Post-game interviews (audio): Tortorella, Lundqvist, Moore, Brassard, Richards, Zuccarello, Nash


Highlight of the post-game was John Moore, happy he decided to accept the challenge and drop the gloves and handle himself well in his first NHL scrap, but adding that he’s “not going to quit my day job.”

John Tortorella said the team “absolutely” got a rise out of that fight and seemed proud of the high-upside defenseman.

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


John Moore:


Derick Brassard:


Brad Richards:


Mats Zuccarello:


Rick Nash:



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  1. Admiral Akbar on

    Absolute pity vote for Broadway Brad with the Hat!

    But his teamates know how valuable he is to the success of this team. They would be a lot better off than a tenuous 8th place if Richards was having a productive season.

  2. Admiral Akbar on

    Loving John Moore!

    This is another nice trade coup for Sather. The guy is master at trades, but also seams to sign dud after dud free agents. Gaborik may have been his best signing, and even he was traded away!

  3. Lozo’s tweets are pretty funny. I really like his Super Nintendo Hjalmarsson suggestion.

  4. Torts’ words indicate he did not want Kreider up here at this time. Glennie telling him who to put on the ice?

  5. leetchhalloffame on

    Was at game tonight. 2 observations: 1.) Clowe is Slow. Do not give him a long term deal. 2.) Moore is a keeper. Kid can skate and has some talent.

  6. Coos, not sure the coach has much of a choice. Kreids is probably the only dude we have in CT that is close to being a real NHL talent right now. Miller is no worse, if not better, but I guess Kreider has a size advantage. I like Newbury and Haley but they aren’t playoff type guys, IMO.

  7. wasn’t a huge fan of John Moore before I certainly am now. that was an awesome moment tonight.

  8. Latona – Lozo is hilarious. Was disappointed to learn he is leaving the staff after this season…

  9. Kreider couldn’t have played more than 5 or 6 minutes tonight so I don’t know how anyone can claim Sather is forcing Tortorella’s hand

  10. I agree with Torts’ praise for Stepan and saying he could have won the Extra Effort Award and is “close” to it.

  11. His hand is not forced live, on ice, but who comes up obviously is not fully in his control. Why call someone up and play him 5 minutes unless you have little confidence in him? And, Moore’s innate talents were well before tonight obvious, and they didn’t and don’t include fighting. The guy he tangled with tonight, Skille, has a total of 60 PIM in 140 games.

  12. Was at the game too tonight. Odd game- but Florida does have a terrible “d”. Zucchie is awful small, but you know what ? He goes to the net and even scraps along the boards! Actually had Glenn Andersen sitting behind us most of the game…pretty cool.

  13. not really the point, cooscoos. that he dropped the gloves and fought despite not being a fighter is more important that who he fought. says a lot about what he’s worth.

    and I agree that Tortorella doesn’t have much confidence he in Kreider, or more accurately, whatever confidence he had in him a year ago has evaporated since. Rangers beat a bad team and really weren’t even in control until late in the 3rd when it turned into a laugher. Kreider didn’t see any ice when it counted because he’s not trusted.

  14. Ash was looking up at the screen with a big smile on his face. I think he (and others) appreciated the kid’s moxie.

  15. Moore demolished him. If Moore turns out to be a Mike Sauer replacement (assuming Mike Sauer is never coming back) then that trade may be better than Gomez for No Gomez.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Clowe may be slow but he knows where to go….Big time playoff performer too…

  17. Clowe bangs the corners and mid-ice, challenges the crease, is not easy to deal with and provides a measure of protection for his linemates. Offers value to the homeowner. Question is, what’s the invoice say?

  18. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Love the clowe brassard nash line

    Also love the lack of hockey IQ with people here that think being a fast skater is what matters…

    That is why Rico fata, envir lisin, pavel brendl, Alexandre Daigle, just to name a few, had such long NHL careers and slow guys like Hal gill, Tomas holmstrom, Dave andreychuk (sp?), Ryan smyth, just to name a few, sucked and didn’t amount to anything.

    If you seriously don’t know anything about hockey (which you clearly don’t if you make a statement like “don’t sign that guy, he is slow), go find a checkers blog to frequent or something.


  19. And, he’ll park and slide in front of the net and crash it. Good hands, nice boyo. Moore showing things. Two first rounders. Haven’t even seen Dorsett yet. Gabby a nice guy, but bon voyage.

  20. If we could make a similar trade for Richards (impossible) we’d be one tough motor scooter to evict from future playoffs.

  21. DJK, Sauer is exactly who I thought about … because we were floored the first time we saw him drop mitts.

  22. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    I really hope no one here thinks that tonight’s score was a reflection of the game. After the first 10 minutes the Panthers controlled the play for at least the next 35-40 minutes. I won’t deny the fantastic start by our boys but 2 shots on 4 power plays isn’t something to be proud of, even if they did score on those two. After those two goals and a short bit after the Panthers took ownership of the game. Two consecutive power plays and no shots. Not. a. single. shot. That’s pathetic. They actually spent a decent time in the Panther’s zone on the 4th power play but all they did was continue to pass it around, all along the outside. Not a pass inside or across and obviously still no shots.
    I’m going to weigh in on the Moore-Skille fight discussion and say that absolutely anything that could be said for Moore in that situation can be said for Skille. In terms of Moore having some moxie and not being afraid to mix it up, that’s exactly the same for Skille. I’ve been a Panther season ticket holder for 6 years now and since they’ve had Skille I think he’s been in a total of 1 fight since they got him. This would be number 2. I understand that it’s not who you fight but that you fought and that after taking a couple of punches (the bloody nose), Moore easily took the decision, but I’m sure both of them knew they weren’t fighting Bob Probert.
    The Panther announcers actually picked Godzucchi as their pick for the #1 star. Clemmenson wasn’t exactly having his A-game. However, on the other end, Lundqvist was being Lundqvist. Bill Lindsay (the Panthers color) actually said he thought Lundqvist’s name should make it’s way back into the Vezina discussion. As crazy as I thought that sounded, when you take a look at his stats, he’s actually pretty close to the top in most categories. I don’t think he’ll have a chance of winning it but he’s the only goalie of all the goalie’s last year thought to be Vezina candidates that’s anywhere even close to the top. Suck it Quick fans! Check this out,
    Lundqvist Stats:
    Games Played – 7th, Games Started – 6th, Shots Against – 4th, Goals Against – 7th, Wins – 5th, Saves – 4th, Sv % – 4th, TOI – 5th.
    The only other goalies who’ve played around as much as he has that are also Vezina possibilities are Niemi, Nabokov (who the hell could’ve predicted that?!) and Bobrovsky (or that!?!). You can probably push Hank up a couple spots on most of those because I don’t think Anderson has played enough for Ottawa due to injuries to be considered for the award.
    I actually thought Kreider looked pretty good with the extremely limited time he had on the ice. Wish he could’ve played more but I think we all knew that was never going to happen. He’s probably lucky to have played a full seven minutes, slightly more than Asham.

  23. Between An Evrock And A Hard Place on

    Just for the record: I am far from unhappy with this game. It’s a start. I told my pops before the game that only way that the Rangers could be praised for this game would’ve been if they took it 8-0. This was a team that they are supposed to beat and beat bad. Even though the crushing goals really happened late, they still got close to being near the near the point where I would’ve considered praising them prior to the game.
    I liked the fact that they didn’t entirely sit back with the lead. They did play the “pass prevent” (any Giant fan can tell you this causes acid reflux) for a bit but at the end kept pushing at the net and not backing off. I liked that a lot. The Rangers are team that plays more defensive with the lead and I was impressed with how they didn’t fall back into character with those bad habits. That’s a sign of progress if they can keep it up. Starting tomorrow night.

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