Rangers-Panthers in review


The Rangers held serve. That’s all they did and that’s all they needed to do. They controlled their own destiny going into the night – a night in which all the teams they needed to lose, naturally, won – and with their 6-1 win over the awful Panthers, they still control their destiny.


1) Which makes tonight the biggest game of the season, at the moment the game-in-hand that has them in eighth and not ninth. If they don’t get a point, they’re ninth and no longer in control until the Jets lose a game, because Winnipeg has the regulation/OT wins tiebreaker.

2) I know there were a lot of good things in this game, a lot of goals – even if three of them came in the Foxwoods Final Five and it was sweat-it-out time before that. And there sure were some not-so-good things, as always with this team.

3) That said, I can’t help but think that the highlight of the game, for me, came from Mr. John Moore, who can throw ‘em! Holy freakin shishkebob! Who knew? Reminded me of the first time we saw Michael Sauer drop mitts. So, yeah, this is probably too high up in the review, but geez, I had no idea about the kid. How many actual hockey-related fights between two non-fighter types have the Rangers had this season? The last one I rememeber wasn’t even called a fight because Ryan Callahan subluxed his shoulder fighting Max Talbot.

4) And if Derick Brassard plays the way he did last night, and if Derek Dorsett becomes the next Brandon Prust, and if then Moore shows some onions (and I don’t mean fighting unless needed) to go with that ability, can I change my mind about the Marian Gaborik trade? I’m not doing it yet, because I want to see how the Rangers survive with one first-line player over 82 games next season. But I wants to reserve the right :)

5) The fast start. Thank Florida for taking bad penalties and for having such putrid penalty killing. That first one, where Callahan was left all alone in front with time to get the puck from Brassard, turn and shoot, and then have both Nash and Brassard get open swipes at rebounds, way, way too easy. The next one wasn’t much harder, though Nash first turned it over then quickly atoned after Dan Girardi bailed him out.

6) Then the Rangers got, in hockey terms, “happy.” In other words, felt it was coming too easily and started making cute plays, like the one Brassard made on the 2-on-1 – stick-handling then trying a wish pass instead of just firing at a goalie who looked extremely uncomfortable. Which, of course led to the first Florida goal by Huberdeau, who went by Mats Zuccarello rather easily.

7) … and the play by Rick Nash, who passed it backward with a defenseman already in deep after John Moore was stopped on a 2-on-1, which led to the Quinton Howden  breakaway that Lundqvist stopped to keep it 2-1.

8) But Zuccarello also atoned and played a really solid, engaged game. He’s been good – your first star two games in a row. Really good. That roofed back-hander was special, and John Tortorella said most guys shoot that into the goalie’s pads. Most of his guys would have. And again, I wonder if the Rangers will re-sign him, and at what cost.

9) Just like I wonder big-time if Ryane Clowe comes back. Because the Ryane Clowe you expect to see helps this team. The Ryane Clowe that San Jose dealt in a playoff race, and the one who has played a bunch of luke-warm games, not so much. He won’t come cheaply, and the Rangers gave up a lot if he’s just a rental.

10) I love the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award, not because of who gets it, but because of what it stands for, and because it gives me goosebumps to see Officer McDonald and his son, who was just a little boy when they started handing out the award. This year, after last year, wasn’t as difficult a choice. I thought Ryan Callahan deserved it easily, and then maybe Henrik Lundqvist and Derek Stepan. Any others? Officer McDonald did a nice job honoring the Boston victims in his speech. And of course, it’s always a good day when five-time winner Adam Graves is on the ice.

11) Guess the Islanders aren’t going away, huh? They played a rugged game, came from behind and won. They’re all on the road for that team now, but they won’t go away. The game in Winnipeg Saturday should be interesting for you guys. Rooting for the Islanders?

12) Wonder if anybody will be visiting Mr. Kaleta’s grill tonight.

My Three Rangers Stars:

1. John Moore.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:

1. Rick Nash.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Derick Brassard.
HM – Ryan Callahan/Henrik Lundqvist.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik-great 1st period sets up a needed W…Mest Utmarkt..Swedish for Excellent!
2. MZA-2 goals…Utmerkrt…Norwegian for Excellent!
3. Brassard-Excellent…well, apparently Excellent is Excellent in French. Sacre Bleu!
HM-Cally-congrats on another Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:

1. Mats Zuccarello (28.71%).
2. Derick Brassard (20.79%).
3. John Moore (14.85%).

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  1. Carp, You mentioned that the Rangers only have 1 first line player. I think Derek Stepan had developed into a first line center.. No?

  2. Madness going on in boston…one of the bombers dead. Manhunt for #2 with the sun coming up…

  3. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Yes, my next two reposts are long, but I didn’t write them just so I could see myself type. lol

    I really hope no one here thinks that tonight’s score was a reflection of the game. After the first 10 minutes the Panthers controlled the play for at least the next 35-40 minutes. I won’t deny the fantastic start by our boys but 2 shots on 4 power plays isn’t something to be proud of, even if they did score on those two. After those two goals and a short bit after the Panthers took ownership of the game. Two consecutive power plays and no shots. Not. a. single. shot. That’s pathetic. They actually spent a decent time in the Panther’s zone on the 4th power play but all they did was continue to pass it around, all along the outside. Not a pass inside or across and obviously still no shots.
    I’m going to weigh in on the Moore-Skille fight discussion and say that absolutely anything that could be said for Moore in that situation can be said for Skille. In terms of Moore having some moxie and not being afraid to mix it up, that’s exactly the same for Skille. I’ve been a Panther season ticket holder for 6 years now and since they’ve had Skille I think he’s been in a total of 1 fight since they got him. This would be number 2. I understand that it’s not who you fight but that you fought and that after taking a couple of punches (the bloody nose), Moore easily took the decision, but I’m sure both of them knew they weren’t fighting Bob Probert.
    The Panther announcers actually picked Godzucchi as their pick for the #1 star. Clemmenson wasn’t exactly having his A-game. However, on the other end, Lundqvist was being Lundqvist. Bill Lindsay (the Panthers color) actually said he thought Lundqvist’s name should make it’s way back into the Vezina discussion. As crazy as I thought that sounded, when you take a look at his stats, he’s actually pretty close to the top in most categories. I don’t think he’ll have a chance of winning it but he’s the only goalie of all the goalie’s last year thought to be Vezina candidates that’s anywhere even close to the top. Suck it Quick fans! Check this out,
    Lundqvist Stats:
    Games Played – 7th, Games Started – 6th, Shots Against – 4th, Goals Against – 7th, Wins – 5th, Saves – 4th, Sv % – 4th, TOI – 5th.
    The only other goalies who’ve played around as much as he has that are also Vezina possibilities are Niemi, Nabokov (who the hell could’ve predicted that?!) and Bobrovsky (or that!?!). You can probably push Hank up a couple spots on most of those because I don’t think Anderson has played enough for Ottawa due to injuries to be considered for the award.
    I actually thought Kreider looked pretty good with the extremely limited time he had on the ice. Wish he could’ve played more but I think we all knew that was never going to happen. He’s probably lucky to have played a full seven minutes, slightly more than Asham.

  4. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on


    Just for the record: I am far from unhappy with this game. It’s a start. I told my pops before the game that only way that the Rangers could be praised for this game would’ve been if they took it 8-0. This was a team that they are supposed to beat and beat bad. Even though the crushing goals really happened late, they still got close to being near the near the point where I would’ve considered praising them prior to the game.
    I liked the fact that they didn’t entirely sit back with the lead. They did play the “pass prevent” (any Giant fan can tell you this causes acid reflux) for a bit but at the end kept pushing at the net and not backing off. I liked that a lot. The Rangers are team that plays more defensive with the lead and I was impressed with how they didn’t fall back into character with those bad habits. That’s a sign of progress if they can keep it up. Starting tomorrow night.

  5. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Hey Comnsnse, if you get this, email me. I left my email in a couple of posts on (I think) Wednesday or, if you can’t find it, get it from Carp. I’d love to have lunch and talk Rangers. Though it looks like it’ll just be the two of us from here seeing as no one else in the area has rsvp’d at all. Non-Fair-weather fans…. lmao

    And I was incorrect about Skille’s fighting totals since he joined the Panthers. In the 95 games since joining the Panthers he’s fought 3 times… twice, however, against the Rangers. In his short 174 game NHL career he’s fought a grand total of 5 times. Though I honestly don’t remember him winning any of those 3 fights with the Panthers.

  6. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Hey Carp, if you’re in the market for a bluetooth speaker I’ve got the perfect one. It’s backed by one of your favorite and most talented celebrities.

  7. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I thought last night’s game was a snooze fest in the 3rd before the 3 goals , panthers just played awful ,their goalie is awful.. I
    Like Mike keenan said between the periods if the rangers played this was against a GOOD team they would be losing..

  8. Cross Check Charlie on

    When I finished playing and got in the car to head home, put the Rangers game on XM radio, I was glad to hear that they were up 3-1. Listened to the third period and it sounded like the Panthers went home about 4 minutes early.

    As for my game, our goalie was suffering from a hyperactive five hole.

  9. Accurate writeup, Carp, but I think they have more than one first line player in the mix. Also, the highlight of the night for me was the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award (well-deserved by the Captain, and nice presentation by Steven McDonald and company). Moore fought someone who was not a fighter, so I would not read too much into his fight with Skille, but good to see he could hold his own last night, when necessary. I really like his play so far. The rest of the game…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Don’t know where the real Richards is….I think we need a PA announcement at the start of each gamke “Will The Real Brad Richards Please Stand [skate] Up” (this may be lost on some of the younger boneheads, sorry). Perhaps he is lost on a golf course somewhere, or looking forward to playing golf as soon as the warm weather hits?

  10. I though Moore was very impressive again, and the fight was just a good old fashioned beatdown, the punch he landed on the side of Skille’s head (after he’d ripped off the guys helmet) was a beauty.
    Zucc is proving a worthy acquisition, laying some good hits and being in all the right spots, not to mention the beauty of a feed from Clowe for Zucc’s backhanded roofer. Brassard also just seems to thrive playing for a big city team and i thought Richards looked good, his feet were moving all the time and showed great awareness for his goal.

  11. I thought the Rangers were Honduran-league most of the game. The final score is as deceptive as the Rotten Tomatoes score for “Warm Bodies”

  12. Didn’t see the game but to back up a point about the team having one first line player. I think it was doable at times when that player was Gaborik as a result of the supporting cast. With Nash..well, we’ve seen the streakiniess and we’ve seen how far Columbus got with him as the only first liner..nuff said. No reason to tie up money in Clowe long term with so many other needs if you aren’t getting consistency

  13. Is there a slower skater in the league than Ryane Clowe? It looked like he was skating hard but wasn’t getting anywhere. He also doesn’t seem to want to mix it up again. First couple of games he was real good in the corners and wanted to get in front of the net. But last few? He seems hesitant. And if he can’t skate either, he’s worthless. He reminds me of a lot of burnt out power forwards I’ve seen come to the Rangers late in their career (Kevin Stevens, Tim Kerr and Ken Hodge all come to mind).

    As I expected, Torts wasted Kreider again, hardly playing him and when he did, he was on the 4th line. He CAN’T be worse than Pyatt, can he? Might as well just called Newbury back up again for the amount of ice time Kreider saw. Hew was fine as far as I can tell.

    I’m with you Carp, I reserve the right to change my mind on the Gabby deal. Both Moore and Brassard look like players. Brassard has to learn to go shoot more, still looks to pass on open shots, but that comes with confidence. Moore, I am pleasantly surprised!! He can skate and he has a nice shot from the point and is not afraid to jump into the play. I like that. He needs a bit of work on positioning, but that is something that can be taught. You can’t teach speed.

    As for the game, despite the score, they really played just enough to win. Hank bailed them out early or this could have been a completely different game. Having a hot Hank going into the playoffs is a good sign. It gives us more than a puncher’s chance

  14. God I love John Moore. If you didn’t already love the potential this kid has, e.g. can skate very well, hits the net, very good at joining the rush (maybe the most potential of any of our D-Men mentally), do you love him now? That was an awesome fight. Involved.

  15. as i stated less then two weeks ago the jets had a six game homestand

    phil buffalo florida tampa carolina and the isles. i set minimum 5-1. well they are 5-0 heading into tom.

    we lose in regulation tonight destiny if out of hands.

    we lose tonight forget catching anyone. its either 8th or bust.

    tonight is vital. one pt keeps us still in control of 8th. two pts is whats needed with ROW WINS WITH Teams ahead of have on us

  16. Carp is absolutely o target in reference to the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award ceremony. It is always my favorite part of the season. I was a little surprised they did it so early, but then I remembered that the last two home games are on NBC.

    My vote would have been for Derek Stepan just to be a little different since the Captain could win it every year. Maybe they should give this trophy to Callahan and design a new one – kind of like the NHL did with Frank Boucher and the Lady Byng Trophy.

    One major gripe with MSG when they cut away from the National Anthem. This was the one night they needed to broadcast it. Was wondering if they would play “Sweet Caroline” after the Rangers victory.

  17. Didn’t watch the game last night, but I’m glad they won (I’m sure the final score distorts how the game ACTUALLY went).

    Just wanted to say happy Friday to Carp and all the Boneheads. It’s been a rough week for a lot of us, but it’s almost over. And if any of youse live in Boston, please stay safe. We’re thinking of ya.

  18. Carp

    I will not be rooting for the Islanders since, to me, the 8th seed is a series we have no chance of winning.

    Given our easy remaining schedule and game in hand, our goal should be getting the 6 seed.

  19. Just checked the morning news. WOW. My Co-Worker happens to be from Watertown, Mass and man, she is not in good spirits today. Her entire family is locked in their homes and being guarded by National Guard. Let’s hope this situation resolves itself ASAP.

  20. Best possible scenario as far as I’m concerned is us squeaking into sixth and WPG claiming third. Also the least probable one. Would be even better if Fishsticks dropped out.

  21. Looks like the Bruins are going to get a third game canceled this season. What a mess.

  22. Carp,
    What a difference only a few days and games make as to
    your #3 & 4
    This as compared to your feelings from April 15th.



    I don’t get why still seem so down on the Gabby trade. Are they going to miss his goals next year, YES. But he was not going to be around after next season anyway.
    Brassard & Moore have played very well since coming over and are certainly adding to the team. Dorsett is a good player (fan fav on CBJ) and will add alot of the toughness you even said was lacking since last season. All 3 players are younger at 22-26, as to Gabby at 31 yrs old. The 3 guys they got combined cost the team 4.8 mil to MG’s 7.5 mil. The team needed Gaborik to play at his best most nights and score this year and he didn’t resulting in their record before the trade (Richards failure also).
    If the 3 additions continue to perform as they have, and the team now has some additioanal money to spend in the offseason to replace SOME of MG’s goals – how is this such a bad deal? Don’t you think the Rangers are playing better since the trade while also winning? I liked Gaborik a lot and would of loved to have him on the Rangers next year (comeback/contract season) – but I don’t think we got a bad deal for him.
    It just seems at times you think this was a horrible trade. Was it really such a bad deal?
    April 15th, 2013 at 3:04 PM


    27, that’s exactly what I think. They traded one of their two best skaters and got very little in return, and they won’t be able to replace those 30-40+ goals next year.
    April 15th, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Cheaper, Younger, Tougher and Deeper – some of us thought it was a good and fair trade, and the team got more then just a little in return from the start.
    Nice to see you might be coming around a little Carp :)
    Just busting your chops a little.
    Thanks for the awesome reviews as always and the photos.

  23. Ralph from N.M. on

    Trade Krieder , so he can have a NHL career. He won’t have one with Tortaturd

  24. Thanks, Carp. Your reviews are better than the articles we read in the papers the day after a game. Great insights.

    Yeah, because I am a Rangers fan I can’t help rooting for my team. And yes, nice to see a defenseman actually drop the gloves, I’m pretty sure Sauer was the last Rangers defenseman to actually do it!!

    Sabres are not to be messed with. They came back and beat Boston the other night by scoring in the last 20 seconds and then winning the shootout.

    And we never play well in Buffalo. But I’ll be following on my phone and IF they win in makes Sunday fun against the Devils on NBC.

  25. Brandon Dubinsky received a match penalty for his actions during a postgame fight on Thursday.
    Dubinsky appeared to punch Los Angeles’ Drew Doughty as the defenseman was trying to skate away. “Just a cheap shot, and that’s his personality,” Kings forward Kyle Clifford said, referring to Dubinsky. “We’ve got guys out there and he goes after Doughty, who is not our toughest player.” Dubinsky has been suspended until the league rules on the incident.

  26. I watched that video. Dubinsky didn’t do anything. Doughty dove into the scrum and started shaking a teammate of Dubi’s who was outmatched 2-on-1. Dubinsky evened it up by pulling Doughty off. Pansification.

  27. Carp re: # 8 on the roofed Zucc backhand….. Most of our guys fumble the pass, fan on the shot or miss the net.

  28. Speaking of Steven McDonald, thoughts and prayers for the law enforcement officers and their families, one who was killed, one who was critically injured in pursuit of the terrorists in Boston overnight.

  29. So if the Ranger win tonight they can mathematically eliminate the Sabres. Guess the Sabres have a LOT to play for.

  30. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys! Cat’s were declawed last night. Ready for some smoked Buffalo sausage?

  31. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I think you can resign Zucc for less dollars and years than Clowe. At this point, I think you have to go that route.

    Question. If Richards somehow builds off last night’s game, and the Rangers make the playoffs, and Richards plays like he did last year in them, do you give him another year before buy out?

  32. Sioux-per-man on

    As long as they don’t take any team for granted, they will be fine. Sure is nice when you can get a 2 goal lead in the first period.

  33. Good morning, Carp!

    Going to the game tonight!!! Seats behind the penalty boxes, somewhere in the area. Keep an eye out for me & Fozzy!!!

  34. Sioux-per-man on

    You almost have to Gravy. There’s no big names out there to replace him with. It might be to big of a risk with Miller and Lingburg being so young.

    But we have 2 very good centers as prospects right now.

    Down the road with Stepan, Brassard, Miller, and Lindburg as a top prospect coming to the Whale next year. The future looks bright.

    Richards has the skills, he just needs to put them on display and contribute to help this team win.

  35. Sioux-per-man on

    I would resign Zucc, he has the skills to help this team win, on the Power Play and in the Shootout! Torts seams to have more faith in him.

  36. Ralph from N.M. on

    Think about this! Sharks looking to trade Clowe, WHY? We applaud Sather for giving up draft choices for him. Sharks are sick from laughing so much.
    clowe is slow & mostly invisible

  37. agree on clowe. his lack of foot speed is a major problem for us. i hope he isnt resigned by any means

  38. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I could see the Caps and Jets losing 2 of the last 4 each…tough schedules. Though you can almost guarantee their head-to-head game is going to be a 3 pointer.

    I know tonight is not a must-win, technically, but I suspect that they will lose one to the Devils, so they’d need to win 3 of the other 4 games. Think I also have to root for the Caps regulation win against the Jets.

  39. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    SPM, I agree, but it is still somewhat of a risk that he performs well enough this year to keep him around next year, but then he gets hurt and can’t be bought out.

  40. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Shouldn’t it be staring up Parros? Zucc was probably trying to see his reflection in Parros’ pristine ‘stache.

  41. same lineup as last night with hank.

    good any idea of biron playing tonight and torts should have been fired immediately.

    go down with hank until we clinch or eliminated

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp how does the picture gallary work down below?

    If you comment, your picture appears?

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    People on the twitters are freaking out about Hank starting. I don’t understand why. The playoffs have already started for the Rangers. If Biron gets a start before the Rangers clinch or are eliminated I will be very upset.

  44. I see there are still the uninformed and incorrect opinions that Tortorella hates Kreider and that by being careful with him he’s ruining his career.

    Not saying that the coach is 100 percent correct here, but I am 100 percent sure he thinks he’s doing what’s best for the kid and 100 percent sure he likes the kid and has big plans for the kid and thinks the kid is going to be a really good NHL player for a long time. I do think (s) that Tortorella has a little more experience with developing young players than most of us do, and probably knows Kreider a little bit better than some of us do.

  45. if people on twitter think Biron has to start, then there’s another reason twitter is so stupid.

    I forget who asked if there’s a slower player than Ryane Clowe, but the answer is yes, and he played for the Rangers last night.

  46. sioux

    im SURE. i just have zero confidence for this team this year. too inconsistent and not enough offense to do any damage.

  47. i wouldnt be a season tix holder for 6 year if i wasnt a diehard fan. i just think negative things with this franchise.

  48. sioux

    remember it was 3-1 late last night with hank having to make 35 saves and some big ones to help preserve the game against the worst team in league. 2 pts was achieved but it wasnt pretty hockey you know

  49. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Torts Hates Kids! Torts hates hate! Hate hates Torts! And there was much rejoicing!

  50. There is good reason why the Dogcatcher plays Pyatt and others over Kreider right now. To disagree with him is one thing, but to say he would gamble his rep and his Broadway career because of spite would make him a blithering idiot. He might occasionally blither, but he is hardly and idiot, wot?

  51. Telling The NY Truth on

    I dont know what pisses me off more, Torts handling of Kreider to date or that “Youngblood” did not make the Top 5 Hockey Movies of all time.

  52. @Aportzline 1m #CBJ GM Jarmo Kekalainen has been informed by #NHL that the match penalty given to Brandon Dubinsky at final buzzer has been rescinded.


    Told you guys he didn’t do anything.

  53. In fairness to tortorella, I remember it happening twice in the 1st period where Kreider was on the ice and his line gave up a 2 on 1, after that I didn’t notice Kreider playing until the rangers made it 6-1. Tortorella realizes these games are do or die games and doesn’t trust Kreider who is a rookie. Tortorella only appears to trust the veterans.

  54. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric – I thought you might be a Bruin fan, so your negative comments were starting to make sense.

    I’m stuck in the wild wild west, so I didn’t get to watch the game last night. I’ve got to watch the highlights

  55. With Kreider being one of the soon ready legitimate top guys in the system, people actually think Torts has it in for him? How does that even begin to make sense. Makes more sense that the coach uses him in situations that he has the best chances for success. As the team and its prospects grow and have success – So does the team and its coach.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    yeah Clowe sucks and is slow – wish he never set up Zucc for the 3rd goal. I was looking forward to watching this team play a 2-1 hockey game…

  57. tommy, and the 2-on-1 was directly caused by Kreider coughing up the puck at center ice instead of getting it deep while his linemates were changing. He wasn’t being punished. He wasn’t getting the job done, and it’s bad for him and for the team if his blunders are costly at this stage of a playoff race.

  58. Stranger Nation on

    Someone tell me the benefit of Tarts calling out Bros-hard in the presser after the game about needing to play every shift hard and how he needs to me more consistent.

    Whether or not you believe this to be true, what jack wagon coach calls a (new) player out to the media after a good performance.

    An old coaching adage the wee little man should remember; criticize privately, praise publicly.

    what a tool…

  59. Sioux-per-man on

    Slap shot & Miricle, would be 1 or 2. But what are the other 3, if youngblood didn’t make the list.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    So the best way to develop Kreider is to play him with powe and pie-hat…should have brought up No-berries for support on FOs and some toughness – were they out of options on him?

    Why keep bringing up your top prospect to play him sparingly on the 4th line?

  61. Sioux-per-man on

    Sabres will be tough tonight. They lose and they are done for the year.

    Rangers need to come out strong, play 60 minutes, and get 2 huge “game in Hand” points.

  62. A win is a win and fortunately they won when everyone else did.

    That being said and despite the Clowe shilling by Nosen and Joseph I simply can not see the value for the investment and hope the head Boob doesn’t sign him long term.

    Someone claimed to hear that the entire group of lames in the front office and coaching staff would be sacked if they do not make the playoffs.

    So at the risk of committing a heretical act and always operating under the principle that sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

    I hope they lose every damn game!

  63. Stranger, re: Torts allegedly calling out Brassard, if true and we really don’t know that, he should be called out himself, bu his boss and especially the media.

    You simply don’t embarrass a player or a child in public unless you’re covering your own shortcomings and job insecurity!

  64. Sioux-per-man on

    Tough crowd today aftet a WIN????

    Carp it seems nobody wants to look at the Positives of last nights win.

    5 – games left, no reason we can’t win them all. Keep the pressure on the Jets and the Islanders.

    Better question who do we want to win that game. Jets? so we can jump over the Islanders for 7th?

  65. Carp@11:15, the Zamboni is faster than Clowe and Sappy could probably beat him end to end if there were cigars and Scotch at the other end!

  66. Random observation: I was reading the paper and noticed that the NYR attendance figures were listed as being out of 17,200. Wasn’t capacity 18,200 before the renovations? Might be another reason for the hike in ticket prices alongside avarice.

  67. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m pretty sure the attendance is 17,200 now instead of 18,200.

    But the renovations were for the fans!

  68. Carp, please give the reference post when you answer.

    Did Torts call out Brassard or not?

    If not Stranger should have to kiss Tort’s ….! ;)

  69. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    With only 5 games left in this 48 gamer, I really hope that we can put together a solid 60 minutes tonight. Buffalo has been rolling and this game, you would think, should show us what team we have as the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

  70. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Inspite of all the news going on, I’m going to take time out to address some of the nonsense here…

    I’m guessing the same people that think Nash sucks and wouldn’t do the trade are the ones whining about Clowe.

    He has 5 points in how ever many games, has fought 2 really tough guys, hits every night and stands up for teammates (remember Hartnell not taking him on after the mcdonut hit a couple of games ago). You guys and your foot speed argument are just hockey IQ challenged. Worse thing we could do is NOT re-sign on of 7 players with that unique skill set (none of the 7 are fantastic skaters btw).

    But I suppose you rocket scientist think kreider can do the same things Clowe does, but with more speed right?? Lmfao!!!

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Watching the presser afte the game and Torts talked about how Bros-hard had two good goals, but need to be more consistent and play every shift hard.

    Did I miss something? Is that constructive for player development?

    Tarts abuses the press when they lose and abuses the player when they win – must be nice to be John Tortarella or at least his dog…

  72. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This needs to be re posted

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Love the clowe brassard nash line

    Also love the lack of hockey IQ with people here that think being a fast skater is what matters…

    That is why Rico fata, envir lisin, pavel brendl, Alexandre Daigle, just to name a few, had such long NHL careers and slow guys like Hal gill, Tomas holmstrom, Dave andreychuk (sp?), Ryan smyth, just to name a few, sucked and didn’t amount to anything.

    If you seriously don’t know anything about hockey (which you clearly don’t if you make a statement like “don’t sign that guy, he is slow), go find a checkers blog to frequent or something.


    April 19th, 2013 at 1:34 AM

  73. I mean, no, I’m not going back and giving reference to every comment to which I respond.

    He said Brassard needs to play harder all the time.

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Don’t freak out, but what if kreider isn’t as good as all the arm chair GMs here think? I hope he is, but what if he isn’t?

    Are you guys all going to be ok?

    Carp hates clowe

  75. Afternoon all,

    Stranger – your observations regarding the coach couldn’t be further off base – or out of the rink as it were.

    Watch these games carefully. Both Brossard and Moore have improved from game to game since the trade. Moore in particular. That does not happen out of thin air. That happens because of good coaching. And when all is said an done, this trade could turn out to be a real good one for the team. Let’s see what Dorsett brings to the mix.

    And I’ll ask the question again – you don’t like the coach – Who do you offer up as a replacement?

  76. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone see Moore getting PP time? Kid has a good shot. Maybe the best of all Defenseman.

    Surprised that Florida was 8th in the league on the PP coming into last nights game. How simple did their power play look. Win a faceoff and quick blue line shots, before the PK can even get set up.

  77. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I agree with Kreider not getting critical minutes until he can prove he is responsible, but I do think he should be given more of a regular shift than Pyatt.

    I think Moore is going to earn more time on the PP.

  78. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone going to try to go to the Rock for the NHL Draft this summer? I was thinking about it.

  79. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    The Kings didn’t really roll into the playoffs on fire (3-2-3 in their last 8) last year, and no one saw their run coming. I’m not saying that the Rangers are as good as that team, but a run of their own is not out of the realm of possibility, as long as they make it.

  80. Carp, of course they should resign Zuccarello. Especially without Gaborik on this team anymore…

  81. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Touche Gravy. Just about getting in. Torts did say they learned a lot about themselves last year when their run came to an end and how it was a good experience for them.

  82. Good afternoon all! Man, this is one crazy hartnelling day. I’ll be on the looking for and Fozzy Sally!!! Have fun!

  83. The reason why Kreider is here is because he is currently their best player in HFD.

    The idea that playing a few 4th line shifts instead of top line in HFD for a few games is going to somehow hurt his development is just laughable and typical of over-excited fans…

  84. I don’t think it matters how good Kreider will be. I’m pretty sure that will be irrelevant and people on here wil NOT be OK regardless.

  85. lmgo, wick. I actually like Clowe. But not at more than two years and a ton of money, which is what he’s going to get.

  86. and if Kreider plays all year next year and scores 15 goals instead of the 45 some people think he will get, it will be:

    A) He’s a bust. or
    B) It’s the coach’s/system’s fault.

    and it won’t be that he’s a kid coming out of college who was never projected to be a big scorer but rather a very, very good NHL player who has great size, speed and shot.

  87. I hope Moore turns out to be another Mike Sauer, and then we get the original Mike Sauer back.

  88. Carp

    I agree that his ceiling is lower but, then why was he made out to be so “untouchable”

    Did the organization misjudge his ceiling or do they consider him to be more of a prospect that will eventually be an all-star caliber player…

  89. College players usually take longer than junior players to become NHL regulars. I think Kreider will score 20 a year eventually.

  90. Re: “Snow Clowe” fan club, remind me again exactly what he does that at his age warrants a multi year contract by this organization that has it’s own players to resign plus much needed bottom six for 2014?

    No you do not have to have speed but then you must have other attributes like, scoring touch, setting upm team mates, back checking,forechecking and in Cloe Plow ‘s case defend team mates with the occasional bout vs league heavies.

    Carp says two years but at what cost does everyone agree?

    I still believe there was way too much hype to this deal and too much given up, over all I would also say that Brassard and Moore have had a greater impact and at their age represent more positive possibilities going forward than “Slowe”.

  91. I think there is no ceiling because of his NHL-ready body, skating and shot. That’s what made him such a valuable prospect. I don’t believe anybody thought he would come in and light it up.

    If he uses his body and becomes a power forward who scores 30+, well, that’s almost Rick Nash territory. If he scores more than 20 consistently, then he’s better than what they thought Dubinsky would be, maybe better than what they thought Callahan would be. Anything wrong with that?

  92. the money’s not nearly as important as the years, Comn. If they can get him for two and overpay a bit, that’s fine. I think some team will go to three or more. And the money will be high no matter what.

    Clowe’s deal is not related to the Brassard/Moore deal. But if Dorsett emerges, he could replace a lot of what Clowe brings. Again, I think Clowe could be an important piece at the right price. I don’t think he signs for the right price.

  93. Yup. And he’s only 21 right now. Kreider being 20+ would be a huge bang for this organization.

  94. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Is there anyone they can replace in the bottom six? I think they are all signed through next year. Asham, Pyatt, Powe, Boyle, Brassard/Richards, Dorsett.

  95. I think there might be some “waives” in the offseason, Gravy. Pyatt for example…

  96. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp #4 – all rights reserved!

    I still want Gaborik playing for my favorite team!

    But if they trade him next year, and the deadline as a rental who do they get in trade? A late 1’st round pick, and a prospect?

    IF Brassard can play like he did last night, and be a solid 2 line center, Dorsett filling the much needed void that Prust left, and Moore is looking like the real deal as a #1 pick defensemen. This might be just what was needed to fix this team for this year, and several years down the road.

    Then to factor in the salary cap going down next year. One has to wonder if Richie contract is safe, or will it be bought out right away?

  97. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    LOL ;)

    As far as contract goes for clowe, i’m fine with 3-4 years in length and around 4 mil.

    If we had anyone close to him in our organization or if there were more guys like him in the league to acquire (there isn’t), I would think differently.

  98. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Not sure if it was said last night or not, but did anyone hear Al Trautwig call the Panthers the Hurricanes. I chuckled after hearing that one last night. Oh Al.

  99. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Senators’ Karlsson practices Friday and is cleared for contact per NHL.com

  100. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    Manny, not sure they afford the cap hit by just waiving players.

  101. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    if we go on the assumption that torts isn’t going anywhere regardless of the rest of this bettman’d season, you know who would be a good bottom six add this off season and I think he is an UFA…

    max lapierre

    “speed”, size, hits, great on face offs, relatively young, can pot a few goals

  102. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    There are still 11 Playoff positions to be claimed and only 10 days to do it in.

  103. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I hate the not knowing on the clowe resigning (or not resigning). One way or another, if they are going to resign him, they need to do it prior to the opening of free agency or I guarantee you guys we will get montreal’d.

    IE wanting to keep him but will not due to the outrageous price someone on the open market will give him.

  104. ‘What do I think of his performance? What the ^%*#@ do you +*^#! think I %^*#ing think, about *^%$#@ing Dave Kingman’s performance? What kind of a *&^$#@ing question is that, ‘what do I think of Dave Kingman’s performance? Is that what you’re *&^%$#ing asking me, ‘what do I think of his %*&%$#ing performance?

  105. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    On a separate note, anyone else think asham injured gudbranson with a hit along the benches in the last few minutes of the game?

    Anyone see a report or anything on it?

  106. Gravy, You Know You Want Some Marty on

    I mean if they waive Pyatt, he would still count against the cap, right? Unless someone claimed him?

  107. Sioux-per-man on

    What are the chances Kreider gets a little more ice time tonight? You would think Torts would flip Pyatt with Kreider and give him a chance to score a little more?


  108. Yo-Yo Kreider,

    I understand Torts doesn’t trust Kreider at this important stage of the season. However, he did trust him during the playoffs last year (for the most part).

    Also, perhaps if he stayed and played all season long, he would be trustworthy.

    IMO, Tough presenting the argument that the organization is trying to develop him when he plays 7 minutes with Powe and Pyatt ( useless & more useless). Wouldnt his development be better served He’d be better served with the Wolf Pack playing 22 minutes a game.

  109. Pysie and Powe will check, back-check, clog up center ice, fight for pucks, and will go into harm’s way in front of the crease. If, and when Herr Kreider accomplishes any three of those five basic things, he will supplant others and get his 20 minutes.

  110. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    it makes a lot of sense to me to switch them. the only reason I think torts did it the way he did is due to him trusting pyatt more defencively than kreider.

    Not saying I agree, but that would be my guess. Like I said, I would have kreider on the 3rd and pyatt on the 4th

  111. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    saying that, i would have rather seen miller, haley, or snozzberries than kreider

  112. Pysie and Powe, perhaps more aptly referred to as the O’Stone Brothers, (feet o’stone and hands o’stone) should be plying their “trade” on a 3rd line somewhere in the AHL.

  113. Sioux-per-man on

    Send the pup out, teach him how to defend first????

    Can always put him on another shift if he is playing well. Wouldn’t be the first time Torts moved a player around in a game.

    But after 6-1 last night, the coach must have done something right!!!

  114. So now we are justifying their pathetic performance this year on a “Bettman’d Season” ??? Poppycock.

  115. Papa, let’s not have clouded memories of why Kreider played in the playoffs, and though his goals were spectacular and saved the team’s tails, he struggled terribly in most of the games, especially in the Washington series. They trusted him because he was absolutely their best option at the time, and he gave them highs and lows.

  116. Sioux-per-man on

    Tonight is the night…. “POWE’S 1’ST POINT”!!!

    Kreider in to open up space for Powe, Rangers get up 4-5 goals, so Powe & Co get extra ice time. Asham gets the puck, passes to Kreider, Kreider uses his speed crashes the net, and Powe gets the rebound for the game winning goal!!!

    You heard it here first boys!!!

  117. My only issue with Kreider’s playing time is that he hasn’t gotten very much power play time. Not only does he have a good shot, didn’t he score two deflection goals in the playoffs last year? Might be a good option in front of the net on the second unit.

  118. Sioux-per-man on

    Or maybe it’s one of those Richie’s 6th goals, when you don’t need them :)

  119. Agree, Latona. I think that would be a really good time for Kreider to get out there without defensive pressure.

  120. Carp, I typed in (on Youtube) ‘Tommy Lasorda answers the question.’ Can’t get a link other than that.

  121. Sioux-per-man on

    Personally if your bringing up a 4th liner. Shouldn’t they have brought up Newbury?

    He’s the Whale leader with 61 pts. That’s alot more scoring than Kreiders 23 pts.

    If Kreider is ready for the NHL, should he be dominating in the AHL? I don’t think he is this year.

    Tort’s is all about vets, so I’m a little stumped why he didn’t bring up Newbury. To me, Newbury has earned it more than Kreider – THIS YEAR.

  122. Love the part where Tommy tries to tone it down and says: “I didn’t mean to get mad or anything, but goddamn! You ask me my opinion of his performance? Jeesus!”

  123. Sioux-per-man on

    Looks like Boston Pittsburgh game is postponed.

    No chance to watch tv today. Any updates on finding the 19 yr old in Boston?

  124. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carp brought up a great question earlier, anyone pay a visit to kaleta?

  125. Oh this young man has had a very trying rookie season, with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country’s refusal to accept him, well, I guess that’s more than most 21-year-olds can handle… Ogie Ogilthorpe!

  126. Rob in Beantown on

    No, Sioux. The whole city and surrounding suburbs are still on lockdown because they can’t find him. It’s actually more than a little ridiculous. What happens if they don’t find him? How long is this supposed to go on?

  127. Carp, tell me please because apparently i’m a little cloudy today…which Ranger forward didn’t struggle during the course of last years playoffs? Was it Boyle, Stepan, Richards, Callaghan, Prust, Ansimov, Gaborik, Hagelin, Dubinsky, Fedotenko, Rupp?

    My argument on Kreider, if you care, is simple. If they allowed him to stay with the big team, he may have progressed enough at this point of the season to be able to playmeaningful minutes on the 3rd line during these critical games.

    The organization screwed this one up. They lost another year on his entry level contract and, he was a better player during the playoffs last year fresh off a college campus then he is right now. That’s on the organization. Screw up.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Authorben – President of the Little Big Torts Fan Club
    If someone calls the coach’s behavior unproductive, they automatically want him fired, so it’s all or nothing. Sorry didn’t realize that was the case.
    Is the Kool-aid blue and do you use Torts’ sippy cup to drink it?

    Admittedly, don’t watch BJs games much so not sure how the new guys were performing in Columbus but…
    Brassard has gotten better each game – dont’ know – he was pretty good that first one…
    Moore has gotten better each game – maybe – and is rewarded with 9 mins/game. Guess Tort’s taught him how to skate and fight – great coaching!

  129. Sioux-per-man on

    Rob – sorry to hear that. How do you shut down an entire city looking for one guy?

    I bought the fundraiser tickets for the suite, and I hope a million other people did. If I win, you will have to use the suite, and invite your friends to a Rangers/Bruins game.

    Best of luck. I hope your weekend gets better.

    On that note, time for me to hit the road and get closer to home.


  130. Stranger,

    Thanks for the new title. Could use some work, though. Is that a play on Little Big Horn?

    I prefer Heinekens.

    #17 played nearly 12 minutes last night. 11:54 to be exact. Perhaps you should check your facts before presenting your case.

    When you coach a team to a Stanley Cup championship, perhaps I’ll take your opinions/thoughts more seriously.

    But there’s one thing we do have in common…

    We root for the same team.

    Just have opposing viewpoints on key issues. Happens all over this blog.

  131. Pyatt 1 goal in his last 38 games. So is that what Sather and Torts expected when they signed him for $3.1M for two years???

  132. We may be fortunate this is a “Bettman’d Season” with the way some of the teams below us are playing now. They may run out of games just in time :)

  133. well said Author….

    “But there’s one thing we do have in common…
    We root for the same team.
    Just have opposing viewpoints on key issues. Happens all over this blog.”

    and that is fine and grand and keeps things interesting, as long as folks keep it respectful, in my not so humble opinion.

  134. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    I don’t live in Boston obviously, but I have zero problem with the lockdown until this person is found.

  135. Last PB point on Kreider……. If they plan on pulling the same Yo-yo crap with him next year, they should trade him during the summer before they completely devalue the asset.

  136. In four years, Kreider has a chance to be something special. Pyatt has a chance to be 35.

  137. There is more than one way to skin a cat. But,,,,, there is only one way to do it best.

  138. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Good for Bostonians shutting down and doing what they have been asked!!

  139. Ash to Moore: “Cruellized that owly snake, eh? Next time, tell me, I’ll do it. I gotta make a living, too, eh?”

  140. My prediction: a NHL team from the State of New York will be victorious tonight. There will only be 2 pts awarded in the contest.

  141. I heard a report on Tuesday, when bags were being searched in Boston at places, that one woman griped about it….cop reportedly said, sarcastically, “I’m sorry there’s been a bombing.”

    I want to send that guy flowers…..

  142. wicky, almost wish you were on the hunt in Boston….that hartneller wouldn’t stand a chance against my favorite crease clearing D-man warrior!!!

  143. bull dog line on

    don’t get the Clowe hate. he is what this team has been lacking for years. is it possible the Gabby trade in the long run is going to look like a Rangers steal? MZA has been very good.

  144. Regarding Kreider, there is actually a case that can be referenced. Occurred back in 2008. Stamkos’ first 27 games in the NHL produced 3 goals and 8 assists, prompting one Mr. Barry Melrose, then current coach, to send the kid down stating, “Steven is not ready for the NHL, Steven is going to be a good player…right now he’s just not strong enough physically to play against defensemen who are 6’3″ or 6’4″ that can skate as good as him.”

  145. Not saying the Kreider turns out like Stamkos, but wow this is very similar situation, no?

  146. I’m actually pro torts, but don’t like the way he handles these kids. He has a melrosian attitude when it comes to them. At the very least, if you’re worried about his defensive skills, let him play forward on the crap PP we have. Why not. Can’t get any worse. Just don’t have richards on the point when Kreids on PP.

  147. Give Wicky a hockey stick and a set of rollerblades. He will find him (and anyone else who might have taken part).

  148. Kreider is 21. He’s not expected to be a phenom. He’s going to eventually score 30+ goals. So just let him get there. He needs to develop the parts of his game that they basically don’t teach in college.

  149. manny – like what, scoring goals on the PP? Who would you rather play on the power play, other than Nash, Step, Cally, right now than Krieds?

  150. And Miller was better at the other 90% of the game than Kreider. Some people are just better at it. Kreider is getting better and that’s good. But they are right, he needs to play. And as I have said a million and one times, when a team is going to win most games by one goal you can’t have players making defensive errors.

  151. Manny, In my experience, as a matter course, defensive zone systems, coverages and player responsibility are taught and coached at all levels of youth travel hockey and high school.

  152. What about the offensive side of the game? Where do they teach that part of the game? Because, in fairness to the team and team success, there are several players on the Rangers who need to be schooled in that aspect of the game.

  153. If Kreider were ready to play major minutes, he would forecheck effectively, backcheck effectively, stop floating east/west, use his size, and make his presence felt. I still haven’t seen it.

  154. I didn’t mean they LITERALLY don’t teach it in college. But college hockey tends to be higher scoring than NHL hockey.

    According to Tort he doesn’t coach offense. So I guess that’s over…

  155. Top players do not willy nilly chase the puck; they have a pin ball machine in their heads to anticipate where the puck will be and they are more often right than wrong. Lesser talented scorers go to the net because, even in a half-way effective system, that’s where the puck should eventually show up. And then we have the majority, the floaters who have small clue. Their forte is checking, grinding, and defense. Without any of these skills, you play video games.

  156. Jumping in late but what the _____?

    Powe is slow? No – Powe is a strong skater. You might not like his scoring PrOWEss but the kid skates well – it’s been a calling card of his.

    Clowe has been slow but to marginalize what he brings to the table this early on screams of temperamental fan. Guy wore an A for a reason and was adored by that market. Give him a chance to acclimate, he’s not the reason we’ve been poor this year. I’d put money on him contributing HEAVILY in the post-season, should we make it.

    Along those lines, time to support the team…. otherwise, what differentiates you from an Isles fan? A love of the sweater? What, are you a fashionista now?

    The team will get a big W tonight and what a different song we’ll sing should we steamroll into the playoffs riding a big ol’ streak of W’s.

  157. Riche has in the past had that slide rule in his head, but his physical best seems behind him. He can’t fit into the number two type of player in front of the net, as he seems wary of contact, and he doesn’t AT ALL, and never has or fit the third type of player. He’s become a Wanderer, like Dion sang about. ‘I roam around, around, around, around.’

  158. I have no issue with Clowe. I’m just fearful of the contract he is going to receive as there has been talk of an insane extension.

    I’d give him 3 years 10 mil max and even that’s a bit high…

  159. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mama and Manny
    You two are making me blush!!

    And on that note, don’t worry, they will run him to ground!!!

  160. Dudley, the logic of your “if you don’t wave the pom poms ( my words) for the Rangers, you might as well be an Isles fan” escapes me. We always support the team but reserve the fan’s right to comment critically otherwise we’d be the Stepford Ranger fans,no?

    With that approach why do we need to have a blog and Carp moves closer to the unemployment line! ;)

  161. So, I just want to be clear. Torts has said he doesn’t teach offense or the PP, but he teaches defense, except I guess to a kid with great skills who needs to learn defense in the minors from Ken Gernander.

    Coos, not arguing on Kreider and his lack of grit, jam, eye of the tiger. I believe I was one of the first to mention it here, last year during the playoffs and again very early in this season. But, in fairness, he has made a greater effort the last few times I’ve seen him play. I say hold him to the standard which is applied to everyone else.

    This whole perception that young players can’t play defense is pure malarkey. It’s really not rocket science, especially the simplistic and elementary system the Rangers employ.

  162. Today, Industry hires university graduates and tries to teach them how to spell. We have defined dumbness down everywhere.

  163. IMO,There are three significant problems with the way this team plays.

    1. More times than not, they appear to be clueless in the offensive zone below the face-off circles.
    2. They are too passive in the neutral zone. They do not challenge the opposition puck carrier and leave to much gap at the defensive blue line.
    3. They collapse their DZone coverage to low (usually below the face off dots) and don’t challenge or pressure the opposition point men.

  164. Right now, if Kreids played 22 minutes, he might, (in wild imagination) score 40, one every other game. He would also give up three or four quality scoring chances a game. Let Torts explain to Henrik why he has to stand on his head so often, because Lundqvist will not call out a teammate, but he will say to the coach: “Gees!”

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on


    I also don’t understand the hating on Clowe. He was never a fast skater but he is around the net, hits, fights, makes good passes and is a clutch playoff performer…

  166. see you later all….one of my kitty’s, Cup (the sister of Stanley) needs a steam for a problem….:) be back later very dehydrated…:)

  167. I’ve witnessed it time and again in youth hockey. The dominating squirt graduates to Pee-Wee and becomes a different player because of the checking and hitting that comes with the higher level.

    If the Rangers have any question that Kreider will not assimilate well to the pro game due too his lack of ferocity, they need to trade him before word gets out and spreads across the league. ” Kreider’s got no Valdespins”.

  168. It seems to me, players who migrate from the west to the east need a longer period of time to adjust than vice a versa.

  169. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sorry to say this, but I think tonight is a much bigger opponent than people think. They’re rested, have the best (or second best) American goalie in the game who is on a roll, at home and still ‘think’ they have enough to get into the 8 spot. They are also bigger, especially on d, even without the kid, and have more jam. They are playing with more jam, then again, doesn’t very one?

    Not to say the Devils will lie down and play dead for us this or next weekend (they are playing amazing defense right now, limiting shots like crazy), but this is a ‘get over the hump’ type game. We beat them, I think is says something.

    But my gut says we are way overconfident and it will be close and could go either way.

    That scares the hell out of me.


  170. If you want to be angry, watch Ritchie in the defensive zone. I usually head for my first….well you know.

  171. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – Clowe is da man – playing with Richards and Zucc is an odd line – like to see him on the left of Nash/Step or Bros-hard/Cally

    I never coached a team to a Stanley Cup championship, so don’t feel the need to take my opinions or thoughts seriously

  172. Papa in group therapy re-hab: ‘I never drank that heavily until one night, Richards….”

  173. PBear, Old NY Yankee proverb after David exposed himself in bullpen: “People in Class houses never throw Cones.”

  174. Stranger Nation on

    Key to enjoying Rangers games is to close your eyes when Richards is on the ice and mute the TV/Radio

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