It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Buffalo Sabres


Obviously the Rangers are in almost-must-win mode at this point with all the other mediocre teams surrounding them in the Leastern Conference race churning out wins (or at least Bettman Bonus Points).

They can eliminate the Baby Buffaloes with a win tonight, so expect Buffalo  to be as desperate and dangerous a team as can be. And a lot better than Philadelphia or Florida.

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Game 44.
Rangers at Baby Buffaloes.

Ya boys have won one in a row and are 6-2-1 in their last nine.

Same lineup with Henrik Lundqvist in goal.  Marc Staal (eye), Brian Boyle (knee) and Derek Dorsett (clavicle) remain out. Roman Hamrlik and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.

First time the Rangers see Patrick Kaleta since he attempted to maim Brad Richards.


Other games that matter tonight: None.

Games that matter tomorrow: Florida at New Jersey, Islanders at Winnipeg, Toronto at Ottawa, Buffalo at Pittsburgh (unless the Baby Buffaloes are eliminated tonight), Washington at Montreal (Winnipeg could catch the Capitals, who would then replace the Jets as a team vying for the seventh/eighth seed).

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  1. PBear, Old NY Yankee proverb after David exposed himself in bullpen: “People in Class houses never throw Cones.”

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Not to channel Eric and get all crazy but this is a HUGE game. Need 2pts tonite – cmon King earn your keep tonite!

  3. …nothing if you don’t points.

    For some reason MSG is blacked out here, but MSG-Buffalo is not. I also have the game on NHL Network, don’t know which feed.

  4. the rangers haven’t been consistent all year!!!!! I would be shocked if the rangers got even a point tonight.

  5. I expect nothing less than an epic-loss from this two-bit group of no-talent clowns.

  6. I hope the year stepan is having is and will be the norm, if it is, he is our #1 center, Brassard #2

  7. ThisYearsMode on

    Are the Rangers going yet? Stupid NHL Network and I can’t watch in the Houston airport.

  8. I hope the Celts win the series, Carp! That would be great for Boston…

    Doc Rivers = True Professional.

  9. It would also be great for Boston if the Rangers missed the playoffs. Tortorella = Bad man

  10. Play started with Stepan beating Ott clean non the d-zone draw, but MSG was in closeup and talking about something else.

  11. Wow. Some desperation from the Baby Buffalos. Wow.

    Everytime I click over to check up on CNN I come back to yet another Rangers goal.

  12. wow i will take them anyway we can get them. 2 off skates and a miller turnover. the dreaded 3 goal lead.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  14. WOW!!!! I’m impressed and admit, after a few minutes into game I tuned into current events. 3-0, speechless.

  15. The second suspect is surrounded. Thank the FBI and all the law enforcement officials for making the great city of Boston safe again. #prayforboston

  16. 3rd goal was millers fault big time. other 2 goals lucky.

    i will take it any day…

  17. really, the Rangers deserved the first goal, even if it was deflected by a Sabre. The other two were pretty fortunate.

  18. IMO Great gesture by the team giving the previously distraught Richards the Borsalino last night, paying dividends already – and I read Richy’s lips he called that bank shot

  19. FOX NEWS is saying the older brother was questioned by the FBI 2 years ago about his extremism…

  20. And the officer in Texas that shot his colleagues was being watched and the guy that shot up the army recruiting office was under investigation and one of the 9/11 pilots had signed up for flight school and asked to learn to fly but declined lessons on how to land. Great job USA!

  21. Wow. Great job by Miller backing up all his jabber about his teams lack of effort all season.

  22. True Blue Mike on

    I just hope that if this game gets scrappy, the Rangers stand up for themselves in a big way. Also, it’s time to lock it down and help out your goalie.

  23. No Brian Boyle for 5 games this season = 5 wins

    11 goals through previous 4 periods without Boyle.

  24. hey Torts, safe to play Kreider or ya think he’ll give up a few hundred by himself?

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope they don’t get overconfident for next game. Can’t have a typical Rangers first period against the Devils Sunday

  26. What sweet redemption is the Rangers beat up Kaleta and Richards gets his first career hat trick…

  27. czechthemout!!! on

    At Muse concert with my kids. Decided to check what’s up. Cant believe it! 5-0! Wow!

    5-0 without Boyle in the lineup. Hmmmm?

  28. True Blue Mike on

    An aside here, when I saw the picture of the boston bombing suspect number two, I said looks like ovechkin and low and behold the kid is russian!

  29. iCCCP - Who Gives A Puck?! on

    At clinical practice..unable to watch the game

    5-0?! Richards with 3 goals in two games?! So do we keep him? :D

  30. leetchhalloffame on

    Who is this team and where have they been all season? Also: 6-0 in the 3nd period. Take out Henrik now and let him rest for at least half a game.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Richards just needed to play with Pie-hat to get him going

    that and Buffalo is bad

  32. Not a bad idea, leetch.

    However, I’m checking out. It can only get worse from here.. I’m too nervous to continue viewing..

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    As much sense as it makes to take out Hank I think you would have to remove him by force as long as he has a SO

  34. it’s an interesting thought though. He’d want to stay in, and how much more rested will he really feel by not playing the third. Usually when they rest him they do it around a couple of days off where he can relax then work hard with Benoit Allaire. He won’t get that now.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS gog gog og gog og gog ogogog!!!!


  36. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Just wait until the rangers play a Real Hockey game.. we won’t be smiling

  37. SufferingSince79 on

    MSG blacked out where I am so I’ve got to listen to the God awful Buffalo crew. Worst part about those 2 goals is they woke up.

  38. 13 goals and counting without Boyle.

    If this trend continues, do the Rangers make the right decision, leaving Boyle out of the lineup when he is healthy?

  39. Jack Klompus on

    Checking in at the game here Carpy, John Scott may be a +1 in the game, so its a weird one. Weather stinks, could really use a raincoat. 3 rows from ice…Cally’s was a beaut.

  40. Hey btw, they found that other Boston bomber hidden in a boat in someone’s yard, apparently alive.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Hank gets extra day of rest with next game on Sunday so keep him in – John Scott is a threat to score!

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    If you bring in Biron and he gives up two quick goals what do you do? Put Hank back in?

  43. just a bizarre game even i dont know what to say. all i know we blow this get me to a ledge ASAP

  44. Michael Caine and Pele in the Buffalo dressing room:

    “We can win this Hatch, we can win…”

  45. Boston Police Dept. ?@Boston_Police 2m
    Suspect in custody. Officers sweeping the area. Stand by for further info.

  46. No death penalty in Mass. Even if they did, forget lethal injection; this guy needs himself an oak tree and a rope.

  47. And, since I’m in a bad mood, I couldn’t give a wet hocker if Richards has had or never has had a hat trick.

  48. Manny –

    “Great news, eh, Rob?”

    Being that this is still the USA and he still a suspect, YES.

  49. Don’t even scratch your bickles in public….you will be found…So relieved and happy now…and our boys!

  50. Federal jurisdiction, Olga, you’re right. His attorneys(paid for by me) will claim for the first three years that it was not terrorism.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    For a couple ounces of lead they could have saved a lot of time, expense and trouble.

  52. For everyone calling for Kreider to get heavy minutes now, you know that the Tortarella response will be, “we don’t want to get away from what we’re doing. What works. Playing the Right way. Especially just because we have a big lead.”

  53. No no. It’s good we got him alive…yes, he’ll cost us money, but, oh fug, can’t get into it now..

    Rangers! Boston!!

  54. mama love, but I think this game is (happily) over, and must go watch news…..sigh!!! Great night!

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Richards needs to play with pie-hat from now on!

    900 games – $12MM/yr – 1 hat trick

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  57. John Moore is on a, to quote Sterling Archer, “RAMPAGE” (by the way). Terms of Enrampagement.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHICAGO SUCKS!!!! Who cares what there score is!!!!


    great game , awsomeeeeeee!!!

  59. Did I see Baby Buffs eliminated with a loss? If so WOW! This was a desperation effort?

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Richards hat trick

    Off Dman skate

    Dman hits in net after he barely touches it

    Off goalies’ glove

    oy vey

  61. If anybody would have said to me that the rangers would win 8-4 I would have said…. What are you smoking?

  62. This game should give Richards much needed confidence and should allow him to relax a bit…Rangers need him to play well…Seems he really likes playing with Zucc

    But, Richards still made dumb plays in this game. He did ice a puck and then lost a faceoff that led to a goal. That should always be inexcusable…

  63. Tortorella is incapable of keeping things the same. Things appear to be clicking. The same lines should out there next game.

  64. @NYR_FAN

    I was thinking the same thing, this should/could give Richards some confidence, wouldn’t that be great timing calendar-wise?

  65. And that’s why the Chicago will win nothing this year. The goaltending is suspect and the d is thin

  66. Carp,

    If you knew it was your last game covering the Rangers, would you tell Torts there is no “x” in the word “especially”?

  67. Regardless of what the Devils do tomorrow, if the Rangers win in regulation on Sunday the Devils are eliminated.

  68. Hey, I’m not in the room but from what I read somewhere, McD was the player who, by choice or by chance happened across a somewhat distraught Richards and interceded
    McD, like Dmen in general, is selfless. A team player to the max that never gets the credit he deserves because, ummm I’m not sure why! He hasn’t scored 10-15 goals?

    I’d take this guy in my foxhole any day (To use an antiquated and inappropriate cliche)

  69. Gravy, You Know You Want it Marty on

    Once again, number of comments is inversely proportional to the number of goals the Rangers score.

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