    Hey Mama, I didn’t mean to jinx it!

    I also called the 73-0-3 undefeated after 2 periods in regular season too…

    Uh oh..

  78. I could say something like nice job by Kreider taking out his own player leading to a turnover but I wont

  79. Getting eliminated from playoff contention is worse; means costing your organisation quite a few millions. Wasn’t it those playoffs that saved the Devils from going bankrupt?

  80. Admiral Akbar on

    Empty net…

    It would be very Devil-like if they score here…

    Ummm–nope, Kovalchuck penalty!

  81. Romeo-
    Why not? It would be a win-win scenario. Either the Rangers move on to the second round and help with the healing of New York area families affected by this terrible tragedy, or the Bruins move on to the second round and help with the healing of Massachusetts area families affected by this terrible tragedy.

  82. Dde, Powe needed no help on the take out of himself. He did it a wonderful,job by himself

  83. Looks lik Tort tried to help Kreider’s confidence putting him out there for the last minute…

  84. Playing their best hockey of the season. Inching closer to the playoffs. Our New York Rangers.

  85. Marty to Scott Stevens: “Hey Scotty, have you seen the cheeseburger I left in my locker”?

  86. Winnipeg at Buffie and Warshington back-to-back. Situation could be a lot clearer Tuesday evening….or murkier.

  87. henrik is much better then brodeur that is the bottom line.

    the guy is 40, they need a new goalie.

    pyatt scored a goal, all 200 negative posts i had on Pyatt are all still true.

    stralman up 4 cheating on the play!!!not smart. moore stiill needs to be stronger on the puck in his own zone.
    mdz much better today and richards much better.
    nash and brassard not much.

    callahn best forward on the ice from my perspective…

    looking pretty good. win on tuesday and they are in good shape..

  88. If Bloomberg saw the shot of Slats chomping on that stogie, he’ll be getting a visit from the smoking police.

  89. No Papa, that’s the beauty of owning the building…if he gets finesd, 10 cents out of his billions…

    niters all……

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope I’m not taunting the hockey gods by asking, but if the Rangers clinch the playoffs before next Saturday but they still have the possibility of finishing 6th/7th/8th, do they play Lundqvist or Biron? Considering that I don’t even know which of those spots is preferable.

  91. @TGfireandice 6m

    Brodeur: “You could just feel it when things didn’t go our way in the game, we quit. We took a lot of penalties…

  92. @TGfireandice 4m

    Brodeur cont: “… a lot of conversation towards the referees and a lot of things that usually we didn’t let these things affect us

  93. Rob, speaking from experience, hockey teams will always try to finish as high as they possibly can. Except for Pittsburgh that one time.

  94. 18 goals scored in three games? I took them the first 30 games of the season to score 18 goals.

    Does a healthy Dorsett send Kreider back to the Whale? Who will a healthy Boyle displace?

  95. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp –

    What are you referring to about “Pittsburgh that one time?”

    Last season, or did they throw a season for a draft pick? When?

  96. Admiral Akbar on

    Ex3 –

    Can you be more specific?

    Consider me ignorant – I would like to know about Pittsburgh

  97. when they went completely in the tank for the Mario draft while the Devils who were worse played harder and ended up with Kirk Muller instead of Mario.

  98. I see this team finishing 7th. 6th is possible but I think 9th is more realistic than finishing 5th. Ottawa has a really tough last four games. They may end up 9th and the Jets in 8th. I think the Rangers will take 7th. To take 6th the Islanders will lose one of there three games against non-playoff teams and the Rangers have to go 3-0. Could happen but I see 7th as more realistic.

  99. Self-confessed must-win game, come out flat against a big rival, concede early, can’t score, no discipline including unsportsmanlike penalties caused by your own big mouth and that of one of your most experienced players…

    Fire -Torts- DeBoer!

  100. Admiral Akbar on


    That’s terrible. I have heard that before, but never really believed it. That’s below bush-league.

    And then Bettman hooked them up with Crosby and Malkin…

  101. Conspiracy theorists will also bring up the Super Secret Sidney draft lottery, a farce which would have made John Zeigler and Larry Bertuzzi proud.

  102. Not to mention Gil Stein, Romeo. Remember that asshat who tried to orchestrate his own induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

  103. Gil Stein was so bad they did away with the position of League President.

    Good news: Stein didn’t last long.
    Bad News: They chose Bettman to replace him.

  104. Sweet Caroline, my azz. And how about ticketholders cheering and chanting some Ranger players instead of expending all their energy on ragging Brodeur, etc.?

  105. Yo, yo, yo. Cooscoos did your witty assen post formerly under a different name?


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